Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 33 — Steve Sets His Sights On Austwins

It was beginning to look like it would never happen, but Big Brother 17 has finally shifted out of Austwins’ favor. When none of them managed to win Head of Household, they weren’t even worried, but by the end of Sunday night’s episode they were all sweating.

Steve prepares for the nomination ceremony – Source: CBS

We pick up right after the double eviction that sent Meg and James to jury. Liz likens the night to a category 5 hurricane and everyone else is feeling the same way. Vanessa lets us know that she couldn’t have scripted the night better herself. Meg and James are gone and she thinks she’s got smooth sailing from here on out. And she’s probably right.

Liz puts on some fake tears for the cameras until she realizes that she and Austin can take James’ bed. Well unless Austin wins the next HOH and they can get that HOH bed back.

Vanessa gets to work on Steve, John and Austin to make the strike against the twins. She talks to Austin about throwing the competition and pep talks Steve and John to get them moving in the direction she wants them to go in.

So let’s get to the HOH. Liz thinks she only has to worry if Johnny Mac wins HOH. Oops. This HOH is yet another dumb competition (with more HORRIBLE Photoshop work) that has nothing to do with memory because the twins weren’t in the game at all times. So I’m not even going to explain the stupid competition and just cut to the chase. Steve wins the competition and becomes the new Head of Household.

Vanessa is happy with those results so as she says, she can sit back and watch the fireworks as Steve gets all the blood on his hands. Equally happy is Liz, who does not realize that Steve has sworn to himself and the Live Feed watchers that he’s breaking up Austwins this week.

It doesn’t take long for Vanessa to break the news to Julia and Liz that she doesn’t think Steve will put up his buddy John. And the twins are shocked at that. Apparently they haven’t noticed that Steve and John have been together for a very long time.

Also on top of things is Austin, who goes to Steve to work on him to get him thinking he’s not actually at the bottom of the Scamper Squad (he is). And when Steve eludes that he might be making a move, Austin realizes that he can’t protect both twins, so he’s only going to focus on himself and Julia. Sorry, Julia. So he tries to make some promises and deals to Steve, but Steve isn’t buying it.


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  1. If JMac win the next HoH comp, Vanessa gonna work with he and Steve for try to reach the F3. If Austin/Liz/Julia win the next HoH comp Vanessa gonna work with them. If Vanessa win the next HoH I don’t know why she can go with Austin and the remaining twin.

    • But there is still that extremely small chance that someone will put Vanessa up on the block. If Austin or the remaining twin finds out for sure (Austin seems to know she might be behind this), Vanessa then could become target number 1. I know, I know I am still wishing this out but I refuse to give up hope until the end of the season.

      • Would be cool. And he does know. After one of the girls go, he should take the 5 remaining in a room ask vamessa to please sit in a chair in the middle and begin. “Ok Vanessa you’ve lied to me 40 times, behindy back 60. Liz your turn (liz drops her vanessa stats) then Steve then Johnny. Back to Austin so this group, without ypu has concluded a fair 2 on 2 final 4 is the way to go so if you don’t win veto we all will evict you. They should all turn and sprint out of the room into the backyard and bar the door shut. JustICE!!!

      • Except more than likely Liz will be going home Thursday. Julia may say what Liz would have said but in the end that is what they need to do.

    • I actually think Vanessa is in a very difficult position now. More so than any other HG. I know she thinks she is in a good spot because she is working with both sides but that is the reason she is in such a difficult spot.

      Both sides can throw her under the bus to save themselves if need be. We know Steve and JMac are willing to do it if they are on the block – which is where they will be if Austin or a twin wins HoH.

      I am not sure about Austin and Julia. Something tells me they will pull a Shelli and protect Vanessa even if it means they go out the door. Its this behavior that ruins BB.

    • Through out this entire season Vanessa has goten other people to do her dirty work . She going to let Steve take all the blame since he can’t compete next hoh one of the twins will coming after him.

    • That true maybe something will happen that Steve finds out that
      Vanessa is playing both sides and Austin tells him about what Vanessa wanted to do is to get out Steve before JMac. So Steve would put up Vanessa.

      • If Steve has any hope of making it to F4, F3, or F2, he’d best be getting Van out now while he has the chance. Because there’s no guarantee Austin and Liz or Julia will not come after him if they regain power and Van will be sitting pretty once again! Austin put up Steve and JMac once before, which got JMac evicted. What’s to say he won’t again now that he won Veto and goes on to win the next HoH? He’d best be making some deals with Austin if he has any chances at all moving ahead. I’m glad JMac threw the HoH to Steve. He wants to wait to get the real blood on his hands by winning the next HoH, that is if he can! :-)

      • The idiots gotta know/suspect something NOBODY ever says they gonna nominate Vanessa… a duh does that not seem strange???

  2. I will just be glad when this is over with for this year I don’t know which one I least like Vanessa, Austin and the twins and Liz talk about Meg about her crying but at least she didn’t walk off like Liz did and crying boohoo now
    she knows how it feels.

    • Vanessa too. When Becky put her up she stayed in bed crying and sulking for an entire day. Then she criticized Meg for crying when she was nominated and she tried to claim her own crying (Vanessa’s) was somehow different and not as bad as everyone else’s. These people are so unlikable.

  3. 6th Sense, Scamper Squad whatever they call themselves now is imploding like a old building that really needed to come down due to sanity reason’s. No one is out of the woods just yet but it does seem like Vanessa is in the lead. Then again I can’t tell you how many times the leader faultered and lost the race. In this case it could be the title or the money depending on which one would have won.

  4. It’s been a very average season, at best. I’ve spoken my peace about the gameplay, so I won’t go there again. As noted in the article, many of the comps have been bad. Hopefully production has taken notes and will come up with better ones next season. Along with a stronger cast in general!

    • Instead of looking for pretty-boys and hot chicks they need to find people who know the game, watched the shows and want to win. Enough with the recruits who have no idea what to do. I am so sick of the twins winning a comp and asking Vanessa what they should do. How can they expect to win the game when they aren’t even making their own decisions?

      • Agreed. As far as the last part of your comment, it’s because the are overly entitled little twits that act like they are 5 yrs old. Evidently, they have always gotten their way, and when they don’t, here comes their ridiculous whining. It is completely obvious that their parents allowed this behavior, and at 23 yrs old…STILL encourage this nonsense. It is utterly annoying, childish, and thoroughly irritating! They go between acting 5 and junior high.
        If I hear “get blood on my hands” (from nobody that actually does) one more time…I’m gonna launch myself through the tv set and choke them personally. Ugh!

      • Absolutely. Let’s see some real people from real life that want to play the game instead of market themselves and hang out. This is becoming Big Baby instead of Big Brother.

    • I think part of the bad comps this season is due to having twins in the house. Production can’t do memory comps because one or the other twin was not playing for the first 5 or so weeks. Makes it kinda hard to come up with comps that are fair to all hgs. Maybe this will teach production to NOT cast twins in the future, unless it’s an all twin cast that is there from the beginning of the season.

    • Maybe the reason for all the morons this year. Production has swung far because they couldn’t come up with interesting challenges. Think this should be last season as creativity is lacking in production.

  5. F3 should be JMac Steve and Austin, yes I’m actually ok with disgusting Austin to be in final 3.
    Vanessa and the twins have to go

    • My exact thoughts! I liked Austin a lot the first couple weeks, once he started associating with Liz that changed. Once she leaves, and OMG she better leave this week, I’ll probably like him again. An all male alliance needs to happen!

    • As long as Austin goes at F3 I would be okay with this scenario but this week he has shown a pretty selfish and ugly side. And a stupid one too. If I were in his position, I would do everything possible to keep the Austwins together in the game. Just one more week and they can control the end game.

      For some reason he came to the conclusion that someone needed to go this week and he needs to work on his own. That’s stupid.

      They had the perfect comp to throw to Julia and if she won all 3 could have been safe and Vanessa would be out the door. Austin played selfishly and stupidly by winning veto.

      • Personally, I don’t blame Austin for winning it. If I was on the block, I would definitely try too. He should be playing selfishly, they all should at this point. Liz, nor Julia, is going to have his back. The only person’s back they actually have…is each other. Liz is the one who should go. She is the anchor with those three. She is her sister’s twin and Austin’s “girlfriend.”
        I wanted Van out forever ago.

  6. #BooTheTwin

    I hope which ever twin gets evicted this week she gets booed by the live audience as Chrstine did las season
    That will me like Oh My God aweeeesome! (With twinne voice)

    • Stupid strategy if it is, she had a better chance of staying if she assured everyone she wasn’t working with Austin anymore

      • Agreed but on last night’s BBAD the way Liz was talking about him with Julia (on the hammock) made it sound like she was barely putting up with his bad kissing and stuff. It sounded more than ever that she was pimping herself out and Austin, well he’s Austin.

  7. On the feeds Steve just trapped Vanessa. He asked if he would beat her in The f2 and she said 100%. He says, then why would you take me

    • Maybe he will put up Vanessa the saying goes think before you speak it can get you in trouble maybe he is on to her.

    • I really think it’s 2 things on Liz’s mind. I think she really does like Austin, but it’s also a smart move. She doesn’t have to campaign openly against Julia, but hoping Austin will finger her, excuse me, I mean campaign for her.

      • lol Austin fingered Liz? It’s hearing things like that that make me grateful I didn’t get the live feeds. :)

      • Yes true but they were under the covers so it is all speculation on all their stuff except kissing and them grinding each other! So gross! I liked Shelli and Clay as they were clean and classy and did not do anything but finally have real kiss when Shelli knew he was being evicted! They might last but these two doubt it! All 3 of the Austwins should be booed when they leave and hopefully all 3 get evicted! I want John or Steve to win! I watch most of the live after dark feeds so any questions just ask! Austins Angels are done and so is Scamper Squad alliances! So glad! Nobody on the planet should like them! I bet their families are sick to their stomach ashamed and emberessed about them!

    • YASSSSS! Steve needs to play for Steve and not Vanessa…that goes for the rest on them that is on the Hotnessa-mess-express!

  8. Vanevil has attempted to set herself up to ride to F2 with whoever happens to be in power at that place in time. All I can hope is that the jury votes for whoever she sits there with and not her, because IMO she has NOT played the winning game by letting everyone else do her dirty work for her and hiding behind everyone else and NOT OWNING HER OWN GAME!

  9. Just got done watching tonights episode of bb and I have to just ask How Mean & Ugly can the twins be when things aren’t going there way?Well it is about time someone grew some big barnacles and put them two little annoying things upuhhhh! And off the subject my friend just told me that Van is about 32yrs old and my bad but me and my cousins thought she was in her 40s. She better stay out of those casinos,and find a nice skincare line and use it.

  10. Unless Jmac wins HOH I see Steve being evicted next week.. Its in Vanessas plan to let Austin & a twin evict Steve

  11. The entitlement the twins feel is staggering. Wow! An extremely delusional and staggering sense of entitlement, indeed. Those kind of people will never see their own hypocrisy.

  12. Someone please explain to me why Austin and the twins have no realized Vanessa was steering them in the wrong direction with the veto comp? It was an elimination comp and Vanessa told the twins to pick Austin all the time. Apparently they did and it upset Austin because he felt he was being targeted. The right strategy was to pick Vanessa, Steve and JMac all the time so they eliminate each other. Once they are gone, then Austin and the twins can simply throw it to Julia and they are all safe.

    Yet none of them have put this together at all. We hope when this happens the HGs see through it and react somehow. That makes the game fun. But these HGs never seem to realize what’s going on around them.

    • It seems they touched on it initially then within seconds Vanessa convinced them that she had the best of intentions when she obviously and deliberately screwed them. I think if Vanessa told them they should vote each other out they would do it. Unbelievable.

      What do we expect when Julia thinks that Sigmund Freud is a circus act with tigers. Austin’s eye rolling behind her back was awesome. Now that’s entertainment.

      I also can’t believe they think Julia should stay in the house. Now that Liz and Austin are back to playing kissy face the twins should have a clue and keep Liz in. Austin of course would like to keep Julia because his goal is to not only win for himself but to stay on tv as long as possible because he thinks he is God’s gift to the camera.

      I don’t know how Vanessa can keep a straight face.

      • You didn’t see Vanessa burst our laughing when Julia are the comments regarding out living the gremlins?

        Julia: good guys finish first! Busting my sides

    • Now Julia has asked JMac if you can see the Salem Witch Trial sites in Boston and JMac says that’s in Salem. I don’t know how he holds it together…no wonder he goes wild in the DR.

    • The truth is Vanessa isn’t that tactical, but when compared to mostly idiots. it tends to make her look like some brilliant mastermind, it isn’t so much her game, as it is thanks in part to a very weak cast overall. I honestly never cared this less for Big Brother, not since BB15 and that is saying something. I will admit, watching the drama unfold this week is lovely. but it does feel scripted in many instances, because I find it hard that any player can be this stupid, since this is a game people. not summer camp, start playing or start packing. almost no strategy this season, other than Vanessa crying and sucking up, its rather pathetic.

      • I agree about Vanessa with the twins but I don’t think Steve is falling for it but plays along as part of his own strategy. Time will tell if it works.
        Hopefully next season they will ban pot ball and get some good competitors in there.

      • One can only hope. considering this season has been very weak, I watch BB for the strategy, not for the mental patients with mommy issues. ;)

  13. Has anyone ever ran off from the nomination ceremony tonight like Liz did?

    The episode tonight had me laughing a lot from the dumb stuff the twins said.

      • I think it is funny how Liz is billed as a “marketing coordinator” (which in reality is a title they give to someone who pretty much just answers the phoooone-uh) while Julia, her “got her boob job on the same day as her sister” is billed as a “marketing intern”.

        For the life of me, I cannot figure this out. What the heck is a “marketing intern”???

    • That was the funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my entire life and I’ve heard some real dandies. I had to replay it a few times to make sure I hadn’t had too much wine.

      • Lmao! I just about died when she said that. I don’t think Austin is too bright, but even he looked dumbfounded.

      • Yeah, I love Johnny. Everytime I hear him talk, I crack up! The way he speaks reminds me of Bobcat Goldthwait.

        I have wanted him to win since it started. He just seems like a great guy.

      • He’s awesome. I’ll bet his patients adore him. If he was my son I would be so proud of him. He must be so much fun to be friends with. I worry about him getting taken out as if I know him personally.

      • Haha! I think he is one of those people that you feel like you know but have never met. Or, someone who others take an immediate liking to.

        At first when listening to him, I said I wouldn’t let me get anywhere near my body, let alone my face with a needle or a drill. LOL

      • Lol! I have said that I thinks he sucks on too much of the nitrous. Haha!
        I agree, he would be a fabulous dentist for kids. Adults on the other hand, might think he’s “special.” Lol

      • Too funny! Hahaha hahaha big belly laugh

        But most of all, JohnnyMac has been the most respectable gut in the house. I don’t believe that I’ve heard him be rude or crude. My kinds guy!

        GO JOHNNYMAC! €:^) £

  14. It’s hilarious that the twins are worried that their mommy and nanna might see them smoking (saying they are probably in bed anyway) but they aren’t worried about their vulgar behaviour and especially Liz’s disgusting under cover escapades. Yea, mommy and nanna must be so proud.

  15. That was so fake when Liz was crying then in seconds later she told her (boo) we get James bed. There were eating and talking soo stupid to Steve trying to butter him up they made me sick! Gosh i hope this is over soon.

  16. Siegfried and Roy, Sigmund Freud, then theres Liz and Julia. Thought austwins were the smartest in the house. Lol dummies.

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