Becky’s master plan to blindside and target Vanessa for eviction this week went off without a hitch on Wednesday night’s episode, but we all know Vanessa by now and she’s not going down without a fight.


Steve hoping to win the Power of Veto and save himself this week – Source: CBS All Access

The episode picks up right after the nomination ceremony, aka Phase 1 of Becky’s backdoor Vanessa plan. But Steve isn’t feeling very confident on the block at Becky’s hand once again. And Vanessa is stressing out because Becky wouldn’t make a deal with her before the nomination ceremony. So Vanessa is a little worried.

Shelli reminds us that she’s not ready to go yet and since she already knows that Becky has a plan to backdoor Vanessa, Shelli is feeling a little better this week than she did last. But the plan still has to play out just right and Shelli knows she needs to be the one who wins the Power of Veto.

Shelli, still nervous, asks Johnny Mac if the plan is actually to backdoor Vanessa. John says yes he definitely believes it. Shelli wonders what she should do if she picks houseguest choice during the veto draw. John tells Shelli to pick him, but she thinks Vanessa will be very suspicious if she doesn’t pick her.

John decides to tell Steve that the house is onto Vanessa and that the plan is to backdoor Vanessa. He tells Steve that if he gets HG choice, he has to pick him. Steve isn’t happy about this news because he’s been working with Vanessa. But he knows that this will at least keep him safe. John asks Steve to not win the veto and let someone else win to use the veto on Shelli. So Steve I like “You want me to just stay on the block the whole week?” Johnny Mac says “uhhh yeah.” That’s a paraphrase, but that’s how it went.

We get a quick Austiwins montage … and it looks like Liz is starting to develop feelings for Austin. Or she just wants to be less embarrassed when she leaves the Big Brother house. She does tell us that she does plan on getting him to chop off his pony-tail beard. At any rate, Julia is still disgusted by him.

At the veto draw, Becky picks Austin, Shelli gets housegues’st choice and picks Vanessa (which she wasn’t supposed to do). And Steve picks Meg. And everyone reacts to Shelli picking Vanessa just like we and she knew they would. Shelli tries to explain herself, but people remain pretty annoyed.


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