Big Brother 16 Episode 24 Recap: Operation Throw Battle Of The Block Fails Again


The Big Brother 16 houseguests just can’t catch a break when it comes to throwing competitions. For the second week in a row, the Bomb Squad/Detonators or whatever they’re called these days just couldn’t complete their plan to throw a competition.

Thankfully this is the last week for BOTB so we won’t see that kind of flop again.

Sunday night’s episode picked up right after Frankie and Derrick won Heads of Household. Most people, including Donny thinks he’s the target, but Derrick tells us he has other things in mind.

The Bomb Squad will have to nominate some of their own this week, though, because the numbers are dwindling. So Derrick, Cody and Caleb start talking about who needs to go up and who needs to throw the Battle of the Block competition next to Donny.

Frankie and Derrick have the debate alone and Frankie thinks Cody should go up, but Derrick continues to protect Cody, so that conversation doesn’t go anywhere. The only thing they decide on is that Donny is going up. So they decide to call everyone together and hash it out as a group.

And that also doesn’t go so well. No one wants to volunteer to go up and no one surely doesn’t want to throw the Battle of the Block and stay on the block next to Donny.

So after some nervousness and bickering and A LOT of silence, they decide to draw names. Or in this case, Skittles. Zach, Christine, Caleb and Cody all pick a Skittles color and they’re drawn from a hat. Christine’s Skittle comes up to sit next to Donny. Caleb and Cody’s come up as the pair to go up opposite Christine and Donny. Zach’s Skittle doesn’t wasn’t drawn (which isn’t necessarily a good thing).

So that’s how the nominees turn out. Derrick nominates Christine and Donny and Frankie nominates Caleb and Cody.

But as we saw in a conversation between Derrick, Cody and Caleb, if things don’t work out for Donny going home this week, they wouldn’t mind sending Zach packing.


At the Battle of the Block competition (and it was a really cool black box competition). All they have to do is find bones hidden in the black box. The first team to place five bones on their score board will win the competition. Christine does her part and finds no bones, but Donny, like Frankie last week, wins the competition on his own.

So that means Derrick is dethroned and Frankie remains HOH. That also means Caleb and Cody remain on the block and that won’t fly with Derrick. So Zach needs to watch out this week.

Also during the episode, we got to see the Team America mission. They have to hide one clothing item from each of the HGs and organize a neighborhood watch program for 24 hours straight. They decide to take Christine’s glasses, Caleb’s bunny slippers and Zach’s Gators shirt.

Oh, and we get a treated to a nice segment of Cody and Christine’s flirtmance. And of course everyone in the house thinks it’s weird and a little wrong since Christine is married. But Christine tells us in the Diary Room that flirting is a strategy and if it wins her and her husband $500,000 then so be it.


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  1. They said that Zach didn’t volunteer to go up but I swear he did and Derrick said I don’t want you to volunteer. Now Zach volunteered harshly stating something to the effect that ok I volunteer I feel like you’ve all been coming at me, and that’s when Derrick says I don’t want you to volunteer. I swear that is what I saw. I wish the others would open their eyes and see what is going on around them, like Donnie has, but oh well..let them evict Zach and let him come right back in and take down the house now that could be fun.

  2. Frankie winning Battle of the Block – RIGGED!
    Donny winning Battle of the Block – Hmm. Seems legitimate enough.

  3. Derrick seems like a great guy personally but I’m tired of him, Cody, Frankie and Caleb. Hope the returning jury member is someone who will side with Donny, get some luck, gave some skill too and get two of these guys nominated.

    • We can only hope. Tired of watching Derrick sit around touching his facial hair constantly..plotting and plotting…and no one can see that he is pulling the strings? Frankie said last night that he trusts Derrick 100%..why doesn’t anyone, besides Donny, see what Derrick is doing. I don’t get it.

  4. OMG!!! They edited out the part of the BoB where they told Christine she couldn’t hand a bone to the other team! I’m stunned right now. They made it look like Christine handed the bone to Caleb and that they used it against Donny. The houseguests MULTIPLE times talked about how Big Brother made Caleb throw the bone Christine gave him away and that she couldn’t help them.

    Look, I am NEVER one to buy into conspiracy theories (as I’ve proven multiple times on this site) but this episode was extremely misleading to people who don’t have the live feeds.

    I am a fan of Donny’s and while it’s true that he did win the BoB on his own fair and square the way the episode was edited is extremely shady and tricked the viewers into believing something that downright didn’t happen. I repeat: I AM a fan of Donny’s but this is too far. I truly believe Donny deserves fan favorite because of his actions in the house and how he has managed to save himself over and over again. But this shady editing trick is really leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

    • And yet, Christine handed either Cody or Caleb a bone but, it was a bad bone which made them waste time. Serves them right for stacking the decks too high enough as it is! 7 house guests vs 1.
      Good that they lost!

      • I agree with you! I’m not trying to take anything away from Donny. He won that Battle of the Block fair and square. I have a problem with them tricking the public. Donny is a great player because of his own actions. He doesn’t need the public to be tricked to like him.

    • Did they tell Christine to stop helping C & C out loud so Donny could hear and the others outside could hear? No matter, just curious.

      • I’m not sure about the details. But multiple people were talking about how they told Christine she couldn’t help the other team. I don’t know if they said it on the speakers for everyone to hear or not. The main issue I have is how they very intentionally left in the part where they ganged up on Donny but they left out the part where Caleb had to throw away the bone, making it look like Donny is this superhero who overcame 3 people. I feel like it’s sad because Donny overcoming 2 of them on his own was cool enough without having to trick the public.

    • Do you think that the houseguests hearing production cheering for Donny’s win could have been a case of “accidently on purpose”? You know, rattle Derrick’s smug cage a bit, introduce the thought to Frankie that’s he’s not in fact “all that”, maybe in their own small way try to lift Donny’s spirits a bit so that he doesn’t feel so isolated and alone? And depressed? Even from home it’s sometimes difficult to see Donny struggle with being on the outside looking in. I know it’s a game, but really, would it actually cost that self absorbed brat pack so much to exercise a little bit of human kindness to a man who is the embodiment of human decency?

  5. At this point I’m just hoping two things….that Frankie doesn’t win (because of how he’s treated Zach) and that Zach, Hayden or Nicole can do some real damage when they come back in.

  6. Way to go Donny! It is nice to see Donny win this BOTB by himself. It also exposed Christine because she did not give Donny a single bone but, gave a bad bone to Caleb or Cody. Serves them right! Atleast, one of the pawns on the Detonators side will go home! Hopefully, it is one of the big fish like Cody or Derrick. It may also be Zach. These guys are not going to peel from each other until they are put on the block side by side! I hope Donny or Hayden/Nicole comes back and wins HOH. Since, there is no more BOTB, the HOH powers are no longer diluted. I just hope if they get a chance, they should put two of the big threats on the block like Derrick and Frankie together with Christine or Cody or Caleb as replacement nominee.

  7. Zach just told Caleb about the Detonators and Frankie trying to get him out WK 5 when Amber went home and caleb just brushes it off even though its the complete truth. So frustrating come on Caleb see through the lies and blow it up argggggghhhhhhh.

    • Caleb is too dumb to figure it out. However, getting him out will still mean one less vote for the Detonators. They have 7 of 8 house guests voting for their side as it is! They need to lose at least, 4 members for whoever is left to start playing their own games! Even at that, they will still have majority vote if they continue to stick together!

    • This is all old news and Caleb doesn’t care because he figures at this point in the game it is going to be a dogfight anyway. Zach wore out his welcome long ago, he’s screwed everybody’s game at least once. If he wasn’t such a selfish baby he might have gone farther. There is a reason he had to have surgery to reconstruct his face, he just could not keep his mouth shut until someone shut it for him.

  8. The way these HG’s are treating Zach right now is downright ridiculous. F*** Derrick and Frankie. Especially Frankie. F*** this house. Donnie, you will go home in the next two weeks unless you save Zach who would be an ally for you at this point. Expose Team America and there missions! Get Caleb and victoria against frankie and derrick. It is yours and Zachs only chance at long term survival.

    And damn, is Caleb an airhead or what???? Seriously?? And Frankie managed to turn his only Possible ally at this point in zach completely against him. Hello to frankie! Who do you think was leading the charge to throw the BoB?? Do you really believe it was zach or Caleb leading the way? No, it’s your boy derrick. This house is full of a bunch of idiots. Please BB gods, let Zach come back and win HoH. Please! Get rid of those vile people known as Cody, Christine, and frankie, and the delusional cowboy Caleb, and then get rid of the most boring manipulator of all time, Derrick! I wouldn’t even mind Victoria staying over those people at this point.

    • Zach is the perfect patsy. Donny won’t expose TA because he wants the $5K just like the others.

      • The TA mission failed one has been on patrol. Donny is the only one doing it and Frankie and Derrick have the nerve to say that Donny has messed up TA for not wanting to do missions. These HG’s, besides Donny, are a bunch of idiots. I don’t want Zach coming back in on Thursday, I really don’t think he would change anything and he would still be for getting Donny out..he didn’t react yesterday when he found out he was leaving like I thought he would..he would probably crawl back to Frankie and the plan would continue. Hayden or Nicole need to get back in and team up with Donny..hopefully one of those two, whoever it is, wins HOH and gets these people out!! This season has been predictable and boring every week.

  9. These houseguests disgust me, except for Donny of course. Christine is a bit#$! Flirting is her strategy to win! Are you kidding me! I hope she leaves the house a.s.a.p. |I can’t stand her and her laughing!! Bye go back to your hubby IF he takes you back!!

  10. Caleb and Frankie are in love with themselves. They can’t take their eyes each other when there is a mirror!!!

  11. These assholes think they know everything!!! Playing pool, hello solid is called low and stripes are high!!! DUH!!!

  12. How funny I am watching BBAD right now and Caleb thinks America will appreciate his game play. Beast mode douche bag/ idiot/ stalker/ egomaniac. He is talking to Zach saying how he has played an honest game hasn’t thrown anyone under the bus hasn’t lied mean while he has lying to zach

    • Caleb lied about Nicole to Christine and said she did not need to know about it. He is not really the smartest tool in the shed because until now, he has not figured out that he is on the outs? They have put him up multiple times not counting the times he volunteered to go up! He probably feels he is honest to his alliance but, he is a blind follower and his time in the house is soon to expire.

      • Yup but it is funny how he thinks he is all that and that America will pick him as their favorite. If America was voting on who was the creepiest player he would get the votes

    • He kept saying on the feeds last night when this whole TA thing went down..”Trash+trash=trash/Zach.” He truly thinks he is in charge and he knows about the Detonators. Dumb.

  13. I like the BotB outcome, but is up with the competitions that people are supposed to try throwing conveniently being competitions where teamwork isn’t necessary?

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