Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 19 — Shelli And Clay Fight A Losing Battle

King James continued to reign over Big Brother 17 during Wednesday night’s episode as he held all the power over Shelli and Clay.

James Huling at BB17 Pov Comp
James Huling at Big Brother 17 Pov Comp – Source: CBS

And even though Shelli called Clay her Knight in Shining Armor during the episode, there were no white horses or any other cliches that I can’t think of right now to save this damsel in distress.

The episode picked up right after James broke his word to Shelli and nominated Shelli and Clay for eviction. James tells us in the Diary Room that he’s ready to deal with any fallout from this bold decision. He knows they need to be broken up and he’s happy to be the one to do it.

Meanwhile, Shelli’s tears have started. She tells us that she doesn’t know how she could move on in this game without her ride or die (reminder: they’ve known each other since June). Speaking of her ride or die, he’s blowing up at James, and therefore blowing up their game even more. Shelli comes out to stop him because she is at least using her head. Or is she?

She didn’t use her head when she ignored Vanessa’s attempt to hug her following the ceremony. And Vanessa, has always been in Shelli’s corner, is not very happy over Shelli’s reaction.

And since Vanessa is Vanessa, she goes to check on what that was all about. Vanessa asks why she refused to hug her and a Clelli vs. Vanessa battle breaks out. Clay tells Vanessa that her decision to backdoor Jason last week has ended their game. and Vanessa explodes because Shelli and Clay are still refusing to admit their part in backdooring Jason.

Vanessa is so mad that she takes her anger outside to everyone and lets them know that Clelli are still acting like they had no part in Jason’s backdoor plan and Vanessa is not letting them keep hiding behind her on that.

Shelli isn’t worried about Vanessa just yet. She and Clay want to find out from James why he went back on their deal. Clay tells him that they would have had his back more than anyone in the house (Um, nope), and Shelli says they’d never betray him (ha). James knows that’s all bull and he basically just lets them talk at him.

Now it’s time for Vanessa damage control. Shelli explains to Vanessa that her reaction was just pure emotion and that she’s not going to let anything come between their relationship or their alliance. After some tears and a hug, Vanessa seems to still be on Shelli’s side.

At the veto player draw, Jackie, Becky and Vanessa are picked to join James, Clay and Shelli in the veto competition. And since Shelli knows that it’s only up to her and Clay to win, they aren’t much concerned with draw.


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  1. Clay’s parents should be really proud of their son acting like a five year old on national TV.

      • Sticking his bottom lip out and pouting like a five year old is really mature, you want to defend a 20+ year old acting like a spoiled little brat who didn’t get his way go ahead and do so.

    • He actually seems to be acting like a young man in his 20’s who comes from an affluent background, and is a sports celebrity, and has a successful budding career in modeling… Not sure what part of Clay seems out of place, but he’s pretty much whom I would expect him to be…

  2. Shlay Is it real love or just a showmance guess we’ll find out.( hey who needs 500 grand when you find true love )…but get a hint Austin you perv,,Liz isn’t into you..

    • Time will tell. He’s being very gentlemanly conceding the win to her. But the hug fest with Meg was a shock

      • I would love to see shelli go and see how Meg snatches Clay, that would make mama shelli so mad while she watches it at home

    • I agree Austin is a perv but Liz is just as bad being a pervert herself. She could of flirted with him without rubbing all over his body and laying on him like I’ve seen in the pictures. She is agging him on.

  3. During Clay and Meg’s hugging session, Clay says make sure you don’t tell anyone about this!!! He seemed to be enjoying himself.!

  4. I think Liz may be more into Austin than most think. Have you noticed whenever they talk bad about Austin she immediately starts pulling at at her split ends.

    • She needs Austin because he will never put her on the block or vote her out. As long as she keeps playing along, or she may have started to like him since they spend so much time together.

    • Yup she knows full well what she’s doing. Her ”Oh my gawwwd, I don’t even like him that waaaay” routine seems to work on some people, but for those who are watching and wise enough, they can see that she’s a very skilled manipulator. It’s actually a strong skill she has in her arsenal so I suppose she has to use it to her advantage.

      • She’s a man-eater. LOL!!! Matt, you know I’m teasing, right? Now that I’ve seen her in action I agree. Especially with the little girl, “Oh my gawwd” bit. I really was teasing. :)

  5. I guess now we know why Meg wants Shelli to get the heck out of that house! Dang..just make out in the bathroom floor, guys!

    • I KNOW!!! I was a bit shocked to see that. But I was also a bit taken by the ‘overly earnest’ way Clay hugged her back!

      • They want to keep it quiet, but Johnny walked in saw and heard almost everything. He could use that information to his advantage.

  6. I picture Austin as this big nerdy guy in high school and had a “make over” got some tattoos and became this big heavy (Judas persona) wrestler/stalker guy. lol

  7. Did I miss something? I mean what WAS that between Meg and Clay? Meg can’t wait to ‘get him drunk in New York City’ ??? whaaaa?

    • Meg, bless her heart, was drunk out of her mind. She reminded me of a skit on SNL. But actually, I think she and Clay are cute together. It’ll be interesting to see what happens after tonight…

  8. Clay is a fickle young stud who’s playing the field ~ and Meg is the next ripe naive young lady ready and willing to take him on.

    • I honestly feel sorry for Clay because the rest of the football team at Texas A&M will sure make fun of him if he still with them when he returns back to school for hooking up with a hack at BB.

  9. Wow. You are upset that someone is trying to split you up as a couple? Have you not been watching this show for years? Dumb asses lol

  10. I can’t stand people who go on Big Brother for romance instead of the money. Too many Bachelorette rejects on this show.

    • but isn’t that to be expected when you’re pooling your cast from upper-middle models, actors, sports stars, and minor celebs? A 1/2 million to them isn’t the same as it is for any of us who are watching… For them it’s about exposure and relationships, so I can completely understand the lack of urgency on the money. On the other hand, Jason was crushed when he left because this was probably his only life-long chance to earn the kind of money that the other contestants see yearly from endorsements and modeling gigs…

  11. Meg is just acting like a teen looking for her first love, she need to stop drinking too much and focus on her game that is if she has one in the first place, she is self destructing in front of the other HGs
    Apparently she must like sloppy seconds, I like her but she is not using her head but letting her emotions lead her.
    I bet as soon as Shelli is shown the door she (Meg) will jump into Clays hands and let the cuddling begins. what I will like to see is Shelli’s face if it is possible and her reaction.

    • Shelli will be staying unfortunately since her alliance are all voting to keep her. I would love Clay to stay to see what happens with him and Meg. Shelli will be home watching and falling into a deep depression if that ever happens.

      • I don’t know for sure, but I watch BB After Dark and Vanessa is making sure that everyone on the Alliance is voting for Clay to leave including Steve. Clay has been acting like a child and spends most of the time ignoring people. He is annoying his own alliance and they want him out. James, Meg and Jackie thinks the house is voting together to get Shelli out.

      • I still can’t figure out how Vanessa is conning the Austwins into keeping Shelli. Don’t they realize the only reason Vanessa would keep Shelli around is to send them packing? If that somehow became the Final Four, Vanessa would have 0 pct chance of winning. She has to know this

      • I don’t watch the live feeds either and hopefully Shelli leaves if that is what people are saying if they saw it there.

    • I’m picturing Shelli with disheveled hair extensions and running eye liner & mascara breaking back into the BB house with a weapon of some sort going after Meg Fatal Attraction style.

      • Yes, exactly, but now put a mace in her hands. It’s also consistent with this week’s medieval theme.

      • and don’t forget the crown or tiara…and the cloak…gotta have the cloak….no, wait, now we’re back to how Tammy Faye actually looked. ;)

      • The funniest part of your message is that I didn’t know who you were referring to when you mentioned the cloak and tiara. Both worked. I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me when I see someone in a cape. I almost want to get one myself. They’re amazing.

      • I wasn’t a big Seinfeld watcher back in the day, but I can relate. Capes are underrated accoutrement. So majestic. Especially when embroidered.

      • I may be wrong, but I think it’s the episode in which the musical director who insisted on being called “The Maestro” appears. When I was a kid, I’d wrap a towel around my shoulders and wear a little crown made of cardboard.

      • It’s actually the episode after Mr.&Mrs. Kostanza announce their divorce to George, but I also like ”The Maestro” (that Elaine was dating)… ;)

    • I agree. James was just saying last night that he loves Meg, but she needs to start winning something.

      • Then he should have picked Meg for his date at the Outback Steak dinner last week instead of Clay … If you recall, Meg did say in her DR that James lost his chance to make nookie nookie with her, as a result … Ha !!! :)

    • And if Meg wasn’t as you say ”a teen looking for her first love who drinks too much” then she wouldn’t be on the show… These are the people that America wants to see nowadays. They want party girls, frat boys, poker super stars, part-time models & actors…etc. Let’s face it, it may not be a good sign for society, but we seem to only want the lowest common denominator on our tv’s…

  12. I can’t believe shellie acting like that, she’s 33 she could hold her emotions over a guy she just met. If she goes home and watch clay and Meg canoodling at each other she’ll feel so stupid and ashamed on how she acted on national Tv.

    • OMG, it’s Vanessa posting with a smuggled cell phone. :-) Isn’t she the one spreading all that misinformation this week?

      • Lol. I don’t know what is shown on live feeds, but I hadn’t seen anything sneaky going on with Clay and Meg until last night. Didn’t Julie say that there will be many twists this season and since the twins I haven’t seen anymore. I am just speculating that maybe Meg and Clay knew each other. There have been guests on the show who were secretly related before so it is a possibility.

    • Only if Meg and Jackie wouldn’t keep blowing his game up by talking to Clelli and Vanessa. But it looks like Austin is going to vote out Shelli which means that could be 5 votes to evict Shelli – Jackie, Meg, JMac, Becky and Austin.

  13. My oh my Miss. Meg – Clay was not pushing her off and in fact he seemed to shyly enjoy. And he added the “Don’t tell…” Even though Johnny Mac was there for the whole show

    • I think when he said “don’t tell” he was referring to him asking her to vote him out instead of Shelli… But yeah, his face was pretty much in her boobs at one point and he didn’t seem to be pushing her away!

  14. I hate Shelli more and more every week. What a self-centered little brat. “Why this week?” Who cares? Now you know what it feels like. You didn’t care when you broke up Jason and Day. So you get a taste of your own medicine. You didn’t get blindsided. You and Clay (and Vanessa) had an opportunity to win the veto, and you didn’t. So take Jeff’s advice and “don’t cry when this happens to you.”

  15. Meg is also bad at bowling. I cannot name one thing Meg is good at, other than turning into a lusty drunk.

  16. Conveniently they ended the episode before we could be witnessed to Clay’s baby pout act, lame BB. I hope he stays. so him and Meg can hookup, I would love to see how Shelli reacts on the season finale and make Clay look even more like an ass, or herself more like a manipulative snake if she willingly accepts him back, I think Meg is desperate for male attention, she is probably celebrating her first celibacy for back to back months, by the way she acts around guys. joking aside, I really want Vanessa gone next week, if not whoever doesn’t go home tomorrow. its going to be an interesting show.

  17. I just can’t wait for Shelli get evicted. Then she’ll get her phone back, and get all the abuse on twitter that she deserves for making this season so vomitrocious.

    • I agree. But it’s probably not happening tomorrow. If James’ side wins HOH and tosses Vanelli up on the about must see TV. They’d tear each other–and their alliance–apart to save their ass. Must see TV

      • As of now, Shelli gets evicted tomorrow. And she deserves this. She thinks that America loves her, and that she’s America’s sweetheart. I can’t wait for her t find out how wrong she is.

      • I want Shelli evicted. But even if Clay goes, it will be a good consolation prize. But I don’t want Clay to go, bc he wants to go so badly.

      • Why do I get the feeling that Vanessa would convince Shelli not to campaign against her and Shelli would agree? For whatever reason most of these idiots are so concerned about Vanessa’s game. Why is Vanessa entitled to win already? I missed the twist where everyone plays their game for Vanessa’s benefit.

        Shelli and Clay could have stayed but they were unwilling to throw Vanessa under the bus to James. Had they done that, Vanessa would be going home this week instead of Clay or Shelli. So I guess being in jury house with Clay is not as important as protecting Vanessa is it, Shelli?

      • They had a chance actually, to save both of them if they did rat out Vanessa. That would probably have convinced James to put up Vanessa in Clay’s spot and it probably would have been closer to 50/50 in terms of votes who would go home, Shelli or Vanessa. Problem with them is they came out with the BS alter ego Judas of Austin. Is that the best they can do? Not good enough of a reason to take one of them off the block. It will probably also, come back to bite James in the back to trust Vanessa who has lied to his face multiple times. How can James not see it when she did it to your face? I am referring to the evict Austin move that turned into the backdoor Jason plan plus that 8 person alliance Vanessa created including James and Jackie and no one seems to even remember it? Now, Vanessa is able to rally her alliance and the snitches to all vote out Clay.

      • There was no way that was gonna happen. James intent was to break up Clelli, and got it done. And it to make things better, it will be a front door eviction.

  18. As I expected Jackie talking to Vanessa about Austin’s top hat is going to blow any chance they had at getting Austin to vote out Shelli. Just when I think these people are smarter than we thought, they prove me wrong.

    So now Vanessa is turning this around as a possible threat if Clay stays. Its convoluted like all of Vanessa’s lies but she is selling it to the twins.

    Why do Jackie and Meg insist on telling Vanessa and Clelli things they know?

  19. Vanessa is continuing this theory that Clay and JMac are related. She says they both have Irish last names! She seriously said that! Then she says all the magnifying glasses around the house mean they should look closer at things. What a nut!

    • In the beginning I was all for Vanessa winning because she seemed so smart. But she’s proven herself to be over the top emotional, paranoid, and manipulative. I seriously don’t know how she’s such a successful poker player when she freaks out over every little thing!

  20. I don;t get this accusation from Vanessa that James is bullying people to vote his way. I haven’t seen that. And for Jullia to say it tells me she and her sister are really ungrateful people because they are simply not understanding why James is more adamant about them voting the way they agreed when he told them he would not put them on the block. I get the Big Brother is all about lies and deceit but at the same time to not even recognize that they made a deal and that James kept his end of the bargain by not putting them up to ensure their votes is being pretty ungrateful.

    I blame James for trusting any of these people although given the numbers situation there is not much he could do, but if Julia and Liz don’t understand that one of them could have been on the block with Vanessa voting for them to go home then they are not only selfish and ungrateful but also stupid.

  21. Now Vanessa is trying to drive a wedge between Julia and Austin with the probable intent of getting her sister away from Austin too.

  22. Now Steve is trying to convince Austin he has to vote out Clay. If Austin buys this BS he is clueless.

    Steve and Austin think is Jackie win HOH she will go after Austin and Liz. But Jackie will go after Clay and Vanessa – unless Austin does not vote out Shelli, then Austin and the twins become the target.

  23. As of now meg and Jackie are voting out shelli and Steve and vanessa are voting out clay I have no idea the other votes

  24. When are they going to start throwing in some twist like the coup d’etat?? And are any of the evicted house guest going to have a chance to get back in the game???

      • I believe what Julie said was that making jury didn’t necessarily mean you are out of the game, but house guests evicted prior to jury are done They have not been sequestered, so they can’t come back.

    • They may allow someone to come back. Last season was Nicole and it was Judd before that. Only problem with that is the returning house guests end up trusting the very people they should not be trusting and not using their heads. Judd trusted the very house guests who evicted him the first time and Nicole trusted Derrick when she had discussions with Hayden and Donnie in the jury house and got all the info. The worst of it was when she told Derrick to his face that he was playing like Dan Gheesling. Derrick had her evicted that week because then, he knew that finally Nicole figured him out! And people need to zip it if you do not know who you cannot trust. Loose lips sink ships but, they talk too much still!

  25. Not having Live Feeds, last night’s episode really showed how much of a “Andy” game that Becky is playing this season, ratting out on both sides of the House … Does she really believe that she is/was part of the dominant side, or just playing them with mis-information ??

  26. It would be interesting if production decided a Clay/Meg storyline would be a good one. Diary room urging to keep Clay instead of Shelli, something like that. They did make a #, what was it #BBScandal or something? Shelli would rip Meg’s eyes out. My theory has always been that Clay is playing Shelli. A guy like that, it would be second nature. For all that, I do hope Shelli leaves this week.
    Next week, I’d like to see Austin/Vanessa in DE.

  27. Breaking up the showmance is the greatest gift James could have ever given Vanessa, does she see this? Now she gets Shelli all to herself and all the blood is on James.

  28. My opinion of James went way down after watching this episode. He is acting like a prick this week. He went back on his word and when he was questions about it… what is done is done just move on. Then he laughs after Shelli get eliminated from the veto. He is berating and making fun of Clelli to the rest of the house. James has become a bully this week. Just make your moves and stand by them – no need to rub anyone’s face in it.

  29. Props to Shelli for doing that punishment. I don’t know if I could do it. The best part of the show though was Meg being drunk and hanging all over Clay and Clay letting it happen because JMac was there and his reaction was just priceless. I have no idea where this “connection” between the 2 happened. Maybe on the live feeds since I don’t watch them.

    I know no one cares but me but I don’t like that James went back on his word. He’s quoting Boogie and wants blood on his hands he says and that’s all great. However for me, he can split up the couple but he wanted Shelli out and should he not get it, then sorry, he failed. But I just disagree that you have to be dishonest to play this or any other game. Its not the easy way and many don’t do it, but its possible and has been done.

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