Big Brother 17 Recap: Episode 10 – Austin Foils Vanessa’s Plan

It might have been party week in the Big Brother 17 house, but most of the houseguests had nothing to celebrate.


The house’s plan to get Audrey out was foiled. Vanessa’s plan to keep blood off her hands came crashing down. And Jeff’s comfort in the house has been flipped upside down.

Wednesday night’s episode picks up right after the foamy Battle of the Block competition. Meg and Jason are celebrating. Vanessa and Austin are happy. And James and Audrey are sweating. But wait, why is Audrey sweating? She’s not the target. But the house thinks she still is.

Vanessa, of course, isn’t going to put Audrey up and has to think of a reason to put Jeff up instead. But who is the target between James and Jeff? No one is sure. Vanessa says they are equal in reasons why they should go. But she doesn’t want things to get messy, so she decides to just keep nominations the same and go for James.

Meanwhile the Twin Twist is still a thing for the TV viewers. It’s time for another swap and Liz is telling Julia she needs to stop sucking so hard and being just like her twin sister. I’m not sure why it matters so much at this time since everyone but Audrey either knows or is pretty sure that Liz is a twin.

Vanessa and Austin let Audrey know that she doesn’t have to worry this week because she’s not going anywhere. They tell her that the best thing would be fore her to get picked for veto and win so Vanessa won’t even be expected to consider the option. Audrey gets yet another reprieve.

Oh look, here’s Jeff sealing his fate. He’s pretty clueless that he’s even a target, so he starts running his mouth about people in their alliance and how he’s pretty sure Liz is a twin. So Austin becomes set on making sure Jeff is the real target this week.

And Austin’s hope is looking better as Shelli, Austin and Clay are chosen to play in the Power of Veto completion along with Vanessa, James and John. Vanessa, Shelli and Austin let Audrey know they want her to win the veto and not use it. So they are planning on throwing the competition.

At the veto competition, Vanessa throws it to Audrey and is out. But then Audrey and John face off and he does not let her have it. James and Austin go head to head next and Austin takes out James. Shelli takes on Austin and lets him have the round. The final round is Austin and John and John takes the win and the veto.

Vanessa is not happy that Austin couldn’t beat John. She lets him have it and accuses him of throwing the competition, but he swears he did not mean to lose to John. Vanessa is not buying it. Now she is going to have to name a replacement nominee and is not happy. And of course Austin has just the person — Jeff. But Vanessa is so upset she threatens Austin that she won’t put Jeff up because he ruined the plan this week (keep in mind, though, that Vanessa threw the competition herself).

Austin lets us know in the Diary Room that he did throw it because he ultimately wants Jeff to go up and go home. But before we get any kind of dramatic result, we have to sit through this week’s horrible Takeover segment. And it’s not even worth talking about here other than to say this was such a pointless twist so let’s hope the rest of the takeovers are better than this one.

Cut to Jeff talking to Vanessa about who is going up this week. She tells him she doesn’t want to go for Audrey because she doesn’t want to be the one to get the transgender woman out. She tells Jeff that it would be an easy week to get James out, who is a threat to her game. Little does Jeff know that he’s actually the only other option.

So Jeff is going to be the replacement, but for some reason Vanessa can’t just put him up. She needs a solid reason, so Operation Frame Jeff is launched. I wish it was as exciting as it sounds, but really this whole thing has so many holes in it, it’s laughable. Basically there are a few forced confrontations that contained both truths and falsities and Vanessa is pleased with having a reason to put him up. And so it’s done.

At the veto ceremony, John uses the veto on himself and Jeff is put up in his place.

Oh, and Meg won a cruise this week. Because that’s something we should care about I guess.

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  1. LOL. Jon really thought he won the power of veto on his own merits. At best, his game play will get him to the jury.

    • Hey, Austin could have lied about throwing the comp just to make himself look better. Wouldn’t put it past him. Plus, a lot of people are thinking that Johnny has a shot at winning. I mean honestly, at WORST, he makes jury and AFP.

    • I didn’t hear him say that. In fact, it’s hard to hear anything he says. To me, he has a voice that only dolphins can hear. lol

      • Oh noooo…. Cummon Sharona you gotta watch some classics then. Police Academy #’s 1 & 2 you’ll LOVE Bobcat in them, and you’ll love John even more after watching them!

      • LOL! I have seen “Police Academy”…but I don’t think John sounds like Bobcat. Bobcat has more vocal range. John’s voice is mostly one note, if you know what I mean. He just screeches in a monotone. Regardless, I respect your opinion! :)

      • Hmmm…when I was an acting student (who then went on to become a performer) my professors would have said that he was tone deaf. There’s a song called, “Johnny One Note”—Google it and you’ll see what I mean. BTW, I’ve been gone for a couple of days. How ya doin’?

      • I’m very well my friend, I’ve also been gone for the past few days (with one or two very quick comments here & there)… How are you feeling? Are you ready & recharged to help me take on these commenters? Together we can do it Sharona…well ok, we might need Cyril, RedRose & KSJB also…but we can do it! You’ve got the OP! ;)

      • Back, and better than ever. Let’s roll! Seriously though, you MUST Google the lyrics to that song. It’ll make you laugh.

      • Being a former musician, yup I know the song very very well (although any fan of the Dr.Demento show would also know that one)… ;)

      • Sadly, I never heard his show. I only know of him through Weird Al Yankovic. Were you a singer? Play an instrument? Or both?

      • Started off as a instrumentalist for a number of years (brass & jazz bands)…then switched to singing (accapella & solo/80’s cover tunes)… then onto rhythm guitar & singing (a mix of many things)… Sang with some big names over the years, but again, those days are sadly long behind me… Now music is just for fun. :)

      • Ah, I knew we had a kinship from the very first time we spoke! What type of jazz genres and/or performers did you enjoy? The Miles Davis sound…Dave Brubeck…or, my personal fav, Bessie Smith? Actually, I’m a fan of ALL jazz, and I’d bet you are too. My days of performing are long gone now, too. RA and Lupus prevent me from acting, but at least I can still write. SO COOL that you’re a fellow musician!

      • I’m all over the board with jazz I’m afraid. Definitely not the jazz expert so many other people are…so for me it was about pieces and periodic times of composers rather than the whole of their works. For example, Duke Ellington had some really fun swing-beat jazz that I couldn’t get enough of, but his big bad jazz was less appealing to me… then there was this one modern-fusion jazz band I loved called Manteca! I bought all their albums and saw them in concert. (etc, etc, etc)… :)

  2. Thanks for the synopsis Branden!
    Any hoot, I’m so over Vanessa. I seriously overrated her. Didn’t think she’d be so messy, not sure of its good for her game but the messiness is making for a pretty interesting season of BB.

  3. I loved the way Vanessa wanted Austin to bloody is hands so she didn’t have to bloody her own. Was she serious? Then she mentioned her high IQ just as Austin manipulated her into putting up Jeff. LOL.

    I want to see her on the block and out the door next week. Audrey can wait!

    • I disagree. I don’t care who wins hoh next week. I just want Audrey out. Vanessa can wait. If they keep putting off evicting Audrey, another Andy will win.

  4. Vanessa was so terrified to get blood on her hands but that’s exactly what she did. She wasn’t on anyone’s radar and if she kept it safe (since the game is still in its early stages) and got Audrey out she’d be in a great spot but she lost that opportunity! Tragic.

  5. Is there a way all these ppl can just vote everyone out simultaneously? This is the most tedious cast in BB history!

  6. I really doubt Austin threw the POV. I think he just said he did to save face (wouldn’t be the first person to do that). I mean Austin had already beaten James and Shelli. If he wanted the POV used, he could have thrown it to James. If he just didn’t want to win, he could have thrown it to Shelli. Also, John was really good at the competition and Austin was still just one push behind John at the end.

      • But in the DR, he DID mention that maybe he shouldn’t win. I really think he did throw it. But, that’s just my opinion.

  7. “And Austin’s hope is looking better as Shelli, Austin and CLAY are chosen to play in the Power of Veto COMPLETION.”

    Couple of issues with this sentence. Just FYI.

  8. Audrey, Vanessa, and Austin all think they’re God’s gift to this game and they’re just not. They’re so terrible but it’s kind of hilarious so I can’t complain. They’re all actively destroying their own games. They make people like James, Jackie, and Becky who have no game look good.

  9. Vanessa, has just dealt herself out of this game, by playing so emotional. She is an easy read, I would sit across a poker table with her and call her bluff every time : )

    • Are you sure about that? She has won millions playing poker. I was watching BB After Dark here in Canada and my husband told me he knew her from the poker tournaments on TV. Trust me my hubby does not watch BB.

      • This idea that being a good poker player will make you a good BB player is ridiculous. She isn’t playing one hand at a time. In BB, she is playing a long game and clearly can’t keep her paranoia in check. There is a big difference between reading people in a moment across a table and hiding your emotion in a moment across a table. She isn’t living with the people she’s playing poker with and she doesn’t have to calculate her or their strategy over the long term. I’ve always found that poker/reality game show analogy to be completely false.

  10. Just finished watching. OMG, Vanessa’s strategy to get Jeff out was so unnecessary. I mean, the whole thing was awful. I kinda felt bad for the guy.

    He was destroyed. lol I don’t follow Jason, but now, I want this guy to win the next HOH, or any player on the other side. I wanna hear “Vanessa, Pop a Squat”

  11. What an entirely boring episode. There was nothing about it worth watching for me. I don’t even think Austin lost on purpose. He paused for a second and lost because of that. It was so close.

  12. Whats with some of the guys this season!?! So creepy and stockerish tendencies.. I liked Austin but him thinking every girl wants him and his claiming the twins are his has totally changed my opinion of him…

  13. Such a lame season – too many similar personalities. Why does anyone even listen to Vanessa when she talks about not wanting to dirty her hands? Why would any of them take the heat for her or do what she wants? She gets on my nerves so badly – I can imagine sitting around a poker table with her for hours – it must be torture. This asking everyone what they think and what she should do must be an act – she couldn’t be the apparently successful poker player she is with the buggy eyes and lack of game face she’s showing here. Can’t wait for her and Audrey to go home. My surprise of the season is what a strong player Johnny Mac is – he looks like such a weird nerd, but he’s really quite the contestant. He needs to stop letting them put him up as a pawn though – pretty sure they’re going to wake up and realize he really is a threat.

    • I think John is a lot like Derrick last season and I hope he does as well not to mention that his DRs are most entertaining. Not quite as entertaining as Chill Town, but the best there is in this season.

  14. If Van really doesn’t want to be the one to put up a transgendered person, that’s a lame excuse. Why should that even matter? Why didn’t she put Jason up–because he’s gay? Or how about Shelli—because she looks like Hillary Swank? Or maybe she didn’t nominate Clay because he’s so cute. See how silly that reasoning is? Being a gay women herself ( and I’m not suggesting that all transgender people are gay), it seems like SHE, of all people, would see that isn’t a viable reason to not put her on the block. Ridiculous. Frankly, I hope she goes home next.

    • I think she’s selling that, and it’s terrible. The more she talks about it in the house, the more it becomes an issue. I still believe Audrey will be targeted by the other side. I don’t think it matters to them.

      • Someone should just tell her, Audrey is a target because she’s a liar and sh*t disturber so keep hanging around her and it will bring you down too.

    • You are preaching to the choir Sharona. I said the exact same thing to my husband last night. If LGBT is what matters then she has to protect Jason as well. Its a very lame-o excuse. You make perfect perfect sense to me.

  15. I probably am in the minority. But I like Austin, Vanessa, liz/Julia. Even shelli/clay. I think, and it’s my opinion, being hoh is stressful. If I were to become hoh, I probably would be like Vanessa. Overthinking and making sure she is doing the right thing. Last week when shelli was hoh, she was convincing herself also. If Jeff leaves this week, Vanessa will have done what the last 2 hohs did. Had a target, and the plan went through. Let’s see if she settles back down. How serious was she with final two with Audrey? Please NO!

    • You’re definitely not in the minority in my opinion jlf. I personally like all the people you mentioned… Ideally I would’ve had James & Steve in my final 6, but you can’t get all your faves in the same alliance, that’s just not the way it works. If everything could’ve worked out I would’ve liked to have seen: James, Steve, JMac, Clay/Shelli & Becky as my final 6….

      • I think Becky is getting shorted on tv camera time. Aside from her being the comp host we didn’t really see much of her. Its hard to form bonds with some HG’s when I rarely see them like Becky and Steve.

      • Yeah…it’s really becoming tiresome. I’d like to see Steve more. I can’t get a take on his (or Becky’s) game.

      • I’m sick to death of Liz/Julia. The cat is out of the bag on that twist, so it fails to be a twist anymore. It seems like now we are just going through the motions of them switching out, but there is nothing interesting about it anymore. I’m even kind of hoping they get evicted before they both are in the game.

      • True. I guess the producers give ”face time” mostly to the people who are doing them the ”favour” of launching their modelling & acting careers on Big Brother (Liz/Julia being one prime example)…

    • And compare it with last season, we’re seeing big players taken out in succession instead a strange combo of weaker and non-threats like Joey-Paola-Devin (this guy’s an exception threat-wise though).

      And the HOH’s the first three weeks were getting their hands bloody dirty and went totally against the house which is surprising to say the least.

    • I keep changing my mind on who I like so I fully expect it to change again. Austin only bugs me because he’s wanting out guys based on an attraction to a girl instead of really playing. I was super happy at the start of this week when Vanessa and Austin won and I don’t even feel like her HOH was wasted. They will get out a decent target although he does come across as a dodo head but he could go far and I applaud getting out guys, I can’t help it.

    • LOL! I asked that last night during the show (at the time James was wearing it), and Matt (Boyer) said he couldn’t remember who he took it from—but he couldn’t be sure if James didn’t bring it with him from home! Ha! I’ve said this before, but at least no one is wearing those stupid, fake glasses that had no lenses.

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