Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 6: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It’s been a busy eviction eve (finally) in the Big Brother 17 house as everyone has been going back and forth on which half of Clelli to evict this week.

Becky and Vanessa pause from backstabbing
Becky and Vanessa pause from backstabbing each other for a massage – Source: CBS All Access

And of course, Vanessa spent the day trying to plant seeds on new targets for next week, and even those have gone back and forth from Becky to James to Jackie to probably the ants in the kitchen. Expect more drama for the rest of the night as eviction day draws closer.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 5, 2015:

10:15 AM BBT – HGs are getting up for the day.

10:19 AM BBT – Vanessa launches in to her new plan with Austin. She wants to expose Becky and stage a fight between Austin and Shelli so HGs want to keep Shelli. It’s overly complicated and mildly unnecessary.

10:25 AM BBT – Vanessa telling Steve about her plan to expose Becky. He likes it a lot. She shifts to talking to Austin more about the staged fight, but he’s interested in figuring out if they can keep Clay.

10:50 AM BBT – Clay and Shelli are up. Vanessa starts telling them her ideas. Shelli is very interested in going after Becky. Later they’ll decide it might be better to talk to Becky in private.

11:10 AM BBT – Vanessa keeps talking to them in loops about how she wants to address James “bullying” the HGs in to voting out Shelli. She has ideas about how to handle whoever stays and how they’ll need to go up on the Block next week. Clay points out this doesn’t make any sense.

1:21 PM BBT – Liz and Julia quietly discuss keeping Clay and voting out Shelli. They think this is a good opportunity and will just tell Shelli that this is Big Brother and people break deals when they play this game.

1:30 PM BBT – Liz says she’s going to wait until Jury to tell Austin that she’s not interested.

1:30 PM BBT – Clay asks Shelli if “Rosemary” (their codename for the BB casting director) came to her room every night because she did to his. Shelli says no. We get Fish.

1:40 PM BBT – Vanessa comes to work on the Austwins to keep Shelli. Instead they’re suggesting it’s a better opportunity to evict Shelli since this is their big chance.

1:41 PM BBT – Meg goes into the lounge to talk to Shelli and Clay. Meg asks Shelli and Clay a question about Austin. and they shut her down. Shelli tells her that she isn’t going to help anyone who is going to send her home this week. Meg gets upset. Shelli gets upset. Clay is a total jerk back and tells her that they don’t owe anyone anything.

1:48 PM BBT – Meg leaves the room and Shelli tells Clay that his attitude is making everything in the energy house so much worse. Clay says he doesn’t care.

1:52 PM BBT – Clay tells Shelli that Austin is just trying to get his hands clean and is pushing everything off on them.

1:55 PM BBT – Clay is upset that Meg is acting worried about them even though she was in on all of this plan to get them out with James. Clay says the bridges have been burned. Clay says he doesn’t have to be nice to anyone and that he won’t be.

2:13 PM BBT – Meg tells James she confronted Clay and Shelli about Austin saying they lied about him. Meg says they’re blaming James for telling Austin that they were throwing him under the bus.

2:15 PM BBT – Shelli and Clay run to tell Vanessa about Meg. Vanessa thinks that side is trying to find a reason to target Austin and that they’re already going back on any plans they discussed with Vanessa.

2:22 PM BBT – Shelli tries to squash Vanessa’s Becky obsession. She says she knows they can’t trust her, but they need her for now and they can cut her when they no longer need her.

2:51 PM BBT – Austin tells Liz that he’s leaning toward keeping Clay for a lot of reasons. Liz agrees. Austin said that if they go along with the plan the other side might not be fighting as hard to win. If they go agains the plan and vote out Shelli, then they’ll be gunning for them.

2:58 PM BBT – Shelli half-crying to Clay telling him he doesn’t want this to come between them. She says they both want to be there (she’s feeling guilty for wanting to stay). Clay doesn’t respond but hugs her.

3:15 PM BBT – Becky tells John that Vanessa is the one person in the house that can’t be trusted. She says she’s trying to get everyone to promise not to target her. Becky tells him he thinks people are deciding to keep Shelli (who knows that is actually going to happen). Becky finally gets around to saying that she wants to keep Clay because she doesn’t see Shelli sticking to any deals she had with herself and John. She says Shelli will go with Vanessa, who is with everyone. So Becky is onto Vanessa.

3:23 PM BBT – Becky says she doesn’t trust Vanessa and that Austin and Vanessa are way closer than they’ve let on. John agrees.

So we can legitimately say, we have no idea how everyone is going to vote this week. This will be an actual suspenseful vote unless Vanessa finally talks everyone to death and they just give in and keep Shelli. but we will soon find out.

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  1. Grrrrr. Stupid flight! My flight leaves at 7 and tonight is going to be soooo good! I’m going to be checking back with you guys when I can. Gonna be so good!!!
    But really tomorrow night will be good I hope! Alot can happen in 24 hours in BB house! Best. Week. Ever.

  2. I think thus far, Vanessa is playing the best game and deserves the 500K. But she really needs to chill out, cuz the way she is playing is making people catch on to her game.
    Also eviction predictions are coming up tomorrow and as of right now it’s still a complete toss up…… Wonder what Matt is thinking right now

  3. I am still waiting for one person n that house to shut Vanessa down. Tell to her to go away and that hey will play their own game and vote out who they want.

    • I think Vanessa is digging pretty deep w/ every move she makes. I feel as though a good majority of the other side have already caught on to her this week, they just have to deal w/ the target at hand first. I wont be surprised if she is on the block next week if (AND A BIG WHEN, hopefully) she doesn’t win HOH.

    • Well, there’s a list beginning to form: Jackie, John, James and maybe Becky and Meg who at least are finally turning their antennas in the right direction. Hopefully one of them has the guts (and gets the chance) to remove her once and for all.

      • Does Johhny ever talk serious game. I can’t decide if he’s laying low on purpose or he just doesn’t understand the workings of the game. I keep waiting for him to make a move

      • I thought he said he was a super fan. If he is, then he is just buying his time before he strikes. Other wise he will go home before he knows it.

  4. I wish Shelli would realize how immature and stupid her behavior appears. She’s 33, for Pete’s sake, and Clay is 23. He’s having fun with a cougar and she’s worried that it might last once they’re separated. Heck, they’ve known each other for a whopping six weeks. What’s there to last? Even Bachelors and Bachelorettes have more time to get to know each other and look at their track record.

    • That’s what I thought too, she could have hold it, I’d be so ashamed watching myself acting like that on national TV.

  5. I know I am in the minority but I don’t even care who leaves. Shelli and Clay were ok with me but I am not liking how they acted this week so much. Some think it’s such a big deal that she wants to be with Clay but in reverse no one would even care.

    • Yeah, I’m with ya. It really doesn’t matter to me which one goes at this point. And I’m just so done with this week that I’m ready to move on with the game.

  6. Regardless of my feelings about Vanessa and crew, I still have to admit that this is the first time in a very long time where I didn’t know who was going to be evicted. I’m so happy to finally have some suspense and intrigue on Big Brother!

  7. Clay and Meg’s Hug session was a total shock to me. Shelli’s pride will take a punch after this is all over.

    • Meg had been drinking a bit too much wine too. Hopefully she woke up and realized what a mistake she made! haha

      • As a NYC party girl myself, I can say that when you’re drunk and with a guy you like, the truth comes out. So she definitely meant what she did and said. But she probably regrets doing it in front of JMac. Also, Clay wasn’t drunk and he shed tears. He had more emotion and chemistry with Meg in that moment than I ever seen with him and Shelli. I loved that moment!

    • Because they are an alliance based off of the idea they are the cool kids. That’s why Vanessa ventures off with Steve, because she’s a weirdo at heart that clings onto the popular kids to not get “bullied”! If you think about it they were never on the same page.

      • My reply was going to be similar…they don’t all think the same. Vanessa just pressures them or talks so much about the plan that they don’t have much time to stay for too long. The social game this season seems to be set up so much under the guise of house loyalty that everyone seems to fear thinking on their own so that a “jeff vs. Vanessa” isn’t pulled on them…a made up fight to have a reason to target them. Here I thought saying you’re a threat to my big brother game is enough.

    • Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone that never shuts up long enough for you to get a word in?? You forget what you want to say and what you are thinking and eventually give up and just nod??? I have a feeling a conversation with Vanessa is exactly like that.

    • Because Vanessa is crazy and her brain works overtime to invent new theories and conspiracies that don’t exist. I just wonder how many times Jackie and Meg have to get burned before they realize they cannot talk game to Vanessa or Shelli without being back stabbed.

  8. I want Cleg to happen now, so I’m sure Clay will go home. Its a Game of Thrones theme this week, so of course whatever I want to happen won’t!

    I wonder why Rosemary comes into Clay’s room at night. Why do Clay and Shelli even have separate rooms? Aren’t they ALWAYS in bed together?!

  9. Meg going to Shelli asking for info on Austin. Jackie going to Vanessa and talking about Judas. Are these two people out of their minds! why are they talking to Shelli, Clay or Vanessa about anything game? Do they realize that they are giving Vanessa ammunition to change the vote to save Shelli this week?

    My goodness they are stupid sometimes.

  10. Vanessa isn’t know mastermind, in fact her play is getting sloppier everyday! The other houseguests are finally starting to see through her garbage!

  11. I can’t stand Shelly, Clay, and Vanessa, every time they open their mouth, which is all the time, they lie through their teeth!

    • I hate the way Clay and Shelli act so indignant when people lie to them. They claim they will stop stoop so low but until this week that’s all they did. Remember the scheming with Vanessa in teh HOH room when Vanessa was HOH?

      And sorry, I do not feel bad for either of them. They could both still be here if they just gave up their alliance to James before the veto meeting. So now one of them is going home and the other is a target of almost everyone in the house. But what’s worse is America dislikes them anywant!

  12. I love that Clay or most likely Shelli will be getting a front dor eviction. Those are 10X better than back door evictions. And they deserve it for making this season so vomitrocious.

  13. 1:30 PM BBT – Clay asks Shelli if “Rosemary” (their codename for the BB casting director) came to her room every night because she did to his. Shelli says no. We get Fish.

    Could someone tell me what does it mean? I dun get it at all. I thought they slept on the same bed every night?

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