Big Brother 15 – Week 11 Weekend Wrap-Up

Andy and McCrae are superheroes on Big Brother 15

Big Brother 15 has moved on since Thursday’s live Double Eviction episode so to get you ready for the craziness ahead with this week’s surprise eviction let’s run through everything that’s happened over the past few days.

Here’s your quick recap of all the spoilers that have happened since the last episode.

Head of Household:
Since it was a Double Eviction show on Thursday the second HoH comp of the night was held well after the show. In fact it surprisingly overlapped BBAD which left us without Feeds until it was finished.

The four Exterminators faced off as McCrae, the outgoing HoH, sat on the sidelines. I had expected Andy and Spencer to throw the competition so I was surprised when Spencer emerged victorious. This was Spencer’s first HoH win and a chance for him to avoid the block for a change.

Spencer was sticking to the Exterminators’ plan and wanted to get out McCrae so up he went along with GM. This was done to keep up appearances on the guys alliance McCrae believed to exist.

Nominations went smoothly and there were hugs all around when the ceremony ended. Everyone felt safe that it wouldn’t be them leaving next.

Power of Veto:
The Exterminators had one task this week: beat McCrae using their 4-1 advantage. They failed. McCrae won the Power of Veto at Saturday’s event and that’s thrown the Exterminators’ hopes of a Final Four for a loop.

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McCrae is definitely going to use the Veto and save himself. For whatever reason Spencer isn’t even considering renom’ing Andy so that means Judd will be up in McCrae’s place. The real question is who goes home: GM or Judd?

Andy is pushing for Judd while McCrae is leaning toward GM (her frequent bad mouthing of Amanda isn’t helping her case). They’ll have to decide on their own as Spencer has expressly instructed that he does not want to break a tie as it’ll leave someone pissed off and still in the game.

What’s Next?
This is going to be an interesting week. The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday as described above. After that things will move quickly. There’s going to be a surprise eviction on Wednesday. Well, it’ll air on Wednesday but we expect it to be taped on Tuesday with the Feeds such off until the Wednesday episode airs.

Then on Thursday there will be another live eviction show which means a new HoH & Veto competition will need to be held to get things ready for that episode. Like I said, things are going to move quickly. We’ll keep you updated on everything as we discover the spoilers from the Feeds.

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  1. Spencer needs to wake up and put up Andy and they need to get rid of that rat. I mean is McCrae really that stupid. I mean Amanda kept telling him they couldn’t trust him and she called him out on her way out the door. So he should be pushing Spencer to get rid of him plus and point out that he won’t win up against Andy cause he is friends with everyone that is in jury. That’s why he agree to do a f2 with him.

    • She still thought Elissa voted her out and said what she said to help Andy’s game, god did you even listen to her interview with Julie? ^clueless

    • Actually mcrae told amanda they couldn’t trust andy amandas dumb ass thought andy was loyal mcrae questioned it the whole time.

      • Obviously he didn’t question it too much since he didn’t target Andy after Amanda left….. think you’re giving him a little too much credit there.

      • He didn’t target him because he thought it would be better for his game to put Elissa up. Didn’t you hear what he said he didn’t trust Andy but needed to do what everyone wanted.

      • Sure… I heard that on the show tonight, but the explaination wasn’t given before then, and even in the show tonight it was blantantly obvious that he believed Andy over Elissa…… the only way he makes it to the final at this point is if he wins final HOH…… otherwise he doesn’t go past final three.

      • Well I don’t think he believes Andy and he said he believed Elissa more but he didn’t have the balls to do anything. He didn’t want to make waves. Well duh there’s not much time left. I just hope he wins either the next HOH or POV then he competes in the final 3.

      • McCra is very smart & know what he is doing, he needs 2 play even harder n win the HOH & next win veto

  2. Most boring season in BB history, all the floaters (exterminators lol) got to the end..I really don’t care who wins at this point as long as it isn’t Andy the snake.

  3. I know that Aaryn nd GM have lost their jobs who else in the house also lost their jobs. I have had computer problems and missed posts.

    • The fame or infamy they recieve will ensure them better jobs anyway, duh. Not to mention, their employers will be leaving themselves open for unjust dismissal lawsuits for sure. After all, whatever happens in the BB house is surreal, sometimes scripted and the HG’s can claim that they were “acting” in a certain way because the producers made them. It would be impossible in a court to prove otherwise. TV is and always has been FAKE.

  4. Only one HG will win $500,000 For some, the real prize is outside the BB house. Unfortunately, instead of collecting the prize, they will pay. lol

  5. McCrea wanted Elissa out cause she is the only one who can win comps against him seeing as how GM gets hurt every time she wakes up…lol and most recent the veto comp she had to get stitches so that’s why he got rid of Elissa he can beat the rest and now that Judd will be gone and GM is hurt spencer can’t play in the next HOH he only really has to beat Andy!!!

    • He put Elissa up because Andy told him she didn’t vote to keep Amanda and then he told Elissa that McCrae was the one that voted her out. Andy is a weasel!

  6. Vote”Andy” out he’s a floater and doesn’t deserve to be in the house still.. .boooo Elisa is gone.. :/ she was great. Glad Amanda is gone. Yayyyy

  7. If he was smart he would have put Andy up because he cannot beat Andy!!! Should be interesting though!

  8. Why in the world are all the HGs so jealous of particularly Candice and Elissa? They both are very classy and don’t let judgmental people get in their way. The only person that doesn’t seem to talk sh-t is Judd.

      • I don’t doubt what you say Barbara, but I’ve been searching online and can’t find any articles, videos, or blogs that point to Judd being a source of disrespect. I do have a faint memory of somebody once complaining on this site that he & Spencer were joking inappropriately about women back in week #3. Is this what you are referring to?

      • No I’ve heard him on the live feeds. He repeatedly called Candice & Elissa a b—–. And the night Elissa was evicted he bashed her just as much as the other house guests. He started out nice & respectable…. But that changed pretty quick. FYI….but I never heard him say anything about Elissa’s son. But he said enough about her to make up for it. Honestly I hate I wasted my money on the LF because I can’t stand to watch it.

      • Wow, Lavendar, so you’d agree with Barbara then (that Judd has been just as bad as the others?) Again, I don’t doubt it, it’s just that I’ve not seen/heard too much in reference to this so I was curious where the observations have their source…

      • I loved Judd and wanted him and Elissa in the finals but this last week he has been just as bad with the comments as Spencer, Andy and GM. He said some vile things about Elissa, threw a temper tantrum after the POV. Hasn’t been very cool. But out of everyone left I guess I would want him and McCrae in the final 2. And that’s only because I can’t stand the “Rat”, the “Pig” and the “Twit”. LOL

      • Heck I think most guys I know (if they’re being honest) would say they miss the attention Aaryn & Jessie were willing to give to Judd. Oh Judd, you funny stud!

      • Judd has bee talking crap this whole week!! He has really been putting down Elissa–I don’t know what you have been watching! Judd is just as bad as they all are! NO ONE deserves any money!

      • Eeeeasy there (deep breaths)…it’s just a show remember? No but seriously, I don’t have (nor do I usually watch) the live feeds. Most of the people on here also don’t talk about Judd so it’s really odd to hear anyone say that Judd has been talking smack. Like I told Barbara, I don’t doubt it, it’s just that it seems to be unnoticed by most people.

      • Barbara – I am so sorry that you contributed to any of these morons who will win the prize by your signing to live feed, don’t feel bad because you did not know the cast of this season will be this bad.

        I have always signed for live feed every year and just decided to wait to see two episode this year before paying for the live feed, after the second episode, I decided against spending my money on the live feed so far it is one of the best decision I made this year on BB.

        They are all so pathetic, they make me want to revoke their names as humans and If I could I would gladly send everyone of them home with no money.

        All we got this year is Pee Wee Andy, Spencer the child porn idiot, Pizza McStinky Boy smells over the place, Judd the dumb hibilly and Ginamarie, the wanna be tough racist girl from New York.

        My O my, where did they get these people from, CBS an explanation is needed from your producers.

    • Judd is a nit witt, can’t understand what he says most of the time, wrong show to be in Judd, he is also a hater, next to Pee Wee Andy and Spencer the child porn idiot

  9. I think Andy is playing a great game. Some of you call him a floater, but I see it as good game play. He has fooled most everyone in the house to confide in him; this is what big brother is all about. Deceive & lie your way to half a million dollars. Go Andy!!

  10. Warning: If you’re looking for the show at 8:00 pm, it’s going to be late due to U.S. Open Tennis. Game not even close to be done and they have to run 60 Minutes before BB.

  11. I would so like any of them to go home. Here is my rundown or thoughts. I don’t like GM at all. She is a racist. Yet at the same time she has won things and made some hard moves. She got Amanda out. Andy, Oh Man. I can’t stand him. But that little rat has done a great job socially. He has everyone liking him and he has flown way under the radar. McCrea. Wow, I thought he was good at the beginning of the game. Then he got with Amanda, so he snoozed his way through each week. Now Amanda is gone and he is playing again. I’m happy to see him back in the game and that he is doing something. Spencer must have won HOH as a fluke. He is who I would call the biggest floater and Andy is right up there. I guess a social game is important too. Then you have Judd… I think he is naive and not sure what I think on him. I do like him and I would be OK with him winning. So this is my thoughts. Not sure they count for much, lol

  12. Andy is disgusting! He is only still there because he lies–he has no game skills at all and he is disrespectful to women

    • Andy is a liar and not a good one but I won’t say he has no game skills. People have been calling him a floater since the beginning but Andy placed his self in a very pretty position in the house which he thought about. Andy knew the whole while that he was one McCranda’s side more than Helen but he made sure not to let Helen know for safety reasons. The house let Andy dip into all of their business and Andy always knew the way to vote, all of this was a part of his plan (though his plans had a few bumps). Andy also thought about when he should even try to win a competition or coast… BB has always been about more than just winning HOH and vetoes, Andy has been playing from a social standpoint but he happened to win a couple of comps as well. It’s really the HGs fault for letting him work with everybody lol…What has he said about women? I don’t have live feeds and I don’t always read on here so I’m lost on that part.

  13. I hope Judd goes home. Would make it more interesting if Gina Marie stays. Maybe, they can still send Andy home next if Gina Marie wins HOH!

  14. McCrae is such an idiot. He even said the thought Andy evicted Amanda, said he could tell Andy was lying. But he still puts Elissa up? What a moron.

    • I had a feeling he had no intention of keeping his deal with her. He hates her, but if he is evicted by this group he will probably regret letting his emotions get in the way of his game. Elissa is not fond of Amanda or McCrae but she put aside her feelings to make a deal that might save her.

  15. Andy is trying to repeat Ian. He thinks he is playing just like Ian did only problem is Ian was likable. Andy is just vial. Hopefully the jury can see how horrible of a person he truly is.

  16. The DR of Judd and McCrae was so stupid. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
    Judd: “This double eviction was the best thing that could have happened with the Exterminators” yeah, you’re next in line You idiot !!
    McCrae: “Getting rid of Elissa is best for my game. I don’t want to create more enemies, and put a target on my back” lol..You are the target anyway.You moron !!
    I guess they’re still playing,”lets get rid of our ally”…stupid !

    • McCrae is as dumb as I thought? How is evicting the only person who is in an alliance against him a good move for him? Has he not put her up and put one of them up instead, it would be 3 against 2 instead of 4 against him. And who knows, maybe Judd or GM would have joined him too.

      • The “boy” are so dumb. The can’t even see that GM is a bigger threat than Judd. GM does a pretty good job when competing in the comps. Andy and Judd, can’t seem to fight their way out of a paper bag, especially Andy.

      • Andy is more stupid than I tought he was yesterday. What’s with that stupid plaid shirt with no sleeve ?

      • I agree, it is a bad move to keep GM in the competition. She has been doing well in most of the competitions. I wouldn’t risk keeping her because she has a better chance than the rest of them to win the comps. I don’t know what they actually think about when they make their decisions.

    • LOL! McCrea said that Andy was the person who probably did not vote for Amanda to stay. However, he nominated Elissa. GM is the person who embarrassed Amanda, but McCrea was willing to work with her anyway. He is a dunce and Judd is a dunce, as well.

      • There’s only 5 players in the house. I guess he doesn’t wanna rock the boat. lol.and GM is another nut case. The guy seriously want to take her to F2.. She was so dumb trying to be loyal to the last 4 Exterminators. Unbelievable !!
        …this is an asylum!..Well, I have to add, why pick GM?

      • Can McCrae really be that dumb? They’re going to get you anyway…..and Judd… comment…. (I teach my daughter not to call anybody stupid)….but Judd…does dd stand for dumb-dumb?

  17. For whatever reason they did not air the BB episode in my area tonight….did anyone else have that probably?? I’m very very SAD: (

    • It was delayed almost an hour because of tennis. It either came on an hour later, or your station decided not to air it.

  18. It was kinda hard for me to watch Elissa pleading everybody to keep her. She was like a beggar, and nobody care.

    • I think a bunch of people wanted it to happen, but there was never any promise or mention of it from the show itself… I personally can do without. I don’t see how it would make anything ”better” at this point in time.

  19. Its sad that this cast has caused so much controversy that the Vegas party was cancelled….But I guess it is for the best cause this cast has pissed of a lot of family members and viewers as well…somebody was bound to violent

  20. They are all so dislikeable now. First season I’m not really rooting for anyone to win. Liked Judd before but he’s annoyed me more each day it seems.

  21. Anything exciting on the feeds right now? I turned them on twice today for a few minutes and the first time at 4PM they were just getting up and the second time Andy was doing some more Elissa bashing. Boring!!!!

    • Look something like that: Jokers Updates:
      “GM comes outside. Andy asks where Judd is, she doesn’t know, Spencer thinks he is in the shower.”

  22. Are you guys blind as a bat?? Andy is not a floater he is telling every side what they want to hear and try to stay away from the drama and trying not to get caught in the act … he is playing a good game * Although I am not routing for him to win as I do think he is a snake I am now kinda hoping for gm to win even though she kind of doesnt deserve it

    • You just described a floater. That is what Andy is and has been the entire game. Listen to what past Big Brother players say about Andy. They call him a floater and they wonder how he ever got this far.

      • He’s a step above a floater for me. Maybe he’s a floater with a plan lol. I’ve just watched this game so many years and all of the real floaters do absolutely nothing and they have NO game plan. Andy had a plan, don’t let McCranda or Helen & Elissa leave because they would protect him lol. If anything Andy is a “tattle teller” and that’s why I don’t see how he made it so far. He told everything he knew and EVERYONE let him. People are mad because they think Andy is a floater and I’m just bothered that everyone let Andy slide into their conversations.

  23. Andy just begged America not to give Elissa AFP. He said if she gets it, it will kill him. So this is why he has been bashing Elissa all the time. Just was we thought.
    Now we need to make it 90% for Elissa and less than 1% for Andy. Vote for Elissa as AFP.

  24. I really don’t want Spencer and/or GM in the final two. It just wouldn’t be right. I just feel that it will end up happening and that’s so sad! Is there anyone who can convince me that either one of them should be in the final 2? lol

  25. The more I listen to McCrae talk, the more I think there is something wrong with him intellectually.
    In the meantime, 3 days after her eviction, there were 3 Elissa bashing sessions tonight on BBAD within the first hour.

  26. i think none of them deserve the big money!! but if i have to pick out of these, it would have to be McCrae, since he has won more then they have!! they are all floaters now!! boring!!
    they didn’t even put Pandora’s box this year!!

  27. if Andy does get to the final 2, i know the jury will not vote for him, because he has been to much of a snitcher!!

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