Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 31 — Vanessa Continues Playing ‘Too Hard, Too Fast’

Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 17 gave the TV-only viewers a look at who Vanessa actually is on the Live Feeds, and after her post-veto ceremony decision, we also got proof that she’s not as good at this game as she thinks she is.

Vanessa prepares to name the replacement nominee – Source: CBS

We pick up right after Vanessa nominated James and Meg for eviction. Vanessa tells us she went with those two because they’re a strong pair, not on her side of the house and was the best decision to keep unnecessary blood on her hands.

Meg and James are confused and clearly regretting why they ever kept Vanessa in the game. It doesn’t take long for Meg to end up in tears and they’re both aware that one of them will be going home no matter what.

Vanessa, who is just such a wonderful person, decides she wants to give James and Meg something she didn’t have when she was up and that’s an explanation as to why she nominated them. Aww, how sweet Vanessa. She tries to explain and in usual Vanessa fashion, she spews complete garbage. None of Vanessa’s reasons or excuses ever make any sense and Meg just isn’t having it.

After Vanessa leaves her fresh nominees, she goes to talk to Steve abbot what to do if James wins veto since he’s the target. Vanessa realizes that she has so much blood on her hands already that she can’t go for Austwins or she will have pissed off every single person in the game and doesn’t stand a chance at winning a jury vote. Hint: she already doesn’t if you ask me.

Speaking of veto, at the draw, Vanessa picks Julia, James picks Liz and Meg draws Austin. Things aren’t looking good for James and Meg now and they know James has to win if there’s any chance that both of them can stay this week. They believe there’s still a possibly that if Meg is sitting next to someone else, she could stay. And any Big Brother viewer or player would probably agree. I mean, it’s Meg. Why would anyone take her out when so many bigger players remain in the game?

It’s time for the veto competition and it’s “Hide and Go Veto” and just as it sounds, the players are given a veto card and have three miinutes to go into the house and hide their veto card. Then they’ll each get two minutes to find the hidden cards. The last person’s card to be found, wins veto.

Meg gets to hide her veto card first and she hides it in a nook and cranny in the bedroom. Austin puts his in the duvet cover right next to Meg’s. James decides to put his card under the living room rug. Julia hides hers inside a cushion in the lounge. Liz puts hers inside a pizza box. Vanessa decides to hide her card inside a sofa cushion.

Since she got to hide first, Meg also gets to hunt first. She returns empty handed. Austin is up next and he makes a huge mess and finds none. James goes next and he decides to just ransack the house also and finds no card. Julia also returns empty-handed. And so does Liz. Vanessa finds Liz’s veto card inside the pizza box. Oops.


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  1. Why did Sasquatch the Snitch have to run up there to that ratchet Vanessa and tell her what James said?? Where I’m from, Austin would be in dire straits. His yellow little teeth would be extracted and along with his tiny balls would be smashed beyond recognition. I pray that James wins HOH and right the wrongs in that forsaken cursed house.

  2. The highlight of this show was this convo between James and Vanessa. Absolutely incredible how she put James on defense and made his conversation absolutely pointless.

      • You think John will turn on Vanessa? Someone really needs to step up and grow a pair to do it. Becky was the only one. Whoever gets Vanessa out, deserves the $500,000. Hands down.

      • It’s tough cuz though he might want to, he can’t he has to play the # odds. He has a nimble 3 person vote aliance with her and time is short. Get rid of her now or beat her in a comp. I’d take my chances for the prize on a comp and keep the votes for now.

      • If James wins HOH he is definitely going after Vanessa, and he is the only man in the house that has the balls to make a power play, the rest are just whimps. Austin has his head up Liz’s butt and Steve has his head up Julia’s butt, he such a moron he doesn’t know Julia won’t give him the time of day after the game is over. James knows this is a game and if the rest of the HGs realized that they wouldn’t have a problem taking out Vanessa or the Twincompoops.

    • She is the master manipulator. I stated numerous times that if the Becky HOH reign went according to plan, Meg and James would not have their backs against the wall. Vanessa would be playing poker in the jury house.

      • Idk about that. Vanessa may have come back, she was the last one standing in the comp after all….PLUS Shelli still had it out for James, even in her final DR session last
        Thursday. James/Meg would have been in this spot regardless, if not sooner.

        Their major mistake is not winning ANYTHING in between that time.

      • You maybe right. But…that could have been all talk. Who ever thought that John and Vanessa would be in an alliance. He wanted her out and “changed” his mind. Shelli could have realized that Vanessa was evolving into a strong target. Still, the Austwins did not have the testicular fortitude to get her out the house either. For some zany explanation, that bipolar woman found ways to stay in that house and becoming a bigger threat every passing week. Don’t they know that they don’t have a chance of beating her the longer she stays. Steve ruined James’ alliance too.

      • The only positive I guess would be that Becky would still be in the house and she was capable of winning comps. Maybe she could have won something and got a twin out by now.

        Becky was such a rat though, so Idk what she would have ended up doing.

      • Becky would have probably won this whole thing. She stopped being a tattletale after she joined forces with Jackie, James and Meg.

      • I saw the whole thing. James intention was to tell her off…… I’ll make the story short…James end up apologizing at the end of the convo. good edit/bad edit..that’s what happened.

      • There’s just no way of giving James good edit in that scene, because if they go back and show how James will confront Van, it will make him look like he was hypnotized by Van lol

      • Aren’t they all though? Remember Liz telling Vanessa “omg get Johnny Mac out! Put him on the block.” Then with a wave of her wand, Vanessa had Liz saying “omg get James out! Put him on the block.”

      • Those twins are easy to Van, and they’re very up and down with a lot of people. Like Austin with Liz. lol

      • He said he was going to tell her off, but Meg told him to suck up to her for her sake. That’s the reason he wasn’t rude to her.

      • But don’t you think her acting although irritating for the viewers/feeders, is effective? She can control the conversation..right?

      • I think Vanessa looked like a nut job. James hardly said anything. It seems like an inappropriate time to go off like that. I think Vanessa was angry that James won veto and took it out on him. It is very clear to me Vanessa does not like it when things get out of her control and James winning veto disrupted her master plan so he had to pay with a tongue lashing.

        But I will admit, James, Austin and Steve are afraid of her. That is painfully obvious.

      • We have non-aggressive players left in the house. Most of the aggressive ones are out. Unfortunately, they were all targeted by her..but still any body’s game.

      • I don’t think James is afraid of her. I think he’s playing cool in the hope of saving Meg. If he wins HOH….we’ll see how afraid he is.

      • Think back to the time Vanessa went on the block by Becky and James went into the comic room to talk to her. James was befuddled in about two minutes. Maybe afraid is the wrong word. Intimidated might be a better word.

      • James is afraid by a long shot. James just isn’t mentally prepared to deal with Vanessa. I had to turn my feeds off that night he went to talk/apologize to her because I knew how it was going to go. No one in that house is except steve, and he’s afraid of her.

      • I guess I’m in the minority, but as a TV-only viewer I didn’t come out of that ep thinking Vanessa had somehow been exposed for “what she really is”. Maybe I’m due for a straightjacket too, but I totally understood her reaction to James. Going up there with a “Let me tell you what’s wrong with your game play…” argument makes no sense to me. Let alone lecturing the person who has effectively been running the whole season while you’ve quietly watched every ally you’ve ever had get voted off. I think I would’ve been pretty pissed too.

  3. I am still in awe of Vanessa’s expert handling of James to neutralize the conversation. That was some jedi mind tricking stuff right there.

  4. I went to school in Philly. There are no tooth extractions against will or smashing of balls (tiny or otherwise).

    • For real?? What school did you go to? I went to George Washington Craver and I got my PhD from Temple. Cecil B. Moore and Susquehanna clicks would never tolerate the foolishness that the Austins and the minions are doing.

      • Didn’t you say that $5 per month to pay for feeds was an exorbitant amount of money and that some people, yourself included, couldn’t afford that? And that you couldn’t afford home internet service so you need to use public wifi?
        I find it difficult to believe you have a PhD in Engineering from a reputable program and are completely indigent.

      • Student loans payback will make a person indigent until they pay them off.. Johnny Mac lives with his mom and he is paying $3,000.00/monthly towards his student loans. Ouch, that is alot of money!

      • PhD students for the most part don’t pay for their schooling. It’s all grants. But I do concede student loans are awful. Dental school and medical school are especially brutal.

  5. I am still in awe that the house was literally destroyed in that matter. All that food went to waste. BB should have thought about the hungry and poor in third countries such as Bangladesh and Tasmania. Poor taste and production BB! By the way, did you guys see Tila Tequila and Jenna Jameson acting crazy on the celebrity Big Brother UK?? They need a show in the United States lol.

    • I just realize that Tasmania is a poor third world country.
      Thanks Julia :)
      Hehehe can’t help it, you mean Tanzania?

      • What’s wrong with Tasmania, Australia’s freeloading state?
        Jonathan West
        For most Tasmanians a darker reality lies behind the seductive tourism brochures showcasing the state’s pristine wilderness, gourmet-magazine articles celebrating its burgeoning food culture, and newspaper stories gasping at a world-leading art museum. Tasmania ranks at the bottom among Australian states on virtually every dimension of economic, social, and cultural performance: highest unemployment, lowest incomes, languishing investment, lowest home prices, least educated, lowest literacy, most chronic disease, poorest longevity, most likely to smoke, greatest obesity, highest teenage pregnancy, highest petty crime, worst domestic violence. It seems not to matter which measure is chosen, Tasmania will likely finish last.

        Why Tasmania is such a long-term underperformer, and what might done to improve, are important questions — not only for Tasmanians but also for the nation as a whole. In fact, it can be argued what’s happening in Tasmania is not an exception but a microcosm for a major part of Australia; it is already typical of non-metropolitan regions and might represent more of Australia’s future. One advantage in Tasmania, however, is that because it is both a “region” and a state, data and other information are available that allow us more clearly to see patterns that remain buried among bigger aggregates in other states, which elsewhere combine the big cities with non-urban regions into a comforting average.

        The underlying problem is simple but intractable: Tasmania has developed a way of life, a mode of doing things, a demographic, a culture and associated economy, that reproduces underachievement generation after generation.

  6. Steve is so afraid of Vanessa and Austin that he is allowing them to prevent him from playing his own game. It’s really sad to watch. I don’t even think Vanessa wants an F2 with steve. She wants it with Julia so that she can have a guaranteed win.

      • Julia will only win the whole thing if there is a bitter jury against Vanessa……which is likely, but these guys seem in awe of her.

      • I’m in awe of how stupid Steve and John are right now. They’re playing for Vanessa to go to finals and they don’t see it.

      • I think Steve has been so bullied and brow beaten by Vanessa that he truly is afraid of her. He just wants to keep her happy so she doesn’t go off on him. I am sure he sees what needs to be done but is just too afraid to branch out and get help to do it.

      • Austin too. Austin even said he didn;t want to put her up because he didn’t want to deal with her tantrums.

        Vanessa criticized Meg for crying when she put her up but Vanessa spent an entire day under the covers crying and sulking when Becky put her on the block.

      • Vanessa won’t win, she’ll be a ginamarie coming second b/c of a bitter jury I didn’t root for Andy but anyone else but Vancrit, Vancrit keep being like Ginamarie and you will come close yet so far

      • More like Andy who won. If Vanessa in F2, she’ll need to straight-talk jury. Just keep a poke-face sailing straight into $500K lol.

  7. This is so biased. Vanessa is actually my favorite, she is the only one actually playing the game. Meg is floating, Steve is doing nothing, John is floating somewhat…not like Meg though, Austwins are just annoying, they were gonna evict Vannesa and not of course they are buddy-buddy with her, and James is okay I guess.

      • Perhaps you haven’t seen the previous two seasons. Vanessa is an angel when you compare her to Aaryn Amanda, Ginamarie, Andy, and Frankie. Vanessa isn’t racist, she certainly isn’t homophobic as she has a girlfriend, and she isn’t a plain out b*tch. How is she SUCH a horrible human being?

      • She is a crying, lying, paranoid schizophrenic, and a homophobic hypocrite (against Clay and James when they kissed). GM and Amanda’s words were simply twisted and blown out of proportion. Andy was a fluffer floater that flaked his way to the 500k. Frankie was a fan favorite and his career took off after this scripted show. You must be watching a different show mi amigo.

      • Season one? I don’t remember. However, they are pushing the envelopes every season now. Plus, if BB after dark came was broadcasting on CBS, viewership and ratings would be in the toilet. The language and behavior would definitely offend and piss off people.

      • We are watching a different show…you can say nothing about Aaryn because of what she AND Ginamarie did to Candice. Amanda was a bully and said harsh remarks about Candice as well. Frankie isn’t as bad, but he talked about RAPING Victoria that isn’t blowing ANYTHING out of proportion. Trust me, Frankie will NEVER be as famous as his sister. Vanessa is crying, Ginamarie cried about Nick and she knew him for like 2 weeks. Vanessa is a saint compared to the other ones, no way is GM or Amanda’s words ”blow out of proportion.”

      • I’m an advocate for the mentally ill Isaiah, and unless Vanessa has publicly announced that she’s Bipolar or suffers from a Schizoaffective Disorder, I don’t think YOU should be using those terms so indiscriminately.

      • Sharona, please. Don’t tell me what to say in regards to that muppet from the Dr. Teeth and Electric Mayhem. Where’s your mental health background? It can’t compare to my knowledge. I can say whatever I want. If you watch the feeds after dark, she is always asking for her medications. Vanessa was white as Casper when she was talking to James during the show last night. She has bulging eyes and suffers from exophthalmos. Thermoregulation is also a problem. She always wears a winter hat. It all adds up and that’s my professional opinion. Mind your damn business.

      • I should know by now—given Mr. Burgess’ personal attacks on me, that I shouldn’t get into a pissing match with a troll who possesses a PhD. SMH

      • You have a lot of nerve to call me a troll you insignificant ogre. I bring eloquent discussion to this blog and you disagree me and you act like a 2 year old with suffering from ADHD and Tourette’s. I also believe that you are suffering from borderline personality disorder and are in desperate need of help. It’s not my fault and not my problem that you and your friends can’t hold conversations with real intellectual people.

      • LOL. We know she takes medication and she says herself she has ADHD. I have some experience with people who are bi-polar and narcissistic and Vanessa appears to be both. In fact, she appears to be a classic narcissist with the underlying insecurity that drives most narcissists. This is not a diagnosis. But I can say she exhibits the symptoms!

      • Then your experience with bipolar was not a universal one. In no way is Vanessa bipolar. Not even close. She may be unbalanced, but bipolar she is not. Narcissistic I might even buy, but bipolar is not an option here.

      • You forgot sore loser, narcissist and egotist with an opinion of herself that she does not live up to. I am guessing people who like Vanessa are not watching the feeds they are only watching the TV show where she gets some pretty decent edits.

      • I don’t remember anyone liking Frankie…..I don’t think he was a fan favorite…man, I could not stand him! But everything else you said I agree with! :)

      • Vanessa is just crying out and attacking people… on there back. She doesn´t have anything to play frontal… Everytime they got back to her face to face, she just cries and calls out for help. That´s not what a person should be… may be a toy can be like Vanessa, something from a Disney movie.
        Worst, she uses her Lesbian position to get people to help her out. That´s the same thing that saying the other ones are crap…

      • I don;t know if she is one of the best players ever. I think she would have been stomped by casts of the past. This season’s group is full of wimps and cowards. They are also clueless about the game and how to play. Since when did lying in the house become such a crime? Isn’t that how you play the game?

        In any case, I would love to have seen Vanessa crying “what did I do to you?” to Evel Dick while he laughed in her face.

      • I def don’t think V is one of the best players. She is PLAYING the game, she is the ONLY person playing the game this season. She absolutely would’ve lost it had she been in many of the other seasons with people that didn’t have amnesia as to where they were: Big Brother. She would’ve been crying 24/7 because everyone else would just be yelling at her because her manipulations wouldn’t work. But V isn’t dumb, she is a good judge of character. Bullies usually can sniff out the weak characters and the strong ones and adapt themselves to each. She aligned with the strong personalities: Shelli. And befriended, then bullied the weak. Master manipulator and that def comes with being a narcissist.

    • Being useless is not floating, it’s just being useless. John is floating because he has no choice. He was lost after Clay and Shelli left. He was pretty loyal to those two.

      • I feel like the only reason people like John is because he is a ditzy but smarter version of Ashley from season 14. His laugh gets really old really fast. I like him but he’s definitely not one of my favorites.

      • I don’t like John. If it weren’t for those contrived DR sessions, he’d be on the same level as Steve in terms of popularity.

      • Yeah, at first it wasn’t so noticeable. It seemed like an excited version of him. Now he is forcefully adding extra grunts at the end of his sentences lol

      • Ok gotta stand up for JMac here. They are told to yell and exaggerate. I dislike it. Its more evident with some players more than others.I like the DR sessions in the early seasons where the Houseguests sat back and relaxed. They didn’t feed them stupid one liners either.

      • I sense a tremendous amount of hate on here. I guess you two are miserable in your own lives and can’t stand to see other people be happy and content. John is the most likable person on that show next to James. Please refrain from spewing such insulent garbage and concentrate on finding your happiness.

      • “I sense a tremendous amount of hate on here” He doesn’t even realize it’s him spewing hate. Vanessa hate all over the forum. He needs to go find his own happiness. Poor Thing!! I won’t give him anymore of my precious attention.

      • This was in ref to someone accusing Hope and I of hating when he’s the one littering the forum with hate. He was acting childish.

      • HAHAHAHAHA….Yes, I see disagreeing with you makes us miserable people. May I ask who we can’t stand being happy and content? I guess I can find true happiness if I agree with you? Well I’ll be happy and content in wallowing in my misery.

      • Anyone who can’t debate with other ADULTS who are STRANGERS without making unnecessary personal attacks shouldn’t even be on here.

      • Oh my God. You have crossed so many lines on these threads, I’m surprised that your comments haven’t been deleted. From now on, whenever I see you and your PhD on a site, I’ll be going to a different one.

      • Isaiah, you seem to be an intelligent person, and from your photo, very nice looking, too. If you would just not make personal, insulting attacks to people on this forum, I think you would be well-liked because your observations about Big Brother are so spot on. I like what you have to say about the show and the players, but these personal attacks are uncalled for. As a matter of fact, your personal attacks make you look less intelligent. Sorry to be so blunt.

      • I agree 100% John don’t have any balls and I don’t think he is that funny and that laugh he has is irritating to the point it makes me dislike him. James is the most decent player there and is funny and eally loyal a loyal person

      • James isn’t loyal…..he did Shelli dirty and straight up lied… respect…..I liked him until he did that!

      • I like John because he is the most likable character left after James. Meg is okay but her game play is so bad it makes me angry.

      • Floating is a strategy still if you have no one then putting on a life vest and riding the ride it is bettering then dropping dead or being useless, Meg or Julia’s ride is over

      • They may have to wake her to evict her tomorrow. Or maybe not. Maybe they will just move her dentist chair to the jury house with her in it.

    • Steve is not doing nothing. Steve is playing a stealthy game so far and he could surprise in the next week or so.

      I think people are tolerating Vanessa only because she is HoH and she appears to be with the Austwins. I would be shocked if there wasn’t another attempt to take her out in the next two two weeks.

    • Im afraid of Judas… remember when he sayed he would like to take out Liz sister? He can do it here. Liz will vote for Meg. James will vote for Julia. John is a hard vote… he likes Meg more than Julia. Steve will vote on the one Vanessa chooses. And Austin… can have the vote to decide. If he goes Judas and votes Julia, this will be like an mexican novella. Julia can go out on a 3-2 and Vanessa will have space since the only 3 votes that “where sure” would be Liz and Austin for Meg and James for Julia. The other 2 can be used because nobody will think that Jmac voted for Meg to stay.

  8. Austbrats: Austin Liz Julia
    Austin Angels: Austbrats+Vanessa
    Scamper Squad: Austbrats+Vanessa+Steve
    Goblins: Meg James
    Rock Stars: Steve John
    Brass Tacks: Austbrats+Goblins
    Vanessa Steve John

    • I would like to thank Vanessa, Steve and John for not torturing us with a terrible team name. For that reason alone, that’s my vote for the final 3.

      • That JMac who said a long time ago he isn’t into alliance names. I remember Vanessa making fun of him for it. Then again, Vanessa is not fully committed to JMac. He doesn’t know it but I think he will soon.

  9. Here’s what I’m hoping for tomorrow… James wins HOH, forcing Vanessa and Austin up on the lock. Anyone but Vanessa wins POV. Austin, Liz, or Julie put up against Vanessa to make sure she goes home! JMac and Steve vote to evict whomever is sitting next to Vanessa, Remaining two of Austwins vote out Vanessa to keep all 3 members of Austwins in the game. James breaks the tie and Vanessa is evict! Would love this!!!

  10. Sorry, the TV show, despite showing the ugly side of Vanessa, was tame compared to what we actually see of Vanessa on the feeds. After James won veto she sulked and cried up in her HoH room for a long time. It was not the short stint of perplexed thinking they showed on TV. Also, when Julia came up into the HOH room there was a clear display of two sore losers whining about things not going their way. Oh Boo-Hoo. Vaness is the villain and deserves to be. If someone actually took the time and effort to take a bullhorn and scream hints to James, Meg and JMac in the BB back yard you can only imagine just how unhappy America is with Vanessa.

    But I think BB is preparing for a Vanessa win with one of the twins as the second place HG. The TV edits are probably designed to avoid another BB15 when Andy won and fans went crazy on him via twitter and facebook.
    I think its too late. Vanessa and the twins have shown their true colors and we already know what they are.

      • Last night. It was on the feeds and BBAD. You can’t hear it but the HGs in the back yard could. Someone was shouting something to them. James thought they said “Austin was Julia out”. I could only hear the words Austin, Vanessa and out. The rest was inaudible. On BBAD any discussion of the incident was either fished or the cameras cut to another room.

  11. Y’all need to open your minds. Brother Isaiah makes perfect sense. There’s no confusion up in this jawn.
    The Girard St trolley is on track.

      • You may be right about Steve but at the same time Ian is his hero so maybe Steve will flip at some point. To me, this is the best time. Perhaps if Meg was a better competitor he would risk it because if she won a comp she could keep him safe. But being so bad there is not much in it for him.

        I still think he should do it and He and JMac should blame Vanessa. If they do flip its not like Vanessa will be happy with them – and she can’t play HoH anyway.

        Again, this is a bold plan that I think we would have seen in previous season. Just not this season because there are not guts in this house. Even Vanessa lacks real courage to do something bold.

      • Blaming Vanessa wouldn’t work. No matter how much you might believe otherwise, if Steve flips his vote and tries to blame Vanessa, Austin and Liz will believe Vanessa, not Steve. Then Steve assumes the position of target #1 for Vanessa, Austin, and Liz. Turrrrrible move.

      • He would have John and James. James will always be #1 for Vanessa…her jealousy knows no bound. That’s why Meg is going home. She feels they took Austin away from her.

      • If Steve betrayed Vanessa like that, no, Steve would be target #1. No ands, ifs or buts about it. Hell hath no fury like a Vanessa scorned. Then add the rage from Austin and Liz and that house would turn into a powder keg.
        That would be funny to watch though, even if it’s a turrrrrrrible move for Steve.

      • That would hilarious to watch lol. He has to do it without blaming Vanessa. Just say it was best for HIS game. Vanessa wont be too mad, because that’s what she’s keeping her henchman for anyways.
        Steve is going to have to turn on them eventually, at least he will only have 2 to deal with after this. All this takes an extreme amount of guts on his part though.

      • He will have to turn against them, but he needs to turn against them with a support system. If he loses Vanessa as his support, he’s screwed. He needs to wait until she gives the green light, and she’s given the green light after Meg walks out tomorrow.
        But yes, I’d be glued to my screen watching the feeds if that did happen. Oh brother, that would be amazing.

      • This is so funny!! He has to wait for Vanessa to give him the green light!! Go Stevie…play Vanessa’s game!

      • Everyone except James is waiting on Van’s greenlight apparently. She’s going to greenlight them all right out the door.

      • It’s also partly a team game. You can’t completely go it alone. Every successful player I can think of has made decisions for their alliance’s sake on at least one occasion in their respective games.

      • You’re absolutely right. But the time for making decision as an alliance is over. Too few people in the house now. You have to play your own game now. It seems only Vanessa, from her alliance, got the memo. She’s so good that she has Steve and John playing for her too and not for themselves. SMH.

      • This is not a Victoria and Derrick situation. They’re looking out for their best interests as well, but it just so happens that their best interests are also aligned with Vanessa’s. At least for the time being.

      • Vanessa positioned herself in between two alliances that’s willing to protect her and possibly take her to F4…anyway, game is not over.

      • True, but usually when you try to have 2 or 3 teams at the same time, you get caught and you go home. This year HGs can be in 3, 4 or 5 alliances simultaneously and get away with it. It is a bizarre season of BB.

      • I won’t argue with that. It is a weird dynamic this year. The alliances are much more fluid than I’ve ever seen.

      • You may be right. No one can really predict Vanessa. I think she will still have his back, though she may think this is her opportunity to fill Julia’s spot.

      • So I guess he should let Vanessa betray him first. If no-one is going to betray. lie, cheat …just hand Vanessa the 500k and the rest just fight for second place. I thought that’s how the game should play….betray…lie to the end. Is Stevie really a fan…I have to wonder,

      • Actually, Meg would. No one would vote for Meg except maybe James. But Meg is Victoria and everyone knows it. At least Julia will get her sister’s vote and maybe Austin’s too.

      • Steve betrayed Vanessa last week by starting that alliance with Austin and the twin with the pan to BD Vanessa.

        If Steve did it alone, then yes, the Austwins would not believe him, but if he and JMac both told the Austwins they had a deal with Vanessa to keep them safe, it might work.

      • He didn’t start the alliance. Liz pinned it on Steve. If memory serves correctly, that alliance was all the Austwins who then pulled in Steve and JMac.
        They will always trust Vanessa over Steve and JMac. Always. There’s pretty much no scenario in which they believe anyone over Vanessa. It’s game suicide for Steve to make the move you’re suggesting.

      • I’m hoping the alarms go off when Julie tells them it is double eviction. It’s the perfect time to blindside.

        Liz may not self evict, but she might just implicate Vanessa at least to some degree, after all they have seen her maneuvers before. Quite ironic, it would be, if she gets sent home for a dastardly plan, she didn’t even intend.

        I could see her getting the Matt treatment from her own little brigade.

      • There something else… even that Jmac votes out Julia and Steve votes Meg, remember Judas… The production would love to make an edit with him votting out Julia… like he sayed when he revelead the twist to James-Meg-Jackie.

    • The only reason I can see is that he wants to make sure he has the votes if he is going to go against Vanessa.
      He doesn’t seem to know how to approach steve about it.

    • Either they just don’t see eye to eye, totally stupid or production is stirring up the pot. I would definitely be on James side.

    • Well he needs Steve’s vote.
      He doesn’t want to be a hinky vote out of nowhere without being loyal to Meg…

    • Why would JMac piss off Vanessa who can help protect him (and did this week) in order to cast a vote that won’t matter to save Meg whom he already doesn’t like?

  12. I would LOVE to see Vanessa come back for an All-Stars season. Hate her, but can you imagine her in the house surrounded by veterans like Dan, Britney, Evel Dick, Derrick, Jeff, etc.? She would be cut down to size in five minutes flat. I would pay good money to see any (or all) of the above put Vanessa in her place.

    Come on, CBS, make this happen!

      • Nah, Rachael would just cry. I would love to see Brittany vs. Vanessa. Now that would make for GREAT feeds.But unlike you guys, I think Vanessa might win.

      • I guess I remember Rachel as being very spiteful when things weren’t going her way. That could be fun where Vanessa is concerned.

      • Brittany is like the king of logic. She would just tear Vanessa and her absurd backwards reasoning apart.

      • I have to see Evel Dick deal with her nonsense. Let her try that crying, whiny, “why me?” crap on ED and let the fireworks fly. ED would laugh in her face and try to make her cry even more.

        The current HGs are pathetic. They are all wimps who are afraid of Vanessa and how she behaves. I wish anyone would stand up to her.

  13. More from Jokers:

    Wed 8:55 PM BBT Austin to Liz that the feed watchers are nothing but fat nerds. NT – Pasty

  14. Now would be a good time for James to take Vs thinking cap and unravel it into a big pile of yarn! Then put her cheap eye makeup in the toilet! She puts that much on so no one sees her lips move.

    Better yet Meg could do it, she’s leaving anyway.

  15. Austin to Liz: the feed watchers are nothing but fat nerds. He said that on Sept 02, 2015 about 9:00pm. I would rather have Vanessa win the top prize vs Austin and Liz. And I’m not a Vanessa fan.

    • Who cares. We think a lot less of him.

      But I bet CBS cringed when he said that. After all, those fat nerds are paying CBS to watch Austin’s disgusting behavior.

  16. James’ attempted conversation with Vanessa truly showed her true colors, as if we had any doubts. If she weren’t so paranoid and delusional, she would have listened to him give his opinion on her game play – she would have known exactly where he was coming from and maybe picked up a clue or two about improving her game, or a way to weaken his. Instead she went ballistic – how dare he criticize the Great and Wondrous Oz. Even if I never heard her talk, just watching her furrowed brow and bat-sh**t-crazy eyes would be enough.

  17. Here’s what is going to happen. BB will make sure James does not win HOH because he is Van’s only enemy. They do this most every year. It will probably be where each HG can decide two players to pit against each other and they will continually pit against James. He doesn’t have a prayer. It’s not fair at all, especially at the end of the season when you have a group that is running the show. Van will win BB. They really want her and Mel to be on TV. MIght as well quit watching.

    • I don;t know if they rig it, but I am certain they are preparing for Vanessa to win. The edits she is getting on the show lately are all positive or at least not as bad as she looks on the feeds. I think they do not want some one too unpopular to win so they will try to redeem her reputation among the fans if they can.

    • Are you implying that Production is fixing the game? Ha !!!
      Vanessa is going to win the POV, so it doesn’t really matter who will win the HOH .. Then, she will win the following HOH … :)
      If so, then we can talk about Production Conspiracy Theory …. :)

  18. This was by far the best Veto comp in a while. The results were HILARIOUS! I was laughing so hard I was practically crying when the VanAustwins (refusing to call them Austin’s Angels – though I suppose we could just call them AA for short) take each other out.

  19. I don’t agree with the writers last statement that Meg is going. Vanessa’s already stated she knows she’s 4th on the list with the Austwins and it doesn’t take rocket science to realize that 3sum needs to be broken up. Vanessa didn’t have the balls to put Austin on the block cuz she’s always so worried about “blood on her hands”…… she’s actually fooling anyone?? Anyway…..the #’s are there right now to take one of the Austwins out and James is on it to convince Steve and John to vote with him and Meg. The job will get done and Vanessa won’t have much blood on her hands……other than she mistakenly put Julia on the block. It shoulda been Austin but this is the next best thing. If Vanessa was stupid enuf to keep the Austwins alive she woulda no brainer put Johnny up. Just so hard to say what’s going on but one thing’s for sure………I and many others can’t wait to see the day Vanessa gets punted outta there bawling her eye’s out the whole way. Maybe that’s why BB is making tmrw and double eviction……so we won’t have to listen to Vanessa cry all week long!!!
    This has been one of the best season’s in a while……..and Meg is HOT

  20. Vanessa just screwed up. She can’t vote and Julia is on the block. If Meg, James, Johnny Mac, and Steve want to take over the game from Charlie’s Angels it there for the taking. They only have two votes this week because of Vanessa. Then next week they will have four people playing for HOH after Julia goes home against two because Vanessa can’t play. Bone head move of the century putting up a pawn when you don’t have the votes.

    • The game is odd this year. Usually you take out the biggest threats in the game. This year Vanessa is keeping them in the house. Except for Shelli all the multiple HoH winners are still in the house.

      I have no idea why these people do not realize they are making their own chances of winning smaller.

      • Steve had the chance to change the entire course of the game when he got Jackie kicked out with a little help from Johnny (my favourite nevertheless). Moral of the story…don’t wait for another chance to do something…it might not come.

    • definitely a risky move but no one has been playing the games aside from Vanessa, so the people voting are just going to continue voting for the people there told to vote out! would it be smart to get rid of Julia? Absofreakinlutely! will any of those people do it? the odds are highly against it! vanessa has everyone eating out of her hands, for now anyways! She knows what she’s doing, she’s smart! And even if Julia went home (which is not going to happen on Thursday) Vanessa still is good and safe because she has aligned herself with JMAC and Steve who like everyone else in the house (aside from Vanessa) Thinks they are at summer camp and haven’t made any moves! so the probability of Jmac, Steve, James making a big move, vote out Julia and remain solid and start taking out Austin, Liz and Vanessa is highly unlikely! They are useless!! They’ve done nothing all season, why start now when it’s crucial to their game? Lol
      don’t get me wrong, I agree with you! But it’s not going to happen. they don’t deserve to win, Vanessa deserves to win! & the only way my mind is going to be changed is if one of those three, well I guess all of those three wake up and start playing the game but even then, the only person aside from Vanessa that I think deserve to win is James but even he will not make that move! and if I am wrong, great! But so far vanessa has an in the bag, her only threat is if (or when) Austin and the twins are the only ones left in the house with her b/c she is “the bottom of the totem pole.”
      Ideally, I would have loved to see Liz go up this week and get evicted because the whole house would get turned upside down (or at least get evicted during the double eviction on Thursday) I would be very interested (entertained) to see if Julia and Austin still remained loyal to one another or if they would “break up” and make final two deals elsewhere! It would make for a great TV that’s for sure! but my guess is if Liz is evicted prior to Austin and Julia, they would both align secretly with Vanessa. Love her or hate her, at least she has been playing the game since the very beginning! She hasn’t always said or done the right things but whatever she is doing is working so why stop now?!

  21. That Steve is screwing everyone’s game!!! He is the biggest floater of all !! When will he wake up and smell the roses they are all just using him. Just go to Momma Vanessa and she will tell Little Stevie what to !! Yep do it then she will get you up on the block and you will be next out the door!!!

    • And is that not the whole idea of the game? Putting people on the block and evicting them?
      Call me crazy but I always thought that playing the GAME called Big Brother was about putting people on the block and evicting the biggest threat to further your game! I guess I have been watching something else for all these years!!

    • That is why Steve is such a brilliant BB Player this season … As nobody can figure him out … Not even himself … Ha !!!
      He definitely is the sleeper of the Season .. everything that he does is calculated ….

      • Well, I think he is just happy to be on big brother but he could be trying to prove that you can be a big weak weenie and be taken to the end. Maybe he’ll write a thesis about it.

  22. Maybe if we were in the house with a crazy person like vanessa we would all do as she wanted.
    I’ve been around one who was repeatedly hospitalized and trust me when those wierd eyes come on you will cater to what she wants.
    I’m surprised the hg aren’t running out the door when its opened for eviction.
    That’s proof they are all getting some kind of compensation as well as direction from producers.
    Sooner or later you run from the craziness.
    Make that Prozac for 8!

    • let’s say for shits and giggles Vanessa does have a mental illness, how is it at all right for you to be poking fun at that?
      no offense to you as I do not know you at all and firing back something offensive would be hypocritical but I just don’t understand the logic behind your comment.
      would you not be just as guilty (as Vanessa apparently is for playing the game) for making fun of someone who may or may not have a mental illness?

      • And your apologies don’t seem very genuine to me.

        Everyone has posted about her craziness, did you send them comments?

        After being in an emotional situation like the BB house for 3 months they all might a need a little help.Steve is so nervous he’s vomiting. Jmac is shaking and can bare make a coherant sentence. The others are with Vanessa spinning their heads with all her paranoid ideas.
        I just hope the have counseling at the very least before the go back to society.

  23. If Austin gets a tv spot/job out of this I will throw my tv out the window of my high rise condo. And yes Valerie M R…they need to bring in a trough so the Asstwins can get their faces right down to chow down. I’ve never seen a group of people attack their food like it’s the first meal they’ve had in 10 years. I wish that the have not thing wasn’t over. I’d love to see Austin and Julia as the only two have nots for a week (or three).

  24. I liked watching James make a mess, it was pretty funny. I thought they’d show them all cleaning up more and bitching about it but it was magically all clean again. I can’t explain why Vanessa is targeting Meg of all people.

  25. Vanessa’s awesome! I’m rooting for her! She has to survive the second eviction. She has to win the Veto!

  26. Yowzers, is right … Anyone that compliments Vanessa’s game to Her about how well she is playing gets totally attacked .. loved how she went all crocodile tears and yelling at James at the same time .. James’ comments were similar to that of John when he had his private spat with Vanessa a couple of weeks ago …
    Had a friend with something similar years ago … complimented her and she nearly freaked out at me, though it was more of an observation of her doing something .. Think that she was bipolar and suspect now that she was on some sort of medication at the time, as well ??
    Never complimented her again, if I recall ??

    • That’s her knee jerk reaction when she believes someone is questioning her game play. Do you remember if she was wearing the ugly green hat? That’s her thinking cap! She seems to wear it constantly and when she does trouble follows often. Other times she wears the black hat like she’s a bad guy.
      Maybe she has an alternate personality like Austin/Bias.

  27. Tinalee….I’m not making fun of someone who has a mental Illness. You may need to reread exactly what I wrote. Yes I have lived with someone like that and they can make you question your own sanity. Trust me its anything but funny.
    Didn’t you see James face when Vanessa started ranting at him. He was shocked. That’s not the first time she has jumped down some ones throat who’s opinion was different that hers. She says she’s insulted. THAT was exactly how the person I knew acted every time someone didn’t agree with her because she thought the other person thought she was crazy. That’s paranoia.
    You have to admit everyone is following her to the letter.That’s why I say Prozac for 8!!!

  28. Brenda I apologize…I hope I’m not the reason you’re leaving the site. I’d hate to feel that I, and my comments, caused ANYONE to feel the need to leave. Please reconsider. I however, will be leaving. I feel a need to argue with a particular person and that does NO one any good–least of all myself.. Again, I apologize and hope you will stay.

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