Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 11: Tuesday Daytime Highlights

It was an interesting day in the Big Brother 17 house as Austin, Liz and Julia finally realized they’ve been working with the enemy all season.

John snaps a picture of next week's nominees
John snaps a picture of next week’s nominees – Source: CBS All Access

While trying to figure out who should stay and who should go this week, Liz and Julia decided that Vanessa is definitely playing all sides of the house and has been. So much of the day was spent putting together all their notes on her and Julia falling on her sword with plans to go off on Vanessa before she exits the house this week. That is if Vanessa and John vote to keep Liz, which isn’t likely as of now.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 8, 2015:

(note: The Live Feeds clock has been off by several minutes today, so flashback times could be off)

10:15 AM BBT – Feeds and HGs are up for the day, mostly. Steve, John, and Vanessa have been spotted in the kitchen. Vanessa encourages Steve to do something with his hair ahead of the HoH camera coming out, but he’s advocating the merits of a hat.

12:00 PM BBT – HoH camera is out and on the loose. Steve struggles to find willing participants. Finally a few start to stir, but Liztin say not to bother them for pics.

12:15 PM BBT – HGs break out their tutus from the Veto comp for silly pictures. Austin finally climbs out of bed and joins the pics for F6 photos.

12:50 PM BBT – John and Vanessa alone in the backyard. Vanessa says she’s excited for Thursday. John says this will be the test for whether or not they mess up all their work.

1:14 PM BBT – Julia and Liz are talking about Vanessa being sketchy. They see her chatting with John outside and think something shady is going on.

1:16 PM BBT – Vanessa still pushing for Liz to go and John acting like it doesn’t matter which. Vanessa points out that Liz going weakens Austin’s game, making her the better choice to go over Julia.

1:20 PM BBT – Vanessa gets John to agree to make a deal that they can’t put each other up as a renom so Steve would have to go up. They’d tell him they agreed no nom or “backdoor.”

1:23 PM BBT – Julia goes outside and breaks up John and Vanessa’s discussion.

1:38 PM BBT – Liz asks Austin if he trusts Vanessa and says she thinks she’s playing everyone. Austin thinks Vanessa will be honest with Liz about who she plans to vote out. Austin says he thinks Vanessa feels if Liz goes then literally everyone left will take her to the final 2. They compare notes on Vanessa’s final 2 deals with Julia and Austin.

1:42 PM BBT – Austin and Liz finally have Vanessa figured out (after it’s too late for one of them at least). Liz says she’s up to something and Austin agrees. He says she’s stopped talking game to him so it’s pretty apparent he’s no longer a part of her plan. Liz wonders if they should ask Vanessa if she has a deal with John. Austin says it won’t do any good because she will just put her Vanessa spin on it. They think Vanessa will throw next week’s competition so she doesn’t have to do any of the dirt work.

1:50 PM BBT – Austin wants to tell JMac that Vanessa is playing him like she played Austwins and offer him a deal to work together.

1:56 PM BBT – Julia has joined the talk and agrees that Vanessa has a final two deal with everyone and that they need to stick together. Julia says she is an idiot for ever trusting Vanessa. Austin thinks all this is going to backfire on Vanessa.

2:01 PM BBT – Austin says if Vanessa has the right speech and is sitting next to the right person at the end, she could win with the roster she’s got going.

2:03 PM BBT – Julia is still pushing Liz to stay. She says Liz needs to stay and fight because she has a better shot than she does at beating others in competitions.

2:10 PM BBT – Vanessa talks to Steve about them and John making a strong final three deal. She wants them to get together and solidify it.

2:15 PM BBT – Austin tells the twins about Vanessa telling him it’s better for his game if Liz goes and that he shouldn’t campaign for her to stay. Julia is shocked and says she wants to go and will go out with a bang during the eviction. They decide to talk to John Thursday morning about who they want to stay and about him working with them to get rid of Vanessa.

2:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Steve she would use the veto on him next week and she doesn’t care who gets mad.

2:30 PM BBT – Julia wants to confront Vanessa and again tells Liz that Liz is the one who should stay.

2:50 PM BBT – Liz is so upset about Vanessa she can’t sleep. Austin says Becky was right about Vanessa.

3:08 PM BBT – Inside lockdown has been called so HGs speculate why. Vanessa wonders if there’s a live eviction tomorrow night.

3:14 PM BBT – Steve comes out of the DR and assures that the lockdown isn’t anything serious.

3:43 PM BBT – Austwins are now talking about Jason. Austin calls Jason a piece of s**t.

4:03 PM BBT – Feeds cut to Highlights.

4:07 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs are getting Chinese takeout.

4:46 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa that Liz now wants to stay. Vanessa says she will do it just as long as Steve will let her, which is now apparently her restriction on what she had offered the twins.

So as of now, everyone is on to Vanessa, but it’s too late for most to do anything about it. What’s hanging now is whether or not Liz or Julia goes this week and since Vanessa wants Liz to go that could happen, unless everything changes thanks to the Austwins plan.

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  1. Oh man… Now they figure out Vanessa….I’m not going to call them dumb, gullible, or anything negative. Vanessa is just poison and she mind f’d these people….scary.

  2. In my search box, out of curiosity, I typed in “Vanessa Rousso has tantrum”. I read some very interesting comments about Vanessa, this being part of one:
    “I have played with her multiple times and I REALLY REALLY despise her. For someone who has run so ungodly above expectation for her career you think she would have a little humility. I have literally seen her stand up and stomp her feet like a 6 year old throwing a tantrum after losing an all in.”

    This was in the first article that I read. I think I’ll delve a little deeper tomorrow if I get time.

    • i have seen her do that more than once i am a retired poker dealer and have dealt to her many times,she is a class AAAAA bitch and needs to grow the hell up,she acts more like a 2 yr old than a 6 yr old.

      • Oh, I bet you have some stories you could tell. It’s obvious by her behavior in the house that what you say is true, gerald. It took me one click to find this little tidbit. There’s probably much more out there, too.

    • Good work! I have watched tournaments she has played in and they obviously cut those actions out. All are prerecorded. I felt like she had done this before, but never heard anything. Could be why she got kicked off the World Poker Tour.

    • She isn’t the only Poker player I have seen have a tantrum or get nasty on a loss or over-celebrate on a win. As with BB some acting is involved especially when being filmed.

  3. Think back to the first double eviction. They had THREE chances to evict or nominate her and what did they do? First they flipped and voted out Shelli over Vanessa. Then Steve inexplicably nominates Jackie and Meg. John wins veto and doesn’t use it. Jackie gets evicted and then Austin wins HOH. And then nominates Becky and John and Becky ended up being evicted. Unbelievable! And now they realize what has happened. John knows too but had to make a deal with someone, anyone. Can’t blame him.

  4. At this point I don’t care who wins the next HOH as long as Vanessa is evicted next week. As long as she doesn’t win veto, these dummies can and should finally evict her.

  5. I can;t help but think the HGs will still keep Vanessa in the house even after figuring out she has F2 deals with everyone by Liz. What a bunch of dummies. I hope Vanessa votes out Liz then Julia wins HoH and puts her on the block next to Steve or JMac. You know they will both be dumping information like crazy trying to save themselves.

    • Days ago I was thinking Austin,Liz, Steve, John pull Vamessa in the hammock room with a chair in the center and start one by one on how she burned,lied,back-stabbed, re-lied, and you get the rest. Her eyes will bug out. Then they say we all decided to vote you out this week and are aware it be a fair 2 on 2 final 4. We know youl understand cuz this, well this is personal anyway your out. Next the 4 of them sprint out and up to the hoh room and bolt the door where food and 2 meltdown day supplies are already stashed. Batteries flashlights etc…the can shout out the door we know your not an evil person you’ve told each one of us as we’ve caught you being evil.
      This is my fantasy

  6. Can’t stand Vanessa that B. But the B can play and she will likely be the winner or this season. That being say, II am rooting for Jmac

  7. I find it funny that they have had the “we can’t trust Vanessa she has to go” conversation before. Remember how that went? Lol. Just lol.

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