Big Brother 17: Austin & Vanessa Crank Up The Paranoia

All the control this week in Big Brother 17 lies in one corner but as we’ve seen this season, great power comes with great paranoia. Austin and Vanessa sat down to run scenarios and came up with a whole new way to explain what’s going on inside the house.

Vanessa Rousso is worried about the BB17 HGs
Vanessa Rousso is worried about the BB17 HGs – Source: CBS All Access

Fortunately for Vanessa and Austin, being wrong is okay when you have the controlling numbers in the house and boy are they wrong about this one.

Flashback to 1:35 AM BBT 8/23 Cams 3/4 as Austin and Vanessa talk in the back bedroom. Austin is running through the things he’s been hearing as Vanessa maneuvers to secure her spot again with the Austwins. Their new fear is an alliance has formed on the other side and they’re all coming after them. Well, they weren’t, but maybe they’ll have to after this week.

Vanessa saw Steve and James talking, but they weren’t just talking, they were talking for too long. They must be working together, says Vanessa. Austin agrees. He says if it turns out James & Meg plus Steve & John start comparing notes than they’re screwed. Now Austin should have that worry because he’s made 5-HG deals with both groups, but Vanessa hasn’t, yet she doesn’t seem to catch that concern of his.

Vanessa explains to Austin why a move against her by the other side of the house would be the smart play. If those four bound together and get out Vanessa then they’d have 4-3 numbers over the Austwins. Then if you toss on another returning Juror it’d be a 5-3 position. Yep, that would have been a smart move, but no it wasn’t actually happening. All the same, it’s enough to get Austin afraid and on the run.

Now keep in mind that Austin formed those 5-HG deals with the purpose of targeting and evicting Vanessa this week. Both sides thought that was what was going on. Has Austin forgotten he helped create this situation that he’s suddenly fearing? “I knew it! I knew something was up,” says Austin regarding this ghost alliance.

Liz arrives to hear more of the paranoia (1:39 AM BBT). Austin suggests that everyone was scared at his nominations ceremony because “they’ve all got something going on.” Liz looks really confused.

“We just figured out everything,” says Austin. He tells Liz they are back with Vanessa “100%.” Austin explains to Liz that he was going to put Vanessa up as a pawn and the other side was going to evict her after telling him they wouldn’t.

Vanessa says she could tell everyone was upset when she won the Veto and that was telling. Austin says it goes back to Steve who sold them all out and must have a deal with James. We know the general disappointment could be because they thought Vanessa was the target… because Austin told them that going in to this week.


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  1. Once again, ‘stupid gas’ –that Vanessa is immune to—is being pumped into the house. I wish I could throw Austin a dollar and tell him to “Buy a clue.”

    • Vanessa would interpret the $1 and “Buy a clue” for Austin as meaning “Stick with the gay until the end. She’s your “one” and only friend.”

    • no doubt! That’s funny what you said! Lol… I understand Vanessa is doing and saying things that are a little over the top, ok a lot over the top but, she’s playing hard! and she’s staying! I don’t know how and I don’t know why but whatever she is doing is working and isn’t that the whole point of the game!? To win!? People who watch Big Brother and expect the winner to be someone who never lied or manipulated is ridiculous! it’s a game, win however you can as long as you are not physically or emotionally truly hurting someone else! Like I have said, I do not agree with everything she has done or said in the house but she’s still there! And since the very beginning she has been playing the game aside from most of the other people in the house who thinks they are at summer camp! What people saw from Vanessa during the first few weeks was who she is, quiet and friendly but she was just being herself and observing what was going on. she was always playing the game from the very beginning even though most people watching did not know that. and then she started making her moves! good for her! Haters are going to hate, nothing can be said to them to change their mind and as much as somethings she has said and done are out of character for her personally, she’s playing a game and she’s playing it like many others have in the past! Sometimes you have to be ruthless! Yes, she’s on 24/7 but like I keep on saying, she plays a game for a living so I expected nothing less of her in the house! It’s impossible for her to turn off the game because its what she knows, to play the game and bluff! I love it! Do I think she’s going to make it to final 2? probably not! Unless the house remains as stupid as they all are appearing this season. and by stupid I am NOT insulting their characters outside the house, I just mean they are letting her get away with the money!

      • Yesss.she’s amazing. And I want her and Steve and jmac to do a three person alliance,roping in meg and James for a final five to just get out the austwins and then it’ll be Steve,jmac and Vanessa as final three with hopefully Vanessa winning…..I live jmac Steve and Vanessa but Nessa is my fave I was so sad that she got mad at Steve and didn’t see tonight’s episode I’m hoping they make up and get smart and get out that trio the austwins,I mean they gotta go.someone tell me what happened tonight? I know john left and came back and Nessa is how but I mean did her and Steve make up?

      • I just read in the updates that Vanessa went to JMac asking him about her menstrual problems. I loved it when JMac said I’m not a gynecologist and told her to go suck on a lemon.

      • She made a similar remark to someone else where they asked her if you can make yeast. She said, “how should I know, I’m not a chemist!” hahahaha

      • Have you gotten to where Liz is late?
        What powerful fingers you have, Austin!!
        I’m going to do another self-imposed corner. My second today. :(

      • No, I haven’t gotten to Liz’s problems yet but thanks for the advance warning. I’m almost afraid to ask about Austin’s powerful “finger” – or did you mean 3rd leg by any chance?

      • Sick of reading about them, but Liz has said a couple of things that leave the impression that they haven’t went all the way. So if she was pregnant, that would be some powerful fingers he has. I read a post on here alluding to the undercover petting. If I were her mother, I’d be very upset about how she has conducted herself on national TV.

      • I hope her grandparents aren’t watching. If they are anything like mine were, my maternal grandmother, Granny B, God rest her soul, would have kicked my a$$ from one end of the house to the other and then cooked me my favorite meal. Come to think of it, it might have been worth it. :D

      • I heard Julia say, when liz got the hicky, something about mom and dad, sisters, and Grandparents. Then she said something about people Dad works with…. UGH!!!

      • Julia said they were going to stick around for another week after BB was over and tour LA and such anyway! :-)

      • Eeeeww, Sandie! Stinky, sticky fingers and not a whole lot of hand washing, and I’ve yet to see a nail brush. I’m just too finicky I guess, but as a HG, assuming what is going on in the HOH, I’d offer Liz a nail brush and ask her nicely to use it or I could not eat any food she made. I would starve before I would eat anything Austin touched. Nails are nasty.

      • Maybe Hugh Hefner will find Liz attractive and invite her to his mansion (if he’s still alive?) and soon she’ll have her own reality show like Kendra.

      • I bet that old mansion smells bad. It still amazes me what some people will do for money and/or publicity.

      • It’s really sad how desperate some women are for attention – in any shape, form or fashion. That old mansion probably smells like tuna fish.

      • I can’t help but feel bad for Liz’s parents too, how shameful it must be to have your daughter acting like that on live TV – it’s enough to break their hearts.

      • I heard there is a couple of videos from HOH room of more then then petting going on!!!!!!!!!

  2. Austin is keeping Vanessa around because he knows that at some point the twins will turn on him so he would have Vanessa to go against them and even if Vanessa goes before that happens she will be a target before he will.

    • Definitely. It is in Austin’s best interest to keep Vanessa around as long as possible, first for numbers to get the other side out of the house, and then to protect himself when it’s time for the twins to turn on him. He can always dispose of Vanessa whenever he would like.

    • I thought that yesterday as well; the best thing Austin can do for his game is make an F2 deal with Vanessa. Bed romping aside, the twins will cut him loose before they’d turn on each other. I hope. (But as Julia said, “sisters before misters.” So I wonder.)

      • Indeed but Liz legitimately said this to Austin today, “I can’t be here without you, I can’t rely on my sister.” It’s true, she can’t because Liz has carried Julia this entire game seeing as she’s won nothing but it’s her twin!!!! So, Liz might actually choose Austin over her, she already did it for houseguest’s choice!

      • Yup, I know. And I can’t see Liz having made that choice based on strategic game play just because it doesn’t seem she’s made any choices based on what’s best for her game. Just SMH over this one.

      • Right! Plus, Julia hadn’t been chosen to play in a veto before that so wouldn’t she, as her twin, the person who she shared a womb with, have chosen her over some sasquatch she met 2 months ago? Oh my.

    • No so sure James. Remember, the girls at the start of every season want a girl to win at the end. So if it comes down to Austin (the Ass) and the 3 girls, his balls , if he has any, will be kicked to the curb. Which would be really nice to see the Judas ass get a taste of his own medicine.

  3. UGH! But, not unexpected.
    As much as V is a zero as a person, compared to all the other shee-people in the house, she is a ten as a player.

    • No she’s not. The good players lie, then come into the DR and admit they did it and explain why. Vanessa comes into the DR and tries to make us believe she was telling the truth when we all know she was lying. She thinks she’s so much better and smarter than the audience and that we’ll buy into the garbage she’s trying to sell. That’s why people don’t like her: she’s insulting.

      • Well, to be fair, lying to America in the diary room takes one hell of a genius player to do. We saw someone did it last year, and he was crowned the winner…. same trend for Vanessa maybe?

      • Derrick never lied to us. That’s why he wasn’t as bad as Vanessa. While he caused the boring season, he was all in all likable. Unlike Vanessa who is a egotistical megalomaniac

      • Correct. The only person we wondered about last year was Cody, when he chose Derrick over Victoria knowing full well he was exchanging $500,000 for $50,000.

      • I love Vanessa! No, I don’t believe half of what she says either, but who cares? I like her…she’s playing the game. That’s all that matters.

    • She only looks like a 10 because the rest of them are zero’s. she is the only one playing the game, the rest are just there for their 15 min of fame.

  4. I read on Jokers last night that Austin said the DR told him somebody was lying to him. Austin and Liz were trying to figure out who that might be and before you know it Vanessa comes to the rescue to save the faltering SS alliance from themselves. The Austwins seem to be very comfortable with Vanessa back in control so they can continue to have fun.
    I have to wonder who the DR was referring to that was lying to Austin – Steve maybe?

    • That kind of thing just pi**sses me off. There should be very firm rules that Production not be allowed to influence the HG’s in any way – no planting ideas in their heads, no tip offs about things going on in the house. Nothing. This is how the game is manipulated and I don’t like it one bit. Let them play – leave them alone. Why do they even need DR sessions anyway, unless an HG has a safety or medical issue.

      • If I hadn’t heard Austin say this I never would’ve believed the DR would do this sort of thing. But at least they stirred up the HOH room and they are providing entertainment to the live feeders today.

      • I don’t think so Koko – he seemed so bumfuzzled when he left the DR mumbling “someone is lying to me?” He races up to the HOH to confer with Liz and neither one could figure out who the liar might be. So I don’t think Austin is making this up.

      • Yeah, OK. Hmmm. I wonder exactly how that might have been said – a simple “have you ever considered someone might not be telling you the truth? This is Big Brother, after all …” or the more pointed “Austin, you stupid jerk, use the brain in your head for once. You’re being lied to!”
        Did production yell at him when he said that?

      • I don’t have the live feeds – I get all my info from Jokers so I don’t know what exactly was said to Austin but he did tell Liz that the DR said someone was lying to him. Maybe he exaggerated what happened in the DR and they only made a few hints to make him paranoid but it’s certainly worked. Maybe the DR goal was to reunite the SS alliance so Vanessa would have a better chance of winning. Since Vanessa came to Austin’s rescue to help him figure out the mysterious liar the SS is back in action though. I smell a rat.

      • I agree with you. It doesn’t really matter what was said or how it was said, the fact that anything like that was said by production in the DR is annoying. Thanks.

      • I’m hoping against hope that the DR intent was to save JMac by getting Vanessa and the Austwins extremely paranoid. Since JMac is much less dangerous than Steve or James I’m hoping Austin will take the very popular JMac off the block during the VETO ceremony.

      • I think they alluded to Austin what JMac was saying in his DR sessions that many hgs heard yelling from when JMac trusted Austin to throw the HoH comp and then changed his mind. It’s Austin who’s really doing the lying! hahaha

      • Any chance it might’ve been a paraphrase, Foxfire? Maybe they said something kind of vague like…”Remember to expect the unexpected, Austin.” and he asked questions for a bit then morphed that into: “Someone’s lying to me?” Or did it seem like an actual sentence he heard directly?

      • I wouldn’t call it lying. But I believe, in this instance, it is a conclusion he has come to based on his (over-) analysis of the questions.

        Let’s say the DR asks:

        “Do you trust Vanessa when she says …”

        “Do you trust Jmac…

        “Do you trust Steve…”

        “Do you trust James…”

        And maybe they do it in more words than this, but Austin reads into it and comes out saying – the DR has told him someone is lying.

      • Well, yeah, especially if they add – after one of those questions – ‘maybe you shouldn’t.’ Or ‘maybe you shouldn’t be so trustworthy.’

      • I doubt they added anything. They don’t have to. I can totally see Austin over-analyze the questions. He over-analyzes everything!

      • From Dan G. Most common is “Why is this (move, etc.etc) good for your game?”..that’s loaded and could lead into a lot of things. lol

      • Foxfire, Did you hear it yourself on the Feeds? If so is there any chance he was maybe paraphrasing or did he say: “Production told me that X has been lying to me”?

      • A lot of strange things have happened while I’ve watched BB over the years that did make me suspect this might be happening, but for the DR to tell Austin that someone was lying to him when by all evidence points to this not being the truth is a lot more than I suspected.
        But hey, they have a show to run and people were complaining about the HOH being Austin and LIz’s love shack so maybe in desperation they were trying to liven things up for the live feeders. You have to admit this is a lot more entertaining that watching the love birds make out all day in the HOH bed.

      • “Love Shack, baby, Love Shack
        Love Shack, baby, Love Shack”….
        groovin’ to The B-52’s…ahhhhhh!

      • Can you picture their children emerging and saying eeee eeee, ah ah ah, oh oh, oh instead of crying like human babies do?

      • It’s a TV show. If they don’t have DR sessions where will they get player reactions and clips from? I think watchers love conspiracy theories but if playing for half a million dollars I bet there are some very strict rules about game manipulation by Producers. They’d get sued if they rigged a game.

      • It was discussed a couple of years ago that they sigh contracts that it is a tv show and production can make changes as they see fit. It’s not right but it’s not a game show which has very strict rules.

      • I’ve read that here before but it wouldn’t stop someone from filing a suit anyway just to get press with quick settlement hopes. I’ve never heard of a suit being filed like that. (I imagine any lawyer filing one might try to get press coverage.) I think they might subtly alter comps to possibly favor someone but I can’t imagine they’d tell people secrets in the DR. Some former player would have revealed that by now I’d think.

      • That’s just it. This is BB17 and no one has ever filed? Could be pretty ironclad contract.

      • Doesn’t matter if it’s ironclad. All it takes is the accusation. Bad PR travels fast and I’ve never heard one ex-hg say Production did anything crooked. (Maybe they have and I just haven’t heard/read it.)

      • Saw on Twitter where last years Christine complaining that she expected she’d get the Superfan edit instead of the one she got (Cody). She was disappointed because she said she was the ONLY HG who had watched every season and the feeds. So she felt she deserved that type edit more than Nicole or Donny did.

      • People tweeted her back telling her that. She still thinks her super fandom should have been the focus and not her friendship with Cody.

      • I don’t blame her for being angry about her edit since it wasn’t exactly flattering. She might have been making some big moves for all I know but going by the edit her only game plan was to stab everyone in the back, especially the nice people. Yeah, that will ruin a HG’s edit real fast.

      • A lawsuit against a production company and major TV network takes a lot of money. No lawyer is going to take a case that he knows he can’t win. It’s a game show, but it’s also a TV show for entertainment. The only way a suit would be brought against BB and CBS is there was a breech of contract and/or injury caused by negligence or failure to maintain a safe work environment.

      • Krista Segall sued CBS in 2002 after Justin Sebik held a knife to her throat (playfully/seductively, though it pains me to type that). She wasn’t physically injured. In fact, at one point she had him put the knife back to her throat (do a youtube search for BB2 US 2001 – Justin Gets Expelled) and you’ll find Chen explaining it all with footage of the event that was edited by CBS.) As a result, CBS settled. I’m not an attorney. You probably are. The point I was trying to make (and thank you very much for educating me about it) is that all it takes is accusation. I know they sign contracts that are very long and very detailed that give CBS and the Production company a lot of freedom. But Sebik was kicked out of the house on Day 10 as a result of that event (and numerous other physical threats he’d made to others) while Krista kept playing, undamaged, until she was evicted on Day 47. So it appears as though it was a cash grab attempt which, since it was settled and she said she couldn’t discuss it during an interview in 2007, seems to imply that money was paid out. That’s the only suit I found (it was the first one I found in regard to the game itself) and it’s from 2002 so it looks like you’re right probability-wise. But if a suit was filed once when no actual physical damage occurred and was seemingly settled by CBS in order to avoid bad press, it seems my point about their (CBS) not wanting to get involved with anything that could damage the show’s integrity (like rigging a game or predetermining a final winner ahead of time) might be at least in the ballpark of possibility. No?

      • I’ve read the rules for BB online. The production side of what they can do at anytime is very open ended. AND yes they do provide one or the other with certain info to feed the game play. That is why they are constantly saying they are not allowed to discuss their DR sessions.

      • I agree with you. DR sessions with the producers are important when they’re building up their story line. Remember they’re still running a show. Players getting stressed out after their DR is common. They bombard you with questions. They don’t tell them outright what’s going on in the house, but it’s their own interpretation of their DR that’s driving them crazy.

      • Since Vanessa seems to be the DR favorite I doubt they were referring to her – since the other side of the house doesn’t seem to have a clue I can’t figure out who the lying culprit might be or even if that person even exists. Maybe the DR wants to see the Austwins get paranoid and start playing the game again.

      • It would be a refreshing change. But heck, why not Vanessa? She lies to everyone else, why should Austin be any different? Every move or suggestion Vanessa makes should be considered by the recipient as ‘what’s in it for her?’

      • Vanessa should certainly be the first suspect I agree but the DR must have steered Austin away from that idea and suggested there might be another person lying to him. Now what’s left of the SS alliance is back together wanting to retain their numbers once again.

      • It wouldn’t make sense for production to make Austin suspect of James or Meg because if Austin gets paranoid, he might want Vanessa to use the veto and renom James or Meg. I really don’t see how losing one of them could benefit BB ratings at this time. IMO, their agenda for imparting this bit of info to Austin, had everything to do with stirring up some drama for ratings. Without assuming CBS would be favoring a certain HG, what else would their agenda be?

      • All good points K since the SS alliance is so unpopular at the JOkers poll. Since BB hasn’t had a female winner in so long I think it’s a done deal that Vanessa will win this year – why else would they put the more popular HG’s in danger at the Veto meeting? Maybe they also want to see JMac stay a little longer. I don’t really get it either K.

    • Look we can be certain that only DR didn’t lie to Austin b/c you know someone has had to lie to Austin, go down the list of HGs, I’m sure anyone that has talked to Austin has lied to him, hell he probably lied to himself. WHAT’S THE DIFFERENCE? You can’t trust anyone b/c your mother isn’t playing in the game and if she was she might lie to you.

      • It was Vanessa lying to Austin about the BOB that she told James to throw so that Jackie could backdoor Austin instead of her. Somehow Liz managed to win the BOB singlehandedly. She confessed on tonight’s episode.

      • Yeah, I knew it was Vanessa… shouldn’t Austin have said “so now we’re even”, she denied it a couple of times before. Her time in the House is getting shorter unless she turns into a comp’s dynamo.

      • That’s the way I see it too – they’ve both tried to get the other out but in the end they always make up and continue working together. It’s a stormy alliance that’s for sure.

    • I think it’s Austin who was doing the lying, since DR never said who!!! What production was hoping to accomplish, I’d say they were successful!

      • After watching tonight’s episode I figured out that it was Vanessa lying to Austin about telling James to throw the BOB comp with Liz so that Jackie would be the one backdooring Austin and not V.
        After denying this many times Vanessa finally came clean with Austin and that’s the reason he didn’t nominate her.

      • Probably, but gosh that was weeks ago. Wish Austin would just let that go and play the game in the moment. Surely he doesn’t think he’s going to win BB? If he does, I think I might puke!

  5. I can’t think of a single eviction where we haven’t pretty much known in advance who was going home this year. Were there any?

  6. I want to love Vanessa as a gameplayer, I really do, but her lying in the DR about things she’s said means that she’s not a mastermind she just keeps getting lucky convincing idiots of her lies, lies that she also believes. Someone like Derrick would lie and then own up to it in the DR which showed he knew what he was doing every step of the way but Vanessa is just all over the place.

    • And to add insult to injury, she believes that we are believing every word she says, and that’s really annoying.

      • Well, ‘we’ don’t really matter to Vanessa’s game. The house-guests do matter. If they believe her, then she’s winning in the end.

  7. All I am hoping for this week is that the Goblins survive and either Jacky or Becky come back.

    I do feel for Johnny Mac but dude made a bad choice trusting the Austwins and not trying to win HOH. Sometimes you get lucky and your bad choices don’t hurt you whereas other times they do.

  8. Could somebody please take Vanessa’s green beanie hat and drop it way too close to a burning candle? Or at least pull a Zack’s pink hat maneuver from last season?

  9. Lol Vanessa has this amazing ability to come up with something in thin air and have people believe it. 3 weeks ago she was at rock bottom and going home and now she is back in control of the Austwins. Pure genius and all-star material.

    • Only the Austin & the twins are swallowing her bullshit. At least, with James, she told the truth. Becky was in fact playing both sides and Shelli, herself, attest to that when asked.

    • Yeah, she’ll DEFINITELY be on an all-star season…and I bet that she’ll be around for a long time then, because even though people will have been familiar with the way she plays the game, they will still be swayed by her.

  10. As long as Steve leaves, then Vanessa should keep talking. Austin needs Vanessa to pair up with since he knows Liz will be with her sister until the end. He probably is trying to get with James or Meg which sounds a lot better for me since a goblin has a big chance of coming back.

  11. I hate to say this, because James was my first choice to win (Vanessa my second), but I think we will see James out this week, then it won’t matter if Jackie or Becky comes back….Vanessa is playing a smart (pretty sure this is all an act) game.

      • Vanessa is the only one playing, period. She is the only one talking about the others in the house and sowing seeds of doubt. That’s why she is believed. Listen to Austin. As soon as Vanessa comes up to the HoH and spews her BS he immediately wonders why others weren’t in the HoH talking game to him.

        Vanessa actually called Meg a mastermind! She may be a mastermind of planning to sleep but a mastermind of strategy? Seriously? Everyone she was close to has gone home and James may go this week. Some Mastermind!

      • I’m going to disagree with you on this. James is also playing the game. First, he’s playing it socially. He’s so good that Liz and Austin didn’t want to put him on the block. Secondly, he keeps his mouth SHUT! not like the rest, that it will someday come back and bite him in the ass! Vanessa and Austin are trying to find a reason to put him on the block……John and Steve had nothing to tell them because he was smart enough not say anything to them or the Austwins, so it can be use against him. I also liked that Steve and John didn’t lie about him to save themselves.

      • Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha James playing the game “so good” hahahahahahahahahahaha.
        He’s been playing the game so good that he got two of his allies evicted. Out of his 3 allies he voted to evict the two stronger competitors who could have helped him go all the way and kept Meg. Heck, he even evicted BECKY over JMac! Yeah, he’s soooo good.
        The reason John and Steve had nothing to tell is that James hasn’t been doing anything at all.

      • JMac put that idea into Vanessa’s head without bad mouthing anyone. Just said that Meg told him, when Liz had JMac and Becky on the block, that it would be in best interests to go unload to them any info pertaining to Vanessa. Then Vanessa called Meg a mastermind and JMac played dumb…oh, yeah….(paraphrasing). Austin doesn’t seem to care about anything except how this show hopefully helps him in his wrestling profession. If I hear many more “uhs” at the end of words-uh by the twins-uh, I think my brain-uh might-uh explode-uh.

      • This might be a little off topic but I wonder if any of the other HG’s have started talking-uh the same way the twins do-uh. This sort of thing might be contagious – I even catch myself saying “like” way more often than I should sometimes-uh.

      • It seems like some of them picked the ya’all earlier in the game, before Clay and Shellie left. Think I heard a ya’ll from Meg since then.

      • The twins are kind of airheads, but they’re so cute. That’s just the way they are. They’re funny to me.

  12. Someone has to explain to me why these HGs question everything in the house, like Meg crying after losing a comp again, yet as soon as Vanessa comes up with a crazy idea they immediately believe her without question.

    Everyone has told Austin and the twins how Vanessa manipulates every HoH and they turn on Vanessa. Yet here was are with Austin as HoH and Vanessa is twisting and turning everything so that she, not Austin , decides who should go up and who should get voted out.

    They all know Vanessa is a self-serving liar and yet they all believe her!

    They deserve what is coming to them.

    • Seems like they might suspect Vanessa is a self-serving liar, but when she comes to them with her “I’m a straight shooter” BS, it’s easier for them to believe her than to think for one second that they’ve been being played for a fool for the past two months. If John says Vanessa’s been lying, they think … well … maybe … Then Vanessa comes along with her crap, and they go back to thinking “oh, I’m so glad I was right all along. John is wrong/doesn’t understand her … blah, blah, blah.” That’s a much easier pill to swallow.

      • I called it. I predicted Austin being swayed by Vanessa in his decision and I’m pretty sure that he will later blame it on Vanessa

    • EXACTLY.
      But is it so wrong for Vanessa to be a self-serving liar? In the end, they are only here for themselves and themselves only…well…except for Austin (who’s here for himself and Liz).
      Vanessa is playing the game for herself. That is what she should be doing! There is nothing wrong with that. She’s doing great!

  13. I find it hard to believe the HGs can be this stupid. If they would get their collective head out of their own a$$es and pay attention to what’s going on around them they might see Vanessas lies. I think some if not most of these players don’t care if they win or not.

    • But you’re kind of wrong….they DO see her lies. They are just too scared to call her out on them.
      Good for Vanessa.

  14. I’ll be glad when a juror comes back. The feeds have been so boring. Last night you had two choices. A. Watch Austliz groping each other. (Yuck) or B. Watch James acting like a 2yr old scaring people. It’s getting old James. Grow up and play BB instead of summer camp.

  15. Anyone getting the vibe from reading Jokers updates that James may go on the block and be gone?

    Apparently it doesn’t take much (Meg crying, not hugging her) to send Vanessa in a paranoid spiral.

    • That seems to be what the updaters are suggesting but I don;t think Austin will do it after he talks with James. I think Austin is leaning towards Steve now.

    • No!!!!!! The last Goblin standing (One can’t count Meg). I need the Goblins to come back full throttle with Jackie or Becky coming back.

    • It’s Austin’s only play. Turning his back on John or Steve at this juncture would guarantee a loss against everyone if he makes F2.

      • It might be.

        The Jmac/Van discussion that I just followed over on Jokers was critical to this change of events. Van has been trying for weeks to get thru to Jmac and take him under her wing. It looks like she may have succeeded (poor Jmac – too eager to be included).

        The only out for Austin is James since I don’t think he wants to take Steve out either and perhaps they will see that most of the possible returning jurors would team up with J/M.

      • Wait, what?!
        What is happening!?!?
        James might be going and JMac is teaming with Vanessa? And was that a pig I saw just fly by my window?

  16. Vanessa’s gameplay is getting stronger and stronger. Her (not so) new tactic? Post-challenge reactions of other HG’s.
    Step 1: Assume that HOH is making deals with HG’s pre challenge.

    Step 2: After a long, competitive challenge, observe disappointed or angry reactions to losses.

    Step 3: Show this as evidence to HOH and veto winners that those HG’s are working against you despite any deals made beforehand.

    Step 4: Let the paranoia stew and simmer, taking the target away from her.

    This has worked on the Austwins, Steve, James, Shelli and Clay. Austin is totally infected with this paranoia bug, and Liz is just about there.
    You can hate the player and hate her game, but it’s the only effective one we’ve seen all summer.

    • It’s one of the better games I’ve seen on Big Brother. It’s very different from other successful winners, but it’s effective as heck. How that woman has survived every week since the Jason eviction is a wonder to behold.

      • I hope (and expect) she’s got a paid PR person on hand from her Poker playing days who’ll take her aside and whisper (VERY quickly): “It was an act. Your craziness was an act!” before she does any interviews. Otherwise she might be in trouble.

      • I get what you’re saying but she has a lot of friends in the poker world how know her true character so honestly I don’t think she has anything to worry about aside from a little bit of embarrassment. poker players are not like actors or singers, they don’t put up a front! They play a game and that’s it! I truly believe she has absolutely nothing to worry about and friends I have you are friends with her are just laughing at the whole thing! she is very well liked in the poker world, the people that know & love her, her “fans” & sponsors do not care about Big Brother or the “fame” or lack thereof. Make sense?
        trust me, a lot of pro poker players who are extremely popular and have tons of sponsors and what not have done a lot worse then she has!

      • Oh, I hear you. I’m not worried about her friends and cohorts. They’re her friends and cohorts they’ll love her either way. I’m talking about making sure she puts on a good face and has an explanation ready for the questions she’ll be asked by the press. I’ve been a fan of hers for awhile now. I’m not sure how she manages to stay but she does and it’s been awesome to watch. But so many people here post a lot of comments about disliking her immensely. It’s been pretty ugly at times. And the Press will most-likely draw from that if it provides an opportunity to print a bold headline. I assume she’s played this game to get a shot at her own Reality Show. That’s smart self-marketing. Of any HG ever she’s certainly got the most interesting spin a Network’s Marketing Dept. would love to have: “Attractive Lesbian High-Earning Professional Poker Player Who’s Also an Attractive Lesbian.” I think she’ll get one and I think she’ll kick ass with it. But only (I think) if she goes in to those interviews with the explanation: “It was all part of my plan.” If she claims innocence and comes across as being a victim I think the tide could turn really negative negative. Based on the negative comments I’ve read here. – Just an opinion. I could be 100% wrong. But thanks so much for the reply!

      • Yeah, you’d think that if everyone is on to your game, then you’d be out the door immediately…but not when it comes to Vanessa. I think the door repels her. She’s not leaving out of it until she either wins or is the runner-up. I’m rooting for her 100%!

      • Sorry but I believe you are going to be disappointed within the next 2 weeks after this coming eviction unless the stars align perfectly she’s toast. Not saying this hatefully, I wish her the best and will applaud her if she even makes F3, but injecting just a little reality into what’s she produced in the House and infested others with, she has to go for her own well-being. She needs a vacation bad.

      • I totally agree! She’s is going to be evicted very soon, probably next week! But she does have a good way of staying in the game! and they should take her out because she is such a good player! it’s a smart move to get rid of her. keeping her is dangerous for every single person in the house however, she is one person! Austin and the twins are way more of a threat! that is three people who are taking each other to the end! Vanessa could align with anyone in the house! so I believe the twins and Austin are a bigger threat!
        aside from her over playing the game, keeping Austin and the twins is a very stupid move for Meg, James, Johnny Mac, Steve

      • At this point I’m not sure V can align with anyone, seems it would be hard to trust her. You’re right about Austwins and obviously a 3some has an advantage over a 2some or 1 HG… so they are dangerous but I still believe you take out Liz and that solves your problem especially if you can put some blame of that on Austin, then Julia will be scrambling for someone to align with.

        Lets sit back for the fireworks and see who leaves JMac or Steve (who knows) then more importantly who comes back in the game and then the most important who get HoH and has the power.

      • agreed! HOH this week is huge! And I agree that if Liz goes there is a big big possibility Julia can walk away from Austin. my opinion though, I think it will push her closer to Vanessa! IMO

      • It all depends on who had a hand in Liz’s departure. You could be correct b/c no matter if Austin did are not, V will suggest or say he had a hand in Liz’s eviction… think about it, WHY would he?

      • I don’t get this chat thing! I just got an email notification that you replied but I keep getting the same notification with the same reply lol anyway, I found this haha obviously Austin would have no hand in getting rid of Liz, I think he is so obsessed that if it came down to just the two of them he would hand her the money!

      • Her claim to fame will have to be “one of the best players not to win BigBro”, she has no flexibility in her game, she’s definitely smart but she has worn the HGs patience super thin. She’s be crying on the way out the door, I’m interested in the reception the live audience will give her… we should see/hear it within 2 weeks.

        From what I’m hearing the Vanessa we are seeing is nothing like the Vanessa outside the House, so either the stress has effected her hormonal balance or she’s one hell of an actress, very good at portraying a person on the edge of a breakdown.

      • I believe she is on the edge of a breakdown! I believe this game is getting to her big time! like we have all said, she is on 24/7, and like I have said she plays the game for a living so it’s not in her nature to play a game like Big Brother and be able to turn off the switch. so, her mind is working in overdrive and she can’t sit back and pretend it’s camp even for an hour during the day lol therefore she is over playing her hand and on a personal level, she is taking things way too personal Plus she is exhausted and very paranoid! Again her paranoia is justified however she needs to slow down. I honestly feel bad for her, like I have said several times she is an amazing human being, very down to earth and extremely kind so after this game, I hope she takes a long vacation with her girlfriend!
        at least she doesn’t have to worry about the WSOP lol she missed playing this year to be on BB. she should have stuck to poker and again, like I said before I’m very surprised she is on Big Brother because she is quite private and I don’t even know how she was picked to play on it. I can only assume it’s because she’s famous, for lack of better words at least with people who watch and play poker for the most part, of course not everyone! And possibly because on Big Brother Canada 3 Kevin is a professional poker player and he was very good in the game so maybe they thought hey let’s pick someone who plays poker live and will be recognized by people who watch the show!?!?
        anyway, I am still team Vanessa not just because I like her outside of the house but mainly because she has been playing the game from the very beginning unlike most of the house guests & has kept the game somewhat fun to watch instead of sitting back and watching most of the players hang out at summer camp! Yes she has overplayed her hand but she is still deserving!

      • I agree… she’s seems on the verge of a breakdown and I feel badly for her too. She’s definitely overplaying it and I agree she’s smart but it’s really stupid on her part not to take a break & relax at certain times to recharge her battery… fatal mistake.

        Unfortunately she drives me up the wall, but she makes it exciting some times and you marvel at how convincing she can be but when you go off in so many directions you’re going to trip yourself up.

        Still think her method of interrogating other HGs & demanding answers is not good play… she says: “Something has been brought to my attention… ” then she off & running w/the questions, all she’s missing is the bright light she can shine in their eyes.

        Your last sentence baffles me, what is she still deserving of?

    • could not have said that better myself! I have been defending Vanessa since week too! She’s playing the game, it’s not summer camp! It’s not yay let’s make it to Jury and make out! is she playing 24/7 and it’s annoying? Yes! Is she way too paranoid? Yes!! however she plays a game for a living so to be in the house playing a game it’s hard for her to shut the game off….. annoying, yes! Also, she reads people for a living so as I keep saying yes she is paranoid but her paranoia is validated because her Alliance is flip flopping on her and the other side of the house is trying to get her out. is her paranoia and overdrive? Yes! But at least she is playing the game. this season has been so predictable! Too predictable! And it’s nice to know not everyone in the house is acting as though they are at summer camp!
      I loved your comment :-) perfect!

      • Love your comment and agree with most of it. BUT just to clarify Vanessa has flip flopped and lied probably more than anyone in the house. Keepin in mind this is all part of the game. I just DO NOT agree that she is some angel that everyone is lie in to, she lies and manipulates better than the others.

        I also hate the crying part. Keep your tears for the pillow.

        Now I’m going to speak out both sides of my mouth for just a second, Meg and tears, FOR SOME REASON, I feel different about. I guess because Meg cries because she truly feels bad for others. Vanessa USES tears to manipulate others.

      • I agree! Vanessa does bring a lot of the negativ Butity to her on her own! And I don’t read all the feeds so my comment in regards to flip flopping were mainly based on Austin and the twins trusting her, not trusting her, trusting her, not trusting her….. you know what I mean?! I didn’t know Vanessa was flip flopping also. I thought she just wasn’t trusting them anymore so that’s why she was flip flopping.
        & I can deal with tears in the game on occasion! but crying a lot does drive me crazy!

      • tinalee we’ve been here before, the way she’s playing is effecting her mentally & physically… have you looked at her close lately, she needs a vacation. And it’s coming within a couple weeks, she’ll be able to recover in the Jury House, if she can even turn it off there.

        Ask yourself WHY is her Alliance flip-flopping on her… she’s bringing it on herself.

      • & I do not disagree with you! She’s definitely needs a vacation lol… Unlike most of the other house guests, this is not a vacation for her! & I know she brings a lot of it upon herself. I totally do!, I do not read a lot of the feeds so I don’t know exactly how bad she is. Just from reading what other people are saying. Clearly she is going cuckoo lol

      • ! I replied to this but I just got a notification about it a few minutes ago. did you get my initial reply? Is this normal? Lol I don’t understand this chat thing very well! It’s not easily maneuvered, finding replies are not always that simple and clicking on notifications it isn’t totally fool proof lol if that makes any sense whatsoever. Anyway, I added you to Facebook. sometimes I am never on it for weeks and other times I’m on it everyday several times so if you send me a message, I will probably get it pretty fast because of Messenger however this stupid messenger icon pops up when I get a notification however my daughter generally has my phone 24/7 lol and she accidentally clicked on the message button / icon or whatever the bubble lol and I miss a lot of messages that way! I really have to pay attention to my messages! Ha ha ha blah blah blah

      • Don’t see it here, so I guess “no”. Maybe it went off into cyber-space.

        Well, truthfully Disqus is a big improvement over the system that was used before and it has some nice features. Can’t say I’m totally up to speed, it can probably do some things we’re not aware of but have only been using it for 2+ weeks and it’s been a few years since being on BBNetwork from before.

        One big improvement is you can see ‘replies’ that come way after you post, where someone comes along later & replies.

        If Disqus has a tutorial I should probably take it but it’s kind of like a guy not stopping to ask for directions.

    • I’m just loving what everyone’s saying about the mastermind that is Vanessa! Yes, finally people are realizing what a good game she’s playing.

    • Her game may be getting stronger and stronger in the view of some people but in the view of the HGs & a lot of us her time in the House is getting shorter and shorter, IMO.

  17. LOL Vanessa has won this game. The ONLY hope is Becky, and even then… If she doesn’t nom her beside Liz, Vanessa escapes eviction and Becky goes next week. There’s very little chance Vanessa will be evicted. Kudos to her for having massive gameplay though, I can’t stand the fact she’s delusional, If she was acting like how she was in the beginning then she would be likable, but she’s not. She’s crazy! LOL

    • I’m not sure how Vanessa can get past Austwins even if they are successful eliminating everyone else. Vanessa doesn’t have too many paths to the final 2.

      • She’ll have to win HoH and Liz will have to go out so that it’s just V, A & J. Then she’ll have to win the very next one or hope Julia takes her.

      • Yeah, you’re right. That would work. Someone needs to take out Liz for Vanessa to have any chance. Liz is Vanessa’s biggest problem here.

      • This is very true, but let’s say they did get to the F4, do you think Vanessa could sway Julia to evict Austin over her? I think Julia will be ready to cut off Austin in due time and that’s when her and Liz may butt heads? Or am I just being too optimistic?

  18. Why is Austin so damned impressionable where Vanessa is concerned? Why don’t people get together more and compare notes? Why don’t they see the big game, just the little snags? Why? Why? Why? Couldn’t stand Vanessa for a long time, but right now she’s the only one worthy of winning a dollar, let alone $500,000.

    • I’m still behind on reading the Jokers Updates but it appears to me that Vanessa has turned the Austwins against all the other alliances and options in the house by bring them back to her instead.
      Austin will make a lot of enemies here if he keeps listening to Vanessa but as long as Vanessa is running the game he seems to be content. Vanessa is doing a good job or ruining the Austwins game by isolating them from the other HG’s.
      Oh well, back to JOkers to see what crazy Vanessa is doing now.

    • That’s the thing, they ALL have seen the big game…yet they refuse to target her directly. Her powers are keeping them from pulling the trigger. All the better for Vanessa! YES!

  19. The week before that, had Shelli gone home, there would have been no one to consider over Vanessa. If Clay had stayed, he wouldn’t have been such a big target and who knows? Maybe Becky would have put up a twin on the block against Vanessa. If she still promised them safety, she could have put up Austin. Coulda woulda shoulda been a different game now.

    • “Woulda…Coulda…Shoulda.” Some of them must SCREAM when they watch footage later and realize their mistakes.

    • Vanessa would have found a way to get through that scenario too. Her staying power is almost superhuman. She should have been gone weeks ago, and yet she’s still here and won’t be going anywhere soon.

  20. Wow… off the board for just over a week and it looks like there’s some interesting comments indeed… The game is definitely getting more interesting.

      • Can’t tonight I’m afraid… Just back to see comments from old and new friends alike… Noticed the absence of some people and wondering what happened.

      • Haven’t seen KSJB, Red, & Lavendar on here much (or maybe I’m just missing the parts they comment)… Also noticed TinaLee missing and sadly heard she was being attacked by some people (on the personal level) for saying she understands where Vanessa is coming from…

      • LG has been around. Red left to go to a Van Halen concert. Unfortunately she will be very disappointed, just saw that tonight show is cancelled because David Lee Roth has the flu.

      • LOL It’s been 2 tough weeks of turning in circle. I just imagine how Vanessa mind work, always rehashing everything over and over and over again.

      • Hey, Matt, been missing your input. I smiled when I saw your name/avatar. Hopefully,we’ll be seeing you more frequently.

      • We’ll see… there’s seems to be an atmosphere on the boards this year that is a bit harder for me to take – quite a bit of silly teen-talk and personal bashing which is exhausting for me…

      • I’ve had to self-impose timeout twice and probably needed it more and may have to again before this season is over. :(

      • Yup, I agree. Unlike past seasons where there’s been a few people who took their comments to the extreme, this season seems to be filled with people who will say/do anything without conscience or decency… I simply don’t have time to read through peoples postings about who they hate, why they hate that person (game contestant and/or fellow commentator), and why they think it’s ok to write things online that they would never be so brave to utter to a person in real life…

        No worries though… Obla-di-obla-da. :)

      • This is just my 2nd try at this. I haven’t seen anything worse or as bad as the vitriol about Frankie last year. I will have to say that I have allowed a regular poster to get under my skin because it kept being insinuated that anyone who didn’t see things her way, was ignorant. Reading that over and over wasn’t fun. So I stopped reading any posts from her and that helped me tremendously. I won’t be posting as much myself, family reasons, so if I’m lucky enough to cross your path, I’ll smile.

      • Thank you my dear. The honour of course is always mine to interact with you. But yes, this is the first season (from the 5 seasons I’ve participated on BBN) I’ve felt discouraged from what I see.

      • I TRULY hope you are not talking about me? I have never implied anyone was ignorant when they have bad mouthed Vanessa personally. I’ve only defended her. if by chance the person you are talking about is me then I truly apologize as I never once implied anyone was ignorant because they did not like Vanessa. I have only tried to make them understand her a little more and understand her game moves. not to mention I have also agreed with many people that Vanessa is not always playing fair. so again I am truly very sorry if you are talking about me? I hope that you are not though :-)

        I have been personally attacked, my character called into question by many people because I am team Vanessa and I do understand her moves, and because I know her through mutual friends and I know she is an extremely kind person. so I would not want to be hypocritical and personally attacked anyone else for how they felt. that’s what I like about things like this message board, friendly debates & being able to understand everyone’s views and looking at things from a different angle at times.

      • tinalee.. I honestly have no idea what you are talking about. If you feel my opinion of Vanessa impacts you personally, I don’t apologize for my opinions.

      • KSJB….. I am so sorry! I was not directing that at you at all.
        and I certainly think everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My comment was just in regards to your reply to Matt S.
        you were saying someone is getting under your skin and that person call people ignorant if they do not . I am with you!her. I was just making sure it wasn’t anything to do with me. Completely misunderstood that’s all :-) this is why things like this get people into trouble lol misunderstanding. I am with you!!!! I can’t stand people who take it to the next level and can not just have a friendly debate on here. I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. I guess you didn’t see my reply was in regards to your comment about that. hope I cleared that up for you ♡

      • I have no issues with you, tinalee, and in NO way was I referencing you. It is a poster that has been a regular for years and no matter what is said by this poster, “it” seems to be “protected” by various others. No one wants to get on “its” bad side and seem to placate “it”. That’s the way I see it, anyway. So I hope you understand that nothing was directed toward you, or really anyone for that matter. Matt just seems to be an understanding type of guy and I was venting just a tad.:)

      • absolutely! I totally get it :-) that’s why I wanted to make it clear to you that I was not trying to be confrontational with you. Not at all! I was making sure you were not talking about me because a lot of people have attacked my character because I defend and like Vanessa. it’s very hypocritical! But I do not fight below the belt. So I was just making sure again that you were not talking about me because I am in NO way trying to hurt anyone. I agree Matt is a super nice guy, I even became friends with him on Facebook, I never do that with anyone I don’t know!
        I am curious to know who you are referencing though so I can stay clear of this person! Are you able to block people?

      • I don’t wish to cause any issues between posters. I have dealt with it by not reading comments from or replying to this particular poster, so it will not be an issue for me any longer. Enjoy your BB posting.

      • I am still here :-) I’m not talking as much simply because I’m just getting repetitive. and yes, a lot of personal attacks on my character because I have defended Vanessa’s character but, aside from trollers I am a big girl and laugh at people who are total hypocrites when they judge my character hiding behind a computer screen. I never hit below the belt. I keep it real and fun

  21. Live Feeders, Have you ever heard them talking about the Show while it’s airing? Like: “It’s 8:30pm, Sunday. We’re on right now!” Or does it feel like Production says ahead of time: “Don’t do that!”

  22. I don’t know how you live feeders do it.

    Courtesy of Joker’s:

    Van: “Steve told me you told him about Brass Tacks.”
    Aus: “I didn’t tell him that!”
    Van: “He said you did.”
    Aus: “Oh I think I did.”

    It’s actually kind of laughable at this point.

  23. Oh my god… these idiots are actually talking about getting rid of Meg! This is beautiful, please do it Vanessa I beg of you!

      • Even when the alliance she’s not in is not in power and she’s on the block, she still controls the HOH role. I don’t think the woman is human, or even terrestrial.

      • Someone has to. All Austin was saying: Someone please tell me what to do!
        You know the twins can’t think of anything smart to contribute (bless their hearts, they’re still so cute!).
        The only logical person is Vanessa. And boy did she run with it!

    • Now come to think of it, this is actually even better than getting James out! If James is out this week, given that he is a strong competitor, chances of him returning are actually quite high. But if Meg goes to the jury house, it is almost 99% that she will stay there. So with this move, Van not only reduces the number on the other side, she also increases the odds of Shelli returning! Van is really smart indeed!

    • I’m soooo loving this! Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa, gosh she is so smart. Even if she doesn’t win, man, she played a good game. Convincing people to do something, that’s her forte! You go, girl!

  24. JMac’s “I don’t care” attitude might actually get him out of this situation. Vanessa showing again that she’s the only one left with a fuctioning brain. I don’t like her, but at this point, nobody left in the game deserves to win more than she does. In fact, James and Meg don’t deserve to win at all.

    I’m praying that Vanessa uses POV on JMac and James goes up and then goes home. Can’t stand that guy

    • I said the same thing. Really hope it happens! If Van can somehow get John on her side, if and when Shelli (or even Becky) returns, it is a lot more likely that they will team up and take on the Austwins!

  25. I so hope they get rid of Meg, and Becky comes back in!! That will somewhat level out the two sides. Vanessa & Austwins vs James, Becky, Steve and Jmac. Meg needs to be tossed out! She’s useless anyways…

    • I don’t think Becky will make the mistake of trusting James again. He backstabbed her during her HOH and then voted to evict her.

  26. And so this week shall hence be known as The Week That Austin Screwed Himself And Lost BB17.

      • Those girls are going to turn on him. Vanessa will convince them so she can lead the twins around like little rags dolls. They are so stupid not to have taken her out. If she came back they could have all agreed to put right back out. BUT no.. they are like little silly school girls being lead around on a leash. If they get out of line vanessa get her roll of paper and swats them back in line. STUPID… STUPID…. girls. I seriously do not think they think about the 500k part at all. It’s all about playing house to them.

  27. What is Vanessa using for logic in marking Meg as an evictee? Seems like that’s a useless choice. Is she just worried about a deal with James? (Does she have one with him?) Where has this choice come from? – Anyone with the feeds have insight?

  28. Van has convinced Austwins that James and meg are working with Steve and John, but she is actually trying to work with them. Genius! And I don’t even like her. She is trying to build a team of 3 with Steve and John, so Meg or James has to go and she is hoping Shelli comes back in, and she has the votes to go after Austwins when the time comes. Austwins believe her. She is smart.

    • Oh! Because this week’s evictee gets a chance to come back in and Meg’s no competitor. That’s brilliant!

    • She is smart. I can’t stand… I really liked her at first, but she is so spastic she got on my nerves. Can you imagine being locked up in a house with her all those days? I would have to get her a hamster wheel to work off that CRAZINESS. But I guess she will be crazy like fat cat at the bank when this is over.

    • She is working hard – that’s for sure. Austin got himself in a similar situation last week – but he overdid with by making deals with everyone.

      Van is smarter because she is only making 2 groups – AA (Austin’s angels, not alcoholics anonymous) & the unnamed 3-some with Jmac/Steve. That seems to have come together today and if it hadn’t, well then she would have just let Jmac go. Sets her up with good chances for possible returning jurors and whomever gets power. She needs for james/meg to go to minimize risk should jackie or J/M is returning juror.

    • I hope everything goes in Vanessa’s favor. She is the best player this season. As far as I’m concerned she DESERVES to win this game. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen, but if she can keep convincing these idiots, then she’s golden.

  29. Still kind of pissed that Austin said on Jokers that production told him in the DR that someone was lying to him. They didn’t get the fish up quick enough. That’s really, really bad production did that.

    • Joker? I always assumed big brother was not a true reality show meaning certain scenarios were manipulated! Pretty disappointing to be honest with you! I miss the days when the reality shows we’re not scripted and / or manipulated! curious though, people can see conversations on the feeds via the diary room?

  30. I know I’m destined to eat crow on this at some point but after reading about the possibility of switching focus to target Meg even devout Vanessa haters have to say: “Wow…She’s kind of impressive.” (She’s always one step ahead even with all the lunacy/paranoia.)

      • Vanessa outside the house is not the Vanessa I know inside the house! Honestly I believe her paranoia is validated and, she plays a game for a living so I think it’s just very hard for her to turn off that switch. plus, obviously playing the game of poker is not a team sport! So I think it’s just very difficult for her to play the game and rely on others. she reads people for a living, so her paranoia like I said is validated because people are flip flopping on her.

      • I went to your profile and read several of your comments. You are very insightful and helEd me see some things from a different angle. Great comments. I still can’t stand vanessas game play all the time… she has ZERO cut off time. She cannot cut it off for a couple of hours and just take a swim or play pool or cook a meal. ANYTHING to just make herself likable and a real person. Instead she is like this MONSTER game player… I can just see her in this costume like Frankenstein saying “MUST PLAY GAME AT ALL TIMES”. jeeze, take a break, give others a break, you cannot live, eat, crap this game 24/7. It is very annoying to others. IMO!!! it is a lot of money at steak.

      • Exactly. Which is why so many on here, cannot stand her as a person. She comes off as anti social. ALL she does is talk because that’s her “GAME.”

      • After today I feel like I’m talking out both sides of my mouth. BUT I tried to be understanding this moron of vanessa and give her every benifit I could think of. But after reading Jokers Updates she is out of her mind. She thinks she is some kind of princess God or something. THESE PEOPLE ARE ABSOLUTE IDIOTS FOR PROTECTING THAT B****!!! if they don’t vote her out I hope she takes the money from them just because they are that stupid!!!

      • That’s okay, the beauty here in America — you’re allowed to change your mind. We still love you anyway.

        Peace to you!

      • you scared me at first lol I didn’t know you could go to peoples profile… I don’t know much about this thing at all lol up until recently I only discovered people were replying to me lol
        and don’t get me wrong, it drives me crazy too. & I don’t agree with everything she says and does. But I understand her! I get it! That’s all :-)

      • You can adjust your profile setting to only allow friends to see what you want or nothing at all. Just go to settings and follow the bouncing ball.

    • no doubt lol….. She may be paranoid and always on go! but Vanessa is doing a good job regardless of how she is doing it lol…. Targeting Meg I don’t think is necessarily a good plan, she is useless! No offense to her personally but I think targeting James or Johnny Mac even is a smarter move! regardless, I am team Vanessa so I’m just happy she’s back with her alliance, for now! Lol they are giving me whiplash with her back and forth about Vanessa! figure it out already lol

      • Meg makes sense this week because this is the week someone competes to come back, right? If it is and Meg goes and it’s a physical comp she probably won’t fare well. If she evicts anyone else there’s a chance they could come back. I think she’s just playing the odds. (IF she sticks with it, that is. Who knows? She may already be targeting someone else!)

      • There are ONLY 2 logical reasons to get rid of Meg this week. First one is like you said, it would be doubtful she would come back and the other reason is because there has been a lot of past players that did not win anything and then near the end of the game pulled something out of their butt and started winning comps! However I just don’t see that with Meg lol…. She is a very nice girl! But, just like she says she is useless. it’s smart to keep her and take her to the final two. especially for Vanessa because if she does make it to the final two, she will have a tough time trying to convince the jury she should win because of all the flip flopping and manipulation she has done! But I am still team Vanessa!

    • She’s more than impressive. Steve was gushing over how good she is!

      I’m not a Vanessa hater…I’ve rooted for her from the beginning. She’s awesome!

  31. Time for the show, move to this thread:
    “Tonight On Big Brother 17: HoH Comp & Nominations”

  32. I am so glad I did not waste money on live feeds on this group of yahoo’s.
    What a waste. Just not fun to watch when the low life’s have all the power.

  33. Cry me a river Stevie boy. Hope your butt is out the door next since we already know Vanessa won POV. Maybe you’ll look back when you were HOH on double eviction night. And your nom’s (Meg & Jackie). You stupid asswipe. You don’t deserve to be in the house. Go to the jury and talk to your spirits there, you boob. You could have been sitting better than now if your nom’s would have been different.

  34. my head is spinning and I am getting whiplash from Austin and the twins! They are with Vanessa, they are not with Vanessa, they are with Vanessa, they are not with Vanessa! Figure it out already!!!
    side note…… I live in Vancouver & obviously I am a fan of BB Canada! to be honest, before the first season of Big Brother aired I thought it would be low budget and not as good as the original big brother but I was pleasantly surprised to see it was just as good, if not even a little better than some seasons of the original big brother! I’m liking the twists for the most part however I believe some of the twists are a little unfair and I think these twists are sometimes used by production to manipulate scenarios in the house!
    anyway blah blah blah! I am a BIG fan of Kevin from last season’s Big Brother Canada!! (what’s with me and poker players lol…..)
    my husband plays professional poker online as a side job! (we own our own business, internet marketing!) & he watches Kevin and his roommate James I think it is on Twitch(?) they stream there poker games. Anyway tonight my husband was playing at the same table as Kevin :-) he’s a super nice guy! I liked him on Big Brother & I like watching him on Twitch, I think that’s the name of it lol….. And, for any of you that are interested he is still with Pilar (she is so cute! I loved her in the game! and they make a great couple) a lot of times while he is streaming his games and chatting, he talks to Pilar….. it’s pretty neat! Anyway my husband and Kevin were heads up and Kevin won lol my husband told him I was a big fan of his lol what a nerd I am haha but he was super cool about it and they talked during the entire game. It wasn’t streaming though. anyway, just thought that was something fun to share with anyone who cares lol….

  35. I have been a fan of Vanessa for many many many years! And, I have remained loyal to her watching big brother. I know so many people watching or reading are irritated with her and everyone has a right to their own opinion and can like a house guest in the beginning but then again not to like them for whatever reason. I get why so many people are getting annoyed by her! I truly get it! However, yes she is very very very paranoid! But her paranoia is validated, she reads people for a living so she knows people are lying to her. also, like I said she plays a game for a living so it’s hard for her to shut off in the house! She is extremely intelligent! And outside the house she is very cool, kind and a very easy going and down to earth person! I just don’t like reading people attack her character! Everyone deals with certain situations differently, clearly she is paranoid and emotional and its driving people crazy, & I get that! Truly do! But, I also understand it. I believe her feelings are completely validated however she just needs to shut off and chill lol but, she is who she is! And she is like I said I’m extremely nice person and very very down to earth! She also is extremely charitable! she plays a lot of charity poker game as well as she does a lot of other things for her charities. so I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s fair for people not to like how she is acting in the house but it’s unfair to judge her character outside of the house and call her a lunatic, say she should be on medication and whatnot! she’s not this wound up outside of the house lol

    • I agree with you 100%. I really don’t understand all of this Vanessa hate either. Vanessa’s awesome.
      I saw glimpses of the amazing personality she has the first couple weeks of live feeds. I’ll never forget the time when Jace was on the block and Vanessa was the one who kept giving him pep talks. I also won’t forget the time her and Steve played 20 questions. Those moments are the real Vanessa. Of all the people, Vanessa would be the one who I would love to hang out with.

      • outside the house, in real life Vanessa is very nice and down to earth! I have never seen her be mean to anyone and she certainly is not A BULLY or paranoid outside of this game! She is very caring and loyal! I have never seen her upset and what not! She is super cool to hang out with! I think that’s why I keep defending her over and over again. Not only because she is playing a good game aside from making a few errors here and there, everyone doesn’t! And aside from her crying so much and being so emotional, she is very positive and upbeat!
        like I keep saying, over and over and over again lol she plays a game for a living and she does not count on anyone but herself playing that game so this is all so new to her! I was very very surprised when my friend told me she was going to be on Big Brother because she is quite private and as far as I knew she did not have a mean bone in her body so I thought how is she going to play this game when she is such a nice person. I thought she would get trampled on, I thought she would be very quiet, I honestly thought she was either going to always be a pawn because people like her so much so she would not get sent home or she was going to be kicked out quickly because she was not going to really make alliances and whatnot therefore I just figured she would be sent home quickly because aside from making a lot of friends in the house, people would see her as a threat because she was so nice!
        I thought for sure everyone in the house was going to love her! and for the first few weeks she was very quiet, she kept to herself. Episode after episode after episode we rarely saw her lol I was concerned she was going to be so quiet and stick to herself and Austin (once I saw her form an alliance with him!) I just thought she was sit back and watch everyone in silence! I thought she was going to play by watching other people leave and just playing very very smart that way. Anyway, the words aren’t coming out right lol… And I am getting repetitive lol sorry for the long, reply!! talk to text lol it’s easy to go on and on and on when using talk to text but it also changes a lot of words on me and sometimes I miss them so I am sorry if some things do not make sense lol

      • It’s okay. I understand what you mean. She does not deserve all of this hate.
        People hate her for playing the game (which involves lying and manipulation) and that’s not right to me.

      • so very true! I mean how many people have won big brother by never telling any lies or acting on any emotions or paranoia! I has been watching big brother since the very beginning! and I can see how each person get paranoid! People are always huddled up together talking, if I were in that position seeing that stuff (speaking quiet, not wanting to talk to her, stuff like that ) I would be paranoid also. it definitely plays with your mind and your emotions! Some can deal with it and others crack. I think Vanessa is a lot of both! And like I keep saying, her paranoia is completely validated!!! so how can anyone on here make fun of her because she is so paranoid?! She has absolutely every right to feel that way because she is right, she needs to keep playing the game or else she is going to get the boot! Don’t get me wrong, her paranoia and what not is a little overboard but I totally understand why she feels that way! & I see it through her eyes, and I know outside of the house (as I have said continuously) she is not paranoid by nature and she is not in overdrive all the time lol she is very chill and cool!
        people are forgetting the Vanessa who enter the house, who was quiet and just processing everything. she did not start playing hard initially! she was never a threat for a long time, that’s a good thing! And now that she is playing super hard after she has SAT back & observed everyone, she’s ready to play the game and has been ready since the very beginning but took her time to read and understand people and to find the right people to trust

      • It’s funny…I just recently got onto the Big Brother train a few months ago…I remember the exact date. It was June 24, the premiere of BB17. (It was my birthday that day too.) I was bored so I just so happened to be flipping through the channels on television and came upon this show. I was intrigued by it and I ended up watching the whole episode. You could say I was hooked after that first episode of BB17! I immediately went online afterwards to watch previous seasons. The first season I watched in full was season 10 with Dan. I watched the whole season in 5 days! To top that, I watched season 11 in 2 days! You could say I was hooked very quickly. I just couldn’t fathom how I haven’t watched this show before! I also watched season 12, but I didn’t care for it as much because of the stupid Brigade alliance. Those are the seasons I have seen in full. I really much enjoy watching this season play out. It’s so much fun and I’m rooting for Vanessa 100%.

      • WOW!! I have been watching BB since the very first one. every single summer and now winter I always watch. I have never missed a season! Big Brother Canada has has three now, and they have all been really good! but to be honest with you, at the end of every summer when it’s over I’m kind of sad because I spent my whole summer with these people lol but I quickly forget most of them. and even though I am a huge BB fan, my memory from past seasons is not very good lol…. There are still a few previous BB players I remember and somewhat follow like Jeff and Jordan, Kevin & Pilar (Big Brother Canada 3) but aside from that, I have a terrible memory! I can’t remember a lot of things lol I would be a terrible House guests for remembering previous contestants lol I am a super fan but a Super fan with a terrible memory lol old age haha

      • You do not go on national tv and present yourself in the manner in which Vanessa CHOSE to. When it us all said and done, you gave to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror. No constraints have been used… just because one possesses the ability to manipulate and take advantage of someone lesser, does not make me want to emulate this character.

        At the end of the day, she can thank herself for shaping the attitudes of America.

      • and the same could be said for a lot of current house guests & previous house guests!!
        she didn’t choose to play big brother to become popular, she chose to play a game and win! I’m not saying I agree with everything she has done and the house but come on…… it’s Big Brother

  36. What happened between Liz and Austin yesterday? Watching BBAD and he keeps saying something along the lines of “I just really want you to know how I feel after what happened yesterday…etc”

  37. One more thing look how many comments are about vanessa. She must be doing something right everyone is talking about her. Good or bad she has our attention.


    • and of course you are allowed to not like a player! and I would be happy if James won the game but Meg??? Really? It would be horrible if she won. Aside from the fact she’s done nothing, and yes she’s a very nice person however she does not deserve to win at all! It’s summer camp to her! And Austin is just happy to make it to jury with Liz lol what a joke! and I love Johnny Mac! He’s hilarious! But what’s he done? Yes he is won some vetos but aside from that he’s just funny! IMO

      • Lol i totally agree with you, but im going for james all the way, hes a smart player, he wins and hes funny with all his pranks he has going on lol and ya it is a joke austin just wants to go to jury with liz he might as well put liz up send her home then have someone send him home. Idk im hoping james wins next HOH COME ON JAMES!!!!!

      • I do like james as well! I would be very happy if he won the game. Has he played the best game? No, not really aside from when he is HOH and up until recently but I do like him!

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