Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Night Highlights


Frankie has the Big Brother 16 houseguests running on a mob mentality over Zach, so a lot of the feeds were about what they’re all afraid Zach might do. Victoria is even talking about him physically harming her. The beset part of the night, however, was some shouters outside the studio that had some kind words for Zach, but some not-so-kind ones for Frankie.

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 18, 2014:

4:13 PM BBT – Frankie bragging to Christine about him “destroying” Zach. He’s grossly exaggerating and she’s eating it up.

4:25 PM BBT – Christine and Frankie come up with a fake alliance name for the final three they’re blaming Zach for. They go with The Smart Bombs.

5:20 PM BBT -Caleb is spying on Donny and Derrick. He missed them talking about Team America.

5:30 PM BBT – Derrick tells Caleb they heard him creeping. Caleb denies it.

5:37 PM BBT – Frankie tells Victoria he has no votes in jury right now and won’t have Zach’s either.

7:10 PM BBT – Everyone having dinner, except for Zach who is sleeping.

8:00 PM BBT – Zach is up. Frankie tells him he’s still his favorite person in the world. Zach doesn’t respond.

8:45 PM BBT – HGs are finally talking about Julie’s warning about Jury not being out of the game. They can’t remember her exact wording.

10:00 PM  BBT – Victoria wants to cut up Zach’s pink hat, which is actually her hat.

10:04 PM BBT – Frankie has this mob mentality going around the house about Zach and now Victoria is afraid Zach will throw boiling water in her face. No joke.

10:19 PM BBT – Caleb, Frankie and Zach are playing pool and people start yelling from outside the studio. Upon closer listen, the person seems to say “[Caleb] we hate you, Zach we love you, Frankie you’re disgusting!” BB calls for them to go inside. (Audio clip – VERY loud at the end so watch your volume)

10:20 PM BBT – Everyone is talking about the shouting. Zach thinks it was all positive, but Caleb is pretty sure he heard them say they hate him and call Frankie disgusting. Zach’s spirits are lifted for the first time all day. Frankie acts like he doesn’t know what they were saying about him, but later he repeats it word for word. His attitude indicates he knows just what they said.

10:50 PM BBT – Christine and Cody doing their thing in one of the beds.

11:18 PM BBT – Zach is wandering around by himself. He’s inspecting things and playing Jenga alone.

11:55 PM BBT – Victoria has the pink hat and she asks Christine for a knife from the kitchen. Feeds cut before we see anything happen.

12:07 AM BBT – Cody tells Caleb that Victoria cut up the hat. Victoria comes over and says she did it because Zach was “torturing” and “degrading” her.

12:18 AM BBT – Victoria is being an idiot saying she’s excited for the possibility of Zach touching her so he can be expelled.

12:33 AM BBT – Zach is looking for the hat and Victoria is taunting him. She basically keeps daring him to do something to her or her stuff.

1:22 AM BBT – Victoria instigates Zach about the hat, so they start arguing. Zach says it’s his turn to one-up her.

1:30 AM BBT – Cody and Derrick expressing concern over Christine, Caleb, and Frankie. They again discuss Caleb and Frankie having a F2.

1:45 AM BBT – Victoria is worried Zach will do something to her things but hopes Derrick will protect her.

2:25 AM BBT – Zach continues to search the house for the pink hat.

2:30 AM BBT – Derrick and Zach wish they could get in to the backyard but it’s back on lockdown after more outsider yelling.

2:40 AM BBT – Derrick telling Zach that he wants to put together a Big Brother website.

2:41 AM BBT – Zach gives Big Brother Network a shout-out and says we would work with Derrick. (We would!) We get Fish when Zach names Matthew.

2:50 AM BBT – Zach warns Derrick that if Victoria makes it to F3 then she definitely goes to F2. Derrick says she needs to go by F5 to avoid that.

3:10 AM BBT – Derrick notes this was not his favorite part of the season as things slow down with fewer HGs.

3:15 AM BBT – Zach gives one last search for the pink hat (which Victoria may have actually destroyed) and then goes to bed.

So according to Frankie and Victoria, Zach might just disfigure a few HGs on his way out, so you’re not going to want to miss the Live Feeds this week. I’m just kidding. Zach hasn’t acted violently one time this season. Frankie is the one threatening to stab Zach in the heart and euthanize him.

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  1. This group of houseguests can’t seem to handle that you can vote someone out of the game and still be nice to them. You’re already voting Zach (previously Devin. Brittany, Amber, etc) so why be mean to them on top of it?

    • Because they are short-sighted morons. I never understood why they need to talk badly about people they are voting out. Why can’t they just admit that it is for game purposes. This is why derricks game is so much smarter than most of the others. He always has something positive to say to the person being voted out.

      • True … Derrick isn’t short-sighted like the others. He wants their jury vote. The ‘something positive’ he has to say is just to continue manipulating them as they walk out the door.

      • Absolutely, because prior to their nomination, listen to Derricks comments. He stabs them big time and then comes and licks their wounds so they will be nice to him. Kind of sick when you put it that way.

    • It’s often like this – if you’re talking to the house guest going home, you could be conspiring with them and then you become the target. Must keep your hands clean.

    • On the flip side, they’re being remarkably civil up until then. (Thanks largely to the Detonators dominating.) There’s been none of the standard “ugh”s that we’ve seen the the past when “Who wants to see our HOH room?!” is yelled.

  2. The funny thing about big brother is that what goes around, comes around. I wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie receives the same treatment in the next week or two – regardless of whether Zach gets himself back in.

    • One can only hope!!! I wish I could have seen his face when he heard someone yell “Frankie you are disgusting”…he will put on a good ‘show’ but you know it’s eating him alive. Because… didn’t you know it’s the Frankie show?! Everyone loves Frankie!!!! YACK!

  3. HG are not thinking about the jury? The jury will decide who will get the $500,000, not who played the best game!

    • I think playing a good social game is just as important as anything else. That’s what makes shows like BB and Survivor so interesting. You can get to the end but if you don’t form relationships wi the jury, you can’t win.

  4. If you recall, early on in the game, when the guys were dissin’ the girls in the HOH room, Zach did say that, if he would have like to have punch Victoria in the face, before Derrick stepped in and warned him that was not appropriate, and he suddenly responded that it was a “joke” …

    • Zach has definitely also been guilty of this behavior. I know this happens every year but I don’t understand how these adults revert to being in junior high school without realizing it.

      • First, they are locked up with very limited contact to other people and virtually no idea of what is happening outside of the house. This messes with their minds.

        Second, the majority of people in the house are pretty young. Here is a quote from an educational website. “A young woman reaches full maturity, in terms of brain development, between 21 and 22 years of age. A young man does not reach full maturity, in terms of brain development, until nearly 30 years of age.”

        Third, most of the males in the house are at the age of very high testosterone levels. Their hormone levels explain some of the rage that we see every year.

        Lastly, none of what I just wrote justifies reverting to the childish, bullying behavior, IMO. I don’t understand it, because I can’t empathize with it. I do believe the science behind it, I just can’t relate to it.

  5. Would have preferred for Cody to go but, Zach going is still okay. The Detonators have way too much power and nobody outside of Derrick wants to make any game moves. Do they really think they will get to the Final 2 without voting anyone else off? Everyone is gone except Donny and whoever gets back in. They won’t get any 2nd chances because Zach would make up the 4th person before the 2nd chance competitions!

  6. Victoria needs psychiatric help. SHE is the menace, NOT Zach! He may be a loose cannon at times, but he’s a sweet/nice/funny loose cannon.

    • Sweet/nice/funny? I must be watching different feeds. I’d go with obnoxious/smartass/lazy (a typical teenage kid) myself.

    • Zach is a big kid :-). You know the kind that keeps you on your feet, you pray that he grows out of it but happy he has such a free spirit and fun loving nature, makes you laugh when you really need to give him a time out. Victoria needs help, she is not all there.

    • Victoria is disgusting. She never has anything positive/nice to say. She has contributed nothing to the game. She is going around taunting Zach…saying how she wishes he would put his hands on her to get expelled. She’s crazy! She is very immature. She thinks Derrick will protect her, lol! Only b/c it’s a game! Hopefully once she gets out she will realize he was using her the whole time and her bubble will pop. She needs a reality check, she’s not a princess.

      • Nah, Endora at least had heart every now and then. Also, she loved someone else, besides herself.

      • So true. Wonder what smart ass remark she’ll have in the DR when she votes Zach out. And every single time she leaves after she votes she looks in that mirror by the door before she goes out. She can’t walk by a mirror without looking.

    • I completely agree. Victoria really needs to give her knees a break. I’m sure Derrick’s wife is probably thinking the same thing.

  7. I am happy they heard the outsiders. Frankie, you are indeed disgusting! Caleb is an idiot! I wouldn’t have been upset at Zach going but Frankie’s attitude is making rooting for Zach. I hope floater boy Cody somehow gets evicted (or Zach or Hayden returns). They had the perfect two chained together King and Queen Dumbarses! Victoria is so, can’t find the word… She is so, ugh, such a dumbarse.

    • Zach will get evicted. But I laugh if he got back in the game and then won HoH. Put up Derrick and Cody. Derrick and Cody would have to win POV or else get evicted.

      • If Zach comes back, he will work with Donny but he’ll still wind up right under Derrick’s thumb. He will go after Frankie, Christine, and Victoria if he comes back

      • He would have no reason to put up Derrick and Cody, he would have a lot of reasons to put up Frankie and Victoria.

      • Cody would be lost in the house without Christine. He would volunteer to go on the block just to get more of their ‘friends only’ cuddling in the jury house.

  8. When Zach leaves, Donny is the only one worth rooting for. I know, right? I stated the obvious.

    • Nicole or Hayden could get back into the game which is what I am rooting for. Hopefully, Nicole because I want her a 2nd chance to play and this time, she better use her head and trust no one except, Donny. Both of them could protect each other thru HOH and POV and they both need to play hard to win each and every time! That is their only chance. They need to learn from Danielle Donato’s playbook. When she is threatened with eviction, she plays hard to win HOH and POV and each week she survives, goes after those trying to evict her! That should be the attitude of Donny and Hayden or Nicole if they get a 2nd chance. Go after everyone with a gusto and trust no one except, Donny.

  9. I’ve been thinking about Derrick’s game play. I think his best move has been to surround himself and protect the most despicable characters in the house. And he did it without making any of them angry at him. He also plants the seeds to place targets on all of the really nice people. This makes everyone else always a bigger target. While this may make him lose America’s Favorite, it’s brilliant for winning the $500K.

    • He is playing the best game without a doubt. I want him or Donny to win. Out of all of them these 2 deserve it the most for their BB game play. Donny has fought his way unassisted and Derrick has manipulated his way. Unless Donny gets help he is out soon.

      • It all falls to who will end up as final 2.

        Derrick has already succeeded in getting all his fellow Detonators+Caleb to jury so no doubt he needs to work from there to solidify their votes while trying to get himself to the end with his pet floaters, Cody and Victoria.

        I think he’s aiming for a unanimous vote so he has a right to be worried with Donny still being around.

      • Derrick is not even made the F2, Their is Frankie, Christine, Cody and Caleb. So a lot can happen, Plus, someone comes back into the house.

    • interesting the the recent DR sessions that Derrick has specifically indicated that his current strategy is to keep both Derrick and Victoria to help his game …
      Keeping Donny makes sense from an TA point-of-view, as there may be more $$$ involved, but, haven’t they failed in their last 3-4 challenges?? Ha !!!
      As for Victoria, she is a good bet for almost a guarantee win in an F2, and also a vote …

      • I think you mean Derrick wants to keep Donny.I am not so sure if he really meant it.Me thinks he was seeing if that can of Dans mist he found sprays through the cameras. He seems to be suddenly conscious of his out-of-the house image.Unfortunately Donny is pretty helpless,he only finds allies when they are on their way out the door. I think he’ll keep him around a few more weeks

    • The way he talks to people has been what really sets him apart. He’s masterful at making everyone think what he wants is their idea, or even that his actions are their fault. It’s incredible how much everyone trusts him.

      • His wording makes it difficult to catch him in a lie. Even telling Zach that he always had his back, that doesn’t mean he is keeping him, but he has voted to keep him in the past.

  10. So juvenile and sadistic … cutting up your own pink baseball cap Victoria??? Frankie must be so proud of you.

    • Right?!! She wants to dish it but can’t take it. She would be curled up in a ball right now if someone even said something nasty to her….but she wants to go around and be malicious towards others?! She is a joke. I think she is just looking for attention…in the ways that a Kindergartner would!

  11. I am just heart-broken over this turn of events. Why do people have to be bullies? Frankie and Victoria are acting like disgusting human beings and I almost do not even want to watch anymore while those two are in the house. I was such a Frankie fan in the beginning and now I do not want to see him on this show. Just awful!

    • I never liked Frankie…but it is obvious his true colors are showing now! No more theatrics…oh wait… plenty of theatrics… People will see him for who he really is now…not just the person he is trying to be for the cameras.

      • Sadly it is true. Frankie is so fake it is disgusting. I really hope Zach gets back in the house and Frankie goes out next! Karma…

      • Never cared for Frankie but also felt he had no business in house, have a celebrity BB if you want people like him in there.

      • lol… please don’t call him a celebrity ;) (j.k). I could never stand Frankie b/c he is so transparent. The whole time he is there he is acting for the cameras….now that time has gone by his act is dwindling and his true colors are coming out. I hope CBS broadcasts some of the negative things he has been doing/saying instead of giving him the glory edit!!!

      • BB seems to have given Frankie a sweetheart edit. The funny thing is, that even the people who just watch the show don’t like Frankie. Even a good edit makes him look bad.

      • Brenda … Frankie’s brainwashed you! He’s only a celebrity in HIS own mind. I never heard of him before BB and he will soon be forgotten after BB.

      • But anytime they do any sort of viewer vote, his sister is going to tweet to her 17million followers to vote for him. Most of them probably don’t watch the show, yet will still vote for him. Don’t be surprised when he does get America’s Favorite at the end. So while he isn’t a celebrity, he definitely has an advantage when it comes to viewer votes.

      • FL: I understand what you’re saying about his sister her followers and viewer votes. I hope most thinking people aren’t that shallow as to vote for someone or something they haven’t even watched on TV.

      • Considering her core audience is under the age of 18, I wouldn’t doubt that they blindly follow some pop star. Its sad, but its true.

    • Thank goodness for Donny being kind to Zach and Derrick actually spent time talking to him last night and not game talking just talking BB in general. Zach has to feel miserable.

      • To be fair Zach has talked to Donny when he wasn’t on the block. Christine has talked to Donny trying to pick his brain (didn’t work).

      • That’s ’cause his BS Alliance had literally turned on him .. Ha !!!
        Zach had many opportunities to flip to the non-BS Alliance, even after the number of times that they scr@wed him over, but, yet always went back to them, and, in turn ended up throwing those persons under the bus ….

        As has been mentioned, the problem with Donny’s game is that he actually sleeps at night, while the rest party’s all night and sleeps all day …
        That, and having integrity, he will not and have told his TA peeps, that he will not do or say anything that goes against his integrity and values .. and, appears to have stayed true … Something, hard to accomplish and win in BB, perhaps ?? but, will be interesting to see if he succeeds in the end … however ..

      • That is true… Zach and Donny have had several heart-to-heart talks. If Zach is the one that comes back in, I hope he and Donny team up and wipe the rest of them out of the game.

      • If the past repeats itself again, Zach would just end up going back to Frankie … Ha !!!

        Nicole said the same thing to Zach, before he threw her under the bus with lies … and, Zach would likely do the same with Donny … so, hopefully, Donny isn’t too revealing of his game thoughts to Zach, they may come back and bite him in the @$$ …

      • What Frankie is doing to Zach right now is pathetic and sad. Victoria is such a waste of a HG. This is not the way this game is supposed to be played. This is dirty game play. The way Frankie is talking about wanting to euthanize and destroy Zach show his 2nd grade mentality. I hope he got the clue last night when he heard the comments from outiside..he repeated what they said word for word, although, I seriously doubt that he will.

      • Another website posted he (Frankie) called Nicole a C@@t . It is spreading so his true colors are going to destroy him outside.

      • I saw that..Jokers had a time of 5:48 PM when he said it..not sure if that was BBT..I tried looking for it on flashback but couldn’t find it. I am sure he did call her that..he was telling Caleb the other day that she was the worst HG and that he hated her..but calling her this takes that to another level.

      • It was actually 4:44 or 4:46 PM BBT when Frankie called Nicole the c-word. I agree that this goes WAY beyond game play! Frankie is showing his true character and it is UGLY. He’s making things that were done FOR game (Nicole putting him up & wanting to backdoor him) out to be personal and then turning around and attacking on a personal level. Then trying to blame the other person for everything! What a terrible excuse for a human being he’s turning out to be.

      • He is making his nomination seem like he was being dragged to his death.. So he was this victim because he was nominated..that’s part of the game…I understand that in this game you have to lie and manipulate to get to the end..Derrick is doing it masterfully right this point of the game it is becoming mean spirited and downright nasty..Frankie calling Nicole the “c” word..horrible..if I were Nicole’s mother, I would phone CBS tell them to get me in that house and I would punch Frankies teeth in..something Caleb wanted to do just a few days, because he thinks Frankie is going to use his connections with his sister to make him a star..he is Frankie’s new best friend..Victoria cutting up the hat..I don’t know if anyone else heard this yesterday, but, Victoria was laying out in the yard..Caleb comes out with some small objects in his hand..Victoria said something..Caleb gets in her face and tells her he is going to shove the small objects up her rectum..what the hell? I love this game of BB..but, when it starts to turn like it is turning now..I am not a fan.

      • Caleb, poor Caleb when it comes to Frankie, is a star struck gullible quivering cowboy.

        Violent talk should NOT be condoned by CBS.

      • Frankie lives in a fantasy world. I doubt very much that last night’s ‘clue’ will wake him up, now or ever.

    • Wasn’t it just a week or so ago, that Zach was the one tormenting the everyone, in particular the non-BS Alliance?
      He stole Victoria’s pink hat and would not give it back …
      Used his humor to cover up his bullying, and now, taking a bit of his own medicine …
      Though, was a bit ironic, him playing pool with Frankie last night, at least during the BBAD episode this morning ….

      Zach even commented to Frankie about writing a book or whatever once the BB Season ends, and no doubt, plans to capitalize on his “personality” achieved (good and/or bad) on BB this summer …

      • Maybe Zach figured out he was being used the entire game? They have been manipulating him the whole time. Frankie pretending to be close etc… I would flip out a little too if I found out that all of my personal interactions with people were all fake.

      • True, perhaps .. though, I have to admit, I would love to see one final Zach Attach before being evicted on Thursday evening ….Ha !!!

        Though, I think that Caleb and Derrick may have talked him down from doing it, as they realize that they’d be the targets, as well .. under the ‘guise about keeping his last days in the House with a bit of respect and happy thoughts, like Nicole last week …

      • I think the ultimate Zach Attack would be him earning his way back into the game this Thursday which I’m hoping it happens. But in case he didn’t, I’m praying for Hayden to return.

      • The ultimate Zach Attack is earning his way back in and winning HOH. Wonder how quickly Frankie runs to him crying that he didn’t want to eliminate him, but he house made him do it. I’m guessing within 5 minutes of Zach winning.

      • I am hoping for another Zach Attack too, lol!! At this point, what would he have to lose? He knows he’s out the door! I would blow everyone out of the water!! :)

  12. The crowd outside the gates were right… Frankie is disgusting. At this point would he be happy if Zach cut himself open and gave him a kidney. Enough is enough, stop tormenting the kid.

    • But I guess Dick burning Jen with cigarettes, pouring drinks on her, bullying her non stop, and threatening to crush her throat isn’t disgusting either. I’m not a Frankie fan but there other things that happened in BB that are far worse.

      • I was unaware I said it was the worst thing to ever happen in the BB house.
        I have gone from a non fan of Frankie, to a fan, to a mediocre fan and now I can’t stand the guy, there is no reason for him to torment the kid.

      • The hateful things that come out of his mouth. He claims he’s his best friend then says how he’s going to destroy him and bathe in his blood. He’s a disgusting pervert. He’s always trying to crawl on all the guys making sexual comments to them. Talk about sexual harassment.

      • I’m not a Frankie fan so don’t feel like I am defending him. But the “bathe in blood” comment is game wise not real life. Don’t take it to serious.
        None of the guys aren’t complaining about Frankie being all over them. Didn’t Caleb dry hump him one time, didn’t Zach bend over in front of Frankie a few days ago, wasn’t Cody on top of Frankie? None of them seems to be bothered by it since they play along with him.

      • They all say get blood on your hands but he was saying take a knife to him and bathe in his blood. Crossing the line. And Zach has pushed Frankie away several times. If you think that’s okay it’s your opinion. I think he’s disgusting.

      • Do you actually believe that Frankie will stab Zach and bathe in his blood? He means that in a game sense not a real life sense. Keep your personal feelings about Frankie aside and know that what Frankie was actually meant in a game way. Meaning he will take all the blood of Zach’s eviction in his hands.

      • Come on do you really think I’m stupid enough to think he would actually do it? Just the hateful disgusting things that come out of his mouth make me sick. So it’s ok when he won BOTB to say to Zach about taking a dildo out of his ass and the rest I won’t repeat. He’s sick! Like I said just because you like that behavior doesn’t mean everyone else does.

      • I never understood why the audience like Evil Dick so much. I thought he should have been removed for his behavior during his season. The only amusing thing to come out of that season is that Danielle was so unlikeable her father, who treated everyone horribly won over her.

      • Still doesn’t matter. I feel like everyone wants to call the people they hate disgusting or bullies. But when there is somebody they obssesed over who does something even worse its basically a free pass.

  13. Zach was pushed into acting like an ass by Team America! He’s also been a constant asshole since the beginning! Trust gets you only so far in BB and Zach trusted the wrong person!

  14. I understand about REALLY wanting someone out of the house, but much too much when you’re trying to “destroy” that person. If Zach is on his way out anyway, someone you were buddies up with, do you really have to take it that far? Apparently Frankie does. I should have known better. I liked him somewhat when first entering the house. Then feelings turned to dislike. I happened to check out some of his YouTube vids (partly for laughs, partly being curious). It sort of made me look at him in a different light once again, especially a vid he took at his best friends wedding. But…… Now I can’t help despising that way he is acting. Btw, I also am not pleased with some of the other houseguests actions, so it isn’t just him.

  15. He may be a little crazy, but Caleb seems like a good guy. Definitely plenty of houseguests to hate more than him

    • I put Caleb in the same boat as Frankie and Victoria. They are all 3 delusional and narcissistic. They act nice to your face, but are mean at the core.

      • Definitely delusional and narcissistic, but doesn’t seem mean spirited, definitely not on the level of Frankie. I don’t know, may just be my take. I don’t recall seeing him to anything to hurt anybody or anything like that.

      • You don’t call Caleb telling Victoria that he wants to shove whatever he had in his hand up her a$$ hurtful?

  16. When you already know someone is going home, the way you treat that person has more to do with the kind of person you are outside of the house than the game player you are inside the house.

  17. Whoever the security is for CBS needs to be fired. I would hate to have my game ruined because of what somebody said over the walls.

    • It usually doesn’t happen, but now we have seen happen twice in a matter of weeks. They all seem to be pro-Zach, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

      • Zach’s DR after he found out Frankie’s sister is famous he was crying and yelling that they should just write Frankie the check now because he’s wasting his time. I think he meant he was wasting his time trying to be entertaining to win America’s favorite. I think the producers may be trying to convince him not to give up because the fans really do like him better than Frankie. The first time it happened Zach wasn’t outside, and I thought this could be the reason. This time is even more suspicious because the people only mentioned people who were actually in the backyard, and both times they said we love you Zach. I wonder how would they know who was out there at that time to hear them.

  18. Whoever the security is for CBS needs to be fired. I would hate to have my game ruined because of what somebody said over the walls.

  19. On BBAD last night, there was a scene that made me throw up in my mouth: Cody was laying in the hammock with Victoria rubbing his head. Then Frankie joined in and draped himself across Cody, rubbing Cody’s arm. Then Christine wedged herself into the group, laughing her hyena-like laugh while hitting herself in the face with a badminton racket. Then someone asked if they were on BBAD yet, someone else said that they were, and Frankie looked at the closest camera and said hello–or something similar. They then started making fun of Zach. Again. I came to a sudden realization at that point…I realized that watching an infomercial on Bare Minerals was more entertaining than these disgusting, mean, clueless people.

    • I got threw a 3 hour episode of BBAD in about 30 minutes because anytime Frankie is on, I’m not interested, and anytime they show Cody and Christine “cuddling” it makes me uncomfortable.

    • Ew. They were hanging out with eachother? What a bunch of disgusting people.
      Why couldnt they change the camera to Donny sleeping?

      • Gellie, I didn’t mean to give you a thumbs down…I was trying to hit ‘reply’. I don’t care that they were hanging around (and on top of) each other. It’s just uncomfortable when Christine and Ictoria are all over Cody while Frankie serenades them with negativity.

    • Victoria (with her sultry eyes and knowing smirk) asked (yes, ASKED) Cody to run her fingers through his hair. Of course, he readily said ‘yes’ and got into position placing his head in her lap. Christine looked on and then started ‘stabbing’ his thigh with her finger.
      Wake up call Cody, Victoria, Christine: This all will end soon and each of you can go back to your respective holes in the ground!

    • Yep they need to name this show the cheaters. That’s one thing nice about the feeds you can change to a different camera.

  20. I believe Victoria was walking the same path as the way Sheila Kennedy did in the past, (7 or 8 seasons ago)….doing absolutely nothing until the last 10 days of competition when she finally won something working her way to the Top 3…remember? By keeping her nose somewhat clean throughout the season with the remaining houseguests Sheila was never really a problem or threat, nor was she subject to being a back door victim. If Victoria would have kept her cool and not have to prove anything by cutting up that hat and draw attention to herself she would have played the same way. Don’t be a threat and play it cool and see how far she would have gone without any competition wins. Her head is on the block for sure now…EARLY.

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