Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 10 Wednesday Highlights


Things heated up in the Big Brother 15 house just like they’re supposed to the night before a big eviction. This time it was GinaMarie vs. Amanda and it got crazy and went on for more than an hour.

Meanwhile, Amanda is still feeling confident that the plan she and Elissa have to blindside the others with her staying is going to actually go down.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Wednesday, Sept. 4, 2013

10:35 AM BBT – Feeds cut. Wake-up time. No one really gets up.

2:00 PM BBT – Elissa is reading the Bible. Everyone else still in bed.

2:15 PM BBT – Others finally starting to wakeup.

2:45 PM BBT – Elissa and Amanda in the bathroom cheering over their plan to blindside everyone by keeping Amanda. They think they have Andy’s vote but they really don’t.

4:05 PM BBT – Houseguests are speculating on whether or not this week will be a double eviction.

4:20 PM BBT – McCrae and Amanda are talking about how they can’t wait to see GinaMarie’s face during the eviction when Amanda stays.

6:20 PM BBT – Judd told Elissa to “shut the f**k up.” He’s not happy with her and is mad at her plan to save Amanda.

6:30 PM BBT – Judd talking about how much he hates Elissa. Not sure where this is coming from.

6:34 PM BBT – Spencer admits that he lied about Howard and Candice doing a diary room session together. He says he said it just to make Amanda mad.

7:10 PM BBT – Elissa tells Amanda that Andy had to have told the others their plan. Amanda says no way that Andy has her back.

7:20 PM BBT – Elissa still trying to make McCrae and Amanda believe that Andy is not going to vote to keep Amanda. They tell Elissa he definitely is.

7:40 PM BBT – Amanda tells Judd that Elissa is mad at him. He plans to apologize later.

7:55 PM BBT – Amanda asks Andy if Spencer is campaigning at all. Andy says no because he thinks he’s 100 percent safe.

8:20 PM BBT – Even production is bored with the houseguests so they got Play-Doh.

9:13 PM BBT – Judd has been in a bad mood all day because he wants to smoke. He’s getting mad that Kaysar got a hookah in his HOH and he can’t even get an e-cigarette.

9:20 PM BBT – GinaMarie and Amanda start arguing over a smirk Amanda may or may not have made. It got really nasty. GM cuts on Amanda about hopping in bed with McCrae right away. Amanda brings up the rumors that GM is bulimic. Amanda calls GM psychotic. GM calls Amanda a “dirty dirtbag whore.”

9:28 PM BBT – The fight goes on for a very long time. Feeds cut in and out because of the blows they’re delivering to each other. They’re pulling out stuff like prescription drug use, illegal drug use, pregnancy, eating disorders. They cover it all. It’s pretty intense.

9:36 PM BBT – Amanda and GM get in each others’ faces and Judd has to step in. McCrae just sits there.

9:57 PM BBT – Amanda goes to the Have-Not room to cry and belittle McCrae for not defending her in the argument. GinaMarie comes in to apologize. She says everyone is emotional and things got out of control.

10:13 PM BBT – Amanda is now crying in the photo booth. Then goes to her bedroom to cry. Elissa has consoled her and now McCrae is trying, but he’s not doing a very good job.

10:34 PM BBT – McCrae and Amanda are arguing again about him not standing up for Amanda. She tells him it was wrong of him not to defend her. He tells her there was no point. And he says that this is Big Brother and nothing is right or wrong in the house.

10:50 PM BBT – Elissa is doing GM’s hair while GM does her retelling of the right.

11:10 PM BBT – Andy with Spencer and Judd plan how to blame Andy’s vote. They’ll blame it on Elissa if McCrae wins HoH or on McCrae if Elissa wins HoH.

11:20 PM BBT – Elissa tells GM she’d go after McCrae for the Double Eviction.

12:20 AM BBT – Judd catches Elissa and tries again to apologize. He says that will help protect them from both going up together.

12:50 AM BBT – Despite saying she wouldn’t do it, GM does give up her HoH room to McCranda for the night.

1:30 AM BBT – McCranda sit and worry about the upcoming vote. Amanda plans to talk again with Elissa to confirm. McCrae says if Amanda goes then he’ll want to get out GM over Judd and plans to cozy up to Judd if he’s alone in the game.

1:45 AM BBT – McCrae criticizes Amanda for picking a big fight with the one HG who could be voting the tie-breaker on Thursday.

2:15 AM BBT – Amanda wants McCrae to head downstairs and check on discussions. He’s not interested, but goes and does it.

2:25 AM BBT – Exterminators stressing the potential of a Double Eviction.

2:40 AM BBT – McCrae worries Andy will flip on them. Amanda says its too early in the game for him to do that.

3:00 AM BBT – HGs all getting to bed for the night. McCrae thinks they might be boring to the Feedsters.

I’m not sure it will top last night’s drama, but tonight’s episode will surely cause some drama that will spill over to the Live Feeds. So be sure to not miss it.

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  1. It will frustrate me to ends if they believe Andy over Elissa tomorrow. Amanda saying it’s too early? There is only 13 days left until finale its not early at all. I just hope that if McC wins HoH tomorrow he doesn’t put Elissa up and that she wins PoV

    • Elissa’s stupid for trusting or working with maccranda because everyone knows Andy is a scemer and can’t be trusted. If she goes through with it and doesn’t win the second HOH then she might as well say her goodbyes because you never vote against the house.

      • What are Elissa’s other options? If Amanda leaves, Elissa becomes the new Amanda. All the ‘Excrementors’ want her out too. She needs an alliance to keep her safe. If Amanda goes, so will Elissa.

      • Elissa needs an alliance but, at this stage of the game. Winning HOH and
        POV is better. You know you can trust yourself 100% but, you never know
        about alliances when there is $500,000 at stake! She just needs to win
        the next 4 weeks. It is not impossible. Aaryn won 4 HOH against this
        bunch. Amanda yesterday, single handedly beat the Exterminators one by
        one plus Elissa too!

      • If Andy was going to vote Amanda out then I would agree, keeping Amanda is her best option. But Elissa seems to believe now that Andy is not going to save Amanda. So now her best option is to vote Amanda out and try to convince GM that Andy, Spencer and McCrae are going to work together to get GM, Elissa and Judd out. Elissa’s options are all long shots anyway, but there is no positive outcome for voting out Amanda unless Andy does too. Remember, had Elissa never entertained the option of saving Amanda, the exterminators were going to get McCrae out for the DE. Elissa would be safe for at least 1 more week. But now they are going to take her out before McCrae.

      • Elissa has no other options. The Exterminators want her out. McCrae is her last saving grace and idk if she’ll make it out alive tonight but we’ll go down with her.

      • Judd and Elissa were just talking in the bathroom, but, I missed what they were saying. couldn’t get FB to work, here is what I THINK is going to happen..Elissa is going to vote to evict Amanda. Vote will be 3-1. McCrae will then realize that Andy is a liar. So, Amanda may not be the only one who is getting blindsided tonight. Maybe Judd and Elissa are really working together after all. We will see what happens!

      • I think she knows that Amanda is going(working with Judd)this way she can protect Judd and Judd can protect her because people don’t know they are working together. She knows that Andy is telling the exterminators everything(from Judd) and lying to Mcranda, so she can be on Mcrae’s good side in case he wins. Andy will be caught in the middle.

      • Judd is not loyal to Elissa because he has already betrayed Elissa. Elissa for her sake has to figure out fast that Judd is a snake and not to be trusted!

  2. Why won’t they give Judd a cigarette?? He is being crazy. Although I think I’d go crazy in there. I think I’d be kicked off by now lol

    • My understanding is that they’re allowed to bring in cigarettes with them when they move in. Once those run out, they are done. A lot of house guests underestimate their own addiction (especially those who manage to go further into the game than they expected).

      • I didn’t know they can run out. They should have comps for cigs. Give up luxuries to buy them. Or something.

      • Well the other thing is that it’s so boring, you probably end up smoking more than you normally would on a given day. I think you’ll see people with e-cigs in future seasons

    • If they allow smokers on the show, they should really have a smoking room or somewhere they can go to smoke. That’s just cruel. You know there is no way Judd will win the HOH comp. He is a mess.

      • It’s a behavioral test on these contestants just as much physical and social. You choose to be a smoker, you should know in the game there are multiple hour lockdowns. Kind of th same thing with have-nots… food and sleep challenges..

  3. this site is full of it at the end of the live show elissa was saying that amanda was going home to gina marie why in the hell would she trust amanda ? amanda has been picking on elissa for the past 2 weeks . i’m rooting for elissa or gina marie to win it all .

      • I really think Elissa is either trying to out Andy to Amanda and McCrae or truly blindside Amanda like they did Helen.

        I don’t think she wants her to stay. Just don’t see it.

      • I would agree with that if she felt Andy was also going to vote to save Amanda. But if she is suspicious of Andy’s vote then she needs to vote out Amanda. This will do two things. First, it outs Andy to McCrae. Elissa can tell McCrae she wanted to vote to save Amanda but she knew Andy wouldn’t so she had to protect herself. I don;t think McCrae is going to work with Elissa either way but at least this way there is a possibility of McCrae targeting Andy more than Elissa for the DE.

        If Elissa does vote out Amanda she can tell the house she never intended to vote to save Amanda and that she just wanted to keep Amanda from bothering her all week. Plus, she wanted Amanda to feel safe so she could be blindsided for what she did to her and Helen.

      • I think she is trying to expose Andy, but, he is such a good liar, that this vote will end up being her fault, even though it isn’t, because he will run to McCrae right after the eviction and tell him he voted for Amanda to stay and he will be so good at the lie, that McCrae will think it was Elissa. Even though Elissa has been trying for the last two days to tell them they really can’t trust Andy at all. I don’t know when or if McCrae will ever see it. I really hope Elissa or McCraie win HOH tonight. these exterminators are a bunch of jerks. GM is downright nasty, she hasn’t changed at all. I will take great pleasure if they master plans go haywire, starting tonight!

    • No, we are not “full of it.” What you saw on the TV show was from three days ago. What you read above was from hours ago.

      Things change quickly in the house and the shows typically show an edited, slanted view to make you believe one thing is happening when in reality it’s something different.

  4. Even if Andy is ousted before 2nd noms I still don’t think McRae will put him up. I know McRae is worried abt Anndy’s vote but has Mcrannda even discussed putting Andy up if he betrays t hem?

    • They will still blame Elissa, even if they only get 2 votes. They still trust Andy more than her. Amazing.

  5. lol yes mcstinky very boring thats why i missed the fight last night was watching bb au instead……

  6. you think about it it is pretty much set up for Elissa to win the hoh after the double eviction shes the only player left in the game thats in shape..Gm bad back and broke toe mcra only smokes and sleeps Judd havent seen anything from him spence out of shape fatty and well andy nuff said if Elissa can make it to the endurance comp she will kill them.

    • I am rooting for Elissa to dominate the HOH and POV. If she is able to do it, she will be able to go deep and maybe, even win this! There are only 6 players left after Amanda gets evicted and it is double eviction which means it is Final 5 after tonight! The obvious next target is Andy or Judd. McCrea needs to figure out that Elissa is his best chance to survive as the others will target him and Elissa!

      • Elissa has no allies in the house so for her to go all the way she is going to have to win every other HOH and the POVs in between. The odds are slim. At this point I hope she votes Amanda out. Not only will she out Andy, but she can tell the others she was never going to save Amanda. She was just saying that to keep Amanda from attacking her all week.

        If she suspects Andy is not going to vote out Amanda, she cannot vote to save Amanda.

  7. It would make my day if Judd framed Andy. Judd could vote to keep Amanda and get of Spencer who would then go to the jury house thinking Andy lied. GM would be left who would expose Andy for the liar he is which would in turn make Amanda and McCrae angry at him and this could easily send Andy out during double eviction. Andy is so smug thinking he’s framing Elissa. It would be so funny if Judd framed him instead. I still wish Elissa and Judd were working together to make it to final 2.

    • Judd cannot think for himself if his life depended on it! Andy has Judd wrapped in his little finger! That is how bad Judd is! Imagine that Elissa protected Judd’s ass when he came back and she was HOH. Judd promised Elissa to work with her and yet, he forms a new alliance and does not inform Elissa about it! The alliance has Elissa as a target and Judd, of course does not tell Elissa about the plan to target her! Judd has betrayed Elissa when Elissa has been loyal to him!

      • This is why Judd got evicted the first time around and it is why he was one of the worst guests to bring back into the house.

      • You certainly make some good points. I just wish he would have stuck with her. He seems like a likable guy but certainly has been acting strange lately. Disappointed in him, but still hoping he has something up his sleeve.

    • There was a quick convo captured that idk if it was supposed to be seen or what it was, but Judd was laying in the BR and Elissa says “I don’t think anyone would think we’re working together now.” This wasn’t during BBAD or his apology. Idk if it meant anything or just to throw us off, but it happened.

  8. I know he says it over and over, but I won’t trust Andy to flip on 2AM until he casts his eviction vote. Will make the most exciting eviction night yet.
    I’m really interested to see how McCrae plays the game now, once he gets over his depression and realizes he’s in a game for half a million.

    • I think McRae will be a new man/boy after the old ball and chain goes, I think he’ll like having his life back, she has to be getting on his last nerve. The fight last night between amanda and gm was beyond insane, not to mention boring.

  9. Amanda needs to go! She’s so egotistical she doesn’t think that anyone would lie to her and its hurting McCray. And I have money on McCray since first episode. So I need him to get his head straight! See you later psycho!

  10. I’m so happy to see Amanda crying. She is just a bully. Boo hoo. It’s about time she gets a taste of her own medicine. She’s controlled everything for to long. She can dish it but she can’t take it. Macrea is just a wuss hope he goes next…

  11. Of course knowing what we all now, Amanda in her speech should out Andy, “we have been in an alliance since day one, Andy. I expect your vote as well as Elissa’
    If I get voted out your are not be trusted, you be outed as a floater, & certainly not win big brother. Kaboom!

  12. Can’t wait to see the bitches face when she gets blindsided again. That will make her wonder if she should have started that fight with GM. Hopefully Elissa will have something to do with the rat going out. (double eviction nite) He will cry like a little bitch that he is.

  13. Well, look on the bright side. Looking at Elissa in her out fit sure makes up for having to look at Amanda’s flabby ass running around in her drawers. I would have complained by now, about Amanda running around and sitting her nasty ass on all the furniture in her drawers.(with her yeast infection)
    She is a scuzzy bitc-

  14. I know a lot of people have been saying they are probably voting for Judd or Elissa for AFP but Judd’s action this past week seem to have changed some people’s minds. Is anyone still voting for Judd for AFP?

  15. Is Elissa really siding with Amanda or is this a ploy to keep Amanda quiet til she’s evicted? I don’t have live feeds so I don’t know. I can only go by what you people post here.

    • I don’t have the live feeds but I think she is doing it because it’s her only option to try to align with anyone.

      • I was hoping it was a ploy by the whole house to be mean to Amanda by having her think she was safe and then getting her out. I really hate to think Elissa actually aligned with her. Too bad.

      • well i guess i’m giving the houseguests more credit than they deserve, but boy oh boy would that be a big ole heap of get-back if all of them were plotting to do that.

    • I DO have the live feeds (for this final month only) and I come here to read comments because I still have no idea if Elissa is “for real” siding with Amanda or if it’s a ploy!!! Before I had the feeds I knew the HG’s were the dumbest HG’s of all time. After getting the feeds, I realized they were even DUMBER and more STUPID then I originally thought. Their casual conversations sound like a bunch of 5th-6th graders hanging out together. They are absolute morons.

  16. Amanda is thinks she knows everything and is so smart,pisses me off. She won’t listen to anyone. Elissa has told her multiple times that Andy has told the Exterminators their plan. She refuses to believe. Thinks Andy is 100% on her side. Now McCrea tells her HE thinks Andy is not going to vote for her. Still won’t listen. Believes what Andy tells her over either Elissa or McCrea. Idiot. Not that there is anything anyone can do about it.

  17. How can Demanda cry about her getting attacked by GM? Did Demanda not do that exact thing to Elissa? And it was a lot longer & crueler than anything GM said to Amanda.

    • If she would have just walked away or kept quiet that would have ended it; but, nooooo she had to keep poking jabs back. Gina may have started it, but Amanda did help to keep it going. Never hurts to let someone else have the last word once in a while.

  18. As much as I don’t like to glow over people’s missery, I just could not, but to laugh all night over Amanda’s break down and crying.

    This skank deserve all what she got from GM last night, I wish GM should have thrown some more digs at her, she Amanda then crawls and hide in the have not room crying like the bitch she is and start arguing with McStinky for not helping her.

    This is the same moron who accosted Elissa banging on the HOH door blowing horn calling Elissa all sorts of names, accusing Elissa of Botox injection on her face and lips, telling Elissa how ugly she is, knowing that Elissa has no one to go to battle for her, but she wants McStinky to go fight for, how funny, she can dish it but can not take it

    I am praying that she is send packing tonight so that we can see some sort of normalcy in the house so that the rest of the HGs can focus on getting the little rat weasel and the bearded idiot out the house also. Hey Amanda, don’t let the door hit you on your stinky skanky behind.

  19. “McCrae worries Andy will flip on them. Amanda says its too early in the game for him to do that.”

    Wow. 7 people left in the house and it’s “too early”… Amanda is delusional when it comes to Andy’s loyalty. She’s going to be in for a rude awakening when she’s voted out.

  20. Judd and Elissa were just talking in the bathroom, but, I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, go figure that, with Judd… is what I THINK is going to happen..Elissa is going to vote to evict Amanda, vote will be 3-1. McCrae will then realize that Andy is a liar. I think Andy will also be in for a blindside tonight! Hope that is how it goes.

  21. Judd and Elissa were just talking in the bathroom, I couldn’t really hear what they were saying, you know how Judd talks..anyway, here is what I THINK is going to happen. Elissa is going to vote to evict Amanda, vote will be 3-1, McCrae will t hen realize that Andy is a liar. So, Amanda may not be the only one who is going to be blindsided tonight. At least, I hope that is how it goes. Maybe Judd and Elissa are working together after all. Maybe!

  22. I’m done with this game. Worst final 5 ever. They can all go to hell. My vote will be for Elissa for America’s favorite player.

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