‘Big Brother 16’ Counting The Votes In Week 7

We’ve made it so far in the Big Brother 16 season that just six votes are in play this week. That also means a tie-breaker for Christine as HoH is possible, but will it come to that? Let’s run through the votes as they sit today.

Will Nicole be shocked by the vote count?
Will Nicole be shocked by the vote count on Big Brother? – Source: CBS

A week ago we looked at a near lock for Zach’s eviction which proves anything can happen at any time. While it may look like one player is doomed to a Jury arrival, anything is possible as we’re still two days away from the next eviction vote.

Over the weekend the plan to send Frankie out the door fell apart when he won Battle of the Block, so the guys needed a new plan. They were thrown for another loop when Zach, the next most probable target, won the Veto.

Christine admitted up front that she’d use Victoria as a renom should it come to that. Derrick didn’t want Victoria going up on the block because he soundly controls her game. So instead Nicole became the preferred renom option, but could they really get Christine to renom one of the final female HGs? Turns out that wasn’t an issue.

Christine was easily convinced to renom Nicole and she’s now the main target. She’ll need four votes to avoid a tie-breaker because if it goes to Christine I still think she’ll send her to Jury.

Nicole’s easiest source of support, and perhaps her only one left, is Donny but he’s sitting on the block next to her. So there goes that. Another possibility could be Victoria, but when Nicole went to her last night there wasn’t much hope in what Victoria told her.

Nicole hoped if she could get Cody and Derrick to swing their support to her then maybe Victoria would join them. Nicole’s thinking here is that Christine would vote to keep her, but we’ve already addressed that.

Victoria told Nicole it was unlikely to get Derrick or Cody to vote to keep her. Later when Victoria discussed the situation with Derrick he again confirmed that Nicole would be going home.

Considering Derrick doesn’t especially trust Donny I’m surprised there wasn’t a shift to evict him instead. Donny is on to Derrick’s role in the house, but maybe without anyone to support his theories it doesn’t matter how much Donny wants Derrick gone if Derrick can control the votes.

Caleb, Zach, and Frankie have also agreed to send Nicole packing and there’s no big advantage for them to change that plan. Expect them to stick with sending her out the door.

Unless there’s a major revelation Nicole will be sent to Jury this week, but with this returning player twist in the mix we could see her heading back to the house. Not sure what she could do differently this time though if that were to happen.

How do you think the votes will break down this week on Big Brother 16? Vote now in our poll below.


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  1. Not happy about this. Frustrated with girls game play. There are more dangerous players before Nicole. I hope she reminds them that she will have lots of time in jury to sway the final vote. Aargh.

    • Poor Nicole. She is sweet but, naive. I just hope her going to the jury house opens her eyes in case she is the one who comes back.
      Whoever it is, Derrick and the Detonators will target that house guest because they know that house guest will want revenge. For their sake, whoever it is, they better be ready to play hard and win HOH when they come back because if not, they will be evicted that very week. And if they win HOH, they should be prepared to target Derrick and Cody outright. If it fails, it fails but, you gave it a try. They are going to go after you anyway. You are not going to get too many chances and will get evicted first chance the alliance gets to evict you! So, give it your best shot.

  2. Who cares? I am so sick if Frankie and Derrick and production fixes so that Frankie stays and does nothing to throw Derrick under the bus. Cody and Victoria are huge floaters and Zach should be gone by now but thanks to production he is still there. Christine she needs to get back stabbed big time!!!! Whole show is a farce!!!!!

      • After Nicole leaves I will quit watching as well, who wants to see Frankie have his sausage cake and eat it too?? Not homophobic, but just would rather see a good looking girl in there for most of the season, anyways.

      • What does homophobic even mean? Does anyone really believe anyone is afraid of someone just because they are gay? I don’t get it. I’m not afraid of them – just tired to their militant agenda.

      • I think maybe you need to look up the word militant. Aggressive maybe, but all rights have been won legally without any bloodshed except our own.

      • Thanks for the suggestion. Yep. I’m right. The gay agenda is clearly militant. They target Christians and anyone who disagrees with them and do everything in their power to destroy these people. Intolerance on parade.

      • You think something like the Sweet Cakes controversy is MILITANT?? Are you kidding me?

        You are completely ignorant in your assertion that the gay rights movement is a militant movement. And hey, even if there WERE certain militant occasions in the movement (you still have yet to list an actual MILITANT occasion) it doesn’t mean the whole movement is. The Black Panthers were a MILITANT branch of the civil rights movement, but that doesn’t mean that the civil rights movement was militant, though you are spouting out the same language that racists back then used.

        I would like you to explain to me how the Sweet Cakes controversy supports your claim that the gay rights movement is militant. You are the one who tried to use it as proof that the gay rights movement was militant, not me, so could you please explain your reasoning? I’d also like to know if you thought that the civil rights movement for African Americans was not worthy of your support because of the extremely militant actions of the Black Panthers. I can’t wait to watch you try and explain your way out of this one.

      • Nothing in that whole post illustrates anything militant about the gay agenda. If anything, you outlined how passive the gay agenda is for not being forceful enough i.e “only the conservatives are trying to do something about [homosexuals being executed in Iran]” or “not caring about the Christian pastor they have been torturing for over a year”.

        Your words, not mine. How does NOT being forceful even when to protect their own = militant?

      • Yeah, UnderGodNotGovt! It’s like those pesky blacks back in the day. It’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve! And it’s Adam and Eve, not Adam and Shaniqua! White males withe white females, amirite?

        P.S. You’re a bad person.

      • Thanks Alex! Though I’m sure about 99% of the posters on here would vehemently disagree with you. :)

      • Thank goodness. I would never want someone willing to turn their back on the fight of fellow minorities to EVER be on my side. I repeat: Shame on you.

      • No one has ever said that nor will they ever. Because it wouldn’t be true. But this isn’t about who had it worse when. It’s about fixing what is happening NOW.

      • You equated the two by insisting that I somehow have an obligation to support the gay agenda because they are a minority group. Pass legislation for a secular equivalent to marriage – call it civil union or whatever suits you – but keep it out of the church. It is not necessary to stomp on the rights of another group to gain their “equal” rights.

      • Again, the gay rights movement isn’t only about marriage equality. It’s about job security and other forms of discrimination. And please stop speaking for all Christians. There are numerous Christian pastors who are very willing to officiate same sex marriages. No one is forcing anyone to do anything. You’re the one forcing people NOT to be able to do something.

      • You are a terrible judge of character. I’m black. Thanks for your assessment – regardless of how completely off base it is.
        PS. I don’t judge others so I’ll not say that you are a bad person. Just completely uninformed with no interest in anything that deviates from your own opinion.

      • WAIT A SECOND! So you, someone whose civil rights were literally called into question less than 50 years ago, are willing to turn your back on a minority that is fighting for their own rights in the present? You should be ashamed of yourself! How in the world can you call a minority’s fight for equal rights a “militant agenda”? Shame on you.

        P.S. You’re an even worse person than we had originally thought. I have no problem whatsoever judging you from some of the awful things you’ve said in this thread.

      • I haven’t said anything awful. You are a very judgmental person. I don’t equate the very real struggle for basic equality with a fight for “marriage” equality when the gay community could easily have civil unions with no opposition from the Christian community. I have read the gay agenda and they are clearly targeting Christians and anyone who disagrees with them. They want “marriage” so they can start taking down Christian churches. They plan to win “marriage” equality and then go into Christian churches and insist that the pastors perform their “marriages” in the church in direct opposition to their faith. The militant gay community (and I say that to differentiate from what is likely the majority of homosexuals who would be happy with civil unions and are willing to live and let live) wants as many forced showdowns with the Christian community as possible so as to erode or completely wipe out religious freedom. This is not in any way the same as the black struggle. You obviously don’t understand the black civil rights movement if you think they are in any way the same.

      • My goodness you are misinformed. You think gay rights is about marriage? You think gays will burn down churches and demand that every pastor perform same sex marriages against their will? Trust me, there are numerous pastors who are more than willing to officiate a same sex wedding. No force needed.

        You say “you have read the gay agenda”. Would you please tell me where I can find that? That would be extremely incriminating evidence and if you produced that my whole argument would be shot. I’m handing you the victory if you can show me where I can read the gay agenda.

        On an off note: Big Brother and petty arguments aside, you have a serious identity crisis going on. I strongly implore you to read about your own community’s brave fight for representation, rights under the law, and respect from their fellow Americans. We forget that these events were really not that long ago in our nation’s history and I think it’s extremely depressing that you are willing to use words like “militant agenda” that you picked up from Fox News when that’s EXACTLY what the conservatives used to define the black civil rights movement. You need to learn to respect yourself as a minority and subsequently not turn your back on other minorities. No one is ever going to say the gay rights movement is more of a struggle than the black civil rights movement because it wouldn’t be true. But the gay rights movement is happening NOW and not only do they need you to stop using language like “militant agenda” and spreading misinformation about forcing pastors to perform gay weddings, but they need you on their side as a fellow minority who knows what it’s like to have to fight for their own rights.

      • Hell, you would think he would simply want to be on the side of fellow Americans. I’ve yet to read this “gay agenda” either. It certainly does sound like an exciting read.

      • And it’s also funny how when @UnderGodNotGovt:disqus realizes he gave a really poor argument he’s suddenly nowhere to be seen. Oh well. We’ve got better things to do like writing the even better gay agenda 2, the sequel!

      • You still don’t get it. Gays should be happy with civil unions? I don’t know any gays that would be happy being separate but equal. History shows that doesn’t work.

      • Except it does sound like production had been doing a lot to make sure Frankie can stay in (probably because they think he’s pulling in the ratings). Like telling Caleb he’s not allowed to sabotage Frankie (either he plays to win or he sits out completely), and then conveniently making a competition that doesn’t require two people working together to win.

      • False. Don’t you think if production was going to interfere they would have helped, oh I don’t know, DONNY and not Frankie who is universally despised? Not only that, but Frankie saving himself made it even more likely for Donny to go home.

      • OK, maybe I’m going to sound like Lawson here, but does anyone suspect we are getting set up for a good old fashioned, expect the unexpected twist. They’ve been unusually silent on the re-entry and we haven’t seen Pandora’s box in a couple of years.Or is it just wishful thinking on my part.

      • There’s a difference between being a fan favorite and bringing in ratings. Donny is the former and Frankie the latter. CBS will always choose ratings.

      • Frankie still pulls in ratings, even if it’s only because he’s the brother of a celebrity and not because people want him to win. BB has a habit of working to keep “celebrities” in the house, regardless of how popular they are with everyone else.

      • Setting up a competition in which a team doesn’t need to play as a team to win, and then telling a player that he needs to sit out if he’s going to try to mess up his partner, has nothing to do with an NFL schedule. And they change competition plans all the time; that’s already a well-known fact.

      • Just laugh at those who make this foolish claim. They’re pretty funny. :D Yet they keep watching and whining, whining, whining, you notice.

    • They need they need to put up Derrick and Cody, let them see how it feels. Team America should should say to put who ever hasn’t been up on the block to volunteer themselves.

  3. The conspiracy theory in me about Production involvement for Derrick to suddenly wanting to keep Donny is that, perhaps they put a bug in his ear in the DR about the future of TA, and, it ends when someone from TA is evicted … and/or the next TA maybe a double payout if successful … Hmmm …
    So, should be interesting to see what and if there is a next TA Challenge, once Donny escapes eviction on Thursday ….

    That or, they are just fearful that Hayden would be the one re-entering the House and would rejoin forces with Nicole …
    Though, wouldn’t it be a hoot if Jocasta is the one who ends up winning the comp to re-enter the House … Ha !!!! :)

    • I just hope Frankie gets evicted once the Jury members get a second chance in coming back. Cuz if Frankie goes to jury and gets a second chance in coming, then Frankie still may be there for a bit more.

      • Me too! I want the re-entry before Frankie gets canned. I want NO chance of him coming back. It’s usually 3 or 4 then they do it. Nicole is better at comps than Hayden and Jocasta. So right now I would give her the edge in coming back.

      • Me three. I want someone to come Back and win HOH and evict Skankie. And I would love for that person to be Nicole.

    • He decided get rid of Nicole because she is better at comps. She could win next HOH, more so than Donny. That’s the plan until production convinces him that Donny is coming after him and he should save Nicole, just like they convinced him to keep Zack.

  4. Imma get my whining in as well, maybe the producers will get the hint and stay tf out of the game. With production controlling who stays and who goes and the whole pussy attitude of all the houseguests who all vote one way cause they are afraid of “getting blood on their hands”, I think I will just play golf more during the summer…..

  5. I would like to see Derrick, Cody and Victoria vote to evict Donny and make Christine stand in front of Nicole and vote her our face to face.

  6. I really love the female gender, but how can they let the men run the house year after year? There is always one women thinking she will be at the end, but she is just being used.

    • The problem is they get involved with showmances and usually you have more than one good looking guy in the house to make sure the women go gaga over him. In this season, it is obviously, Cody.
      Amber, Pao Pao, Brittany, Christine all fell under his spell. Nicole is also friendly to him but, she does not count since, Derrick has Nicole under his spell! When that happens, the women are done.
      In contrast, in the 24th season of Survivor, Kim Spradlin totally put the guys under her spell and she had them evicted one by one. The last 5 were all women because she made sure the women were focused on taking out the men! I hope they invite her to play on Big Brother because I think with her awesome social game, she can really put the guys up and evict them. She is also a beast in competitions like Janelle. She won like 4 straight immunity challenges if I remember correctly!

      • I think it is more that women can’t get along as well with each other, petty jealousies, and they can’t support one another. They would rather align with the men. Before you call me a sexist, I am a woman.

      • Actually If you look at season 4 of Big Brother, Allison kind of did the same thing.She and Jun blind sighted the whole house

      • OOPS!!! I was responding to Richie about his comment about Kim from Survivor. (no disrespect to you Philly cat)

  7. Unless Christine is sitting next to a rock in the F2, she will not win Big Brother. Oh wait. That’s right; the rock played a more honest game.

  8. Anyone who thinks that competition wasn’t rigged/ heavily favoring Frankie to stay….yuck…… And production isn’t involved in helping Derrick move farther along as well as Frankie …aren’t watching the same, basically fixed, bb16 game. When those two are gone, I will respect the show more.

    • I think that Caleb not playing was what caused Frankie to win. In that game that was played, once you got the hang of it then you can do it alone. It wasn’t as difficult as Zack made it out to be. Zack can’t work well under pressure.

  9. ATTENTION! ATTENTION! ATTENTION my fellow BB Fans. Evil Dick is going to be on the VH 1 show, Couples Therapy. It’s the shows 5th season, and will begin September 10th, on a Wednesday. Just thought I’d let you all know that.

    • Do you know why he got kicked out from BB. I thought they may have seen him using drugs. I wonder if him and his daughter are talking? I never liked him, he was entertaining in an obnoxious way.

      • Hi Jello. I understand why you don’t like him. He was a mean A..hole during his season on BB. But when they brought him back that second time, it was told that a friend of his was in some sort of trouble, an emergency of some kind, and he asked to leave the show to go help his friend in need.

  10. Can we take a moment to praise Lisa, Maggie, Jun, Jordan, and Rachel as the female winners of big brother!!!!! And Britney and Janelle cause there amazing as well

  11. As much as I love Donny it would be the smartest is to get him out. If he goes to the end he will win. As it is now he will win the fan favorite prize. Nicole with out Hayden is just a nice girl trying to make unsuccessful moves. But Nicole and Donny are the ones I would like to win. The others are playing the game like everyone else in the past years.

    • I like Donny but I don’t think he has what it takes to win. People in the house don’t really get him, most seem to think he’s up to something diabolical when really he doesn’t do much of anything except repeat stuff he’s heard and win the occasional competition. I think his best shot is fan favorite and that is only if Frankie makes it to the final two. He’s likable and funny to us viewers but I bet he is a bit on the boring side to live with.

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