Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 3 Wednesday Daytime Highlights


Who is ready for yet another power shift this week on Big Brother 15? I know I am because Helen in power and Jeremy as the definite evictee this week has made for some terrible Live Feeds this week. Not only are the Houseguests sleeping all day, they’re getting along! Ha.

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 17, 2013

9:48 AM BBT – Jessie and Judd are up and hanging out in the back yard. They are talking about how they’re both in a safe spot this coming week.

10:02 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time.

10:28 AM BBT – Helen is up running her laps.

11:23 AM BBT – Howard tells Judd that he is not gunning for him or Jessie. Judd tells him he’s not after him or Candice either.

11:42 AM BBT – Candice says she does not plan to read any of the negative talk on the Internet when she gets out of the house.

12:15 PM BBT – Judd tells Elissa that he hopes she wins Head of Household and he wants to see her family.

12:28 PM BBT – Elissa tells Jeremy that GinaMarie concluded last night that Nick is an undercover cop. Ha.

12:33 PM BBT – Judd says he’s considering throwing the Head of Household since the MVP has been nominating the people who goes home (except this week).

12:40 PM BBT – Howard tells Spencer that he is safe and won’t be evicted.

12:45 PM BBT – Helen and Candice are talking about Aaryn and how she’s responsible for all the bad attitudes in the house, even Jeremy’s.

1:10 PM BBT – Everyone is out back talking about where they’d vacation if they won the half a million dollars.

1:35 PM BBT – Aaryn asks Andy to tell her if she needs to worry about votes and campaign. Um, campaign anyway!

1:37 PM BBT – Andy thinks Kaitlin is going to win Head of Household this week. For the record, so does Kaitlin.

2:40 PM BBT – Kaitlin tells Aaryn that the other side of the house backdoored the wrong person.

So just like yesterday, everyone is confident that Jeremy is heading out the door. Even the other nominees Aaryn and Spencer. They’re so not worried they’ve barely even mentioned it. They better hope the hosueguests don’t get bored today and take Jeremy up on his campaign promises.

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  1. Jeremy’s fate is pretty much sealed. I agree with Elizabeth that someone will take the alpha male role once he leaves. My money is on McCrae.

    • I think McCrae likes being the mouse in the corner so I’d be surprised if he became an alpha male. I really think it depends on who ends up being HOH this week. As long as it isn’t Aaryn, Kaitlin or GM the house will be pretty laid back IMO. I think the “mean girls” are willing to cause upheaval as long as they have Jeremy hanging around to ‘protect’ them. Not real sure if they have the nerve to act that way again once Jeremy walks out the door.

    • My money is on A-MAN-da for the role of alpha male after Jeremy leaves. Something just isn’t right with her.

  2. I find it laughable that people in the house are intimidated by a 23 year kid who lives on a friggin boat!! I would have put him squarely in his place the first time he spoke to me with his bullying attitude. I would have made HIM cry!

    • A woman with lots of game, yet she resorts to tears to get the work done. She needs to return her “Superwoman” membership card.

      • She absolutely needs to return that membership card! On the back of it in bold print it says “NO CRYING ALLOWED”. At least on mine it does. :-)

    • Yep the biggest one in the house. She cracks me up how she is upset when someone lies to her but she’s the biggest liar in the house. Everyone she talks to she’s going to “protect”. Which is the entire house. Her mouth is going to get her evicted.

  3. I am good with Jeremy going out now. He is a player, and teamed with Kaitlin, that is a mean duo. They have both won POV and taken themselves off the block. Aaryn “satans minion”, agro / looney tunes GM must go. Even, Spencer, I am done with. They are vile ignorant ppl. I don’t want them collecting anymore BB money. I read they get paid weekly, I think $750 to $1000. ( please fact check me). If they go to jury even more. (You hear them talk on the live feeds talking about getting paid.) Plus, I don’t want to see any of their mugs collecting $500,000. I cannot wait to see each of them, blindsided in the ‘real world’ you got fired! I wish Donald Trump, would guest star and tell each of them :P As for Aaryn >I think she is a card carrying member of the KKK. I cannot wait until these ignorant ppl blow through their BB money and wind penniless and graveling trying to make amends for being malicious/racists.

  4. Yeah, we should check Spenser’s wallet to see if he is a card carrying member, too.

  5. I totally want them to evict Jeremy but i think it’s smarter to evict Aaryn. She kinda needs to go. Plus if she goes, Katlin will feel like she has safety in this house. Plus we all know Jeremy wont win tomorrows veto.

  6. Jeremy or Aaryn needs to go
    I don’t like Spencer but he should stay
    My fave in the house is Elissa and then Helen
    I hope Elissa wins HoH next week

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