Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Tuesday Night Highlights

It wouldn’t be Big Brother 17 if the Houseguests didn’t do the opposite of what the majority of the fans think they should do and here we’re set to go again this week.

Johnny Mac and Steve meet up to talk game – Source: CBS All Access

Yes, I’m talking about keeping Liz. Throughout the day and night, everyone but Steve was in on the plan to keep Liz. Vanessa used the idea to strike a deal with Austin and Liz, even though Liz swears to Julia she will no longer honor any plan with Vanessa. Read on to get the details from the night’s events.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 8, 2015:

(note: The Live Feeds clock has been off by several minutes today, so flashback times could be off for 9/8 events but the clock was reset on midnight 9/9.)

5:50 PM BBT – Austin updates Liz that Vanessa says she’ll keep Liz if Steve says it’s okay. Austin says he’ll pressure Steve, who doesn’t have a vote, to agree with keeping Liz.

6:00 PM BBT – Vanessa starts asking Julia about them wanting Liz to stay. Vanessa gives reasons why it’d be better for Julia to stay. Vanessa again promises to vote to keep Liz if Steve gives his blessing

6:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin she’ll do it, but it puts her in a bad spot at F3. Says they’ll need to give her a nice Christmas for doing this. (Maybe they can drop off her presents at the manor?)

6:40 PM BBT – Vanessa has three terms to keep Liz: can’t be original nom but can be renom, gets to pick if Steve or John goes next week, and if Liztin doesn’t make it to F3 with her then the surviving member has to take her. Lots of smiles and nods from Liz and Austin.

7:00 PM BBT – Feeds are down for HGs to get Chinese food. Kinda silly to take down the Feeds for eating food, but that’s what they’re doing.

7:25 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs have eaten.

8:02 PM BBT – Vanessa tells everyone there is a bat in the backyard.

8:39 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin and Liz that it’s actually good for Liz to stay because if John wins HOH and nominates them and one of them goes, she’d still have a strong ally. Vanessa is being Vanessa and tells them that this shows just how loyal Vanessa is and she expects it in return. Vanessa also tells them that Steve has made some strategic mistakes and it would be better to get rid of Steve next over John.

8:42 PM BBT – Liz, Austin and Vanessa swear allegiance to one another (Still part of Austin’s test or do they have no other choice at the moment?)

8:50 PM BBT – Vanessa, Austin and Liz worry about the reset from last season, especially since all the takeover twists were dropped. Vanessa says she wouldn’t push the button. Austin said he would if he was nominated.

9:25 PM BBT – Time for Johnny Mac and Steve to talk game in the hammock. John says if he wins HOH he’s putting up Austin and whatever twin is left. Steve confirms to Johnny Mac that the Scamper Squad was a thing. John knew from Liz’s nomination speech during the double eviction.

9:30 PM BBT – Steve tells John that he HAS to win the next HOH. John is wishy-washy like always and Steve seems a bit annoyed and says he shouldn’t have thrown the last HOH then. They start studying for any kind of days comp.

9:35 PM BBT – Liz and Austin exchange “love yous” (eek).

9:53 PM BBT – Vanessa now talking to John about keeping Liz. She is still acting like she’s with John, so she must feel pretty covered from all angles now. Just like that Johnny Mac is on board to keep Liz. Whatever Vanessa says goes, as always.

10:08 PM BBT – Vanessa and John say they have to make sure that Steve isn’t upset with Julia going over Liz.

10:28 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia about Vanessa’s three terms for keeping her. She calls them ridiculous. Sounds like Liz still might not be as devoted to Vanessa as she was before.

10:30 PM BBT – And Liz confirms to Julia that she’s not sticking to anything she told Vanessa. Julia is really upset with Vanessa. Liz has to quiet her down.

10:35 PM BBT – Liz thinks Julia should still let Vanessa have it on Thursday but Austin is poo-pooing the idea.

10:43 PM BBT – Julia tells Liz that she and Austin need to get to the final 3 with John. She says Steve needs to go next then Vanessa.

10:45 PM BBT – Austin and John agree to keep each other next week. They’ve made a F4 deal.

10:50 PM BBT – Austin goes to the twins and lets them know John is on board with keeping Liz and he’s on to what Vanessa has been doing. They’re planning a talk for later with Steve included. (That talk doesn’t happen overnight since John fell asleep.)

11:00 PM BBT – Julia is excited by the idea of how Liz staying will be worst case for Steve. She’s happy to see Vanessa’s game in trouble too.

11:35 PM BBT – Liz tells Julia she’s determined to get Steve out and would rather let Vanessa win than Steve. They’d vote for Vanessa over John or Steve at the end just to see a girl win.

12:00 AM BBT – Steve in chatting with the twins and aspects of the game, but not game talk.

12:15 AM BBT – Shifting to game talk, Julia promises Steve that Liz isn’t coming after him if she stays.

1:40 AM BBT – Steve and Vanessa are outside talking about the Liz situation. Vanessa worries they’re crazy for keeping Liz. Steve is stressing this choice. Vanessa tells Steve the Austwins want to target Steve next week.

2:11 AM BBT – Steve and Austin talk. Austin asks Steve to be supportive of the twins and what they decide on who should stay. They promise to vote to keep the other if one is on the Block. Their plan to talk together with John is scuttled since John went to sleep.

2:16 AM BBT – Steve is upstairs watching Vanessa and Austin talking on the HoH spyscreen. He’s seriously stressing out that they’re having a long talk. Steve is confident he’s the next target and is extremely suspicious that Austin and Vanessa are making the same deals and agreements he’s made with them. Steve believes Vanessa is safe next week no matter how this plays out.

What a mess. Vanessa agreeing to keep Liz? This is a bad move for everyone except Austin so kudos to him and shame on the rest. Wednesday should be interesting as talks will shift to setting up the plans for next week’s target.

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  1. With Austin having said he can’t be the one to take out V and the twins now wanting her to win (aside from them), It will be up to Steve/Jmac to do it or it won’t get done at this point it seems. And they’ll have to put her up against a twin to make it happen.

    • steve and john are acting like moronic lap dogs to van just once i would like someone tell van to f off and walk away from her. the this week is not the right week is getting old

      • Someone did do that. Remember Becky? I don’t like Vanessa, but the remaining players have been both oblivious to her game and scared, considering anyone on Vanessa’s radar goes home.

      • It really is just idiotic. They could literally be at the point where only one vote is needed, and they’d STILL be too scared of not having the support of the HOH and/or Vanessa’s blessings.

        I miss Dr. Will and Evil Dick, lol. Can we just bring them back, again? At least people in the older seasons seemed to have a pair when it mattered.

      • Shelli and Becky screwed it up. If Becky would have told Shelli to stop strutting around snarling at the Goblins and go make a deal not to target James until F6 and spill what she knew about Van and Austwins and Van and Steve—Van would be gone. But Shelli was just like a 14 year old Mean Girl and didn’t even try until the night before her eviction. As bad as some of these HGs have played it was Shelli /Clay who gave Van her power and made the season the hot mess it became

      • I totally agree.. Shellie messed her own game up.. Liz had the perfect opportunity to take Vanessa out.. James did what was best for his game at that time..

      • Actually, Shelli messed up the week before when Clay went home. Had Shelli thrown Vanessa under the bus like James was asking her to, James would have put up Vanessa and gotten rid of her that week. And that was before jury so she would not have been able to come back.

        Shelli essentially chose to save Vanessa over Clay. And look where it go her. Evicted!

      • When you view the game in the long run, it was the whole Shelli/Clay showmance that screwed the game. (This excludes the fact that BoB is killing the game) With Shelli/Van controlling HOH for 4 weeks in a row and with Shelli in Van’s pocket and Clay glued to Shelli that makes Shelli the reason there’s no one to root for–just against.

      • for jmac and steve to do that would not be good for them since the trio is still in there so number wise they would be screwed so no matter what right now they have to agree

      • after eviction they should talk to austin and twin have a one week truce and get van out if they let her slide she will win it all. after they nominate her have production outfit them ear muffs and turn the mike s to low lol

    • Did Austin recently say he can’t take out Vanessa?

      The way I read the twins, they were saying if Austin or Liz don’t win, they want Vanessa to win.

      If everyone is on board that they need to target Vanessa, this coming week is the week to do it.

      I still say Vanessa is trying to set up a situation where she is able to throw the next HOH, so she can play in final four. Liz pointed this out sometime yesterday.

      If they’re smart (big leap of faith, I know), Austin Liz and JMac will ALL privately tell Vanessa who they are targeting.

      JMac to Vanessa – I’m targeting Liz and Austin. They have been coming after me all game. WE NEED to get them out.

      Austin/Liz to Vanessa – Of course we’re targeting Steve, he put us up and obviously he has something going with JMac, so his butt is going up too. As long as we get them up, we have the votes to evict one of them.

      Ease her mind (if that’s possible). Each party do EXACTLY what you said you would do with the original noms. Everyone is going to play for veto anyway.

      If you put Vanessa up initially, she may have more of an edge in veto. If she thinks she’s safe, she MAY not compete with the same intensity as if her back was against the wall.

      As long as she doesn’t win veto, fait accompli, Vanessa is going to jury.

      If the four of them (Liz, Austin, JMac, Steve) want to sign the deal in “blood”, agree that the next HOH winner (the one who will be responsible for executing the plan) gets an automatic pass to final three.

      Do the others understand that unless there is a bitter jury (something I wouldn’t risk $500,000 dollars on), Vanessa wins in F2 against any of them?

      I guess over the next two days, we’ll find out.

      • If Austin doesn’t take her out he is what you all say. If he does he should win the jury. It’d be like king Kong busting up NY

      • At this point I’m not sure we can believe anything that Liz and Austin say directly to Vanessa.

        – 10:30 PM BBT – And Liz confirms to Julia that she’s not sticking to anything she told Vanessa. Julia is really upset with Vanessa. Liz has to quiet her down. –

      • I believe Austin won’t nominate Van to go OTB, but Liz is another story. Liz best be quiet until she’s actually staying in the house. I’m on the fence about Van actually writing her vow in stone too, because Van has a way of changing her mind at the last second and giving reasons why Liz couldn’t be trusted with her word.

      • You may be correct about Austin not putting Vanessa on the block. But I haven’t read anything credible that actually confirms your suspicion.

        Liz and Julia do need to keep quiet and not make any waves.

        Unlike most people, I think Vanessa feels it’s in her best interests to keep Liz. Vanessa doesn’t need Julia for F2.

        I think Vanessa’s would most like an F2 with JMac because he is just as easily beatable as Julia.

      • Liz and Julia talked on the hammock late last night about Van’s deals if she should decide to vote to keep Liz over Julia. Liz told her sister that it’s stupid to go along with that deal at this stage in the game. It’s Big Brother she said. Julia told her she needs to keep quiet about it until after eviction night is over.

      • The CEO of CBS really likes James more than others because of the backbone he had and was sad that James went before Austin and the twins. Isn’t Sigmund that dude that tames lions (Siegfried and Roy tames tigers, not lions) in Las Vegas? hahahaha

      • Exactly and he’ll say anything… didn’t Liz say Van’s conditions are ridiculous and she will agree but not abide. Plus who stinks more King Kong or Austin?

      • I Steve (due to his move this week), and Austin (due to his decent play all season) could beat Vanessa in F2, depending on what transpires between now and then.
        Liz & John have no chance though. (to beat Van in F2)

      • It’s ironic though, Liz/JMac/Austin getting to F2 would be b/c of Van. Only Steve is not beholding to Vanessa.

      • I see where you’re coming from, “Ease her mind (if that’s possible)” you truly know that’s not possible”. LOL.

        I like your “If the four of them (Liz, Austin, JMac, Steve)…” idea.

        Here’s a little different angle on that w/risk, since everyone seems to be afraid to take Van out for WHATEVER their reason, it doesn’t matter… after Eviction & new HoH determined & it’s not Van… all of them go to her and tell her they want to honor her game & give her a fighting chance, she’s going up & the 4 of us know what you been doing (comparing notes), have agreed we will fight to evict you and will make NO DEALS with you from this point on or honor any prior ones, you must win to stay, so figure it out, good luck!!!

        Now she can only blame herself for her eviction b/c doing it collectively doesn’t put it on 1 HG, of course she will pick someone to blame but so what, she’s one vote and maybe she won’t be inclined to campaign against anyone person.

    • Vanessa is the reason John is still in the game…I don’t think he would have the guts to turn around and stab her in the back. Too bad he doesn’t realize he’s at the bottom of every pole in this game. He’ll probably be gone next week if he doesn’t win HoH or Veto.

    • Austin is a gigantic wuss. Even at final 5 he can’t be the one to take out Vanessa? What a coward. At this point there are only 3 people to choose from. He is obviously not going to put Liz on the block so that leaves JMac, Steve and Vanessa. He can put her up against JMac saying he thinks the POV will be a physical comp and Steve won’t win. So anyone else who wins take someone off the block and Steve goes up. If Vanessa gets voted out then oops! Who knew? What a coward.

  2. Oh goodie, goodie. Just the thought of another week of “The Greatest Love Story ever Told” makes me giddy. Or is that nausea?

    • I do believe it is nausea. I’ve got the same issues. Turning a sick color of green as I read all this

      • What are all of you complaining about? At least they have a blanket/sheet covering them, just turn down/off the sound. LOL… gosh, I’m glad I don’t do live-feed or bbad.

        Would you prefer that DO IT on top of the sheets, maybe they can get Van in on it. LOL.

      • For me it’s the PDA in public after knowing Austwit didn’t wash his hands after using the john nor showers thoroughly with soap and then is touching her outside the bedroom! I thought it was funny when Julia made Liz gather her sheets to wash along with her own. Julia held her nose over Liz even attempting to suggest Julia strip the bed for her! hahahaha

      • I look at it this way… as long as Austin/Liz doesn’t touch me I’m fine b/c I’m not touching them for sure. You sure Julia washed Liz’s sheets WITH her? Gross!!! Damn, that water would have be boiling hot!!!

      • Pretty sure! And yeh, I would want the water to be scalding if she’d put her sheets in with mine with the hopes hers shrunk to midget size! hahaha

    • Ye well like I said last week and the week before. Vanessas plot will run out. And she’ll get pinned. She had to get called put and did just in the nick of time by Sigfried herself lol. This isn’t a movie and she isn’t guy fox. No fireworks for V except in tears.

      • She should but will she? Julia is already saying Steve first then Vanessa. This is how this group does things. They always have someone else to go after other than the person they should target. Remember how long it took them to get rid of Audrey.

        This is another example of how not to play BB. When you have a big target dead to rights, take the shot.

      • Ur right, that’s the only fear. Buttttt, truth be told, in one hand Steve is dangerous to win the puzzles, memory stuff. Very dangerous. In the other Vanessa is average at comps and ok with puzzles but probably better at memory stuff for sure. So take her out cuz she’s the devil or Steve cuz he’s the DaVinci code? Toss up but id burn Steve. He scares me regarding what I stated and Jury. Though I think V is a new kind of demonic hybred.

      • So you’re saying Van’s got you fooled too? Vanessa needs to be Priority One.

        Look at what she’s done with the Liz/Julia eviction, she’s looks to have gotten everyone on board with it and she thinking Jury votes and some people will say she doesn’t plan ahead.

      • I retort….if you had the remaining comps coming and knew that half or more would be the superfans wheelhouse, would you vote out V or Steve this week? I am not ready toake the call but Vanessa doesn’t scare me, personally. I’d be scared of Steve game skills. I’ve got liz to edge out V in a physical comp,so. What say u? G.

      • If I was the ONLY one against Steve (twins & Austin may come for him) I’d be concerned but being superfan doesn’t hand the HoH or PoV over to him auto-magically. But you’re point is not lost on me & it’s a good one.

        Picture Steve as the wise Owl and Vanessa as the poison Snake. LOL, both very good in mental comps & fair in physical comps. Priority One – Vanessa; Priority Two – Austin or Liz or Steve, that couple thing would worry me. All of them are big targets at this point, look who I haven’t mentioned, slipping under the radar, he’s good in comps too.

        Some fans are disenchanted I say bring it on, it could be interesting and to the winner(s), F2, go the spoils, no hard feelings from me whoever wins.

    • It’s like a moth attracted by the light or a flame, in this case a flame. And you’re helping Van get a vote (Liz) or two (Julia) or three (Austin), it’s Nutsville, USA.

  3. There is no way they are keeping Liz. Vanessa is really good at the talk, but she will spin it that Steve wanted Liz out and she could only vote the way Steve wanted her to. Sigh. Oh, and all the promises! Hell, promise away everyone. None of it means sh*t at the end of the day.

    • Exactly, all kidding aside, the caveat “As long as I can get Steve to go along with this” speaks volumes.She is fishing hard for jury votes.If Liz goes she can say I tried to keep you,thus securing a jury vote. She also thinks it’ll create a split between Steve/Johnny & Austin/Julia. If Julia goes,she thinks she has a voice in the next eviction. She thinks she’s got her bases covered, but does she? We will see.

    • Since its only Austin, JMac and Vanessa voting, I can see JMac voting out Julia. He already told Vanessa that’s who he wanted to evict this week. Vanessa is really stuck which is why I think she changed her tune after pushing to get Liz out. She does not want to be the only person voting out Liz while JMac and Austin vote out Julia.

    • I can’t see Van angle… she won’t get Julia’s vote, she may have it until Liz shows up in the Jury House and slaps her silly. But if it’s Van/Liz as F2, Liz would get Austin & Julia’s votes anyway.

      • I don’t see Van going through with her decision to keep Liz over Julia. And if what she does leaves a sour taste in Liz’s mouth in jury, oh well. If all three decide not to vote for her in F2, that’s no sweat off Van’s back…she only needs 5 votes to win and hopes she can count on others to give them to her for her game play than any personal vendetta reasons.

      • She may not get any votes from Jury and I’m not joking… maybe 1 sympathy vote.

        I heard the Austwins are hiring MR T to be their personal bodyguard… “FOOL, you don’t mess whif my twins or my man Judas”.

    • How is it any different with Van still in the house, basically still calling the shots? It’s been crazy for awhile now! :-)

  4. If Johnny Mac votes to evict Julia, that would be a dumb move on his part. His goal should be to get to Final 4 with Steve and stick with him. There is no one left to trust. The next HOH is crucial. If Liz is still in the game by the next HOH and she wins it, you know Johnny Mac and Steve will be on the chopping block. So, vote to evict Liz. Vanessa, unfortunately, will be the swing vote. Austin is most likely voting to evict Julia. If the Final 4 is Liz, Austin, Johnny Mac and Vanessa, Johnny Mac will get evicted. Austin and Liz will vote out Vanessa for the win.

    • Regardless of which twin goes home, the only way I see JMac and Steve getting through next week without going up is for one of them to win HOH. And clearly, Steve can’t play, so it is all on JMac. Anyone else winning, means S and JMac are going up. It’s all on Johnny to save the day or hand the game to Vanessa. I really don’t think, despite the recent talk, that Austin and Liz or Austin and Julia will put Vanessa on the block.

      • Well, at this point unless Vanessa throws it, Steve/JMac still have her, she has to be concerned & she is about F3 with with Austin/Liz, she’d have better odds with Austin/Julia… I thought good poker players were ALL about odds? She could be close to losing her mind.

    • Of course it’s the dumbest thing but Jmac lovers need to realize hes a guy who had no one ever did nothing to get anyone and pawned his way through 19 hour naps and bad ass DR’s to fan love. He nods says “uh huh” and goes with the smarter person’s instructions.

      • Don’t be taken in by the act. I am now convinced he’s pretending to be this years Victoria (too bad Meg got in the way). It’s a dangerous risk, but it’s working so far. It’s also hilarious to watch him!

      • That’s to his advantage he’s definitely not 24/7 about game, he’s well rested, experienced & with a decent record in PoV comps whereas Vanessa has got to be running on fumes, I actually think she got a 2nd wind recently but she’ll be running out of steam soon… more drugs, more drugs, my doctor prescribed them.

      • OMGosh, JMac’s way past Victoria… JMac can & has won comps and lately the do nothing but get dragged along is working but he needs to get it geared up, he’s all rested and the good thing is he’s experienced and doesn’t get all shook up being OTB. He’s funny for sure… I can see him at the end and Julie says tells us what you did to win and he’d be like “You tell me, I don’t know”.

    • No dumber than keeping Vanessa in the house. The fact is these people let too many big targets get too far into the game and now they have the problem of how to deal with all of them. JMac is thinking if Julia stays then she will align with Vanessa because Vanessa will want to take her for final 2. Julia is not much more than a vote, but every vote is critical now. As Derrick about why he kept Victoria in the game last year.

      Keeping Liz in the game removes that possibility from Vanessa which means Vanessa has to protect someone else she thinks she can beat – JMac!

      • So true but if after this eviction & if Van doesn’t win HoH the 4 could call a truce & get Van out then it’s game on 2 against 2.

  5. Let’s give kudos to Leslie M the head of CBS for admitting in an interview that they made some casting mistakes this season. At least this season he owned it.

      • Okay found it! It was a good interview, but of course he didn’t go into detail about Big Brother casting mistakes because the interview wasn’t specifically about BB but about his 20 years as CEO of CBS and his success rate.

      • That’s Julie Chen’s hubby, right… makes you go “hmmmmmm” about all the work she gets. She final caught onto to BigBro after about 10 or 12 years… she would stumble over words and explaining what just happened, it was pitiful… a few years back though she looked good in camo. Her & James would make a cute couple.

      • The gamers are Vanessa, Austin, Steve, JMac, Becky and Shelli? But the house is full of Jace, Clay, Liz, Julia, Meg, James, Da, Jason, Jeff and Jackie too. More than half the house had no idea how to play the game. Is that average? And honestly, I am not sure Austin was really playing the game for the first 7 weeks while he was chasing Liz around.

        The cast this year was overall pretty bad and they continue to show it even now. I think BB opted for certain characters and pretty boys and girls over game players. It gets tedious after a few weeks.

      • By gamers I mean players who have a sense of the game or are perceptive. In that case I think everyone fits in that category except for Jace, Clay, Liz, Julia, and John (at some points). CBS cast people for entertainment purposes and for game purposes. They cast people who are fans of the show and/or who will be strategic. Than they will cast people who will entertain the viewers or will become a unique character on the show. Remember they have to put on a show at the end of the day.

      • No I think Audrey was casting gold. She made the show entertaining the first few weeks because of her antics.

      • BARF… plus she was nutso, more paranoid than Vanessa.

        I picked up on her/him at the get-go and didn’t surprise me at all to find she was transgender.

      • The problem was the few. Imagine if Clay and Shelli never got together as a couple. Imagine if Aud wasn’t unstable. Or how about if JMac would have gotten out of bed long enough to do something before he got evicted? This could have been a great season but even Les said there were 5 or 6 casting mistakes.

      • I still think that this season is good. It’s better than the last 5 seasons. You guys may only want to see gameplay (than you guys complain when you actually get people playing the game) but I want to see gameplay (any type of gameplay) and I also want to be entertained. I think that this season delivered in entertainment and we had a some gamers this season. Les may say that there was some mistakes but I think that Kasting did a good job this season.

  6. Like I said people as rough and rude as yall see Austin, his stats prove, he’s no dummy. I’ve read 1,300 nasty negative comments about the guy and his look and habits though really he isn’t mean or a hater. In fact he said Johnny mac was the taxi driver as his worst remark. Big deal. Other house guests use hate, can’t stand and worse to describe others even the most popular. Setting the 12 eviction no nomination record still hasn’t shifted anyone into believing in his game but uh…he was never put up which in this game means your hated or in trouble or plain wanted out, kept 3 headed monster safe every week til final six against 17 going for 500k danced with the devil as his number 2 the whole time in quiet (Vanessa) and Still is getting the impossible this week. His showmance which is always a murderous target in BB nor to mention a double vote twin. Sorry wash your hands don’t, wear a shirt, dont, call Steve a nerd don’t. He’s made friends or played with all of them. Chess, pool, whatever. He’s got my vote. “Good luck”. Taken 2012

    • Ya, agreed, Austin has quietly played an impressive manipulative game.

      All while spending most of the days with his tongue in Liz’s mouth.

      • We forget when he beg and pleaded with Vanessa and apologized profusely to keep him…when the house was ready to send him off.

      • I’m glad he stayed for that and that reason only…not since then…LOL She should have stuck to her guns and went through with the BD. But since he got to stay, he feels beholden to her, even though he’s wanted her gone for awhile. He just doesn’t want to be the one to out her is all. It’s basically a stale mate at this point in the game between him and Van. He’s going to end up giving the 500k over to Van because he took out the two people that could have prevented that from happening. Just seeing the future unfold in my head ahead of time. LOL Still too much game left to make a sure bet on it! :-)

    • Austin is not the worst in the house but he has been no angel. Early on he was pretty creepy the way he stalked Liz. He basically got Jeff evicted because he was jealous of Jeff’s relationship with the twins. He has said some mean things about Jason and Jeff but again, not as bad as the twins and Vanessa.

      I think people are just sick of watching Austin and Liz slobbering in each other’s mouths. That’s something BB should keep private. Only a voyeur would want to watch that every day and night.

      • He said some rude stuff. So what others have gone for the jugular. Jeff was running back and forth ratting. Wrote his own ticket. Glad you give A credit though. Creepy? No. More like aquard. Deffinately. I do agree with your last point 100%.

  7. Here we go again with stupid bimbo Vanessa pulling her dumb look like what’s going on n changing everything around,I can’t believe I’m still watching this stupid season is the worst,but what’s even worse is all the idiot hgs that hg Ave been on this year believing everything their told,stupid people

    • I agree with you and I think the vast majority of BB fans do too. Vanessa has a few sycophants but for the most part people are sick of her and are just hoping for her eviction to come next.

      Honestly Vanessa should have been evicted a long time ago. She is playing the same game as Jeff did earlier with a little Audrey mixed in. She is getting away with it so people think she is playing a great game. But none of those people would say Jeff and Audrey played a great game. I don’t get the Vanessa love but there are just a few people who fall into that category.

  8. John is the most likes out of this lot,and true he makes funny comments. But his game strategy isn’t impressive or bold. He makes alot of decisions that get stifled due to behind the scenes conversations. Truth is,he would’ve been out this game a whole ago..but he beat the other terrible competitors. I don’t get why he’s the favorite,when he’s falling right in with Vanessa’s pull. He doesn’t even try to slightly manipulate. He threw this game because they ideally wanted Steve to win. My favorite is James. He spent his time doingquirky things behind the scene,but he always called it when someone was lying. And when he was the HoH it was NEVER boring,he made big moves and stuck to them. And he seemed motivated by only his daughter not even Meg. John is funny,and I think he’s probably #2 in this terrible lot. But his game play isn’t to be respected…he’s a floater. And this is the time for floaters to make moves,even Steve is making them though being manipulated.

    • It only seems that way. Vanessa controls Steve spine. She’s burned now. She convinced Steve n Mac to bust up Austwins. Austin called her out like James Shelly n clay. Like, aren’t we in an aliance??? So she has to switch. John is a drone stormtrooper who makes no decissions. That’s his thing. And Steve is scared of backlash

  9. I don’t think its that big of a deal to take out Julia instead of Liz. They are identical twins so I assume they have similar abilities. At this point, after one twin goes I think Vanessa is the biggest threat. I think a final 4 of Steve, JMac, Austin and Liz is a fairly even matchup. I think Steve has the edge on the mental comps and Austin has the edge on the physical comps.

    • Vanessa will make it thru final 4. As long as she’s the one doing all the talking and deal making, she’ll keep surviving.

      She rules the game with fear, which mirrors real life. The most effective way to keep people in line is with fear.

      Personally, if I could rule the world with love or fear, I’d choose fear.

    • Seriously, that’s your statement? They’re identical twins so they’re the same? What? Liz is smarter (not saying much) Luz is more confident, speaks to every aspect of gaming. Liz wins, Julia does not. Basically Julia is thinner and has pretty eyes. The rest hoes to Liz. They’re very different P. The rest you said I hear.

  10. Days ago I was thinking Austin,Liz, Steve, John pull Vamessa in the hammock room with a chair in the center and start one by one on how she burned,lied,back-stabbed, re-lied, and you get the rest. Her eyes will bug out. Then they say we all decided to vote you out this week and are aware it be a fair 2 on 2 final 4. We know youl understand cuz this, well this is personal anyway your out. Next the 4 of them sprint out and up to the hoh room and bolt the door where food and 2 meltdown day supplies are already stashed. Batteries flashlights etc…the can shout out the door we know your not an evil person you’ve told each one of us as we’ve caught you being evil.
    This is my fantasy

  11. Vanessa is the only Alpha male-excuse me female left in the house. Alphas know, she’d be crushed if another was around. Blasted, called out, hand to the face, back off (verbal) , shut up, I call BS and so on.

    • She does have an Alpha tendency but attaching those tendencies SPECIFICALLY to ‘male identity’ is misogynistic. I understand that this applies to animals i.e. packs of wolves but, last time I checked, we walk upright, have opposable thumbs, and the ability to reason. Even referring to one another as ‘female, male’ is dehumanizing; I am species specific. I am a woman and you are a man. And those peopke in that house don’t seem to know how to deal with her ‘unpredictability’ and seem conflict avoiding, at best.

      • True though mam are or have an agressively trait. My friend not to be named is tame. I am straight up going to let you know how I feel in a strong powerful well thought ouT manor. You will not be able to back me down. Not because I’m aa Cho guy but I’m ALPHA IN nature and my friend is not. So it is an analysis trait and we have those instincts. We can argue genetics and Darwinism survival of the fittest vs Jesus or your religious choice but fact it alpha gene is a real thing.

  12. Someone please explain to me why the HGs are “scared to take her out”. That just doesn’t make any sense to me. It’s a game, you quite possibly will never see these people again, so what if she gets mad. She has money she’ll get over it. Really, I don’t understand……..this has been the most annoying season, the people and the game play.

    • Did you see the time (a month ago) Van was talking to JMac and he said I don’t like when you yell at me & bully me… I’m paraphrasing I don’t believe he said ‘bully’. My point is she yelled NO I DON’T ran up to the HoH room and whined & LIED to the Austwins that JMac just yelled at me, he was raging and had blood in his eyes, he needs to go and they seemed to believe her.

      Maybe that’s why?

  13. I’m starting to not want John to win HOH this week now. If Austin or Liz win they’ll nominate John and Steve and Steve will go home and if he won veto then Vanessa would go home. If Vanessa wins HOH she’ll put up John and Steve too and again Steve goes home or if he wins veto Liz would go home, I think he’s covered pretty well and I have no idea who he would nominate if he won. Probably Austin and Liz but that could backfire on him if Vanessa won veto and they couldn’t backdoor her and he wouldn’t be able to play the next week when it’s more important!!

  14. There’s still a lot of time until Thursday. This people flip so fast that Liz could be the one going on Thursday.

  15. If Liz stays, than none of these people should win this game. I understand Vanessa’s logic in making this deal; she wants them to believe that she’s on their side and loyal down to the last but keeping an idiot showmance over someone who almost never wins anything is nuts. At this point, Vanessa working her subliminal magic is the only thing that can save these people from themselves (since Steve cannot vote this week).

  16. And WHY is Julia campaigning to leave? WHY? Liz is CLEARLY the evil twin in the duo and Julia needs to give herself a chance to live as an independent person, have her own identity on this show other than ‘twin’, and to use her own resources. I really do think she’d make her own way and surprise people, win or lose. She needs to drop Austin if Liz does go.

  17. What’s with Austin telling Liz that she’s Americas favorited player? I know he’d like her to stay cuz she gets him ‘going’ with those ‘bed cuddles,’ but seriously? Liz as Americas favorited player?
    Not only that but him thinking he’s played a stellar game?? These people are so delusional. It’s certainly funny they think so high & mighty of themselves!! Ok…… It’s NOT FUNNY…. It’s ridiculous! Holy Macaroni….

  18. Hopefully someone will have too much to drink & expose Vanessa’s game to everyone. That & hopefully Austin leaves after Liz…. Cuz ‘he loves her,’ he might as well go & be with her!!

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