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Big Brother 16 Losing A Daughter, But Gains A Son In ‘Alex’

Joey Van Pelt is having an epic week in the Big Brother 16 house, but unfortunately it’s not the good kind of epic. In a last ditch effort to rally the troops from under Caleb’s control, as she sees it, Joey introduced “Alex,” her tough guy alter ego.

Joey Van Pelt as Tough Guy Alex – Source: CBS

Things are looking grim for Joey, but she believes she’s still got a shot at staying (she doesn’t) so she pulled out the big guns on Tuesday afternoon. Alex’s big guns to be exact.

Flashback on the Live Feeds to Tuesday at 4:02PM BBT on Cams 1/2 to find “Alex,” Joey’s alter ego, who has “big balls” and “likes to do guy stuff” like lifting weights, working on cars, and anything dirty. Alex arrives and immediately starts shouting, waving arms, and yelling threats in a silly manner.

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Alex shoves “his” padded crotch in Nicole’s face demanding her vote. Next he heads outside, does some weights, curses at the cameras, and then yells at the outdoor HGs. Donny, the naturally encouraging and supportive guy, starts clapping when she’s done.

Joey busts in on the Hive to yell at Christine, Caleb, and Zach. After she leaves Zach reacts, “If that doesn’t make the TV, I don’t know what will!” Caleb responds, “If that doesn’t go home, I don’t know what will.”

When Joey heads back to the kitchen Derrick suggests she take “Alex” upstairs to the HoH room. Joey wanders around for a moment before asking “where are the stairs?” And that right there, ladies and gentlemen, is a big sign of why Joey’s in this spot. She’s so rarely visited the room of power in her nearly two weeks in that house that she doesn’t even know how to get up there. Sigh.

No one upstairs lets her in as she shouts at the door. Perhaps the funniest part of this whole event is wide-eyed Devin hiding behind the door and waving off any reaction from others in the room.

After it’s all done she goes back to the HN room to de-Alex. Brittany comes in and says she thought Joey would do her “gay brother” character rather than someone who “scared the s*** out of the house.” Joey assures her it was all okay. She needed to get it off her chest and if she had done it as Joey instead of “Alex” then HGs would have really been scared. Ohhh. Okay.

Yes, Joey is terrible at this game but I’m glad she’s doing something and entertaining us along the way. I’ll miss her antics, but not her “strategy.” I’d say she solidified her eviction tomorrow night, but her previous moves already set that in stone and wrapped it in steel.

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