McCrae & Judd arrive at Big Brother Canada finale

McCrae & Judd head north for Big Brother Canada finale

The Big Brother 15 HGs were never ones to pass up the opportunity to get together and party, even if that means traveling all the way up to Canada for tonight’s Big Brother Canada finale show.

So far we’ve seen McCrae, Judd, Andy, Spencer, GinaMarie, and Amanda all head north and meet up with lots of the BBCAN1 and BBCAN2 HGs. Yes, that means McCrae and Amanda were back together in the same room again and it looked just about as comfortable as you might have expected that reunion to be.

The BBUS and BBCAN former HouseGuests were partying it up and having a lot of fun while sharing pictures of their adventures on Twitter and Instagram. It sounds like McCrae even managed to stream a live cam for their party.

Check out the pictures they’ve shared so far and get ready for more because after tonight’s Big Brother Canada finale there should be a lot more partying going on!

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Update: Big Brother HGs from both sides of the border know how to party! Things kept going all weekend with lots more pictures shared by the former HGs on Twitter.

Here are a handful of the party photos we saw them sharing.

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Image source: Twitter & Instagram


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