Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Wednesday Night Highlights

It was a surprisingly quiet night in the Big Brother 17 house for an eviction eve with Vanessa on the block, but that’s because she’s feeling pretty secure.

Shelli continues to campaign on Big Brother
Shelli Poole campaigns to survive the first Thursday night eviction – Source: CBS All Access

On the opposite end, there’s Shelli who is worried and has been working on everyone to keep her. Did she gain any ground? Read on.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 12, 2015:

4:07 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that Vanessa keeps asking if she’s safe. He says she doesn’t really trust them. Austin wants Vanessa to relax and not screw up their 6-person arrangement with the Goblins.

4:10 PM BBT – Steve checks in with Vanessa. He promises her she’ll be safe. Steve offers hugs.

4:30 PM BBT – Vanessa starts sniffle crying to Julia that she doesn’t know why Jackie and Becky hate her so much. Vanessa insists she hasn’t done anything to these people.

4:45 PM BBT – Austin talking with the twins. They discuss targeting JMac since Becky is protected by their deal with the Goblins.

4:50 PM BBT – Becky is determined to get Vanessa still. Says this week winged her.

5:10 PM BBT – Shelli wraps up a very long talk with Becky and heads back downstairs where Shelli needs to focus her campaigning efforts.

5:50 PM BBT – Steve is struggling to decide how to handle his vote and knows he can’t promise both of them it. He finally decides to stick with the “Gremlins” for his vote.

5:59 PM BBT – Feeds cut to highlights.

7:03 PM BBT – Feeds are back. HGs talking about studying all night. While the feeds were down they were shown videos to memorize for tonight’s HOH.

7:30 PM BBT – HGs have been studying what they were shown on the screens.

7:58 PM BBT – Jackie tells Vanessa she should be able to do very well at this competition. Vanessa says she really doesn’t think so.

8:08 PM BBT – Jackie asks Vanessa if she should smooth things over with Becky.

8:25 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Johnny Mac she regrets that moment she had with he and Clay. She tells him she wasn’t targeting him then and isn’t now.

8:35 PM BBT – Johnny Mac and Vanessa are still talking. She tells him she’ll be targeting Becky and she suggests they discuss the game more and figure out a way to work together. He talks about being pretty down and out in the game because no one is talking to him this week. Vanessa gives him a pep talk.

9:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells the twins she’s done campaigning but the tell her she should probably do some more tomorrow.

9:36 PM BBT – Vanessa and the twins talking about DE. The twins wonder if anyone would put them up. Vanessa tells them she’d like for them to put Becky up. Vanessa calls them the good guys and says it’s time for them to win.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs playing blowing. Nothing else going on.

11:25 PM BBT – Vanessa is getting impatient about knowing how the votes are going to fall. She ask Julia when she will know and says she wants it to be soon.

12:30 AM BBT – Shelli talking to Johnny Mac about how Vanessa’s only campaign has been trashing Becky. He tells Shelli he will get along with Vanessa until he can take her out.

12:36 AM BBT – Shelli is annoyed because Austin keeps showing up where she is and is preventing her from talking game and campaigning.

12:40 AM BBT – Shelli goes to the HOH to talk to Becky, Jackie and Meg to try one final push to stay. She tells them she would put up Austin and a twin if she wins HOH. Shelli promises if they vote to keep her she won’t put them up. She seems to be weary about including James in the deal, but she kind of has to.

12:46 AM BBT – Shelli reminds the three of them that Vanessa and Austin have put them and their friends up but she never has. She says it just doesn’t make sense why they would want to keep Vanessa.

12:51 AM BBT – Shelli says she loves the twins, but are they ever going to be someone’s target? And then there’s Austin. Meg says she gets it.

1:27 AM BBT – Austin says he won’t lie to Meg, after Vanessa goes after Becky & a floater then she’ll probably be coming after the Goblins next. Meg nods & smiles along.

1:45 AM BBT – Becky has been campaigning hard for Shelli. She wants James to make a choice, but he escapes the conversation.

2:05 AM BBT – Meg joins the talk. Becky presses her to evict Vanessa. Meg says Vanessa will be easy to get out when they want. She also thinks the Austwins will be easy to beat.

2:35 AM BBT – James and Meg alone reaffirm voting out Shelli. They’re frustrated with Becky and say they wouldn’t mind if Austwins gets Becky out.

2:45 AM BBT – Vanessa promises Jackie the Goblins will be safe with her. Says she has no control over the Austwins and doesn’t even know where their game is.

3:00 AM BBT – Jackie tells Steve she’d target Vanessa in the second round of a DE.

3:05 AM BBT – Jackie, back with the Goblins, says she think Steve would target Austin and Vanessa.

3:35 AM BBT – Meg wonders if someone will win HoH on Thursday and they’ll be screwed. The Goblins all laugh. Meg asks what if Austin and Steve have secretly been working together this whole time. They all laugh real hard again.

The Goblins are sticking to their evict-Shelli plan with very few concerns on keeping Vanessa. Like their plan or not, it is based on thoroughly flawed and inaccurate assessments of the game right now. They’ll need luck on their side because logic isn’t helping.

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      • I agree big mistake. The goblins are getting very cocky this week. And James is just making it personal not game. He must of brought up about Shelli taking Clays hoodie a dozen times over the last 24 hrs. Grow up James it wasn’t even yours. I don’t blame Shelli I would of taken it too. I hope one of the three go in DE tonight.

    • It’s the smartest play they’ve made all season! First, they get rid of the person that is targeting them the most. Second, they formed a new alliance with Austwins that Austin is determined to honor. Third, they get a grateful Van with a one-sided deal going into the DE.

      I will say that if Van makes it through the DE and Becky is the one gone, she will most likely switch her targets back to J/J/M, but she isn’t going to have any support, other than Steve, to do that.

      • I disagree with that to a degree… I’m not so sure Austwins are going to be loyal to the goblins. Vanessa is good… real good. I think she can still manipulate them.

      • They’ve already dropped her support. They know about her manipulation. Although they are still scared of her, they aren’t going to do her dirty work for her.

      • You’re right, but things have made crazy and abrupt changes in this house more than once. I think in order to keep “numbers” to go after the goblins, Austwins would likely try to keep her around instead of end up 3 vs 3.

      • Yep. And the goblins were already talking about putting the twins up and Julia was already talking about getting rid of James or Jackie. That new alliance is a joke just like the 50 other alliances.

      • It’s smart for them for the next HoH reign, dumb for there long term success. Shelli wont be after them next week, but after that Venessa will be after them until the end, and has much more support.

      • Van has no support, except for Steve and that’s iffy. Shelli has Becky and JMac. Shelli is gunning for James and Van is gunning for Becky.

        By the time that Van is done gunning for Becky, it will be too late for her.

      • I don’t know. Van does seem to have support, or at least is able to muster it when it counts.

      • It’s all info Austin & The Twins already knew.

        Austin & The Twins have a back up plan with Goblins, push comes to shove (V is in power or Austwins is in power) and they’re going to target the Goblins again.

      • Then why is Austin pushing Liz & Julia so hard to stick with J/J/M and not do anything to upset them?

      • Because he’s worried about them having power in DE. Watch how fast he flips when they’re not in power. It will be Austin the twins and Vanessa with Steve in Vanessa’s back pocket. Huge mistake not getting Vanessa out. Especially when she said she would target the twins for them.

      • You’re smoking the same thing the Goblins are if you think Austin & The Twins wont continue to work with Vanessa.

        Hopefully you’re a Goblins fan so you’ll understand the mistake they made when they start getting picked off by Vanessa, Austin, The Twins, and/or Steve.

      • Since that alliance, Austin has been going to J/J/M with information. He’s been talking to Liz & Julia that they need to stick with J/J/M.

        Just because they backed Van in the past, doesn’t mean that they can’t change their minds. They were talking about dropping her BEFORE James went to them with the new alliance. They were avoiding Van after she was nominated. They didn’t talk to her until after the alliance with J/J/M.

        So, what makes you so sure that the new alliance is fake?

      • There all fake. He avoided Vanessa because she was on the block and he didn’t want to get dragged into anything. Julia already wants to get rid of James or Jackie. She can’t stand James.

      • Welll..I can tell you that Becky and JMac do not like Van and don’t want to ever work with her, so it will be 5 – 5 (but only if Steve works with her and the 4th Sense) and if the Twins and Austin team up with the Goblins, where does that leave Van? Van and Steve alone or Van alone. So it is best that Shelli goes first because she’d have the Austwins support more than Van will. Steve wanted to work with Shelli more than Van. JS

      • I agree. I think that Austin and the twins will still work with Vanessa..Julia said last night that she would like to have a side alliance with just her and Vanessa. I really hope Becky goes in the 2nd eviction tonight. She got a little bit too big for her britches this week. I am not a Becky fan at all.

      • That would be messed up to see Becky go due to the goblins making a mistake.

        I hope Meg, James, or Jackie go out in the DE. My top choice would be Meg.

      • None of them are being targeted. Who would put them up? JMac & Becky aren’t mad at them and still want Van out. Steve & Van both want Becky out. Austwins want JMac out.

      • James is just a country boy living in god awful Texas, and that is how most southern men talk, and act. As they say, “Sugar , I didn’t mean any harm”. Southern men on a whole are nuts. Look at Clay…running behind a 33 year old. Just saying.

      • That’s no excuse. He says filthy things. He has been ever since week one. He was just talking about periods to Meg and Becky was so uncomfortable. He’s disgusting.

      • Jackie or James has to win both HOH’s tonight in order for their plans to work. I am afraid that their tour of power is over and so is their game

    • You are so wrong. Shelli is a powerhouse competitor that needs to be taken out of the house. Keeping Vanessa is a great game move from them because Shelli will definitely put up 2 of them if she wins.

      • Powerhouse competitor? She’s won less comps than Steve, JMac, etc. Shelli won the same HoH that Liz won after all but the two of them fell out in the first few rounds. Then she assembled a puzzle quickly. She’s lost all other comps.

        Vanessa is the leader of a 5-HG alliance. Shelli would be isolated and more likely work with JMac, Becky, and by extension and necessity, the Goblins. Goblins could have then also kept undercover alliance with Austwins. They could have rode the middle of the house.

      • Except that, you’re assuming that Austwins are going to continue to back Van. They’ve been very clear that they are done doing that. While they may not go against her, they are not going to back her any longer. Van is not their leader any more.

        Plus, Van doesn’t want anyone to know that she is aligned with Steve. Shelli will be gone. Austwins are leaving Van out to fend for herself.

        What will she be leading? Steve

      • They do now that they have J/J/M. That’s what’s giving them the backbone to jump Van’s sinking ship.

      • They have kept their new alliance with Austwins under wraps. Van doesn’t know about it. Shelli only suspects it. None of the others are paying attention to it.

  1. They will remain absolutely clueless until the moment they’re walking out the door with Vanessa & Austwins waving bye to them. Still can’t believe they can’t put it together with everything that has been presented to them the past few days. Goes to show when you’re taking things personally and only wanting revenge how blind you really are.

    • But the Austwins are genuinely leaning towards siding with the Goblins and not Vanessa anymore.

      • When it’s a good opportunity for them, but if push comes to shove then they’ll back her first. This is why Goblins missed their chance. Austwins would have been a great 3-HG alliance to partner up with. They may have missed that chance now.

      • Other than Austin suggesting to Meg to not target Van during DE, which she shot down and he agreed, Austin has been doing and saying only things that show he wants the 6 HG alliance more than Van.

      • Telling the other side to not target their top target is a pretty big deceit especially when it’s to benefit your game at the expense of theirs.

        Austin told Liz that he wants to work with the Gobs on this deal until the DE is over. He didn’t say the rest of the game.

      • That’s not at all how I read what he told Liz. I think you’re talking about ..

        Wed 4:11 PM BBT Austin with Liz in storage room. Tells her about Jmac going around saying he wants a team. Tells her that Vanessa needs to “chill” and that she doesn’t trust them. Also tells Liz that there is noway they are going against Meg, Jackie, and James during DE and that they are going to stick with the six person group.

        He said that they weren’t going against them during DE and they are going to stick with the 6 person group. He never said that he was dropping J/J/M after DE.

      • If you’re reading and not watching the feeds a lot of the conversation gets left out. Austin is trying to ride the middle until after DE. The only reason in the beginning he was willing to vote Vanessa out was because he knew he wouldn’t have the votes to save her. Once James flipped the votes Austin couldn’t wait to save Vanessa. Just wait and see. I could be wrong but Austin is a big flip flopper.

      • Exactly. First, what makes the Goblins think they will actually win. Second, Austin already said, nonchalantly, “hey, or maybe we keep Vanessa one more week and just let her and Becky go at it and take each other out”. And all 3 of them were like yeah very true. See dummies. They (Austwins) have no plans on taking Vanessa out in the DE regardless of how annoying they think she’s being.

      • But that doesn’t mean Austwins won’t go back on their “word” as usual and keep Vanessa if the opportunity presents itself on DE.

      • Austin is more worried about upsetting their new alliance with J/J/M than he is about Van. He even told Julia that if Van goes after Becky, they won’t support her, because it isn’t what J/J/M want.

      • I didn’t say that they would put Van up, although as of last night they’re considering it. I said they would help evict her, if she goes up.

        Also, the likelihood of Austwins winning is low during memory comp.

      • They won’t need Austwins votes to evict Vanessa anyway. They have Jmac, Becky, Meg and James or Jackie (1 is HoH and the other 4 are votes to evict Vanessa). They only need 4 for that one, with no chance of tie.

      • And if Vanessa or Steve get the veto?? Who goes up… Johnny Mac. Which means Vanessa is safe or Austwins and Steve vote out Johnny Mac over Vanessa and she’s still there. Now what? The Goblins are outnumbered and will be picked off one by one.

      • I agree with you. This alliance is good basically until we have a new HOH. Then all bets are off.

    • My head would be swirling too with all of the crap that has flown from people’s mouths. Too many lies to know what to think. Steve has it right. I don’t know what to do! Remember, he’s a Cornell grad. You have to be super smart to weather that school.

  2. “2:05 AM BBT – Meg joins the talk. Becky presses her to evict Vanessa.
    Meg says Vanessa will be easy to get out when they want. She also thinks
    the Austwins will be easy to beat.”

    Has Meg ever watch BB ?

    • Can we just start referring to Meg as Helen Jr. because this whole it’s not the right time and we need to wait another week BS is getting on my last nerve. I have never understood the logic of keeping the bigger target in the house especially when it’s been proven they are an actual threat to your game.

  3. James and Meg are too stupid for this game – the only one of the 3 that has really caught on is Jackie, but she is constantly getting overruled by the two morons.

  4. The goblins lured me to their side when James wised up and broke his word not to put Shelli & Clay on the block…but I can’t handle this lack of BB common sense they’re displaying right now (I’m most disappointed in you, Jackie. Thought you had your ish together, girl).

    I’m going back to Johnny Mac.

    • I seriously don’t get you people. This is not a bad game move for the goblins at all! If any of them want any shot at winning this game, they need to get Shelli out now. Vanessa will be way easier to get out after this week than Shelli will because Becky, john, and Steve are going to protect her, and people are on the vanessa now, and she has little chance of re integrating herself back into the house.

      • I disagree. As long as Vanessa is in the house Austin is going to be too afraid to go against her for fear of her blowing up his game. And where Austin goes, the twins go. (At least until Julia decides to cut herself free). I realize that from the inside, that might not be as easy for the HG’s to detect…but when Austin has already mentioned he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to go after Vanessa in the DE and the goblins don’t recognize that as a possible red flag?

        Bottom line, they were all in agreement that Vanessa was more dangerous than Shelli because Vanessa has a hand in all sides of the house…yet Vanessa got into their ear about Becky, then J/J/M folded like a deck of easily played cards just like Vanessa needed.

      • Time will tell whether this was a good or bad move for them. My gut is personally thinking this will be a good move for the goblins.

      • Truthfully, I don’t think it’s a terrible move for them as both Shelli and Vanessa are ultimately bad for their game. I think my real problem is their flawed logic behind it.

      • Evan, you make a very valid point. Unfortunately you can’t argue logic with the Vanessa haters!

        Vanessa is in real danger moving forward in this game. From my perspective, her only play (if she survives the second eviction tonight – I give less than a 50% chance to survive) is to pull the twins away from Austin!

        I think Vanessa sees this (she’s a good player). Last night she was working on Julia, telling her to play her own game. Liz will be much harder to turn obviously. Which is why if Vanessa survives tonight, I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts talking to the other house guests about how powerful the Austwins are becoming.

        Vanessa’s pitch – As more players get evicted, the Austwins control more of the remaining voting block. Austin is the “brains” of the outfit, so if we get him out it will give us all a couple of more weeks to effectively eliminate the twins.

        Meanwhile, with Austin removed, the twins will attach at the hip to Vanessa. with Steve in a little side alliance, Vanessa is back in control of the game!

        I’m not saying that will be easy, I’m not sure Vanessa can pull it off, but the way I see it, that’s her ONLY way to regain control of the game. She has to be able to control votes. Despite what the “Vanessa haters” believe, right now she doesn’t control any vote but her own.

        Without a push from James, Vanessa would have been voted out 7 – 0 (James would have voted with the house).

        Going into DE tonight here are the targets for each player.

        Vanessa – Becky
        3 Goblins – Vanessa
        JMac – Vanessa
        Austwins – JMac (Austin may throw it)
        Steve – throwing it
        Becky – (second HOH comp) – Vanessa

        Notice, no one is targeting the Goblins! If Shelli remained in the house, a majority of the house would be targeting the Goblins. There would be no nascent Austwin/Goblin alliance. The Goblins would be alone and in danger in tonight’s double eviction.

        I really don’t understand how this is not clearly evident to people following this game!

        Their hatred/fear/irrationality/rooting interest/? seems to cloud their view of what I think is a very interesting game.

        Sorry for the book!

      • I completely understand what you’re saying but all I see right there is 1 person after Becky, 3 people after Vanessa and 3 people after Johnny Mac. It’s pretty even. If Shelli were to stay, make and keep a deal to not go after James then it’d be:

        Shelli- Austwins
        JMac- Austwins
        Austwins- JMac
        Steve- Throwing it or Austwins or maybe even Becky
        Goblins- Anyone
        Becky- Austwins

        The only people truly benefiting from this 6HG alliance is the Austwins. Either scenario the Goblins are safe through DE. If they are worried that Shelli would go back on her word then they should also be worried about Vanessa as well.

      • Hi Valerie,

        Shelli didn’t make a deal and wasn’t going to make a deal. Her target was James.

        She offered a deal only after it became apparent that she was in danger.

        If Shelli stayed, she would have been in the middle of two of the three factions of the house (Goblins, Austwins and Becky, JMac, Steve). She would have worked with Austwins to target the Goblins.

        I also believe she would have brokered a “truce” between Austwins and JMac.

        Becky wouldn’t have been targeting the Goblins, but she wouldn’t be playing in the first HOH.

        With Shelli staying, Steve may have even played for the HOH to target the Goblins. Trying to gain standing with Shelli.

        JMac, knowing he was safe most likely would have thrown the HOH.

        JMac and Becky are the big losers with Shelli being evicted.

      • Of course she offered a deal then. Who wouldn’t and who hasn’t? That’s what Vanessa did and always does. There’s nothing wrong with that. But she would for sure honor it knowing she has no choice.
        Shelli would not work with Austwins. She has repeatedly said why isn’t anyone going after them. She doesn’t want them there because she knows if they stay then there’s almost no chance for her or anyone to make it into F3, especially now since they are working with the Goblins, for now, to insure they get that far. I don’t see how no one can see this “deal” only protects the Austwins, especially if they’re keeping Vanessa past DE.

      • Shelli said she would put up the twins if she stayed and won. And I think she would have. She even admitted why did I choose the dark side. She also found out how they’ve all been throwing her under the bus.

  5. How I wish both of these females could go out the door together. Since we know that’s not going to happen, the next best thing will be one following the other in DE.

  6. Oh, the irony, in the web we weave .. for the first 5 weeks, Shelli (Clay) did everything possible to keep the Twin twist protected, in order to get that numbers .. and, now … they could / would be her downfall … Ha !!!
    So, it worked … Austin must have trimmed his ponytail beard a bit over the weekend, as Liz is actually starting to fall for the guy with her puppy eyes, while Julia is looking to gag .. :)

  7. J/J/M are sitting the best in the house going into the DE. Before deciding to keep Van, they had several that were considering them as targets during DE. Now, no one is. No one is even planning on putting them up as pawns.

    If Shelli goes first, a lot depends on who wins the HoH, PoV and who goes home before 2nd HoH…
    Van wins: She’s planning on targeting Becky, using Steve & JMac
    James or Jackie wins: They are planning to target Van, using Steve & JMac
    JMac wins: He’ll most likely target Van, using the twins with Austin as backup plan
    Steve: Planning to throw it
    Austin, Julia, Liz: Will probably throw it, but if not planning to target JMac, using Steve with Van as backup plan
    Meg: Unlikely to win, but would be same as James/Jackie

    Austin has told Julia & Liz that if Van wins and targets Becky, they can’t evict her, because it’s not what J/J/M want. He’s more concerned with keeping their new 6 HG alliance than he is with appeasing Van. (Van could change his mind, but right now he is more set on keeping solid with J/J/M and has even said he might target Van.)

    If J/J/M comes through tomorrow night completely unscathed, which I
    think they will. That gives them another week to work on their relationships with Austwins. If Van is still there, that also gives them another week to continue undermining her game play.

    It looks to me like J/J/M’s decision was the right one and that Van, JMac and Becky have the most to worry about during DE. Steve and Austin are possibilities, but longer shots at being the 2nd jury member.

  8. I hope that after tonight, the Austwins prove their new loyalty to J/J/M and everyone stops saying all these horrible things about J/J/M’s game play.

    • Not trying to be hateful but there is NO WAY the Austwins would have their loyalty to JJM before Vanessa

      • Austin is saying and showing his loyalty. He has made many comments to Julia and Liz that he doesn’t want to say/do anything to upset their new alliance. He said that if Van wants to target Becky, they won’t back her, because J/J/M won’t want it. He’s also said that they need to vote Van out with J/J/M.

      • Could this be the start of a splitsville between Austin and the Twins ??
        Did Austin not pledge his BB Life, Heart and Soul to Vanessa for not being backdoored a couple of weeks ago ??
        And, not also swear to the Twins (err, Liz) that he does not care about winning, but sole objective was to protect her further into the game ??
        Kinda interesting, now, that Austin is talking about playing more of an integrity game ?
        Having said that, it will be interesting to see if the Twins will be “ordered” around by Austin on which way to vote and support ??

      • The Twins will flip to where the power is … kinda like the Goblins …
        JMc, Steve and Becky are the wildcards .. so, if they happen to be the fallout, before the duo-Trifecta alliance self-implodes ….
        Who knows with HG’s this season ..
        In my world an alliance of 4, Austin, Twins and Vanessa will trump Jackie, James and Meg …
        and, if you add Shelli back (as a possible returnee)
        If anything, I think that Austin is now starting to play both sides of the House … Yes, he may actually be now thinking about winning this game ..

      • You’re really missing the critical comment from Austin though. He told Liz he wants to work w/ the 3 to get through the DE. Not the rest of the game.

        He’s even guiding the 3 away from targeting Vanessa during the DE which means he wants to have her around post-DE.

        If he was more interested in working solely w/ the 3 over Vanessa then why try to get them to not target his oldest ally in the game?

      • Exactly. Because if he really thought it out he’d realize that he and the twins could vote to keep Shelli and the votes would be tied (assuming Steve voted to evict Shelli and Jmac voted to evict Vanessa). Making it look as if the Goblins went ahead and kept Shelli after all. Then Vanessa would never think they betrayed her AND they got rid of her.

      • I respectfully disagree. He did not say that he only wants to work with the 3 through DE. He said that he wants to back them in DE AND wants to sick with them. They key word is AND.

    • Have you been listening to conversations between the Goblins? They seriously have the most inaccurate read of the house of anyone in there right now. These aren’t “horrible things,” this is what they’re doing and saying.

      Goblins have said they think they can “pressure” Vanessa to stick to her word because she “promised.”

      Goblins have said they don’t think Austwins & Vanessa are really that close (as Vanessa keeps promising them they aren’t). They have said they hope Austin and Vanessa haven’t been together since the start.

      Meg just said this morning joked that maybe Austin and Steve are together and then the Goblins laughed hysterically that it couldn’t be true.

      Austin told Meg last night that after Becky Vanessa would probably come after the Goblins. Meg didn’t bother to repeat this to her allies.

      Goblins have been convinced that Becky is actually after them and this week was a huge ruse to hide that.

      Last week they considered Vanessa to be the head of the snake and flipping James’ HoH. This week they want to make deals with her and are asking her for guidance. “I hope Vanessa can make sense of this for us.”

      These aren’t hateful/horrible things. It’s pointing out that they keep flying full speed in the wrong direction on big choices.

      • I agree that J/J/M have a lot of flaws in their beliefs, but I’m looking more at what the Austwins are saying and doing. J/J/M will come around to the truth. They have time to do that now that Austwins are backing J/J/M and not Van.

        While Austwins are not against Van, they have decided that they aren’t supporting her. That’s a big difference from what they were doing before.

      • They all have flaws in their beliefs. JJM no more than the others. It seems that everyone enjoys pointing out JJM’s more than the others, though.

      • Yes!!!! Couldn’t have said it any better!! It’s not just that we are able to see this from the outside so we’re just judging, it’s that they have been given and shown SOOOO MUCH information the past 2 weeks and especially the past 2 days that now they are just completely stupid if they can’t see what’s in front of them. Yeah Shelli wants James out but that’s a long shot since it’s just her. She can’t outnumber them whereas Vanessa & crew can.

  9. Lol at people thinking the Austwins would go against Vanessa. They have been together since week 1 and there is no way they will just jump ship on a 1 hour round of bb.

    • The thing is that their alliance with Van has not been an alliance. It’s been a dictatorship. Austin and the twins have been grumbling about it ever since Van almost BD’d Austin. They have been looking for a chance to jump ship. Not only do they WANT to jump ship, now they have a ship to jump to.

      • They’ve had plenty of opportunities to leave Vanessa. She’s 1, they’re 3, they could’ve dumped her at any time along the way.

      • They couldn’t dump her as long as she had Clay/Shelli. Plus it wasn’t until the week that Van was planning to BD Austin that they even considered it. That was only 2 weeks ago.

      • If they were really smart, which they are not, they would’ve stuck with Clelli when Clelli went on the block and tried to campaign to get Vanessa BD then if they REALLY wanted out. But they didn’t, they stuck with her anyway. It would’ve been 5 people instead of just 4.

      • Remember how much they wrestled with who to vote out Clay or Shelli? They wanted to vote out Clay, because it’s what James wanted. But, they wanted to keep Shelli, because they liked her better. None of their talk was about voting how Van wanted.

      • Which still proves my point, they weren’t smart enough to think out all they’re options. They just assumed it was only between Clay or Shelli and no one else could be BD. They were still trying to be loyal to Vanessa while playing with the other side.

      • I was talking pre-veto. And yes they did consider what Vanessa wanted because she wanted Shelli to stay and they agreed with her when talking to her. They said all that again after Veto as well.

      • They told Van that they were agreeing with her and they told James that they were agreeing with him. Privately they were debating it.

      • Which, again, reinforces my comment earlier….
        “Which still proves my point, they weren’t smart enough to think out all they’re options. They just assumed it was only between Clay or Shelli and no one else could be BD. They were still trying to be loyal to Vanessa while playing with the other side.”

      • Do you know why its a “dictatorship” Because the Austwins are a romance lol only Vanessa can use logic in this alliance. I think she scared Austin with the threat of backdoor and that why he has stuck to her like glue.

      • Until he found another option. They’ve been talking about dumping Van for 2 weeks. Now they can.

      • It will blow up in their faces if they leave Vanessa because her ability to change up targets and get out who she wants has kept them safe. They might complain about the near back door but she has kept them safe and is the sole reason why Austin is still unnominated. If he leaves and gets into trouble who is he going to turn to? The goblins will just go back into hiding and Vanessa will not be very willing to help.

      • Huh? They are leaving 1 person, Van, for 3 people, J/J/M. It’s come down to numbers. Plus, everyone in the house is on to Van’s tactics. Her only support left is Steve, although she thinks she still has Austwins.

      • Do you really think the alliance will hold if its someone from the Austwins that gets in trouble? I feel like this deal expires after the double eviction.

      • If other people win HOH that aren’t a part of these 6, of course Austwins and JJM will do what they have to do for their 3. That is a given. But I think if any of them win HOH, they will get work together for a couple of weeks. Of course it won’t last long, it can’t.

      • As I’ve mentioned before, the controlling tactics Vanessa uses are akin to an abusive spouse. Austin still has fear of her, but he is sick of her ways and is anxious to break loose from her control.

    • OK, so you’re laughing at me, because I think Austin is more than ready to go against Vanessa. Julia is the one that worries me a little, but as long as she sticks with Austin and Liz, that is THEIR plan.

  10. I don’t think it’s completely cut and dry. Whether their decision turns out to be the right one all depends on the double eviction and who wins the following HOH. As far as I’m concerned it’s a total crapshoot. I think Austin and the twins will float to the new power if they don’t win. I hope Vanessa goes during DE and Johnny Mac survives. I’d also like to see J/J/M survive because I think they’re entertaining. While J/J/M might not have all of the details right, I don’t think that evicting Vanessa is the automatic right decision here. We all just want to see her go because it’s more fun.

  11. Seems that most people are so positive that Austwins are still backing Van, since they were up until 2 weeks ago. I have seen them coddling her and not talking back to her, but I’ve not seen any real support from them. It’s been even more apparent since Van blew her game with that Clay/JMac fight.

    Not one of them even went in to check on Van when she was hiding in bed. When she came out to the kitchen. Both Liz and Austin were there and they ignored her. They are NOT backing her any longer!

    • See, I think they’re being wishy washy. Judging by their words, I don’t think they want to back her anymore but they’re coddling her because she’s won HOH twice. I think if she wins after the DE they’ll be backing her again at ditching their new 6 person alliance.

      • Julia mentioned backing Van, if she wins and targets Becky. Austin, said they can’t, because it isn’t what J/J/M wants.

      • I think if Van wins HOH, she will threaten them into backing her. She will use them to her advantage, yes, because it will be a smart move on her part. But they will not do it willingly.

      • Wed 4:50 PM BBT Julia agrees & says but if she (V) puts Becky up & wants her out, then we can vote her out & Austin says NO – thats going against JJM& we wanna stay in “GOOD” with them so if Becky stays – those 2 ie (V/B) can go at each other and us groups can stay safe but for now – we need J-Mac gone bc we don’t know what his deal is anyway so its better he is gone first. He tells twins that if they go against JJM – then if they win endurance – they are targets so we should just with the plan to keep all of them safe and let Vanessa do her dirty work for NOW and let them do what is best for their game.

      • So, again like i mentioned before, they are planning on keeping Vanessa past DE. How is this not a red flag? They are keeping her around to do the “dirty work” and to fall back on because they will end up not keeping their alliance with the Goblins.

      • They don’t know that it is a DE. (Although they suspect it.) They are talking about if Van wins the next HoH.

      • Big brother does the same scheduled every year with the same comps at the same time. People have caught on

      • Yeah they do. Like Andalib said, they know the schedule. And Austin clearly said “if we keep Vanessa past the DE…” If I were standing there NO would’ve popped out of my mouth so fast I wouldn’t let him finish his sentence. The Goblins have been saying both Shelli and Vanessa HAVE to go on DE so for Vanessa staying past that to be an option is ridiculous.

    • I think the Austwins initially were not checking on Van because she was Beckys target and they do not have the votes to keep her. However, now that Vanessa is most likely staying, it’s a whole nother story. This is why I think the Goblins are making a mistake by voting out Shelli. Becky has a pretty good read on what’s going on in the house and has already told them, if Vanessa stays she has the Austwins, if Shelli stays who does Shelli have?
      If the Austwins do have JJM’s back at least until the buyback then it’s not a bad move for them to keep Vanessa, but I just don’t see that happening. Time will tell whether the Goblins made the right decision, but as of right now I am pretty firm on my opinion.

      • Austin has been reporting to J/J/M. He is not reporting back to Van. He’s only telling Van things when she asks him. He has not told Van about their alliance with J/J/M.

      • I think the alliance Austin made with James is fake and only for this week. If he or the twins win HOH they will target James and his girls. James is walking around the house with his head up you know. I thought that he was smarter than that, but unfortunately he is too trusting of the wrong people.

      • Then why is Austin telling Julia and Liz that he doesn’t want to upset their new alliance. Austin believes it is real.

      • James has a better chance of winning HOH than Austin or the twins so he is kissing a for now. Even though I think the twins have been studying and may have a good chance this week. Once the power goes back to the other side Austin will switch as well. James needs to put up Vanessa and Liz on the block if he wins and forget about this dumb deals they keep making.

      • The best way for Vanessa to get Austin to stay close is to tell him if he leaves the 4th sense then she will do everything in her power to send liz out the door.

      • Except that Van doesn’t know that Austwins have turned against her. She believes they are still with her.

      • She will if the wins (witch is very likely since its some memory true or false comp) HOH then nominates Becky and JM and then JM leave.

      • Again she can always make a threat to liz’s game to Austen and if Liz is in danger Austin will do what ever someone wants to save her aka go back under Vanessa’s rule

      • Van doesn’t have the backing to evict Liz once Shelli is gone. Also, Van still thinks that Liz is part of her support team.

      • Im talking about if they flip the vote on her at the DE and send JM out if Becky is on the block. She will know they have flipped and threatening Liz will get Austin back with her

      • That’s not Van’s MO, though. Her MO is to talk her way into support and create reasons for a target. Threatening someone is not a reason to her, or at least it hasn’t been.

      • According to posts on Jokers, Steve is having second thoughts about some things. I’m not sure what he will decide, but at the end of his talk with the oranges and mirror and air, he made the statement that he was “going with the gremlins”. 6:05pm

      • Her ability to manipulate people that know she is manipulative and does Austin really need logic or would he just jump back to her to protect liz

      • Van isn’t targeting Liz. First, she said that Becky, JMac and Steve are the only targets left. Second, she doesn’t know that Austwins aren’t backing her any longer. Third, when she does find out, it will be too late. She won’t have the numbers.

      • Uhhh, the twins told Vanessa about the new formed alliance. I know it’s hard to pick up because Vanessa whispers alot.

        Get this, in her convoy with the twins, she is relaying her convince with JohnnyMac — I thought if I gave him some life advice because he looked down, he might think I’m a good person! !!!”” Say what!!!!

        This girl can’t be foe real. She covers one million topics in one sentence. Thank God for REWIND. Hope I don’t break the DVR, LOL. ¥:^)

      • That was just Julia that told Van about the new alliance. As soon as Liz finds out, she’s going to reel Julia back in.

      • I don’t understand. Shelli will be gone. Do you mean, if Shelli is the returning juror and Van is somehow still in the house? I don’t think both Van and Shelli will be in the house together again. Both will have gone to jury by the time someone returns. Plus, Shelli is furious with Van now. She isn’t going to work with Van again.

      • No, I mean to say that will Austwin at the last minute decide to o after Vanessa ahead of the DE and vote to evict her over Shelli first. It’s hard to get a good read on where they stand now in the ruins that was the Sixth Sense alliance.

      • Austwins and J/J/M are set on voting out Shelli and keeping Van in the first vote. If Austwins vote to keep Shelli, they break their new alliance, which is what they are trying to protect.

      • So will they be bent on getting Van out on the second round just so they could finally get her off their backs for good?

      • I dunno .. say, Shelli goes first .. then one of the Austwins win and target Becky, John, for the second live eviction …
        and, all Vanessa has to do is survive another week or two with either HOH and/or POV and Shelli returns to the game in 2 weeks time … and, voila … the Sixth Sense Alliance (err, 5 Sense Alliance, minus Clay) plays out the final 3-4 weeks .. :)
        That, or all of them end up in Jury House as they are backdoored by the Goblins ??

      • First, I doubt that Van survives that long. Second, if she does and Shelli returns, Shelli doesn’t want to work with Van after this week. She is furious with her.

      • I’m looking for some fireworks between the two if they catch the other campaigning. They are trying to be cordial, but Shelli is upset beneath the not-so-smug mask.

      • This is Vanessa, remember …
        And, besides, it was Shelli who betrayed Vanessa first, by not telling her about the plan to backdoor her ??
        If anything about the two .. they have both been somewhat loyal to their Alliance, up until they were put on the block together, that is … and, even so .. I think they both would vote for a former Sixth Sense Alliance Member over a Goblin or non-Alliance Member, should the votes in F2/F3 happens to be ??
        Vanessa has flipped the House and her decision so often in the past, but if you recall, it was always to save/protect one of her Alliance Members from the block .. albeit in the short run …

      • Vanessa was only able to flip votes in the past, because she had a support system. She lost that plus she blew up her game and everyone is on to her. She still has the ability to talk circles, but it is not longer as effective.

    • Then why keep her? The Goblins should want Vanessa out to insure they keep their alliance with Austwins. Keeping Vanessa only gives Austwins opportunity to go back to her. Take her out THEN I’ll start to believe they’ll stick with the new alliance. But keeping her there is giving them ample opportunity to go back on it.

      • Because Shelli is targeting them. Shelli is more dangerous to their game. Van is being neutralized, while Shelli is gaining Jmac and Becky.

      • But that’s just it. The new alliance doesn’t include Vanessa. So if Vanessa wins HoH who’s to say that she won’t go ahead and put one of the 6 up with Becky or BD one of them. She never keeps her word. Yeah she could put up Johnny Mac or Steve but if she spins it just right, which she’s known to do, she will get Austwins to back her up. She is not neutralized.

      • Van has already said that she is going to put up Jmac and Steve to target Becky. She is grateful to J/J/M for saving her this vote and she still believes that Austwins are backing her.

      • Vanessa has to see that they are together and figure out she’s low on the totem pole now. So if she does figure that out then yes, I absolutely believe she will target the Goblins to gain back control of Austwins. So again, it won’t matter which one stays because they’ll both end up targeting the Goblins.

      • If Van stays and does decide to target J/J/M after targeting Becky, she won’t have the support to do it. Van doesn’t make decisions unless she thinks she has the support, so that she can blame it on someone else or on the house.

      • Austwins would end up supporting her because she could turn around and blow up their game as well. This is why they will always go back to her no matter what. She spins it around to let them know they can’t turn on her or else. Yeah they talk crap about her behind her back but they never leave her. This was their only opportunity to get rid if her. After DE it’s not happening unless someone else does it and that’s a toss up now at this point.

      • I get that. But if Vanessa makes it past DE then Johnny Mac is gone. And that could’ve been from Vanessa or the Austwins being HoH. Which could mean Vanessa & Austwins still have a chance to be HoH and they’ll have to put up Becky and Steve. If one of them gets the veto then who’s left to go up… the Goblins. So are they really wanting to take that risk? Obviously they are. It’s always the better option to have the remaining 6 be actual allies than them be your enemy. Why give your enemy the chance to make it to F2?

      • They haven’t been this whole game. That’s what I’m talking about. The floaters are closer allies than your actual enemy especially if they are against your enemy. They even said they were trying to make it down to them in the F6 so they can go at each others group, not every man for themselves. They are basically just calling truce until F6 so they can go after each other then. That’s not being allies.

  12. They need to realize on DE night the HOH comp is a memory or a who said what comp. Vanessa would be good at that, she came in 2nd and very close to Steve who won the Veto. She could very easily win the next HOH, they have to get her out, she will only be after revenge for daring to put her up and no one is safe.

  13. I would much rather see Vanessa go but evicting Shelli is still a win situation. I will admit that Shelli is much more tolerable without Clay. If her goal in this game wasn’t finding a showmance, then I may have rooted for her from the beginning.

      • Yep, Meg would have gotten her Man, had Shelli not been there .. and, Clay would have gotten more than just a kiss and snuggle until the sixth week, I bet … :)

      • Honestly, Clay is a jerk. Meg doesn’t know Clay threw her under the bus to Julie when he was evicted

      • He didn’t throw her under the bus, he stated a fact. And if anything Meg made herself look bad by looking for Clay as soon as Shelli went to the DR and telling Clay “can’t wait to get you drunk in NYC, baby”. If that was Clay or any other guy saying that to a girl thats taken then all hell would break lose.

      • I absolutely think she was serious. Before saying that she was babbling about her bonding and connecting with Clay the first day and then said “but you had to go off with your lady friend…”. All that talking she did reinforced that she absolutely meant the getting him drunk statement. If you go back and look at the feeds of when Clay was there it becomes obvious she was all about him. She constantly looked at him, looked for him and always tried to be near him. So yeah I don’t think she was joking.

      • I totally agree. If they want a romance then there is a perfect show for them on ABC.

  14. I always believed that the goblins were clueless about what was going on in the house and it was Vanessa’s mistake for trying to make an eight person deal when she was thinking of back-dooring Austin. They are proving me right by flipping and thinking they can take Shelli out now and have a really easy time getting rid of Vanessa later.

    • Exactly. I’m still trying to follow their logic on how it is so easy to get rid of her over Shelli.

    • I understand Shelli is targeting them but either way they will lose a number. So how does joining the other side make it better? It’s better to scoop up Johnny Mac and Steve, make a deal with Shelli and insure all 4 of them stay. They’re gonna have a big group anyway so Meg saying “6-7 people is too big of a group” is obviously contradictory and stupid considering they’re own group would be down to 3 and the other side is 4 including Vanessa.

      • Shelli will not honor any deal with James. Why should she? He didn’t. So I think they are wise to not align with Shelli.

      • Yeah she would, at least for this week she would. After that no way. And that’s what the Goblins keep saying, they just want to stay in tact for this week/DE.

      • I disagree. She was barely willing to promise safety.

        With Vanessa they have a chance she targets Becky, while with Shelli its James all the way.

      • Agree completely. Shelli – if she wins HOH – will take out james or jackie. Period. Van will not, at least for a little while. Shelli would relish breaking any promise to James. She hates him.

        Now, this is not to say all is well and good. Goblins are still behind the 8 ball. Their early game play allowed for their numbers (of truly loyal HGs) to be cut down to 3. They must win 1 of the next couple HOHs or they were done anyway.

        Win HOH – put up van & a Austwin – and van will go. That is james’s (all the goblins) next bold move. Then it is anyone’s game.

      • But they won’t put up Vanessa and Austwins. They will put up Vanessa and Johnny Mac or Steve. If the Goblins are HoH then yeah they’d be the tie breaker and Vanessa goes. But do you really believe that if one of the Austwins was HoH that they’d vote out Vanessa?? Highly unlikely. So then the Goblins end up outnumbered and in the jury house while Vanessa and Austwins celebrate being the F4.

      • Austwins are backing J/J/M. There is no tie breaker in the 2nd vote tomorrow night. Austwins + J/J/M will decide who goes home 2nd vote.

      • They won’t vote out Vanessa over Steve or Johnny Mac! That’s my point. Austin has already made it clear that there’s a good chance he’s keeping Vanessa past DE. That only happens if they vote out Johnny Mac or Steve. After that the HoH is the tiebreaker.

      • Austwins are followers, not decision makers. They’ll do what their leader says. Austin’s leader has changed from Van to James.

      • James is not his leader. If anything he sees him as his equal. And he has enough brains to know that if he keeps Vanessa in his back pocket they will always outnumber them. He only goes to James to fill him in not to receive orders.

      • Both Shelli and Van have proven that deals with them are easily broken. Shelli is angry @ James for taking out her boy toy. Van is angry @ Becky for nominating her. Plus, Van is grateful to J/J/M for now.

      • What deal has Shelli broken? Yeah she’s lied to cover herself like everyone else has but I don’t recall her making a deal then breaking it. If it was in the beginning of the game the duh obviously because everybody else did too. But recently no. Vanessa has broken MULTIPLE deals with EVERYONE and all were recent not from the first 2 weeks of the game but these last 2-3 weeks of the game. She has constantly manipulated people in going along with her to save her butt then turns around and nominates them or puts a target on them because they know too much. Has Shelli done that? Not that I recall. Vanessa will always be the bigger threat overall especially now. Shelli has one target only and doesn’t have numbers to back her up or be HoH for her. Vanessa does.

    • J/J/M are only doing it because of their new alliance with Austwins. If it wasn’t for that, they would have stuck with the house to vote out Van.

      • I thought they started talking about voting out Shelli before making a deal with Austwins. They were worried that James would be Shelli’s target. And they value James more than they do Becky.

      • Correct. They decided this alone and then were hoping Austwins would agree to keep Vanessa, their biggest ally. Meg and James were thrilled to find out they were willing to vote out Shelli.

      • Yes, they were. But, James said that he needed to talk to Austin first. They needed Austwins on board and a deal with Van. James got both.

  15. Here are some very serious reasons why Austwins can not go after Vanessa
    1. Vanessa knows every thing they have done in this house pre jury and would blow them up to save her.
    2. She has influence over everyone.
    3. She is vengeful

    • Which is why the Goblins flipping the vote cornered them back with Vanessa for good. And also why they will not keep the new alliance.

    • I think that Austin will throw this comp because he is scared of Vanessa. The twins will both try to win, but they would target Johnny and Becky with Steve as a renom. That would keep them safe with Vanessa and with the Goblins.

  16. ‘Vanessa starts sniffle crying to Julia that she doesn’t know why Jackie and Becky hate her so much. Vanessa insists she hasn’t done anything to these people.’
    Is she just playing that hard, or is she just plain delusional? lol

  17. I’m rooting for luck and chance. I can no longer support the goblins. Their game is disappointing. And it’s giving me ulcers.

  18. And for the last time, I’ll say bye bye Shelli! Don’t worry though, Becky will be right behind you to keep you company in jury.

  19. Seems to me that the Austwins are followers, not leaders. First, they followed Chelli and let them make the decisions that they then followed. Now it seems like they want to put themselves in the same position with the Goblins. They don’t seem to want to stick their necks out and make decisions on their own. And of course, it seems like they will follow Vanessa anywhere.

      • Part of me just wishes everyone would target Austin and get him the hell out of there. But if they were to go after these three, the obvious target is Lis. But oh, to see Austin walk out that door ….

  20. I can’t wait to see the look on the goblins face if Vanessa wins HOH tonight and sends one of them home. They will spend the rest of the week saying we should have sent Vanessa home…Umm yeah. Obviously I know that she would nominate John and Becky but one could win Veto and who don’t you think will go up? Here’s a hint goblins: it won’t be Austwins.

      • Shelli doesn’t have the power over Austwins and Steve like Vanessa has. When all is said and done I think Vanessa is going to be more loyal to Austwins and Steve then she is going to be to the Goblins.

      • I would say she is hardly grateful. I would say that she isn’t ungrateful. But she won’t forget that they have weakened her alliance and plans by taking out her strongest allies (shelli & clay). But, she has bigger fish to fry right now. Becky will be her target.

      • I agree. She may be grateful to them now, but that won’t last long. I suspect she’ll turn her sights back on J/J/M after Becky & JMac, IF she is still in the house. But, I think that will be too late for her.

  21. I feel like Van will stay and Shelli will go.
    Then Van will win HOH and nominate Becky and John.
    John might win POV and Becky might go home

  22. Keeping Vanessa is the smarter play for Goblins. Shelli stays and wins HOH, 2 Goblins will be put up and 3rd is replacement. Van stays and win HOH, Becky and Steve will be put up and Johnny Mac is replacement. If I’m a Goblin, keeping Vanessa ensures Becky is her target when she’s in power, and she’s at the bottom of Austwins group when she is not in power. Shelli staying means there would be three alliances that would be very even in terms on players (Goblins, Austwins, and Shelli/JMac/Steve). Based on their conversations, there is no way Vanessa could manipulate Austwins to put up Goblin in next 2 weeks. That’s even if they come to power – and Austwins have been nowhere close to winning comps consistently. JMac/Steve/Shelli can.

      • I think a lot of ppl are upset with Van’s attitude in the house, and want her out. And I agree – she’s been too emotional. But you can’t be chirping the Goblins for keeping Van based on your own dislike for her. But I think ppl are giving her manipulation skills too much credit. She’s used information at specific times to gain an advantage. However, she’s emptying the barrel to save herself this week. She is not going to have alot of cards left to play moving forward – Austwins will have advantage of “we saved you this week – we don’t owe you anything moving forward” as defense for a play that benefits Van and doesn’t benefit Austwins.

      • You’ve got to be kidding. Vanessa can always find something. She borderline personality disorder zip she believes her own lines. After all, I’m a good person, all the while with the dagger in someone’s back.

      • I will admit that there are so many scenarios to consider for this week. But JJM know that they will have a better chance to make it through THIS week with Shelli gone. They can’t afford to think any further at this point. They need to focus on the here and now or there may not be another week. Van’s gonna’ be shooting blanks very soon.

      • For the record, I dislike Shelli more than Vanessa. But I would never make a game move based on that. Shelli really is alone and looking for a place to hide. Vanessa has the twins and Austin and admitted that to Jackie last night when she said she is loyal to them and them to her. That went right over Jackie’s head of course.

    • Agreed. Vanessa staying MIGHT turn out badly for the Goblins, Shelli staying WILL turn out badly for the Goblins. They should atleast give themselves a chance.

    • I am not so sure. I think making a deal with Shelli is more likely to stick than making a deal with Vanessa. Vanessa is telling the twins it they win they need to make a big more like putting up Meg and Jackie. This is how Vanessa works. She uses her pawns to break her deals. or she comes up with some BS argument to break them.
      I think Shelli, if she makes a deal, will stick to it because she does have no one in the house. If Shelli wins HoH this week, she cannot play next week and would be an easy target. Vanessa has the twins and herself meaning she has a chance each week.

      To me, this is a no brainer. Vanessa has to go.

      • Vanessa staying is less of a threat. She’s lost 2 of her support to eviction and 3, which are glued together, are looking elsewhere for support.

      • Valid points. Couple counter points to consider:
        1) Shelli has higher risk of coming after Goblins than Van. Clay being evicted/Clay shirt being stolen/Shelli has rarely if ever bad-mouthed Austwins likely leads to Shelli putting Goblins up (especially James). James knows this – has never wavered on his belief of getting out Shelli. So I don’t think Shelli’s “deal” holds more water than Van.
        2) Vanessa cannot manipulate without ammo. She has very little left, and ppl have caught on to her ways. It makes ZERO sense for Austwins to go after Goblins with 10 ppl left in house. You make your move at 6-7 remaining guests after Steve/JMac/Becky/Vanessa go.
        3) Shelli does have ppl in the house – JMac and Steve. I believe all three have an understanding that each player won’t nominate the other two. I think if either of those players win, they will pick to go after Austwins or Goblins. Vanessa does not make that same play without support (which she won’t get)

      • JMac told Shelli if she stays they need to work with the goblins for a while. He said he preferred going after Austin and the twins. That’s because he is friendly with Becky and would not go against her. Now that the goblins are going to stab her in the back he will question his previous thinking. This is another reason they must get rid of Vanessa.

        Vanessa still has Julia who seems very attached to Vanessa. I think as long as Vanessa is in the house, the twins will be attached to her- and so will Austin because he has to.

        We shall see what happens but after this but I know that the goblins are making a huge mistake listening to Vanessa and her lies about Becky.

      • Because J/J/M are targets always, it’s a good thing that they are keeping everyone guessing. This is smart and fun. I’ve always said, don’t let the left hand know what your right hand is doing. Letting them know what you are thinking is what got everyone else evicted. Think they are throwing caution to the wind.

      • Hi redroses!

        All I know is is that I can’t wait for Tonight’s episode! It looks like it will be the most exciting so far.

        I think everyone is assuming Vanessa will win. (Which tells me they don’t have any faith in ol’ Johnny boy to win one HOH.)And their real issue is is that Van will nominate John. And not that J/J/M have made a mistake to their game.

      • And add on that Shelli HAS said why isn’t anyone going after Austwins. Which means she WOULD go after them especially if she had to prove she wouldn’t go after James.

      • But Shelli won’t even tell Jackie and Meg she won’t put up James she hasn’t even guaranteed their safety, other than to say to Meg and Jackie: “you two aren’t my targets”. Which really translates to: “James is my main target with you two as pawns.” And Meg and Jackie know that. Vanessa is a liar and she is manipulative and so is Shelli. But at least Vanessa (however insincere she might be) is offering them safety during DE. Van even said her main goal is Becky and John as a pawn; she even told one of the twins this.

        And you are assuming Vanessa will win DE. James is great at comps and Jackie is very good too. And even Meg didn’t do too bad in the last Veto. And as James pointed out that even Victoria from last season won one comp. so they could send Van packing.

        One of reasons you want Van to go is because she’s likely to nominate JohnnyWack and or Queen Choo Choo.

      • So keep Vanessa who is able to pick whatever target and be able to follow through with it or keep Shelli who will only be able to go after Austwins??? Yeah I’d keep Shelli everytime.
        If you are willing to believe Vanessa then you also have to be willing to believe Shelli. You can’t believe one more than the other. So that aside the Goblins should be looking at what will happen after that. Shelli won’t have any choice but to stick with them so she can have the numbers to go after the remaining Austwins. Vanessa will have the numbers to go after the Goblins & whoever is left since the Austwins won’t vote Vanessa out over anyone else. That possibility HAS to stay in their head as long as Vanessa stays. Whereas who does Shelli have… no one.

      • Omg It’s either or: Vanessa or Shelli! (They’re picking Vanevil because she’s coming after choo choo and JohnnyWack.)

        What should James, Jackie and Meg do? Magically hope a third person should go home beside Vanessa and Shelli?

      • Exactly!!! But people still are not seeing this. They, along with the Goblins, seem to believe Vanessa over Shelli and think that flip floppy Austwins won’t go back to Vanessa. Shelli broke it down for the Goblins and they still didn’t get it, went right over their heads while they nodded and said “I know, I know” That was clear indication that they weren’t even listening to her and didn’t care what she had to say anyway. They only hear their little voice saying “get revenge for Jason” & “I hate Shelli”. They are too worried about what was done in the past to them and who said what about them to really connect the dots properly.

  23. Goblins are clueless. Becky picked the wrong side of the house. No one is sitting pretty. As stupid as the group is, the game is pretty evenly split and isn’t being dominated by one group like the past few seasons.

    • I agree. When I hear Meg and Steve talking about Becky I cringe at the stupidity of it. Becky just won HoH. If she she was going to work with JMac and Shelli, then why didn’t she attempt to do it as HoH? She came to the Goblins and told them her plans and everything in her past.

      Vanessa made up a lot of what she told James about Becky. And this is what really bothers me. The took Vanessa’s word knowing she can;t be trusted and have yet to mention anything to Becky about what Vanessa said. Remember when Vanessa told James what Clay said? He ran right to Clay. In this case he is not telling Becky anything. I think he does not want to find out the truth.

      He is playing right into Vanessa’s hands again and I think it is going to cost him this week if one of them doesn’t win HoH.

      If Jason didn’t deserve to gone home when he did, I am certain Becky doesn;’t deserve to go home because James cannot get over the thought that Shelli took Clay’s shirt from him. The irony is, Shelli didn’t take it! Julia took it.

  24. There are good and valid arguments on both sides. The problem is Vanessa has the abilities that Shelli just doesn’t have. If she stays, it’s a testament of how good of a player she is. Do not poke a bear and not get rid of it…..they had the votes.

      • I’ve listened to BB Podcast last night and it’s 50/50. Literally anybody in the house could win this game. That’s how good this season is. It’s still very open.

  25. I will be flipping back and forth between football and Big Brother but I would not miss this evening’s DE for anything! This will be a very exciting night. Can’t wait to see how everything shakes out.

  26. The key will be to get out Crazy Train Van out on the 2nd evict. If not the Goblins will need to stop talking with Austin and start talking to the twins. Sorority Princess Shelli was stupid to strut around all week showing she knows she’s safe and then wonders why she would have to lower herself to speak with the Goblins and Oh My! I have to make a deal with them to keep me?!?! But But But can’t I leave James out of the deal?!?! But why not?!?!? ROFLMAO

    • If the Goblins were paying attention they would have noticed Shelli is wandering around looking for anyone to talk to and hook up with in the game. They would have also noticed that the twins have been constantly in Vanessa’s room consoling her, studying with her and talking with her. If that is not a sign they are loyal to her I don;t know what is.

      The Goblins are just too stupid to see all this, even after Vanessa shook their hands and promised to BD Austin. Remember, it was just last week that Austin and the twins told James how grateful they were that he wouldn’t put them on the block. They agreed to vote out Shelli until James left Clay and Shelli on the block by not using the POV. Then they starting hedging on voting out Shelli. In the end, they flipped.

      So why does he insist on trusting them? James is easily influenced by the last person he talked too – although this stolen shirt thing has him looking for revenge. I wish Shelli would tell him it was not her, it was Julia.

      • Yes to all that! Why do people keep saying Shelli is “strutting” around? They said that last week too. She clearly said she didn’t want things to be awkward, to act normal and that’s what she’s been doing. The strutting thing is obviously straight from the Goblins mouths.

    • You mean when Vanessa nominates Becky and John? Because that’s what’s likely going to happen. Vanessa and James actually get along very well and Van has never had any animosity towards Meg. Plus she knows Meg would not go home because a lot of people don’t view her as real competition. The only person she might put up should John or Becky win POV is Jackie but Jackie would probably stay as everyone has expressed that they want to see Becky and John gone.

      If Shelli stays she’ll pick J/J/M off too. The odds are really stacked against them but they are trying to keep the person who is more likely to not nominate them in the immediate future.

      • you are talking immediately. I’m talking the rest of the summer. do you really think Van would VTE one of the Austwins over the Goblins? I agree Shelli is a threat as well.

      • No I’m not just talking immediately. But since you bring it up, then I think it would be best for their game to keep someone who isn’t going to nominate them during DE and possibly even during the rest of this week. Seems logical to me. Why would they keep Shelli who they know will nominate them during DE and is going to nominate if she wins the regular HoH?

        And If you read my earlier post you’ll also see that I mentioned how neither J/J/M trust Vanessa and they want her evicted during DE.

        They don’t really trust the Austwins either but right now they have to: it’s their only option.

      • Shelli already campaigned to them if they kept her safe, she wouldn’t come after them. She even wanted to make peace with James.
        Besides, by keeping Shelli safe, if they are smart enough, they can maintain the good term with Becky and Becky is close with both Shelli and Vampire Dentist. If they all are willing to put their differences aside, they can form a strong 6-person alliance.
        7 if Vampire Dentist can convince Lil Stevie to join them.

      • They would not have been safe with Shelli either. So it will turn out exactly the same in the worst case scenario for them. No need to keep Shelli if keeping her doesn’t benefit your game

  27. I am hoping they kick both Vanessa and Shelli out. I am sick of their righteous attitudes. Steve has proven to be a very poor strategist in this game. He is clueless. Johnny Mac may have some ideas but has no way of executing them. I don’t want the twins or Austin to win. I feel they have played this game on the back of everyone else in the house. All they do is talk; but they accomplish nothing.

  28. Meg is the most oblivious and most delusional house guest this season. The Goblins are the dumbest alliance I have ever seen in big brother. This is your chance to get revenge for Jason who got screwed by Vanessa, this is your chance to get out the lion, and they’re throwing it away. As long as Vanessa is in the house she is never “dead” she is always a threat, she can turn people against each other in just a few statements. Pulse she has her allies backing her. Yet these idiots want to take out Shelli because they think she would go after James, YET NOBODY WILL VOTE HIM OUT! Who would Shelli put up against James? Steve? By by Steve, JMac, nope because he is Shellis only support. Shelli puts up Austin, the Twins will split, Julia hates Austin. These idiots don’t understand that Shelli has no more power base. Vanessa was down and her allies would have turned and voted her out. But Meg, James and Jackie, don’t realize that Vanessa has been picking off their allies and if she stays she will keep doing it. Smfh, does BB even screen these people or IQ test them?

  29. I think that Vanessa’s plan it’s go with Steve to the F2, because he’s not a threat, he’s not making big moves in the game, and if they reach the F2, Vanessa gonna throw him under the bus.

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