Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 3 Power Rankings By Adam Poch

After last week’s fireworks – we had a relatively drama free week inside the Big Brother House. There was plenty of possibilities for some mayhem, and still a long way to Thursday – but we pretty much know this week is over. With that said – here are this week’s rankings.

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

Amber – 2 strips of Bacon. After a brief HoH stint last week, she didn’t get too upset when Nicole nominated her as payback this week. The fact that she has been keeping Caleb at bay despite his obvious crush on her is to be applauded. Even though the Battle of the Block was thrown to her, she still kept her composure and pulled out the win.

Brittany – 3 strips of Tofu. After lighting the fuse at last week’s Veto meeting, she basically slide back into the background. With no real alliances in the house, another week of safety gave her the time to try to forge some more bonds around the house. Instead she is still on the outs with most of them and chances are she will be going back on the block next week unless she wins HoH.

Caleb – 1/2 strip of Bacon. Remember how last week everyone got mad at Paola for throwing the BotB? Caleb volunteered to do the exact same thing this week, but no one got upset. The whole house wants Devin out, and he did his part to see that that happens. Even though it was not strategic, it was romantic-ish. He did not get the reaction from Amber he was hoping for, but it is nerve-racking sitting on the block all week.

Christine – 1 strip of Bacon. Good job by Christine doing damage control over the possible fallout with Nicole regarding Christine’s role in the Bomb Squad. She has been doing a good job sitting back & keeping her cool while everyone else around the house going a little crazy. I see a strong 2nd half of the game from her.

Cody – 1 strip of Tofu. Pretty much a nonfactor on the the CBS show – but always flirting with the ladies in the house on the Live Feeds. While that strategy may work, giving Jocasta a strip tease dance after the Veto to make her feel better was a little creepy.

Derrick – 5 strips of Bacon. A perfect week for him as HoH. He manipulated Nicole into making the nominations he wanted her to do, he manipulated Caleb into “volunteering” to go up, and his plan to backdoor Devin seems to be working perfectly. Derrick did his part with Team America to help spread the rumor about Zach being related to BB15 Amanda. To top it all off – he did some camera talking & let the live feeders at home know what was going on in his head. Gee, I wonder where he got that idea from???

Donny – 4 1/2 strips of Bacon. Derrick has had the perfect week – Donny had a near perfect week. Not freaking out that he was nominated again, he helped lead his “team” to the BotB win. Then coming back to win his 2nd Veto of the season – and unselfishly used it on Jocasta who was too sick to compete. His only hiccup was spreading the Team America rumor a little thick leading some people to question if he was America’s Player. This can come back to bite him later, but if he keeps winning POVs – then he can do anything else he wants.

Frankie – 1 strip of Tofu. Everyone is starting to figure out he is playing the best social game, but yet they still allow him to do his thing without any repercussions. He was not as active in the Team America task, but still gonna collect $5,000 this week. With that kind of money, he can buy his own bacon!

Hayden – 2 strips of Tofu. Perhaps if he stopped asking Nicole to make out with hi, he may actually be getting some from her.

Jocasta – 4 strips of Tofu. Who knows the real reason she was “too sick” to compete in the POV this week. But if you are on the block – you should be looking deep inside yourself for strength to compete. If not for her buddy Donny taking her off the block, she may have stayed in bed all week.

Nicole – 2 strips of Bacon. She knew she made a big mistake winning HoH this week, but allowed Derrick to take control and allow her to slide back under the radar. Having both Hayden & Cody flirting with her could be useful later, so she is keeping them both at arms length, but allowing some froggie cuddle time.

Victoria – 5 strips of Tofu. Ummmm – I got nothing

Zach – 2 strips of Tofu. Similar to Brittany, created a lot of drama last week during the Veto meeting, and definitely stirred up the house. But after getting the votes together to keep himself safe, he spent most of this week doing what he has done so much of the rest of the time, ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. (side note – anyone remember before the season Dr. Will said he was coaching someone??? Could this be who he was talking about?)

That brings us to the Tofurkey of the Week – and for the 2nd time in 3 weeks – that award goes to Devin. He tried to get Derrick to nominate him so he could have 2 chances of saving himself this week. That did not work, so his only hope was to get picked int he Veto competition. Reports say that he was doing well in the Veto and could have won, but didnt. After the Veto meeting, he has pretty much rolled over and died. He seems content to going on a date with Julie Chen this Thursday. I hope he has a little fight left in him, this is a perfect opportunity for the house to get Caleb out. I see Devin trying something, but it may be too late. He should have started working on people earlier in the week.

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  1. I’m torn… my heart REALLY wants Devin out, very few players have ever annoyed me as much as he does, dare I say Rachel was even more likable than this guy.
    HOWEVER, with that said, his game is done, he can be sent packing anytime. He has no allies and no chance of forming new ones moving forward.
    Is it smarter to vote out Caleb while the house has the chance? It could be their best chance to get him out.
    My heart says Devin, my head says Caleb…. I usually let my gut break the tie. As much as I hate saying this, I think the better move is to vote out Caleb, although I don’t see the house doing it.

    • That’s a good argument. No one would give Devin much support, but maybe Caleb is more “control-able” right now than Devin would be for the majority of the house.

      I’ll sure miss Devin’s wackiness and mismanaged game for all the fun it brought us.

      • 100% agree – plus the HG’s are hypocrites for votingPaola out because she threw a BotB & yet Caleb does the same thing & its OK.

      • Paola threw it in Devin’s favor. Caleb did it against Devin. That is the only way the different reactions make sense to me.

    • The time to get rid of house guests is when they are vulnerable. Passing on Devin will ensure he stays and he can wreck havoc still on the house! One only has to look at what happened to Amanda last season. When Judd and Helen kept saying now is not the right time! They both got booted out deservedly so! Judd got a 2nd chance but, still just as dumb and got evicted yet, a 2nd time! You vote you people who are threats when you have a chance! The strongest competitors are voted out first in Survivor. Ask yourself why? Of course, Survivor players are smarter than those on Big Brother! Even Hayden did not do too good at Survivor and he was a winner of Big Brother!

      • Voting off the best players makes for a dull show. Last year I stopped watching the last few weeks cause I just stopped caring. Imagine if the Superbowl playoffs eliminated at each level the losing teams. Who the fick would watch the Superbowl?

    • Devin is a loose cannon. If he were to win HOH who knows what he would do? I think that is the fear. I would vote him out. No question. Caleb is manageable.

  2. While it may seem smarter to get Caleb out now I’m not so sure. Caleb thinks he’s better than he is. How many comps has he been in? As much as he planned on throwing the comp he didn’t have to. Jocasta did it for him. Derrick has already noticed he’s not that good.

  3. I think right now is a PERFECT time to pull a deal out with devin, even as hated as he is. organize 6 people to vote to keep him, vote of caleb, and secure devin as the ever grateful pawn for the 6 that voted to keep him. as adam has said, he has no one to turn to, so getting him to go in a later week should be no problem. maybe even as part of the deal to keep him, the leader of that deal could even throw in a stipulation that if he won HOH, they get to pick his noms?

  4. If memory serves me correctly, did Brittany not agree to neither put Devon on the block this week if she won HOH nor to vote to evict him last week, when he took her off the block with the POV ???

  5. A great failing on BB is when a plan is set in place people start over thinking it and they start getting cute and it blows up in their faces. Too much time to think. The Devin plan is working, stick with it, don’t screw it up. As far as Dr. Will coaching someone, Zach did say on the first episode that everything he says to everyone will be a lie. Does that sound like anyone we know?

  6. Don’t agree with your ratings. Derrick is talking too much and is starting to be a little controlling. And I don’t know where you get he controlled Nicole…far from it. She told him who she wasn’t putting up and then he wanted her to put up Victoria and she put up Donny. He had no idea. She controls her own game and does what she wants. Also Derrick is making a final 2 with everyone. He made a final two with Nicole and she went right to Hayden and said he must think I’m stupid. People talk and they’re going to figure out he’s making final two deals with everyone.

    • Thank you for the feedback. These rankings are week to week. Derrick did all the work because Nicole did not want any power. I still gave Nicole BACON unlike Amber last week because of the way they went about their limited HoH’s

  7. I like reading these summaries. But it would be helpful to list the houseguests in rank order, rather than alphabetically. Thanks!

      • Am enjoying these articles, too, Adam. I like to look at week to week changes. So giving each a numerical rank would make it more vivid, too.

  8. I said in another blog that it would be smart to get Caleb out this week…Devin can do no more damage even if he wins another HOH cause nobody will listen to him…

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