The Big Brother backyard. It’s their one space to escape the confines of the Big Brother house. Well, only to be confronted by the confines of high walls and fake grass. But, hey, there’s sunlight and with weather like that it’s where I’d be all day too.

Big Brother 16 backyard hammock

CBS has released our first look at the Big Brother 16 backyard without all the competition construction and glitter that we saw last night and will again in tonight’s episode.

It doesn’t seem like too much has changed this year, but maybe that’s standard, I can’t recall. There is all new furniture in the corner and Ian’s hammock is back and ready to creak away to the Feedsters’ dismay. And of course we’ve got the pool table there waiting for some late night games.

According to Big Brother producers, there are way more cameras in the backyard this season meaning we’ll get even better coverage of the really important stuff, bikinis and bare chests poolside lounging and alliances formed and broken by the hammock.

Check out the pictures below and get ready to start watching the HGs when the Live Feeds launch tonight after the season premiere concludes out west.

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