Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 3: Thursday Night Highlights

Feeds returned last night following the eviction that sent Da’Vonne back out into the world and we gained two new Heads of Household who would soon have to be naming names and picking noms.

Austin Matelson & Vanessa Rousso plot their next move
Austin Matelson & Vanessa Rousso plot their next move – Source: CBS All Access

Vanessa and Austin went to work on finding their targets with few surprises. They’re ready to split up the other side and Austin has his favorite option in mind, but will we see a split decision like last week’s HoHs?

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, July 9, 2015:

7:05 PM BBT – Feeds return following the eviction episode and HOH. Vanessa and Austin seem happy to be the new Heads of Household.

7:07 PM BBT – HGs are wondering what else the BBTakeover will entail this week.

7:10 PM BBT – Steve thinks the whole Takeover “party” thing will be more negative than positive. Vanessa thinks it’s going to be a week of luxury.

7:25 PM BBT – Vanessa says her winning HOH should prove she isn’t a floater (it was a crap shoot comp, but OK).

7:26 PM BBT – Jason tells Meg he knows he’s getting nominated.

7:35 PM BBT – Austin tells Jeff that Steve and Audrey will be the targets this week. HGs are surprised Da’Vonne got so many cheers when she went out.

7:36 PM BBT – Audrey suggesting the other vote for Da’Vonne might be America’s Player. Jeff says if anyone is America’s Player it’s her. She says no, she’d be too obvious and that she thinks it’s Steve.

7:40 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa think Audrey had the Last Laugh Takeover power.

8:40 PM BBT – Vanessa and Austin decide that Jeff is the main target. Vanessa says she wants to remain HOH this week and Austin is OK with that so he can play along with Jeff and act like he’s not in on Jeff being the target. They agree to not make John or Steve be a pawn again this week.  Vanessa also mentions James and Jason as being backup targets this week.

8:55 PM BBT – Austin and Vanessa are still talking. They decide it wouldn’t be smart to take out Audrey this week because she will be a target over them.

9:30 PM BBT – It’s time for Austin and Vanessa’s HOH reveal. Austin’s HOH letter is from family or friends (he was elusive about it) and Vanessa’s is from her girlfriend.

10:20 PM BBT – Vanessa tells Audrey that she doesn’t have to worry this week because she isn’t their target. She said she should use this week to rebuild her game.

10:37 PM BBT – Liz comes out of the DR (Julia went in) and goes to the HOH room. Vanessa, Clay and Austin start talking to her about how she can rebuff the speculation she’s a twin.

11:20 PM BBT – Shelli is worried that America hates her for targeting Da’Vonne. Day’s crowd reaction has really surprised the HGs.

11:57 PM BBT – HGs are trying to hide the fact that the twins switched, but John tells Becky he can tell they switched because their teeth are different.

12:20 AM BBT – Austin tells Jason he won’t be their target this week.

12:45 AM BBT – Jeff warning Austin about the Twin Twist. Austin acts surprised. Jeff suggests Audrey should be the target this week.

1:00 AM BBT – Jason talking with Vanessa and says he wants a week where he can finally relax. He warns here against letting others try to manipulate her HoH.

1:45 AM BBT – Vanessa and Steve having their talk now. She thanks him for telling her about the twins and says it shows a level of trust between them. Vanessa tells Steve she has two targets and a backup. She came prepared.

2:00 AM BBT – Vanessa asks Steve who he thinks would be a better target: Jeff or James. Steve thinks both would have value as targets. Vanessa warns him that Austin is upset with Steve about something, but she’ll try to protect him.

2:15 AM BBT – Austin can’t decide if Jeff is really a threat to them or not. Vanessa warns him to not be fooled by the other side.

2:20 AM BBT – Shelli and Clay trying to figure out Austin and Vanessa’s targets. She knows Audrey isn’t the target so they think it’s likely Jeff or James this week.

3:20 AM BBT – Austin with Becky and he promises her he won’t put her up, but the guys want her to be a target. He’s leaning on Jeff and James to build support from her. Austin also tells Becky his plan is to bail as HoH and let Vanessa finish the work.

It’s looking like Jeff is the hard target with James as a backup. It would seem as long as she lays low, Audrey will survive another week. But can she actually lay low? Well, we will have to wait and see, but I have to say I’m skeptical.

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  1. Yes Shelli, I hate (not hate, but dislike) you for taking out Da’Vonne and the entertainment she brings.

    • Da”Vonne brought a lot to the show as entertainment and I like you wished she would have stayed but it wasn’t our choice to let her stay.

      • Da’vonne’s biggest problem was herself. Her arrogance led her to believe is much smarter and a much better strategist than she actually is. Look at ho she used the last laugh on…she was all talk and little game

      • Yeah she did screw herself several times while she was there. I still don’t get the way she used the Last Laugh unless she wanted to throw off the fact that she won it.

      • What was so wrong about how she used the Last Laugh? She selected three people who would have voted her out. No, they weren’t Clay or Jeff, but so what? A vote is a vote. And she did want to hide the fact that she won in case she stayed in the house. I don’t think it was a dumb move.

  2. Audrey lay low? I hardly doubt it but I like how they approached with this. The other side they need to worry about is Audrey, Clay and Shelli but wait aren’t they supposed to be an ally pf theirs? they are now starting to run out of Noms for the BOTB so who will they choose? I didn’t see the live feeds so it is a guessing game for me. my guess is below

    Austin: Jason and Clay

    Vanessa: Meg and Jackie.

    Two strong players against two not so strong but I didn’t see the live feeds so I don’t know who they picked just yet.

    • Austin: Meg & Jason
      Vanessa: James & John

      Vanessa wants to stay HoH, both wants to backdoor Jeff which I hope doesn’t happen. I want Jeff to win POV, save James, and the ADC (After Dark Crew) can go after Austin’s squad and we can finally have a split house.

      • Even if all that happened they’d just take out Audrey. Nobody from their side will go home this week.

      • I may still be a little clueless but from what I have heard so far, Vanessa won’t target Clay or Shelli. Austin wants to throw the HOH so he doesn’t have to go through what Shelli did well kind of. He would have to pick the worst players in the house but a fluke in the BOB could force him into the HOH.

  3. (re above pic of Austin and Vanessa) Way beyond my comfort zone ~ I cringed when I saw him shirtless, yet again. There has to be some hgs that find his constant (in your face) shirtless body offensive and inappropriate.

    • I find Austin thoroughly disgusting. He has intentionally cultivated a sinister image. I find that hard to respect or support.

    • Not sure if she was joking or not, but Meg told a couple of guys to put their shirts on, but I don’t think either was Austin. LOL

      • Good for Meg. Austin is shirtless 99.9%. He’s telling the other men they’re free to walk around baring their superhuman/hairless/hairy/boobless (or in Austin’s case, man boobs) fat/skinny chests/stomachs. Stupid is what stupid does (is that what Tom Hanks said in that movie? ~ I’m drawing a blank, what was Tom’s name and the name of the movie? ~~ Help!)

      • Forrest Gump! How could I have forgotten!!! Thanx so much Paula ~ you’ve put my mind at ease.

      • We went to see the new Minions movie that came out today. I love those little guys, they are so irritatingly funny, unlike some of these HGs who are just irritating.

      • Sandra Bullock’s in that, right? I adore her. I’ll see it when it comes on HBO or Showtime. I know what u’re sayin’ about HG irritation. Waitin’ for a friend … later!

    • Yeah, HGs have suggested to him to wear a shirt more, but he won’t. Austin is there to get exposure for his career so he’ll live the rest of his duration with as little clothing as possible.

      • Preening about in the BB house, trying to get his due recognition from the porn industry, is deplorable. ((I know Matthew, you said ‘career’, I said ‘porn industry’ ~ different word, perhaps the same meaning?))

    • I don’t find it offensive as much as unappealing…I kept laughing after seeing his tit under his tat and decided his new name should be Tit for Tat! haha

      • It would be just as offensive if the ladies walked around shirtless/braless. Perhaps you would name them Tit for Tit?

      • Lots of housguests in the past have walked around shirtless in the past. It’s a summer show and they dress like they’re at the beach. I wonder why this seems to bother you now. Not saying I want to see a bunch of guys shirtless but I realize this is common in this show.

      • Too bad CBS would not allow that! But then I’m not much of a boob woman myself! :-)

    • I’m with you on that, Cuddles – he’s beyond gross, but I think he believes he’s a real stud.

      • As I said to Matthew earlier, he’s auditioning to become a porn star. Yes, ‘beyond gross’ certainly is accurate. Later ~~ gotta go.

  4. Jeff should have cemented a strong alliance. Instead, the house is fragmented leaving strong players vulnerable. The pivot of this game is whether strong players form a solid alliance. If they do, the floaters go home first. If the strong players do not form a solid alliance, the weak will pick them off as threats leaving the most squirrely types to fight for the cash.

  5. I find funny that Jeff is a main target. We barely saw anything from him on the broadcast show. I read most of what it is said here. Is Jeff a target just because he is aligned with Clay & Shelli ?

    • I see comments here that are really negative about Jeff. Frankly I have seen nothing about him that is distasteful (but maybe I have missed something). People route for cast members based on their own tastes. Some rather see a female winner; some prefer a gay person; some prefer the outsider or the underdog. Often people pick their players then seek reasons to justify why their picks should get the others out.

      So, yeah, there are plenty who want Jeff out. I’d be curious to read their reasons.

    • I’ve seen a lot of negative comments about Jeff and how he’s a “pig,” too, especially on one of the blogs that gets CONSTANT shoutouts on feeds (except from Steve! Ha ha), but I don’t see it, either. Seems to me like these people need to have SOMETHING to rant & rave about, so they pick someone and then watch that person’s every last move trying to find flaws.
      I haven’t liked Austin OR Vanessa from Day 1, so both of them being HoH is horrid for me. I love Meg, Jason, & Jeff, so seeing what the “plan” is right now infuriates me on 2 levels! One is personal: they’re my favorites, so of course I don’t want them targeted. Two is 100% game-related: Audrey needs to be EVERYONE’S target right now, but they keep getting distracted by stupid stuff and she’s just sliding on through. Da’ said it on her exit interview w/Julie last night – she’s just gonna coast her way to $500k if they don’t get her out SOON. What a bunch of dummies!!

    • Jeff & Austin were pitted against each other by Audrey early on and though they later realized what had happened it still stuck between them. They were already set on getting the other out though Jeff has tried to fake it. Austin doesn’t like him.

      Jeff is also considered to treat the women poorly and behaves in piggish ways. He does. It’s a constant run of locker room jokes from him. I’m not personally offended by it. I just tune him out, but I can fully see why the women in there are tired of him.

      • ..and Matt. wasn’t it Jeff who really started that whole Jeff/Meg debacle that got the fight started (the 1st one) between Day and Audrey..when he went around the house that day putting a bug in everyone’s ear about it? I don’t like him.

      • After last night I began to wonder about Austin and Jeff’s real relationship.. When they were in the hammock room talking Austin really turned on the buddy-buddy act. I knew some was fake(the twin stuff) but Austin was really getting into some of the convo.. I’m glad to see you say Austin doesn’t like him..

    • Jeff is trying to play all sides of the house. He’s not really aligned with anyone. He thinks he’s everyone’s best friend, yet no one really likes him. Plus he’s creeping out a few of the girls. He’s a safe target to get out.

      • If he only knew just how much most hgs dislike him…LOLOL They only just tolerate him now that they see he’s mostly all talk and no play!

  6. Audrey had already started her manipulation and lies before last nights eviction. Even if she continues and Van remains HOH, I don’t think Van will put her up, so, in my opinion, Audrey will be safe this week no matter what.

    • She was told by Austin that she’s not a target. As I said before, she ended up staying because everybody want to keep a bigger target then they are.

      • Austin is an idiot if he throws the HoH to Vanessa. Really a wuss move. Jeez, Louise. I’m certainly not impressed with his choice, and was really hoping he was a stronger player. But who knows how it’ll turn out.

      • Definitely Jason; I’d also like to see Dentist-Man leave…don’t have anything against him really–except his ear piercing voice; Shelli…but I haven’t made up my mind on the fourth yet. Maybe Clay. Who would you like to see?

      • I love Jason! I hope you give him a chance I know he gossips a lot but he really needs the money and he’s very loyal!

        I would love to see Jeff, Shelli, Clay, and Steve go up. Jeff thinks he’s so safe in the house it would be funny to see him nominated! And Steve is a little weasel who I would love to see battle to stay safe another week.

      • Oh…you really like Jason?! Hmmm. I like Steve, so I think we’re even! Definitely want Shelli, Jeff or Clay leave. But, it’s up to fate, so we’ll see!

      • Agreed. John’s voice and laugh are very grating for me–almost as annoying as Peewee’s!

      • I do too! I wrote earlier, that when he’s in the DR, he screeches so loudly, he jars my fillings loose.

      • Audrey”s name will be thrown out there again and again as a smoke screen. To them she’s not a threat but a crazy player that can’t win sh*t

      • I don’t think so. I think if by some miracle Austin remains HoH, he’ll do what Van wants and BD Jeff (assuming Jeff doesn’t win POV.)

    • Van is using Audrey now even after Audrey told her she doesn’t trust her…what a switch in Audrey now that Van is HoH, huh? So it’s fun watching them work together amicably.

  7. These dummies don’t seem to care about the twins…not sure why, unless they are sure they can have them both on their side. No one seems like they care to target them.

    • I think they view them as non-threats and as 2 votes for their side when the 2nd twin enters. I also don’t think that when the 2nd one enters the game they’ll do much as a duo, except follow their leader, Van.

  8. Davonne was annoying and so cocky for no reason! Shelli, Audrey, and Davonne should have kept the “girl power” alliance they started day 1- Davonne stepped on that the first chance she got. Stupid move. Glad shes gone! Austin will win it all.

    • Huh? Da didn’t step on it. Shelli did, by aligning with Clay, and Audrey did by her crazy, stupid, lying game over-play. Da just called them out on it. She was by far the most observant one in the house.

      • Most observant maybe but also most annoying next to Jason. She was dramatic and the first one to say Shelli was on the outside because she got close to Clay..but Davonne was all with James and Jason as well.. Alliances shouldn’t be established the first much back and forth. Austin and Vanessa seem to be the best so far..keeping cool, laying low. Good Luck to them.

  9. For a Poker Player Vanessa doesn’t seem very bright or perceptive I mean she spent more time with the twins than Da, Jason, Shelli, Clay and pretty much everyone in the house and she didn’t seem to notice anything different about them!

    Plus she tells Steve she can tell who’s lying to her but during the week everyone confronted Audrey,Vanessa still couldn’t tell whether or not Audrey was lying to her. Vanessa must play with some pretty dumb poker players if she’s able to get one over on them!

    And as Branden said her winning HOH was a crap shoot. It doesn’t prove that she’s not a floater. And to me the HoH competition seemed better suited for people who were tall rather than short so I wasn’t surprised she and Austin won! It was just impressive that James even was in the running!

    Vanessa is also phony because she said she wanted the women to stick together yet she’s suggesting to Austin putting up Meg and Jackie! So much for girl power!

    • Vanessa has spent so much time trying to lie low that she is really clueless as to what is going on around her. She’s a smart girl, but dumb player, IMO.

    • From I understand, Vanessa was only a poker player online. I could be wrong but if that is the case that would explain a lot.

  10. Hopefully we will get to hear them discuss why they want Jeff out since I don’t get it. I would prefer Jason myself. So why are the Hg’s so concerned with crowd reaction and why do they worry if America hates them for a vote out? What’s done is done. Plus they ought to know the audiences are staged and told to cheer.

    • Yeah…Shelli being upset and crying—give me a break. You cannot play with game with your emotions.

    • On almost every other BB message board but this one most people I’ve read seem to like Da. All my friends who watch BB do too. And she has some fans on here as well.

      • It relates because putting up Jason doesn’t make sense other than you just don’t like him. And there are people who like Da. So you saying that the people in the audience being to clap for Davonne still doesn’t mean they don’t represent other BB fans

      • Why can’t I want someone put up or be indifferent to it just because I don’t like him? I am fairly sure I can decide why I want someone out for any reason I choose. And you misunderstood my point. The show directs the audienceto cheer so they would cheer for Day whether they love her or hate her and the hg’s should know it doesn’t mean a darn thing for their game or be upset about what America thinks. I never said any of what you said. Don’t put words in my mouth. Read what I actually said.

      • Lol why can’t I have an opinion that doesn’t match yours? I didn’t misunderstand anything I think you misunderstood me.

      • Because those that like Day-finally-gone believe that nobody’s opinion counts but theirs and that Day-finally-gone should have been given a pass to the end.

      • Well for one Jason is a proven comp threat, especially endurance. 2 he is clearly on the other side of the house as Vaustin and rarely talks game with Vaustin. Sure he was pretty loyal to day, but steve has done nothing to break vanessa’s trust.

      • Shelli, James, Steve, and John, have proven they can win competitions too. Jeff and Jackie are even bigger threats than Jason who is virtually alone in the house because they were on the Amazing Race together and i would think the others wouldn’t think for one moment they aren’t working together. Plus them being on the amazing race means they are very physically strong and good competitors so far they have had no reason to win HoH. Getting rid of Jason is a silly move but then again I think Vanessa is pretty stupid.

      • Yes I agree I thought that was bit harsh. Both of them are very thin so maybe he was just being facetious?

  11. I enjoyed the drama Day caused. I didn’t dislike her either…She was just annoying at times.

  12. Watching the tail end of AD this morning, it was hard to believe that he was actually telling Jackie that she was the cause of his current dilemma in the House? WTF … she has been low key this past week, while Jeff has been playing too hard and playing all sides and throwing everyone under the bus …

  13. use common sense early on break up the duo of Clay & Shelli and I hate fake tears a load a crap Shelli was spitting out in the DR She had no good words for Day till she was evicted

    • Why? Clay and Shelly are not coming after Austin and Vanessa, theres no reason to go after your own allies this early on when you have 4 other people in an alliance against you on the other side of the house, just because we don’t like shelly and clay does not mean its in there best interest to target them. Worry about pairs when you get to jury, pre jury worry should be about numbers.

  14. Austin seems to be having a hard time believing that Jeff is going to take him out..I have heard Jeff tell Clay numerous times that he wants Austin gone. Austin needs to wake up! Not too crazy about James being on the block..what if he wins veto and saves Jeff..then they both are still there.

    • I understood it as Jeff would be a backdoor.. If so then James cant save Jeff from anything unless he does not use the veto so there is no renom…

  15. Not much talk about Clay, who helped run Shelli’s life for a week. To me, if anyone was arrogant, it was him. I’d put him up on one side and Shelli on the other. Put worthless Jackie up with one of them and Jeff with the other.

    • Vanessa and Becky were talking about how he kinda took over Shelli’s HOH. They both said they like Shelli alot and think she will be better without Clay eventually (in so many words).

    • I really like Vanessa..but, she talks way too much and way too fast..She is a smart woman. I am afraid when she speaks she is going to give up info she shouldn’t!

  16. People who constantly voice any and all thoughts that cross their minds show little maturity and tend to get themselves in trouble. D admitted that to Julie. However, she asserts that it is some measure of heroism to do that. Emotions are the spiritual state of our make-ups. There is a reason they take place inside our heads. That allows us to wait, assess our reactions and then proceed. Lacking the filter is nothing to be proud of. Especially in the BB House.
    I am really liking the 2 HOHs. They are the epitome of smart, nice, mature people.

  17. Yes. But my BB Gang (just my cousin and our friend) agree they are likeable. Maybe they can slide for a few weeks and let the insiders kill each other off. Jason is a good guy and fun but COCKY!!! I want him in for the season still.

  18. I don’t get how the dentist is still there. I would have thought he’d have really pissed people off by now with his weird, creepy voice and laugh. Perhaps they think he’s just a harmless nerd. He might surprise them – you don’t get to be a dentist by being stupid. Why has Megan been put up again? I just can’t see her as a target. Is she a pawn again? I don’t get to watch the feeds, so maybe I’m missing something.

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