Big Brother 17: Houseguests Prepare To Trap Twins Julia & Liz Nolan – Updated

Overnight word spread of the Liz Nolan & sister Julia twin suspicions and now the Big Brother 17 Houseguests are preparing to seek out the truth and unravel the Twin Twist.

Jeff Weldon inspects Liz Nolan's cast photo
Jeff Weldon inspects Liz Nolan’s cast photo – Source: CBS All Access

Once Da’Vonne discovered the Twin Twist and recognized the differences between Julia and Liz yesterday afternoon she quickly this information to Jason. After further debate and consideration Jason decided to take this information to way too many Houseguests. Oh well. At least this will be fun!

At this point the only Houseguests who weren’t part of this overnight, wide revelation are Audrey, Austin, Becky, John, and Vanessa. Everyone else, besides Liz/Julia of course, spent part of the night gathered around. Flashback to 4:05 AM BBT to watch this play out. Don’t have the Live Feeds yet? Try it now with the 1-week Free Trial.

Now the question is how to smoke out the twins and get the confirmation they need. The Houseguests have lots of ideas and this should be fun to watch play out on the Feeds.

They plan to look for physical characteristics like facial structure and overall size. Eye colors, hair color in their roots, and any other body marks they can identify. There are plans to hold in-depth conversations with her to the point that she won’t have time to relay all the details. It’s going to be an information overload.

At 5:19AM BBT Da’Vonne jokes she’s about to be her new best friend. They’re going to be sticking to Liz/Julia as closely as they can to observe any time she walks in or out of the Diary Room since they know that’s the most likely swap point.

Perhaps their best plan is to hold another of their backyard talk show podcasts. They’ll set up enough unique details and then continue to quiz her on it after they suspect a switch has happened. Da’Vonne tried this earlier by asking Liz/Julia about her character the night before, but Jackie ruined it by answering the question first. Thanks, Jackie. You finally get involved and that’s what you do. Smh.

Something to keep in mind is that as far as it’s been explained to us by Julie Chen (see the video below), uncovering the Twin Twist isn’t enough to end it. The Houseguests will have to evict Liz by the 5th eviction or she’s going to play with her twin side by side. Had Da’Vonne uncovered this a few hours sooner she might be in a better position right now.

Update: Things started out quietly for the most part, but Steve went for it and started quizzing Liz/Julia. Flashback to 12:35PM BBT to find Steve asking her all sorts of questions. Part of the plan was to ask what was the final name of their inflatable giraffe. Liz couldn’t answer but Audrey finally jumped in and answered.

Steve continued to ask about more personal topics. This should be fun to watch unravel.

Big Brother 17: Julie Explains Twin Twist


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  1. A jaw-dropping diversion ~ just what the hgs needed to put their brains in high gear and, for the moment, leave the pettiness on the bathroom floor.

    • Do it on the back of her neck like you are looking at a bug in her hair so that she isn’t aware of it and for pete’s sake – don’t tell anyone (well, the James Gang can know but that’s it!) ha ha

      • Ok. Without proving it with a marker of some kind, Meg can watch Liz’s bedroom (with an unaware Jackie for verification) AFTER seeing Liz get dressed/what type of underwear she has on that day. Then spill something on her “after the switch”/DR session (if she looks “different”) so that she has to change clothes. When she does, Meg can verify if same undies. She can’t say she changed out of the others earlier because Meg/Jackie were in the room whole time and she didn’t come in there til she changed that time. SURELY they won’t be wearing same undies for goodness sake. You think??? IDK

  2. Luckily some remember this twist from before so their thoughts will be along those lines…regarding that at some point, the other twin may join the game.

  3. Da, should at least be rewarded for finding out the twist. the way BB is designed, it makes everyone act like sheep, no one can make any big moves or it paints a target on you, so we are stuck with a boring herd mentality throughout the house. lol I certainly feel for you Day, especially for being the only black girl in the house. nevermind the conniving transgender, we can forgive her, but no the black girl walked where she wasn’t supposed to, so we need to get rid of her now! ha, I hope Da’vonne stays, she at least keeps it interesting. I’m absolutely content with either Shelli or Clay going home soon, oh and Jeff too, so enough with the ‘dudes’ already, dude. :P

    • I feel somewhat the same. Taking race out of the equation, it does seem especially petty to have targeted Day just because Clay had his feelings hurt when literally everyone, including Shelli and Clay, know for a fact that Audrey is a liar and troublemaker.

      I don’t think Day was ever going to immediately target Shelli, either. It’s one thing to look out for your alliance, but you also need to worry about yourself, Shelli, something she clearly isn’t concerned with considering she assured Becky the plan was to get out Audrey and then did then didn’t follow through. Get rid of one person targeting you only to create another.

      • Yep. I think Shelli was angry with Da’vonne for not chosing her for the save. But if Da’vonne did that then Audrey would wonder why she didn’t choose her? Thus their whole alliance would have been ruined anyway. Plus, even if Da did giv eShelli the save I bet Shelli would have said in the diary room: “Da’vonne…Thanks for the save, but what were you thinking giving it to m?e Now our whole allieance has just been exposed.” Then she would have said she couldn’t work with her anymore.

      • Oh I totally agree with you. However, I think Clay is the primary reason Shelli put Day up. I think Shelli would have been content to let Becky do the work in sending Audrey home and lay back this week but she let Clay run her HoH. Clay is a very emotional player and its going to get him in trouble sooner rather than later.

      • Clay is afraid of Da because she called him on the mess he’s pulling with Shelli…using her to do his bidding.

      • Gosh no, I think he totally made the right call. He’s completely correct that DaVonne would be targeting him & Shelli (she even said so in her many rantings to Jason and other players). She doesn’t trust them, and Clay is smart enough to sense it so why wait to be a target from an angry angry person? He needs to target her first, while at the same time gaining an ally that is very disliked (Audrey) who now becomes his ”shield’. It’s very opposite of emotional play, it’s very strategic…

      • You are correct, Day was going to target them both and Clay knows that. However, I don’t think Clay or Shelli for that matter would have even suggested Day had they not had the argument they had. At least not as THE target instead of A target. I think he used the correct and logical reasoning of “she doesn’t trust us” as his backing for his suggestion which was based, in my opinion, on emotion.

        I don’t know if you have the feeds but you can tell from the feeds that Jeff and especially Clay are the most emotional male players in the house.

      • Over DaVonne? I really don’t see it that way, but I guess we each see different sides of the people in the house which makes these comments more interesting. :)

      • I think Day is the most emotional player overall in the house but Clay is the most emotional male player.

        And yes I love that we don’t see it the same because now I get to go examine Clay more carefully to see just how much strategy he really has up his sleeve.

      • After the way Da’ behaved over the ridiculous ,bedroom counting things, incident I would imagine that sealed the deal for Clay and Shelli not to go forward with Da’ in an alliance.

      • I think Audrey and Shelli would be fine with either of them being chosen because they know that Da can only save one and they just wanted a show of allegiance to them. By choosing someone else, they thought Da was going rogue.

      • Audrey would never have been fine with that. She would have found a way to use it against Da. That is how Audrey plays. She takes little things to use to crack away at folks security. She does it to Clay all the time. If Da had used it on Audrey, Audrey would have used that to show Shelli that Shelli couldn’t trust Da. She is very crafty. She literally started a rumor about Vanessa in a room full of people then told Vanessa Da started the rumor and when Da pulled that same group of people into the room in front of Audrey and Vanessa, Audrey blatantly lied with no fear that any of the folks who knew she was lying would confront her because she had planted so many seeds that Da couldn’t be trusted. Audrey is always 3 steps ahead. She only talks game.

      • Yeah, after seeing Audrey’s play style, Da was destined to lose. I’m looking forward to seeing all 3 of these girls out to be honest.

      • Remember when Da warned Aud that she was afraid Shelli was too close to Clay and they had to keep her at arm’s length – not tell her everything because she might choose Clay over them at some point? I thought same thing. Even when the situation with Clay and Da was going down, I would like to have seen Shelli play it down with Clay/Jeff to help cover for her alliance…then later get with Da on the down low and touch base. I think Da also would have appreciated that/trusted Shelli more if Shelli showed she was still aligned with her. Plus that way, Shelli could have protected her alliance and her boo. But wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

      • The original reason Shelli wanted Da out was because she called her a racist. This was said in an earlier comment, I did not hear Da call her that.

      • Shelli told Clay that she didn’t think Audrey did anything that bad. Hmmm. That’s puzzling to me.

      • That’s because Clay is Shelli’s entire world. She’ll be telling Julie a different tune soon when not putting up Audrey this week is the reason why she will be out the door next week.

      • Nooooo, not yet. I like the cute star-crossed lovers. I think their strategy to dump MommaD before Audrey is a smart one.

    • I do too. I had to laugh though when Da’vonne said in the diary room how Clay came in and suddenly adopted a deep strong voice. lol

      And I was so disappointed when Jeff and Jackie were the ones chosen from the Amazing Race to play the game! I was hoping it would be Jenny and Jelani!


      • Jelani, sure, but did you watch The Amazing Race last season? Jenny was kind of the worst. Although, I’m sure it would have made for some interesting situations on BB with her in the house.

      • I liked them both! I did feel sorry for Jelani though. I think he and Jenny would have made a cute couple but Jenny was too focused on the game.


      • Yes Jenny was one of the most disliked people this past season for her cutthroat approach to other teams and her attitude towards Jelani.

      • LOL! I cracked up when i saw that, too!!! I was waiting for Da to say “get the bass out ya voice”…

    • That’s the challenge of the game, doing your own thing and then surviving after you made the move. Da was being smart by planning to blackmail Liz into it, but Jason blew that for her. The goal is to survive in this house on your own, but then there are twists that shake the game up to prevent the game from getting static and giving advantages to super-fans. Da has the last laugh power for the week so we’ll see how the week plays out, but everyone has to think of what move they can make without becoming the next one out, that’s the fun of the game.

    • Athena, you’re SO right! I know exactly why Da’Vonne got mad at those three for checking on her in “their” room. I’ve had the same thing happen to me…I’M NOT GOING TO STEAL ANYTHING! That’s what went through the Da’Vonns’s mind when Jeff “checked” in on her for Shelli and Clay.

  4. As interesting as this should be, I feel bad for whichever twin isn’t in there at the moment. The current one is clueless, but the one that swaps in…she’s going to get bombarded and take all the attacks.

    Oh well, I hope they point it out and not evict her. That would be fun. :D

  5. Productions can always not switch them for a while when they’re putting a marker on one them. That way they’ll start questioning their suspicions….more drama. lol …I think they want this to succeed

    • I think the swaps are on the set schedule, but I don’t have the feeds. That would be the smartest and safest move on production’s end though.

    • That would actually be kind of funny. Usually not a fan of production interference, but I could appreciate this scenario.

  6. da’vonne is an annoying ugly nigger i hope she gets evicted thursday night. She’s annoying, dirty looking, and runs her mouth too much

    • Ummm I’m sorry but that comment was a bit inappropriate! Yes she may be annoying but that doesn’t give u the means to call her names and refer to her as dirty looking! That is just beyond low

  7. I like the twins, and want them to just make the first five weeks, but I’m glad Jason outed the twist so that Da couldn’t use it as blackmail. I want her out of the house. I understand there are others who like her, but I would like to see her leave. Da just rubs me the wrong way, and I didn’t like her the first week just like how I don’t like Audrey.

    • You have some very strong dislike for folks you never have to actually interact with in real life.

  8. why do these men have nail polish on there nails? and are they allergic to shirts?

  9. The most fun part of the summer and they have to wreck it! I just LOVE the twists. She, I mean, they look just like my cousin’s old girlfriend. I’m worried for John.

  10. That’s all good & everything, but what about the phone calls and the 7th Ring saver?

  11. Da’ and her nicknames.. She is making it easier to dislike her. Helga and cruella?? Really?

    • Eh… I don’t care for Da’vonne but Liz/Julia were talking about voting her out even after she used the save on Liz. I’m if sure Liz/Julia are capable of that kind of fakeness then they can handle being called Helga and Cruella.

      • I agree. These folks are all competitors and there is going to be some trash talk. I don’t think we should take it so seriously if they give each other nick names

      • Social dynamics is what the game is all about…. For example, the house seems to have forgotten that having a strong competitive ‘showmance’ is going to be harder and harder to remove as they go along… How you interact and connect with other people matters. :)

    • And before even that there was “the chunky one” and “the big one and thin one”.. If liz/Julia are chunky or big I dont want to know what Da’ would consider me… She should know better

      • They don’t literally think either of the twins are big that is why it’s so funny. They were trying to find a way to distinguish them and Jason and Davonne realize one of the twins has more booty and a rounder face than the other. They don’t literally think either of the twins is chunky. They are obviously both very fit. They are just trying to find funny ways to distinguish them. Also none of them have ever called either Liz or Julia chunky to their face and I can’t see them ever. They way you joke in the middle of the night with your friends is not how you’d normally talk to people obviously.

      • O ok, so nicknames behind your back are all for fun and its ok as long as its not to your face. Got it… And I watched Da’ and Jason. They found a few differences between the twins but chose weight as the distinguishing factor, maybe not on purpose or consciously, but it is what they did…The Helga convo I did not see yet I still find Cruella tacky too. Its not as if “the mean one” actually went ofter them or actually did anything!.. Anywho, its JMO..

      • I think your taking it out of context. They are using the term “chunky” & “skinny” and “Cruella” to differentiate the twins. Day and the other houseguests don’t know Julia’s real name so they are saying Liz is the “Chunky” one because she is thicker than Julia the “skinny” one. Everyone is making it seem like they are fat shaming Liz. They are describing them by body shape and personality because they don’t know their names. They have to go based on other things. You guys are making it seem like being fat is a bad thing based on how you and most of the fans on twitter are overreacting about it. It’s not that serious.

      • O I don’t think they are fat shaming. I just saw how they saw there were a few differences between the two but keep using the weight as the nickname (or whatever u wanna call it). Easy solution- They know which one they entered with so call her Liz and the other “The Twin”.. But that didn’t occur to them i guess

    • There is context to these names. They aren’t just using them to be mean. Helga is from a show called Hey Arnold. The twin they are calling Helga named herself that because she and Jason were talking about who they would be as characters on the show. Jason called himself “stoop kid” the twin called herself Helga. Curella is because the twin they gave that name too is apparently rude to everyone in the house. Day didn’t come up with those names on her own. Ya’ll take everything so literally and out of context. It’s weird.

      • Have you read many of my comments? You are very much a Da’ fan as I have read yours.. I too agree many ppl take things too literal or out of context but I choose to stay out of those battles… Have a good day :)

    • Seriously? Helga and Cruella is too edgy for you?

      These people are trapped in this house with the same people for 98 days. And Da’vonne loves this game and she knows she’s on her way out. I think she’s entitled to to feel a little down this week. Especially when Da’vonne chose to save them during the first week.

      If we keep putting players on blast for every single thing they say that isn’t 100% glowingly positive, we’ll just end up with a house full of Donny’s next year where everyone is focusing more on playing The Micky Mouse Club than Big Brother.

      • Im over this conversation. I am not trying to paint anyone in anyway for I also don’t agree with the accusations of prejudice made.. In no way was my comment that so do not put me in that category! I simply do not like the nicknames she comes up with. That is all. Move on to the next please..

      • Gosh I’d love a season where a lot of people are like Donny. He WON America’s favourite player for a reason… because he’s our FAVOURITE!

      • Not so sure I see Donny in that light, but meh, if that’s your thing then hey I say go for it! Although you do present a good argument to show that there ARE exceptionally good looking women who don’t have to be anything less than civil in order to make for good tv! :)

      • Not so sure many people would say the Miss America Pageant is “good tv”, but whatever floats your boat!
        I’m loving this season of Big Brother so far because we have so many people in the house actually wanting to play for the win instead of wanting to play for America’s Favorite.

      • I’d have to respectfully disagree… I think its a big mistake NOT to play for America’s favourite… A poor social game gets you in the same boat as DaVonne & Audrey who don’t seem to stand a chance of even making it to jury…

    • Yup she’s not a likeable person and doesn’t seem to understand that in big brother, you can only be hated if you plan on using that as a strategy closer towards the end (when people want to take a hated person to the final 2)…

  12. I’ll start by saying I like the show. Having said that, how much longer will I forced to look at Kathy Griffins botox, silicone injected face? Isn’t it time for her to find a real job and stop piggy backing of BB??

  13. Well I think in this game it is way better to sit back and think and not just react or run and tell someone. Think it through first. In this case she needed that vote. But what I don’t understand at this point is why Jason ran and told everyone? I thought he and Da are friends? Did he not realize this could potentially help her? Is he just a big mouth and couldn’t keep it to himself?

    • Hey, gal. I’m gathering info with what few minutes I have before my grandsons notice I’m MIA. hehe Is Da aware that Jason has told all these people? If so, is she upset about it? Thanks, loving your posts!

      • I believe she knows and in that top left pic, it looks to me like she’s right in the front of the group staring at the memory wall. I don’t know how she feels about it all though, trying to figure it all out myself.

  14. I know its no fun…but why not just say, “Busted, we know youre a twin.” I guess they are bored.

  15. I don’t care for D’s attitude,but she is a very smart person.Not a very smart player though.

  16. What do the twins get in benefit aside from playing together if Liz/Julia is not evicted by the 5th week? It seems the entire house would be ready to evict Liz/Julia now. Seems like the twins are at a huge disadvantage now. Not like Liz/Julia has done anything to be a big threat but, looks more like a couple of stragglers convenient and easy to target is more like it!

  17. Having another guest come in the house will just make the game last longer, and I doubt that they will be smart enough to vote one out and break the pair up. Now that they know about it, it is a smart move to put the twins up on the block. Even backdoor them if necessary along with shelli and clay.

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