Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 11 [POLL] – Update: Vote Flip Coming?

Down to the Final Six Houseguests of Big Brother 17 leaves us with only three votes this week at the next live eviction show and not many possibilities to flip a vote or stage a surprise.

Vanessa stages drama for the next eviction vote
Vanessa stages drama for the next eviction vote – Source: CBS All Access

The final nominations for this week were set on Monday and now the two Houseguests on the Block await their fate to be announced by Julie Chen before heading off to join the Jury.

The three votes this week will come from Austin, John, and Vanessa. They’ll be picking between Julia and Liz Nolan and over the past few days we’ve heard plenty of discussions but no real changes.

Both sisters say they want the other to stay but fear regretting making a mistake on their choice. Realistically though this decision is not in their hands.

Austin will be voting to keep Liz and has tried to encourage Liz to want to stay, but despite being the stronger competitor of the sisters she has declined his encouragement.

John has mentioned wanting to get Liz out and keep the weaker twin, Julia. This makes sense for him given Liz’s strong HoH win history though Julia has performed well in the past few competitions.

That leaves us with Vanessa. She’s faked plenty of tears over this supposedly difficult choice, but it’s really no mystery what’s better for her. Liz and Austin are tightly knit and would be more difficult for her to get between as compared to Austin and Julia. Liz is tempting to keep for being a strong competitor in her corner, but we’re far enough along in the season that Vanessa has other options. Julia has her own benefits of being a great opponent in a F3 and F2 situation as an easy win.

When it comes down to the vote on Thursday I do think we’ll see Liz voted out 2-1 with Austin being the single vote to keep Liz. How do you think the vote will go? Might Vanessa shift to keeping Liz over Julia and change the eviction? Vote in our poll below and share your thoughts.

Right now there may be more going on behind the scenes of the twins’ trust in Vanessa. Last night Julia told Liz she was on to Vanessa’s methods and has shifted to trusting Austin more than Vanessa. Julia suspects Vanessa has a F3 with Steve and John so the chance of a Vanessa and Julia pair up might not be as likely as it once seemed. Of course the real question for Julia is whether John and Steve are bigger targets for her than Vanessa. I’m ready for Thursday to hurry up and get here so we can see what happens next.

Update: Hold that thought. The Austwins have called Vanessa’s bluff and told her they want to keep Liz after she worked so hard to convince them that keeping the stronger competitor was a bad idea. Heh. We could have a vote flip going on this week to evict Julia with her consent.


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  1. I would expect Liz to go, unless Vanessa wants a stronger competitor by her side, but Julia would easier to beat going forward.

    ‘Last night Julia told Liz she was on to Vanessa’s methods…’ What do you mean, having deals with everyone and manipulating everyone and only looking out for herself? Everyone has known this for weeks, they just either don’t care(or I guess in the twins case forgot?) or are too scared to target her lol.

    Julia and Austin will claim to want to target Vanessa next week, but will target JMac and Steve, taking the easy way out like everyone does every week…

    Only way Vanessa is even on the block is if JMac or Steve win the Veto, but even then the twin and Austin will vote the other out and Vanessa will be fine. Every week people have some plan to get Vanessa out, and every week she stays in the house lol.

    • She must be writing pay off notes on the bathroom wall from her own pocket…. I just cannot understand why she hasn’t been put up and booted out. Remember the winner is chosen by HG’s so wouldn’t be a bad thing sitting next to her in final 2-no-one is going to vote for her-that is-unless they really are that dumb this season, which isn’t that far fetched!!! Have to ask Sigmund and Freud to do the math???!!! hahaha

      • I think if Vanessa make F2, she will win. she’s played the game-not in a likable manner for me, but you can’t deny her on game play. they always say they won’t vote for someone bc of emotions but usually ends up realizing game play.

      • She clearly broke rules by offering money from her own pocket – she doesn’t deserve to win! She played a dirty game and BB should have escorted her OUT! who knows if some of what she offered is still in play? We sure don’t! She even said she got spanked after coming out of DR! Don’t trust her and like I said she does NOT deserve to win! Period! Dirty game play doesn’t make her a winner only stupid votes. I do deny her fair game play by breaking BB rules!! See how far that kind of thing would get her on the poker table!! I don’t think so!! She Cheated the game! She should have been sent packing immediately! Bribed HG’s with her own money to win this game! Reminds me of a bully and very fake! There needs to be a level of respect to win this game as well as excellent game play. Like Derrick Levasseur from last year! He was a HG favorite and played a decent, intelligent game! No question deserved the win! Vanessa NO WAY!!

      • But ya, Production kept her cuz she was the only playing the game and causing all the drama, they need her lol.

      • I didn’t mean that Derrick won HG favorite I meant that he was liked by all…I just got what you said…DUH… terminology mistake here…

      • I liked russell. totally different game play. russell made no apologies, no crying/playing the victim. he didn’t sugar coat nothing. his social game is what caused him to lose, but his game play won him Americas fav

      • She also mentioned on camera that, “Yes, she counts cards in Las Vegas.” So if any casino owners (or members of their family) got wind of that statement, she could be blackballed by every casino in Las Vegas. She isn’t always smart.

      • Vanessa didn’t play a good game, she played all the HGs like a drum. Getting them to do all the dirty work while she sat on her bed and cried alligator tears.

      • Why do you think they put her of regular bb and not celebrity bb? I guess she’s quite famous in Vegas.

      • idk. I never heard of her. I don’t follow gambling and I’m guilty of forgetting most people once they’re off a program.

      • Me too!! That was the most stupid conversation I have heard this season! I hope it ends up on YouTube! Maybe (the real) Siegfried & Roy could use it in their act and make the twin disappear!

    • Lol….I’m no Freud and I don’t know much about lions, lol, but don’t Julia and lady maverick have a deal also? This has become like a funeral. I can’t find anyone left to root for anymore….they are either too dumb to vote for (Steve and poor old j mack), or just plain manipulative and mean. Pretty sad season. I read that this was all about promotion for Vanessa and to build a fan base for a show she will be getting soon called poker face… I hope that’s not true.

      • I wouldn’t think Van’s building much of a fan base for that… a show of crying, whining & lying and you like to see that all the time.

      • I agree totally but I don’t understand why she’s still here. I was also wondering why the twins aren’t more enthusiastic since no matter which ones goes to the jury house, the other will still have a chance. Oh well, we’ll see what happens soon enough!

  2. The house is running out of options, so it’s getting more and more likely that Van goes up–especially as a renom option. I’d be curious to see who she puts up as HOH–if she even tries to win it. I think she throws one final one, and decides to go “all in” with the pair that wins. Of course, with both pairs on to what she’s doing, they could decide to call a one week truce and send her out unless she wins veto. That benefits everybody but her, and I guarantee that will be floated before Thursday

    • They can decide to do a one week truce all they want., as soon as Vanessa tells them something all logic goes out the window and they will do exactly what she wants. Also it’d be dumb for them to agree to anything before after the Veto. They wouldn’t want her to win veto then the other side(which every way you see it) thrown the other side under the buss and tell her they wanted to back door her.

      In the end I expect Vanessa to be just fine next week.

      • You are probably right–for next week. However, I expect her to be the top target for everyone once we get down to F4. At that point, everyone will be playing for themselves. Everybody knows she’s too dangerous to bring to the end, and unless she has guaranteed safety through HOH or veto through F4 or wins the final HOH comp, she’s gone

      • I agree at F4 they will need to get her out(they need to now lol). She wont want to win HoH next week cuz like she and Steve talked about the best was HoH at F6, and then at F4, and she will probably feel safe next week with each side targeting each other,

      • but it’d b great if they don’t wait and put her up w this next HOH. I think she thinks she’s safe too and she won’t try to win HOH. that’s what I like the most-people thinking their safe, then wam, they get evicted.

      • Well she has said she want’s the F4 HoH, so I think she wont try very hard. Plus she thinks she has both sides gunning for each other so she is safe, which in all likelihood is true, since they are too stupid to do anything about it.

        I know most people would love her to be put up/go home, but I don’t see it happening. They are too scared of her and she has them wrapped around there finger no matter how much they talk about targeting her.

    • I think they are too scared to put her up – she might have a temper tantrum or be accused of lying to her. Her bullying tactics do not phase them they deserve to loose by not standing up!

    • Depending on who wins HOH will determine the top targets of next week but again..not very many options. So i expect Vanessa to be the top target.

  3. Liz and Julia should play a best out of 3, Live on Eviction Night, of Rock, Paper, Scissors … And, since they are Twins et al .. they will end up tying and playing the rest of the 2 weeks of the Season … Ha !!!

  4. That’s only Van’s BS to let them choose who goes. She planted that idea. It only goes for her, not John. They would be a fool to keep Liz.

    • Uhhhhh, duh. Of course it’s BS, she is just wanting there jury vote so is pretending to be nice and ‘help’ them through it and let them decide like she’s there best friends and will do what they want lol.

  5. Vanessa is another one of those “ugly criers” whether it’s fake or not! Liz’s tears seemed more real for sure!

  6. This morning Van told Steve to fix/comb his hair. What’s up with her. She acts like his mom.

    And even though Steve is scared of her and doesn’t say anything except “I’ll wear a hat” at least give her a glaring, stink eye. Good grief. He is a grown man isn’t he.

    • She is his surrogate mom. He does what she wants, he is scared of her, and she scolds him and tells him to do stuff, and he falls in line like like a good little boy.

      • my word, she ripped him a new one when Liz lied on him. poor guy is probably never been verbally assaulted like that before.

  7. More than likely the Final 5 will be Vanessa, Austin, Julia, Steve and Johnny Mac (all of this based on Liz going to jury of course).

    If Austin or God forbid Julia wins the next HOH (which Steve can not play), then I expect the noms to be Johnny Mac and Steve. It would be interesting for either Julia or Austin to throw Vanessa up on the block, since everyone will play for VETO and see where it goes from there. If this is the case then I see Johnny Mac going to jury if he doesn’t win VETO or HOH this week.

    • It’s in no ones best interest to nominate Vanessa right away. All it will do is piss her off and lose any, for a lack of a better thought right now ‘trust’ she has in them, and if she stays will just target them. Best strategy is a back door, and really the best for the HoH would be for a nom to win the PoV take them self off, and then since each side wont put up there one allie, have to put up Vanessa.

      Or I’d be interesting for Vanessa to win PoV, remove a nom, and then the HoH’s one true allie would have to be the renom. Funny to watch Austin have to put up Liz and for Liz to then be voted out.

      • Would finally make for an interesting week for once lol. But I see Liz, JMac or Steve going home…

        BTW just saw you’re a Cards fan too. Woooo go Cards!

      • Yes! Glad you are one, too (sound like)???
        GO CARDS!!!!
        I created a meme with Maury Povich and his infamous baby daddy test results.
        Top line: “The results are in:”
        Bottom of pic: “The Cardinals ARE your daddy!”

      • hahahaha thats sounds great. Ya I’m out in Oregon, but parents from the Midwest. Love the Cards, great season so far.

        Now just another championship, Vanessa to go next week and JMac to win BB, a great year lol.

      • That is if Liz stays this week. With 5 people playing in the house after Thursday, the back door days are long gone. If anything maybe a blindside and that will be just as good.

  8. What ever happened with that envelope James received in the DR?? I know some people speculated he may be a new americas player or something like that. I never heard anything else about it.

    • It could have been a prank on us the viewer’s. Still though, it does make a mind wonder don’t it.

      • Yes it does.
        Maybe Matt could shed some light on that question.

        On another note, this is a weak F6. I like Steve and Bobcat but they aren’t much as far as game play. The Austwins make me nauseous. I feel like I need a bath after watching them on the show or AD.

  9. Liz walked away with a hissy fit during the Veto ceremony. I have never seen that happened in BB. Shades of At least put a blanket on.

    • What’d she expect? Tell him if he puts up JMac they wont target him? Except with JMac gone and them unwilling to target Vanessa he’d be the only target? lol They don’t mind sending other people home, and would say to ‘just accept it and don’t campaign and just go quietly’, but they can’t take there own, I wouldn’t say advice, but there own way of thinking? lol

  10. Counting the votes?? Aren’t the noms choosing who stays and who goes this week?? Isn’t that this week’s twist?? OH, I’m so confused ~~ ROFL!

  11. How disgusted is Julia by Vanessa, that she now trusts V more than Austin? lol I can’t imagine those words coming out of her mouth. ha ha

  12. Is BB scripted with Vanessa scheduled to win? Is BB building up her profile? Does it have anything to do with a new CBS show coming soon called “Poker Face” starring Vanessa? Gee I wonder.

  13. At this point would love to see Vanessa, John and Steve in final 3 and either John or Steve win HOH and cut Vanessa loose, she would freak out making it so far and being cut.

    • Ya, but I’d rather her go out before F4 than take that chance of her winning HoH at F3 and even making it to the F2 lol

      • Vanessa doesn’t even have to manipulate that hard anymore because the other hgs are oblivious. At some point they each realize her methods but just seem to forget that she should be targeted.
        Steve is not the only one drinking cool aid.

      • They all realize it(or at least did at some point), but they just choose not to care or act on it. They think she is still doing what is in there best interest, and they just follow her every word. It’s sad and pathetic. They just need to smarten(I know I know it’s funny to say that) and get her out. They just are to scared and refuse to do it. Even Austin said he was too scared to do it.

  14. Julia’s awakening on Vanessa’s machinations, may give hope yet to the possible eviction of Vanessa. Of course Julia or Austin must win the next HOH put V up promptly and not fall for her waterfall of tears and double-talk

    • Julia wont win it, and Austin even said he is too scared of her. She wont be voted out next week. And as I stated above in another comment, putting her up right away is in nobodies best interest. All it does is give her more time to talk herself off the block lol.

      • I agree, but they are rounding toward the finish line and the smell of money is in the air, it’s time for Austin to man-up and quit cowering toward Vanessa, if he can’t do that, he is not worthy of a woman like Liz.

        He can go back to fake wrestling where I guess less courage is needed, then the frightening intimidation of Vanessa the vampire

    • Or if they feel out Steve/Jmac as they discussed…Maybe they can get a truce for a week to BD her. Even with 4 against 1, I don’t put it past V to win HoH next. :) Isn’t it about time for the wall comp (think it’s final 5 though)?

      • I Just don’t see it. Only way she goes up is as a replacement, and even then I don’t see them taking the shot. They’ve had chances and just wont do it. Someone will spill the beans that they are working together and she will scare everyone into keeping her. It’s been her MO all season.

        Ever week us fans come up with some plan that would be perfect to get Vanessa out, and every week the HGs chicken out and leave her in the game lol.

      • Its worth a try, but at this point everybody is sizing up who they can beat at F3 and then win jury votes at F2. I think Steve who doesn’t fully trust V , still may think he can beat her at F2, with V doing a subliminal job of pretending she has blood all over her, but smooching evictees as they go out the door. She is playing good stealth game.

        If she wins it all, it will be mainly because the others deserve to lose for lack of courage and street smarts

      • I find myself wondering how the live audience will respond if Vanessa wins. I don’t mean they would boo etc, I just wonder if their applause would be more restrained than usual.

  15. Liz is definitely the choice to go to the jury this week. (And…that damn showmance with Austin is annoying!) Hope he’s next.

  16. In a way I almost would rather see Julia leave instead of Liz. At least Liz has a chance to beat Vanessa in the comps and the last thing I want to see happen is Vanessa winning HOH or Veto.

      • Can you believe things have come to this? Now we’re rooting for Liz so she can keep Vanessa from winning ! I can excuse some of Liz’s behavior due to her young age and immaturity but Van doesn’t have that excuse does she?

      • I’m rooting against most of them except for JMac and Steve.
        It’s starting to look like it will be a F2 of Vanessa and Austin.

    • I never thought I’d say this, but I disagree. As repugnant as Vanessa can be, at least she has played the game 24/7. What has Liz done that begins to compare? Plus, Liz’s conceit, rudeness, disgusting manners, mean comments about the other players and grossly inappropriate, on-camera behavior with Austin has turned me off completely where she’s concerned. If I were her mother, I’d be so embarrassed.

      • I never thought I’d be defending Liz to anyone so I’m not going to defend her. I just consider her the lesser of 2 evils. :D

      • If I were her mother, I’d hope she would get married soon so we didn’t have the same last name!! Lol!

  17. Liz is the only good choice to evict this week,anything else would defy logic because Vanessa could talk Julia into jumping off a cliff but not Liz,she would not plunge off any cliff without Austin holding her hand,so no need to keep this hesitant jumper vs. Julia the frog.

  18. Many people are discounting Vanessa chances if she reaches the final two due to her methods,not me..Vanessa will give “the ends justify the means” speech of a lifetime to secure enough votes for a win,never underestimate her ability and power to sway others in a controlled situation,this summer is all the proof you need.

    • Vanessa wins if she gets to the final 2. If not Vanessa, then Steve. JMac, Liz, and Austin need to wake up here and band together if they want any chance of winning this game.

      • For the purposes of an exciting vote, I hope it’s Steve vs Vanessa in the end. but both are way too aware to allow that to happen. They will be both be gunning for each other in the final 4. The other three I don’t think recognize that they’re playing with fire by not getting them out.

      • I don’t know. I think they are TOO comfortable for that to happen.

        Just read on jokers that Van encouraging Steve “to go on dates or at least to get into a gloryhoke situation” and then when Van says she wants to do something special for Mel (her girlfriend) when she gets out, Steve suggests cli;&oris (I don’t even like writing that word.


      • Gia, embrace the word!!! Most women (and men!) didn’t even know it existed before the 60’s came around! I am just sayin’! Lol!

  19. Just read JMac thinks people don’t like him WTF?! These peoples cluelessness goes beyond they game. Liz and Austin think they are Americas fav, and JMac thinks people don’t like him. WTF is with these people lol.

    • Not so strange when you really think about it,Frankie from last summer was convinced to the very end he would be voted most favorite player but it was Zach that made the top 3,not him.

      • Totally agree,first clue Frankie got that he might have screwed up is the reception Zach got when evicted,said oh my god they love him!..later that night told Derrick they might be hated now for evicting him,was a great shock to his system that America just might see this game a little differently.

  20. Am I the only one who worries about Pandora’s Box showing up soon? Or is too late in the game for that?

    • I would LOVE Pandora’s box but if it gives the Austwin creature another week of survival, my head will explode.

  21. WOW! I’m sorry ,but I think all ya all sound well..stupid,all I keep seeing is everyone ragging on Vanessa how she shouldn’t win cuz she has schemed & manipulated THE WHOLE TIME WOW Omgosh how dare she actually play the game,what do ya all think big brother is ? oh let’s all play being sweet & honest um ya that is actually NOT PLAYING A GAME ,but what Vanessas doing is ! GIVE PROPS, WHERE PROPS ARE DUE PERIOD !

  22. Wow Julia is the stupidest girl I have ever seen in my entire life. The game would have flipped and now the twin with one extra brain cell is going home

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