Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 8 Sunday Highlights


It was quite a productive day in the Big Brother 15 house. Helen worked hard to get Aaryn’s mind functioning in a direction that isn’t being guided by Amanda. Helen was so successful that it actually led to Aaryn really rethinking things later in the night. Whether or not it’ll actually go anywhere is anybody’s guess, but it made for some interesting Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013

10:40 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

11:05 AM BBT – HGs are finally starting to stir. BB announces that it’s a hot one today and for them to not forget their sunscreen.

11:19 AM BBT – BB announces for the HGs to please clean the bathroom.

11:57 AM BBT – Elissa and Helen are both cleaning the bathroom.

12:10 PM BBT – Helen tells Elissa that she trusts McCrae but not Amanda. They’re talking about how to keep Helen safe after Elissa uses the veto on herself. Helen is getting nervous and paranoid because Spencer seems really comfortable and safe. Elissa believes Helen might be the target.

12:58 PM BBT – Elissa has gone back to bed. Now Helen is the only one up.

2:26 PM BBT – Aaryn is awake so Helen goes to the HOH room to talk to her. Helen says she doesn’t want it to be like last week with Jessie. If she’s going out this week she wants to know. Helen tells Aaryn that if she goes home, Amanda will use Elissa do get Aaryn out. Helen tells Aaryn if she stays, she can control Elissa. Helen wants Aaryn to get GinaMarie to vote to keep Helen.

2:37 PM BBT – Helen pitching hard to Aaryn for her, Aaryn and GinaMarie to come together and get Amanda out. The talk goes on for a long time. Helen is really upset how Amanda is treating her. Aaryn says she’s intrigued by all Helen’s ideas, but is apprehensive.

3:00 PM BBT – Helen is finally getting somewhere with Aaryn. Helen has given Aaryn reason to doubt her final four with Andy and Amanda is legitimate since they have deals with everyone in the house. Helen goes to get Andy to test his loyalty.

3:16 PM BBT – Andy tells Helen he is voting to keep her.

3:25 PM BBT – Helen has gone to get Elissa. Now the four of them are going to talk.

4:15 PM BBT – Aaryn telling McCrae and Amanda all about her talk with Helen. Amanda says fine, she’ll tell Helen she’s voting her out.

4:22 PM BBT – Andy and Aaryn know they have to be weary of McCranda because they have no loyalties. They talking about keeping GM close so the three of them can take out McCrae or Amanda.

5:15 PM BBT – Photobooth time.

6:50 PM BBT – Elissa told Helen not to believe McCrae when he says he doesn’t want Amanda in the end.

7:10 PM BBT – Amanda is getting very annoyed that Helen and Elissa are trying to flip the house on her. She really wants to confront Helen.

7:30 PM BBT – Helen is asking Amanda if she’s voting to keep her. It gets really awkward. Amanda says she’s doing what the house wants. They talk about going after each other and Helen says Amanda was up on the block twice and Helen didn’t target her. Amanda says that’s because you couldn’t get the votes.

8:03 PM BBT – Amanda and Helen still talking. Amanda says she’s heard time and time again that Helen and Elissa were coming after her. She also tells her she already knows about her most recent plan to get her out by trying to team up with Aaryn and GinaMarie.

8:13 PM BBT – Helen tells Elissa she needs Andy and McCrae’s votes. She actually thinks she can get McCrae’s votes. Elissa thinks she’s crazy.

8:38 PM BBT – Helen and McCrae are talking. She thinks she, McCrae and Andy still have that fake final three Amanda came up with last week. McCrae tells her he wants to keep her.

9:00 PM BBT – Andy says he wants to tell Elissa just before the eviction that Helen doesn’t have the votes to stay just to keep her in the loop.

11:25 PM BBT – Aaryn is upset that she’s doing all of Amanda’s dirty work and now will have to be her pawn in the coming weeks.

11:45 PM BBT – Aaryn tells Andy if they wanted to backdoor Amanda this week they could easily. Aaryn keeps considering putting Amanda up when Elissa takes herself off tomorrow.

12:10 AM BBT – Aaryn going over possibilities with the renom. She decides she would not have the votes if she put up McCrae since Spencer wouldn’t vote him out.

12:20 AM BBT – GM sends Helen to talk to Aaryn and suggests this could work out. Aaryn confirms to Helen that Amanda wants her out this week. Aaryn says she trusts her more than the other side. Aaryn also confirms that McCranda has Andy.

12:25 AM BBT – Meanwhile, Amanda is fighting with McCrae for not siding with her in an earlier fight. McC says he was trying to protect her from bad decisions in picking a fight with Aaryn tonight.

12:40 AM BBT – Amanda arrives in the HoH room and breaks up the talk that Andy had joined. Amanda and Aaryn argue over the situation. Aaryn says she questions McCranda’s loyalty. Amanda denies any issues there.

1:15 AM BBT – Spencer tells Andy he’d vote to keep Amanda even if Aaryn puts her up.

1:30 AM BBT – Aaryn tells McCranda that Helen is pushing for a BD on Amanda and she thought Andy was supporting the idea. Amanda calls for Andy and he says he was just telling Helen what she wanted to hear, but wasn’t really going for the plan.

1:40 AM BBT – Aaryn decides she’s going to renom Spencer at the ceremony and not go after Amanda.

2:40 AM BBT – Helen questioning Andy over his loyalty. He continues to lie and tell her he’s with her.

2:50 AM BBT – Helen goes back to Aaryn thinking she has Andy’s vote to evict Amanda. Amanda crashes the talk to shut it down.

3:10 AM BBT – Aaryn again telling Amanda that she’s not going to renom her.

So Helen knows she’s likely going home. Once again the plan to flip the house against Amanda is failing as Aaryn is ready to renom Spencer. Yes, Spencer is more willing to go up on the block than vote against Amanda. Go figure.

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  1. Spencer is the new Adam. Just do what you’re told until they are ready to get rid of you.

    • That’s exactly who I was thinking of with my comments. He sacrificed his own game for Porsha (sp?).

  2. Does Spencer have a deal with McCranda? Or is it that Spencer has (pardon the expression) a boner for Amanda? So question for the guys. If you were attracted to Amanda would that stop you from voting her out? I’ve seen this happen a few times on BB where a guy is into a pretty girl and they sacrifice their own game for her. I suppose some of the ladies have done that too, but I can’t think of any off the top.

      • Spencer is willing to go up on the block vs. vote Amanda out. So he’s willing to go home vs. get Amanda out. Why would he do that for her?

    • Yes, Spencer is a nut case, as well. He has been nominated almost every week and he is fine with it. Spencer will never win this game……which is a good thing.

    • You are overlooking the fact that of all the house guests left in the Big Brother House, Spencer is the best one to take to Final 2! He is vile, making nasty remarks, to and about women and if you are in Final 2 with Spencer—-you will win hands down! He probably will not get a single vote!

    • What? Attractive and AmAmanDa does not go together in a sentence. Spencer most likey, saying what he needs to do for the moment. Let AmAmanDa, Andy, Aaryn fight it out amongst themselves first, then make a move.

  3. Well look at Amanda she is a pretty girl but has a bad attitude so to me that makes a person ugly

  4. stupid is as stupid does. Once again, Amanda weasels her way safe. They are handing her the game. I’m disgusted.

  5. These people and their lackluster game skills have sucked all the fun out of this season for me. For real, I’ve gotten to the point where I delete BBAD from my DVR without watching it. I hardly check the live feeds anymore. And I only watch the shows on S/W & T to see the competitions.

    If this returning jury member twist doesn’t end up shaking the house up some, this may be a season I don’t watch all the way to the end. And that makes me sad.

    • Your way of thinking sums it up for me too. I have been watching BB since season one, and this season, I am like you, I don’t watch BBAD, really don’t care if I watch the feeds or not. Terrible season. Let’s move on.

  6. Asryn, the racist witch, knows exactly what’s going on, but she is too stupid to do anything about it. She knows that it is a good possibility that she and GM will be nominated next week. She knows that Andy is the true rat. She knows that McCrae is not loyal to her. She doesn’t really trust Amanda, but she hopes Amanda or GM win, if she doesn’t. Can you say……brain dead. I, honestly, think they are all afraid of Amanda.

    • If Amanda’s side wins HOH next week, Aaryn is absolutely going to be the target. Amanda has taken out every person who has tried to flip the house on her and now she will go after Aaryn. If McCrae or Andy wins HOH (or Amanda if that is even possible anymore) Aaryn will be back doored.

      • That is for sure. Unfortunately, for Aaryn, Amanda will have the numbers on her side! There is a pretty good chance that Amanda will control the HOH nominations yet, again!

  7. These HG’s are so annoying!! As I’ve commented before Big Brother needs to just give the money to Amanda now and put us all out of our misery. I really can’t understand how any of these players actually think they are going to win unless they get her out!! I’m so feed up with her sitting back and telling everyone what to and them just going along with it!!!! I’m getting to the point now where I really don’t care who goes home each week because Amanda always gets what she wants and it’s all laid out on Thursday night so why even bother watching until the next Thursday to find out who she wants gone next. This season is a waste and these HG’s are the stupidest ones in the history of the show!!!

    • I agree This season is just awful and It’s like they are just playing with us all. I’m opting to quit watching as well.. I’ll read the jokersupdates sometimes till I’m totally done and over this messed up show.

  8. So once again… We need to get McCranda out… but this just is not the week…. Next week… Next week

    • Helen is on her way out of the door, because she decided “this just isn’t the week…next week.”

    • Only now this week is in fact “not the week” because Amanda has all the votes lined up on her side! Helen should realise that she was given two chances at Amanda being served in a platter in front of her but, passed on it! Now, even if Aaryn agrees, there are not enough votes to evict Amanda! Spencer is the swing vote but, he has already cast his lot with Amanda so, that seals Helen’s fate!

  9. SO happy Helen will be leaving this week, does ANYONE have the gonads to go up against Amanda or are they just going to let her walk to the 1/2 mill?
    I really hate to say this but Aaryn is playing the best game in the house and if she had not proven to be so vile in the first few weeks I would probably be pulling for her to win it all. I only see a villain winning this year and that doesn’t make me happy. I would like to see either McCrae or Andy win, unfortunately I am afraid if McCrae wins he will never be able to get away from Amanda until she has spent all his $!

    • Asryn is not playing a good game, if she were she would have told Helen that she, Andy, McCrea, and Amanda have a final 4 alliance. She would tell Helen that she does not trust Andy or McCrea. She should tell Helen that Andy is a rat. Asryn will probably be placed on the block next week……..after all her wins.

      • It is too late for that now because Helen does not have the votes and Aaryn cannot play for HOH next week and could be vulnerable to an eviction herself! Amanda has all the aces up her sleeve—-Aaryn’s big mistake is telling Amanda of Helen’s plan. She should have kept quiet about it! Aaryn telling Amanda about it only heightened Amanda’s paranoia and would make her target Aaryn next week for that reason alone!

      • These people are so afraid that Amanda will find out they talked to anyone about evicting her, so they run to tell her themselves before she finds out. She has created quite the paranoia/fear tactic the other houseguests.

    • If you want Amanda to leave – then you should not be happy that Helen is going to be gone. She is the only one that will go against Amanda at this point. Granted, she had her chances and passed, so she deserves what she has coming to her.
      Also, Aaryn is NOT playing a great game. She is simply a puppet that Amanda is using. Aaryn has never once done anything that she has wanted to do in this game. She has only done what she has been told. Look at the show from last night… She blatently told Andy and McC that she wanted Spencer up and gone because that is what was best for HER game. So what did she do…. Got bullied by Amanda and Andy and McC and put up Helen instead. yeah… Great game play!

      • At this point of the game, Amanda has way better cards than Aaryn and Helen! All of this is Helen’s fault. Her dumb plan to target and evict her own allies decimated her power in the game. Let us count the votes, on Amanda’s side, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer. On the other side, Gina Marie and Elissa. Even if Amanda is put on the block—-they have the 3 votes to take out Helen! A problem for Aaryn is she cannot play for HOH next week and could be targeted by Amanda if Andy, McCrae or Spencer win! In addition, if Elissa wins, she might put up Aaryn too as one of the nominees! So Aaryn has only Gina Marie on her side next week if it comes to that! Aaryn should have kept her mouth shut about Helen’s overture to backdoor Amanda. It was in her interest to do so! Now, that Amanda knows Aaryn considered the plan, Aaryn could be the target of Amanda next week!

      • That doesn’t mean she isn’t playing a good game. HOH is always vulnerable the following week so you have to appease your allies. She went from death row to winning 4 HOHs, and 1 Veto win. After this week she will have at least two big game moves under her belt. She has a fairly solid alliance that will no doubt be staying together upon learning that a jury member will be returning this week. While she is always going to be a target because of her ability to win comps, MCranda is also a big target so she’s not necessarily going home if say Helen returns this week and her or Elissa get HOH. You might not like her but her game has been solid since week 5

    • mc is whipped, andy is a rat spencer is a nut case, Gm is crazy Amanda is a female dog, that just leaves aaryn pretty but not so much inside and allissa not a player like her sister

  10. I have never seen a season of BB, like this one, where HG’s are scared to death to put someone on the block, What is with Amanda? I just can’t figure it out. This girl must have learned how to “mist” from Dan Gheesling. So frustrating! Get the darn girl out of the house!!!

      • They will all continue to do her and McCrae’s dirty work and they will march right into Final 2, what dummies. Someone needs to send the next cast of characters a “How to play Big Brother” book. and not look like a bunch of idiots. Why did Amanda forgive Spencer so quickly, he tried to take her out too a few weeks ago?

      • She realized she could control Spencer because he became too afraid to make any big moves. But Helen is still pushing for that big, evict Amanda, move.

      • Helen, this week is not the week, next week, this week is not the week, next next week, this week is not the week is only moving against Amanda now because now Helen knows her head is in the chopping block! If not, Helen still would be afraid to move against Amanda! She had two chances and passed on it both times and evicted her own allies so, Helen deserves to get evicted! Helen is a big dumbass just like her twin Judd!

      • Yes. He is. I was just making light of the fact that he went after Amanda but, when she confronted him, he back down and ever since, has laid low not trying to displease Amanda in any way!

  11. Amanda has been titled the “Queen Bee”. Her entire colony has gone to great lengths to protect and keep her on her throne. (which is the HOH bed) It’s about time to smoke ’em out of there! Seriously, Aaryn put Queenie up for eviction!

  12. This whole house is a bunch of chickens and afraid to make any good moves.If the house was smart they would get rid of Amanda fist to break up McCranda and then go after Helen.Right now those are the people running the house .They need to start making some good moves instead of voting with the house.Wow.

    • I just want to see Amanda and Helen against each other on the block. Enough with the scurrying around avoiding confrontation, they would be forced to outright campaign against one another. Aaryn would be smart to do this and get Andy on board.

  13. I Wonder how Andy’s mind work ? Or does it work ? He thinks he has a F3 wih Mcranda…and honestly think he could make it against either one of them ????? It’s way way past tim to vote Amanda out !!!

    • I think Andy is keeping Spencer and Aaryn close to evict McCrae or Amanda when they get down to final 5. He knows that they will be seen as the biggest threat and then Andy, Spencer and Aaryn agree to go to the final 3 together.

      • The problem with that plan is it obvious by the fact that Helen is on the block and on her way out the door this week. Amanda has been 1 step ahead of everyone and until they stopped doing what she wants and start doing what is best for themselves, they will all get picked off one by one.

  14. All they do is talk and plan on evicting people without actually doing it! In cases where there is less talk—-people get evicted with no problems! So, what else is new? Go vote out Helen so that, one big threat is taken out this week. Otherwise, another week would have been wasted! Amanda and Aaryn can take out each other in the coming week!

  15. How funny is it that Helen has used the “I’m going with the house” line almost every week when asked if someone was being evicted. And now that it is used on her, she doesn’t understand that she is the target. Don’t hire her for any political strategy.

  16. Did anyone hear helen ask elissa if she thought america thinks this is the best cast ever ? Lol Elissa said there was too many unlikable people on there for it to be americas fav ! If helen only knew……..

      • I am so happy Aaryn told Helen that Andy is working with McCrae and Amanda. Too bad Helen did the worst possible thing and asked Andy. She should have told him and everyone else that Andy cannot be trusted. It would blow his game up completely. And, she and Elissa need to stop talking to him.

        At this point, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and GM are all in the same position – enemies of Amanda. The need to flip Andy and get Amanda out this week.

    • I heard that last night It actually made me think Elissa is one of the smarter people in the house because she seems to understand more about what she sees. Her problem is she cannot connect her thinking brain to her acting brain. Somewhere between her brain and her mouth there is a breakdown in communication.

      Elissa also told Helen they made a mistake not keeping Kaitlyn in the game. I agree. I think Elissa and Helen could have worked better with Kaitlyn and could have used her comp skills to take control of the house from Amanda.

  17. Why are they afraid of Amanda? What is she promising them? If Helen goes home who’s going to help Elisa’s clean the house?The rest of the houseguests are filthy pigs!

    • LOL. Yup, when Elissa goes next week, all of the adults will be gone. The house will be like “Lord of the Flies”!

  18. I just find it so hard to believe that helen is that stupid that mcray would choose her over amanduh ! Come on u would have to be totally STUPID to even think that! U think these people r going to be smart enuf to no how stupid they were when they watch it for theirselves ?

    • I agree. McCrae’s options are stick with Amanda, one of the most unlikeable people among the houseguests and potentially win $500k or choose Helen, who most of the houseguests find to be a endearing person and give up $500k. I think the choice is clear for anyone, not just McCrae.

      • @bbfan….you must remember…about 2 weeks ago, when Amanda was blowing up the house with her paranoia about MVP… MCCRAE went to HELEN, unbeknownst to Amanda. At that time he complained that Amanda was ruining his game and would drag him down with her and thought it would be a good time for Amanda to go. He stated he would NOT vote her out, but would not be unhappy with or target anyone who did. At that time I believed him and thought it was a good idea. Helen then went to Elyssa and Jessie then decided ‘not this week’. So when McCrae and Andy approached Helen last week, (this time under Amanda’s direction), it wasn’t the first time McCrae had approached her. Having said all that, I won’t be sorry to see Helen go.

  19. I would love to know if any one of them has a plan for getting Amanda and McCrae out. Or do they simply think they will go to Final 3 and can be beat each of them there?

    • I think Spencer stands a good chance of making Final 2 that is why he is laying low and just taking what they give him! Imagine if you are in Final 3 with two people with one of them being Spencer—-if you played some sort of game, even if not the best game, you want Spencer to be in Final 2 with you! That will give you the win and $500,000. McCrae might evict Amanda and take Spencer at the end because Amanda did play a very good game if you can be objective about it! Hell, even Amanda will probably take Spencer over McCrae at the end because she will easily win that $500,000!

      • I don’t think so. I think Spencer is still there, because he doesn’t mind being placed on the block as a pawn. They are just using him.

      • Don’t be too sure. He has been a pawn so long because there is nobody left to put up without creating waves. McCrae and Amanda have a deal with him! He is vile and disgusting which is why they would want him for Final 2!

  20. Yall can say what u will about her but Elissa knows more about BB than she lets on. She is smart about figuring game play and people. She has told Helen and warned her several times about events & the people involved but Helen would not/ will not listen. She has also told the other Hgs that she has not watched a lot of BB but I don’t believe that to be true. I think she knows exactly what shes doing. Maybe she don’t play hard and fast like Rachel but she is playing. And of course the whole “get Amanda out” conceived by Helen. Earlier in the day there was talk between Aaryn & Helen about getting Amanda out but it went nowhere. When Aaryn got drunk & pissed off she set up the plan to backdoor Amanda but during the course of happenings it got blamed on Helen. Lets see who comes back Thursday nite…hope its anybody but Candice….Candice is a good person but she will make being there a personal mission not a game play opportunity. Lets see what happens..

    • I honestly think elissa is just playing a smart game. When she needs to win she does ! I am so sick of helen saying she’s carried elissa as far as she can n all she really done was throw her under the bus every chance she got!

      • You are so right. She USED Elyssa when she was MVP…had her putting up bigger targets than herself. If anything, she’s hurt Elyssa’s game.

      • And, she betrayed Elissa when she told everyone that Elissa wanted to self-evict. Helen, of course, did to further her game.

    • I think her social skills are little lacking. She has done a good job of staying under the radar recently. But she does have hard time separating game play from personal feelings.

  21. What a bunch of morons! They could easily BD Amanda this week but they act like a bunch of chickens instead! Don’t get me wrong, I really think Helen needs to go but the bigger move would be to get out Amanda. Then people would have to start playing the game for themselves FINALLY!

    • They do not have the votes this week which is one big problem. If Helen was not so dumb as to pass off on evicting Amanda when Jessie and Judd was still in the game—-it would have been a much different result. Helen is now scrambling only because now she realises her head is in the chopping block! This is after Helen evicts her allies Candice and Jessie! Now, Helen can probably get Elissa and Gina Marie as votes but, McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Spencer are on the other side. Spencer is the swing vote but, I will be very surprised if he goes to Helen’s side. One big problem for Helen is the “trust” issue. After all the other house guests have seen how Helen backstabbed and threw under the bus her own allies, Candice, Jessie and Elissa of late—-who would be stupid enough to trust Helen ever again? Amanda has taken out Judd but, pretty much has been loyal to her alliance so, who would you side with?

      • They might have the votes. I believe they need three votes Spencer, GM, Elissa would do the trick. I am almost positive that Spencer can be talked into it.

      • Spencer they have to work on. He has a deal with Amanda and McCrae and he is the swing vote. One other problem for Helen is the “trust” issue. Helen has betrayed her allies one by one so, who in the right mind would like to trust Helen now? Helen has damaged her game so bad, she has stupid tatooed on her forehead!

      • I won’t be too sad to see Helen go. I just wish that Amanda would leave before. Helen’s biggest mistake was voting out all of her allies (Candice, Jessie, and Howard.

      • I am for Helen to leave this week because next week, Amanda would probably go after Aaryn and we may have a fight on our hands. Aaryn will probably go after Amanda too if Gina Marie wins HOH! There are not enough bodies left so, they have to make their move!

  22. Last night on BBAD Aaron told Helen something about David which up set her does anyone know what it was.

  23. Aaryn is a bigger fool than I thought. If she doesn’t back door Amanda this week she’ll never make it to the end. She keeps bragging that this is her 4th HOH. She’s not run ANY of her HOH’s. Amanda has run every single one of them. Amanda also has a lot of nerve hiding behind a trash can crying like a child. What does she care if she wins any comps? She’s ruling that house without them. This cast is the worst in BB history. Please fire whoever picked these people. Let BB fans pick these people from now on. I think we could do a much better job. BB producers only care about what these houseguest look like. Not how smart they are.

  24. Asryn said that Andy is the only person who was never a threat to anyone. She said Andy was not a threat to the girls, because he was not a candidate for a showmance and he was not a threat to the guys, because they didn’t have to worry about him trying to steal their girl (or something like that). Who cares about the showmances, play the damn game. Brain dead.

    • Thing is …Andy could win this whole game. If he’s up against Amanda in the final two. He’s played an excellent social game and he’s won competitions. Amanda has neither of those accomplishments. Not sure if he could win against Aaryn though.

      • Not necessarily. Asryn, Amanda, and McCrea know that Andy is a rat. I think McCrea has the best chance at winning. Andy’s tattling behavior is going to bite him in the butt real soon.

  25. I love big brother but if Amanda no the producers In they fixing this for Amanda to win.I will not watch this again.she have know business being on the show.This is the most disgusting cast I ever saw on big brother. Everybody Scare to make big move And doing everything what Amanda say.The way how thing going.just give Amanda the check.Then its want be so painful to watch

  26. Actually, I don’t want Amanda to be target for this sole week just because she might, by some miracle, fight her way back in the game on Thursday after competing with the other jury members to earn their spot back in the house.

  27. This season is a totally bust! At this point Helen trying to save herself is a waste. She basically handed the game to Amanda by not voting her out when she had the chance. She no longer has the numbers to win. Helen got rid of all her allies and is too blind to see that she played herself by keeping Amanda there. Although I like Judd I would like to see Jessie or Candice come back in the game. Candice told Judd flat out that the people he was working with were the ones that were against and he didn’t flip his vote to get out Amanda ether. I guess it really doesn’t matter who comes back in the game because all the HGs will do is vote the the person out. These people are handing Amanda $500,000 dollars on a silver platter. I don’t like Amanda but I have to give her credit for controlling everything and keeping the blood off her hands. I really wish they would have total reset button and start the game again with new people.

  28. Aaryn making the same mistake as Helen now. Once you hint at crossing Amanda your fate is sealed. As soon as Aaryn puts Spencer on the block, she will become Amanda’s new target to go home next week.

    At this point, Aaryn should put Amanda on the block and then work with Helen and Elissa to get the 3rd vote. I bet then can convinced Andy or Spencer if they promise one of them safety for the next couple of weeks. Aaryn just needs to tell Andy that if GM or Elissa wins HOH next week, she will put him and Amanda up. Remind him that next week if there is a tie vote, the HOH will decide who goes home. So if GM or Elissa wins HOH, Andy will have to beat Aaryn for the POV or else he will definitely go home. Its time to make a move, Andy!

    • They don’t even have to promise Spencer safety. They can tell him if he does not vote out Amanda, he will be placed on the block, as a pawn, every week until he is evicted (unless he wins HOH). If he votes Amanda out, he might be place on the block every week as a pawn.

      • Actually, Aaryn can tell Spencer that he is Amanda’s target next week – which is true!

        But I would not necessarily believe that Spencer would not vote out Amanda if Aaryn puts her up. I think Spencer is just going to be cautious about what he says to whom because as he said, he doesn’t trust anyone in the house. The last thing he wants is for Amanda to find out he is flipping before the renom is done.

        But I think Spencer would want some assurance that Helen, Elissa and GM would not put him up next week if any of them win HOH.

      • There’s a lot of talking points and convincing evidence/reasons on why Amanda needs to go. It shouldn’t be a hard sell. It’s the question of, How bad do they want Amanda evicted?

  29. Amanda has gotten more airtime than any other HG. Is it because of her close friendship with producer Allison Grodner?

  30. I think Aaryn’s best move is to stay with Amanda because she can beat her once they get to the final 4 in competitions every time. Plus Elissa would nominate Aaryn irregardless even if she did save Helen.

  31. Judd would be the best candidate to come back in the house.

    Candice will go right back out as no one liked her.

    Judd could talk his way out of being renominated.

    Jesse wouldn’t be trusted as easily.

    • If the person does not come back with some kind of special power, it does not matter who reenters. Amanda will just talk HOUSE into voting that person right back out, as they should.

      • Well said BB is not any smarter than these house guests if they don’t make the return more than just coming back in.What a waste.

  32. Come on people thought it was a known fact that BB sets the winner before the show even starts. I am really disappointed this year. If my grandson didn’t like the games I really wouldn’t watch it

  33. I’m not a fan of Aaryn at all. In fact none of the remaining HG really impress me the way they’re playing this game. However, if Aaryn puts Amanda or lets say McCrae, that’s what I call “big move” and will only prove that she has a mind of her own and is thinking of extending her life in BB house. Leaving the couple full and intact is NOT a good strategy. Yes, Helen is annoying, but she’s also, blind, gullible and the most unaware player in the house…Helen Vs Amanda?…let’s talk about character.

    • Plus, if they leave Helen in the game, they will always have a person to make them feel better when they are down….joke. Asryn knows that she is doomed, but she has chosen to continue on the same path.

      • Asryn? lol..sounds like an arsenic of some kind. I know !..Have you given up on this group? lol I’m still hoping the next twist may change this boring season.

      • Ass Aaryn, because she is an ass. I’m just hoping that since Asryn is HOH, someone will do me a favor and, at least, send Amanda (with her nasty ass), right out the door.

  34. Is a shame Aaryn and Elyssa can’t get past the personal stuff and band together. They both have clear views of all in the house. Game play…they’d make an unbeatable team. Morally, they couldn’t be more different. But is too late anyway… one can get the votes to make a big move.

    • I think the only thing that is a given in that house and the only thing that will remain true is……..Elissa will never work with Asryn.

  35. Slightly off-topic: Today’s the finale for BBUK’s Season 14 while Season 10 of BBAU just had its first double eviction 4 weeks into the show. BBUK’s Celebrity edition returns for its summer cycle on Thursday and it looks like my BB madness will continue on.

    Such a shame there won’t be a Big Brother Housemate Swap this year.


  36. Aaryn could put up Amanda and say “Helen you wanted this so now come Thursday you will see where you stand”. Of course Amanda will freak out which will be fun to watch. Of course this will never happen, just dreaming I guess.

  37. Amanda will get Aaryn the minute she has an opportunity. Amanda is green with envy and very threatened by Aaryn. Aaryn better do something. Remember the fairy tale about the turtle and the scorpion. Or some swimming mammal. That’s Amanda and Aaryn to a “T”

    • Will be next week unless GM or returning player wins HOH. Amanda has ready offered Spencer final 4 to take Aaryn out next week.

  38. If there is a fix in for Amanda to win BB15 she cant do it by herself. Andy would have to be the other half of that fix because he is always against any plan to get her out. I just don’t believe the conspiracy theory. What I do know is they have a house full of fools!!!

  39. Amanda makes Evil Dick look like a saint. I’d love for him to come into this house and knock her OUT! Literally – someone please knock her out! I can’t stand her or her voice anymore!

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