Last week’s Big Brother Have-Not Food was a good bit of a bust with Offal Burritos, but I guess that’s the point, right? The offal has been discarded and the HGs are happily eating away at self-made tortilla chips from the the wraps. Smart, Have-Nots!

Big Brother 16 Have-Not Vote for Week 4

Big Brother 16 Have-Not Vote for Week 4 – Source: CBS

Now a new poll is open, but the window to vote closes today at 4PM PT (7PM ET) tonight so you better hurry. This time around the choices are “Deep Fish Pizza” or “Hot Sludge Sundae.” Yummy.

The pizza option sounds pretty self-explanatory. They’ll get pizza fixings with fish. I can’t imagine Big Brother is going to bother cooking them pizzas with fish in it, so once things get rolling they’ll be able to discard the nasty parts and use the more desirable elements.

As for a Hot Sludge Sundae I almost hope that wins just so we can see what it is. They wouldn’t give them ice cream, would they? Nah, the whole thing is probably a disgusting mess.

You can vote right now until 4PM PT (7PM ET), but only as part of your Live Feeds account. Don’t have the Feeds yet? Grab your Free Trial, vote for the Have-Not food, and watch the HGs!


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