Big Brother 16 might have lost its first Team America member in Joey Van Pelt on Thursday, but they’re about to gain two more teammates to sit alongside Donny Thompson later this week.

Team America's Player on Big Brother 16

Team America’s Player on Big Brother 16

The official voting with CBS has ended but our poll is just getting started. Cast your vote below and share your thoughts on which two HGs you want to see join Donny.

Lots of options here and hopefully you got your votes to help guide these picks. Did you pick for who you wanted to see earn $5K a pop or which players you thought would have the most fun and entertain us the best with their Team America challenges?

Speaking of what this alliance will be doing, we still don’t know too much. More details on that should arrive later this week when the alliance of three comes together for the first time. Let’s just hope we don’t lose another member of TA too soon like we did last week.


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