Big Brother 17 Live Feeds: Week 1 Friday Highlights

It’s been a wild ride for the first full day of Feeds for Big Brother 17 as we had great strategy talks in the morning and reckless House Meeting attempts in the afternoon. It’s DAY ONE of Feeds, people!

Audrey going full speed on Big Brother 17
Audrey going full speed on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS

Mixed in with the chaos of leaked private talks the Power of Veto competition was held and the Backdoor plan is running at full speed ahead of next week’s eviction. Hang on to your butts cause this fun is just getting started. Read on for all the highlights from yesterday inside the BB17 house.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, June 26, 2015:

9:40 AM BBT – Houseguests got their wake-up call and are finally stirring.

10:15 AM BBT – Clay and Audrey talking game in Lounge. Lots of interesting exchanges. Audrey pushes for Clay to showmance Shelli.

11:00 AM BBT – HGs wondering why James slept in the HN room when he’s the HoH. Later James says he was just lonely up there.

11:35 AM BBT – Austin and Liz are talking about how voting out Jackie would be a waste. They’re also suspicious of Audrey and Shelli.

12:10 PM BBT – Austin, Liz and Da’Vonne discuss how they think Audrey is playing all sides of the house and cannot be trusted.

12:32 PM BBT – Da’Vonne telling Jason about her talk with Austin and Liz. She tells him she would be OK with Audrey going this week and that there would be enough votes to make that happen.

12:36 PM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto time.

3:15 PM BBT – Feeds return. Steve won the POV.

3:20 PM BBT – Talk of backdooring Audrey is going around and she’s caught wind of it. She confronts Da’Vonne about it, which is the start of a literal day-long conversation about it. Summary: Audrey tells Da that she heard Austin and Liz want to backdoor her and that Da was in on it. Da assumes that information came from Steve. So Da is now upset with Steve. This seriously goes on ALL DAY.

3:36 PM BBT – Talk moves to the lounge. Several people come in and out of the room, talking about he said/she said. It goes on for awhile. Audrey and Da’Vonne sort things out, or so it seems. Austin and Audrey talk alone and solidify their deal to work together.

4:25 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Jason meet in the HOH room to discuss all that went down. Da tells Jason she needs to fix things with Audrey because now they have no choice but to work with her. Both Jason and Da are a little nervous with James since he will have to name a replacement nominee soon.

4:33 PM BBT – James goes to the HOH room and tells the others there’s nothing that will chance his target this week. He says Jace is going up and going home.

5:00 PM BBT – After some alliance talk, they go get Jeff and decide that the alliance of Audrey, Da’Vonne, James, Jason, Meg, Jeff and Jackie will be called the High Rollers.

5:32 PM BBT – Austin has figured out that Da’Vonne is really a poker dealer.

5:42 PM BBT – Cam briefly shows Diary Room hallway for our first look.

7:25 PM BBT – Da’Vonne works on John. She’s worried she’s becoming a target and she and John talk about working together.

8:07 PM BBT – Da’Vonne trying to get Steve to admit he told Audrey she was coming after her. The conversation goes no where and Da leaves.

8:55 PM BBT – “Five Alive” alliance is created but it can’t be too serious. Includes Jace, Austin, James, Clay, and Audrey. Moments later James says Jace & Austin did that just to shore up support before the upcoming Veto meeting.

9:00 PM BBT – Audrey tells Clay to work on Da’Vonne. She doesn’t like that they are going against each other.

10:15 PM BBT – Da’Vonne and Audrey are back at it again. Da’Vonne is still concerned about all of Audrey’s alliances. They bicker for a bit.

11:39 PM BBT – Steve and Audrey are talking and as soon as Steve mentions Da’Vonne’s name, she hears and walks in. She asks Steve what he’s talking about and he tries to explain himself, but she’s pretty upset with him. Steve tries to talk to her to explain he wasn’t trash-talking her but Da’Vonne isn’t interested in hearing it.

11:57 AM BBT – Audrey and Steve finish up a conversation. Steve looks at the cameras and says “Audrey is good at this game” and predicts her to win the game.

12:05 AM BBT – The HGs have gotten a booze delivery and they divide it up and toast.

1:00 AM BBT – Shelli and Audrey catching up on the latest. Audrey telling her what she’s missed while Shelli says she’s nervously feeling out of the loop.

1:05 AM BBT – Audrey developing yet another alliance. She talks with Vanessa about working closely together because they trust each other. Audrey says she no longer trusts Da’Vonne.

2:00 AM BBT – Vanessa talks with Da’Vonne and admits the game overwhelmed her yesterday when she freaked out.

2:00 AM BBT – Clay tells Shelli they should still trust Audrey even though they’re aware she’s playing a lot of sides in the house right now.

2:15 AM BBT – Clay confers with Audrey about targeting Da’Vonne next. Audrey doesn’t want that blood on her hands, but she’ll support the move by someone else.

2:30 AM BBT – Audrey tells Shelli her trust circle includes Vanessa, Clay, and her. Shelli says she hasn’t trusted Da’Vonne from the start.

2:40 AM BBT – Steve, by himself, considers hiding something in someone’s bag to help Jace’s chances of staying.

3:05 AM BBT – Jeff and Meg talking with Clay and assure him they’re still together regardless of other deals.

3:40 AM BBT – Jace asks Steve if he has any other deals going on and hopes Steve is being honest with him about his support.

3:45 AM BBT – Clay and Jeff solidifying a F2 deal and thinking of duo names.

4:30 AM BBT – Most HGs asleep, but some still wandering around as the day closes out.

What a crazy day in the BB17 house as these HGs are in full game mode and acting like it’s Week 5, not Week 1. I’m not sure how long they can keep it up, but I like it!

We had several large alliances created and many more smaller core ones as well. “High Rollers” seems far more legit than “Five Alive” but at every turn we seem to find Audrey included so either she’s doing a great job of covering her bases or she’s about to drown in alliances when exposed.

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  1. wholey is davonne and audrey all over the place if these house guests have half a brain they’d expose those 2.
    Not sure what steve’s angle is here.
    If botb weren’t a twist i’d commend jmac and vanessa for lying low and missing this mess but with botb they’ll prob be nom’d next week

  2. Hmm, how in the world did Austin figure Da’Vonne’s occupation? While I know being a “teacher” is such a bad lie that can be easily exposed (Boogie finding out Danielle’s not a teacher in BB14), I wonder what led Austin to that conclusion.

    • I was wondering the same thing and was hoping people with feeds might have seen something that would answer that. I couldn’t find the answer on Jokers but I might have missed it. I didn’t read it all.

      • Or like with Danielle, Da’Vonne was talking about stuff in conversations that Austin may have found inconsistent with her “occupation”.

      • Yeah, that’d reveal she wasn’t a teacher, but that’s still a big leap to her specific profession. She must have admitted it. Danielle’s nursing job was revealed from her medical knowledge, right? Not sure what could have been a parallel for Day’s job.

      • Perhaps there was a Diary Room leak? I read at jokers that Davonne was upset and she said BB is shady referring to production.

      • I understand this is speculation, but I think if she is naive(if that’s the word) enough to think she could trust ANYONE with information that she didn’t want exposed, after only knowing these people for a week, she’s going to have problems keeping much of anything secret, her secrets or secrets told to her. That’s just not smart play if she really cares about anyone knowing. Maybe she doesn’t care.

    • I have a feeling she “told” Austin by whispering it. That’s the only way he’d have known to think of that. And then Day wanted their Alliance group to be named High Rollers…what school teacher would think to name their group that? hahaha I would have called them High Stakes..J/S

    • I haven’t watched the live feeds much but when I did tune in I saw Austin tell someone else that he is mostly sure she’s a dealer because she 1. lives in _____, 2. keeps asking if anyone has cards, and 3. keeps doing “dealy-like” motions with her hands

  3. So did Clay come up with the name for the High Rollers, and a hand signal for the high rollers, but isn’t a part of the high rollers? How does that work?

      • I was disappointed and confused by Clay’s exclusion from the High Rollers. I thought he was part of the original nucleus of it.

      • Friday 6/26 12:15PM Cams 3/4: Clay, James, and Jeff in the middle of a fairly long game convo. They seem pretty real with each other and decide to make a core group together – The High Rollers. Jeff mentions Clay thought of the name. Are there two High Roller alliances? Because this seems like genuine conversation.

  4. I’m nervous for Day & Audrey because both are playing to hard to fast. Also, both of their games are all over the place and people are catching on. Either way, both are my favorite players from what I’ve seen and I hope at least one of them can make it far in this game (preferably Day because she’s hilarious).

    • The first word that comes to my mind with Day would not be hilarious.:(But I do think she needs to stay to stir things up.

      • Day is tough and can handle herself just fine. And, she is a sh**stirrer. But hilarious? Havent see that yet.

      • Audrey is way more of a sh**stirrer than Da’vonne is! Da’vonne denying what she said about Audrey was more game and trying to save her ass then stirring the pot.

      • Haha, yeah I’ve just been realizing that Audrey is an Andy 2.0! She is literally in every conversation and pops up during important conversations other people are having. Ugh!

      • Whoa, great observation. I think the Trans think gives Aud some advantage as nobody wants to appear to be against her. Can you imagine the house plotting against her and going to such great lengths to deceive her as they are now doing to Jace? BB would be in the headlines and cast members would go home to the sweet comforts of unemployment and friendlessness.

      • Exactly! Which is sadly true. Da’vonne was saying that a double eviction would be the best way to get rid of Audrey and she’s right because they wouldn’t have the whole week plotting against her to get a “bad rap” of going after the trans houseguest.

      • Yes, and that’s BS. I really don’t want to watch PC TV. Irritating and boring, all at once.

      • It’s a brave new world, brother. Everyone has to adjust or get squashed. The whole society is Big Brother now. Our thoughts are constantly policed by the social forces of PC.

      • Dreary, rainy AM here in East TN. I’ve got a little time to watch BBAD from last night. Have you seen it yet? Anything happen worth the time to watch?

      • Raining there? Nice, it’s hot here. I don’t have BBAD. I think Matt pretty much summed it all up. Just waiting for the re-nom ceremony.

      • Yep, we need the rain though. I know areas of CA. needs it really badly.
        You don’t need BBAD with the feeds, right? I’m just FF through it to see if anything catches my attention. Hard to hear anything, though, for some reason.;)

      • I got one mixed up with my hemorrhoid suppository earlier but I’m good now. I should know better than try to do two things at a time.

      • better than getting it mixed up with a nitroglycerin tablet…can you imagine seeing rather than feeling your ears buzzing?

      • We got deluged here in Indiana yesterday. We had about 3″ of rain in an hour…it was stalling out everywhere! Lightening was fierce..and the worst part…I was out driving when it hit!!

      • I saw that mess on TWC yesterday. It looked bad! I hate being caught out in that type weather. We had some very scary lightning and loud thunder that shook everything around. I can’t imagine what it was like there. As long as my electricity stays on and it doesn’t disrupt my programming…LOL

      • Here in NW Indiana we got hit on Thurs. 2.5 inches in less than an hour. At times I couldnt see the street in front of the house–just walls of water. More today and flooding expected. Oy. And the corn is way behind. We need hot sunny days for it to catch up.

      • I live in Clarksville, which is about 5 minutes from Louisville, KY. You are correct about the walls of water..I have never seen anything like it!

      • He’s my favorite right now. And Austin is kind of growing on me which I didn’t think I would like him from his interview.

      • I already like James. With the rest? I still have to watch them. I’m curious of the TAR couple though.

      • There okay. Jeff gets on my nerves a little. He’s another one making 10 alliances. Lol

      • And Jackie’ll end up making his mind up which ones he should stay with! hahaha

      • Her and Audrey both. Audrey can backstab like no other and not let it show on her face either. It’s an art form I believe she can pull off just as well as Day.

    • I agree, I like both Day and Audrey. I’m worried for Da’Vonne more because she is one of my picks to win. I just want Day to just lay low.

    • i feel audrey is way more than day is mainly because she is in every single alliance that is known of so far and day has a few side deals/friends/votes on her side, so you never can really trust who is your friend and who isn’t, to be quite honest.

  5. We all agree that Aud is playing too hard. Her efforts to control her homegirl, Day, are doomed to fail, too. Day thinks for herself. She is devious and will more likely use Aud than Aud will use Day. Kudos to Aud, though, for keeping the focus on Jace for the backdoor.

  6. My biggest disappointment so far is Vanessa. I had her picked for going far in the game. Thought she would be shrewd and cunning. My word for her now is “unstable.” If her tears were an act to throw ppl off and gain sympathy for her sensitivity, 10 minutes would have sufficed. But, the display she gave was pathetic and, well, just gross. Now she has missed what may be the critical game-changing moment by not getting into the power alliance. smh

    • She’s a millionaire used to living well and keeps saying “the money isn’t worth it” as she has to tough it out. I think she had a major case of buyer’s remorse and homesickness all together. She put herself on the outside of all the alliances and is now just a pawn to use whenever they see fit. Audry is the only one I see gathering up the lost ones, which is pretty smart but she won’t really protect them in the end, she just wants insurance for herself.

      • Good points. Funny to think of a power alliance member who also is gathering the lost. She really is playing Andy’s game, as Latifa said.

  7. I kind of don’t want Jace to leave on Thursday..I rather enjoy his strategy sessions with Austin..they are funny together! I would like to see Liz or Day go..they like to start trouble too!

    • For some reason, I kind of like for the stink stirrers to stay for a couple of weeks. You can get a sense of who remains level-headed when there is a little chaos and who loses their focus or is easily swayed. Sometimes it is the perfect time to see through the facade that people have up.

      • Liz is on the target list with Austin, after Jace, but anything can happen as we have some hardcore players in the house.

      • Da’vonne is already suspicious about Liz she stated that her picture on the memory wall and who she is doesn’t match up!

      • Something about her darker hair root, I think. Can’t believe they didn’t think of that before the game started. Unless they did it on purpose.

      • Becky said something to Liz about how fast her hair must grow because her roots were more evident than in her picture.

      • Yeah, exactly! Also, someone I think Shelli told Liz that her hair grows so fast so the twins have different hair lengths? Haha, so weird that production would let small things like that happen.

      • It was Becky that said that. Shelli is kind of in la la land over Clay right now to notice head scalps of others. LOLOL

      • Hahaha, yeah Becky oops! lol Shelli really is! She was crying about the game being hard and she’s sad about evicting Jace like come on!!

      • So Juliz has Day suspicious too! Oh goody, goody! (clapping like Sherman’s mother now)! If only they knew what we did!

    • i like how da’vonne stirrs the pot, but not too much so that she gets a target on her back.

  8. would you all consider jmac and vanessa floaters in the game so far? Meg possibly as well?

    • meg seems to be in some alliances.
      i’d consider them floaters, but in this crazy storm of alliances and people all over the place lying low for the first few weeks isn’t always a bad thing

      • Maybe it’s wise for Vanessa to sit out and stay a floater for awhile. This way nobody can unfairly accuse her of saying things she never said.

      • you kind of find out who the floaters are in the middle of the game, week 5-possibly the end, so until the dust clears, we’lll never know.

    • I’m waiting to see how Meg does with puzzles before I count her as a floater…she’s definitely more social than Vanessa is right now. Jmac just needs a big goose to get him going! :-) Vanessa seems like a Victoria and needs a Derek quick (or since she loves girls more, maybe a Janelle?) hahaha

  9. Hey guys. Liz/Julia’s cousin is doing an Q&A session right now on Reddit. Check it out. Beside a few noticeable physical appearances, he said that the twins had their voices trained to sound like each other apparently.

    • Wow that’s crazy! So I’m guessing they had to go through the same diet and food plans to have the same body form and all?

      • If they also share the same genetic composition as each other, they would more or less would manage to keep their body appearance the same, at least from all the twins I’ve met personally.

      • Oh OK I was wondering because I personally have met some who had different body types. One was either larger or smaller than the other

      • I noticed that Julia has more space between her boobs than Liz does! hahaha Not that I like staring at boobs…but just figuring out which is which is all!

  10. Well everyone is all over the place and playing too hard this early. Already all kinds of alliances and final 2’s. I can’t wait for a few weeks when a few people are gone and we can see the true alliances.

  11. What’s with all the “J “names? We have Jace, Jackie, James, Jason, Jeff, John, and Julia. Good odds for a “J” to be the winner.

      • I guess it’s a pleading speech for Jace to other HG. Suggested by Austin. Matthew has a new update, I just read.

      • We may be talking about two different occurrences. I saw on Jokers (12:25 PM today)where Van and Aud were on the hammock and Aud was telling her that James’ speech is kind of brutal.

      • You’re right. I went back and that what I saw. James not Jace. My bad…and what was that all about?

      • Beats me!!!
        We have another crier. Ugh. I hope it doesn’t last long and isn’t contagious.

      • I think Austin is faking it! :-) He has to think on cue when he wrestles, right?

  12. Oh My! Jace streaked thru the backyard! (saw it on Twitter stream) So what idiotic purpose did that serve?

    • I just finished watching BBAD from last night and saw where he, James, Meg, and Aud where discussing him doing it to aggravate some female but I never understood who they were referring to, something to do with weed, though, I think.

  13. I might be the only one to notice this. But in the Dentist room when it was time for them to go to bed…one of the twins was complaining the whole time about how UNcomfortable the dentist chairs were. I’m assuming that twin was Julia…I’m starting to figure out which is which. That was around 3-4 am on Friday, 26th. Then around 8:20 pm on Friday, one of the twins was talking to Shelli, Jason, and Jackie about how COMfortable the dentist chairs were. That twin had to be Liz. I mean, they need to be focused on more than just game aspects, but every day aspects of living in the house. It has to seem like they are one for a few weeks, otherwise it’s going to be very hard for the other house-guests to not catch on.
    One twin likes the chairs, the other twin doesn’t. Now what if Da’, Vanessa, Austin, or James was in there when Liz said that. They would be so confused. One step closer to having your covers blown TWINS! Get it together!

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