Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 4 Monday Night Highlights


Things are flipping and flopping in the Big Brother 15 house as we get closer to this week’s eviction. We’ve got all three final nominees up for eviction and the one-time target is looking more and more safe as the clock ticks away.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 22/Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4:32 PM BBT – Helen and Judd are trying to convince Elissa to vote to evict Kaitlin and not Aaryn.

4:38  PM BBT – Judd and Spencer sugget to Elissa that maybe America was MVP and nominated her. She gets really upset. She starts saying everyone must hate her.

4:55 PM BBT – Elissa still going with the MVP thing. She asks the others if she is not likable. Spencer tells her she is polarizing like her sister.

5:00 PM BBT – Elissa is now in tears and fears people will be mean to her son because they don’t like her.

5:20 PM BBT – Candice and Howard are talking to Judd about who to evict. He says Kaitlin is more of a threat than Aaryn. They tell him they will vote how he wants them to.

5:27 PM BBT – Elsewhere Helen, Elissa and Spencer decide they’d rather Aaryn go. Typical Big Brother flip-flopping going on.

5:30 PM BBT – Helen says that Aaryn, Kaitlin and GinaMarie need to go out in a row and then they can decide who the last person to go before jury would be. Most people are  leaning toward Amanda at this point.

5:40 PM BBT – Judd tells Helen that she talks so loud that you can hear her from downstairs when she’s talking in the HOH room.

7:50 PM BBT – Houseguests are lounging around and joking. Lots of joking about how silly GinaMarie has been about her nomination today.

8:10 PM BBT – Spencer and Howard re-confirming their final 2 deal (they act as if they’re playing some great game. Bizarre). Howard tells Spencer he’s with him over Candice despite what she might think.

8:45 PM BBT – Amanda and McCrae taking a bubble bath in the HOH bathroom.

9:53 PM BBT – Amanda (with some help from Andy) is working her magic on Elissa to get her on board with voting Katilin out. They tell her that Kaitlin is aligned with Howard and that Aaryn has no one in the house so they can use her for what they need and/or get rid of her next week.

10:10 PM BBT – Elissa is now agreeing to keep Aaryn for the week.

10:35 PM BBT – Now Elissa thinks that Howard was MVP and put her up, not America. She now is in agreement with Amanda that Howard needs to go as soon as possible.

11:05 PM BBT – Amanda telling Judd about Howard and Spencer’s latest. They’ve been trying to form alliances with everyone. She says if she wins HOH she’s putting them up.

11:22 PM BBT – Aaryn joins Amanda and Judd in the HOH room and asks about the vote. They tell her that if she works with them they will vote out Kaitlin. And if she wins HOH she needs to nominate Howard and Spencer.

12:00 AM BBT – Judd, Amanda, Andy, Elissa, & McCrae agree to vote out Kaitlin and keep Aaryn. They are not going to tell Howard or Candice out of trust issues. They want to blindside Kaitlin.

12:40 AM BBT – Judd relays back to Howard and Spencer that Amanda is pushing for Kaitlin to go and keep Aaryn.

1:30 AM BBT – Spencer talking about his 4-guy alliance with Andy, Judd, & Howard. He doesn’t know it’s already been revealed to McCrae & Amanda.

2:45 AM BBT – Judd and GM are talking game. They promise to watch out for each other and see how far they can go. He soon suggests F2.

3:55 AM BBT – Kaitlin tells Aaryn, GM, Judd, & Howard that Elissa referenced something about how to spell “evicted” for when Kaitlin talks to Jeremy. Aaryn says that was from her Week 1 goodbye message. Aaryn doesn’t know how she would know it since she never told anyone. The other HGs don’t think it sounds like the same thing. Aaryn continues to say she can’t believe Elissa knew that and we get Fish…

5:00 AM BBT – Judd, Howard, & Spencer in the backyard talking game. They’re discussing keeping Aaryn and evicting Kaitlin this week.

So for now, it looks like Aaryn is safe and Kaitlin is not. Anything can happen but it sounds like GinaMarie has nothing to worry about.

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  1. I honestly think Elissa is having a breakdown of sorts. Girl really needs to get her head in the game.

  2. Pretty sure Kaitlin is going home this week, and that’s a smart move. I’m so tired of people saying CBS if racist if they don’t fix it so Aaryn gets evicted. Wtf. People complain when they suspect the game is rigged, and they complain when they want the game to be rigged. You can’t have it both ways, people!

    • will be interesting if we get to see how Aaryn reacts to how America views her when she get evicted. She is very cute on the outside…too bad she is so ugly on the inside :-(

      • Yeah… I’m torn on when I’d like to see her go. Part of me wants to see her go before Jury, so she can go home and see all the negative reaction her comments have gotten her.

      • Yes before jury seems about right, unless it’s to a players advantage to keep her around even further… I just don’t want any of her allies on the jury (which thankfully they won’t be). :)

    • Jesse you nailed that right on the head! It irritates me when people are quick to call another person a racist if they say Kaitlyn needs to go first. I do believe Aaryn is a racist and hateful person (who will thankfully face the consequences), but to rig the game to get her out is not only tampering, it’s bad strategy for those inside the house… It’s also annoying how everyone keeps coming back to Aaryn as the only racist in there (which people believe because of the tv edit showing her alone and not one of a pack of people): GM, Jeremy & Spencer saying and doing even more inappropriate things). I really wish people would research and think before they judge and yap they way cbs lures them to.

      • if anyone thinks this game is NOT rigged, well, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I will sell very cheap!

  3. Also, Elissa needs to shut the bleep up. I was totally turned off when she worried about not getting called for “her” MVP, and now, she’s whining that America hates her? Good grief! I know the house causes paranoia, but she needs to SIT DOWN.

    • Because she has no way to know that Aaryn was the first vote getter. She might have been third, but doesn’t know that.

      • she doesn’t even know if America really did vote for her to be on the block. it’s all just speculation, and that’s why her paranoia irritates me.

    • well the fact that she got MVP 3 weeks in a row JUST because of her sister? I never really liked her sister and what’s his name!

  4. This is probably the worst bunch of House Guests on Big Brother. You form alliances and then, go around and tell others in the house about it? How dumb is that? Alliances are formed to take you deep in the game but, how is it beneficial to tell others in the house that you formed alliances and with which people? You just put big targets on your back! They should have Dan Gheesling teach these guys how to play the game before they even enter the Big Brother House. Ugh!

    • Actually, don’t know if you heard about it, but Dan was sent into the BB Canada house for a whole day. He spend a couples of hours one on one with the 4 remaining guest at that time.

      • Yeah. He planted clues on the housemates there about each other’s plans but I don’t think any of them understood what Dan was trying to say (especially Andrew who was in danger of getting evicted, no thanks to Emmet and Gary).

      • At least they try to kick them in the butt, because BB Can hit a real boring strech in the middle when Emmett and Jilian started to dominate all the HOH.
        They should do it with these guys and galls. When they’re down to 9, send Dan in for 2 days. Maybe he can finally make an All-star out of one of them.

      • I was most annoyed by Emmett’s gameplay. He’s the wolf in sheep’s clothing, gaining trust with everyone in his alliance, manipulating people’s feelings to potentially earn him a vote. He thought he finally paved his way to Final 2 when he sat by the side to watch his plan unfold.

        Good thing Gary didn’t bought his crap and sent him packing. Regardless of who between Gary and Jillian deserve to win that season, at least it’s not Emmett. He got cocky, even to the point of prepping his own F2 speech which I’m glad I never have to hear ever.

        Back to topic: I like your suggestion. he could be a Pandora’s Box house “guest” instead of Jessie and Rachel taking turns every season since BB10. :D

      • Just to clarify… Gary was the Canadian version of Rachel, Elissa or Jeff. No matter what he did, production found a way to bring him back in the house (should ANYONE get the advantage of hanging with the jury for 2 weeks, then get to go back in the house with that information and straight into the final 4?!! What a crock. Glad his dumber than dumb alliance-friend Topaz didn’t bother to listen to the instructions properly then voted against Gary to win (which he would’ve won had she not voted against him)!

      • The difference with BBCan’s production team is that they do show the results of whatever public vote so as not to be accused of rigging the game. Something BBUS should be doing. :D

        Gotta admit, Topaz’s slip up was TV gold for the books.

      • Yes, definitely made the top 5 list for tv’s dumbest game show contestant who’s self-entitlement came back to bite her in the bum! They should show that clip to ALL prospective BB players (especially the self-entitled types) who think they get to do whatever they want (hi Chima & Willie).

      • It more than that, Gary was the first voted out to jury, if I remember well it was 4 weeks that he was there. Bringing him back at final four was a real crock, I’ll give you that. Would have been a travesty if he had won.

      • right on. I just met tom and talla here in regina sk and thet couldn’t believe what topaz did either they think she must have been sleeping and then to say its 100 percent positive whos going to win. what an idiot she was.

      • One of my co-workers here in Toronto actually went to school with Emerald (who wants to instead call herself Topaz, because it’s a nicer gem?!!) said she is a bit on the ditzy side in real life.

      • Like him or not, Emmett played hands down the best game that season and won of the best games in a long while. Everyone brings up his decision not to take talla but his real mistake was just not to take into account that the producers were going to change and slant the final hoh in Garry’s favor instead of sticking to the same format they have used for the last decade. Even Dan himself admited that Emmett played the best game and he was quite upset at the bitter jurry voting block of AJ, shield and Sleepy pants.

      • Better Jillian won than Emmett. But if for some reason in the parallel universe that Talla ended up Final 2 with Emmett, Emmett will take the win hands down. :))

      • Jun was a cutie though (ok so was Talla), but Jun knew how to manipulate relationships – Talla? Well… ummm… she knew how to… ummm… breathe, yes that’s it. Nobody breathed like she did! ;)

      • Indeed. Social game is crucial to float through the game unnoticed and not get ridiculed. I think there are a good few who were able to do an effective floating strategy in a way through a combination of charisma, manipulation and over-all reverse psychology (letting others think what they wanna think), and of course avoid getting caught in any crossfire with the more stronger personalities in the house.

        If I were to describe a perfect word to fit the floaters of today, it would be that they’re more of “dependents”, players who really ride on the coattails of others without doing any significant game moves that benefits them and their individual game (or lack of), only expecting to be carried to by others and forever be seen as expendable, useful to the other playing HG’s only for swing votes and other strategic purposes until they are drained of their value.

      • In the final few weeks, he sort of fancied himself as the primary villain in the show’s latter weeks (his confessionals during that time shaped how I viewed his way of playing the game), getting paranoid at times over random twists and strategizing ways to have someone bring him to Final 2 and eventually walk away with the win, especially in the event Jillian went out before him.

        In a way, it did seem like a flawless gameplay as his moves kept him out of harms’ way hands-clean, at the expense of his own alliance.

        But bringing Gary to F3 cost him a spot in F2. Had he heeded Andrew’s advice to take him out as soon as he was voted back in. If Emmet kept Talla instead of Gary in Week 10, it would have made a huge difference.

        I think whether or not he had his unfair advantage to be in jury for 2 full weeks before being voted back in, Gary may already have known full well that Emmet has his own self-serving priorities that he will gladly choose over anything else, including whatever deal he made to people other than Jillian as long as it benefits his game.

        It was too much of a calculated risk really for Emmet to keep Gary and it didn’t end well for him.

      • Personally, I think Emmett played BB the way it should be played. Right from the start, he was thinking about jury. He got Jilian to do all the dirty work, barely had any blood on his hand. Had he made it to final 2, he had it pretty.
        But I was glad Jilian won. She had 5 HOHs. She deserve it.

      • Had it was between Emmett and Jillian, I can say, she could win over jury.

        Regardless of whatever speech Emmet may have have prepped for jury, Jillian was the one who played with such heart. I think it always hurts her more than the HG’s she sent packing because she was aware of the accumulating guilt she gets over breaking agreements.

        I don’t think she needed to be influenced by Emmett at all to do the big moves to further herself. I don’t think Emmett should even claim credit many of the big moves that was made. Her Big Brother moment with Peter prove why she deserves to win. :D

    • I totally agree. What pissed me off about the Moving Company was that McCrea and Spencer couldn’t stay loyal to it for even 1 week. Its a joke.

      • To be fair spencer only flipped because he knew nick didn’t have the votes. And Jeremy was a douche.

      • The biggest mistake of the MC was made by Nick and Jeremy when they botched Mcrae out telling him that he had to choose between Amanda and the MC.
        After that MC was dead.

    • We’re still down to at least a dozen houseguests after a month in the house. Once we get passed by over a few more evictions, we’ll see which of these many alliances/side alliances/secret alliances will remain standing towards the end.

    • I totally agree. These people can’t keep their mouths shut. The Brigade stayed intact from day one or two. Why can’t they just shut up? I think Judd is the worst one about running his mouth to everyone.

      • I also think Andy is horrible when it comes to running his mouth. These guests are not very good players. It annoys me even more when Helen says she wants everyone to play a nice clean game. BB isn’t about that, I mean it could be, but throwing Howard out to the wolves because he didn’t come clean about the MC was absurd. People can form and keep alliances if they want to, and it annoys me that people like Helen goes around threatening people and so forth. Helen plays the manipulation game, she even admitted to it in her diary session, and she calls that clean game? These houseguests are lame.

    • I think it is because there seemed to be so much backlash when the MC was exposed. People are afraid to get found out and have their butts on the line.

  5. Summary of houseguests feelings this season:
    Gina Marie: I love you nick you my boy
    Amanda: evict Howard
    Jesse: Which boy should i chase this week
    Aaryn: I’m not racist. *bleep insert race here*
    Andy: So any1 want to talk game
    Candice: Howie <3
    Helen: screaming about her plan
    Mccrae: Amanda <3
    Kaitlyn: Omg Jeremy has left I better start playing
    Ellisa: Omg thank you America/Wahh America hates me
    Howard: I <3 Jesus + being shady
    Spencer: Just creepy

    • I think Spencer is a sexual predator. He is always staring at Jessie’s butt and her boobs, talking about her not having a bra on..talks about f****** girls just because he can. Who in the heck would want to get in bed with him? He is so disgusting.

      • Sadly there are some extremely desperate girls that seek attention that guys like him provide. Jessie even fits the mold of that type of girl with the nick stalking and trying to get jeremy and judd

      • I agree that Jessie flaunts herself around the house, but, Spencer is a grown man and the things that come out of his mouth are so vile.

      • Hell if I was in there I would be staring at her ass and breast too…… she is the best looking in the house. If you don’t believe me watch 1 show this year and she will tell you.

  6. Is anyone else having a problem with the flashback feature on the live feeds? I want to watch GM lose it, but I can’t seem to find it. I don’t even see where they went to trivia for the POV ceremony. Anyone else having problems?

  7. This is probably the most dysfunctional cast in Big Brother. They talk about their strategy openly. The only thing that’s secret is the weirdest Alliance name they come up every .I don’t even wanna know them on the feeds.

    • I agree! Just a house full of idiots. I can’t figure out if Howard actually likes Candice or if he is using her to advance his game. Andy, tells everything that he knows. He is such a rat. Judd (I don’t have a clue what he is saying) is such a whimp. He let McCrea and Amanda take over his HOH room and his HOH. Spencer (well, I have never really focused on him), is he still in the house? And, Gina Marie “gangsta”……yous don’t want to play against me……hahaha! Also, I still think keeping Aryan is a big mistake. Kaitlin might be better at the challenges, but Aryan is a good manipulator and she is very dangerous.

      • I’d be very disappointed in Howard if he isn’t genuinely going to show affection towards Candice now (especially after what she did to him in bed, which ended with her saying: ”I just did that for you, and I don’t even get a kiss?”)

      • What did she do for him in bed……hell, I probably shouldn’t ask this question, but what the hell!

      • this is the first game I saw where everybody is in bed with somebody, except Spencer of course

      • I’m just waiting for them to start casting married people who would be willing to commit adultery for the purposes of winning the game… They’ve gone down the path of BB-UK now, and it doesn’t look like they plan on turning back, so might as well copy everything they do.

      • Aaryn cannot survive much more. She can only play with Kaitlin (that already says that she will hit a knife on Aaryn back anytime) and GM that is lost inside the house.
        If you see, the younger people have new alliances everyday. Helen, Alissa, Howard and Spencer are sailing around.
        When Helen was HOH she had a team… but only Alyssa was playing on her side. Everyone else was just boarding the boat… and jump into the water on the other side.
        Judd and Andy need to wake up and stop to be the good nerds around.

      • He is using her Lee. Candice is connected to the other side, through Helen and Elissa. He doesn’t even look at her face. He said, he would take Spencer and drop Candice in due time.

      • Not sure about that Cyril. My observation tells me he’s caught between caring about her, and caring about what he came into the house to do… So he doesn’t mind her initiating some (ahem) ”late night extracurricular activity” under the sheets, but he doesn’t return or initiate anything because knows he needs her for his pawn towards winning the game. Still a nice guy overall for the amazing work he’s done with youth, but he’s no saint, and definitely has the same stain of ‘sin’ as any other person…

      • I guess I would just feel bad for Candice since he’s loyalty is to Spencer who I hate, while getting the extra units or extracurricular lol from her… Oh I know his contribution to his community, outside BB

    • I think Helen is the best liar in the house, but, once you tell so many, eventually they will catch up with you. Maybe she can keep up the facade, we will see!

      • She may be the best liar but she’s also the LOUDEST! Which makes being the best liar meaningless if you give your ownself away.

  8. What is with Amanda’s constant campaigning about Howard? He isn’t even on the block? Get over it, for two weeks now. I hope this turns the house against her. I hope Howard, Spencer and Candice get the party started for Amanda to get on down the road. I am tired of her being an arrogant meanie who thinks her on poop doesn’t think. She is pushy and is constantly creating conspiracy drama. Ugh.. How does she think she knows so much? She is a succubus! She has not HOH, the HOH needs to school her of that fact. Her and Amada taking over is HOH room and now I read they are taking a bubble bath together barf! If it wasn’t for her attaching herself to McCrea like he has another appendage, she would have been on the outs. McCrea better get with the program, he needs the blood to rush back into the head on his shoulders, and play his game.

    • Taking a bubble bath with no bubbles. Also, I believe McCrea got out of the tub, farted, then got back in the tub and continue with his lovely bubble bath.

      • Oops…thanks for not resisting :P nice to know your poop doesn’t “think.” your welcome :)

      • It’s ok, once in a very important presentation during my masters degree I handed out my outline for everyone to follow along…About half way through, I talked about the things that should ”poop” into your head – I said ‘pop’, but the whole room erupted in laughter cause they saw my typo… Not a good way to score high for presentation! ;)

      • Wow. ( Sorry, I cannot resist) I am laughing too. Hey, typos happen ;) I do hope you faired well, and recovered. I really appreciate your story. I already shared it.

      • lol… no worries Emma, if I’m going to laugh at your typo it was only fair for me to share one of my typo stories for you to have a good laugh at as well. Glad you enjoyed. :)

  9. Telepathically to reach Howard and warn him to win HOH, so he can put up Amanda and Aaryn and have Amanda walk out the front door. She thinks everyone else should do what she wants. If she wants Howard out, let her win her own HOH.

    • I agree. The third nom should be McCrea. I want to add insult to injury while she is on the block with him. Aaryn at this point is insignificant, but should not be rewarded to make jury.

  10. I dont have live feeds…but can I say that I am so SICK of seeing Amanda and McCrae on after dark! Why do they always show them in the bathtub talking about the same crap all the time!? I am jealous that you live feeders get to switch cameras!

    • seriously u have no idea….for 30 minutes or longer all 4 cameras were placed in the HOH bathroom and we could not change cameras…Several of us sent a message to CBS about the issue..

      • Oh no live feeds were tortured too! Someone on production has to be a total perv for Amanda and McCrae hahaha

  11. It baffles my mind that Kaitlin didn’t throw Veto last week. It never seemed to cross her mind either. Had Candice won, Aaryn would be home and not Jeremy. Kait wouldn’t have a larger target of comp wins on her back and she could have played the victim card had Jeremy still been put up. She could have used the sympathy card to her advantage and been able to completely turn/campaign against Aaryn. Winning that Veto ruined her last chance of staying. Yes she needed to protect herself but she was not the target and could have easily made it a close but ultimately thrown comp.

  12. Elissa is really starting to get on my nerves. She needs to lose the “holier than thou snobby” attitude. Why is she even in the game, it is so obvious to me that she could care less. She just went off on McCrae and Andy because she thought they were laughing at her when she was talking about doing bible study in the house, they were not. She acts like such a diva. If she keeps this up, my vote will be to make her that 3rd nominee until she is gone. If you didn’t know better, you would swear that Rachel was back in the house.

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