Big Brother 16 Episode 13 Recap: Cruel And Unusual Punishments


Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 16 showed us a number of things about this season’s contestants. Brittany has a lot of heart. Caleb is not a team player. Nicole’s accent is getting worse by the episode. And Cody deserves a swift kick in the rear (which he gets).

The episode picks up right after the Battle of the Block and Jocasta is still reeling, but the speaking in tongues has stopped. So Brittany and Victoria are upset and worried. And neither of them trust anyone in the house.

It’s time for the episodic segment of “Amber’s Stalker.” We get Caleb literally sneaking up the stairs to avoid the HOH camera, where he barges in to see Cody and Amber sitting together. And as always, you can see the “I want to kill Cody” in his eyes. On top of that, Zach does what Zach does best and hysterically eggs Caleb on.

And Zach does what we all knew he’d do and tells Cody what Caleb has been saying about the Cody and Amber situation. And Cody is wearing very thin when it comes to Caleb. And on top of all that, Caleb wants Brittany to stay over Victoria, which goes against the alliance.

Chosen for veto this week were Zach, Caleb and Nicole. They join Cody, Brittany and Victoria. But Caleb wasn’t picked straight out. Brittany got houseguest’s choice and picked Caleb. And suspicions arise. Caleb even tells Cody that he’s pulling for Brittany in the game. So Cody grows even more annoyed with Caleb.

This week’s veto competition puts the HGs in their own version of the World Cup. The players have to try to get their soccer balls to land in spots worth the most points. The person with the lowest amount of points are eliminated and they have to pick a “prize.” The next person who gets eliminated can take the prize chosen before them and so on.

Cody is out first and gets the Power of Veto. Brittany is out second so she takes the veto from Cody, leaving him with the “penalty kick” punishment. Zach was eliminated and picked a trip to Germany. And he didn’t trade it. Nicole is out in the next round. She picks a goal kicking punishment but trades Brittany that for the veto. That leaves Caleb vs. Victoria. She gets a zero and Caleb gets a 50. Victoria claims $5,000 and trades it for the veto. So Caleb gets the season’s unitard punishment. But he trades that for Nicole’s new $5,000 prize. Record scratch. WHAT? Everyone is like what did you just do?

So that means Victoria wins the power of veto and Caleb’s target grows.

Brittany’s horrible penalty starts. At first thought, 2,400 kicks doesn’t sound that bad. But it is. It takes her all night to complete the task, which left her in a ton of pain. We also get a look at Cody’s penalty kicks and Nicole’s “Germa-tard.” Cody has to get kicked in the butt 10 times every time an announcer tells him too. And Nicole’s unitard is inspired by German lederhosen. But back to the real (cruel) punishment. Brittany completed her punishment which left her in pain and with bleeding and swollen feet. A little harsh, BB.

Elsewhere, Donny is starting to work on Zach about Caleb going up on the block and Zach likes that idea. So he takes it to Cody, who is already thinking it. So most people want Caleb up, but Frankie and Derrick aren’t having it. So Derrick brings up America’s favorite Donny as the pawn. But Cody really wants to nominate Caleb. Derrick finally just tells Cody it’s up to him, but leaves him with a lot of doubt.

But Cody decides he’s going to do what’s best for him and even tells Donny he will not be putting him up. Cody’s mistake with this is that he tells Frankie and Frankie goes to tell Derrick and Derrick catches Cody before it’s too late.

So at the veto ceremony, Victoria uses the veto on herself and Cody, with Derrick and Frankie in his head, does not do what he wants. He names Donny as the replacement nominee and that’s that. Either Brittany or Donny will go home Thursday night.



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  1. Idk why fans are mad at Cody. Regardless of what move Cody made it would have been a good move. Putting up Caleb would mean 1 less comp threat and a person he don’t have to worry about. Evicting Brittany is 1 less person coming after The Detonators.

  2. It always baffles me when the HOH has the opportunity to get a strong competitor evicted but doesn’t. Especially when he has the votes! Not only that, but Caleb clearly demonstrated he’s not a team player, so the Detonators shouldn’t really count on him.
    Brittany is a lone wolf and has zero social game. There’s no way she could rally others to go after Cody or anyone else for that matter, so the BS about her coming after the Detonators is just that – BS (Frankie-style). Oh well, at least I’m pretty certain Donnie won’t be voted out this week. He’s too well liked by everyone. But of course, I will keep expecting the unexpected.

    • I think Brittany will be evicted from the house, but you never know. Pawns get voted out, Frankie and Derrick may want to keep Brittany over Donny.

  3. I hope Donny and Jocasta win HOH. Hardly likely Jocasta will but you never know. Some comps are just pure luck. And even though Jocasta is someone I want gone (because she does nothing) I would like to see 4 people from the old BS alliance go up. Because they will do what they want. Donny would put up Christine and Frankie and try tor back door Caleb. Jocasta who knows? Probably Christine and maybe Frankie.

    • We are due for an endurance comp. I’m expecting one of those tomorrow. I don’t see Donny or Jocasta winning this week. But then what do I know ? Can’t wait to see.

      • I do think we’re in for an endurance competition as well, which would make me nervous if I were Cody or a fan of his. Caleb showed the first week he’s the guy to beat in the endurance comps, so if he wins the HOH, Cody could be in some hot water.

        I look for Caleb and Hayden to be HOH’s tomorrow if it indeed is an endurance comp, with Amber also having a decent chance.

      • I see Caleb winning the HOH if its an endurance comp. Also, if after the Battle of the Block, he is the last HOH standing, I see him putting up both Donny and Zach. He told Amber that Donny is all about the game, and doesn’t give a flying flip about personal relationships. I never would have thought that about Donny, but after I saw the way Donny put the screws to Cody to put Caleb on the block, I was like “Whoa, Caleb was right”!!

      • I think if it is the endurance comp where you stand on the wall ledge, with the bar behind you, Donny has a VERY good shot at wining that one. that endurance comp is never that good of a comp for big meathead types.

  4. So Caleb chose 5000 dollars. Big deal. He is poor and not likely to win, plus he’s “supposed” to be a rock solid alliance with the Derrick Army…so why not take it. Cody is a big boy and can still get Brittany out with or without him taking the 5k. Trouble is, Derrick and Cody are lying to him by making him “feel like” he is in a rock solid alliance — but he’s at the bottom of it! So, he made the right play by taking the 5k…right now, he is just sitting around waiting to be picked off by Cody and Derrick anyway. That isn’t selfish…it is a wise move.

  5. I do not think Caleb wants to save Brittney. If he did, why didn’t he take the veto from Victoria? Victoria would have been on the block and Caleb can use the veto to take Brittney off the block if that is his intention. He probably feels his time in the Big Brother House is limited so, taking what he can! After all, Zack took that vacation. Caleb could have taken that vacation from Zack as well!

  6. I felt bad for Cody last night. That dude was really ticked off that he let Derrick get in his head by not putting up Caleb. As for Caleb, he’s going get blindsided eventually and it would serve him right if Amber was the one that was responsible for sending him packing!!! I do agree with what Caleb told Amber on their so-called date about Zach getting ahead of himself sometimes. Frankie, Cody and Derrick were all ticked off with Zach with that going off the wall stunt by telling Brittany to have a house meeting to see which houseguest would be voting in her favor!!! If Zach keeps doing stuff like that, he might very well be leaving the house before Caleb!!!

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