Big Brother 15 Week 11: Nomination Anticipation

Big Brother 15 HG: Andy, Spencer, & McCrae

The Exterminators are running the house again this week after McCrae, the sole non-Exterminator HG, won the first HoH competition of the Double Eviction episode last night. With McCrae out of the running for the big power the remaining four-person alliance would regain control no matter what.

With that in mind, it didn’t particularly matter which one of them won the Head of Household competition late last night, but now that we have the results we know which two will be up on the block. Read on for the spoilers.

Spencer has the power, so he won’t up on the block for a change, but he will have to name the two nominees. McCrae is the target and he will be a first tier nominee rather than going for a renom eviction scenario. That leaves one seat empty on the block.

When the Feeds returned post-competition, Flashback to 10:44PM BBT 9/5, the Exterminators celebrated their win while McCrae was out of the room. Spencer mentioned he’ll have to put one of them up against McCrae, obviously.

Through the night Spencer has a few conversations with various Exterminators. Flashback to 12:37AM BBT 9/6 to find Spencer and GinaMarie alone in the Lounge. Spencer tells her he may be putting her up against McCrae since McCrae thinks there is a guys alliance. If McCrae comes down, or presumably if GM comes down, then Judd would go up as the renom. Andy should dodge the block this week.

Spencer assures GM that if Judd goes up as a renom against her then she’ll be safe and Andy will vote out Judd along with McCrae’s vote. Not sure why she’d trust that after he just told her that McCrae thought there was a guys alliance…

Later tonight the nominations ceremony will be held and Spencer’s noms will be made official. When that happens I would expect us to find McCrae and GinaMarie on the block together. After that, the real decider this week is the Veto which will play out on Saturday.

What do you think of Spencer’s plan? Should he have a different set of noms or are these a good plan?


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  1. You are not sure why GM would trust Spencer? Because GM only has the one brain cell left, the other offed himself.

    • I think if I had the vote I would vote for Spencer and I bet the jury will to if he makes it to the final 2.No one will vote for andy the rat.I really wanted to see GM in the final 3 but Oh well!Just my opinion.

      • I disagree. I think, despite what the majority of the viewers might think about his lying and whining, a lot of the HGs really like Andy on a personal level. I doubt Spencer wins over Andy in a Final 2.

      • I agree. They do not see how he is when they are not around him. I think they may change their minds when they go home and watch the the show. Hopefully they have BBAD record as well. I think Elissa in particular is going to be shocked by the level of vitriol Andy spewed about her.

      • But aren’t you sick of the guys always calling the girls Bitches !!!! I know its a game but these people are mean & ugly ….

      • Many of these “girls” are not your average girls…several of them WERE bitches…and the things that they said about others made that abundantly clear. You know what they say about “putting lipstick on a pig”….yeah…it’s STILL a pig…

      • I agree also. Why the hell would Spencer win over Andy? What? Because he was a “pawn”/nominated so many times, and never voted out? Does he deserve a medal? Yeah Spencer won the last prize comp, and finally an HOH. Whoopdeedoo! Though I despise Andy, I think he would manage to win over Spencer.

      • I disagree as well. I know most of the jury is aware that Andy is a rat, but it’s possible that they may put personal issues aside and vote based on game play. Andy’s not popular with the viewers, but being a floater has worked extremely well for him. He has played everyone in that jury house… whether you like out or not, he’s done an amazing job.

  2. To all that said amanda was rigged to w8n qnd also those that said ellissa was rigged to win you are all extremely large idiots. … that is all.

    • I think just liars. Idiots don’t know better but for someone to put that out there as “fact” – That’s straight up lying cause they know better.

      • Hey, Cap – It’s AngelaKarnes – I use it for industry stuff mostly – as opposed to “fun stuff” because it was linked to my LinkedIn account. Now that it’s no longer linked, I’ll have more fun with it. ;)

  3. I know the eviction will be pre-recorded but when is the pov ceremony Monday and eviction Tuesday? Is Hoh Tuesday and live eviction Thursday? How does this work? Julie said special Wednesday eviction episode and Thursday live eviction.

    • At least half the show was live last night as the Feeds came on right after the show ended and everyone was still actively doing the same thing as at the end of the show.

      Next week the Feeds will probably cut on Tuesday so they can record an eviction for Wed’s show and then get set up for Thursday’s show.

      • So you’re saying the eviction Wednesday isn’t live? Isn’t that how it was last year? I feel like I remember one of my ‘CBS show only’ friends getting mad that I spoiled it.

      • Julie said the final 3 will be revealed on Thursday. So that means they will have two evictions this week right. One pre-recorded eviction on Wednesday and another live eviction on Thursday. We have five people they need to get down to three people. So this week should go really fast. Right?

  4. Sad when a bunch of losers are all in running for the “WIN”
    Judd was kicked out – he should not have a chance to win
    Spencer never won a thing until he had no competition left
    GM actually trusts these guys??
    Andy threw every competition while crying and kissing the ass of whomever he thought was in power at the moment. He never made a single gutsy or game playing move
    Bunch of losers.

  5. Well for me the season is over and I will not watch the rest because the remaining HG’s are vile disgusting human beings. This year my family tolerated the show because we have been fans from the very beginning but unfortunately the show lowered its standard and decided to give us this. Thank you for the updates and everyone’s comment. Hope next year the hire a new casting director and raise their standards.

    • That was My sentiments LAST year! The same used up, desperate production team will be there next year. BUT, I WON’T BE.

  6. Andy’s a little pussy! He went up on the block ONE TIME and now he’s like “no, I don’t want to go on the block!” It doesn’t matter what you want you little floatie, PLEASE Spencer, get Andy outtttt!!!

  7. I’ve deleted BBAD from my DVR …not going to watch either….until the finale …where hopefully we’ll hear some real talk on how lame the last 5 houseguests are…may never watch the show again. Worst season ever…and I’ve watched them all.

  8. So now how does everyone see the Jury votes with the five that are left?
    Here are my thoughts.
    Candice – McC? (Def not GM or Spencer)
    Jessie – Judd
    Helen – Judd?
    Aaryn – McC
    Amanda – McC
    Elissa – GM (Def not McC or Andy or Judd)

  9. This year the Big Brother players are doing the complete opposite of the years before and that is getting all the floaters out first. As Rachel use to say “floater get a life jacket”. There was only one person that had balls and that was Elissa who would vote how she wanted to vote and not with the house. I am fine that she is gone but come on give me one person that isn’t a floater. None of these people did anything but play both sides, sleep and eat everyday. There were some people that got voted out that I didn’t like their ethics but you know what they played their butts off. So to sum it up they ‘Played BIG BROTHER”. They didn’t sit their and wait for everyone else to play the game and let other people get people out and just sit their and say I will vote however you want me vote. That is floating. They should bring an All Star in or someone back from Jury house because its going to be a boring ride from now going forward. I hope the pandora’s box brings back a player that would be awesome since they had two double evictions.

    • Honestly, if even half of the floaters left were decent people, I wouldn’t care that they all made it to the end. It’s a “well you must have done *something* right kind of thing.

      What gets me is that they are all either idiotic or despicable people.

    • It is not easy to spend an entire summer not making enemies and keeping off the block. Having an alliance is one way to play the game but floating is a real strategy too. This year we have seen some exceptionally buoyant players. Spencer has been on the block more times than anyone in BB history but was never in serious danger of going home. Andy has only been on the block once. Losing competitions and avoiding having to pick sides ( until the last moment like Andy showed last night ) may not make for as compelling TV as being a polarizing personality and competition winner ( like Aaryn or even Elissa ) but winning the game isn’t about making fans outside the house. Personally I don’t like Andy or Spencer but I cannot really find fault with their game play. Of all the people left in the house I’d like Judd to win on a personal level but he really hasn’t played a strong team game nor a personal game and I don’t really think he deserves to win. I wouldn’t mind if McCrae won either ( spending the whole summer sleeping, getting laid and letting Amanda make all the enemies was a fairly brilliant way to play as well ) but I don’t really think he stands much chance of not going to jury very soon.

    • The turning point this season was when Helen was evicted. Up until then, there was a fairly even combination of gamers and floaters going home. Gamers – Nick, Jeremy, Howard
      Floaters – Kaitlin, Candice, Jessie, Judd
      I don’t count David in either category, because he didn’t really have a chance to play.
      After that eviction, it seems like the gloves came off and everyone was going for the strongest player they could get on the block each week.

  10. McCrea screwed himself by voting out Elissa. It wasn’t much of a backup, but it would have been better than being by himself which is what’s happening now. These people are horrible. Watching them pull Elissa’s medicine out of her bag and going through her underwear while calling her a “see ya’ next tuesday” was way past game playing.

    • This season’s cast is certainly the meanest, on the whole, of any I have seen. But they are also sneaky mean. They say things behind people’s backs but would never say anything to their faces. I know that’s big brother but there was more to it than that with these house guests.

      • It’s almost like they forget there will be any repercussions after they leave the house. Despicable humans.

      • Only thing worth anything now is America’s Favorite, I will vote Jessie but would be OK with Judd, Elissa does not need the money or I woild vote foe her.

      • The only reason I will vote for Elissa is that she is the one person Andy, Spencer and the rest do not want to see win it. Anything I can do to piss them off I will do – little though it may be.

        I wish there was America’s least Favorite Player because that would get my point across even better. The only problem with that is there are too many good options. Perhaps a 5 way tie for the winner would be appropriate.

      • Yeah, and have there be some sort of penalty. Like, losing the money you received by making it to jury. Lol

      • Elissa is a player of BB 15. My vote goes to her whether she needs the money or not, as a protest to all the HG that hates her.

  11. You know I was thinking they had two double evictions and they usually only have one double eviction and one time someone comes back from Jury house.

    Do you think this means they will have another surprise pandora’s box or something that could bring a jury person back from the jury house since they had two double evictions?

    What does everyone think?

      • How about a special power where two people in the jury would replace two people in the house? America’s vote! We could replace Andy with Elissa and Spencer with Helen!

      • NOOOO JUST for spite replace Elissa with Judd and McCrae will be replaced with Amanda. That will leave Andy GM & Spencer to face them…AHHH that would be awesome..

      • I don’t either…But consider Andys good bye message to her…just think along those lines & what could happen if Amanda were to placed back in the house as a punishment…

      • But Andy would be gone – replaced by Elissa! I have a vision of her coming into the house as he is leaving.

    • 5 left – 1 eviction on Wed = 4 – 1 eviction on Thurs = 3 which is Final 3 for the week after next (finale week).

  12. I really hope the veto competition will be some kind of pizza delivery challenge. If McCrae leaves this week the next in line that I think should win would be GM, and I REALLY don’t want it to come to that.

  13. What are all you people complaining about? Everyone in this final 5 deserves to be there. Spencer has been up SEVEN times and survived. Andy played a great social game (since when is lying frowned upon in BB?). McCrae helped run the house with Amanda for a long time. Judd legitimately earned his way back in the game. GinaMarie has more HOH wins than your precious Elissa did.

    • Just because they are all there now does not mean they played the better game than people who left.

      We don’t like Andy because of the person he is, not because of his game lies. His vitriole towards other house guests BEHIND THEIR BACKS is repulsive. Who would want to see such a cowardly gossip win BB this year?

      • A huge part of winning BB is timing. Someone who played a “bigger” game early in the season is not a “better” player. All they did was put a target on their own back, which is why they are now in the jury house.

        By other house guests, you mean Elissa right? What is with the love for this girl? You know that she wasn’t the nicest person either. She was talking bad about Amanda weeks before Amanda went crazy and turned full bully.

      • This is where you Elissa bashers are confused. We don’t love Elissa. We despise the behavior of the other house guests more. Elissa was no angel and honestly I don;t think anyone outside of Mother Theresa could spend 3 months couped up in a house with cameras going all day and all night and come away looking like a Saint.

        Sure Elissa said some things about GM, Aaryn, Spencer and Amanda. But she said nothing that we all weren’t thinking. They are disgusting, gross people if you include racism as being gross.

        Just remember that Jeremy, when he was in an alliance with Aaryn and GM, wiped Elissa’s hat between his butt cheeks. I think after that move, Elissa was right for thinking and saying what she said about some of the people in the house.

        No, Elissa is not perfect, but she has far more class than anyone in the house since Helen left.

  14. It’s time for these house guests to start thinking about who they want to take with them to the final 2. The Exterminators only have 1 week left before they must fight against each other.

    If I was Spencer, I would consider getting rid of Andy now. Andy has played the same game as Spencer, only better. He is also more well liked by the jurors than Spencer – at least as far as Spencer can tell. Spencer should take McCrae and Judd aside and tell them that GM and Andy would be the worst two to take to the final 2. McCrae will go for it because he needs to save himself this week. It only takes 1 vote to send the decision to Spencer so if Andy is up on the block, McCrae votes him out and Spencer breaks the tie if Judd votes out GM.

  15. the fact that this group of lowlives are still here pretty much sums up this season – a waste! love this show but sure didn’t enjoy it this summer. looking ahead to next year and know that it has to be better – it sure can’t get worse, and in the meantime we have Amazing Race and Survivor to look forward to – and they don’t disappoint (at least not the extent that BB did this season!!)

    • GM, Judd better wake up. There’s a reason they’re the “pawns” and not Andy. If McCrae wins POV, GM is outta there. Do the math, Judd. Then McCrae can compete for the next HoH and if Judd aligns with him, McCrae can put up the Red Brigade (A & S) but McCrae may put up Judd & Andy otherwise. Spencer is sitting pretty with Andy and as of now, I think McCrae prefers to keep him over Judd.

  16. First of all everyone wants to complain about who all is left in the house the fact is the rest of them didn’t play the way they should have or they would still be there people want to hate but I don’t see any of you in the game I’m just so happy the fat cow Amanda and the fake elissa are gone out on there asses she waited to long to try and work with people since Helen left

  17. They should realized now that if any of them wants to win, the Rat has to be taken out first. I hate everything about Andy. I mean EVERYTHING ! You can call it strategy. Never a fan of that type of game play, but he’s sure has the best argument with the Jury on why he deserves to win. Not to mention, he’s very articulate too.

      • lol..what a sad group. What’s going on in the house? Can you let us know if McCrae or Judd is finally waking up.

      • Well its to late to cancel the feeds which I considered doing. But I have a problem watching them cause of all the Elissa bashing. So I keep them muted. I am gonna complain to CBS that the vile & nasty comments need to be curtailed. Their comments are way over the top. That weasel Andy has been awake 5 minutes and his first comments were to slam Elissa. Enough is enough…

      • Elissa was right. Andy is obsessed with her. But I still think his plan is to make her sounds so terrible that she does not win AFP. I think he wants to win that because he thinks he is so clever and entertaining. I can’t wait until he gets out and finds out America dislikes hm.

    • I completely agree and posted a similar comment. Spencer in particular should be concerned about taking Andy to the final 2. They played the same game only Andy was better at it and he is better liked by the people in jury.

      If I was Spencer, I would get McCrae to side with me this week and put up Andy and GM, with Andy being the target. It only takes one vote to send it to the HOH for the final eviction decisions. With Andy out, the only person left who might get more votes than the rest of them is GM. Spencer should not worry about Judd and McCrae spent so much time in Amanda’s pouch the jurors will figure he has no game of his own.

      I don’t want Spencer to win but that is his best play this week.

      Andy only has to make it to final 2 to win.

  18. HaHa to everyone who said that there were NO floaters left in the game! No power to the sheeple! LOL! This entire game has floated like I don’t what. Of the last that are currently in the house, GM is the only one making any deals. She has really been in charge. Not that I like her any more than the others. My question is this: Why are Judd, Spencer, and Andy, so smitten with her? Why not make a 3 way aliiance, get her out and McCrae? Why can’t they do anything for themselves? Because they are followers and want someone to just give them the $500,000.

  19. NEWSFLASH. . .direct from main Big Brother CBS Website . . .

    From the office of VP of Programming

    All Big Brother viewers, please be advised that we, at CBS Broadcasting are announcing and implementing an immediate show structure CHANGE!

    Please be advised that as of 12:00 Noon EST September 6th, 2013,
    We have officially entered the Rock, Paper, Scissors Round of the BB15 competition.

    We at CBS Broadcasting, felt it necessary to take this unprecedented action, in order to ensure the most deserving contestant is endowed with our $500 000, thus ensuring the caos and unfairness of future installations of the Big Brother franchise.

    CBS Broadcasting Corp

    • That’s what happens when you get all the exciting people out. You know, the same people that everyone here said “SO AND SO NEEDS TO GO.”
      Jeremy. Amanda. Aaryn. Helen. Elissa.

  20. Not sure what’s worse, the players or the viewers.

    You guys cry and cry and cry wanting the people actually playing the game, out of the house because of their attitude.

    Then, you turn around and say OMG, only people left are floaters.

    Andy has played an excellent social game. He kept enemies at bay to keep the target off of him and on their enemies longer down the road. Where did that get him? It got him past Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, and Amanda.

    GinaMarie. She’s not the brightest, that’s for sure, but she is far from a floater. She stayed loyal to her group until it was gone, then she made a new alliance, which will be in the final 4 assuming McCrae doesn’t win veto. She won HoH twice and took out HER (notice I said HER, not the house’s) target both weeks.

    Judd. He floated his way out the door and luckily for him came back with a vengeance. All I can say about him is, he sure did fight hard for that Veto during double eviction to keep from getting blind sided again. ;D

    Spencer. The Moving Company. One flipped (McCrae). The other 3 went down in weeks 2/3/5. He’s still around. He’s been considered “shady” by the entire house, has been on the block 7 times, and has still managed to squeak by.

    McCrae. The reason why the Moving Company was destroyed early on. Who knows how this season would’ve played out without McCrae. We could still see Nick/Jeremy/Howard hanging around. But other than that, he’s won when he has needed to win, and he leeched onto probably the evilest player ever, which in turn will be his downfall as well.

    So, FLOAT ON.

    • newsflash I don’t give a dam that u think they are “‘good players”. They are below what I call human. They are so low that calling them “slugs” is a compliment.

      • The hostility is high in this one. As is the jealousy. I’m sure you’re amongst the majority that yelled for Amanda, Aaryn, Jeremy, and Helen gone as well. You, Sir, need to get a grip.

      • Jealousy? That’s rich. Disgust is what we feel. Most people do not like vile, creepy disgusting people to do well in life. We expect them to sink to the same level in life equal to their behavior. Rooting for Good vs. Evil is not new and it is not jealousy. It is what makes us human.

      • You are correct Phillip except that you are not speaking to a “Sir” rather Gloria Drummond and this one has been nothing but a negative force on these boards especially to the other users. Sure, this season hasn’t been the best but it is a television show! Some of the people on these boards spend way too much time here and need to get a life!

      • I am never against “game play”. I am against racist bigoted small minded people that continue to kick those that are down. I am against belittling a person because of their monetary status. I am against demeaning a persons husband /child /sister/ nephew with cruel vulgar racist remarks. I am against men (or women) that call women vile nasty vulgar names and make such gross comments that I wanna puke. None of the above has to do with a good social game or any kind of type of game play. There was very little tried & true “game play” in the season of BB 15.

      • Why in the world would I be jealous of a life form that I consider to be lower than a slug? And in ur post u berated Andy for his constant berating of Elissa. U contradict urself. U can’t have it both ways.

      • This season’s players are awful but Mike Boogie and Evil Dick are seen as some sort of BB Royalty. Two of the most despicable players of all times. Do we just need some time to pass before we forget how bad this year’s cast was or are we hypocrites?

    • No one has a problem with playing the game. But we do have a problem with the behavior that is outside the game. The things some of this year’s house guests have said and done go way beyond game play.

      Andy has played a good social game but the game is not over. The problem I have with Andy is the way he talks about people behind their back in the most vile and offensive terms. He is a coward who talks a lot but does nothing. His obsession with Elissa makes him creepy too. She’s gone yet he is still talking about her and insulting her every chance he gets. Perhaps you can explain what that is all about because the rest of us cannot figure out what Elissa did to Andy.

      You could argue that all of the remaining house guests have played a good social game because they are all in the same place.

    • Interestingly enough, I only disagree with part of your assessment. Andy and GM have played the game, and Judd was definately floated out the door. However, Spencer and McCrae were brought into the moving company. It certainly wasn’t their idea, which is really the reason why it fell apart so quickly. As for Spencer squeaking by so often while he’s on the block – that’s just because everyone believes they can beat him in the final 2.

      • In other words, Spencer’s still being here has nothing to do with his game play, and everything to do with everyone knowing he’s the biggest floater in the house and therefore they can beat him. Thought so.

  21. I do believe that Spencer will get a Pandoras box and in opening it there will be nothing but bad for all the house. I just got a feeling that punishments are in line for those that are left. BAD THINGS HAPPEN TO BAD PEOPLE…AND THESE PEOPLE DESERVE THE WORST.

    • I dunno about that fly… life has taught me that people like Amanda can do the worst of things, and people like Julie will give them a pass (people in the audience even cheered for her?)… sometimes life just ain’t fair.

      • I know (sent comment to CBS on the matter) but I said the HGs “that are left” in the house. Not those that have departed.

    • Didn’t Julie say last night that a winner from BB was going to return to the house? Maybe its going to be Rachel to stir up the pot

  22. I’m starting to think Big Brother 15 is gonna be known as Ginger’s revenge when the season is over. Andy and Spencer in final 2 geez.

  23. I signed up for the 48 hour free live feed but the money will come out after 2 days. I was wondering if anyone knows if I can cancel that I’m no longer interested

  24. The MVP enabled floaters, not eliminated them. It made it far easier to float to the end as it allowed the competition threats and gamers to be put up far easier than in previous seasons, thus allowing floaters to get further due to big threats being taken out early.

    • Yeah any anonymous nomination like the MVP really encourages floaters since you don’t have to worry about angering the alliance or putting a target on your back its floater heaven

      • If the houseguests could figure it out, and America could figure it out, she could figure it out. And I don’t know what you mean by nobody trying to earn it. Nick made plenty of big moves early on which easily got have gotten him the votes in a season where there wasn’t already a well-known contestant who would take the majority of votes

  25. They need to backdoor macray, that way even if he wins the veto he can’t use it to save himself! I hate that dweeb!

  26. the dullest, lame brained, trashy, and both literally and figuratively “dirty” cast in BB history….voting for Elissa for fan favorite but never watching this show again if the preview for next year looks like this bunch of foul mouth, by in large “ugly to look at”, contestants!!!!!!!!!

    • Me, too – at least show me the new members going in anyway. But for “now”, it’s probably a boring Kum-ba-yah group. Still, I’d love to see the entrances of the new members walking in to the others. I’d love for Amanda to tell them that Elissa & McCrae are working together and just as she finishes, we hear Elissa’s heels on the travertine. Didn’t ‘want’ that to happen but just to make a point that McCrae didn’t do what she instructed him to do. Shock-her.

    • I don’t like her but I would not count out GM she is pretty good at competitions and might POV/HoH out

  27. Ew its just so gross. I feel like I wasted an entire summer watching the show. How is it that these 5 douche bags ended up as the final 5? GM the final girl!? Next year BB needs a new twist, Im sick of seeing the players America likes go out on the DE .

  28. They really need a new casting director in the show. Usually they cast all young photogenic with one or two token “normal” looking folks who other than this season get evicted first. Also I am tried of seeing relatives of players from this or other reality shows being cast. Are there not enough interesting people to cast otherwise

  29. I am in complete agreement that this is a boring and mostly undeserving F5. I do not think GM qualifies as a floater though. She always tries to win every competition and give it her all, with some degree of success… Unlike SOME people who decide to throw competitions.

    GM needs some education, as most of the controversial things she has said stem from ignorance. But she has successfully gotten out her targets, consistently stays loyal and always plays to win. I don’t think she necessarily deserves to win, but I would not classify her as a floater.

    Side thought: McCrae had proven he cannot make good game decisions without Amanda. ‘You were supposed to be the chosen one! ‘ I am disappointed with his DE HoH.

  30. Im sick of people saying Elissa doesnt need the money. Who cares! The show is about playing a game, not finding who the most poverty stricken player is and making sure they win. Elissa has my vote for Americas player 10 times over. Not only because she was actually a decent human being with morals, but because she also played a good game. People hated her from the get go just because of who her sister was, she fought an uphill battle the whole time. She got out David, Nick and Aaryn and played a huge part in getting out Jeremy. She got screwed by the DE and the good players are usually the ones that do.

    • Floaters have an advantage over players who make big moves but this year was ridiculous. Almost every week we had a unanimous vote except for last night and when Elissa voted for Helen. Otherwise no one had the guts to vote for even their best friend even when the person was going to be evicted anyway. It seems like this year it was more about hiding in the shadows and outlasting the people who played the game. Spencer and Andy played the same game of trying not to make waves with anyone. They lasted not because they are good players but because they are bad players who posed no immediate threat to the good players. McCrae, as we can see now, only survived this long because of Amanda. She was the brains and the pants in that couple. GM won comps when she had to and forged a deal with Elissa when Elissa was HOH but that was really Elissa going to her. GM played the game part time. And Judd? Well Judd was evicted once already. Elissa saved him when he came back and he immediately turn on her and stabbed her in the back. Judd is all over the place, like he was before and will probably be evicted for the same reason in the next 2 weeks.

  31. I bet Amanda jumps all over McCrae for putting Elyssa on the block. She did what she promised and McCrae didn’t follow up as he and Amanda promised.

    • I don’t think they intended to keep their end of the deal with Elissa anyway, at least McCrae didn’t. He doesn’t like her because she has money. I think McCrae will realize when he goes up this week that he made a huge mistake.

      But don’t be surprised if Spencer talks to him about a final 2 deal and getting Andy out this week. Spencer tells everyone what they want to hear just like Andy does and I think he told Andy what he wanted to hear too. Spencer is all about doing what is best for him and if he is smart he will realize taking Andy for the final 2 would be a huge mistake for him so this week is the week to get him out. If McCrae was smart, he would take this idea to Spencer himself.

  32. How is someone that jokes about kid porn and punching women in the face among the other vulgar things he said even a contender

  33. Wow, worst season ever. As hard as prodution tried to stop floaters its unbelievable that those are the only ones left in the house. Come on BB you need to change whoever is in charge of casting .

      • Did someone on here say that GM brag she was the world’s biggest ho or something like that, early on? (I didn’t see/hear that but someone mentioned that on a previous thread when she was yelling at Amanda the other day) Lol – No, Amanda wouldn’t like that. But McCrae – That guy has got to fall on his knees every morning. Why couldn’t Jessie still be there? Why couldn’t Nick? Ok, I don’t wish that on Nick, bless his heart. But maybe Nick chained with GM and Jessie both?

  34. The reason why Andy is still in the game…is because he is a really good actor…he had me fooled in the beginning of the game….When he teared up after each elimination; so did i……but not now….I just want to slap him…..faker!

  35. Well I thought this season was horrible but now it’s just boring. Can’t wait to see what happens to the ratings

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