Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 9 Sunday Highlights


It was a very long Sunday in the Big Brother 15 house. Amanda went on the warpath and Elissa locked herself in the Head of Household room. And then later in the night, paranoia returned to the house as everyone was worried a Pandora’s Box was looming.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Sunday, Aug. 26, 2013

10:30 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

11:30 AM BBT – Elissa and Judd are up and notice that the backyard is flooded. Andy left the hose on. DR tells them to go inside so they can clean it up.

11:33 AM BBT – Judd tells Elissa if Andy is up against Aaryn they’ll vote him out.

11:45 AM BBT – Judd tells Elissa that he doesn’t think GinaMarie will vote out Aaryn.

12:00 PM BBT – Judd says he wants to win Big Brother but if he doesn’t, he does not want to find himself having to vote for either McCrae or Amanda in the finale.

12:08 PM BBT – Judd says he’s embarrassed for trusting Amanda and says he’s family is probably disappointed that he ever did. He says he threw it all away for them. And he doesn’t want to do it again.

12:34 PM BBT – Judd again tells Elissa her best bet would be to put GinaMarie up, but Elissa still does not seem interested.

1:35 PM BBT – Everyone else is finally awake.

1:48 PM BBT – Judd tells Andy that Elissa will likely put Andy up on the block.

2:01 PM BBT – Spencer tells Andy not to worry because he won’t go home. Andy doesn’t believe it.

2:20 PM BBT – Elissa and McCrae are arguing. McCrae calls her “Queen Bitch.” She tells him to tell Amanda to stop going through her stuff. He tells her to stop touching his stuff. She says she wouldn’t want to touch his stuff because he’s gross.

2:24 PM BBT – Amanda comes out and starts on Elissa. She gets very nasty and hits below the belt. She calls Elissa’s husband old and says that her son can’t belong to him. Then she says Elissa must be a horrible step-mother because she never mentions them. Then she says some nasty stuff that I wouldn’t even be allowed to type here.

2:30 PM BBT – Now Amanda and Aaryn are bashing Elissa together.

3:10 PM BBT – Amanda blows an air-horn in Elissa’s face.

3:20 PM BBT – Judd confronts Aaryn and tells her to stop telling people he wants Andy to go up.

3:40 PM BBT – Amanda plans to interrupt any conversations Elissa has. She says she’ll blow the air-horn at her.

3:49 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Judd she’s annoyed that he seems to be friends with Elissa now and she says he’s acting very arrogant now that he’s back in the game.

4:10 PM BBT – Amanda keeps harassing Elissa and blowing the air-horn dressed as a granny/bubbie character. Elissa is laughing.

4:30 PM BBT – Amanda is now knocking on the HOH door to keep harassing Elissa. She has locked herself in.

4:45 PM BBT – Amanda puts a condom on Elissa’s memory wall photo.

5:00 PM BBT – Photobooth open.

5:30 PM BBT – Feeds cut and stay out for a while.

6:25 PM BBT – Feeds return. Amanda is still screaming and yelling for Elissa. Yells out that she’s a bitch.

6:44 PM BBT – Amanda tells Andy to go “console” Elissa so she won’ t put him up so he does.

7:35 PM BBT – Amanda says production told her to stop bullying.

7:56 PM BBT – GinaMarie brings some clothes up to Elissa and she says Amanda looks foolish.

8:35 PM BBT – Judd is talking to Elissa in the HOH room, telling her that Amanda is reading the rule book to see what she’s allowed to do. Elissa tells Judd that she’s not coming out of the room all week and is only coming out to go home. Judd tells her to not let Amanda wins.

8:45 PM BBT – Photobooth is open again and the HGs are freaking out that BB is trying to distract them for Pandora’s Box or something.

9:05 PM BBT – Paranoia still going on over the weird stuff going on. They wonder if Elissa is locked upstairs for Pandora’s Box.

9:11 PM BBT – Amanda wonders if Judd came back in with a special power. Here she goes again with the Judd paranoia.

9:14 PM BBT – Camera goes to HOH and Elissa is standing in the dark laughing and talking to herself. Elissa says “What is going on?” Feed leave the HOH.

9:25 PM BBT – Some of the HGs are still in the photo booth. Aaryn keeps hearing stomping and other noises upstairs. Then Elissa gets an off-camera “Stop that” from production. Everyone is still freaked out and speculating.

9:50 PM BBT – Judd finally goes up to the HOH to see what is going on. Elissa is acting odd and asks what happens when you get Pandora’s Box. Elissa asks Judd why Amanda hate him so much.

9:55 PM BBT – Elissa leaves HOH to make a sandwich.

9:57 PM BBT – Andy asks Elissa to come outside for two seconds. He tells her that they talked to GinaMarie and she couldn’t say she’d vote to keep Andy or Spencer over Aaryn. GinaMarie comes out so they all ask her what she’d do. GinaMarie says she’ll do what Elissa wants her to do. Andy is scared if he goes up he’ll go home. Elissa seems pleased and walks away. Andy says that solidifies that he’s going up.

10:07 PM BBT – Andy tells Amanda and Aaryn that he’s going up. Aaryn says that means she’ll go home. Andy’s not so sure.

10:25 PM BBT – Amanda says that she was told she wasn’t allowed to go in the HOH room.

10:45 PM BBT – Andy continues to freak out over the possibility of going up.

11:00 PM BBT – Amanda, Spencer, and Andy decide to tell Judd about what they were up to once the Veto is done. Amanda says she’ll say it was all her idea. They don’t want Aaryn to tell him first.

11:30 PM BBT – Andy plans to threaten Elissa that he’ll be coming after her if she puts him up.

12:35 PM BBT – Spencer says they received a warning to be respectful or risk a penalty nom.

1:55 AM BBT – GinaMarie reveals the in-house psychiatrist talked to her about suicide over Nick and then also asked about her eating disorder.

2:05 AM BBT – Judd, Andy, Spencer, & GM make a deal to vote out Aaryn instead of whoever goes up as the renom.

2:25 AM BBT – Judd suggests “The Exterminators” for their alliance name. They say the’ll control 4/6 of the chances at winning HoH this week. HGs not in that mix: McCranda & Elissa. Though there is discussion of working with Elissa.

4:00 AM BBT – HGs finally getting to sleep.

It’s hard to tell what GinaMarie will really do. She seems to be down with what Elissa wants her to do, but then she tells everyone else she’s totally faking it. So right now, there’s no way to make any prediction as to what could happen this week.

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    • Yes, Elissa used her HOH to evict someone who could not possibly win the vote for the 500k. Kudos!

      Elissa will be most remembered for the infamous fold on the final round of a veto comp, for not nominating McCrae and Amanda together, and for letting everyone know she would never go to jury house if evicted before her “ally” Helen. A total waste.

      • You’re wrong. Elissa played her game. She getting Aaryn out and that a good thing. Just to remind you, Aaryn won 4 HoH and a veto, and she’s hellbent on getting Elissa out.

        Very smart move.

      • In addition, she finally had McCrae and most likely Andy after today’s Veto Ceremony, sit in the nomination chair for the first time.

        That’s enough of a blow to weakened 3AM (eh eh eh eh…2NE1! *Sorry, couldn’t help it. Their alliance name still sounds to KPOP-ish heehee)

      • If Aaryn is Elissa’s biggest threat. Why wouldn’t Elissa get her evicted. You saw what happened when Elissa tried to make a deal with Aaryn. Aaryn put Elissa and Helen up last week. Elissa doesn’t care whether Aaryn can’t win if Aaryn get her evicted next week after winning HOH.

        I think Elissa’s HOH will succeed in two ways. First, she is getting one of the 3am alliance members out of the house. Second, she has shown the rest of the house you can take on Amanda by just standing up to her. The rest of the house seems ready to get Amanda out. I think this is because Elissa woke them up – finally.

  1. Just when I shut the feeds off for the day, I hear GM and the co. have formed an alliance. But at least we know they’re bent on destroying McCranda. Hopefully, this one sticks.

    • At this point, it would surprised me a lot that both of McCranda makes it t the end. After last night, I’m pretty sure Amanda will be evicted soon.

      • It’b been my prediction for a few weeks, she will be easier to evict at F5 or F4. At F4, the person who has veto has all the power. That person can blindside her out of there in a flash.

      • That’s not soon enough for me. I want her gone next week. And I hope whoever puts her up tells her that she is on the block for being a bully and a bitch!

        No matter what happens for the rest of Elissa’s HOH, she has managed to bring out the worst in Amanda which will be the reason she get evicted. If Aaryn goes this week and Amanda next, Elissa’s HOH will have been hugely successful.

  2. Amanda is a fucking bitch. I wish she would just go home. Seriously this is legit the most unlikable worst group of houseguest. McCrae is a non showering bum who doesnt have a mind of his own. Elissa is too good because I would have tortured McCranda to the point that they would self evict. I dont understand why they would get so personal over a GAME. I hope somebody punches McCranda in the fucking mouth on finale night or something they both deserve an ass whooping after the comments they said yesterday. I hope Judd or GM wins HoH and puts up Amanda and McCrae and one of them leaves. They both disgust me and I dont want to see them on my TV set.

    • That sure would make me feel better to see Amanda get her teeth knocked out with a one hitter quitter… Hell, If BB production it OK with all that has been going on in the house, it should be OK to see Amanda get a GOOD ass whooping!!!

    • I’m with you this us the worse BB ever!!! And Amanda and her toy boy are nothing but losers if they win BB they will spend all their money on cigarettes and lung cancer

    • Elissia’s husband should punch Amanda and Mcrae in the mouth for what they said about his wife and his children!!

    • She’s been fired, from what I heard. But, you’re right it should be hard for her to get a job in real estate after this. Unless she can find a place where she’s not well known.

      • I just looked it up. She got fired from her real estate company for racism. She at least won’t be able to sell anywhere on the east coast.

      • This is not true………remember the massive mortgage…housing crisis fraud that we just come out of….so we think…Well there are still quite a few operatives through America who would hire AMANDA. She could easily find work amongst them and make millions and remain comfortable in her skin..Operatives are in her current state.

  3. Amanda outdid herself this time. The things she has said to Elissa was cruel. I don’t want her to win, nor her puppet fiance. Anyone else can win for all I care but not those two.

    I never had been hoping for a penalty nom as much as I have been for Amanda!

    • GM was pretty mean to Candice with the things she said and lets not forget Aaryn. I was hoping Candice would return just to evict them both.

      • If things go Elissa’s way, Aaryn might just be on the way out. At least despite being isolated from the outside, Elissa is all too aware of what’s happening and have managed to do what America’s been wanting to see happen (of course the best next thing is Amanda’s head on a plate of course.)

  4. This is the worst group of houseguests I have ever seen. I have been watching this show since Season 1 and I have never encountered so much bullying, discrimination and just plan immaturity in my life. I do understand it is a game just wish that a game would be played and not bashing each other personally to get ahead. It just makes them look bad. CBS this makes me really sad what this is showing the younger kids about bullying and making fun of people on a personal level

    • Cheryl, its apparent, CBS will stoop this low, to make big brother more appealing to the racist and bigots of the world. Fox news probably, will love to interview ,the racist ,and bigots of big brother 15, after the show is over this season.

      • First, that’s a pretty ridiculous comment. Shows how ignorant you are.Second, the HGs are under contract with CBS for a year, interview will be done on CBS show.

      • What the hell does Fox News have to do with this show? It is CBS that is exploiting this behavior for ratings. If Anything Fox would use this to bash CBS.

      • FOX NEWS are right winged bigots….verbal attack wing of the Conservative Republican Party…hate and false truth spewers…..for the maintenance of status quo. LAIRS.

      • Fox News wouldn’t want anything to do with these immature racists! Remember, CBS is a LIBERAL network! THOSE are the racist and bigoted networks. Fox has more sense than to comment on these morons!

    • I don’t think she asked to talk to them. I think they were worried because like you said, she only knew him for a few weeks.

      • Getting a psych consult should always be a regular and weekly occurence for the HG’s from the very start since isolation can always put you on the edge.

      • Yeah right. They would love for someone to lose it on tv. I think they only cast you if you fail the psych evaluation.

      • As per Jun Song’s experience when she underwent casting for BB4, everyone who pass the psych exam go forward to the next casting round. At the time, they were still trying to avoid the same incident as BB2’s Justin but then got Scott which was a bummer.

        Then again, who would expect the HG’s to really turn out nasty this year?

  5. These petty houseguest Amanda, Andy, Aaryn and McCrae need to go. The bullying is getting frustrating and takes away the fun of watching Big Brother. In all my years of watching this show I have never seen such a bad group of members casted. They should fire the casting director.

  6. That alliance if they are serious could change this game for the better! Hopefully, next week—-Amanda and McCrae can get put on the block and one of them evicted for good! Preferably Amanda then, it becomes a free for all as the remaining house guests will all have a chance at that $500,000!

  7. If big brother does not remove Amanda for the ass she’s been and disrespect she has done… this is my last year watching…. it’s becoming more and more like jerry springer, more about ratings and less about the fans…. Amanda has made this a very class less season…..

    • Not that I disagree with you about Amanda, but do you really think they’d kick her off if they didn’t kick Aaryn off? She’s a vile human being but she TECHNICALLY is following the BB rules.

  8. Amanda is an idiot. Aaryn did some really stupid things in the house, but she is 22. That’s not an excuse for her to be a racist brat, but Amanda is 28. At that point in your life if you are running around the house proud that you are a bully, you are a life loser and that will never change. Lets see your mommy bail you out of this one.

      • As I go back and watch her put condoms and maxi pads with ketchup all over the place, I don’t think she even reached adolescence.

    • So true… If i was her boss, she wouldn’t have a job now. She is showing her true colors.. and with her racist remarks those colors are all white.. I would be cringing right now if i was Amanda’s parents.

      • Her mom is her partner, not her boss. There were working for a reality agency (Watermark, part of Prudential). Amanda will not anymore, at least not for the same one.

      • That’s probably for the best. I don’t know anyone who would want to buy a house from someone so foul.

      • I think Amanda’s punishment will be finding out how despicable America thinks she is. Given her paranoia and insecurity, I think that is going to crush her. Look at how she denies America put her on the block multiple times? She cannot bring herself to believe it was Amaerica. It had to be Howard, Judd, Elissa or whoever. I know Amanda is going to flip out when she discovers what people thought of her.

  9. Yeah, I can’t defend Amanda anymore. I’m still not on the “omg it’s rigged” bandwagon but I can’t defend Amanda anymore.

  10. Amanda is the most disgusting person to watch on BBAD. She is constantly shoving food in her mouth and chewing with her mouth open. I had to turn it off the other night because watching GM and Amanda shove full chips in their mouth and listening to the chomping was too much.

    • What do her eating habits have to do with anything?

      I’m not an Amanda fan, but judging/bashing her for her eating routine’s is on the same level as her bullying.

  11. I think BB should do something about the bullying.. Like let her have another week as HOH for those assholes actions or something. That’s crap and Amanda is a disgusting person talking about her family like that. Can’t wait til she knows how much America hates her. If they get Hoh I’m not watching . Maybe their punishment should be that they can’t compete in the HOH comp. racism and now bullying being tolerated .. Really??

    • Sorry, Christi. They won’t change the rule (no consecutive HoHes until the last one) because Elissa was bullied. Would not be fair.

      • Instead they should just punish the bullies by not letting them compete in the HOH. Elissa can’t win, but neither could Amanda.

      • If they didn’t do anything like that with Dick Donato in Season 8, it’s not happening now in Season 15.

      • Of course they won’t do that. They are still trying to pretend that this is a fair game for everyone.

      • If they disqualify Amanda from HoH because she said horrible things, it wouldn’t be fair to her. You hate her, I get it. But disqualifying her from HoH wouldn’t be fair to her.

      • I don’t hate her. I am disgusted by her. She really is one of the most foul creatures to be on this show.

      • I think giving her any kind of penalty over breaching the rules is more than fair enough. If Amanda does not oblige this time, especially that she was handed Endemol’s BB rulebook on what not to do while inside, it could be it for her.

      • No – she got a penalty eviction vote for eating regular food while she was on slop. She had agreed to eat only slop for the rest of the game in order to win a veto, but then later went against that and at real food. She was already on the block and was given the penalty vote against her

    • I agree christi! Bringing up children should be off limits. I forgot – amanda is so proud (her parents must be too) of he actions. You know like being in a relationship thinking she is pregnant after 3 days then getting on big brother and hooking up w mccrae on the 2nd day.. she is one classy lady, lmao. Amanda is the very definition of a pig w h o r e ..

    • I think they warned her to stop. If she does it again she sold get whatever the penalty is for not listening to production. But if he touches Elissa in any way, even bumping into her accidentally while getting in her face, she should be removed from the house completely.

      At least it looks like the rest of the house has had it with Amanda too. Maybe next week we get to see her evicted so the remaining normal people can play the game.

  12. Everybody is bashing on amanda but she iss not being any worse than evel dick was and everyone loved him.

    • Not true. I hate Evel Dick and still think that was one of the worst people to win this game ever. People loved him because CBS gave him a great edit. They never showed him saying things that crossed the line. And he said a lot of things that were horrible even compared to these jerks.

      • Was he ever in an alliance that shielded him from eviction? I know he was more than willing to get evicted over Danielle but ended up winning it all.

    • I thought Evel Dick as a jerk and deserved to go home. I think his behavior and Amanda’s detracts from the game. Amanda’s behavior is uncomfortable to watch because inside we all think it is unacceptable behavior. I also think Evel Dick’s motives were different. He did the things he did to stir the pot. I think Amanda’s motive is that she cannot control Elissa and she is acting out. She started by staying in bed and crying all day when she found out Elissa was not going to do what Amanda wanted her to do and now she is acting aggressively – both for the same reason.

      • Totally agree – Evel Dick owned up to his bullying behaviour and openly described it as a tactic in the house. I mean, *he* was the one who called himself Evel Dick, America didn’t come up with that. The difference with Amanda is that this isn’t some character she’s playing in the BB house, this is who she actually is. It’s obvious that’s the case when she gets upset about being labelled as a bully and asks people why she would be labelled as such. She has absolutely no self-reflection, where as Evel Dick knew exactly what he was doing and how he was portraying himself.

  13. Amandas actions should cause her to lose – no excuses. Shr can’t at the end claim ‘it wad just a game’ she continues to go above and beyobd! Why would production allow her to berate abd harass elissa to that extreme? There is no game play involved in tha t. The fact that no one else even says anything to amanda is vBulletin even more pathetic. Its obvious amanda is just scrambling and freaked out bc she has lost control!! Sianara you tasteless cow! Sorry fir typos – texting this!

  14. I have watched off and on since Season 1 and was wondering if any of the
    really loyal BB fans remember a season where there was so much
    bullying, name calling and downright horrible behavior. There is more
    personal bashing than game play this season.

    • There have been seasons where there were one or two people who have been total douches, but never this many in the house at once.

      • I think there have been for every season things have always been heated, starting from BB1’s infamous “Will versus Eddie”.

    • There was April versus Howie in BB6, although I don’t know how that issue exploded into a shouting/intimidation game between the two.

  15. I really wish they let America have a vote on eviction night just so the players can see what America really thinks of them. It sucks we watch 3 nights a week but we have no voice and it’s so frustrating.

    • America can never be trusted. It always does the wrong thing. Except occasionally it picks the funny have-not food.

    • Yeah, I wish they could do that as well as a more permanent fixture in the game. The last time production allowed the public vote to vote to save was back in BB1 and once, a vote to win (as a jury vote) in BB11.

  16. Man,i never hit a woman in my life but for Amanda i think i would make a exeption all that bullying make me sick….

    • I cannot advocate hitting anyone but I think the best thing that could happen is for the whole house to ostracize Amanda to show her they do not approve of that behavior. It bother me that no one said anything to Amanda and only Judd went up console Elissa. Andy did too but only because it was part of Amanda’s scheme to keep Elissa from putting Andy up on the block. Which, btw, shows what kind of an a**h*le Andy is.

      • They are scared that Amanda will do the same thing she is doing to Elissa in retaliation for anyone trying to ostracize her. That’s how bullying works, sadly!

  17. Again Amanda has went way to far, and again its overlooked. This is not OK. This just shows the younger generation that its OK to have a nasty attitude, being very disrespectful, and judgmental will get you what you want in life.. This has went from outrageous to just plain sad. I wonder how CBS will feel when awarding this person a half a million dollars with such horrible social game she has play? OH, my bad when she win (because she will) I guess that means she played a great game because she won, and BB rating are through the roof. Its just sad that ignorance, messiness, and drama is used to keep rating boosted on most networks now. Its just a shame that grown adults are acting so immature and showing the children of today that this attitude is OK.

    • I do think that Amanda will make it to the final two, but I do not think that her behavior will be seen to the jury as gamemanship. I don’t think she would win in a final two.

  18. I have been a long time fan of Big Brother since season 2; however this season has more than spoiled it for me. I find myself at a total loss of how a television company can allow the vile, vulgar and distasteful things to continue that it has. A disclaimer is how you try and distance yourselves from this? Wake up. While it’s true, and horrifically sad, that the ratings are up I find it hard to believe that that is all you can care about. Our schools and on line communities are doing everything they can to eliminate bullying and to make it clear that that kind of behavior is not acceptable, and yet here you are, proudly or so it seems, allowing it go on all in the name if ratings. If this show is truly a social experiment why not enforce the rules of society. A little intimidation is fine, heck it goes with the game, but what has been and is still going on is not. Something needs to be done. Racism and out and out bullying should not be tolerated and should be met with some sort of penalty. I believe in the goodness of humanity and I keep watching in the hopes that something will give, but sadly even that belief has started to dwindle. It’s sad when decency and morality can be pushed aside for money and ratings.
    I posted this on the CBS complaint page. It won’t do any good but at least I let myself be heard.

    • While I do not at all condone Amanda’s behaviour and find her completely vile, the issue with what you’re suggesting is that bullying is subjective. If someone can be kicked out for bullying, CBS would have to determine an arbitrary “line” of bullying that can’t be crossed. How do we decide what is and isn’t too much bullying? Seems impossible, unfortunately.

      • I’m not arguing that what she did isn’t bullying, I’m well aware it was bullying. I’m simply telling you that BB isn’t going to suddenly make a rule that would seriously inhibit all of its contestants by making them terrified to say anything to each other lest it be labelled as bullying and get them kicked out. It’s unfortunate that Amanda won’t be kicked out though, it would be amazing to see that meltdown.

      • Oh, sorry. I agree CBS is not going to do anything about it at this point other than tell Amanda to stop, as they did. But I think that is what people are complaining about.

        To me, because these people are confined in the house together and cannot walk away, CBS is obligated to stop the kind of bullying we saw yesterday. If Elissa was not the HOH and could not lock herself in the HOH room to escape Amanda’s bullying, what would have happened?

      • If that’s the line that CBS chooses to draw, I’m all for it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think what Amanda did was acceptable AT ALL. My comment was just pointing out the unlikelihood that CBS will actually make that a rule :(

    • This needs to be repeated, “If this show is truly a social experiment why not enforce the rules of society.”

      • Amanda is being piad by CBS to participate in this reality game show. She is an employee of CBS in a way. If you bullied someone at your job, would you still have your job?

        And there are anti-bullying laws on the books now. If you bully someone, you can go to jail. Is that not the equivalent of being kicked out of society?

      • Actually, you’re right about her being a pseudo-employee of CBS. Didn’t think about it that way – I retract my statement lol.

        Unfortunately, CBS will still do nothing about it.

      • NO! you don’t just get kicked out of society BUT, there is consequences for bullying, like getting locked up. so, in a sense you can get kick out of society depends on how far a person want to take a situation. And looks like Amanda it trying to take it all the way.

  19. Breaking news: GM has washed her bed. You know, the one she shared with Nick. I can’t believe that she is cleaning, let alone cleaning the bed her beloved has slept in.

  20. I am shocked at all that happened in the BB house yesterday. The bullying that took place is absolutely disgusting. Amanda is crazy and I lost all respect for McCrae. McCrae seemed like a quirky but fun loving guy at first impression, but he’s nothing but a dirty, lazy, and boring dud. Amanda is psychotic. Andy is nothing but a rat and never will be anything but rat. Aaron is also disgusting with her behavior and backstabbing not to mention the racist things she’s done. I’d like to see Judd and Elissa in the final 2. I’m just hoping Judd finds out that Andy is truly a rat and he sticks with Elissa, GM and perhaps Spencer to further his game. I don’t trust Andy! Elissa never did anything to any of them. She does not deserve all that she’s had to endure. The question on my mind yesterday is why did none of these houseguests truly stand up to Amanda or McCrae and tell them to knock it off. They crossed some serious boundaries. And more importantly, why didn’t anyone sit with Elissa? Yes, she locked the door, but she needed the support and a compassionate ear and no one was really there for her (Judd a little and GM but not much).

    • That’s my question. Why didn’t anyone tell Amanda she was crossing the line? Where are the men in the house? I wonder how Amanda feels that production used the word bullying? That’s a few times she has heard that about herself now.

      • Exactly! In my opinion, if you stand around and do nothing or say nothing while someone else is being bullied then you are partaking in it too. If you don’t want to get involved, get up and walk away. Don’t stand there and give them power and an audience.

      • @Ben AMEN TO THAT.
        @Prince….When Amanda first heard the word bully being applied to her….she was hurt, and shocked and disbelieving. And then asked everyone, in a bullying way, if she was a bully….they all backed down. roflmao Except Spencer said she was aggressively assertive? OH ME.

    • Dirty is not the word for McCranda, Did anyone notice how they had dirty dishes, dirty clothes and garbage everywhere in the room they sleep in? just nasty!!!

      • Scumbags…………TRASH…..Mcanda….CBS should be ashamed. This will haunt them, regardless of their Posted Disclaimer.

    • you’re right…this bunch of losers said nothing. They left Elyssa alone to fight alone. Wait til it’s their turn. She browbeat and bullied the hell out of Jessie, then Helen…now elyssa. And she ddoes it cause she can….her big, filthy mouth, unchallenged. Where is GM big mouth when you need it? I can’t believe no one in that house has at least said something about crossing the line….not to mention CBS.

  21. 2:24 PM BBT – Amanda comes out and starts on Elissa. She gets very nasty
    and hits below the belt. She calls Elissa’s husband old and says that
    her son can’t belong to him. Then she says Elissa must be a horrible
    step-mother because she never mentions them. Then she says some nasty
    stuff that I wouldn’t even be allowed to type here.

    Anyone want to defend Amanda?

  22. I don’t get why if a guy punches another guy he gets kicked out but amanda is allowed to do every other horrible thing possible except physically harm elissa.

  23. Classic bipolar behavior…. she is off her meds. I have no contempt for mental instability because medication works wonders. Amanda is an A type personality…she works in an environment of high drive…….is probably a recreational druggy….was a spoiled brat……..emotionally needy…compensates through hedonism and degradation of others when denied her wants.

    • Why do you assume she is bipolar and off her meds? Did she confirm that on the feeds?
      If that’s actually true, that would explain a lot.

  24. I wonder what ever became of what was happening in the HOH room with Elissa. ithey never showed anything else about it. Yesterday in Amanda’s comments to Elissa she said shes a c*** and her 78 year old husband is really her dad. Then in reference to Elissas son she said “it should have been a b*** j**, got stuck in the wrong hole. Then went on all day about how she is harassing Elissa all season and shes doing it for the hgs and America. In another conversation her and Mccrea were discussing how people are being portrayed on the show, Amanda thinks she is this seasons Jordan hahaha. She is without a doubt certifiable! Cant wait when real life sets back in for that disgusting excuse of a woman.

    • I caught that too about the Jordan thing. I assumed she was joking, because even she can’t be that dense, right?

      • She is in denial. That’s why she cannot accept that America put her on the block twice. She really does think she is a likeable character.

        The only time I have liked her in the last few weeks has been when she was hiding behind the garbage can. Too bad she didn’t stay there for the rest of the show.

      • Production did eventually make Amanda stop, they also gave her the rules book and she is so sad that she was actually reading through the whole thing to see how she could torture Elissa without breaking the rules. Spencer also said they told her that if they continue to disrespect other hgs they will receive a penalty nom.

      • He looks older, but I don’t see why that should bother anyone. I saw an interview with him on the net. He appears to be a very nice and down to earth man. In the meantime, Amanda is with Prince Valium.

    • SHE SAID SHE’S THIS SEASONS JORDAN?! Oh my god, when was that. That’s almost better than when she equated herself to Dr. Will.

      • I want CBS to send cameras with Amanda after BB is over so we can see her when she finds out the truth about what America thinks!

    • Yes she said that. I thought maybe shes not serious, but she always talks about how Elissa is being portrayed and how America hates her. She also refuses to believe that she was nominated by America. Aaryn told Amanda she will definitely win America’s fav. Its just perfectly fitting that these 2 girls would believe that America loves them and hates Elissa . Theyre just so angry that Elissa has a mind of her own and wont do what they want. They were treating her horrible, i felt so bad for her. But in true Elissa fashion she just laughed and walked away. Even the disgusting things Amanda was saying about her family she just kept Jogging and ignored her. But yet some people think Elissa is classless becauseshe is a little high maintenance?

  25. I would rather have Amanda, McCrae, Aaryn, or Elissa win than Andy, Spencer, GM, or Judd.

  26. I see all of this crazy stuff going on in the house, but… um.. why the hell does Spencer keep asking Andy about anal sex? Does he wanna get in that or something?

  27. Big Brother….turns into Big Loser! Play the game but respectful of others, I am not watching for these disgusting antics. This should stop, I mean Amanda had Elissa in her room hiding, they don’t see anything wrong with this…No need to step in???? sure why not no one ever does and always let’s the bully get away with it. Amanda is the most vile person I know and she is worse then Evil Dick and least he knew everyone hated him he never thought Americas was loving him he was not delusional…

  28. Someone said that production took all of the sharp objects out of the house yesterday. What’s the story with that? If its true, and they thought someone might get hurt or hurt themselves then wouldn’t removing the threatening person be the correct course of action? I mean if you have to resort to taking sharp objects away from adults you have let things get to far out of hand already.

  29. Aaryn’s has only acted as a puppet for McCranda. She hasn’t really made a move for herself yet. I respect that Elissa is actually making a stand for her HOH, and states that these guys are either with her or not. She isn’t changing her mind! I truly hope Elissa is there for the grand prize because I think she would have the jury’s vote!

  30. Looking at the past performances of these actors I can see that Amanduh or McSmelly will win HOH this week and Elissa and Judd will go up. So far my predictions have come to be so let us see next thursday..

  31. Someone said a penalty for Amanda’s bullying could be a 1 point nomination. If she’s not on the block…..then how about taking her vote away from her as punishment? She’s been warned many times or else. Or Else what? What is the leverage?

  32. Looks like cbs has blocked the link to complain, must have been quite a few complaints. Now lets see what kind of network cbs is, will they finally do something?

  33. Big Brother is a big HOAX. Why do you think they are constantly being warned about talking production. Hint, how can you compete in a competition and comment in the diary room?

  34. Game getting very interesting to watch, they are all on edge as should be,alot of money is at stake here. It could be anybody’s game at this point. Rooting for my girl Elissa! Judd is my second fav to win! Go Judd!!

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