Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 22 – Becky Puts Vanessa In The Line Of Fire

Becky’s master plan to blindside and target Vanessa for eviction this week went off without a hitch on Wednesday night’s episode, but we all know Vanessa by now and she’s not going down without a fight.

Steve hoping to win the Power of Veto and save himself this week – Source: CBS All Access

The episode picks up right after the nomination ceremony, aka Phase 1 of Becky’s backdoor Vanessa plan. But Steve isn’t feeling very confident on the block at Becky’s hand once again. And Vanessa is stressing out because Becky wouldn’t make a deal with her before the nomination ceremony. So Vanessa is a little worried.

Shelli reminds us that she’s not ready to go yet and since she already knows that Becky has a plan to backdoor Vanessa, Shelli is feeling a little better this week than she did last. But the plan still has to play out just right and Shelli knows she needs to be the one who wins the Power of Veto.

Shelli, still nervous, asks Johnny Mac if the plan is actually to backdoor Vanessa. John says yes he definitely believes it. Shelli wonders what she should do if she picks houseguest choice during the veto draw. John tells Shelli to pick him, but she thinks Vanessa will be very suspicious if she doesn’t pick her.

John decides to tell Steve that the house is onto Vanessa and that the plan is to backdoor Vanessa. He tells Steve that if he gets HG choice, he has to pick him. Steve isn’t happy about this news because he’s been working with Vanessa. But he knows that this will at least keep him safe. John asks Steve to not win the veto and let someone else win to use the veto on Shelli. So Steve I like “You want me to just stay on the block the whole week?” Johnny Mac says “uhhh yeah.” That’s a paraphrase, but that’s how it went.

We get a quick Austiwins montage … and it looks like Liz is starting to develop feelings for Austin. Or she just wants to be less embarrassed when she leaves the Big Brother house. She does tell us that she does plan on getting him to chop off his pony-tail beard. At any rate, Julia is still disgusted by him.

At the veto draw, Becky picks Austin, Shelli gets housegues’st choice and picks Vanessa (which she wasn’t supposed to do). And Steve picks Meg. And everyone reacts to Shelli picking Vanessa just like we and she knew they would. Shelli tries to explain herself, but people remain pretty annoyed.


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  1. The Double Elimination could be the ultimate blindside. And amazingly I don’t think the last (now that Liz seemed to come clean in a very contrived and forced way imo) showmance doesn’t seem to be on anyone’s radar. I seriously think it’ll be Jonnymac or Steve.

    • I’ve said it before. I never believed that Liz was not into Austin and now she’s saying it out loud. But Julia is most definitely not into Austin period. They might be a so-called “three-headed monster,” but I don’t believe Julia feels any compulsion to be loyal to Austin unless it helps advance hers and Liz’s game.

      • I agree. No woman act like that unless there is something. He’s been pawing her for weeks. And when Liz won her BoB comp she ran and jumped right into the arms of Austin. That was not forced or premeditated.

      • She likes his personality and I do understand that once you get to know a person looks are not as important. He is so dorky and pretends to be this tough guy, but he is so fake.

    • I agree! To throw this wonderfully drawn plan into a flaming trash can–where it belongs–I’ll say Steve wins the HOH tomorrow night. It’s memory based stuff apparently, so I give him an edge over the other HG’s

      • I would love to see either of them win HOH. Especially JMac. I never would have thought I would say this early in the season, but I’d love to see him win the whole damn thing. He is the only one in the house I really like anymore.

      • Are you saying they already had another head of household comp and another veto comp that we don’t know anything about?

      • No no. As soon as they evict either Shelli or Vanessa, they will run through an HOH, Veto and Eviction again, live. It will all go down during the live broadcast.

      • Wow the house guest never seen that coming did they? Is it the way they do the double elimination every year.

      • Yes. They don’t know it is tomorrow for certain, but they are expecting it sooner or later, so around this time in the season, they start talking strategy in case it will be this week.

      • The whole process is EXTREMELY rushed. Quickie HOH comp, then the new HOH has to immediately nominate, then quickie veto comp, quickie veto meeting, etc. Most scenes have everyone out of breath, and the logistics are off (lots of sound problems, people who don’t know where to stand or what’s going on). But the potential for surprises makes it fun.

  2. Again was saw the Goblins fully on board for the Vanessa eviction plan. Then when Julia stole James’ shirt James overreacted and the plan changed. So Jackie, tell me, you were complaining that every week the plan changes and for once you said they would stick to the plan. They you, Meg and James changed the plan leaving Becky hanging out to dry.

    This may turn out to be the right move in the end, but if Becky is evicted because you trusted Vanessa, Austin and the twins again, you have no one to blame but yourself and the fools you are aligned with.

  3. I have a feeling if Vanessa wins HoH she is going to put up Jackie and Meg with a back door plan for James. The look on Becky’s face will be priceless.

  4. Arghhh ! Just want to vent…. Our local CBS affiliate is showing a football game tomorrow night and will run BB at 1:07 am Friday morning.. Guess it’ll be a late night for me…. Everyone keep writing great comments on here.. I really enjoy everyone’s perspective…….

  5. I would be mortified if there was a comic pic that implied I stunk like Austins did as well as the fact that Liz says it behind his back. I think its a bit hurtful. And now she has feelings for him although her sisters reaction was funny.

    I have surgery tomorrow so I can’t watch but you can bet I will come on here when I can and see what happened!

  6. Why in the heck does Vanessa always feel the need to explain herself. She now has JohnnyMac in the comic room going over her broken deals and people that have lied, saying she is never coming after him..etc etc..He can’t stand her..he wants her out..he will take everything she is telling him right now and run it straight to Becky who will then run it straight to J/J/M. I just don’t get this girl..she is in a good spot right now..just be quiet and roll with it until tomorrow night! Geesh!!!

    • I agree. It wouldn’t take much for the goblins to flip-flop again. Perhaps some Vanessa scheming will convince them that Vanessa has to go before Shelli.

      Frankly, I believe Shelli is far more likely to stick to a deal than Vanessa anyway. I would never trust one word that comes out of Vanessa’s mouth. She lies constantly but believes what she is saying. That makes her dangerous.

      • I believe this year’s Big Brother could have the subtitle of, “Who’s Flipping Pancakes? ” LOL €:^)

      • When Julia was in the pool watching the “pawing” you could tell by looking at her face what she was thinking. Then in the diary room, her comment and gag reflex were what was priceless. I had to rewind and watch it 2 more times, it was so FUNNY!

  7. Watching these episodes and how behind they are to what we actually have seen and read so far. The veto and HOH should be kept secret until the actually day that we watch it.

    • I hear you but that’s impossible. There’s no way to keep the HGs quiet about things and no one would pay for the feeds if it was “Fish” all the time.

    • That would negate the whole concept of the feeds entirely.
      They need a big delay to edit the show into watchable format. Tonight’s episode was very well edited for what it’s worth.

  8. Vanessa is such a bore. She doesn’t know how to have fun or enjoy the house. I completely understand why no one wants to be in the jury house with her.

  9. Vanessa is talking to the twins and telling them they can’t trust the goblins because they lie about everything. As an example she said they promised her they would not put her on the block.

    The goblins are going to be sorry they did not stick to the plan to evict Vanessa. I can’t wait to see Meg’s face when she is on the block against Jackie.

    • I know she’s not everyone’s favorite, but can you claim that Vanessa hasn’t spiced the hell out of this season? Literally anything is possible for tomorrow’s vote.
      Don’t you think Vanessa has to target Becky and JMac first? I think the Goblins are safe for at least 2 votes, and probably longer.

      • Vanessa is dealing with hapless adversaries. Meg has to be one of the worst players I have ever seen. She sleeps all day and then has no idea what’s going on in the house. James only wakes up occasionally but this latest incident with the stolen shirt has taken him so far off track – dragging his team with him – its hard to watch. I equated the Goblins game play this week to a bad comedian on stage. People are uncomfortable watching him bomb.

        If Vanessa wins HoH she will put up Becky and Jmac. But if the twins win they will do what Vanessa wants them too and she will tell them to put up Jackie and Meg with a backdoor plan for James. Vanessa is already trying to convince the twins the goblins can;t be trusted to keep any deals they make. In a DE situation, thre will be no time for the goblins to talk to Austin and convince the twins not to put them up.

      • I haven’t been able to watch all the feeds recently. If what you’re saying is correct, the twins and Austin are not really on board with the Goblins? I was under the impression that that was a real alliance of 6 all gunning for Vanessa, but you’re saying that that’s not the case.

      • Like I said, I haven’t seen the last day of feeds. Based on two days ago, it did seem legit especially from Austin’s side. And it seemed legit from JJM’s side too.

      • You have Vanessa to thank for that. Austin left the twins alone with Vanessa and she is burning off their ears. She can’t let any of these people alone to put two and two together. Remember she is a master mind.

      • Just thinking through this out loud.
        Who does Vanessa have negative feelings towards and who does she know for a fact has a target on her? Becky. Clearly. JMac is probably number two on that list.
        She would owe JJM her life in the game if they do save her tomorrow. We’ll see if she’s good on her word for at least the duration of one week.

    • Yes. They are total, complete, utter idiots for wanting to keep Vanessa. It blows my mind how dumb they are.

  10. While Julia, Liz and Vanessa are studying diligently for otmorrow’s HoH comp, the Goblins are upstairs in the HoH with Austin horsing around.

    Meg has been saying all week, we need to study. Tomorrow is the HoH comp and I have yet to see her study. Boy are they in for a rude awakening tomorrow.

  11. Did Meg apply or was she recruited? Does anyone know? She doesn’t
    compete well physically and seems to kind of laugh everything off so I assume she might possibly have been a recruit? (I like her but she’s kind of “floaty.”)

  12. I heard JMac talking about Vanessa either this morning or yesterday and he mentioned she must be smart because she played professional poker. I thought Vanessa was keeping that a secret. Does anyone know how JMac figured that out? Did she tell anyone about her real occupation or did JMac recognize her?

    • I think the reason is the goblins have let a couple of week’s power go to their heads and they are stupid.

      • She’s Debbie downer. They are all having fun bowling – even Shelli – and Vanessa is sitting there with her sour puss on like she wishes she was a million miles away.

  13. I had no enjoyment watching tonight’s episode coz I clearly know what the outcome would be. Perhaps I shouldn’t have known the spoiler so I can get blindsided the old fashioned way.
    Funny since I declared last Sunday’s episode was the best episode of the season. This roller coaster of the season really takes it toll on me, the viewer, I can’t imagine how the contestants feel right now. No wonder Lil Stevie keeps asking for his Momma.
    However, I hope that the Blanket got her prediction or dream right. Finger-crossed!

  14. Steve/Meg, Becky/Austin, Shelli/Vanessa – 6 people played in this comp. How the heck did it take 6 hours to finish? Steve won in under 14 mins and Vanessa came in second with like 22, right? That’s a third of the players finishing in 36 minutes. Did it take the other 4 more than an hour each?

    Factoring in puzzle re-set/cleaning time by production I know that adds up a bit but if the top two finished in just a bit over 30 minutes that seems like a super long time for the remaining 4. I remember sitting here on Sat. counting the hours and I’m pretty sure we ended up at around 6.

    Can anyone explain the super long time it took? Anyone notice the posted times they finished with?

    • Paying attention to details while hanging and swinging and under pressure, yeah I believe I am good at that too, as my major in university was Interior Design as well.

    • There is a lot of production time in there. The house guests are living minute by minute, but the BB crew are working. Resetting the field, crew breaks, etc. It’s a hurry up and wait sort of thing in the film & tv business. And yes, probably a lot of tech problems. This is not surprising at all.

      • I think each HG is isolated for one hour from the group so no one knows how long it takes to complete. Remember, none of these characters can keep a secret or their mouths shut. They would probably discuss on live feed and there’d be no show for prime time.

  15. Shelli enjoy your last 15 hours in the big brother house because you are going to be evicted unless they flip again

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