Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Monday Daytime Highlights


It was a sad and dramatic day in the house for any Zankie fans left out there as Frankie went through with his plan to backdoor Zach this week. Zach isn’t even being allowed to campaign because Frankie vows to be “up in his face all week” to make sure Zach can’t do any damage to Frankie’s game. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house today.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, August 18, 2014:

5:53 AM BBT – Donny is up and takes over the Team America patrol, but he is by himself.

9:00 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

9:14 AM BBT – Feeds return. HGs are starting to stir.

10:16 AM BBT – Frankie tells Christine the Diary Room likes his veto ceremony rap (but then basically said they hate it and he has to change it).

10:20 AM BBT – Frankie called back to DR. When he comes out, he goes and cuddles Zach and asks how do they fix everything. Frankie then asks Zach if he’s the saboteur. Zach says no and then begs him to put Victoria up and not him. Frankie says he’ll think about it and leaves.

10:24 AM BBT – Frankie immediately goes to Christine and makes fun of Zach for begging him to not put him up. They laugh at Zach.

10:42 AM BBT – Donny asks Cody how they decided that the veto was being used on Caleb and not Cody. Cody, looking dumb, really doesn’t know.

10:50 AM BBT – Zach is wandering around on his own, playing pool and biting his fingernails.

10:55 AM BBT – Zach asking Frankie again to reconsider nominating him. He tells him he will help him and vote for him in jury. Frankie says he’d like to but the rest of the house will be coming for him. Zach says fine, do what you have to and leaves.

11:00 AM BBT – Zach talking to the camera. “Well my my Big Brother life is about to be over,” he says. “Frankie out of all people is putting me on the block and I’m going home.”

11:03 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Veto ceremony time.

11:47 AM BBT – Feeds back. Zach is in bed. Frankie is shaking and gets hugs from Cody and Caleb. He went through with it. Frankie used the veto on Caleb and nominated Zach.

11:50 AM BBT – Derrick is still doing the stupid Team America patrol.

12:34 PM BBT – Zach asking Caleb why Cody deserves his vote over Cody. Caleb says because Cody has lied right to his face. Frankie joins them (because he’s treating Zach like a child and following him around everywhere).

12:40 PM BBT – Frankie runs and tells Cody that Zach is outside throwing him under the bus. Cody comes out and says if you’re going to throw people under the bus, then do it with them around. Zach laughs at him and says he’s just trying to campaign. Cody tucks his tail between his legs and runs back inside to Christine.

12:45 PM BBT – Frankie is back out and he’s yelling at Zach, trying to give him grief for campaigning to stay. Frankie is eating, smacking his lips and spitting all over the place. Zach continues defending himself and saying he’s not just going to lay down. Frankie says “and you shouldn’t” and mentions it will be better TV if you don’t. But he continues to not let him campaign. Frankie asks Zach if they can just have fun and not fight all week. Zach says he doesn’t seem himself having any fun this week. Frankie spews a lot of nasty things at Zach and then tells him he was torn between his feelings for Zach and what is best for his game.

1:00 PM BBT – Derrick tells Christine that if Donny makes it to the final two, he wins the game.

1:30 PM BBT – Zach is in the storage room reading the Big Brother rule book. The other HGs are in the storage room and Frankie sees Zach moving around so races down stairs to watch him.

1:40 PM BBT – Zach moves on to the bathroom and Frankie follows him in there to. Not sure what he’s afraid Zach is going to do, but it’s all pretty annoying.

2:00 PM BBT – Zach is allowed to go outside with Donny. Zach tells Donny that they’ll come after him next and that he needs to win HOH. Donny says he’s going to try.

2:10 PM BBT – Zach tells Donny everything that went down this week. About the Skittles and how they were drawing them to decide who went up with Donny to throw the Battle of the Block. He also tells him that Christine gave one of the bones to Caleb so she wouldn’t help Donny win.

2:35 PM BBT – Zach goes to bed.

2:49 PM BBT – Derrick says the game could come down to he and Cody vs. Frankie and Caleb. They think it’s obvious Frankie and Caleb have a final two.

So Zach doesn’t stand a chance against Cody on the block. But does Zach stand a chance to re-enter the game right after he leaves? Sure. And the HGs seem to be forgetting Julie’s warning about jury members not being completely out of the game.

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  1. Actually Zach could easily save himself with one strategy….expose the detonators to Caleb, explaining he was intentionally left out. You know that Donny would vote for Zach over Cody. If Zach can win over Caleb by telling him the truth and that the others are using him, then all Zach needs is one more vote to stay in the house. If he can convince Victoria, he is staying. Not easy, but very possible.

    • Zach already did that. I can’t remember if it was last night or the night before, but Zach told Caleb that he and Amber were left out of the detonators and that he was the other option to go home, if Amber stayed. He told him exactly who was in the detonators. Caleb replied that it didn’t matter who started the detonators, just who was in it. Then he said that Cody has never lied to his face, but Zach has.

      • Zach did that last night, but Caleb said he already suspected there was another alliance other than the Bomb Squad going on and he didn’t care. That he was still going to be loyal to those who weren’t the ones that put him on the block the times he didn’t volunteer.

    • He already did. Beast Mode Cowdung doesn’t care. All he know is Bomb Squad is alive and well, and he’s the founder.

      • If he would ever shut up and think once instead of bragging all the time he might catch on what has went on. Hes about as dumb as a stack of blocks.

    • I think you’re forgetting relational history – Donny is fully aware that Derrick & Frankie are the people pulling the strings, but he sees Cody as a victim. Remember the dialogue between the both of them about a month ago when Cody struggled with putting up Donny on the block and what was Donny’s response: ”If you do, I’ll know that it’s not your fault but that you got pressured into it. We’re good you & I.” Donny & Cody actually like each other. Donny won’t be voting to save Zach over Cody unless he knew everyone was doing so. (Then again, things change so anything’s possible I suppose).

    • NO NO Nicloe needs to come back and hook an alliance with Donny and wipe out the Bomb Squad, with Christine and Frankie out first.

      • Doesn’t matter which one comes back, Nicole, Hayden, or Zach. Frankie will freak out, no matter what, as all three of them have a reason to target him.

      • Very true. But wouldn’t it be neat if it were Nicole who came back and managed to get Frankie & Christine to work with her & Donny to form a final 4 alliance?

      • Probably a long shot, since I seriously doubt that would ever happen, but yes, that would be interesting to watch go down.

  2. Frankie makes me sick! He’s bullying Zach! He literally turns everything around and makes Zach believe that everything is his fault and that Frankie has nothing to do with anything! “You’re the reason you’re on the block” , “If you just went up with Donny you wouldn’t be on the block right now” , “You didn’t forgive me for betraying you” !!! They even got Zach to think the reason he was being backdoored was because he hid the cue ball last night.

    All that will save this season for me is if Zach comes back and teams up with Donny to exact revenge!

  3. Going to have to jump on board here, because as the game goes on, I dislike Frankie more and more. I was alright with him at first, and then even as the hate train gained momentum from a ton of fans, I was still mostly alright with him. In the last couple of weeks, as the general dislike seemed to hit a boiling point, I was starting to get annoyed with him but still not hating him the way others do. Now, I think I’ve reached that point. I really don’t like him. I still want Christine and Victoria gone more, but he’s easily in the bottom ranks with them. I hope he’s forced to fight for his safety all of next week, so basically, I hope anybody but Christine wins HoH.

    • I agree with you. I liked Frankie ok until his big announcement about his famous sister. He’s been a pompous douche ever since.

      • He wasn’t a pompous douche before that? I think he just ramped it up after his “big” announcement, but has been a pompous douche most of the season. The only time I think he was real was during his eulogy to his grandfather and he was alone with the camera for that.

    • I hated him from the start. Everything he says and does is just obnoxious to me, game or not. I’ve just hated him more and more since then every time he opens his mouth, and the fact that he’s horrendous at this game also makes me hate him.

    • Agreed. I mildly disliked him until these past 2 weeks where aspects of his character have made me rethink who he is. I never liked that he cheered at the thought of deceiving somebody, but now to bully and berate Zach on his way out just makes little sense. Why would he even think this is a good strategy? Derrick is a smart cookie for picking up on this and moving in as ”the nice guy” to reassure Zach that not everyone thinks it’s his fault.

      • Right. does he seriously think that this is the way to get jury votes, or doesn’t he care because he knows that he is going to win AP

      • He isn’t going to win AP which is the funny part if he thinks he is especially with the way he is acting like a spoiled brat

    • I hope production steps in and calls him on his childish behaviour following zach around the house and bullying him and not allowing him to play his game. Don’t get me wrong I personally didn’t care if zach stayed or went home until he started working with Donny. Now that he is I hope he does. Therefore I hope production steps in and lays the law down and warns Frankie that if he doesn’t grow up and quit bullying zach and let zach play his game that Frankie will be leaving the house and not have a chance to return

      • That will not happen. It’s good for live television to have these people act like fools. They never did anything when Candice was being stalked and harrassed by Caleb on a daily basis.

      • Did you mean Amber was being stalked and harassed by caleb and your right they probably won’t but I can hope and dream :)

  4. at the beginning of the show I was a big supporter of Frankie but now I cant stand him because of how he treats zack if zack is voted off on Thursday I will never watch big brother again, I now think big brother is fixed like most other reality shows on cbs

  5. For a long time I thought the final 4 would be Derrick/Cody vs Frankie/Zach. Frankie’s gonna get his best ally evicted and end up much weaker for it. I haven’t been watching much this past week but was it Derrick’s idea to get rid of Zach? Wouldn’t surprise me

    • Caleb will be going after Frankie for throwing Zach under the bus next…watch and see! He’s only going along with it this week because Frankie saved him. But who knows…maybe Caleb don’t mind others being thrown under the bus except him.

    • I haven’t liked Christine since she reneged on her promise to Nicole and threw her under the bus by believing others instead of trusting Nicole’s word. She was too busy with Cody to worry about Nicole at all. Sleezebag that she is, taking flirting way too far for a married gal.

      • Yep! Loved his DR session when he said, “Christine thought she could throw the comp, so guess I won that all by myself!”

  6. I want Nicole back not Zach but this just really bugs me. I am not Zachs biggest fan but Frankie does not have to act like this. I just don’t understand why no one ever tells him off. He has to barge into every convo but no one stands up and says enough.

    • Basically forbidding him to do any campaigning is a bunch of BS and production should tell midget Frankie to shut his mouth. He really annoys me!

      • What annoys me more is why he follows Zach around, I mean everywhere like he’s afraid that he’ll tell them a secret or something, check this out.

        Frankie says production is trying to egg Zach on to keep going, “But I’m trying to crush all his hopes and Dreams”.
        Frankie – I have to though there’s no other options.. Already Caleb is nervous
        Frankie mentions that Zach has been telling Caleb about all the alliances. Told him they he had a final 3 with Christine and Frankie.
        Christine – Zach’s such a butthole. She’s going to leave a mean eviction message
        Frankie – I feel that Zach is going to do a bunch more sh1t now.

        How sadistic is this guy? Is he not allowed to campaign how he wants to?

      • He’s been following people around and barging in for a long time. He’s paranoid and wants to be the center of attention imo. People comment on it but never to him .Its too bad Frankie and Christine cant see they are the ones being the buttholes.

      • Exactly..I was going to say earlier, when has Frankie not barged in when he was in a state of paranoia in the past and had to come up with a “game” plan by telling everyone about his sister’s fame, hoping to get the attention he’s seeking and needs in the house to survive. He’s only causing danger to himself if he’d just calm down from his task of “damage” control. Derrick’s never needed to act out like that when he was in command of “damage” control! :-)

      • Frankie is showing his cards, problem is Caleb seems to be too dumb to catch on. I still think Caleb might be faking as he does seem over the top. He sits and stares a lot.

      • Yeah your right, remember when he first came into the house and everyone was socializing, His DR clip was like, “I like to sit and observe and see who I could take to the end with me in the game”, this is the very first episode when they all entered the house and he just sat there watching everyone talk.

      • Will be interesting to see if he makes it that far, especially since beast-mode cowboy hasn’t won many comps.

      • I think when he finds himself on the block he’ll probably think back to what Zach told him so many times and think damn man why’d I gotta be so stupid to not listen to him but it’ll be too late.

      • He’s observing. He won’t say anything to Frankie since Frankie removed him from the block and promise he wouldn’t put Frankie up next week if the opportunity presents itself and since Frankie can’t participate in HoH!

      • Zach is a grown man and Frankie can’t forbid him to do anything. Why can’t Zach just say what he wants and ignore Frankie as if he is not even there.

      • Reason why is Zach doesn’t know how bad Frankie talks behind his back, if just one of them just one told them what Frankie has said behind his back you’ll see Zach really flip on Frankie.

      • lol I wish, Yea me too, he’s letting Donny know everything which is helpful for him in case he doesn’t come back and has to work with either Nicole or Hayden.

      • Simply, because Zach still cares about Frankie. Zach was truly in love with Frankie, but Frankie’s world only revolves around Frankie.

    • We were discussing this morning how production enforces some rules and not others. They are playing a game BUT it’s a TV show and they signed on the dotted line.

      • Yeah, and Frankie’s behavior right now is not any worse than how Amanda treated Elissa last year. Actually, Amanda was a lot worse. What she did to Elissa was harassment, Frankie’s just being a pain.

    • And that is why I believe it’s all an act or just part of Frankie’s way to do damage control! He’ll say it was all in the BB spirit later.

  7. Not related to this convo at all but why can’t they do something fun? I want a pandoras box. And what happened to the clothes shopping sprees they used to have? Those were fun and they have not had 1 in so long.

  8. Did you see the post on joker site where Frankie referred to Nicole as the C word! He needs to go! Someone needs to tweet that comment out to all the Ariana followers. I would but I do not tweet.

    • Besides seeing stuff on the live feeds this is the only site I go to. Saying that I’m not surprised at anything Frankie says. He is a cruel little man. He has mumbled stuff on the feeds and I have tried to go back and listen closer, but he is making sure most of his comments aren’t heard.

    • Yea I seen that, doesn’t surprise me and we’ll see how his sister will try and cover for her brother for that on twitter.

  9. Just remember that everyone in the House, sans Donny perhaps, deserves what they get now, having had opportunities to take out Frankie, Caleb, etc, but chose to flip the house and take out a p@wn instead ….

    • Donny does deserve it if he makes it to F2. Derrick is right. Nobody will beat Donny in F2 because he has come all this way with little or no help. By the same token if Derrick makes it to F2 w/o Donny he deserves the money. He has by far played the best game. If Hayden comes back in that game could be over.

      • Just curious if Frankie is also now playing for the “goat” this season with thè hope of being brought to the F2/3 if he can’t win himself there .. arguing that he would not get Jury votes, etc???

        While Derrick has played the puppet master with his Jedi Mind tricks, but at least attempted treat his fellow HG’s with respect, and convince them to his bidding … and have F2’s with everyone, and would have to convinced he played everyone as he has not really done much in the comps .. heck, even Victoria has won more comps .. Ha!!!

      • Dude Derrick has won 3 HOH’s technically, if you think Victoria has won more then you haven’t been watching the same season at all and have a real hard on for Derrick.

      • According to her, she has wone at least 3, if you count BOTB and PoVs, while having survived countless times being nominated on the Block … Ha!!

        Then again, I was being a bit sarcastic, and according to Victoria while talking to Donnie last week during BBAD, that she was throwing all these comps and playing dumb, to not be a target …. and, may actually make it to F2/F3 .. if this is true, would be neat to see her go on a comp winning spree til the end … Ha !!!

      • If she pulls off a few comp wins over the last few week, and depending who is F2/F3 … she may actually get some Jury votes …

        iif I recall, was she not one the HG’s looking for a showmance this season??

      • If she pulls it off hands down she’ll get some jury votes she has to for putting that much effort and your right she was and then quickly found she should just sit there and look pretty lol.

      • And, now, she has met one of her goals, to be prettiest girl in the House, and soon, may be the last girl standing ….that would really p*ss Christine off … Ha !!!

      • She was, but once in the house, she saw she was not interested in anyone she wanted “to marry” or any who were that interested in her other than the married Derrick! LOL

      • IMO (everyone has one) Frankie is also hoping for an All-star season. I think if he makes it to F2 he might not win over anybody but Caleb. Mainly because he has won so many comps.

      • I think that has been the most fair and unbiased opinion of who will and should win. That is hard for me to admit as I don’t like Derrick one bit but you are correct if Derrick makes the F2 w/o Donny he does deserve it. I just don’t want him to win

  10. I would love for Christine’s husband to make a surprise visit right when she is wrapped in Cody’s arms!

    • Christine was sitting on one end of the couch today with her knees up towards her chest..Cody was laying at the other end with his legs spread open towards Christine…it just didn’t look right.

      • If the finale were airing today, the two people I guarantee would be getting boo’d are Frankie and Christine hands down.

      • She was all worried about her pastor hearing about her actions with Cody — I don’t think he’s going to be too thrilled with her backstabbing and contempt towards the other HG either. Or making fun of someone praying.

      • Only because Zingbot is going to be shown LIVE where the other feeds can only be seen by viewers who pay for those, something she knows her pastor and husband probably won’t be able to view themselves. Do you think they’ll edit that out?? I soooo hope not! They didn’t edit out other HGs actions in the past, three of which were fired from their jobs once they were back home.

      • I don’t think they’ll edit it out because they made a point of bringing up Cody and Christine’s behavior on the show Sunday — it was never mentioned before on the actual episodes, so I figured they had to put it there so the Zingbot zinger would make sense to the audience who hadn’t seen the Live Feeds.

      • Then she is in big trouble with her hubby and pastor when he sees Wednesday’s show which will explain it was more than “flirting” which she said it was in DR!

    • She’ll explain the live feeds away if she finds out her hubby found a way to pay to see them…remember, she said they don’t have credit cards…and it takes one to purchase live feeds.

  11. Sad to say peeps but our boy Zack made this bed many many times Im surprised he made it this long Maybe hell come back in the house !

      • You came to right club, if you look to your right you’ll find markers, signs, please make sure to highlight your Hate for him in bold letters as we intend to make the message loud and clear ha.

      • Ha your right it was only just sarcasm but the feeling of Dislike and Despise are oozing out of me for those two.

  12. Considering all of Zach Attacks and especially at a personal level in the early weeks, and constantly telling everyone in the House the he hated them … and, played Frankie’s B*tch, willingly .. I really have no sympathy for his current situation .. he has had several opportunities to flip to the non-BS alliance, but in the end threw those person under the bus, with lies, and crawled back to the basement of his alliance …

    Then again, as an unemployed recent grad student, earning at least $13,000+ in stipends and a trip to Germany, and has made quite a personality Impact, both positive and negative … as Caleb said to him during BBAD, he is already a Winner, as compared to where he is at now vs pre-Big Brother …

    • He figures now that he’s acquired what he came to do, he can leave with a smile on his face and a personality that will be in the BB history books! Go ZACH!!! I probably won’t remember Victoria, Nicole, Jocasta, Cody, Devin, Joey, Amber, Brittany or even Hayden years to come like I will Frankie, ZACH, Caleb, Derrick and Donny. I’ll just have to bleach Christine from my brain! :-) Who am I missing?

    • But remember, if Frankie is involved we’re automatically supposed to be against whatever Frankie is doing, so we’re choosing to look at Frankie making sure Zach goes home as bad game play. Because we’re supposed to hate Frankie and anything he does, you know.

      P.S. Make sure you remember to tell everyone you love Donny or else you won’t fit in around here.

  13. Frankie is following Zach around so he doesn’t rally anyone against him.

    Like, is this article serious? Frankie doesn’t want Zach revealing anything about him, nor is he going to allow him to talk game. Why? He doesn’t want Zach staying. Yes, it’s underhanded, but it’s gameplay. Why can’t anyone understand this???

    Good lord guys this is season 16. You’d think people would have caught on by now.

    • Since it’s Frankie we’re supposed to hate everything he does even if it’s good gameplay because it’s Frankie and we’re supposed to hate him. We don’t like good game play, silly willy, we like people with funny accents who isolate themselves from any game talk whatsoever or people with mood swings who cause drama.

      • Oh shoot sorry… Let me try:
        I think Donny should win because he has a funny accent!!! Who cares that he hasn’t even attempted to form bonds with people, or talk any game!!! Go Donny Go!!!

      • Get over it. Donny is using a different strategy and he has tried forming a few different alliances but they didn’t work out if you are going to bash him at least get your facts straight joethehobo and gellie

      • “different strategy”
        Sleep when the others are awake, don’t talk any game, don’t attempt to make any sort of move, complain that everyone is mean to him.
        Sound strategy. But he has a funny accent lol so we love him right guys??

      • Once again get your facts straight he has talked game and tried to make moves just because you don’t want to acknowledge that he has done these things doesn’t make it so

      • Sure did pay off then, eh? Look at the position he’s in now. What a great “different strategy”.
        But I know, his lifestyle out of the house is so cute!!! And have you heard him speak??? Wow go Donny!!!

      • Game isn’t over yet so who can say what has or hasn’t paid off. Not you or me can say what’s paid off

      • No offence, but if you think Donny has played a good game thus far, then you’re living in a land of delusion. I’m sorry.

      • You know what I haven’t attacked you personally once and you keep trying to make me and everyone else who like Donny sound stupid then you say I am living in a land of delusion. What’s the matter you aren’t intelligent enough to debate without repeating yourself or resorting to personal attacks. That’s ok I forgive you for being so petty as being anything else is beyond your intellectual abilities

      • Oh you can reply if you want but I’m done talking to you saying anything else is a waste of time

      • So you do think Donny is playing well? Lol ok bro. What color’s the sky over where you are?
        Also look in the mirror. You just essentially called me stupid. Way to look like a complete hypocrite!

      • Actually you called yourself stupid and i say if the shoe fits. I said you don’t know how to debate without attacking other people personally. You kept attacking me and any man draws the line somewhere and once crossed retaliates. So call me hypocrite if you want attack me if you want you just keep proving my point that you lack the ability to debate intelligently. So obviously we aren’t going to agree on the opinion of Donny but that don’t mean you need to get nasty towards me. But if being nasty is all you are capable of then I guess the shoe does fit

      • Ah yes, playing the victim to attempt to win some kind of argument.
        I wasn’t nasty towards you. I merely said if you think Donny is a good game player, you arent living here. You neither confirmed or denied that you thought Donny was a good gameplayer or not, so how could that be considered an insult to you?
        You were to one who called me stupid, so heed your words, friend.

      • You called yourself stupid and I ain’t playing victim just saying I finally had enough of your insults. Think whatever you want

      • here goes:

        Actually you called yourself stupid and i say if the shoe fits. I said you don’t know how to debate without attacking other people personally. You kept attacking me and any man draws the line somewhere and once crossed retaliates. So call me hypocrite if you want attack me if you want you just keep proving my point that you lack the ability to debate intelligently. So obviously we aren’t going to agree on the opinion of Donny but that don’t mean you need to get nasty towards me. But if being nasty is all you are capable of then I guess the shoe does fit. Wah, wah, wah.

      • You did insult me by saying I lived in the land of delusion and you know I like Donny’s gameplay but are now trying to make yourself look better by pretending you didn’t know

      • I didnt say YOU did, I said if you think he is, you’re deluded.
        You’re playing the victim, bro. Just cut it out.

      • Donny never talks game to the other houseguests. They talk about it on the feeds all the time.

      • Actually he has like I said just because you can gellie have selective sight and hearing and don’t want to acknowledge it doesn’t make it so. They have shown several scenes with him talking to Derrick he just don’t want anyone else knowing they were talking so it don’t look bad on him and he has had game play discussions with all 3 current jury members plus he has been discussing gameplay with zach but I guess according to you none of those conversations happened

      • I don’t mean that personally either joethehobo I am just wondering how you didn’t see those conversations

      • BS what about everyone else he has discussed gameplay with or what those conversations don’t meet your standards still that doesn’t mean they didn’t happen

      • We have absolutely no problem with Donny’s accent, we just think the public cares more about his funny accent than his gameplay.

      • WAIT. Are you now trying to deny that Donny goes to bed at 8:00 pm? Are you actually going to waste your credibility on this fight? Because this can easily be proven correct.

      • I don’t have the live feeds but from what I saw he usually goes to bed around 10 but I could be wrong but still going to bed early doesn’t constitute bad game play. Just has a different schedule plus he knows he is on the outs with those left in the house

      • He’s been going to bed at around 8:00 pm unless he has to stay up because of Big Brother. This has been going on since the first week. You could argue that he’s on the outs because he goes to bed at 8:00 not the other way around.

      • Also sorry to group you with gellie you at least are able to debate without personal insults and attacks

      • Thank you. I actually appreciate that. I try to keep the personal attacks out of it (most of the time) and try to stick with what goes on inside the house. Though I have been accused of “attacking” someone just for simply disagreeing with them. I see no reason why we can’t debate Big Brother without personally attacking each other.

      • You and Frankie should get together you would be best friends for life seen as how you are both bullies

      • Your true colors are showing you are quite the nasty person what’s the matter did somebody treat you that way and now you try to take it out on everybody else by making fun of people

      • Just standing up to him after I got tired of his insults so I gave him a taste of his own medicine

      • Anyway on to new threads I don’t mind debating with you but this comment thread is getting a little long obviously we disagree but it is interesting hearing opposing views it gives you something to think about

      • So cool, right? And isn’t Frankie annoying? And isn’t Zach just a hoot? I’m good at Big Brother, right?

      • Oh my god and I hate Christine!!! Frankie’s a bully but I’m OK with calling him digusting and fake even tho I don’t know him!!! Go Donny!!!

    • It’s not gameplay on Frankie’s part it is childish immature behaviour on his part. I say that because of the way he is going about it

      • You’re right. Frankie should really just let Zach scheme against him.
        If Frankie really hated Zach like some of you think, they wouldn’t be hanging around playing pool and what-not with eachother..

  14. And, how has Cody been campaigning to saving his @$$ this week, I wonder?

    Last I saw on BBAD on the weekend, he was being consoled in bed by Victoria, as he was stressed out having been nominated after losing the BOTB …

      • Just figured he was trying get sympathy from both Chritine and Victoria this week, as this could be their last few days of Cody… Ha !!!

  15. I see Frankie’s antics as nothing but an act…making the other HGs want Zach gone instead of Cody. He’ll do whatever Derrick wants if Derrick wants Cody gone before Zach, since he now feels Zach will win comps for him than relying on Cody. That’s just my theory knowing how the house tends to flip at the last minute!

  16. I really can’t pick a single person I want out, because I want them ALL gone expect for Donny and Zach and maybe Derrick. Ugh it makes me sick that Frankie, Caleb, Christine and Cody are still in the house. I really hope Donny and whoever comes back can flip the house, but it’s going to be pretty tough without another number on their side.

  17. Well I would love for Zach to not be evicted this week, so the power can shift but I am ok with him being evicted and coming back, and him or Donny becoming HOH. Team Zonny FTW.

  18. Have you noticed that the Frankie hate escalates when he is HOH. He says the wrong things and acts so poorly. It can be cured. No more HOH or just send him to jury.

    • And when he gets paranoid over what Zach threatened to do even if he wasn’t put on the block! :-)

    • Power tripping, thinks he is invincible. A bit different when he was on the block and knew he was probably going home.

    • Not really…they have to at least win Veto or get votes to stay…Judd got eliminated the week after he returned, because I believe he won Veto after winning the “return” game.

      • That’s not correct. The week Judd returned he did not win any power and Aaryn was evicted. The second week, he also did not win any power and Amanda was evicted. The third week, Judd won POV and Elissa was evicted. The fourth week, Judd was evicted.

      • There were that many weeks left? Oh, yeh, there were because they didn’t have BotB twist…only MVP! :-)

  19. Pretty much everyone besides Derrick this season has been putting on a clinic on how not to play they game. Some showing horrible social games, some demonstrating being completely out of the game, some showing poor judgment, some being downright stupid, and some demonstrating all of these things,

    Really, outside of Derrick, is anyone else really playing a game that’s remotely good? Cody? For following Derrick?

    • Well let’s take a step back here… it depends what you consider ”good”. For me a ”good” player is anyone who manages to get to the end of the game – simply put they are good because they did it. So is Derrick good? Yes, so far. Is Donny who is playing very different also good? Yep, I’d say so. He’s managed to be likeable and strong enough of a competitor to get this far. Some people consider good the same thing as ”entertaining”. So they think Dan & Boogie are ”good” players and they feel Derrick isn’t because Derrick isn’t entertaining enough. Some people believe that deceptiveness is what makes a player ”good”. So some people consider Andy from last season ”good” because he was a total snake and deceived everyone in the house and played them against each other and he just stayed perfectly in the middle. Others consider strong competition skills ”good” so they favour Brandon & Rachel because they were comp beasts!

  20. As much as I hate Stankie, Zach deserves this. How many times does someone have to spit in your face before you realize they’re not your friend?

    Zach is a loudmouth and a moron. Too bad his ego and need for attention did not let him separate from Stankie or he would have formed an alliance with people on the other side.

    I hope if he leaves, he stays gone because he does not have the common sense to do anything smart if he returns.

  21. Call a house meeting Zack!
    Spill! Spill!
    If you’re going down, take the rest of them with you!

  22. Has anyone seen the promos for wednesday’s show. As usual it’s the Frankie show. Then they show Kathy Griffith,who I cannot stand, with Zingbot. They zinged Christine. I guess they have to have someone interpet Zingbot

    • Kathy Griffin is trashy. My husband hates zingbot, says he cant understand him so maybe this will help him. They could get better than a D list comedian though.

      • I agree with your husband, I can never understand what that zingbot is saying. And when I read about them, I rarely find these jokes very funny.

      • Remember when zing bot was on the Talk the day after Rachel won? He made a zing towards Sheryl Underwood saying something about her looking like a man? It was horrible. I think if they put that Zing on air, they will definitely put the zings of Cody/Christine. And hopefully it is not the one about her glasses

      • I think they brought Griffin on to be a interpreter. She has been on the talk many times. I hope this doesn’t become a regular episode where she becomes part of BB. Like I said’ I can’t stand her and turn her off if she is on TV.

  23. Check this out, while Caleb, Zach, and Frankie were outside in the backyard. They heard shouting by fans outside and this is what they said after someone amplified the sound to hear the shout more clearly.

    “Caleb, we hate you! Zach, we love you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!”

    Of all 3 of them Zach and Caleb heard what was said but Frankie thinks they said they love him. Now Caleb is confused not knowing what to think and Frankie of course thinks he’s gold. This is the excerpt from what happened in the backyard.

    10:19pm Cam 2-3 Backyard Pool Zach, Frankie and Beast mode
    Someone outside the backyard walls shouting (Flashback it’s tough to hear, personally I think they said something negative about Frankie, Positive to Zach unsure about Beast mode)

    Caleb Heard – “we hate you beast mode cowboy Zach I love you and Frankie you are disgusting.”
    Frankie heard “I heard Cowboy, we love you Zach and Frankie you’re the best “
    Zach heard you’re the man Beast Mode cowboy, Zach we love you and Frankie you’re the best..
    Donny joins them.
    Zach – We hate you beast mode cowboy Frankie you’re disgusting..
    Frankie – I heard Frankie you’re the best but I could be wrong
    Zach doesn’t think people will go out of their way to say “Bad Sh1t” (You don’t know BB fans)

    You would think this is an eye opener and luckily this boosted Zach spirits a little until Victoria came and took the pink hat he loved to wear and cut it into pieces all cause Frankie went into her ear and made her hate him to think he would pour hot boiling water over her?? Where does this girl think she is? Really? Hot boiling water? Wow… I can’t wait for Zach to get his revenge.

    • I thought destroying someone elses belongings was grounds to be removed from the house. How funny would that be if Thursday julie announced that victoria is evicted for breaking the rules. The look on frankies face would be priceless.

      • True, though, the pink hat actually belonged to her, that Zach stole from her earlier in the game, likewise with Caleb stealing Amber’s slippers …

        So, again, no sympathy for Zach now, as Karma is a B*tch and he is getting everything that he deserves, ’cause that’s how he had treated some of the former HG’s and current HG’s in the House …

      • She actually told him that he could keep it. Technically in the real world that would still be considered theft, but as far as BB goes, it may be grasping at straws.

    • Gee, I don’t know … Why don’t we ask Matthew Shepard’s mother, since we can’t ask him?
      Why are all people from Florida ignorant red-necks?

  24. Maybe a bb fan can explain to me. When Caleb sat out the bob with Frankie, he was punished. Not only did Christine not help Donny….she did help, or try to help opposing players. Why no recriminations from bb production? I think a “safe week” for Donny would be appropriate. Where in hell is Pandoras Box and Diamond Power Of Veto?

  25. The main message in the “over the fence shout out” was” we love u Zach” They all agree that they heard those words…Sooooo it would appear that Caleb and Frankie are not favorites and have been made aware of it…Time to rethink ur moves alliances and actions Frankie & Caleb….. lmao

  26. Frankie for the first few episodes was entertaining but now I find him annoying and entitled. No one cares that his sister is Ariana Grande. NO ONE. He’s just a back stabbing litle pr*ck. Can’t wait till he leaves. He will not win and will not be getting fan favorite, that’s for sure! Not sure how he made it on team America either!

  27. Was it just me but Frankie seemed jealous when Zach told him that he found his stupid sister attractive. Could this be Frankie’s motivation to back door him? Frankie is very immature for a person who is in their thirties.

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