Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 8: Tuesday Highlights

Other than some under-the-covers action in the HOH bed and a mock trial, it was a quiet day in the Big Brother 17 house — we’re talking final four quiet. Like where’s the Jenga and finger paints?

The Final 9 pose for a picture with Liz’s HOH camera – Source: CBS All Access

There was a little game talk here and there throughout the day, and what we’ve gathered from that is that Becky is still going home this week and Vanessa’s fate next week will depend on who is in power.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 18, 2015:

9:30 AM BBT – Few HGs up and moving around for the morning.

10:10 AM BBT – James tells Meg he’s okay with Becky going and is over her. Too much talking from Becky.

10:45 AM BBT – HGs chatting about the returning Juror twist and how Lawon (BB13) thought he’d earn super powers. It didn’t work out like that.

11:45 AM BBT – Liz finishes her blog and then returns with the HoH camera for picture time.

12:25 PM BBT – HGs are taking photos with the HOH camera.

1:45 PM BBT – General chit-chat among the houseguests. It’s a pretty quiet day so far.

1:53 PM BBT – HGs talking about Audrey and Jace. Audrey left a lot of her personal belongings behind and Austin thinks Jace would have gotten into a physical confrontation with someone eventually, had he stayed in the game.

3:45 PM BBT – HGs are cleaning the house. Gripping stuff, folks.

4:27 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are back in the HOH bed and back at some undercover hijinks (you don’t know how long it took me to decide on what word to use. I think that sums it up nicely).

4:37 PM BBT – Camera is having some fun with its Austin and Liz angles.

4:54 PM BBT – Steve tells Vanessa he still have these moments where he can’t believe he ever made it on Big Brother (me too, Steve, me too).

5:03 PM BBT – Steve cam talks that he wants James or Meg (I thought Steve was a BB fan – why would anyone want Meg out over the others in the house?) before Vanessa.

5:15 PM BBT – Unlike Steve, Johnny Mac wants Vanessa to go next week and wants to be the one to do it. He tells Steve they can’t let Meg or James go over Vanessa. Steve doesn’t get it.

5:26 PM BBT – John tells Steve not to worry about Jackie or Becky coming back in the game because they’ll be more focused on Vanessa than Steve.

5:30 PM BBT – John tells Steve he’d nominate Vanessa and one of the twins or Vanessa and Steve (HAHA). Steve doesn’t like this idea.

5:38 PM BBT – John says The Goblins aren’t solid anymore but they can’t let them know they are aware of that.

5:40 PM BBT – Steve tells John he wasn’t sold on Vanessa going but now he is (still don’t think he really is).

5:42 PM BBT – John thinks Shelli coming back would be bad for them because she’d come right to them for support and that would make them a target.

7:35 PM BBT – James, Meg and Liz are worried that while they were “off duty” (sleeping) Vanessa got to Johnny Mac and he doesn’t want to target her anymore.

6:40 PM BBT – Austin and Liz are going over days in the house and practicing for competitions. Austin is also preparing himself for the returning juror.

8:20 PM BBT – HGs wonder why they haven’t gotten the takeout food yet that BB promised them.

8:28 PM BBT – Vanessa quits a chess game with Steve because he’s not trying (aka she’s crazy).

8:52 PM BBT – Steve adds water to the hot tub. Yep.

9:10 PM BBT – Steve asks Meg if he can talk to her tomorrow during the wake-up music. He wants to discuss a private matter about home and wants to do it while the feeds are down.

10:01 PM BBT – HGs are holding a mock trial. I don’t know why. I’m not going to tell you why. It’s not important but that’s what’s going on.

10:44 PM BBT – The trial verdict is in. Austin and James are placed in jail.

11:13 PM BBT – HGs talking around about medicine and doctors. Julia says “they brought the psychiatrist in for Audrey…” and the feeds cut.

12:20 AM BBT – Meg and Austin discuss John’s frequent calls to the DR. They remain suspicious of all that activity.

12:45 AM BBT – Becky and John talking game. She regrets trying so hard for Vanessa last week and feels the Goblins let her down.

1:45 AM BBT – John and Becky still hanging out and talking. She’s discussing dating and jobs.

2:45 AM BBT – Vanessa giving Steve dating advice. He’s stuck on one girl from his past.

4:00 AM BBT – John, Becky, and Steve are hanging out chatting about the game so far.

Without the drama of who is going or any campaigning this week things have been slow, but just one more day of that before we return to another fight for HoH and the next big target.

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  1. 7:35 PM BBT – James, Meg and Liz are worried that while they were “off duty” (sleeping) Vanessa got to Johnny Mac and he doesn’t want to target her anymore.

    One more proof the Goblins are more trouble than is worth it. I am so ready for James to be evicted next. I hope Vanessa’s alliance wins HOH again. Then, put up James and John. Let us get this over with. Maybe, John can survive one more week and Becky has a chance to get back in the game and if John is still there, they can go back to trying to get out Vanessa for good this time without, interference from James. They can cover each other’s back and be loyal to each other.

    • Because people are either watching the live feeds, BBAD, and/or reading the updates. The show is giving Van an extremely kind edit. The Van that people see beyond the show is crazier than Audrey (and not in the good way.)

      • I’m with your wife. I don’t watch the feeds at all, and Vanessa does not come off well on the show. But I can imagine if you watch the feeds and get even more of Vanessa, you see how intense she really is.

      • V’s hardly ever happy and almost never laughs… that’s why JMac & Becky are endearing to me… hate to see Becky go, I mean ONE of them go. Maybe she’ll get back in… that could be the start of her BB Legacy.

      • Regardless of the edit they give her, they still show her stirring crap up and then complaining in the DR that they accuse her of lying or bullying or whatever like she can’t even believe they’d say that.

        Well… yeah!!!

        I don’t mind HG’s who lie to further their game, but I’ve always just been annoyed by the ones who bring their lies into the DR and act like we’re all idiots. Even with the CBS edit, you get plenty of evidence of this.

      • I don’t… but I’m a glutton for punishment. LOL… I do say “YOU’RE KIDDING ME!!!” a lot though. I’m thinking she really BELIEVES THAT!!!

      • And ya gotta love the ones that burn both ends of the candle and get caught… I love when that happens and when someone gets BD’d totally unaware. BAM

      • She doesn’t strike me as being the violent type nor do I think she would tolerate living with someone that didn’t worship the ground she walks on. Narcissists tend to pick people that they can control. However, I hope that after watching Van in action, “Mel” gets a clue and finds another sugar momma.

      • When a bully is in a relationship, they become an abuser. An abuser may not resort to violence, but the threats and inferred threats many times result in a domestic violence call.

      • Yeah, V has a way with that pointing finger of hers and her body language and tone put you trapped in an emotional corner. Just where a bully/abuser wants you.

      • The thing with Vanessa is that she is in your face, but as soon as someone calls her on it, she flips it and tries to make it appear as though she is the one being attacked. Infuriating. So you either have to put up with her pointing her finger in your face aggressively or pointing her finger in your face accusingly.

      • Have you seen a pic of her & her GF? V looks like a GIANT, much taller / bigger than GF, though you couldn’t see their feet so you don’t know if shoes or heels gave her more height. V & GF do look happy but it’s a pic most the time people will.

      • I haven’t seen it and unless it pops up right in front of me, I won’t. Her partner may not admit it now, but later on when they break up, JMO, she’ll be claiming spousal abuse, unless Vanessa has enough money to pay her to keep her mouth shut.

    • Give her credit for her game play. She still has everyone hoodwinked from the other side except, for Becky and John. Only her alliance is aware of what she is doing and the threat she is. Her craziness though, nobody wants that! Week after this coming week, we will see maybe, a big move. Becky hopefully, gets back in the game and if John is still there, they can join forces and hopefully, succeed in getting Vanessa out this time for good.

      • Vanessa and Steve are manipulating each other. Steve has the upper hand because he’s the only one who knows this.

      • Did you see how Steve tried to play vanessa on JohnnyMac? I wanted to scream, JohnnyMac, Steve is not to be trusted, but yet, just like people do with Vanessa, still shares his game with Steve. Yikkkkkkkkes

      • As far as the definition of manipulation, I think Steve has out-played Vanessa. Much of the strategy Steve has been using, IMO, is yet to be revealed.

      • Yep…Steve is calm and unassuming not just towards Van but to others as well, whereas Van is in your face rude and despicable and showed her cards before she played them! hahaha

      • I give her no credit for gameplay at all. Big props for being the epitome of a first-class bully. Bullies can be very successful at beating people down and getting their way, I just don’t think it belongs in this game anymore than it belongs anywhere and I certainly don’t want to see her rewarded for such horrendous behavior.

      • She does not need to bully anyone. Call them gullible. James, Jackie and Meg will believe anything she tells them. If Vanessa tells them to jump, they will ask her, how high? If they do not use their brains, whose fault is it? A lot of what has happened they can figure out thru common sense. Nobody can be taught how to use common sense.

      • And nobody can be taught how it feels to be bullied unless you have been and how hard it is to use your common sense when in that position. I would think that a bully would like to look upon his victims as “gullible”.

      • Trapped is more like it than being gullible! There’s no excuse or explanation for it…that belongs to animals and their prey, not human beings!

      • You are absolutely correct. It’s not like these people can make the choice to not be near Vanessa. They are trapped, quite literally, and forced to cope.

      • So bullied people are gullible and have no common sense. That sickens me that anyone would make such a statement. You have the perfect mentality of an abuser/bully.

      • You do not know me to say so, is utter nonsense. I know what bullying it I grew up and dealt with it. If someone is gullible enough to believe anything, it is on them. Liars are a dime a dozen.

      • Done with you too. I was just responding to your comment to my comment. This is a public forum. You do not have to agree with what I say anymore, than me to agree to what you say. It cuts both ways.

      • You are the one that implied, yes, stated, that people were gullible if they allowed themselves to be bullied. That is exactly how a bully thinks. Vanessa’s bullying tactics are not entertaining to me. It is akin to mental and emotional abuse. She is on TV. I’m absolutely sure she has restrained herself to a point.

      • That is not what I said. Read my post again. I said that James, Jackie and Meg are gullible which they are. They will believe anything. Vanessa has lied to their faces, broken promises to their faces yet, they still trust her? That is gullible. As to her over the top comments, I think she is more a psycho than, a bully. Either one is bad and she will have to deal with it when she goes back to her real life.

      • Even IF a person is gullible, Richie, they do not deserve to be bullied. And yes, Vanessa uses the tactics of a bully, sometimes it’s just pure manipulation, but she has also bullied. I say that for a fact because I know that if I were a HG, I would have felt bullied and their reactions were proof that they felt bullied.

      • This is an interesting convo; it’s interesting that even though James has been in the military which, you might think, would have taught him everything he needs to know in life, he apparently has never before come across the likes of Vanessa. In relation to her manipulation and bullying tactics, James, Jackie and Meg are innocents. Vanessa is just way out of their league. Some people do not have the ability in them to even think the way Vanessa apparently acts in her everyday life, and for her to take advantage of that is despicable.

      • You took the words right outta my mouth. It has been disgusting to watch. I firmly believe that this dismantled james’ game. Who wants to deal with garbage on national tv. I’m sure 8 would want to yoke her. I know, no violence.

        JohnnyMac is the only one who has expressed he felt bullied to vanessa. What does she do? Runs and defamed / slanders JohnnyMac.

      • Sure they do. So, what is your point? I see Vanessa as extremely manipulative maybe, psycho because she takes Adderall. Her comments can be off the top and anyone who even believes it needs to have their heads examined. I do not like it too and it is overkill which I have said so, previously.

      • I call BS on that! Common sense is a learned behavior tactic as is bullying. Whether or not common sense is applied when required is a different story. But bullying is never necessary or acceptable! When you’re forced to live with a bully, you learn to avoid and/or tell them what they want to hear until they’re no longer there in your face. Avoiding conflict and confrontation is more skill than gullibility.

      • Yeah, sister — you said that right. I am one of 14 kids and my siblings used it to get what they wanted. They were cold, heartless and didn’t care about your needs.

      • As did my siblings…but I come from a family of 5 kids living in a house with 3 bedrooms and one bathroom. Sometimes it was too close for comfort. But my siblings provided a tough skin to me so anyone outside of that unit couldn’t do to me what my siblings already hadn’t. I learned to not get mad, but get even! Don’t kiss and tell and never have witnesses! hahaha

      • You betcha! I could relate to that kid on so many levels when I saw that movie. Although exaggerated a bit, the movie did hit home for me in some of the dialogue! haha

      • My siblings beat me down though. Difficult to come out. I have fought hard over the years. I find I travel alone, eat alone, do movies alone. Live alone all my life outside of ex-husband and kids. He’s an ex because he bullied me.

      • Awwww…so sorry to hear that. I learned to center myself around only “positive” people and not to cling on to the first person that could provide me freedom from those that bullied me, namely my siblings. I had to learn to like me for me and no one else, rely on me more than others. I took three years to do just that before I married my husband. He does not complete me, he’s a bonus! Because I was whole when he met me! :-)

      • That happens to a lot of people. It’s hard to trust anyone to have your back and truly believe they care for you if you have issues with your own family. Not saying that is how you feel.

      • Well said. I was married to a bully/manipulator for 14 yrs. Shares alot of the same behavior and traits as Vanessa.

      • So because someone’s gullible that gives you license to bully them? Maybe they’re not as slick or streetwise as you are, but that does not give you authority to take advantage of that.

      • Vanessa should win nothing for her bullying tactics. What does that say to people watching? It sends positive re-enforcement to those who are bullies. It causes great concern for those who have been or are being bullied at present.

      • Totally agree. How a bully gets that way is another story and concern … but you have to start somewhere and at least deal with this kind of destructive behavior.

      • She is going to pay for things she said when she goes back to her real life because people saw it on TV. That said, remember Aaryn and Gina Marie who uttered racial slurs? Well, they damaged themselves outside the Big Brother House and lost their jobs. However, Big Brother did not expel them. I do not see Big Brother expelling Vanessa for her crazy rants as well. Whether Vanessa wins or loses depends on the other players. If they keep her in the game, she probably will win it. So that, is on the other house guests. They are the ones voting for the winner at the end.

      • I know who votes for the winner. I have watched many years. It’s kind of like with Audrey, the HGs were afraid, in their dealings with her, how they would be perceived publicly. The men will be concerned about being laughed at for allowing a woman to make them feel bullied. This will unfortunately result in no admission of it. So it will not be used by them as a reason not to vote for Vanessa as winner. When it is all over and HGs realize that the public, for a large part, has recognized Vanessa as a bully, there is a chance that it will become a conversation that the HGs might be willing to have and publicly admit that they felt bullied.

      • It’s good in her profession not to have to work with anyone other than herself! Must be a lonely existence, even when she lives with her partner.

      • She’ll be fine. Commenters are blowing out of proportion the extent to which she’s an evil person. You might not like her, but she’s not Stalin. Or anything close to it like some of the women from season 15.

      • Very difficult to live with someone who constantly thrives on stirring up trouble and chaos. If I were any one of those other hgs, there would be no wanting to reconnect outside the house. She provided enough for me to want to avoid her at all costs! hahaha We could never be BFFs! haha

    • Ha, ha… good one Jim, that’s my laugh for the day.

      I guess for someone who LOVES being jumpy, on edge, paranoia, dramatic & confrontational/argumentative all day, she’s a GREAT role model… oh I forget “kookoo for cocoa-puffs”.

    • I love drama when I’m not participating in it! That’s what I love most. I don’t believe the hgs would ever say, “To know Vanessa is to love her!” haha

      • Steve would and from what I just read Becky would too though I can’t say if she was being sarcastic or not

    • Quiet Jim, Did you draw Vanessa’s name for your families “Secret Santa” gift exchange this year?

  2. Didn’t Becky say that she has had a few first dates but never a second date. This AM she said something about the last guy she dated. She didn’t like him at first but came to like him over time. Are those conflicting comments or was the “never a second date” referring to only guys from dating sites?

    • I seem to remember that the never a second date was referring to guys she met from Tinder, but I could be mistaken.

    • There are a lot of conflicting comments in this house. People lie on GP anymore and think nothing of it. Then again, liars believe their own lies.

      • The trick with liars is not to get caught in them. For the most part liars do get caught eventually when they’re with someone longer than the occasional outing. She still needs to perfect her poker face a bit more for long term than short term and start to remember her stories!

  3. “Julia says “they brought the psychiatrist in for Audrey…” and the feeds cut. Humph! I hope they have one on hand for Vanessa.

  4. I think James’ stance on Becky is idiotic. Becky is his strongest ally now that Jackie is gone. Meg doesn’t count as an ally at all.

  5. Right, Steve’s stuck on some girl from his past. WHAT… the glue stuck him to her when he was patching her?

  6. Does Becky have an ingrown toenail, perhaps? My son just got his big toe operated on to remove each side of his toenail…not the root, though. He’s thinking about what I did when I was much younger than him and afflicted with that ailment. I got half my toenail’s root removed from left big toe and the whole toenail on my right removed, root and all. Never had another incident of that again! The one that was totally removed looks like a real toenail that never grows though!

  7. I like Vanessa more over Steve. At least she’ve make strategic moves. And Steve is delusional and think he’s a strategic player. I am not a fan of Steve. Even James is better than Steve. I am rooting for Johnny Mac but I think he stayed low so long and it’s too late to penetrate to any of the alliances. And he trust Steve too. Urghh. Why nobody have make move to oust the Austwins yet??

  8. Is it me or was tonight’s show a bust? Thinking reading the feeds is truly taking the thrill of the game away.

  9. “I thought Steve was a BB fan – why would anyone want Meg out over the others in the house?”

    It’s not a bad move, strategically, though, especially when you know the history of the game. Look at BB11. It was Natalie and Jordan for F2, both girls pretty much had the same amount of comp wins, but Jordan won because she was well liked by the jury, whereas Natalie was the scum of the BB House. Looking in the jury house this year, we have Shelli, Jackie, and now more than likely Becky. Two of the three are likely to vote for Meg.

    And, on a different note, Rachel Reilly would approve of ousting Meg sooner rather than later. Meg may not be a floater in the strictest sense, but the only reason for that is because of the Goblins connection.

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