Big Brother 15: GinaMarie Has A Meltdown Over Her Blog

GinaMarie cries to HGs

Update: GinaMarie’s HoH blog has been released and yes, it’s as bad as she feared. CBS did not edit it as HGs suggested they might. GinaMarie said she couldn’t include “Chicago,” “nominations,” or “eviction” as she couldn’t spell them.

Each week the Big Brother 15 Head of Household gets to write a quick blog detailing their week in the penthouse and the surrounding drama. This time around that responsibility fell on GinaMarie and resulted in some pitiful moments in the fallout.

GinaMarie came back downstairs from her blogging duties (2:54PM BBT 8/6) and headed straight for the Lounge after a quick hug from Helen. HGs could tell she was upset so Amanda, Helen, and Andy gathered around to comfort and support her.

Helen told her the assignment was difficult to do even for her as a frequent writer in the 45 minutes allotted. Amanda assures her she’s a fun person for viewers to watch and they don’t expect in-depth strategy or well-written content from GinaMarie. For all the unpleasantness we’ve seen in that house the HGs are very kind and supportive to her.

GinaMarie is sobbing through their encouragement (Flashback to 2:58PM BBT 8/6). Helen tells her, “there are millions of people in the world who are book-smart, but there’s only one GinaMarie.” Well that’s probably true and I’m pretty sure Helen meant that in a kind way. There a few other gems mixed in there.

We also get a glimpse of what GinaMarie liked about Nick so much. She tells them he was the only guy who hasn’t made her feel stupid and that’s why she “liked-ed him.” Everyone in the room paused. I guess that explains part of her obsession with Nick.

We should get to read GinaMarie’s blog soon here on CBS. Helen suggested to GM that CBS would clean up her writing. I’m not sure they usually do that, but in this case they just might. Sign-up now for the Live Feed free trial to watch this event and more.

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    • No I think being in house so long and being Hoh just who do you trust I agree Helen and Amanda buh bye a/s/a/p

      • This “meltdown” was nothing compared to the meltdowns Elissa has had in which she exhibits her bullying behavior and is a pathetic example to her children. I believe this website attempted to minimize Elissa’s meltdowns as “bad edits” even though they were seen in their entirety on bbad and the feeds

      • Elissa is just opinionated. Big difference between her drunk sounding insults and what the box-shaped psycho, the aryan, and the illiterate idiot do.

    • That is nothing compared to what will happen to her when her bad karma hits her! And it will hit her hard in ways, she never imagined! I have seen it happen so many times to people who deserved it! She brought it on herself and has herself to blame when it is time for her to pay!

      • Yes, so true, I would hate to be in her presence when the reality fan hits her from all sites, her family is more then sure disappointed of her I know I would if she was even a so call friend! I do not wish her anything bad but I would definitely want her family to keep a watch on her, because it seems she can not handle the truth!

  1. I’ve come to understand GM more over these past few weeks as a person…and have actually grown to have sympathy for her.

    At the beginning of the season I couldn’t stand her and wanted her out ASAP…but I have to admit, she’s a very interesting person to try and figure out. At times she’s very intrusive and obnoxious, but there’s also a side of her that’s sweet and fun.

    • I would agree Torrey. She can be really good natured at times and funny. But too little too late. She burnt her bridge at the beginning of the game with the racial stuff. Her mistake was alliance to

      • Well aaryn never said any racial thing lately but she is still making comments about candice

      • She does it secretly…with Amanda. *gasp* She knows better than to do it in the open like she did before.

      • She didn’t ally herself with Aaryn because they are unlike! She is obe of the most ignorant people… no, she is the most ifnorant person that I have ever seen on this program and they have had some dummies. She gets the pointy hat! Lol!

    • GM should have just been her true self and not the person she thought people wanted her to be. I think GM does have a fun side to her. However, she chose not to let that side shine. She made her bed and made it impossible for her to have a restful sleep.

      • She’s only fun when she’s asleep cus that’s when you don’t hear how stupid she is, you don’t have to see her chew like a cow, and you don’t have to hear her try to make beats with her burps and farts. When she’s awake, the world cries.

    • She’s a fake attention seeking slug that throws b*tch fits when she’s not getting her way. Well…now she’s a barely literate attention seeking slug. Dumb b*tches get no love.

    • She recently called Andy a fudgepacker and Candice a cunt. GM is white trash and am glad she was fired from her job. She needs to realize that she is no role model for young girls or anyone else for that matter.

      • Called him a fudge packer for not “saving her bed” when Elissa and Helen switched things around before mentioning it to Andy. There’s enough trash on the show…we don’t really need her.

    • Ohhh…I don’t know. She stopped being interesting to me when she made that snarky comment about Candice being dark and then saying that bs about her being adopted. Maybe if GM’s mom loved her enough to put her up for adoption, she’d be able to read/write and she’d have manners. She obviously wasn’t raised by anyone at all…or she wasn’t raised by someone with any home training. Apples don’t fall far from trees, ya know.

  2. GM is that your game plan get out everyone who has book smarts! Well we know why Ms Candice is your biggest treat in the house

    • She’s mad Candice won pageants, too….her and Aaryn are both salty about it. When they start talking trash they bring it up.

  3. In more important game news, Aaryn is thinking about flipping on Amanda, she sees Amanda running the house and just being plain mean. If this happens I could see the house going crazy.

    • Foolish girl. Amanda is the only one of them who would really entertain the thought of taking Aaryn to F2. Maaaaybe Judd but that’s…unlikely.

      If Amanda leaves soon, it’s a race to see whom evicts whom first amongst Helen, McCrae and Aaryn. That could get pretty wild indeed. Where will the floaters go?

      • Why do you think Amanda, Helen and Judd has been coddling Aaryn all this time? So that, someone else can take her to Final 2? Judd went out of his way to concoct a lie to get Kaitlyn out the door. That speaks volumes out there! Floaters will go to whoever has power because they will still be scared to do anything!

    • even though it might be not the best for their game but I really wish Aaryn and Ginamarie is on Helen/Elissa ‘s side. She didn’t really say that she’s thinking about flipping on Amanda though she just said she didn’t trust her

      • Aaryn has a deal with Amanda, Helen and Judd who are all coddling her. That is what makes evicting Aaryn now, even harder!

      • Everybody has had a deal with everyone in the house. Which ones are real? Probably only McManda’s.

  4. This is the role model for our little girls?
    Thank goodness she lost her job working with padgents!

    • She’s not a role model, she does makeup for aspiring Honey Boo-Boos. She was low down on the totem pole, hence here company didn’t blink in ejecting her disposable ass.

  5. Everyone hates Amanda but whenever someone is upset who is the first person comforting them? Amanda!

  6. When BB15 is over GM and Aaryn are goig to receive fabulous job offers. No one is goig to care about the comments they made during the first week.

    • You’re right because there are thousands of people just like them who will love working with them. Hundreds who will hire them for the same reason.

      • I’m sure there is no shortage of racists and bullies who will coddle Aaryn and Gina Marie when they get out. However, their bad karma will still get them and they will pay for it wherever they maybe! Look at Bernie Madoff who swindled $50 billion from seniors, pension funds, charities who went bankrupt because they lost all their monies. Only $1 billion has been recovered and probably the other $49 billion salted away in a Swiss Bank. Anyway, one of his sons commiteed suicide! That could be just part of bad karma starting to punish him! Ken Lay of Enron died of a heart attack. Jeffrey Schilling of Enron got convicted and doing time now for his financial crimes so, karma will hit when they do not expect it but, justice will be served!

    • Well there will be a period of time when they’ll have to use their PR firms to get a better image… but yes after that’s done, they’ll get very nice offers indeed. Remember, Aaryn is used to performing in front of the camera as is GM. People will use that to their advantage. Heck even Chima (the WORST BBguest ever to get both on and kicked out) even got offers from companies because of her ‘infamous’ celebrity status…

      • Chima Simone is USC graduate/ Master of Arts. Unless you have the “it factor” it’s a tough business.

      • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! HYEAH RIGHT!!!! Their career’s over… get used to living with your parents BITCHES…. i’m sure soon enough you’ll find the right sugar-daddy.

      • They may get jobs because there are racists out there who will certainly hire them. However, they will get their just desserts when karma hits them square in the face! And they can run and hide but, karma will still find them! Justice will be served and that is for sure!

    • During the first week? HA!!! Peon # 1 & 2 have been making nasty comments about Candice all the way through till this morning.

      I see GM and Aryn’s team are trolling around trying to make us forget who they really are AHAHAHAHAHAHA! NICE TRY !!

  7. The only thing that could make this bb a tad bit interesting is if they flip he house and vote orangie out!!!

  8. How hilarious will it be.. When Helen, believing it’s not time to evict Amanda. They send Candice home. Amanda or MC get HOH and they send Helen home on second eviction lol Just a random thought. I’m not hoping that it goes that way. Stranger things have happened and the HG are not playing with a full deck. Even better, what if Amanda and MC final 2 then he throws her under bus and has been playing her the whole time. Karma

    • That can happen because Amanda is probably more ruthless than Helen! Helen is a dumbass too to tell Gina Maria and Aaryn about Jessie’s lobbying to get Amanda evicted! A move that would favor Helen and she outs Jessie’s plan? That is why Amanda and Helen need to go! Helen can go first if she wants because of her stupidity!

      • Helen wants Amanda out…they have all discussed it…Helen was covering her own ass by blaming Candice & Jessee ( just incase) she does it all the time…

      • The very least, she should keep her mouth shut and let the plan percolate and maybe, take hold. Instead, she is in effect killing the plan itself because if Amanda knows about it—-it makes it that harder to pull off! She can cover her ass by denying it to Amanda’s face.
        That should be sufficient! Even Spencer who was lobbying to get Amanda evicted, lied to Amanda’s face that he was doing what he accused him of doing after she found out! Deny, deny and deny is all Helen needs to do!
        Keep her mouth shut though.

  9. I don’t even want to sound rude or disrespectful but this bitch is crazy. Wait until she gets out of the house and realizes she was fired from her job and America knows she is a racist piece of trash. If Nick was ever seen with her again his reputation would be ruined for wanting to pursue a relationship with someone so vile and hated. She will go crazy when she gets out of the house and realizes she lost everything.

    She is just a dirty, disgusting, piece of trash from a gross Staten Island beach. Even Jojo was better than her!!

    • Okay, the blog thing is hilarious! GutterMouth can’t spell Helen or Chicago, hahahaha! Karma is a ………Sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for her. I hope they don’t correct anything. I would love to read her blog in its original state. ROFLMAO!

      • Now now Lee. I’m with you in wanting to see a little bit of vengeance mixed with justice…but coming from a family where I was the only university educated family member (my parents not even graduating high school), I’ve seen first hand how a lack of education and poor self-image as an ”idiot” creates hatred in a person’s heart. GM needs to smarten up, not be beaten down if she’s going to change and realize her wrongs… As my dad once said to me: ”I don’t need you to tell me how stupid I am!”

      • Unfortunately no. I get the updates primarily through a friend watching live feeds and through you guys here online (then I’ll check the youtube clips when applicable)…

      • Oh ok, was wondering if Slice cut the sound all the time like there doing on TVGN. It really annoy me.

      • The live feeds only go to fish when they are singing or talking about production. But it never cuts the words out like BBAD. I used to watch it on Showtime and it was really good then. But I don’t have TVGN so I got the live feeds this season and it was worth every penny. And also cheaper than Showtime.

      • Me too Captain. Just when you think you’re gonna get some good info, the sound goes silent for 20+ seconds. And you know that they aren’t cursing that entire time. Sometimes they edit when not a curse word is mouthed. Makes me wonder what they are trying to cover up.

      • Matt. I’m sorry, but I don’t feel sorry for her. If people have beaten you down, then you should not be the person who beats others down. You should be the person who builds others up. I’m for sure that’s what your parents did. I can tell from you comments that you are a good person and I believe your parents did an excellent job. But, to be honest, I do not think GM is being her true self, anyway. I believe she is being the person she thinks everyone wants her to be. If GM let her funny side shine, she would be a very likeable person.

      • On this one, we’ll have to agree to disagree… I’ve yet to meet a person who’s hatred has been cured by other people’s hatred of them. No worries though, like I said, I understand why you’d feel that way. :)

      • I hope they don’t clean it up for her. I can’t wait to read it. I can’t feel sorry for her either. If she can dish it out, then…

        I’m getting some solid entertainment and much needed laughter from this group of cock-a-roaches and scrubs!

    • Exactly. This girl is crazy. Only a nutcase would save unwashed cups that Nick drank out of, or cereal boxes he ate from or touched. She talks a big game, in the diary room apparently, because these so-called scrubs she was after was no more, and now it’s a hate on Candace thing. Really? Candace is your big threat? Yeah, only because GM offended her, and is a freaking racist. I don’t know who I want more out of this house. A select few in this house are disgusting human beings & bullies.

    • Now, that you mention it—-she may be related to the Mob Wives, Denise, Carla, Drita and Karen of that series. They are italian and married to someone from the mob! They have it on Netflix for free Mob Wives (Season 1 & 2). The way Gina Marie talks and when she acted like a man spoiling for a fight in the kitchen of the Big Brother House when Nick got evicted—-she was so thuggish in her words and behavior!

    • I am really concerned how she will react when she gets out and realizes how the world sees her. I don’t think she can handle it. She is disgusting and so is Aaryn and especially Amanda but the other 2 won’t believe it or care. Not to mention Spencer, he is awful but he won’t care.

  10. Jessie is still campaigning to get enough votes to evict Amanda. Helen tells Jessie that if she gets enough votes, she will go along with Jessie’s plan to evict Amanda. Helen runs and tells Asryn and GM about Jessie’s plan. So, now the plan is to evict Jessie, asap. Hilarious………

    • Have you noticed that Jessie’s belly comes into a room long before Jessie does? She is drowning her insecurities with food, and holy crap has she packed on the pounds! I was really noticing it tonight during BBAD. Yikes! If they don’t evict her soon, she won’t be able to fit through the door on her way out!

      • So you making fun of Jessie is okay but when the girls in the house do it their mean girls?

      • I’m saying that almost every time I see her she is either eating or smoking. It isn’t making fun of her. She has gained a lot of weight. She almost looks pregnant.

    • Yeah, it is a shame. Jessie is playing the game and Helen cannot keep her mouth shut long enough to give it a chance to work! I am already pissed off at Amanda, Helen and Judd for coddling Aaryn and now more so, at Helen because of how she is acting!

  11. Any of you noticed that all the mean girls are on meds (aaryn, amanda- g.m is not but she definitely has a bad case of ADHD and not medicated- which could be dangerous) Whoever screened these people should be fired, that was wrong for BB to put the other house guest safety at risk with these loony toons…

    • Girl, I couldn’t have said it any better! Now if they casted all med dependent HG we might have a real big brother game. Shame on the casting producers this season. I use to love this game, now it makes me not wanting to tune in for the lack of disrespect and morals displayed. This season is boring and a producer should be fired!!

  12. Racist pigs on this season of bb15 and shame on cbs for approving of such disgusting behavior!! Aaryn n Gm are dumb and dumber both needing medication for their disablities. Hope GM goes and cry herself a river. She couldn’t even read her letter from home after her winning Hoh! You can count on me writing a letter of complaint to the producers and cbs execs.

  13. Reviewing comment made from this lipstick liberal group
    its amazing that with all the guttersiping and calling out
    these HG’s look at your own prejudiced remarks.You pick
    your favorite and find fault and bum rap the others
    Play the racial/homophobic card on some when everyone
    of them are guilty.(BBAD FEEDS)Some of the HG’s are
    flipflopprers and followers,others are sneaky and have
    the weak do their dirty work, It part of the game..DUH..
    I swear I thought I was reading an MSNBC blog..*

    • Racism and bullying is never right and only fools will justify it! Remember this, a lot of folks do not live in the real world but, the bubble world of Lalalaland! Let me spell it out for you, there are 2 billion Chinese, 2 billion muslims, probably atleast, 1 billion people from Latin America… far do you think racists will last in the real world? Chances are, you will be working for a minority down the line! America is no longer the economic powerhouse it used to be! So, live your dream world because you are due for a huge shock sooner rather than later!

      Now, lying, floating, manipulating people, flip flopping are all part of Big Brother—-it is a game after all and the object of the game is to win that $500,000!
      The racism and bullying should never be tolerated and it won’t when these house guests get back to the real world! Now, we do not see everything and I am sure even you do not see everything because even the live feeds are being censored and only parts of it are shown so, you may see a little bit more but, no really everything. However, the racist and bullies will be just that—-they cannot change their spots and will be exposed if not yet! They will all get their just desserts that I guarantee you 100% because the laws of karma will hit them and punish them wherever they maybe! And that is all that counts in the end!

  14. GM’s a POS anyway. They all lied to her about how special and unique she is. B*tch is barely literate. That ain’t special, that’s lazy. Fck her and her fake tears. That experience didnt humble her at all. By the end of the night she was talking trash about people again and called Andy a fudge packer when he wasn’t in her presence. She’s an idiot in the literal sense and doesn’t deserve sh*t. Give her a preschool book and a bowl of d*cks then send her jobless a55 back home. No pity for the stupid, racist b*tch AT ALL.

      • Her and Aaryn are jealous of Candice. The girl never did anything to her but tell her she won a couple of pageants. Her illiterate ass is mad cus her life is sh*tty, she can barely speak english, and nobody wants her. None of that has anything to do with Candice, but that’s who she takes it out on. I will never pity this idiot. She can suck it.

  15. All these HG’s talk about is getting to jury…. What?! so no one is even thinking about the end game because if they were they would not be keeping A Man Dah, the witch Hellen or McCrazy around and kissing their butts! A house full of IDIOTS!

    • If they took out the strong players then, one of them will win that $500,000 but, these bunch are not very smart!
      That is just common sense but, these guys don’t have that either!

    • Jessie atleast, is playing and trying to take out a strong player in Amanda. Spencer tried it last week but, Candice slammed Spencer’s face to the floor and decimated his plans! So, I take it back. Jessie and Spencer are atleast, trying their best!

      • Yes, I’m likinng Jessie more & more. I loved Spencer slapping A Man Dah down to size last week…now that was AWESOME!

  16. I wonder how Amanda’s employer feels about HER behavior? This girl is over the top…she is a nasty, horrid person and I am so glad that McCrae seems to be finally wising up to that fact. She need to go.

  17. Perhaps GM should stick to one syllable words & Jersey Shore style phrases. That seems to be what she’s most comfortable with.

    Going beyond the basics is just off limits for that one. Even if CBS does a clean up, will they even understand what she really meant? I doubt it.

    She seems to get so fustated (her spelling) so easily.

  18. Well I don’t excuse GM’s behavior in the house but I do have a heart and it was very sad seeing her break down over her blog. I would hate for anyone to feel that way.

  19. I am not a big fan of GM’s but her lack of academic smarts may be the reason she acts the way she does, and I felt really bad for her. Many times she has said that people think she is stupid, and as a teacher, I know lots of kids who are always on the defensive side of things because they are assuming everybody is making fun of them. She laughs at herself, but I think she is very insecure. The argument where Aaryn had to feed her words when she was trying to trash talk was funny, but in hindsight, quite sad. She may also been intimidated by Candice’s ability to speak well. Isn’t she the one that said she couldn’t stand the way that Candice spoke and that it wasn’t black? I cannot believe that she is (or was) a pageant coordinator. I don’t know how well she would have been able to communicate verbally and legibly.

  20. Now i see why she is so hateful. But i still feel for her… I have actually changed how i feel about her… She just needs a little work.

  21. After calling Candice a “degenerate,” and saying that is why her birth mother gave her up for adoption, I don’t feel sorry for this pitiful girl at all. She is not book smart at all…she’s mean.

  22. Did Aaryn make up a lie about Alyssa because she was talking to Candice? I can hardly wait for that ignoramus to be voted out!

  23. I can hardly wait to vote for Amanda again! It’s fun! Maybe the other houseguests will catch on, maybe not!

  24. Should have paid more attention in school, instead of paying attention to your hair and the boys, I have no pitty for a women that is teaching young girls, when she her self has no education. I hope they stop her and keep her away from our kids. We need our young women self impowered not taught low self esteem.

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