Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 3: Friday Night Highlights

Friday night offered up more plotting and planning in the Big Brother house as control remained within one group of Houseguests who were for once working secretively in a season so far filled with wide opening alliances.

Vanessa Rousso on Big Brother 17
Vanessa Rousso on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

Nominees had just finished fighting it out on the Battle of the Block and with things going to plan the next goal was to get through the Power of Veto competition and settle on a target for eviction this week.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, July 10, 2015:

6:40 PM BBT – Feeds return from BOTB competition. Meg and Jason won, dethroning Austin. Vanessa remains HOH and James and John stay not he block.

6:42 PM BBT – Vanessa and John talking about how bad James did in that competition. She also tells John that they’re still good on their deal and that he is definitely safe this week. They wonder if James actually threw the comp because he did so poorly.

6:50 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Austin she needs to bait James into saying something negative about her so that she has an excuse to not backdoor Audrey.

6:55 PM BBT – Austin is now talking about Clay being a twin also. He says he’s ripped but never works out and that his hair looks different sometimes. Vanessa thinks he could be right.

8:05 PM BBT – Liz, Austin and Vanessa are talking about how to handle the twin twist. Steve joins them and starts asking technical questions about the twist. Liz wonders if people will want her out of the game because of the twist.

8:25 PM BBT – Now they’re talking about the other vote against Meg in the last eviction. Austin tells Steve people think it might be him as America’s Player. Steve says definitely not. They tell him they believe him and Vanessa says she thinks Audrey is America’s Player.

8:30 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve that Audrey isn’t her target this week. She says it’s Jeff or James. Vanessa says it would be better for her game if James went this week instead of Jeff so she hopes the Veto isn’t used so nominations stay the same. She doesn’t want to have to explain to the house why she doesn’t put Audrey up as the replacement.

10:10 PM BBT – Clay and Vanessa talk about the comp and how poorly James did. Clay doesn’t think James threw it, but can’t be sure. Neither thinks Jeff or James is on to their plan of not really targeting Audrey. Vanessa is still pushing James to go home over Jeff.

10:35 PM BBT – Austin retelling story of Jeff’s fight with Jason and Meg. Jeff was upset that Meg questioned why stronger players didn’t go up which upset Jeff. Jason took Meg’s side and their was a verbal brawl.

12:30 AM BBT – Meg and Jason discussing how fewer people are believing them on the Twins Twist. They worry about them both getting to play in the game together. Jason worries they could enter after the 4th eviction.

1:25 AM BBT – Jeff is upset about his argument with Jason earlier. James worries Jason might be flipping to the other side, but Jeff thinks that’s highly unlikely. Jeff says he’s done working with Jason.

1:35 AM BBT – Clay warns Shelli that Jeff has been setting them as targets around the house. Clay wants Jeff gone then James, but he knows Vanessa is going for James and he doesn’t want to rock the boat over that issue.

1:45 AM BBT – Austin lets Shelli know that Vanessa doesn’t want to have to do a renom, but he’s hoping to see Jeff and James on the Block together.

4:00 AM BBT – Liz asks Shelli if she should just admit the Twin Twist and move on. Shelli warns against it saying it’s already falling off HGs’ radar.

Vanessa is going to do everything she can to avoid a renom after the Veto but will everyone else go along with her? Her allies probably will, but we’ll have to wait and see how that PoV competition on Saturday turns out before we know if she’s going to be lucky with that.

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  1. Should be an interresting POV comp. I hope John win again so we can see the scrambling for next 2 days. Andrey or Jeff as a renom ? Obviously Vanessa will want to put Jeff, but how much pressure will she get from the others to put up Audrey. Fun, fun, fun.

    • The only pressure she will get will to put up Audrey will be from the people she doesn’t care about, so I don’t see the problem with that.

      Final 6: Austin, Vanessa, Clay, Shelli, Liz, Julia. Calling it now!

      • One can only hope it stays to these until then, but I’d like to see Steve and John in the final six than Clay and Shelli at this point in time since they’re the ones helping out as pawns and doing most of the others dirty work.

      • I’d be ok with Becky joining that alliance somewhere down the line if and when the alliance starts to lose numbers. After Jeff is gone Jackie might even be useful to this alliance.

      • The final six will not be from one alliance. They would have to get power every single week, and not backstab each other. A few of them will drop between now and then.

    • Help me Capt. I did some numbers in my head last night and from I came up with, Vanessa doesn’t have them in order to get rid of Jeff or James unless she has both on the block.She has her core and with both on the block the rest of house would have to split their votes.

      • Hummm… No point really counting any vote yet until we know is on the block after the veto meeting.
        Just for the sake of argument, if you leave the nominations the way they are, who would vote John out ? I can’t think of anybody but Jeff.

      • Meg would probably throw a vote his way too, possibly Jackie because who knows what she’s thinking, a small chance with Jason, but that leaves seven votes almost certainly headed James’s way.

        Should Jeff go up, I think James will still leave unless Jeff goes Audrey-level pyscho and Vanessa targets him instead. Her alliance is going to follow her choice. I think they don’t question it because if they win HoH, they’ll get the pick of the draw for who to target and the rest will follow that decision. With that being said, it’s all up to Vanessa’s choice and I think James will leave unless he wins that PoV.

  2. Here we go with the reluctance to put up Audrey again. I don’t know why they didn’t nominate her and James for the BOB. It’s boggles my mind that these houseguests are so scared to put her up. It’s going to be a very very interesting veto comp today guys. Looking forward to it.

    • I am starting to think that there is some validity to what Day said to Julie concerning Audrey. She thinks that they are afraid to be the people who voted out the transgender contestant. Even if they are not thinking along that line, Audrey will use that as a way to say, “I was doing this for the transgender community.” I kept thinking, why did Audrey even mention that when she introduced herself? It would have been a non-factor to me, but apparently she struck a nerve with some house guests.

    • Granted, I don’t watch the feeds and only half-way pay attention to BBAD, but to me it would be silly to get rid of Audrey right now. Nobody’s really working with her, and if she’s on the block on Eviction Night she’s gone. I’m sure everybody remembers that all she does is lie, and will always be a target. Now’s the time to pick off other players. But… if they wait too long then they might not be able to get rid of her. Maybe 2 more weeks and then get rid of her.

      • True, but they’ll have to come after her sooner rather than later. I think she’s benefited from not being a part of the two major “factions” pitting Austin, Vanessa, Lizia, and Chelli against James, Jason, Meg, Jeff and presumably Jackie, who will come after each other rather than those in the middle, including Steve, John, and Becky. I think Audrey and Steve are closer tied to Austin’s group, and Becky is closer tied to Jeff’s group. John I believe is the season’s pawn but it has come to a great advantage to him this season. Steve might have gotten that opportunity if he accepted his role as pawn more gracefully week one, but he’s at the same point as Audrey: close to Austin’s group, considered a possible threat, but not an immediate one.

  3. Where are Becky and Jackie?! If there intentions are to be non-factors then they have done well!

  4. I’m very behind with updates, but is Vanessa pushing the envelope a little? She has somewhat allayed LIz/Julia’s fears of Jeff with assurances that he will be gone soon. I’m not sure how receptive they would be to knowing that James has been Van’s main target all along. I know others in her “alliance” would prefer Jeff over James.

  5. Each week someone makes the same dumb remark, which is: “Getting rid of [fill in the blank] is better for my game”. Some of these house guests have no game nor are they capable of seeing beyond what they think is happening right now.

    • That’s what the HOH should do. They get rid of someone that is a threat to their game. James has said several times before that he wants Vanessa and Steve gone. Why wouldn’t Vanessa target him?

  6. I thought, for the most part, that these HG’s were fairly smart. But, America’s Player? I guess they figure “expect the unexpected”, so I’ll give them that. But is anyone REALLY thinking Clay has a twin, too? Then there’s Jeff and John. If Vanessa keeps them, I’d be hard pressed to choose who to keep. James is a pretty good competitor, but John (in my opinion) is fast becoming a floater. All he seems to be good at, is throwing comps and being a pawn. Of course, he is terrific at both. However, my poor cat has seizures if I don’t mute John’s voice.

    • Ahhhh, poor kitty! I just had visions of that cartoon cat that always looked like his claw was stuck in a light socket. What cartoon was that.?
      I’d rather Jeff be back-doored than for James or John to be eliminated. but I’ve kind of lost hope for this week. Looking for some big drama next week to make up for lack of drama since Da is gone and Aud is brewing behind the scenes. I think the pressure cooker is about to explode.

      • BTW, I know the cartoon you’re thinking of, but I can’t remember it either. Hey, LOVED your comment about the racism that’s running rampant on our friendly site this year. Thank you for expressing so eloquently what so many of us have been thinking. Good job, friend-o-mine. I’m probably going to be gone for the next few days, so you and Cyril be good! Take care! Peace, love and little blue pills!

      • Thanks, Sharona, although eloquence is definitely not my forte. LOL That comment is being held for approval for some reason. No biggie.
        I’m going to be gone also, Sharona. Hope whatever you are doing is enjoyable and you have good days.:)

      • Well, I just checked and it is no longer pending. If you want to read it, it’s on the Big Brother Spoilers:Week 3-Battle of the Block. I was just trying to catch up by reading a lot of threads and there was SOOOOO much about racism.

      • Count yourself lucky that you missed the worst of the worst. I loved your comment and I applaud the fact that you were able to stand up to the bullies.
        So happy BBN is back to normal.

      • Are you referring to Season 15? If so, I am not sad that it is the only season that I’ve never seen.

      • I was referring to the comments made by ardent Da’ fans that CBS, Julie Chen and anybody on BBN that disagreed with them was a racist. Thank goodness that is over with for good now!

      • HUH?! Oh, bruh-ther. Of all the comments to be pending. Jeez Louise. Oh well, whatever. Have fun on your trip. Catch you on the flip side. Stay safe.

  7. What is the plan if Jeff is picked for the POV and wins, then saves James? Would Vanessa feel pressured to put Audrey up?

    • I think she would and pretend that Audrey was the plan all along. Easiest way to get out of that scenario and that is what she would choose.

  8. Anyone else wondering what the BB Takeover is this week? So far, all I know is Gronk doesn’t want anyone to be a have not, and he likes partying and people who are winners , lol. If there is another lame BB Takeover this week,( last takeover was too early in the game to make a difference, would have been better if reserved for later in the season, imo ) this takeover thing is useless. I want to see BB Takeovers that change the game, after all IT is called a takeover. lol So far it appears the takeovers are nothing more than shameless promotions of other CBS programing/affiliates…which has become more apparent each of the last couple of seasons.

    • I just want a takeover that results in getting rid of Clay and/or Shelli. That would make a huge difference in my level of entertainment. LOL

      • It’s really still early in the season. But I normally lose interest in all HGs who enter a showmance. I think it distracts from their personal game.

      • I can see your point but for some reason being in the BB house causes some of the HG’s to cling together to survive the turmoil. Finding one person that is trustworthy helps the couple to be able to cope with the insane situation they are in.
        Plus, I usually enjoy a little showmance and seeing 2 loyal people team up to get to the end – as long as it’s not another Amanda and McRae gag-worthy showmance.

      • I wish they could all cope without any hint of copulation. Not saying that is going on now.
        I never will have respect for a showmancers game. That’s just the way I feel and I don’t see that changing, although, I do wish Jordan and Jeff the best. Seems they are good people.

      • WHOA!! Absolutely no copulation is my only stipulation to any showmance!
        I know the kids are young and all but still…

      • Pssstt ! Did you know McCranda did the deed nightly on BBAD. Ssshhhhh, I won’t tell if you won’t :D
        Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen this season is all I can say.
        *Secret Squirrel*

      • HA! I just stick to ROFL to avoid saying a dirty word but I’m liking LMBO now. Thanks for adding a new acronym to my vocabulary :D

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