Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Night Highlights

There wasn’t a lot of action on the Big Brother 17 Live Feeds last night, but there was definitely a theme developing, and that’s that everyone is onto Vanessa, including her closest allies.

Liz Nolan goes in to hiding on Big Brother. It's a strategy.
Liz Nolan goes into hiding on Big Brother. It’s a strategy. – Source: CBS All Access

Luckily for Vanessa, Liz isn’t ready to turn on Vanessa, but there has been a lot of talk between her, Julia and Austin about who will be the best person outside of their alliance to take Vanessa down. They’ve concluded that person is Becky. Or John. Or Becky. Or … you get the picture. Read on to find out what wells went down in the house last night.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 14, 2015:

4:00 PM BBT – Vanessa continues her rant against John. Says he’s irrational and couldn’t let it go.

4:15 PM BBT – Meg tells John to go talk with Austin and let them know what’s going on with Vanessa, but she thinks maybe he should wait. He doesn’t.

4:45 PM BBT – Meg gives Austin a heads up that John needs to tell him how John caught Vanessa in a lie.

4:55 PM BBT – Austin and the twins discuss Vanessa. They’re tired of her schemes and her lies.

5:15 PM BBT – Liz tells Austin she’s done with Vanessa. He says they can’t be the ones to get her out.

5:30 PM BBT – John has arrived in HoH. They start running through everything Vanessa has been saying. Austin realizes John wasn’t after him but wanted Vanessa out for a long time now.

5:45 PM BBT – Austin tells John he hopes he can win Veto and says he wants to work with him. Austin says the whole house will work together to get Vanessa out.

6:10 PM BBT – Austin reiterating to Liz that they can’t be the ones to get Vanessa out. He seems more adamant to this than she does.

6:15 PM BBT – John, a Have-Not, ate a cookie without thinking. He offered to throw it up. (One of the twins ate a peanut the other week and nothing happened.)

7:50 PM BBT – Vanessa up in the HoH talking game with cautious twins.

7:55 PM BBT – Vanessa back to pushing Becky as the main target. Says she’s more dangerous than John. Vanessa is also upset about Steve hesitating to promise her his vote.

8:07 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are mad that Vanessa asked them earlier who they trusted more. Liz says she wants Vanessa out (but doesn’t plan to backdoor her this week?).

8:10 PM BBT – Twins decide to keep all their talks with Vanessa as short as possible to avoid giving her any info.

8:14 PM BBT – Austin tells James and Meg that Vanessa is insane with flip-flopping targets. He says it’s gone from Becky to John and back to Becky again. Meg and James laugh and Meg says soon they’ll be her new target.

8:15 PM BBT – Julia and Liz say they definitely believe Johnny Mac over Vanessa. Liz adds that Becky needs to go so they can use their hotness to persuade Johnny Mac. They say the don’t trust Vanessa and want her out but can’t be the ones to do it.

8:22 PM BBT – James, Meg and Austin agree that Vanessa is getting worse. They says she’s getting more crazy and everyone is on eggshells around her.

8:30 PM BBT – Liz says Austin is her bitch.

9:10 PM BBT – HGs just talking about this and that. Nothing going on.

10:30 PM BBT – Everyone is sitting around the table, eating or chit-chatting. Vanessa is in the have-not room thinking.

10:45 PM BBT – John is pretty down and has been secluding himself so Steve checks on him and invites him out to hang out with everyone. Steve says there’s something different about him now. John tells him he has a lot to discuss with I’m later.

11:15 PM BBT – HGs are all playing a game now that involves throwing a tin-foil ball into pots and pans.

11:50 PM BBT – Meg joins Austin and Liz in HoH to discuss Vanessa. They let her in on what they know of things Vanessa has said and done.

1:50 AM BBT – Austin telling Steve what’s going on with Vanessa. Everyone is on to her and they’re okay with it, but won’t go after her themselves.

2:45 AM BBT – Austin hopes he can make John an ally as another way to get him and Liz to the end.

2:50 AM BBT – Austin camtalking and says if the Veto gets used then a Goblin has to go up. Austin doesn’t want to renom Vanessa. He hopes the noms don’t win the Veto.

5:00 AM BBT – Steve is the only HG up as he wanders around the house.

Vanessa’s methods were exposed and she’ll have to either luck her way out or talk her way out of this one, but she should be safe again this week. Veto comes up on Saturday and we might get some interesting scenarios if either John or Becky win. Otherwise one of them will be going home.

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