Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 10: Wednesday Daytime Highlights

It’s Double Eviction Eve in the Big Brother 17 house, but you wouldn’t know it. Houseguests aren’t scrambling and nominees aren’t campaigning (because let’s face it, would there really be any point?), but it’s still early in the day. Meg still has a few hours to work something out.

Houseguests practice for a competition – Source: CBS All Access

The HGs did get a chance to practice for an upcoming competition (we’re all guessing it will be the second HOH of the night this Thursday).

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 2, 2015:

10:00 AM BBT – Lights are on, but HGs are still down.

11:40 AM BBT – John and Vanessa talk in the backyard. He promises he’s still in to evict Meg. Vanessa thinks they may be able to pull in James to help with their plan once he’s alone after Meg’s eviction.

12:00 PM BBT – HGs sent inside for lockdown. The next HoH construction has begun.

12:30 PM BBT – John, Meg, and Julia in the kitchen chatting. Austin attempting to either smother Liz or embrace her.

1:15 PM BBT – Outdoor lockdown is lifted and there’s a stripped down competition that the HGs are allowed to practice.

1:25 PM BBT – Vanessa notices on the card from production that everyone is strongly encouraged to practice. She thinks that means this week could be a double eviction and that will be the second HOH competition that she’s eligible to play in.

1:45 PM BBT – HGs are still practicing the competition. It’s a ball-rolling crapshoot game.

2:30 PM BBT – James is now suspicious of a double eviction and is starting to gather his things in case he gets evicted. Meg tells him she doesn’t think it’s going to be a double eviction.

2:35 PM BBT – Meg tells James he’s not prepared for a competition that requires him knowing the days. He says he knows and that he didn’t expect to make it this far in the game so he didn’t bother remembering everything.

3:05 PM BBT – Vanessa asks Austin if James has been pushing for Meg to stay. She says it makes no sense for him to want Meg to stay. She thinks Meg going is better for his game.

3:08 PM BBT – Julia is coming up with her eviction speech.

3:15 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austin discuss his now-ex girlfriend. He says he feels bad for her family because they were excited to watch him on Big Brother.

3:35 PM BBT – Austin hopes people enjoy his and Liz’s showmance on TV. He thinks they might be annoying on the Live Feeds, however.

Even though to all of us out here, evicting Julia seems like an obvious choice, that’s likely not going to happen. There’s still a little more than 24 hours for HGs to flip and save Meg, but don’t count on it.

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    • Stupid and he thinks he is AFP it is either John or James I pick James, John is dumb for targeting Meg not James, but I could still see a blindside, we haven’t have one since BB 14

      • Poor Austin, it’s so naive. If for some reason he reach the F3 with Liz & Julia (the worst case scenario), I’m not sure that the twins gonna let him making to the Final 2.

      • Of course not. He would have to win final comp and take Liz to F2. Liz and Julia would take each other.

      • But in the case that Liz (or Julia) wins the final comp, I don’t think that the twins gonna take him to the F2, but honestly I hope that they three don’t reach the F3.

      • I would love to see them make it to F3, I’m rooting for Julia, I don’t know why they get so much hate.

      • Austin has no intention of taking either of them any further than he has to. He is already scheming to get Julia out and he isn’t including Liz in much game talk. The 3 of them are marketing themselves and I think this romance is a set up. Liz still cringes when he approaches her and he is pretty wimpy in his attempts to move in on her. Smack kissing and touching is pretty tame. The twins were playing good cop bad cop with him for awhile but that got tired. He’s out for himself. I would bet that by the end of the game they have a planned break up. They think it is good tv but it’s pathetic. That under cover action could be self directed if you get my drift.

    • Agreed! I enjoyed Shelli & Clay’s showmance a whole lot more than Liz & Austin’s, because at least Shelli & Clay really cared about each other!

    • Same here. I was really hoping for a mental comp so Steve or John could win this next hoh and get the austwins out. Maybe the thing they’re practicing is for the late night hoh.

      • This game might be good for John…he’s good with his hands…after all he’s a dentist. From the sounds of it Steve might be good as well because they got to practice and Steve is very exact and may have gotten it all down…that is if he even wants to win HOH.

      • It looks like a short one so I would wager than it’s the one leading up to the DE. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

  1. “Meg tells him she doesn’t think it’s going to be a double eviction.”

    I think we already had a discussion about her misreading things?? lol

  2. The should change the name of this show to “Who is the dumbass?”

    Seriously, I have never seen a bigger bunch of idiots on BB.

    James and Meg can;t get anything right. Even when fans shout over a bullhorn some clues for them, they interpret that wrong! My goodness was a clueless duo.

    But coming up right behind them are the Austwins. How can these people not see what is going on? Last week they formed an alliance with Steve and JMac to back door Vanessa. This week Vanessa wins HoH and she doesn’t put up any of the people who stabbed her in the back, namely Austin, Liz and Julia. The dumbasses for this week don’t even question what she is doing or why. They just go along with it. They even get one of their own to volunteer as a pawn so Vanessa doesn’t have to put up one of the two ringleaders in the last week’s plan. Again, no light bulbs going on over the heads of the Austwins.

    While this is going on Vanessa is working with Steve and the Austwins like she wants to go to the end with all of them. She is doing this right in front of everyone’s eyes. Do any of them get suspicious? Ask each other questions just to see what’s going on? Nope. They just continue to grovel at the feet of Vanessa – who still thinks JMac and Clay are gay lovers and Jackie and Jeff were really married!

    I am not making any of this up. It is all happening in the BB house this season – and worse!

      • They should have a clue. They were given a practice for HOH which looks like it will be a quick one. Why would they have a quickie (competition that is) at this point? Double eviction of course. I suspect a few of them might be expecting this after the comp practice but are keeping mum.

    • Hgs are told of DE on Thu by Julie during live show. Its usually right before eviction speeches.After first evictee leaves, thr wheels will spin in everyone’s head. Can’t wait..

  3. During eviction tomorrow, watch Julia and Meg take their seats on the block. Whoever sits on the left is bei ng evicted. A pattern BB should change.

  4. Meg’s crying up a storm on the show. Good. Her and that idiot James thought they were clever forming the Goblins. I hope she gobbles a big turkey when she goes out the door. What an idiot. The one they saved afew weeks ago, puts them on the block. Good.

  5. I will say it again I am not expecting a blindside but I can see one maybe coming if John and Steve open their eyes and vote to evict Julia we would love the season and it would be interesting again

    • Austin is setting them up to evict Julia and I think they know that. There is so much going on that they all don’t seem to be able to keep it all straight in their own minds…except the twins who don’t have one. They are oblivious…ignorance is bliss I guess. It’s a crap shoot so tomorrow will be good with the DE to top it off. Will be glad when BB is over because I need to get a life.

  6. Thinking 1st HoH will b the mental comp like Before or After. That’s usually tuff for Hgs who r not Steve or JMac. Don’t count on James doing well, he says doesn’t remember anything lol. Then Vanessa also may do better in 2nd HoH with practice. James & Liz out at DE. genius lol

  7. Another week of crappy game moves ! Meg going home isn’t going to have a affect because she hasn’t really shown herself as a threat. Maybe to Vanessa this is good to get James alone but still Julia would be the better choice.

    • Hi Mel :)

      I’m no fan of Vanessa, believe me–but there is one line of logic where this actually makes sense. Let’s assume she’ll never put up one of the Austwins with the intent of ever evicting them till F4. I know what she says to Steve and Johm, but I simply don’t believe it. My guess is that she has to keep them around to try to do her dirty work–get some/all of the Austwins out. So she couldn’t touch them either. If James is gone, she can throw multiple HOH’s in a row–nobody will go after her.
      She has F2 deals with everybody, so she can sit back and watch what’s left of the house
      That only leaves James and Meg to go up–and that’s exactly what happened. As I see it, James has one shot to have a realistic chance to win. He has to win the HOH for the DE, and get Vanessa up next to Liz on the block after the veto. In this scenario, Van goes out via the tiebreaker and James aligns with Steve and JMac in a real alliance to go after Austin and the twins to finish out the year. They will roll with this, as they have no other alternatives. As long as Vanessa is around, James is gone once he doesn’t guarantee his safety through HOH or veto in a given round, so he has to get her out first before Austin and the twins.

      Make sense? :)

      • These guys have everything decided by the day before, if not sooner. The fact that Steve/John are even considering a vote flip at this point shows how stupid the current plan is. It helps the Austwins and Vanessa, but hurts everyone else. At some point, you would think logic and basic self preservation would take over, but who knows.

  8. Steve pacing around in HOH room. Said to himself – he is going against his BB knowledge here. He whispers him/John need to flip the votes
    That is from Jokers


  9. Aha, Austin just told Steve and Vanessa that he would keep the twins together until F3 (or so it says on Joker’s). Why would he say that? He is obviously priming Steve to make the flip so he can keep his hands clean, and presumably Vanessa’s, and get Julia out. He also expects James to take out Vanessa so he has it all tied up neatly in a bow. Someone needs to get him out! Some of the players are so worried about jury votes that they are making stupid moves oblivious to the fact that if they keep it up they won’t make it much further.

    From Joker’s…
    “Austin just told Steve/Vanessa he’ll never break up the twins until F3. Steve nodding. Vanessa quiet then Austin says: well, if they get there NT – jaguar3”

  10. I would give anything just to see their faces if Julia got voted out lol one can dream. And Liz said if Julia gets voted out she would self evict I would so love to see that lol

  11. Honestly, Austin must be ready to explode with the biggest case of blue-balls ever. Weeks upon weeks of foreplay with no…relief? It has to ruin his game/concentration!

  12. Yeah, Austin we just love watching a cheater get with another woman…. especially one like Liz. you both truly deserve each other. *GAG*

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