Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 9: Tuesday Highlights

It was talk in circles day yet again in the Big Brother 17 house as Vanessa and sometimes Austin pushed for John to stay while the twins remained pretty concrete on their plan to push him out the door.

Johnny Mac reacts to being stuck in a room with Austin and Liz – Source: CBS All Access

But what about Meg and James? They were probably sleeping. I kid, I kid. Meg and James are undecided, but Meg has a personal vendetta against Steve, so she seems to be leaning more toward voting him out. But we’ve got another full day of this before anything will be certain. That’s the BB17 way.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 25, 2015:

9:40 AM BBT – Steve is up and wandering around.

10:40 AM BBT – James and Steve making jokes about comparing their “camping gear.” Meg laughing at their silliness.

12:10 PM BBT – HoH camera time as Austin wanders around with the Irish Spring box taking selfies.

12:30 PM BBT – HGs out in the backyard taking group photos.

12:37 PM BBT – John talks to Vanessa about if they want to discuss deals. He’s campaigning to stay but also says if he doesn’t then Vanessa has his Jury vote. John promises that if he comes back then he won’t go after her but rather her other targets.

1:45 PM BBT – Vanessa talks with Steve and says they should continue to act at odds with each other. She promises the decision has been made to keep Steve.

1:50 PM BBT – John campaigning to Vanessa. Says Austwins were hiding their plan from her by not putting her up from the start. Plan was for all to use the Veto and her to go up or if she won it for James to go up and out instead.

3:35 PM BBT – Liz and Austin have been arguing today so he comes in to try and convince her to go upstairs. They leave. John sits up and pretends to vomit.

5:15 PM BBT – Vanessa upstairs in HoH room telling Austwins she’ll set a trap for John by sending him to the Goblins to try and get them to flip to keep John. This would be a trust-test trap for James and Meg.

5:25 PM BBT – Austin getting very upset that John would be plotting against them. Austin says if he wants a war he’s got one. Liz doesn’t understand why they did to deserve this (umm nominate him for eviction?).

5:30 PM  BBT – Talking in circles continues. It literally changes every few minutes on who should go and why. It always goes back to John, but Austin and Vanessa keep bring up reasons to keep John but then shortly after squash the thoughts.

5:42 PM BBT – Austin and Liz call John a “pansy” for how he played the game and threw competitions for people and went up as a pawn so many times.

5:47 PM BBT – Liz and Vanessa imply that all dentists are crazy. Later Austin, the failed wrestler, calls dentists “medical school dropouts.”

6:15 PM BBT – Steve goes to the HOH room. Austin makes fun of Steve and John’s alliance name, “The Rockstars.” Vanessa switches the conversation to Becky bashing. This is a nice group of people, folks.

6:47 PM BBT – Vanessa is back to talking to John. More of the same. She talks about potential scenarios to keep him. She advises him to work on twins before James and Meg.

7:05 PM BBT – Meg and James talking about wanting Jackie to come back into the game.

7:07 PM BBT – Vanessa now in bathroom telling twins that John is still campaigning. Julia doesn’t understand why he won’t just roll over & give up. Vanessa must be bored because she’s going back and forth between John and the twins and contradicting herself every time.

7:40 PM BBT – Twins agree to vote to keep Steve even if the other three don’t.

8:00 PM BBT – Vanessa is pitching Johnny Mac staying to Austin. She tells him John said he’d throw HOH. Austin likes this idea. Austin is worried about Steve being the one to take him out (Like Ian did Boogie).

8:25 PM BBT – HGs cooking or setting up stupid games in the kitchen. The usual for this time of night.

8:58 PM BBT – Austin comes out of Diary Room and informs them that they aren’t allowed to have any more incidents like the chocolate fight last night that resulted in Meg getting injured.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs still playing whatever game this one is.

10:35 PM BBT – John has requested a talk with the twins. Austin is giving them tips on what to say to him and how to react. Liz says she wouldn’t vote to keep John even if he offered her a million dollars.

10:45 PM BBT – James and Austin now discussing who should go this week. Austin, even though he seems to be wanting people to keep John, is giving James all the reasons John should go. He tells James that John is James’ only competition for endurance comps so if he goes James wins those.

10:55 PM BBT – Twins talking about Vanessa (and Austin) wanting John to stay for their own games, but it’s not good for their games. They think Vanessa will get Meg and James to keep John.

11:13 PM BBT – Meg expressing her thoughts to James and Austin on who should go: Steve. But just like everyone else, that conversation goes round and round

11:18 PM BBT – Twins and John meet up to talk. They tell him they’re voting with Vanessa so they want to know what he has to offer. He tells them that he has no problems with them and that there has been a lot of miscommunication. He says if they keep him he will do whatever they want and they all three of them won’t be nominated by him. He agrees that he will target the returning juror and they won’t even go up as pawns.

11:25 PM BBT – Twins won’t tell JMac that they’re keeping him but also promise not to blindside him. They said he’ll know Wednesday night what their decision is.

11:33 PM BBT – Twins telling Austin about their talk with JMac. They don’t think John was offering them a deal. Austin still pushing for Steve to go (this hour anyway).

11:50 PM BBT – Vanessa shows up and the twins tell her about their talk with JMac.

11:53 PM BBT – Austin tells Vanessa and twins that Meg seems to want Steve out. And Vanessa, contradicting everything else she’s said and done today says that’s incentive to keep Steve. I give up trying to understand what she’s thinking. I don’t even think she knows.

11:55 PM BBT – Meg and James having a night swim. They say they wouldn’t vote for Vanessa to win Big Brother because she’s played too dirty.

12:00 AM BBT – Meg says she’d sooner vote for one of the twins than Vanessa to win the game because she doesn’t like how Vanessa has done it.

12:45 AM BBT – Vanessa tells John that Austin is indifferent and the twins suggested that it’s up to her to decide.

2:44 AM BBT – Austin worries that if Steve is voted out and then comes back he’ll be able to work with John to go against them after they broke their deal. Liz says they need to keep Steve and let James take him out instead. Austin agrees and says Steve must stay.

Vanessa campaigned on and off while John did the same, but as we saw she made strange comments and moves that seemed to undermine those efforts. We’ll learn more on Wednesday of the house’s leaning for votes and what Vanessa decides to try next.

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  1. Huh …..
    Here’s what I hope for. Jackie come back and win HoH at the same time. Put up Austin and Vanessa. One of them is evicted.

    • Jackie or Shelli or Becky, anyone but the twins or Vanessa… put up Austin & Vanessa, BD Liz, else evict V if Veto isn’t used otherwise the Austwins are a 3some of the past.

      • Not a fan of Jackie would prefer to see Becky come back… Bec is more intelligent and will do better in comps, at least from my perspective.

      • True…but Becky is a strong target…because of how she went out…and Vanevil will make sure that everyone knows it…with the clueless players left she will go in and out within the week…Shelli and Jackie wouldn’t be so in the the radar with Vanevil.

      • Tony anyone returning to the House is a target, they were a target before and that’s why they were evicted. History shows the HGs go after the returning HG always.

        The only chance a returning person has is to win HoH or come back to a House that’s divided, kind of like what Vanessa is doing to the House right now.

      • I believe she can. She laid low until Jeff was voted out….she started to show her true strengths once she was on her own….I think she is pretty level headed as well……

    • Jackie is my choice to return, but she needs to put up Austin and Liz first…and if one comes down, the other twin….Break up Austwins first…gets rid of the biggest set of numbers.

    • Jackie could return but I don’t see her winning many comps. Becky and Shelli are the two juror members more likely to return, and I doubt either target Vanessa, maybe the Austwins tho.

  2. I’m hoping for Shelli to come back in, win HOH and target Vanessa and the twins. Jackie coming back would be okay, but I don’t see her as fierce of a gamer as Shelli.

    • I’m rooting for Becky, I think she’ll be more ruthless against Liz & Vanessa… once they’re gone, go for Austin & probably Julia, she’ll be nothing after Liz is gone anyway. Because I’m sure by then Austin will have worked his magic on Julia… “I always liked you better than Liz”.

      • I think Shelli realizes that Vanessa is running things. If she gets her out, Shelli could run the house.

      • Exactly, I doubt Jackie cones back, and I doubt Shelli or Becky target Vanessa. So Vanessa is sitting pretty good.

      • Targeting James would be the wrong move. Ask James, changing the focus of getting Vanessa out to getting Shilli out, was a bad move. The move was a vendetta and not a thought out move. I am torn between who should be the next to go, Vanessa or a Austwin. IF Vanessa goes, the Austwins are still a strong 3. IF an Austiwn goes, it should be LIZ or Austin, BUT if Vanessa is really strong with them, you still have a strong group of 3. I do think though that if a Austwin goes, Vanessa will work to get another Austwin out.

      • How was getting Shelli out a bad move? James and Meg are still there, they are down a goblin but if Shelli had stayed that goblin would have been James

      • That’s the point. The whole purpose of keeping Vanessa was to make sure they all stayed. But now Jackie’s gone and Becky’s gone. If Shelli had stayed there was a good chance she wasn’t going after James but going after Austwins instead. She was making a deal with them for DE but they didn’t care. They just wanted revenge and wanted her out. Becky was evicted because of her going after Vanessa and Vanessa staying. If James would’ve saw the bigger picture and used numbers to his advantage then right now they’d have 4 maybe 5 people against 3.

      • I guess I don’t think there was a good chance of that. I think even if Shelli comes back now she will still go for James as target # 1. Shelli was not going to adhere to any deal keeping James safe, she in fact wasn’t even making a deal even on the block.

      • She might have changed her perspective…with all the info given to her by Jackie and Becky…she might realize the true back stabber in her’s and Clay’s eviction was Vanevil..if she were to return..i believe her game move would be to move the target from her to Vanessa…in a indirect way.

      • Perhaps. That gives Shelli a lot of credit, I don’t think she is smart enough to put aside her anger over Clay but I could be wrong. If she comes back in we will see.

      • She did make a deal when she was on the block. That’s what I was referring to. She did it twice, once in the Have Not room and again in the HoH room both times James stayed out of it and she even asked for him to join. Shelli said if they kept her and she won HoH she wouldn’t put any of them up but would go after Austwins. She asked them why isn’t anyone going after them since they’re a strong 3 together, they won’t turn on each other. But again the Goblins didn’t care and they stupidly trusted Vanessa and Austwins instead.

      • That deal is why I said she wasn’t even willing to make a deal. She looked so unwilling to offer James safety and fought it till the moment it seemed impossible.
        Shelli doesn’t like James (which is fine, btw, she doesn’t need to like him) and I don’t think she would align with him even in a bad spot.
        If she comes back, we’ll see but I think Shelli will definitely align with van and evict James before she goes for the Austwins.

      • Becky will be gunning for Liz. Jackie will be gunning for Vanessa or Steve. Shelli will be gunning for James.

      • I agree if Shelli comes back she’ll get pulled right back to Vanessa. I still want her or Jackie to come back though.

  3. Different characteristics of bullying from an online article I read this AM.
    There is so much about bullying online. I don’t see how anyone could deny Vanessa’s bullying tactics if they cared enough to do a little research about it.

    Only interested in power and control and protecting their turf.
    They try to make others feel less powerful.
    Can act directly using insulting and/or rude words or gestures or tones.
    Can act indirectly by orchestrating battles and watching others disembowel each other.

    Interested only in themselves.
    Easily threatened and vindictive.
    Experts at lying, deceiving, and betraying.
    Take credit for the work of others.
    Never take responsibility for their own errors.

    Other characteristics of note:
    They blame targeted person for “fabricated” errors.
    Poison the surroundings with angry outbursts.
    Make nasty, rude, or hostile remarks to the targeted person privately and then put on a friendly face publicly.
    Pretends to be nice while sabotaging the targeted person; one minute vicious, the next minute supportive and encouraging.
    They are never interested in meeting someone halfway, so trying to negotiate with them is useless.

    • I don’t think anyone, besides Vanessa, has really denied her bullying, but I haven’t read all the comments here, most agree she has been bullying people.

      • I have never seen her bullying anyone and I have the feeds. People sure love to use that word though.

      • Lying, deceiving and betraying is a part of the game and everybody does it to one extent or another, let’s be real here.

      • So what excuses do you use for all of the other bulletpoints that fit her to a tee? Let’s be real here. You picked one out of many to make a point. Pick your poison, killer. lol

      • The only other one that fits is interested only in themselves. Well isn’t everbody trying to win for themselves? None of the others match her.

      • I’ll refer to GG’s statement regarding this.
        “I think you could find an example of each one of those characteristics being displayed by Vanessa.”

      • It’s really sad that you would say that’s a good thing. Children need examples. Young people need examples. Saying bullying is a good thing is setting a very bad precedent.

      • That is true but she’s been riding that line and crossed it a few times. I see it more when she talks to Steve. The past 2 days her conversations with him have been brutal and they do sound like bullying with some things she says because they’re flat out insults to his face in a condescending way.

      • There have been people who deny she is a bully and excuse Vanessa’s manipulative bullying tactics as simply great gameplay. They give her props for it, even saying they hope Vanessa (a bully) wins. Even if she was the only one “playing”, she should never be rewarded or commended. That would be condoning bullying as a great game strategy and it would be making a public statement that it is an acceptable practice.

      • Oh stop. Your whining and constant bashing is very tiring for more than just me. Do you ever post anything positive on here or is this only a place for you to vent hate?

      • Ya I have seen ppl defend her, saying that and ya it is gameplay, but have some integrity not to belittle and bully people. You’d wonder at some point f the producers would ever get involved, but they just don’t show that part on TV so no one sees. If she ever goes out, which is unlikely with these idiots, I hope she gets bood.

      • I hope they will call Vanessa out on it when BB is over and it becomes a public topic so that the people who support her realize that the behavior is unacceptable in any circumstance.

      • This is not new to BB…it’s commonplace in the real world….being touted as social experiment…we see the different mannerisms and personalities of these players…and realize they are around us every day…what we do is up to us….but in there with money at stake and bragging rights people put up more then they would otherwise…Vanessa in the real world would be put in her place by the HG this season…in there it’s another matter.

    • She’s a bully for sure and the people that don’t see that are potential victims of her. My God, I would so butt-heads with her… if I were playing BigBro this season I’d probably be sitting at home. LOL!!!

    • OK so Vanessa is a bully. Did she take anyone’s lunch money? No, she’s playing a game. There are no rules against bullying. It is a tool available for anyone to use as they see fit. Vanessa comes from poker where bullying is a way of life. A pro on Vanessa’s level can be card dead for 4 hours never go to showdown unless she’s setting you up for later and walk away with your mortgage and car payments. It’s about time youse guys recognized how brilliant her game is not the least of which is her using bullying as a legitimate weapon to win a game. Taking bullying from the poker table to BB is sheer genius

      • Have to agree with you…we’re not playing for skittles here…and it’s survival of the fittest per se !

      • Excuses, excuses, as my grandparents use to say to someone trying to make something wrong a right. Never an excuse for bullying. Never.

      • I’m not making excuses for bullying, all I am saying is the defintion you gave for bullying doesn’t make sense because most past Big Brother player used those tactics.

      • I got the info from an online site, which there are many about bullying. If you would like to look it up yourself I’ll be happy to provide you with the name of the site. And you are trying to diminish the act of bullying with your statement, pure and simple.

      • I’m really not, just because I disagree with your opinion on bullying doesn’t mean that I condone bullying. Your view on bullying and my view on bullying completely different. For me bullying is someone who harasses a person on multiple occasions or someone who threatens someone in an intimidating way. Vanessa hasn’t bullied anyone. Just because she is crazy and paranoid doesn’t make her a bully.

      • You don’t condone bullying but you condone Vanessa’s behavior and wouldn’t in the least bit feel bullied by her. I would, so IMO, it is bullying. According to online description of bullying, she is a bully. If you disagree write your own dictionary.

      • Never said I condone her behavior. Where in any of the comments I posted did I say I condone her behavior? All I said was that I don’t think she is bullying anybody. No need to tell me what I am condoning and what I am not condoning.

      • I know what bullying is. I have read a lot about it . If you are not ready to admit that you might be a bully, then there is no need in doing more harm for people who have been affec ted by bullying i i

      • Lol so now I am a bully for not agreeing with you opinion. I thought that we were having a mature discussion, clearly not.

      • Joey, you admit to being a bully. Wow! How sad. But I used”you” in a general sense, so maybe that comes from guilt on your part. I’m sure Vanessa would never admit to being a bully.The last I’ll say on this is that I’m fairly sure that JMac said that he felt bullied by Vanessa. That alone makes her a bully, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. It doesn’t matter what you nor I think. End of discussion.

      • Once again you are jumping to conclusions without reading my comments. Never once did I say I condone bullying or say that I am a bully. All I said was I don’t think Vanessa is a bully. All I did was disagree with your comment but me disagreeing would just make me a bully, or condone bullying which I don’t. John can say he felt bullied but based on what I saw, he wasn’t bullied. Clearly we have different opinions so let’s just agree to disagree and just end this discussion.

      • That is not your decision to make. All that matters is how John felt. And he said he felt bullied. You are trying to disregard and showing disrespect for how John feels about it. No can do! Why would you even want to do that? You are empowering a bully, Joey! Sad, sad, sad, just sad.

      • Not at all. Just choosing to side with a bully over a person who felt bullied. Opinions like that are a huge reason why bullying is so rampant. It is a very serious issue and disregarding another person’s feelings about being bullied says a lot.

  4. Check out Meg in pic above, 2nd row middle… she’s perfect for the remake of “Wild Things” playing Suzie, the part Neve Campbell played.

    I swear the minute I saw that pic that popped in my mind. Vanessa can play Kelly by Denise Richards , don’t know who could play Matt Dillon’s part.

  5. Everyone loves Dan Gheesling and he is one of the dirtiest players to play BB. Meg and james won’t give Vanessa their vote because she has played a dirty least she hasn’t stayed in bed 18 hours out of the day.

    • Haha, I know. They say that now but they will be voting for her to win when the time comes. I’m sure of that.

    • They came to play BB but stayed in bed or played summer camp games. Now those two brain genius have decided Van should not win cause she played a dirty game. Hope you two leave the game real soon and “the dirty player” has a part in sending you two out.

    • To be honest, I think it has to do with Vanessa being a female. Female players who plays aggressively are considered to be “dirty players”. I really hope James and Meg don’t vote with emotions. The winner of Big Brother should be the person who played the best game.

      • I doesn’t usually come down to that…production will make sure of that…and the returning winner round table discussion and his or her input or persuasion.

  6. JOHN gets voted out -john wins to come back in- steve wins HOH and puts liz and Austin up- JAMES wins veto and takes Austin down -STEVE puts up VAN and she is gone–steve. meg. john and james work to win HOH and get rid of 1 austwin and then the other and go on to battle final 4 meg. james .steve. john ==== only in my dreams

  7. Really wonder who gets voted out. Being different twist in game. I would if Big brother would have Audrey back? Yes, I know she didn’t go to the Jury house but it is Big Brother. Anything can happen. Hopefully She doesn’t come back.

      • I know Audrey was, but Big brother let her get by with eating, hanging out in DR room, ect. She told house guests how she made deals with them nice interview, not make her look bad, ect. Being they made big deal trangender, might give in if she asked to come back.

      • The others voted out haven’t been sequestered have they? If they haven’t they cannot come back, because they have seen DR footage.

      • Just my guess they are, because nothing has been on Internet what they think of the game, who they are cheering for, ect… I think they would be just to make sure nothing gets out if they tell family, friends. Then they post things to their friends and family. …

  8. Article said no more chocolate fight, Meg was hurt. What happened? After Dark she seemed fine, laughing, joke around, keep score of game.

  9. I give up. I just do.

    All I want at this point is for a comp tomorrow like BB15. Maybe we’ll see more GOOD action that way.

  10. This is the worst group of BB players ever. None of them have a clue what they are doing and are only still in the game because they are all stupid and someone has to be there until the end!

    I would really like to know why all the HGs aren’t banding together now to get the Austwins out. Even Vanessa. Why do the Austwins think Vanessa is good for their game? Do they really believe she will go final 4 with them? That would be giving the Austwins the game.

    My wish is JMac comes back, Steve stays and wins HoH and then puts Vanessa and Austin up. It would be especially sweet if its the Days comp.

    Steve and JMac have to know that even if they stay they are just going to go home next anyway.

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