Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 3 Tuesday Daytime Highlights


It’s been another quiet day in the Big Brother 15 house. It appears that everyone has definitely accepted that Jeremy is walking out the door this week. That means there’s little to no campaigning, no fighting or much drama of any kind.

Read about all the moments from the house on our Live Feeds highlights below. And remember that you can check out any of these moments by using the Live Feeds flashback/archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10:03 AM BBT – Wake-up time. Finally. But no one gets up.

10:30 AM BBT – Helen is up running laps.

11:14 AM BBT – Amanda is sleeping still and the camera zooms in on a condom under her bed. That was placed there last night as a prank.

11:15 AM BBT – Houseguests are slowly waking up. Judd and Jessie are sitting outside while Helen is still running laps in the backyard.

11:24 AM BBT – Judd tells Jessie that Kaitlin needs to go next because she’s a tough competitor.

11:58 AM BBT – Jessie and Judd shake on an alliance they’ll call “Tenexas.”

12:02 PM BBT – Elissa says you can buy slop on the internet.

12:24 PM BBT – Judd tells Aaryn that she’s probably safe again next week because she’s off the radar for now.

1:33 PM BBT – Spencer rubs Jessie’s shoulders. It’s not as gross as it sounds. OK, maybe a little.

1:45 PM BBT – Howard and Spencer talking about having a memoerial service for Nick today so GinaMarie can lay his hat to rest (even though it isn’t Nick’s hat).

2:18 PM BBT – Aaryn is annoyed with GinaMarie because Aaryn keeps trying to make her feel better but she’s too obsessed with Nick.

2:20 PM BBT – Houseguests are just hanging out, getting along. General chit-chat carries on.

2:46 PM BBT – Nick’s memorial service has been postponed because GinaMarie is still too upset.

3:22 PM BBT – Houseguests talking about GinaMarie’s obsession with Nick. Amanda says GM doesn’t even know him and Andy says it’s the most ridiculous thing he’s seen.

Let’s hope Jeremy starts campaigning soon or at least starts freaking people out soon. Otherwise, this is going to be a long and kind of boring next two days.

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  1. Sounds like GM is a wee bit insane. The producers should remove her from the competition for their own sanity, as I’m sure she’s driving them nuts too.

    • At the present moment, most houseguests want Jeremy out of the house because he is a strong player and the most logical to evict over Aaryn and Spencer. It would be the right move for the house to evict Jeremy.

      • They BETTER be lying to Aaryn then. This is how I want her goodbye interview to go:

        Julie Chen: How do you feel about going home, knowing that you were fired from your job?
        Aaryn: What?
        Julie Chen: Oh, that’s right. We haven’t told you yet.

        I will literally be laughing my head off if that happened.

      • No, they (CBS or Julie) are not going to tell her anything like that on national tv. They will ask the standard questions on air. Then off air, they will tell her about her job and comments if they chose too. Might even see no eviction interview with BB fan sites.

      • I think Julie should start asking a question and then stop herself and say “Oh wait maybe I should shut up now and make some rice.” Or better yet have Julie not even there when Aaryn walks out the door and then go completely to commercial. No interview no nothing. I say no post eviction interview either, just send her home and thats it.

      • The right move is to evict Aryan for her vile racial comments. This trailer trash should not be on national television. What can CBS be thinking of – beside higher ratings!

      • No, the right move is to get Jeremy out. As for Aaryn, there isn’t much CBS can do about her comments other than post a disclaimer.

        I believe CBS can’t eject her. In past seasons of Big Brother, anytime a player got ejected from the game/house, it was always due to physical damage. Meaning the player broke a mic on purpose, hit another player and so on. But never for their comments. CBS and Big Brother are under contract with each player and that contract spells out the rules and I bet no where in that contract does it say anything of comments can get you ejected…

        So putting a disclaimer might be the only way CBS can deal with the problem. But I bet that might change for BB16 if there is one

      • I am pretty sure you are right. I think if CBS were to evict someone based on comments there would potentially be a discrimination lawsuit saying that CBS discriminated against her and all they would have to do to win is show the comments of Adam on BB9 and Evil Dick on BB8

    •’s actually McCraes but she’s too insane to care. Nick probably touched it ONCE so to her its sacred!

  2. Wow – I have been watching BB for a long time – I think this is the saddest cast of guests there has ever been – no one smart in this house. Who casted these idiots?

    • “Swamp People” rejects then again I have seen better and smarter people on that show…

      • Not just society – humanity itself. We lie, we cheat, we manipulate… if things go our way we cheer, we get cocky… if things don’t go our way, we manipulate some more, we sulk, we compete…etc. I do like that the show still shows some of the decent things that people are willing to do for each other inside the house. I was very touched by Candice giving her heart and arms to GinaMarie when she needed it (even though GM deserved far worse, Candice overcame her need for vengence and instead showed compassion).

      • And Howard did the same thing with GinaMarie. Much more than she deserved IMO. I think both Candice and Howard are good people, along with Judd and McCrae.

  3. I’ve known a woman like GM. She lost someone close to her, and would watch home videos with this person in them. When the movie was finished she would just rewind and watch it over and over again. This “memorial” sounds like a good intervention. It’s not like Nick died. Personally I’d like someone to walk over, grab GM by the shoulders, shake her senseless, and say, “Get a hold of yourself!”

    • I was quite impressed with the Amazing Race Canada (thought it was going to be even worse than Big Brother Canada, but so far they’ve done a good job)!

      • Hope they hit a few places outside of CA. I did not hear for sure.

        Siberia seems to be a Blair Witch Project/Bigfoot scenario. I wonder how many ‘contestants’ are plants vs actual players.

      • Actually my buddy & I tried to get on as a team. The show won’t be leaving Canada at all far as I know (I don’t think Siberia is in the mix, unless something’s happened to change their original statement that it’s all in Canada)… As for plants vs. real contestants? They all seem fairly genuine, my only eyebrow raiser would be the two sisters where they don’t really look alike and the younger one looks like a porn actress. And keeping in mind it’s only 9 teams (which is far less than the 12-14 teams the USA version takes on)…

      • Whew… thought I was going to have to have another one of ”those” type of discussions (like the time I just couldn’t convince a person on here that North America & South America are two different continents)! ;)

      • What? Siberia is not in Canada? lol actually for an american I know where most countries and major features are at if they have not changed their names a couple of times in the last twenty or so years.

        being from rural US primarily, it is funny to use compass directions with big city folk and see how confused they get.

      • Well said M&M, we should never judge a book by it’s cover (and I have no doubt you’d put a Cdn boy like me to shame when it comes to geography)! …keep up the good work and remind the people around you places like Toronto are actually more SOUTH than the top 1/3 of the USA (and therefore we don’t play hockey year round, nor do we get a lot of snow in the winter). Life & weather in Toronto is pretty much the same as it is in Chicago & NYC.

      • Siberia is a scripted drama in the guise of a “reality” show.

        Just a bunch of no name actors playing a “fake” game.

        Good call on the Blair Witch connection. That’s exactly what I thought of after the first episode.

  4. I wish Aaryn would be evicted rather than Jeremy. Who wants to watch another week of racism? Jeremy, in his dumb way, is at least more interesting than Aaryan’s bigotry (and 24/7 scowl).

    • Right now Jeremy is laying it on thick to Helen and Elissa. He’s promising them the world if they keep him. The tide may be turning.

    • Jeremy is the bigger target because he is better at competitions and stuff. Aaryn was HOH when she was handed it after Jeremy won the Competition for them. I am pretty sure though Aaryn will be on the block every week unless she is HOH.

  5. My mom told me that in BB1 the boys and girls had seperate rooms! Things have sure changed. Just curious – do the HGs sleep in pjs or undies? GinaM must wear Nick’s hat – somewhere!

    • BB1 was pretty primitive. They had to wash their clothes by hand, no microwave, no ice maker, etc. It was fun to watch but BB has slowly added the comforts of life sans TV, computer, telephone, cell phone, etc…

      Could you imagine this bunch living in that first BB house? OMG they would completely fall apart.

    • Brad the biggest difference I’ve noticed from past seasons to now (in addition to the ones pointed out by the other commentators), is the cast itself. Like a lot of reality shows, BB used to have a cross section of ”everyday people” who would compete for the money. But over time they decided to cast more and more part-time models, actors & actresses (in addition to the drunken fraternity crowd you now see) so that it would add to the drama in the house, and the t n’ a factor. If you watch, you can still see some house guests choosing only to sleep in the same room with the same sex…

      • The fun part was that in BB1, you have to impress the viewing public, more so if you get put on the block by your fellow HG’s. Depending on how edits go at the time, viewers can really see past the facade and know who’s being real and who’s not. Plus, people always have a thing of rooting for the good guys.

        Unfortunately, a lot of the more interesting people went out first although I think Eddie was the most deserving to be the winner in his season.

        I think if the voting system during that season was “Vote to Evict” instead of “Vote to Save”, it would have made a lot of difference.

        BB1 showcased raw human drama brought by the fact they are devoid of almost nothing conventional inside the house. If only production actually made them do interesting luxury and shopping tasks every week, they may have retained the original Dutch format today. :D

  6. You know… last week we heard GM say that “Nick is a good player”. When people say this it annoys me when they are talking about someone who got evicted. Jeremy said he’s a good player too.

    Here’s thing… the point of the game is to win. If you get one chance to play generally and you get voted out early. You aren’t a good player. You simply aren’t. By definition. This is true all the way up until some later point in the game. If you make it to Jury you are an “ok” player. If you make it to say final 4 you’re “good”. If you make it to the final 2 you’re a great player and if you do it in your second run that makes you even better. No matter what way you got there.

    What Jeremy and GM and many other people say is akin to saying that the person who never wins a video game is somehow good at that game. It simply isn’t the case.

    As far as the hate on Aaryn that is coming up on the board. It’s misplaced now. Yes she should be kicked out and such, but quite frankly, she’s shown herself to be redeemable the last few days and has taken the first steps in overcoming her problems. On the other hand Amanda, Judd, Andy, and McCrae are coming off as pretty trashy people, spreading lies and personally messing with people either by lying about others or manipulating them into being more hateful of something.

    Frankly, the only people in BB this season that are likable are Helen and Elissa with Howard in a 3rd place with a lil dirt on his face and Spencer in the far 4th place. Everyone is reprehensible for the most part.

      • Helen is the power hungry type who thinks she’s the smartest person in the room. Howard doesn’t really seem to understand the game.

      • Oh no, they have their flaws, but they’re still likable people overall.

        Helen is indeed like that, but it’s at least in a nice way that has overall helped everyone, but to me she seems to be really naive about human nature. Maybe later she’ll go nuts ^.^

        I don’t know if Howard understands the game or not, but even if he does, it would affect his game play from what I see.

      • I can see Howard playng an emotionally-charged game at this point given the circumstances over the past days. I’ll give him credit for being a mediator to Candice when Bed-Gate happened, but as far as the game itself is concerned, he is leaving quite a few cracks that might jeopardize his place in the house.

        And can I just say, he is bad at throwing comps.

      • I think Howard’s greatest weakness in the game is his decision to try and remain as moral and loyal as possible. (I hear ya out there) Yes, we saw one of his lies highlited in the show, but let’s remember that production could’ve done the same to any of the players who have lied and manipulated. I think Howard has the unrealistic goal of trying to be the first ”moral driven” player to win, so he struggles with each little lie he tells. I respect the man, but can’t say I see him in the final 4 unless somebody pulls him into a new alliance quick.

      • He should have done what Dan Gheesling did in his season. He made himself known to the house as the token devout Catholic so that gave him the edge of getting people to trust him. He was able to think of strategies without getting involved with the drama in the house. I think swearing on the Bible would have been a bit too extreme unless you’re true to your word.

        Unfortunately, Howard’s recent moves have led to a certain level of mistrust which, if left unchecked, will definitely kill his game.

      • Definitely. But I think Howard (unlike Dan) really believed he could go through the game morally unblemished – Dan was (depending on one’s view) very comfortable going back and forth between evil and good in his image.

      • They are all power hungry. Did the racist and bullies when they were in charge not power hungry? Did they not bully the others because they had power? Take Aaryn for instance or Jeremy? The reason they are hated so much is because of their racism and bullying of the other house guests! To say Helen is the only power hungry type is huge BS statement!

      • I think in Cyril’s own way he’s trying to say he has a different impression of the guests than you do. I think I also see things a bit differently Durakken. Whereas I do think Helen is probably the most mature player (overall, not completely) that tends to simply come from being the oldest player with the most responsibility & life stage growth (a fancy way of saying she probably won’t act like a 20-something year old because she’s not)… You really need to remember that this is all context though. Production & edits ”spin” image to make you believe what they want (that’s their job afterall)… I think they will soon show a different side of Helen & Elissa now that they are more in power, depending on who wins this next HoH.

      • Why do you think that everyone only see the edited version and says things based only on that?

        Also while life experience can change how you act, it doesn’t make you smarter or more mature.

        I think Helen will go a bit batty simply because she seems the type especially with Amanda and Aaryn in the house.

      • Ok, so I have to assume you have 24/live feeds/unedited version? I do too. Your observation of the cast in terms of likability is different from mine. You put Spencer 4th place?, and everyone else is reprehensible? I would put Spencer 14th…Then again,..we have individual perception.

      • Nope, but I do watch AD and listen to these web sites and take in what is happening which while isn’t everything it is enough to see the difference in the presentation.

        I don’t see how place Spencer is the 14th place of likability… Aaryn, Gina Maria, Jeremy, puts him at least in 13th.

      • Spencer has said vile things about women, has positive opinions about Hitler, and is generally gross and disgusting, I want him gone right after Jeremy and Aryan.

      • Julie Chen has said worse things about men then any house guest has ever said about women, Jeff Schroeder is also a misogynist and homophobic and he is considered the most likable person from BB. I haven’t heard anything that Spencer said that is “vile” and even if I did I doubt they’d be anywhere near the same level as Chen’s or Schroeder’s bigotry so you’re just wrong to dislike him on that front.

        As to him being gross & disgusting.. that’s non-descriptive and the only things I can think of that someone might say that about him about would make you a disgusting individual for calling that such. And not to mention we’ve seen some of these pick stuff out of each others’ ears so and people wearing other people’s clothes randomly and bullying and other such things that are far more disgusting.

        As to Hitler comments, as far as I can tell he was being factual. I don’t know the exact context but nothing he said was factually wrong from what he reported and I’d bet that he even prefaced those facts with something like “Nazi’s be evil and all but…” as people have to since people like you have an emotional reaction and just based on that rather than judging based on reality, after all you are calling Aaryn “Aryan” which is insulting to actual aryans, which had nothing to do with hitler or the nazis, but you don’t care because you like that surface emotional nonsense buzz you get from calling her names.

        And as far as the comments being “positive”. Those who don’t understand why things happened and worked the way they did will have no defense against it when someone does it again.

    • Hello? The object of the game is to win by lying, manipulation, strategy and what have you. Racism and bullying should not be part of it because it crosses the line! If you look at the best players of the game, Dan, Will Kirby, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Britney all lie and manipulate people all the time! If you did not, you are not playing the game!

      • Deception is one thing. Personal Attacks is another. Amanda, Judd, Andy, and McCrae have started doing the latter for no real reason other than it seams that Amanda finds it funny.

    • The first step to healing is to admit that you have a problem. If you do not admit that you have a problem, then it is impossible to heal. Since Aryan has not admitted that she has a problem, she is still broken and nothing has changed. And, in my opinion, Aryan is trying to save her own butt….point blank and period.

      • You can’t admit you have a problem if you can’t recognize you have a problem. As I’ve pointed out she has said she would think it’s a problem if she thought she was doing it. This means she has no recognition of what she is doing is racist which means she is dissociating herself from her actions.
        I don’t agree with what she has said, but neither does she from what she has said. She just doesn’t recognize that she did it. What she is doing is called a dissociative disorder. Her mind, as it is can’t recognize what she did as her doing it.
        And to persist in thinking she is racist when she clearly isn’t as a person, but rather has a dissociative disorder is the same type of bigotry that is the racism that you find so vile.

  7. Paula Deen said a racial slur nearly 30 years ago and, looses nearly all her endorsements as well as her reputation. Now BB has Aaryn, who doesn’t even think she has done anything wrong and, frankly could care less if she did, and they allow her to remain on the show. I don’t know which is worse, the morons on the show or, the morons running the show. I will tell you this, I don’t believe I will continue watching it, if she remains on the show much longer. For that matter I don’t believe I will watch BB16 if there is one. The producers need a better screening process or something when selecting the house guests. If the other house guests are sick of her racial slurs, then they need to get their heads out of their butts and, vote out the bigot. Jeremy can wait another week.

    • If she continues doing derogatory remarks, the target would have swayed off of Jeremy’s back and towards hers from the get-go but at the moment. she and the rest of her gal pals has been quiet for the past few days, save for GinaMarie’s continuing saga of losing Nick.

      It’s a certainty that she’ll get evicted soon before jury but for now, the house is focused on Jeremy as he is the bigger threat in comps. Plus the fact that he is also a disrespectful jerk who placed Elissa’s hat on his ass. Remember Ass-hat in Week 1 on the live feeds? He also blew up during Wine-Gate.

      If you take Jeremy out, you take out the snake’s sole limb, leaving the head (Aaryn) hanging out to dry.

      Let the houseguests have the pleasure of giving Aaryn the comeuppance she deserves by evicting her within the next few weeks.

      And to remind people who are new to Big Brother, an HG can only be kicked out for inciting violence in whatever shape or form (aggressive behavior, threatening language and actual physical confrontation) in addition to destruction of property inside the house (throwing mics into the pool).

  8. Ok, I think the other house guests should tell GM that she should go tell the producers that she wants to quit because, Nick is waiting to be with her outside the house. She is so unstable right now that, she may fall for it. Just a thought.

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