Big Brother 17: Power of Veto Plans In Week 3

A bad weekend is about to turn in to a bad week for Jeff Weldon on Big Brother 17 as Vanessa Rousso has shifted her targets from James Huling to her other least favorite Houseguest.

Look of defeat on Big Brother 17
Jeff Weldon models the look of defeat on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Originally Vanessa had been looking to go after James, but Austin appears to have won out in the debate as after today’s Power of Veto meeting the house is likely to have another target instead.

John pulled off a PoV victory yet again on Saturday and that’s going to be big for this week’s results. He’ll be safe and most definitely taking himself off the Block which means Vanessa will have to make a renom. Initially there was panic and chaos ringing in her ears over this decision but now she’s decided to make the most of it.

Forget about evicting James this week. Vanessa now wants Jeff gone and Austin couldn’t be happier. He wanted Jeff out after their continued distrust and just minutes after Austin won HoH he was plotting Jeff’s eviction. This couldn’t have worked out better for Austin.

Jackie had warned Jeff that Vanessa is dead set on getting him to the Block where she’ll do everything she can to make sure he’s evicted from Big Brother this week. This prompted Jeff to make at least two trips to the HoH room on Sunday to plead his case. Vanessa was aggressive enough that she should really hope he’s not waking up there on Friday morning. Flashback to 2:35PM BBT 7/12 to find an unpleasant meeting between the two and again at 1:35AM BBT 7/13 that doesn’t go much better.

Jackie has promised Jeff her vote of support and you can expect another hinky vote from Audrey but that will be far from enough. There are eleven votes this week so no chance of a tie-breaker. The surviving nominee will need six votes to stay, but with both likely noms coming from the same side of the house we’re even less likely to see a close vote.

What do you think of Vanessa’s plans? Is she making the right choice to go after Jeff instead of James, her original target? Any chance Jeff can pull this off and stay this week? The PoV Ceremony is coming up this afternoon and we’ll have the spoilers and results as soon as it’s over.


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  1. I think it’s the right choice. Jeff is probably one of the strongest competitors from “that” side of the house, and also has a flunkie (Jackie) to do whatever he says. He could be a huge problem for Aus/Van/Liz/Julia/Chelli.

    It’s just a shame they’re getting rid of all the potential villains this early in the season (aside from Audrey who will apparently never be nominated), while people like Meg and Jackie will probably float right into the F5 :/

    • Well jeff so far hasn’t won anything.
      Imo Van might get a villain edit also while not villains chelli is pretty annoying.

    • IMO, Jeff is a terrible game player. He’s too talkative and he is terrible at reading people. Thinking he can talk to Austin is a huge mistake – but like I said, I think he talks to everyone.

      • Jeff is in way over his head. Not much upstairs with Vanessa either. So much needless babble and “plotting”. They need to put her ass up next week just to shut her up. Only 2-3 players I wanna see win.

  2. Votes Jeff could get: Jackie, Audrey, Liz, Clay, Shelli, Becky, Steve, Jmac
    Not saying they will vote for him or anything but I think they could still be swayed

  3. I am wondering if Steve or Jason is going to blow up this twins twist. Vanessa, Austin, Clay and Shelli thinking keeping Liz in the house to get another ally in after week 5 is the dumbest idea since Helen thought she could trust Andy!

    Jeff deserves to go because he is a bad BB player. He is also annoying.

    • Having a player you are guaranteed to be able to trust over a random person coming back in the game IS a smart move. If they get to that point with their alliance still in tact, then they have all the power to become the final 6.

    • He didn’t know there were 2 HOHs, even after 3 weeks of seeing 2 HOHs. Not the smartest guy around. I don’t think he had much interest of going into the house in the first place.

  4. I’m sorry, but: A six person alliance?! LOL! And with very physically
    capable competitors?! And keeping twins in a game where they’ll be 100% loyal to one another! It is just ridiculous! What kind of game are some of them playing?

    And while Audrey is causing drama as usual, everyone fails to notice that
    they are all still essentially playing for Clay’s safety. I mean, he
    actually told Jeff “WE haven’t decided yet if Jackie is going on the
    block.” Once again he is helping to run someone’s HOH, stirring up
    trouble, all while he sits back and lets people take the blame for it.
    He even told Austin (when Austin wanted to confront Jeff) something like
    “You can’t tell Jeff I told you he wanted you out! Then he’ll know I
    told you!” And like a fool Austin didn’t even ask Why should I protect
    you and not me?

    Clay is going to win this game unless they stop catering to him and vote him out.

    • Of course a 6 person alliance is a good idea. It’s only week 3 and it’s all about numbers right now. Someone will probably get picked off along the way. They’re not going to continue to hold power week after week. Remember Jeff/Jordan, Rachel/Brendon, Daniel/Dick. Six people and Rachel won.

      • Then explain how keeping two twins who are aligned together 100% makes any sense, assuming that alliance of 6 remains? And no a 6 person alliance filled with physically strong competitors, none who are proven to be that loyal, who gossip and are paranoid about everyone, is not a good idea. The other alliance you mentioned with Jeff/Jordan etc they already had a strong bond formed within each other. Vanessa and Austin, Clay and Shelli and Audrey just met each other and their immediate alliance member. The Twins are the only ones that profit the best in the 6 person alliance.

      • Audrey isn’t part of a 6-person alliance. The 5th and 6th are liz/julia. Liz/julia aren’t strong competitors, so their bond doesn’t really matter.

      • I don’t think “strong bond” are established in this alliance. Votes are, for now. Watch this alliance collapse when the other side becomes HOH. That’s why I like this season. As far as the twin goes, you can promise to keep them for numbers,(time limited) and can always backstab them before the 5th eviction. lol

    • It’s always like that in the beginning. It’s a numbers game. Alliances dissolves and evolve.

    • I see where you’re coming from, but I respectfully disagree. IMO, Clay is very unlikely to win this game. If he gets to the final six, I will be surprised. Too many people on the other side looking to split up the love match.

  5. I can’t understand why everyone is surprised that Audrey is sticking around… This is essentially a replay from last season and she’s Frankie 2.0

    There’s absolutely no reason to get rid of someone who is clearly a gigantic target this early in the game. Austin nailed it when he said that as soon as Audrey is gone, they’re going to start looking towards him as a potential next target.

    As long as Audrey is in the house, Jason and his friends will be frothing at the mouth to get her out. That’s a fantastic reason for the other side of the house to keep her around.

  6. I don’t like Jeff but I don’t like what Vanessa did either. Don’t play games to put someone on the block. She keeps questioning the extra vote for Davonne but can’t seem to grasp that it is Audrey. Keeping her in because she is a vote for your side when she votes rogue is just dumb. And nobody is going to rally top keep him.
    I felt bad for Meg when she was crying in the pool about Vanessa believing Audrey’s lies. I think that is going to bite Vanessa in the butt later. She placed a very large target on her back this week and when someone gets her in the crosshairs the rats will scurry from around her.

    • If I was in her alliance (at least the ones that know what she did) I would be scared she’d pick a fight with me down the road just to get rid of me. I really liked her til this HOHitis.

  7. i don’t think either was a right choice- neither were coming after her – and she could have earned good will by nominating Audrey. poor Vanessa played this weeks HOH like the game ends after this week is over.

    • Remember she has “90% chance making final 6 after this week!!” LOL hopefully her or Shelli will leave next.

    • You people just want Audrey out b/c she is a lying, deceitful bitch … LOL. As I have said before, why go after an easy target when you can help your game by removing a threat from the other side of the house.
      Either James or Jeff being gone helps Austin & Vanessa. Personally, I think Jeff is the bigger threat, and the right choice to go.

  8. Regardless of how she is going about it, and her long winded “plotting” I am happy to see the HOH not go with the flow of the house to keep the peace.

  9. ATTENTION MATTHEW BOYER!! (Sorry about the caps but wanted you to read this.) Since CBS has started their ads for Thursday Night Football, which begins on September 17th, what happens to BB when that begins? What night is finale night for BB?

  10. Don’t like the idea of not going after Audrey. Vanessa was vocal that she would not put her up bc she is transgender. Bad move. Audrey is all over the house making deals with who ever will take her.

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