Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 13: Monday Highlights

Houseguests said goodbye to the Big Brother 17 backyard as the house went on lockdown until Wednesday night’s season finale. Before things closed up we got another interesting conversation there between Vanessa and Liz.

Steve Moses says goodbye to the BB17 backyard
Steve Moses says goodbye to the BB17 backyard – Source: CBS All Access

Preparing for all scenarios Vanessa took the opportunity to reaffirm her plans to take Liz to F2 while possibly working on a way to insure she has the Austwins votes if things don’t go to her plans.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 21, 2015:

10:10 AM BBT – Lights are on and HGs are up and moving.

10:15 AM BBT – Steve comes out to the backyard and says goodbye.

10:20 AM BBT – Vanessa’s turn to come out and soak up a few minutes of sun.

10:30 AM BBT – Now Liz is outside. It’s like they all took a private moment with the pool.

11:10 AM BBT – Vanessa starts a gametalk with Liz while Steve is inside. Vanessa wants to know if Steve has been telling her anything. Liz promises Vanessa that Steve hasn’t said anything to her (Liz) about F2 deals.

11:20 AM BBT – Vanessa swears again to Liz that she is taking her to the F2 if she wins R3, but also warns her that she’ll have to make F2 deals with Steve in case she doesn’t win R3 (thereby abandoning Liz to eviction).

11:23 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Liz that if she wins then everyone who supported her will have a very merry Christmas.

11:40 AM BBT – Vanessa says she’s excused to cut Steve because he tried to get her out and replace her with JMac in their Scamper Squad alliance.

11:45 AM BBT – Liz is sure Steve will evict her (Liz) if he wins R3. She promises Vanessa that she won’t mention their F2 deal to Steve.

1:15 PM BBT – Steve and Vanessa chatting about life after Big Brother. Steve is concerned about how he’s received and then thinks of grad school.

2:20 PM BBT – Big Brother gift’d the Final 3 with cake pops. Nicely decorated ones of things from this season. OTEV, Zingbot, HGs, etc.

4:00 PM BBT – Steve and Vanessa reflect on the season’s comps. Steve thought he would have done much better in endurance comps but he only ended up beating one person all season, Julia, in the Dizzyland comp.

4:22 PM BBT – Liz says that Julia almost killed her in the womb by eating all their food.

4:25 PM BBT – HGs napping.

5:45 PM BBT – HGs are now playing cards at the table.

7:06 PM BBT – Vanessa and Steve find their suitcases in the storage room.

8:00 PM BBT – After an hour or so of nonsense, the final three are preparing to eat dinner. Liz microwaved a baked potato wrapped in tinfoil and luckily didn’t burn the house down.

8:23 PM BBT – Vanessa mentions being nervous and Steve thinks that’s not a good sign for him.

8:30 PM BBT – HGs packing and talking about what to wear to the finale and some general chit-chat about what’s happened in the game.

9:15 PM BBT – Vanessa comes out of the DR with treats from the After Dark poll. They get stuff to make candy apples.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs playing cards again. Not much else to report.

10:30 PM BBT – Liz is still worrying about Austin moving on to Jackie while they’re in Jury house together.

10:55 PM BBT – While Steve is away Vanessa takes the opportunity to again reaffirm their F2. (Vanessa has been doing that a lot.) She again questions Liz asking if Steve has come to her with any gametalk, but Liz says no. Vanessa says Steve was planning to tell Liz something on Tuesday, but it wouldn’t be true. Liz is upset because she can’t do anything but watch it play out before her. She’s worried Steve will win round three as she believes he’ll take Vanessa.

12:00 AM BBT – Houseguests are down, but Steve doesn’t stay there for long.

12:15 AM BBT – Steve rehearsing his F2 speech of why he’s outplayed Liz. He focuses on elements of his competition record, how the twin twist gave Liz an easier time, what he learned about the other HGs, and how his strategy helped his entire alliance.

12:35 AM BBT – Liz finds Steve wandering and reports back to Vanessa that he’s working on his speech. Vanessa says that’s worrisome.

1:00 AM BBT – Houseguests are back down for the night.

We are closing in on the big event of Wednesday night and the pressure continues to build. Has Vanessa figured out this is do or die for her game as Steve may suspect for his own? Liz continues to worry away but has apparently already won at least $50,000. Now it’s time to get ready for what may be the last day of feeds on Tuesday.

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      • NO. Survivor has been very good over the year at keeping everything under wrap. I don’t remember ever seeing a spoiler anywhere.

      • There’s this guy Reality Steve I think his name is who posts Survivor spoilers that a lot of people frequent (not me) and can’t wait to spoil the results to those not wanting spoilers at all. Glad to know this site you mentioned is not troubled with these types of spoilers since I definitely don’t want to know who the winner will be ahead of time.
        Of course Reality Steve or Spoiler Steve is wrong a lot of times but he’s frequently right too so somebody is telling him something, maybe a disgruntled cast member?
        One of the sites I usually frequent for Survivor recaps has had people frequently posting spoilers so I was looking for a new place to comment.

      • survivorfandom dot com is run by Matthew Boyer, our host here. It’s just like here. If somebody post spoiler on there, he delete them. I’m sure you’ll love it there. You can visit already. Cyril, LavendarGirl and Brenda Harbin are there all the time. I’m there too, obviously.

      • Thanks Captain, sounds like a lot of fun. I now remember checking this site out last year but I didn’t see many comments at all, good to hear things have picked up there with more people commenting.

    • Yeah, and we know we’ll have some good HGs, I mean survivors. It could be very interesting. Gosh, the HGs don’t know how EASY they had it.

  1. What is with Liz and her fixation about Austin and Jackie? And why does she think Jackie would have any interest in Austin?

  2. 4:22 PM BBT – Liz says that Julia almost killed her in the womb by eating all their food.

    Explains all the chomping and chewing like a moo moo

  3. Steve is wise to take Liz to F2 over Vanessa but Liz doesn’t know that. Is she just banking on Vanessa winning and taking her to F2? Has she campaigned to Steve at all??
    I’m sorry but I don’t think Liz has played any sort of strategic or social game beyond the Vanessa Austin and her sister. She has had a pretty smooth ride to 50k.

      • Yeah she sucks! However the twins being 22 are young and clueless! The funny thing is Steve is younger but smarter better at socializing and pretending that he is socially awkward when really he is not awkward! I think 80% is just faking to lessen the target on him! I hope he wins 3rd comp as he knows its win or go home! The girls should know Steve knows V makes final 2’s with almost everyone! I was hoping James and John for final 2 but go Steve! If V was better at keeping deals not crying lying and bullying most of the time I would have no problem voting for her to win the whole thing! I root for Steve as he was at the bottom of the Scamper Squad he did not bully anyone played a respectful game with only some fake tears! He won a respectable amount of comps especially when he was on the block and when his game was on the line! Honestly I thought Shelli played the best game and was the best player overall but her declaring safety while still on the wall for her Clay and JMAC was a dumb move and started the down fall of her game and Clays! Shelli acted so immature her last week with getting Clays t-shirts back from James when all she had to do was ask! She acted like immature high school girl when she was oldest person in house and had shown a classy game despite the respectable showmance! It was not gross and disgusting like LIZTIN! It all lead to her demise! Everyone except V wanted Shelli gone not Clay! Hopefully no more recruits and scummy people! Week 2 I would have gone after Austin and Week 3 I would have gotten people to get rid of twins before they could both play as themselves! Such a dumb cast this year with a few exceptions!

  4. There goes Vanessa with another veiled “pay-off” promise….saying that IF she wins everyone who supported her will have a very Merry Christmas. She should have gotten kicked out weeks ago………..she may have had “game” but she also broke the contract several times now.

    • Right? happened before a few times. it simply nullifies her status in the game as a good player, production did tell her to stop multiple times, but no penalties came of it. she didn’t need to get “spanked” when she should of got her butt kicked out instead.

      • Someone with her celebrity shouldn’t even be playing this. BB has turned into something completely different now. We can either keep watching next season or not. I probably will. I am hopeful that they will see the error of their ways. We may have kept watching this year because we already started watching it but another season or two like this and they will lose a lot of viewers.

    • Every season soemone says the same lines. Derrick last year said nearly same words.. If he wins he would remember how he got there yada yada. I don’t see how this is considered a bribe until it’s accepted and paid off.

      I’ll give someone a million dollars not to post on here again. Does that equate to a bribe?

      Ive told many people IF I win lotto they will get a special gift from me.
      I doubt me saying it ever made anyone I told not buy their own lotto ticket to allow me a better chance of winning.

      I don’t know the exact conversation, but from what I have seen posted, I have hard time calling it a bribe.

      • There is a big difference. I don’t recall sharing the prize money being mentioned by Derrick, it was during Vanessa’s conversation with Austin…the one when Vanessa was frantically called to the DR. And, not having a contract and saying that you would give someone money for whatever is not the same as having signed a contract that specifically addresses the violation. If you read the contract, or the excerpts I included, you will understand it a bit better. Yes, it’s a game, but it has a very long and specific contract.

      • Did we sign a contract with you? Are we in competition with you for prize money? Did we spend 100 days with you for the heck of it? This is a game, not some nice gesture. Get serious.

      • Always soemone who says ” I/we are going to do this when we are out of the house ”

        Is that a bribe?
        Or is,
        When I lose the game and am evicted from BB, I’ll have you over for dinner.

        I’m not certain what the game contract reads.
        But someone saying I’ll get you X if I win, is no different than saying, when I lose I’ll get you something.

        I don’t see those as bribes. Sorry.

      • Didn’t Shellie from the second season with Jeff/Jordan & others try to bribe someone with a fake ring? If so, was anything done about it? I maybe remembering wrong.

      • You’re entitled to your opinion of course but Vanessa was called out on this already by the producers. She is very cagey in how she says things but because this woman has so much celebrity already the dangling carrot is much stronger. This is why she shouldn’t be on this show. They all know money isn’t her motive, it’s the celebrity, so they know if they vote for her they will be substantially rewarded. It’s the whole picture here, not just a random person making a comment about doing something for someone. It’s a fine line but Vanessa has obviously, blatantly crossed it.

      • I never saw it. I don’t have feeds, just the show.

        I was getting at that it’s been done in past and nothing happened, so lets not get hung on it cause its who it is.

        I very well could see Vanessa needing the money more than the celebrity.
        First time she was shown this season I told people around me who she was.
        I knew her from Poker, either it be TV, internet whatever, I knew who she was.
        I figured majority of house knew her as a celeb on poker circuit.

        Again, I never saw where she attempted to bribe someone, so I don’t know…but I was not convinced by my readings here that she attempted to bribe someone or made a game move.

      • Seems the word “bribe” is what some people are focused on. But, sections 43 AND 46 of the contract the HGs sign is clear about even discussing sharing/ splitting prize money. In some cases it would be considered “undue influence” or “enticement”.

      • Thanks.
        Since I didn’t see the conversation, I don’t know what was said.

        If someone saying “if I win, we will party hard” breaks that rule, then so many times in past the rule has been broken.
        Point being if Vanessa did break rule, I doubt she was first or last. All I said was don’t hold it against her because its her.

      • I’m surprised you’d make such an effort to defend something that you’re not familiar with. No matter. Cheers.

      • Who is they all know money isn’t her motive?
        If guests don’t know who she is on day one, then they don’t know her background unless she tells them.

        I think she has two reasons to play the game… The money, and to play big brother.
        She had “fame”, she wasn’t there for it.

      • It is under section 43. It is a long clause, basically it says that it’s a federal offense punishable by fine and/or imprisonment for “me or anyone to do anything that would rig or in any way influence the outcome of the Series with intent to deceive the viewing public (including, without limitation, colluding to share any prizes, stipends or other monies), and that it is a federal offense to accept any information or special or secret assistance in connection with the Series.” It does on to say: “I acknowledge and agree that any agreement between me and any other participant(s) to share the Prize, if awarded to me or such other participant(s) shall constitute a deceptive or dishonest act hereunder.” It also addresses the HGs responsibility to report to the producers if anyone ties to “induce me to do any such act”. It finishes by saying: “I understand and agree that any act by me in violation of this paragraph shall give Producer the right to terminate my participation from the Series and to withhold any prizes, stipends and/or other monies even if already awarded, granted, earned and/or received by me.”
        So, even Austin was in violation of the contract for the discussion of prize money splitting he had with Vanessa. But, there is an out for the Producers, as it says they have the “right to terminate” it does not say they are required to terminate.
        Hope this helps if you haven’t found the contract on line…’s an interesting document to read.

  5. Why does it not surprise me that Liz put tinfoil in the microwave? The whole house actually should have been WEARING tin foil hats—thereby making them immune to V’s eee-vil, mind-controlling rays.

    • Sharona, you are too HOT this morning!

      Hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha
      cannot stop laughing.

      Cannot believe Liz put foil in microwave. No one tried to stop her. Did the microwave blow up?

      • Cuz Austin isn’t there to give the nod or shake his head no. I think they has a secret code like signals, for dangerous behavior or what not to do. Like when he gave poor Lil Jules with the Zigfried and Roy-fill in the blanks.

      • Ha-ha! I think you may be onto something…must be hard to be interested in someone with a few fries short of a Happy Meal.

    • Has anyone checked… is she Manson daughter? It’s like she is a cult leader or something the way she is able to convince them to do what she wants.

  6. what the hell is wrong with Steve–why won’t he tell Liz about his F2 deal with Vanessa? Vanassa has her way with controlling all the information flows–she tells liz that Steve wants to talk to Liz but whatever he says is not true–like what the F–he hasn’t said anything but she still says not true. Steve should out her–I have no problem with Vanessa playing everyone–that is the game –but isn’t there at least one person who will call her out and tell her that her crying and fake indignation is all a bunch of crap and for her to just own that she lies easily.

    • The question is why isn’t Liz talking to Steve. She’s the one who has to be taken to F2. The only reason Vanessa is talking to Liz is the hope that she gets her jury vote, just in case something “strange” happens. Vanessa tells each of them not to speak to the other and they don’t find anything suspicious about that lol It’s sad.

    • If Steve tells Liz anything, she will take it running to Vanessa. That will make her try harder to win. Plus, it is Liz’s place to campaign to Steve. They should have sent Vanessa packing before Jury started. So she couldn’t control the votes in Jury like she is controlling everyone in the house.

  7. I can’t wait to find out who wins. I’ve already bought a new TV to replace the one I’ll smash in case the ‘eee-vil one’ wins. Or, if (by some miracle) Miss Who’s-Freud-let’s-put-foil-in-the-microwave-think-anyone-will-notice-if-I-give-Austin-a-job-on-TV (since he’s unemployed, lol). I hope Steve wins—just because I adore him and his quirks…but, even though I absolutely DETEST the soul crushing game V played, she at least DID play. Bless her( three sizes too small) heart.

    • Sharona, your comments are priceless!

      I’m sitting on pins and needles as well.

      Singing: One night only, one night only

      • Thanks, Banatap—I’ll be here all week—don’t forget to tip your waiters. No, the only reason you think I’m funny, is because we share the same smart-a$$ humor!

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha

        Yes. I do tip well.

        Thanks for keeping company with me this past few weeks. It’s been great.

        Peace to you girlfriend. I may check in on the Survivor Web page.

        See ya later.

      • Right back atcha! It’s been fun commenting with each other—especially about the succubus! I’ve decided not to call her a BULLY any longer, lest I get scolded by someone you and I know very well.

        I think I may check that out, too. I didn’t even know there WAS a ‘Survivor’ site until this year.

        Sorry I spelled your name wrong…I corrected it. Take care, my friend!! You’ve always made me laugh! :)

      • bitzi, not sure if you’ll see this or not…it’s finale night and I just wanted to thank you again for being so kind—and for the laughs. I really, really needed that in my life this summer. Hope this makes it to you! I hope I see you next year. :)

      • I know what you mean. Like when the vomit is hot and burning liquid, that ends up going into your sinus’ when you bend over…Kind of like that?

      • Ha-ha-ha-ha! Well, that’s how they made me fell! Like hot puke backing up into my mouth. I didn’t even watch the show tonight…but I did comment on the thread. If I don’t see you again, have a great year! Again, it was so much fun laughing and being a smart-ass with you. Peace—Sharona

    • Hope the new TV works better when you smash your old TV when my Beautiful Lesbian Warrior Vanessa wins the 1/2 million.

  8. This just goes to show you how screwed up this season was when both of the players competing for the final HOH want to take the player who has a guaranteed 2 votes in the jury house because they know they can beat her.

    I still stand by the fact that they should have never even let Liz stay in the house until jury.

    • Austin suggested this to V. Stick with your 4. Had she taken out.john, she had 3 votes locked up. No she’s got jack, except Shelly and maybe, maybe, Becky.

      • I think she’ll have votes. Clearly not Austin or Julia, but I think the other jurors are starting to see her as the best game player based on the fact that she was behind all the evictions.

      • I respectfully disagree. The jury has had enough time to discuss her game play. HGs respect smart play, not dirty play…….as Vanessa is a pro at doing. But, many of the jury members should have been kicking themselves for letting Vanessa manipulate them even when they were HoH.

  9. Ok I need some help. So at this point Liz is no longer able to compete??? She is just there incase Steve or Vanessa chooses her for the final 2? That being who answers the jury questions the best??? How does this part work?

    And vanessa would be stupid to take Liz because she already has votes for her??? And Steve would never take vanessa because he knows he won’t win against her, plus he will be golden to be the one to finally vote her out???!

    • Each juror asks 1 question, pre determined. Exmple James, what was your favorite moment in the house.
      1. Scaring Julia while leaping g out of the closet?
      2. Nominating Clay and Shelly?
      3. Laying in bed with Meg.
      James has answered this already. So Stwve guesses. #2. Vanessa guesses #3. Julie Chen says the answer is #2 nominating Clay and Shelly. All jurors asked and answered these questions.

  10. My last post for the season. Not to say I will not respond to this if someone says something but as for a post this is it.

    Vanessa has played a game of both deceit and some honor. By that I mean she has honored some of the HG’s more than other’s but she has lied and made things up on most of the HG’s to the point it has been completely crazy to hear. She has the greatest chance of winning IF she gets to final 2.

    Steve has played a game of some lies, playing dumb and talking way too much of past seasons (I guess that is what super fans do). His integrity has been questioned at times and so has his game play. He made mistakes but he has been able to do moves that has kept him in the game but mostly with the help of Vanessa. He could win against Vanessa but the chance’s of that is low, REALLY LOW. He can win against Liz but by how much? It will be a close vote.

    Liz, no game play, the only thing she has to add to her resume for BB is the fact she got James out. She was lucky enough to win a few comps but was shielded by Austin, Julia and Vanessa. Her chance’s of winning is the lowest of the three. Which is why she would be the first choice for either Steve or Vanessa to take to final 2.

    SO it is time to sit back and wait for the final show on Wednesday night and then we can see who will wear the tile of BB17 winner. Good luck to all three finalist.

    • U just crushed Liz with zero cledit. Lol. She had 9 strategic things she stuck to and they worked. I e already listed them also she has only 1 les HOH than Vanessa. Same as Steve.

      • Good luck… I want ANYONE to win over Vanessa. Liz has crushed it in some comps, but for the most part rode in on curtailed of others. Totally got lucky. Who cares tho… as long as vanessa does not win.

      • You only listed 7 things. One HOH she lost to another player and wasn’t in control that week. She did try her best and like I said she won some comps, I don’t know what to tell you except I stand by what I wrote and that is Liz had no game this season. At least no game on her own.

      • I don’t think comps are worth that much credit considering people were throwing comps all over the place. The reason why Liz does not deserve to win is because she is clueless about how to play the game.

        For example, when she was HoH the second time, Vanessa asked her what she was going to do. Liz’s said, “I don;t know. Austin, what should I do?” Austin ran her HoH from there.

        Liz ans her sister were absolutely clueless but were very good at doing whatever Austin and Vanessa told them to,

      • I like what your saying. I know he told her things in private always. I won’t say she was as clueless as people let on but fair is fair. Also you can get credit for throwing the right comp, but it’s hard to win when soany others tryly want the power.

    • Her strategy was
      1. Use her attractions to gain the favor of the males, early on. It worked.
      2. Lay low and go medium speed in support of anyone who came to her, until another bullet was put in her clip. (Julia)
      3.Align herself with the smartest guy in the house. (Ye, I know everyone hated on him but he has the second highest IQ on bb history. (Austin) (this gave her a team.)
      4. Use her sisters talkative energy to enhance her social game by the 2 playing off one another and befriending everyone at the halfway mark.
      5. Cook every night, actual interesting recipes. People love to be served and are always thankful.
      6. Try her hardest in comps.
      7. Always behave like it was a chill summer fun place and never engage in conflict.
      As you can see it all worked. She is smart and aware. However l know, no one likes her either. Facts my friend, drop facts.

      • Ok how many HOH’s did she actually win two three at most. at least two of them were during the BOB and she lost one of them to the other HOH. Every player tried their hardest in each comp, some comps just wasn’t easy enough for most players. Exception to that rule is Meg, she just couldn’t win a comp even if it was handed to her. The comps she did get credit for was won by the other person in the BOB.

        As you stated she used both her Sister and Austin to get further along in the game (no problem with that, that is what they are supposed to do). Her cooking isn’t $500,000.00 worth of a credit. Her attractiveness only went so far early on. Plus laying low and acting like the BB house was a chill Summer event would make her a floater in other case’s. You wanted fact’s you got them but the problem is you already answered your own post but what you wrote about her. I rest my case, Liz had no game this season what so ever.

      • Good response. I’m swaying on my vote but I’m also bais, which is where I went wrong on the statement, though I think it was a strategy, y o u made credibility good points. I digress, I’m evil empire austwins biased. Rare, I know. But.I give them so much credit for having a surrounded target on thier back.and ruling for so long. (Twins, showmance) never been done

      • Yeah that did make them a big target but the rest of the HG’s were more focused on Vanessa which is why they got as far as they did. If I was on the jury, I more than likely would vote for Liz to win. I would just look around the jury house and figure out why, how and who is most responsible for these people to be there. Both Steve and Vanessa would be at the top of the list. SO you may not be too far off as to who could actually win if the jury people figure it out.

      • Is this the same smart Liz who doesn’t know how many minutes are in 600 seconds or tries to bake potatoes wrapped in aluminum foil in the microwave?

    • The 6th sense alliance benefited everyone in it – including Steve who wasn’t in it until later. The only reason a player like Vanessa could survive this season is because her alliance won all of the HoH cops except 2. Then she won the comps at the end to protect herself – although with JMac and Steve throwing comps left and right its hard to tell if Vanessa won or they gave it to her. In any case, after week 1, when James was the HoH who evicted Jace, only two other HoHs were not part of the alliance – James and Becky each won one. They managed to get out two of the alliance and had a chance to evict Vanessa except James and Meg ruined the entire game by flipping to get out Shelli.

      The alliance was much stronger than the rest of the house at comps and that is why the jury was full of goblins and Shelli before anyone else was evicted.

      • Several won the HOH’s (some during the BOB), but they didn’t keep the title due to ho they put up on the block. A little comp throwing can go a long way. So back to what you wrote, YES the alliance was strong but that alliance was dissolved once Audrey disclosed it to the other house guest’s. Audrey was the first of that alliance to walk out the door. Shelli and Clay was a member of that alliance as well. Clay was the second to walk out the door and a week later, Shelli went to jury. Now these three may not have been the alliance member’s that the rest really wanted but they served their needs to the alliance and was discarded once they were used up.

        Even with all of that, the fact remains that two of the alliance is still in the house. Steve was only part of the Scamper Squad and not the 6th sense. Still my assessment remains that Liz had no game play and for some reason you failed to touch on that subject. I still up voted you because you did make a valid point for the most part.

  11. I had to dbl check and make sure I wasn’t re reading last update. same stuff. different day. hopefully Liz is not wanting to ruin the chance of V taking her to F2 as the reason she doesn’t tell Vanessa to shut up.

  12. Last nite/early this morning ~ Sooo exciting ~ Steve put shorts on to run the BB house marathon, we were shown the fine art of packing a suitcase, one with rolled up items, the other folded items. And, of course, how candy apples are decorated and consumed.

  13. Vanessa keeps asking Liz if Steve is trying to talk game to her and she assures her he is not. She reports his every move back to her. Why isn’t Liz trying to talk game to Steve?? Why isn’t she telling Steve what she is doing?? Steve has no need to talk game with anyone. The reason V is doing it is for jury votes. Steve may be saving announcing the F2 deal with V for his jury speech…would be more effective. I think he only reason he told V that they should tell her early was to bait her. Liz isn’t even playing and she can’t win the last comp. Insanity. I almost hope he doesn’t take her if he wins.

    Vanessa tells Liz that if she wins everyone who supported her will have a very merry Christmas. BRIBE. BRIBE. BRIBE. I don’t think this will be over once the show ends. There are houseguests in there who hate V and won’t let it ride especially now with all the publicity about it.

    • Liz is not so bright because if someone continually asked me if someone was speaking to me, I would lose it. What part of no does she not understand? ???

      • From Liz’s perspective she is in an awful position. She really can’t say anything until after the final HoH comp is over and a winner declared. Steve has no reason to talk to anyone at this point. If he wins he decides who stays. If he loses, he goes out the door.

        Vanessa is overplaying the game – again. Liz has no power and all Vanessa’s grilling can do is maybe piss Liz off.

  14. Not sure why so many Vanessa haters….these people let her play the game this way. You should be mad at them for being idiots.

    • I don’t dislike Vanessa for her game play. I agree with you the people in the house were idiots this season. I dislike Vanessa because of the person she is. No one can hide their true personality in the BB house for 98 days and if you watched the feeds then you saw Vanessa is a lot of things that are unlikable.

      She is arrogant with an enormous superiority complex. She is also a sore loser. The TV show gave her some very good edits but when the comps didn’t go her way she would run into the HOH room and pout and cry. Did you see her tirade about James being short and walking around the house like he was a king or something? How about Vanessa talking about her high IQ all the time or how she can tell if people are lying by their pulse? She claimed to be in James’ head and Austins. But she was totally full of you know what. I went to a prestigious engineering college and met a lot of highly intelligent people. No one with a high IQ runs around telling everyone they have a high IQ. They don’t need to.

      Vanessa was a huge hypocrite too. She complained about Meg crying when she lost a comp yet Vanessa was the biggest cryer in the house. She complained when Meg cried because she was up on the block even though Vanessa spent an entire day under the covers crying and sulking when Becky put her on the block! Vanessa took names of the people who came into the comic book room to console her. She dressed down Austin because apparently he didn’t visit her and console her enough!

      I could write much much more about why I don’t like Vanessa and I never want to see people I think are bad people get ahead. What I don’t understand is how anyone else can like Vanessa considering what kind of a person she is.

      • Well, I think there is a mental issue there….doesn’t she take meds? I have a daughter that is struggling right now after getting out of an abusive relationship. My daughter has always been tough as nails, not super emotional or a huggy/touchy feely type. She breaks down all the time now and is acting totally out of character. Vanessa was married before (poker player Chad Brown), he had cancer and died. Even though they were divorced, they were still close. Now she is a lesbian….I’m thinking there is a little bit of struggle there. Some bounce back quickly from life struggles, others do not.

  15. The show is not fixed.. all the comps props are made way ahead of time. Vanessa is where she is because she is very good at manipulation. Which in my book, if I knew her personally, would worry me. I’m rooting dor Steve since he is just a good guy, maybe a bit weird, but good.

  16. 11:23 AM BBT – Vanessa tells Liz that if she wins then everyone who supported her will have a very merry Christmas.

    Doesn’t that basically just scream “bribe”, yet again?

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