Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Night Highlights

There wasn’t a lot of action on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds last night, but there was definitely a theme developing, and that’s that everyone is onto Vanessa, including her closest allies.

Liz Nolan goes in to hiding on Big Brother. It's a strategy.
Liz Nolan goes into hiding on Big Brother. It’s a strategy. – Source: CBS All Access

Luckily for Vanessa, Liz isn’t ready to turn on Vanessa, but there has been a lot of talk between her, Julia and Austin about who will be the best person outside of their alliance to take Vanessa down. They’ve concluded that person is Becky. Or John. Or Becky. Or … you get the picture. Read on to find out what wells went down in the house last night.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 14, 2015:

4:00 PM BBT – Vanessa continues her rant against John. Says he’s irrational and couldn’t let it go.

4:15 PM BBT – Meg tells John to go talk with Austin and let them know what’s going on with Vanessa, but she thinks maybe he should wait. He doesn’t.

4:45 PM BBT – Meg gives Austin a heads up that John needs to tell him how John caught Vanessa in a lie.

4:55 PM BBT – Austin and the twins discuss Vanessa. They’re tired of her schemes and her lies.

5:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin she’s done with Vanessa. He says they can’t be the ones to get her out.

5:30 PM BBT – John has arrived in HoH. They start running through everything Vanessa has been saying. Austin realizes John wasn’t after him but wanted Vanessa out for a long time now.

5:45 PM BBT – Austin tells John he hopes he can win Veto and says he wants to work with him. Austin says the whole house will work together to get Vanessa out.

6:10 PM BBT – Austin reiterating to Liz that they can’t be the ones to get Vanessa out. He seems more adamant to this than she does.

6:15 PM BBT – John, a Have-Not, ate a cookie without thinking. He offered to throw it up. (One of the twins ate a peanut the other week and nothing happened.)

7:50 PM BBT – Vanessa up in the HoH talking game with cautious twins.

7:55 PM BBT – Vanessa back to pushing Becky as the main target. Says she’s more dangerous than John. Vanessa is also upset about Steve hesitating to promise her his vote.

8:07 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are mad that Vanessa asked them earlier who they trusted more. Liz says she wants Vanessa out (but doesn’t plan to backdoor her this week?).

8:10 PM BBT – Twins decide to keep all their talks with Vanessa as short as possible to avoid giving her any info.

8:14 PM BBT – Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa is insane with flip-flopping targets. He says it’s gone from Becky to John and back to Becky again. Meg and James laugh and Meg says soon they’ll be her new target.

8:15 PM BBT – Julia and Liz say they definitely believe Johnny Mac over Vanessa. Liz adds that Becky needs to go so they can use their hotness to persuade Johnny Mac. They say the don’t trust Vanessa and want her out but can’t be the ones to do it.

8:22 PM BBT – James, Meg and Austin agree that Vanessa is getting worse. They says she’s getting more crazy and everyone is on eggshells around her.

8:30 PM BBT – Liz says Austin is her bitch.

9:10 PM BBT – HGs just talking about this and that. Nothing going on.

10:30 PM BBT – Everyone is sitting around the table, eating or chit-chatting. Vanessa is in the have-not room thinking.

10:45 PM BBT – John is pretty down and has been secluding himself so Steve checks on him and invites him out to hang out with everyone. Steve says there’s something different about him now. John tells him he has a lot to discuss with I’m later.

11:15 PM BBT – HGs are all playing a game now that involves throwing a tin-foil ball into pots and pans.

11:50 PM BBT – Meg joins Austin and Liz in HoH to discuss Vanessa. They let her in on what they know of things Vanessa has said and done.

1:50 AM BBT – Austin telling Steve what’s going on with Vanessa. Everyone is on to her and they’re okay with it, but won’t go after her themselves.

2:45 AM BBT – Austin hopes he can make John an ally as another way to get him and Liz to the end.

2:50 AM BBT – Austin camtalking and says if the Veto gets used then a Goblin has to go up. Austin doesn’t want to renom Vanessa. He hopes the noms don’t win the Veto.

5:00 AM BBT – Steve is the only HG up as he wanders around the house.

Vanessa’s methods were exposed and she’ll have to either luck her way out or talk her way out of this one, but she should be safe again this week. Veto comes up on Saturday and we might get some interesting scenarios if either John or Becky win. Otherwise one of them will be going home.

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  1. Vanessa is the only one who can see in this house of the blind. I really don’t want her to win this, but she’s just too damn crafty for these guys.

      • too little too late, they had their opportunity to remove Vanessa…. the numbers are now in her favors since Austwins is too afraid to take her out this week. Deep down the entire house besides John and Becky are too afraid to put Vanessa on the block to have her go mental on them for days

      • Your right..I feel that is the main reason…and you think you’re going on BB and not have any confrontation or drama…it’s not the Wheel of fortune…these people don’t have any balls…so she goes mental…right to the jury house…there she’ll go over the brink because she’s got tons of time to plot and scheme and will burn herself out!

  2. I really hope John can pull it through. He’s the only one at this point I want to win. I hope he pulls a Mike (Worlds Apart) and keep winning challenges. And I’m glad the twins and Austin are finally seeing Vanessa for who she is. To bad they’re not doing anything

  3. “Liz adds that Becky needs to go so they can use their hotness to persuade Johnny Mac. ”

    Thank you, Liz, I really needed that laughter!

    • I threw up in my mouth a little when I saw that one on the update. LOL JMac won’t need to be persuaded to put Vanessa up. The brainless twits, er.. I mean twins…put up the ONLY two people with the parts to put Vanessa on the block! Liz needs to go back to braiding Austin’s hair and Julia…well, she needs to fade back into oblivion.

      • I am just waiting for the day that she turns on them and they are sitting on the block together saying we should have gotten her out, you back when we had the chance LOL.

      • I’m just waiting till the final 2 to see everyone saying we should’ve gotten her out before Shelli.

    • Seriously. When they were introduced and “Lz” called herself the South Beach Hottie…she’s average looking. She doesn’t make you throw up in your mouth, but I don’t see an immediate lust-fest over her either. Where do they get they are the hottest girls ever on BB?

      • Obviously you wouldn’t know a guy’s fantasy about twins and on a scale of 1-10 they are each a solid 6.5 – 7 but as twins they aren’t a 13 – 14 combined, they’d be more like a 19 – 20… see the difference? LOL.

      • I’m a guy and I have ZERO sexual attraction to them.
        Becky on the other hand is waaaay prettier… :P

      • Don’t know that I’d be bragging about that. LOL.

        Becky is prettier? Looks like she got hit by a train, oh wait… she did. LOL.. actually I do think she’s pretty but not prettier and I’d still opt for 2 on 1 that’s better imo.

    • If I was Johnny Mac and knew that, I would snatch the twins from Austin and evict him! Then, I would have two sure votes in my back pocket and control the rest of the game. lol

    • After I typed my last message, I had a thought. Maybe they’re worried she’ll come back and go after them. Maybe they think they’ll be targets if she’s gone. Maybe they’re just too stupid. Hell, who knows with the twins. LOL

      • Heck Judarse already got his dream, making it to jury…. he should just volunteer to go, then Liz next week and they can spend some quality time together without Julia.

        This not wanting to put Vanessa up is just as ridiculous as not voting her out last eviction.

    • Can I answer that one? I can answer that one, like Judy said “come back & get them” plus they’re worried she’ll campaign against everyone that she believes got her booted.

      You do realize that V will rewrite all that she said & did in the House while she’s in the Jury House? She could make or break you… though I think the HGs have her pretty well figured out… but like I’ve said before her paranoia is contagious.

      • Yes paranoia is the driving force behind this…but as we seen in past Jury s…one person cannot sway the entire rest…mind you she’s good…but by then all her BS will be out in the open in the Jury house.

      • Tony, I agree with you but picture this… Vanessa is born-again (already doing the bible) she apologizes to everyone she’s wronged meaning everyone that comes into the Jury House and then LIKE a lawyer presents her closing argument. HECK after she’s done they’ll want to Vote her the WINNER!!! That’s the extreme but I can see something close to that happening.

      • Can you just imagine if she goes to jury house how much she will drive the HGs, there absolutely crazy campaigning for the final place.???

        Maybe Austin has been thinking long-term and doesn’t want her in the house with the others to we’ve the wrong story, moreover, because Vanessa has screwed over so many people, she would be good to go up against

  4. Why are they so scared of putting her up if the POV is used? Get her out now. God, these people are so dumb. No one trusts her, no one believes her, she’s basically on her own. And who is she going to influence in the jury house. Shelli and Jackie don’t trust her either. And like JMac said to them yesterday, anyone who gets her out will be “king”. I cannot stand Vanessa, but unless someone gets the parts to put her up, she’s gonna win.

      • They are wimps. And have been followers of Van and clelli the whole game. Now, most of their original alliance is gone & they don’t know what to do.

  5. The twins made a comment that they were concerned that Johnny Mac may be the fan favorite so they don’t want to talk bad about him. At the same token are they so stupid they can’t surmise that Vanessa would be the least favorite? If they took her out they would be the heroes because there isn’t anybody left that wants to work with her. If Johnny Mac leaves the twins and Austin will be just as much as target as Vanessa and Chelli were when Jason left….Too bad no one is smart enough to bring that up…This is the stupidest game playing in the history of BB.

  6. I don’t understand why everyone keeps saying they cant be the one to get Vanessa out, why the hell not, if she’s gone she can’t come after you and if she comes back in just ban together and kick her out again, because if they keep playing games with her she will win the game.

    • because Austin was so adamant about never nominating her when he was half out the door, and she saved him, just like there is hardly anyone she can nominate because of all her deals. Austwins also are afraid of her in the jury influencing other votes

    • The reason her alliance will not turn on her, not yet anyway is because there are still some threats in the Big Brother House like Becky, John, James and Meg. Okay, not including Meg. They have the numbers, they have the votes, they have control over the Big Brother House so, why upset the apple cart? One thing about the Sixth Sense alliance is that they have been loyal to each other pretty much. Vanessa is the glue that holds that alliance together. When someone gets out of line, she puts them back in line. Not as good as Derrick last season but, way too good for this bunch. She has the weak minded, gullible house guests like James, Jackie and Meg fooled even now. What they should do is keep both Becky and Johnny Mac in the game. They know that they will go after Vanessa. If Johnny Mac wins POV this week, put James on the block and evict him. Keep Becky in the Big Brother House and let her and Johnny Mac go after Vanessa. Without James getting in the way, they will succeed this time out sending Vanessa out of the Big Brother House. Then, they can strategize amongst themselves how to get to Final 2.

      • If we end up with the Austwins and Vanessa as final four, it would be interesting to see how Vanessa would maneuver around that one. How would she get those three to turn on each other? I could see her talking Julia into evicting Austin, but how does she break up the twins?

      • She would have to make sure she gets HoH first then noms would be Austin & Liz= Austin evicted, Liz & Julia= Julia evicted, Austin & Julia= Austin evicted. It just depends on who she’d actually want to go against. If I remember correctly after F4 round I think the remaining 3 have a chance to be HoH because of the way it’s broken down. Her best bet would be to have Austin & Julia with her as F3 but no scenario would work out for that to happen.

  7. oh here we go again, another “The housemates catch on to Vanessa” article, this is what, the 4th week in a row that people have been catching on to her, yet she is still in the house? They HAD their chance last week, and production seems to be really good at having the “right comp” to keep certain people around longer so don’t look for Vanessa to be leaving any time soon

  8. Well the only two people who were gonna go after Van are John and Becky. And the Goblins messed up that plan

      • He sure will be…Vanevil has forgotten his hand in the Beck HOH…if Shelli wasn’t up against her…she would have went home…James convinced the goblins to flip because he was in jeopardy if Shelli won the veto and took herself off…she would be guns a blazing after him.

  9. Steve loves his one-on-one camera/feeders time. As much attention as he paid to his letter from home early this AM during his special time, I hope his mother hasn’t told him she is really his aunt, she is dating someone, or getting married. Kudos to Howlermouse for the Norman Bates comment.

  10. They have gave up more than one chance to get her out. I like John, Meg, James and Steve is just odd but if they go then they did it to themselves!

  11. Austin doesn’t want to renom Vanessa? Eh? I hope JMAC wins the veto and Liz as the HOH put Vanessa up.

  12. Heck the only player worth rooting for is John. For these reasons
    1. He’s a really funny HG (like Britney)
    2. He’s good at Veto comps (like James)
    3. He’s actually strategic but is more underhanded (like Ian)
    4. He’s social and is liked by everyone (like Donny)
    5. He’s known to build bonds with people (like Dan)

    Add that for the fact that he gets crapped thrown at him and yet still is standing makes him someone worth rooting for.

  13. Just watched a couple hours of Vanessa on You Tube and the woman in this house is not the same person on You Tube who says she is Vanessa Rousso. I don’t know why she is playing this character. Maybe she is having a nervous breakdown or maybe CBS threw her in as a ringer to stir things up. Possible since ratings are good. She was safe this week and next so this makes no sense

    • He just feels upset about Vanessa ragging on him. I think Van broke Jon. I think he’s telling Steve how he feels.

      • No, it’s not just that he says he misses Shelli. But what it really is is he misses His boy toy Clay.

        And also that now he has to think in this game.

      • So much so that they used him and risked him going home to throw comps?

        And that the week before James won his second Hoh Clay, van and Shelli were disussing who they want gone and in order.

        This is exactly who they agreed on:

        Jackie, James, Becky, John, and then Meg.

        Though Shelli and Clay debated bringing up John higher on their list of people to evict.!

        What friends!

      • On a personal level I mean. Jon comforted Clelli on their worse times. They many not have been allies but they had a personal connection

      • I don’t believe he’s down. Not for long anyway. He’s regrouping and strategizing. I sure hope so anyway.

      • He could be but…his ties are not strong with anyone…maybe Beck..but she’s got her own problems to worry about….he’s been coasting too much…he started to late to play this game and now is backpedaling…seems to be close to Steve…and we know that won’t get him anywhere!

      • He could be using being ‘down’ as strategy right now. Vanessa would think he’s given up, that she has beat him down and doesn’t need to worry about him. She will anyway but could he be using her strategy against her? Also could he be doing it to pull on Steves emotions? He’s never said or done anything against Steve and this is his way of pulling him out of Vanessas clutches. He can act down and completely on the outside because Vanessa tore into him and Steve witnessed it which was a good move for Jmac so Steve could see just how evil Vanessa is. Not to mention the whole DE POV issue that Steve created for him. He could make him feel really guilty for that.

  14. IMO best best thing for the twins to do is hope someone other than Vanessa win POV, they remove Becky or John, put Vanessa up and get the feather for doing it cause right now they would never win in a F2. They’ve done nothing. But if they really don’t want to be the ones to send her packing they still need Becky or John to win veto to remove themselves and put Meg up in their place. Everyone vote Meg out. Its risky since you would be leaving stronger players in the game but it betters the chances of getting Vanessa out. They would all be gunning for her and even though Meg would be too, she can’t win comps. She’s the weak link right now.

  15. Liz should give one of those masks to Van now to match the shield she believes Van is to her, her twin and Austin/Judas!

  16. Vaudrey has got to go. Get everyone in a room. Make the deal. Make everyone refuse to talk to Vaudrey. She will cower in a corner til she’s out. Bullies always crumple when stood up to.

  17. Liz shold realize that she’ll score jury points in taking out Vanessa by backdooring her this week. Well, one can only hope.

  18. For the life of me, I do not understand why Austin is telling “his” girls not to get rid of Vanessa…didn’t we just go through this last week with the Goblins? This worrying about her in the jury is ridiculous…whoever takes her out (if they get to the final 2) has a great chance of winning it.

      • But it isn’t up to Austin anyway…he’s not HoH! He could tell Van that he tried to tell Liz not to put her up, but she has a mind of her own.

      • He’s a wimp…she’s one your three…you keep her playing.. she will divide and conquer…and F3 with the twins she’s got the game in the bag..if she wins the comp.

    • Is not Austin’s fault. The twins are idiots that follow his lead. The real floaters in the house are them. If you listen to Austin and them having conversations with other people it is hilarious. All they say is yeah, yeah and shake their heads.

  19. The problem with Jmac is he picks a bunch of random people as his sort ally who had no connection with each other just because he likes them. How can he form a solid alliance when alliances were formed months ago….still rooting for Jmac, and hope he wins the Veto.

  20. Big bad Austin, is but a little wimp when it comes to Vanessa.

    Wait till Vanessa comes your way with lies and fabrications, then will you have the courage to throw her out of the house; but by then it may be too late, if she ever wins HOH again you all will be kissing up to her and eating her B.S.

  21. Liz is going to win this season if no one stops the Austwins. She is by far the most protected person in the house and everyone around her are way bigger targets. Unless Vanessa pulls a Dan which is damn near impossible, she is definitely not going to win.

  22. Liz needs to make her own decision, maybe with only Julia’s input. Austin will do what she wants anyway, Liz just has to assert herself.

  23. If Becky or Johnny save themselves, it should be Vanessa or James as the renom. Vanessa is the better choice, since more people want her out than James, Becky or John.

    • With Vanessa gone, then it will be a fight to the finish. As long as Vanessa stays in, it is a steam rolling machine to the finish with Vanessa winning it all.

  24. HEY LIZ…..,If one of the nominees on the block wins POV and you happen to put up Vanessa as a replacement, you will be the hero of the house…

  25. Wow really, the twins want to use their hotness around John when Becky leaves. Is that the sole extent of their planning? Not to mention the conceit. They don’t want to target Vanesa and why not? So you lose her vote on jury and she could come back, take a risk. If you wanna win the game you have to be able to say you did something. I whored myself out is not a great speech come finale night.

  26. BBAD, Austogump has braids with decorations, (kinda girly,) He does think like a girl, likes his nail polish so that is the reason Liz likes him. The house guests loooove the mirror. Jackie was the vainest, constantly checking her figure and pulling on her mane. Becky is the least enamored with her reflection. So, the girls all love the mirror and who else? AUSTIN, the rest of the guys could care less. Austin is tooooo full of his, ( beauty, ) Really loves himself. Gag, put on a shirt and we hope you brought some more pants and shorts to wear, getting tired of the same ones. OK, afraid to put V in jury as they think she will influence the others to not vote for whoever in the end. Well, think about it, everyone in there now is onto her devious lying ways and will soon set the previous ones straight. This girl will probably pull a physical stunt on whoever goes against her in the jury. So voted out ones, you better be strong. Of course she is going to go to the last 2 & be the big winner because she knew how to play the game or so she will think. Production, she should be raked over the coals for telling others that John M is mental, she is assassinating his character, he should sue and she should be removed from the house. Shame on her, she is just awful and despicable! And shame on Production for letting her get away with it.

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