Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Wednesday Daytime Highlights


Today in the Big Brother 15 house Elissa lowered the awnings and Helen made slop balls. Jessie did do a little campaigning, but it’s a lost cause at this point. So needless to say, it has been a very quiet and boring day in the house.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013

10:32 AM BBT – Feeds cut. It’s wake-up time. Even later than yesterday.

10:49 AM BBT – Feeds return. Houseguests are slowly starting to wake up.

11:03 AM BBT – BB asks Elissa to lower the awnings.

11:05  AM BBT – Helen running in the backyard. Aaryn and Elissa are getting ready for the day.

12:19 PM BBT – Helen and Elissa are talking about possible upcoming competitions. They’re practicing for Knockout. Helen wants her to win the next HOH.

12:25 PM BBT – Elissa tells Helen she hasn’t gotten to play the game she wanted to play and that she hasn’t been able to bond as well with the others because of her being an instant target as Rachel’s sister.

1:00 PM BBT – HGs talking about Jessie. Helen said she gave her plenty of chances. They say her game is done. She is out tomorrow night. Andy says he told Spencer the vote for Jessie to go will be unanimous. GinaMarie says that Jessie is possessed by demons.

1:47 PM BBT – Andy exercising in the back yard and Elissa is doing yoga.

1:53 PM BBT – Jessie is making promises to Aaryn if she helps her stay this week. Says she will go up next week and will throw the HOH this week.

2:00 PM BBT – Amanda and McCrae seem to finally be among the living.

2:25 PM BBT – Helen is making slop balls and is feeling very homesick missing her family.

3:21 PM BBT – Now Jessie is campaigning to Elissa.

It looks like Jessie is definitely heading to jury this week. And it looks like next week will either be a big flip in the house or we’ll finally see Spencer’s demise. Here’s to hoping the house flips so we can get some feeds a little more exciting than today!

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  1. I know this season has been extremely boring, but at least we’ll see an extremely exciting (hopefully) ending to the season with everyone turning on each other. Like to say, McCranda vs E&H. And where would Andy and Aaryn go? Would they stay with McCranda or switch over to E&H? Would they end up being on opposite sides of the house? Or would they be smart enough to make a 4some with GM and Spencer to kill off both of those two powerhouses?

    • We will start seeing that this week. Again Helen is gonna go after Amanda. Amanda in turn is going after Helen. But both plan BDing the other. For either to be nominated Helen/ McCrae/ Amanda need to win HOH. Spencers 1st choice is Elissa not sure on the 2nd. GM & Aaryn will be the total wild cards (especially GM) unless Andy spins his lies. Aaryn would go with Spencer & Elissa I believe. Then there is Elissa (slim chance for HOH) who may go with Spencer & Amanda but she is also a wild card…It will get interesting…finally

    • I thought I was going to lose it when Elissa folded on the last question in the veto game!!! What is wrong with that girl, she is such a flake!

    • How exciting. Did you know she changed her panties and washed her bed sheets too! Spencer does not even do that — no wonder he is single. This is so exciting… makes me feel so not want to miss a second of the show and watch BBAD..while I watch the grass grow in the back yard.

  2. So, Helen wants Elissa to win HOH, so yet again she doesn’t have to do anything. Then the week after she’ll get other people to vote out Elissa. Helen has a false sense of security to IMO

    • I DON’T LIKE HELEN but this is the week she needs to win HOH and backdoor Amanda. If by some small miracle Elissa wins then we see maybe both Amanda /McCrae nominated and at least one will go home. I guess a few prayers wouldn’t hurt…

      • It’s too late. Helen blew it by not evicting Amanda weeks ago when she was up on the block twice. No one to blame but herself. She has no backing anymore. Who is she going to get to vote for Amanda? Spencer and Elissa?! Big whoop. Helen (because she has had real power in the house that she has blown) has played the worst game in BB history.

    • Agree Helen is all talk she wants someone else to make the BIG move she don’t want to be a target plus is she stupid McCrea and Andy and Helen to the final 3 she does look she said ” McRae &Amanda are stuck at the hip you can never get him alone but he is going to throw her the woman she has been sleeping with for 52 days under the bus STUPID YOU ARE GETTING PLAYED WITH YOUR EYES OPEN !!!!!!!

  3. I’m not watching feed back at all, the desire is gone. I’m so not interested in watching, this cast sucks. On to the next one,

    • It’s a sad attempt at BB. I have no real interest in watching. And finale nite as it will surely come is not gonna be something I want to see at this point. Its a very disappointing season to date.

  4. I have a question. If a HG gets picked to host a competition, do they get additional pay for that? I’m trying to figure out why they’re so happy when they get picked.

    • I think I figured it out…HG’s get to showcase how “great” they would be at a TV host job? That’s the best I could come up with.

    • Because if they don’t appear excited, production makes them do it again. It’s funny how many times they had to redo the “Who wants to se my HOH?” moments. If the houseguests don’t look like they’re animated and running, production yells at them and they have to do it until there enough decent footage.

  5. After just watching tonight’s episode, I have come to the conclusion that Helen is an idiot, how gullible can she be, to just believe McCrae’s plan like that, stupid. Why is it that whenever Amanda is in DR, she always says “me,” or “my,” or “I?” I am beginning to believe all of those rumors I have been hearing about her being predetermined to win BB15.

      • Yes, she is a political consultant. She can’t be that dumb, can she? I couldn’t believe it, I kept waiting for her to come on the screen while she was in DR and say something like, “I am on to you, don’t really expect me to believe you, do you?” She’s not as smart at this game as I thought she was. I was sure she would have had Andy figured out by now. Oh well, this season is such a bust, I really don’t care who wins the darn game!

      • lol..I was waiting for that too..I’m like come on, say something..tell me you’re not stupid…I was so disappointed.

      • I was waiting for her to say something in the DR as well. I realize being in the house probably effs you up, but does she think McCrae is dumb enough to vote out the one person who will take him to final two and who he could probably win against? I don’t get it.

    • She many not be an idiot, stranger things have happened. Like Bush got elected a second time as president, sheep get led to slaughter all the time by the dumb one in front of them.

  6. Just watched the episode tonight. I see stupid written all over Helen’s forehead. Talking to McCrae about the plan to evict Amanda is like talking directly to Amanda. I’m sorry to say, but Amandrax is few steps ahead of Helen

    • Helen should know by now that Andy is working against her. Elissa (as many times before) has warned her about him but she pays no attention. What she needs to do is make up a MAJOR LIE and tell it to Andy. If the lie gets repeated Andys gig is up. I am beginning to believe that Elissa is smarter than Helen.

      • Spencer may have a hidden agenda. He didn’t go with the plan and what he had to say in DR was interesting. He mightl flip the house if he has a chance. …Once again I’m rooting for a player, I don’t necessary like, just for the hell of it!

      • yep he does but his # 1 target is Elissa and shes not a threat…So the circle of stupidity just keeps going. Hes not gonna put up McCrea or Andy.. Helen or Amanda long shot . Its still on the wild card side.

  7. I love this site! Better than most. I died laughing at Spencer tonight with his veto speech that I missed some of it. I was hoping you would had that on the recap. He was cracking me up.

  8. Amanda was pissing me off the entire episode. When she was like “Spencer went against my plan” like excuse me but Spencer is on the block he has to do whatever he can to win Veto. We all know Amanda wouldn’t have went with the plan if she was on the block. Damn, can everyone evict her!

    • We are in the same boat. If I was Spenser duh, I would play to take myself off the block. Amanda’s DR who ever I choose to pick off next, maybe Spencer or Helen, whatever I feel like? What? I will say it again, sociopath and elitists. I had hope that Helen would, that blew up in my face. I am trying to find hope in Spencer, Elissa, maybe GM. I am grasping at straws. These HGS are stuck on stupid. Someone please evict Amanda. I find it curious, that Amanda’s way of winning was throwing the veto and others to follow incredulous. If Amanda was so worried about the nominations, then play for veto on your own merit. Oh, and 3a.m. can suck it.

      • Everything you’ve said is on point. I agree with it all wholeheartedly. These people really haven’t ever watched BB or else they would have realized how badly they’re playing. I really am not rooting for anyone because their is honestly no one who deserves to win but we’ll see what happens in the weeks to come!

    • Nope..because she is Queen Amanda! I really can’t stand her. Helen had her chances and missed them both, so it’s the HG’s own fault that she is still there. If Helen or Elissa do not win HOH tonight, one of them will be going home in the next week or two.

  9. what about the other night when amanda was crying because mccrea didnt let her win that competion and saying she wants to win something and then last night she tells everyone to throw the the comp and she is too so rediculous

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