Big Brother 15 Episode 30 Recap: Veto Competition Plays Out Like A Tragedy

McCranda hug after the Veto

Big Brother 15 played out like a Shakespearean tragedy Wednesday night as McCrae and Amanda were fighting for their lives against each other in a close and tense Power of Veto competition. OK, I’m not really comparing Big Brother to Shakespeare, but that editing had one goal and that was it.

The episode picks up right after GinaMarie nominated Amanda and McCrae for eviction. And before GinaMarie can adjourn the meeting, Amanda is already in tears.

Amanda is upset that she was completely blindsided and for the first time this season did not decide who should go up as initial nominees. But it doesn’t take long before her tears turn to anger. Amanda heads to Spencer to accuse him of having a part in this. He of course did, but Spencer denies it. And Andy is snot even on Amanda’s radar, which is good for him because his goal is to not let them know he’s as big a part of their nomination as anyone.

It doesn’t take long for Amanda to head up to the Head of Household rom to find out what GinaMarie was thinking. GM tells Amanda the obvious excuse: she and McCrae are a duo and she needs to break them up. It makes perfect sense to everyone but Amanda.

And of course Amanda melts down and screams that she doesn’t even want to be in the house anymore. GM sums it up best: “can’t take the heat, get out the kitchen.”

It’s time to pick players for the veto competition. Joining GinaMarie, Amanda and McCrae are Elissa, Spencer and Andy. Amanda chose Spencer after drawing houseguest’s choice.

Elissa is getting very suspicious of Andy and is not trusting him. She tells Judd she thinks Andy is working both sides of the house (which he is) and then Judd tells Andy. So Andy gets onerous that he’s now Elissa’s target.

At the veto competition, the players have to play a game of Bowlerina, a mixture of bowling and ballet. In the end, it comes down to McCrae and Amanda. And even though Amanda was a beast throughout the game, McCrae wins the Power of Veto. And of course those two up against each other and McCrae beating Amanda is sort of sad, but it really didn’t need to be edited like a tragedy. But it was. And it was pretty ridiculous.

So now that McCrae has won the Power of Veto, the Exterminators have to decide which of them will go up. GinaMarie knows it’s too risky for either Elissa or Judd to go up, so it will have to be Andy or Spencer.

After McCrae uses the veto on himself, GinaMarie puts Spencer up next Amanda. Spencer’s nomination sets a Big Brother record for most nominations in one season.


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  1. This episode was hilarious. It was great to see Amanda and Mccrae knocked down a peg or two. They were so sad and depressed. hehehe But why these people have kept Andy in the house baffles me. He couldn’t have made it look any LESS obvious that he was throwing the veto comp…ugh

    • Reminds me of Helen who saw Andy deliberately losing the POV competition so as not to be in a position to save her. She thinks Andy is not loyal to her but, till the end cannot figure out that Andy has betrayed her and could not be trusted! Judd is another one who cannot figure out that Andy cannot be trusted despite the numerous warnings from practically everyone! It seems Andy has to have a sticker on his forehead which says:
      “Do not trust me. I am a Liar.” for Judd to figure it out.
      Some people are beyond help!

    • I agree, McCranda looked like they were in front of a firing squad with one bullet in the gun. The sad thing is they believe they were wronged this week. Come on Man!!!!

  2. So Judd never really had Elissa’s back from the beginning. Now he’s fighting with Elissa. He said STF to Elissa. lol The guy has no plan in placed when he came back. He should have formed a sub-alliance with Elissa/GM/F3(true alliance) but reveal everything about Exterminator. Then secretly formed another (true alliance)F2 with Elissa

    He doesn’t realize he’s the first to go within the Exterminators.

    • Judd is a dumbass which is why he got evicted in the first place. He just does not have it in his poor head to think straight that you do not trust people at face value but, rely on their record. Numerous warnings have been given about Andy including from Elissa but, Judd is utterly misted by the spellbounding lies of the master liar! When you are dealing with a dummy—-he will believe anything you tell him! I am rooting for and Andy eviction next but, would not care if it was Judd! Judd is taking space in the Big Brother House without really doing anything to advance his game play.

      • Think his upbringing, coming from such a tiny town has handicapped him about ppl like Andy. Judd does take everyone at face value. An almost forgotten quality.

    • Judd would of been smart to stick with Elissa but once again he’s playing stupid. Judd knows how Andy plays and Spencer was in the moving company and he didn’t trust him before but makes an alliance with them. I think Judd is just latching on to anyone and it’s going to lead to his eviction. The rat and the pig were already talking about getting rid of Judd.

      • It is okay to have multiple alliances but, some have to be fake alliances, in this case with the Exterminators and real alliances with Gina Marie and Elissa. Unfortunately, that is too much for Judd to comprehend and grasp at! He just wants to buddy-buddy with the guys thinking they will go far like the Moving Company? Hard to teach old dogs, new tricks.

      • Honestly from watching how all the HG play, Elissa is a good player to aligned with. I mean she could be annoying but you can trust her. The only time we’ll see her renege on a deal is this week when she found out that she has nobody in the house. Dan G used to say..”You have to find one person in the house you can trust”….and btw her intuition is spot on..Too bad she might go next.

  3. I loved the edit. it showed Amanda going crazy. They did show part of the fight, and Judd saying well I guess I should just pact my stuff and give you the money. GM rock, paper, scissors. Andy in Rat mode. Elissa hearing the conversation. GM’s DR is just to funny. McCrae crying in the DR the Old Yeller comment.

  4. Andy just said: “Watch tomorrow’s competition be a yoga competition. If that happens, I’ll just walk right out of the house.

  5. I’m not watching feeds right now so someone give me a heads up if anything exciting happens so I can put them on.

  6. im ticked off. first they keep aaryn in all season. then amanda. mccrae crying. like she wasnt just a good screw. bbg is a joke this year. did yall forget spencer saying how he masturbates to child porno? o lets not forget gm and her rascist comments. andy the gay seems to be the only one who has any morals. sad bunch of people and i use that term lightly

    • Andy has morals? It may seem so because he’s generally a nice guy, but he’s said mean things about Elissa and didn’t stop Demanda when she was CONSTANTLY mean/bitchy to Elissa and then takes Amanda’s side? Game or not, people need to show their morals in this house but don’t. I think he’s just a rat trying not to get skinned in the bb house.

    • In his own way, Andy is about as amoral as many of the others. Rat-fink snitches are seldom moral…Elissa has probably been one of the most “moral” houseguests this season, that’s one reason why I’m supporting her (plus because she’s Rachel’s sister).

      • true. i think thats what i meant. they all suck for real. but if i had to choose out of whose left it would be elissa. then andy. it sure wouldnt be gm. spencer. nor amanda. ill just be glad when its over. i havent missed a year of bbg. this year i read the spoilers and watch the double evictions lol

  7. Production knows how bad the season is since they’re trying to make The Exterminators likeable.

  8. I am gonna keep feeds on but muted ( unless I see anything deemed action) I can’t listen to the constant bashing & belittling of the other HGs. Its just a never ending slew of nasty remarks about anybody that has ever been in the house. I just can’t listen to it.

    • It’s the constant slurping, chewing, burping, crunching of ice that is driving me nuts… these people eat and drink constantly and with those mic’s on their throats its just too much for me at times…. muting and fast forwarding all the time… plus I really can’t stand any of them. It takes me about 20 minutes to go through three hours of BBAD.

  9. BBleak tweet: Elissa telling Amanda/McCrae that she doesn’t think Andy is solid about voting to keep Amanda. McCrae: “Andy is f—ing solid!”

    • Whoa, I missed that. Good for Elissa. I hope she drives that bus back and forth over Andy’s game. McCrae ound like he is being his ugly self again. I am not ever going to forget him calling Elissa a C face.

      • Elissa, the only one not in an alliance, sh
        ould rock that house, place doubts in all their minds.

    • This is exactly why Elissa is the next one out. Watch, Mccrae will believe Andy tomorrow that he voted for Amanda to stay.

      • This is why Elissa needs to not vote out Spencer now. She needs to vote out Amanda and then tell GM she never had any intention of saving Amanda – of all people! She just wanted Amanda to leave her alone for a week.

      • Exactly right. They will never believe that Andy went against them. Elissa will get the blame for the vote because Rat Andy is such a good liar. I really hope something happens to put a glitch in the stupid exterminator’s master plans.

  10. dam I missed it Elissa told AM & Mc that Andy had told the others the plan. I don’t know why she said that. Anybody know?

  11. This is one nite I want Amanda to start trouble and all the hell McCrae does is stop her…oh how the tables have turned

    • yep I said it earlier Dueling banjos revisited (new verison) Watch out for the guy walking down the mountain Hes wearing a green tutu

  12. The only reason production wants to keep amanda in the game is cause whenever she goes to the DR she flashes her tits and probably has sex with the guys in the DR so they want to keep her cause she is the loosest girl they have had on there

    • The DR is the only room where the feeds are blocked. The production guys call it the Amanda BJ room. “Amanda cum to the DR room”

  13. I am renting a sign to fly overhead tomorrow before the live show that says Andy is the biggest liar. Don’t anyone believe a word he’s saying!!!

  14. Elissa is trying to tell Amanda that they are all acting strange…but she is being deaf I think then again maybe not

  15. Oh, Good Lord! I guess McCrae and Amanda are getting ready for their night of passion in the HOH room, which by the way, GM is not going to give to them after all, HAHA! They just showed McCrae getting condoms from the storage room..YUK!

    • GM better not give them the room!!! They should have more respect for themselves and their families than to continue to have sex on live tv.

  16. Not interested in this Showmance at all so the lets pull heart strings is clearly wasted. Amanda’s fake vomiting was laughable. And how stupid are these people not watching Andy throw a comp.
    This season wasn’t a game it was ‘ Lord of the Flies’ Children.

  17. I seem to recall a lot of people on here saying that Amanda would beg McCrae to take her off the block “because that’s the type of person she is.” She didn’t.

    I also seem to recall a lot of people gleefully awaiting an epic meltdown after the nomination ceremony. That was barely a tremor.

    A lot of people think they know who Amanda is and what she stands for, so much so that they’ve labeled her “psychotic,” “manic-depressive,” “bipolar,” etc.

    Now that Elissa is working with Amanda, doesn’t that make Elissa a bad person for consorting with “evil”?

    No? Then get off your high horse and realize that Amanda is playing a game, just like everyone else is (and more than most).

    • People cry for blood from the villains they don’t like. They gloss over the sins of the people they do like. Amanda isn’t well liked, and for some reason Elissa is, so the comments fall in line and make sense… Personally I’m not a fan of either.

    • I don’t mind Elissa aligning with Amanda, now that she has no choice, but I want her to back stab Amanda later.

    • ??? she had a meltdown. She got back to everyone head “You are out of the house right now if you are against me”. GM, Judd, Andy and GM (and the attacks on Elissa that stopped… for now).

  18. Elissa should adjust her game by voting to evict Amanda. That would make it a 3-1 vote to evict Amanda. Sure, that would tell McCrae that Elissa voted off Amanda but, would also expose Andy’s actual vote! Andy I am sure is hoping for a 2-2 vote then, spinning the lie that Elissa voted to evict Amanda even if Elissa voted to evict Spencer. Andy can hide behind a 2-2 vote but, a 3-1 vote clearly exposes Andy’s betrayal. Since, McCrae and Amanda trust Andy and will not listen to Elissa—-Elissa should vote with the house and claim that she was only playing Amanda. That vote will expose Andy’s vote unless McCrae is utterly dumb to figure it out!

      • Too bad Amanda believes Andy 100%. If not, she should be exposing the lies of Andy to destroy his game totally. It will also help McCrae if Andy becomes the next big target! With Andy gone, Judd and Spencer would have a hard time functioning mentally! They would be easy pickings!

    • With Elissa doubting Andy even going back to the other day when she confronted Judd about it, I am starting to wonder if Elissa is trying to expose Andy by not voting to save Amanda. Acutally, I am hoping because Amanda really is a horrible person and needs to leave tomorrow. Elissa is sleeping through the current fight between Amanda and GM so she is not seeing what Amanda really is again.

  19. GinaMarie to Amanda: How’s that yeast infection doing? LOL
    This is actually pretty funny. I hope Elissa’s plan was to set Amanda up for the ultimate blind side. Amanda needs it.

  20. Stupid fish! Half the time when the feeds are fishing BBAD is still on not even censoring anything. I don’t get it.

  21. They just showed Elissa laying in bed – Awake. But I can’t tell if she can hear what is going on. Amanda just went to her room to have a good cry.

      • Don’t you think Amanda is lying about her age? For 28 she has had a lot of experiences, hasn’t she? And her body looks likes its seen too many car washes.

      • that is the game is it not??? you watch this show all the time EVERY SEASON HAS LIARS just some better than others and if that gets andy further in the game so be it im not an andy fan BUT, there has always been liars Dan last season lied his ass off and because he is catholic he thinks he goes to confession and all is forgiven and he was a teacher too

      • Dan was true to his alliance and stuck with it until the end. that’s the difference. Andy is a weasel that changes alliances like he changes his underwear. He’s the biggest rat in the house and doesn’t do anything but float with the power. Because Elissa wants to save Amanda now all Andy talks about is how much he hates Elissa and she’s and effing bitch and on and on. He thinks he’s too good to be put up. The rat needs to go.

      • Yes, there are always the people who lie here and there to forward their game. Andy is a non-stop liar and seems to derive some kind of sadistic pleasure from setting people up for the worst possible outcome. The way he told Helen right to her face he would vote to keep her when he knew he was not was not just game. It was a practiced liar playing with his latest victim.

  22. I know the commercial breaks are pre-set, but they always seem to arrive when something good is about to happen on BBAD.

    • Me too soooooooooooo bad. I hope there is some way Amanda stays tomorrow just to see the look on Andy and GM’s face. Which means they have to get Judd some way. And did you notice the fight started after GM came out of DR. Production must of told her something. Haha.

      • I havent been watching, I just read Fly said, there’s gonna be a fight. I kinda feel bad right now. I hope there’s a way for her to stay….Wow Amanda is a light weight compared to GM lol

  23. So happy to see GM is having a fight with Amanda, they are going back and ford. Finally Amanda is crying, GM called a coke head, slut on tv, having a tramp stamp, saying she takes medication etc, Amanda was calling GM a psycho little does Amanda know that she is the psycho and America hates her!!!! Lol I can’t edit to see her go tomorrow nigght, happy new year!!!!!

    • Well I think America hates the racist GM just as much. Wait until she gets out and gets a big slap in the face by what everyone has said about her actions.

      • Since we can’t scream at Amanda, GM will have to do it for us. :>)
        But, yes, GM has no filter at all. She is a street fighter where there are no rules.

    • Funny how its not ok for GM to go off on Amanda BUT, it was ok for amanda to start fights with Ellissa,Jessie, etc.

      • But he is such a good liar. When Amanda confronted him about laughing at GMs digs at her he of course denied it and blamed it on GM playing Jenga while ranting. UGH! How dumb is Amanda for not seeing Andy’s game?

  24. As much as I dislike Amanda – I do have to say that GM came out looking pretty bad there. She does say some very low things to people (Candice). That really makes her just as bad as Amanda.

  25. I need to quit watching the feeds before I go to bed. they get me too worked up. Now I need some of Amanda’s meds.

  26. If Amanda tries to get Elissa on her side then there will be more trouble just keep hoping this goes on till ANDY IS OUTTED

  27. Amanda really just said to Elissa that GM kept on being mean and that she (amanda) didnt do or say anything but im not fighting with you and blah, blah, blah! Am i delusional or or her because i swear it was TWO people going at it!?!!?!!???

      • That was funny. I mean he was sitting there while she was talking all this mess about how she has never done low digs and attacked someone’s character and proceeded to attack.his character saying he was a little boy and a p***y! Hillarious!!! Cant wait for tonights show and BBAD!

  28. It’d be funny tomorrow when Amanda is walking to Julie if Julie tells her to drop her trash instead of telling her to put down her bag.

  29. If one only watched the edited show and knew nothing about what “really” goes on in the house, one would never believe that Amanda had mean bone in her body. Man, all these years I was getting gypped.

  30. Did you guys see that? Judd whispering to Elissa, saying it’s only an act when he said STFU. He said he doesn’t want them to know he’s working with her..Of course Elissa still mad but I hope they can fix this…..looks like DR session with Judd is working. lol

    • I told somebody earlier that they have a strange relationship. Its more of a pact than alliance.. or so it seems to me

      • Judd downstairs with McCranda. Andy real quiet in HOH. I’m still hoping something unexpected will happen tomorrow,…please !!

      • nooo I WANT IT TO HAPPEN BEFORE THE EVICTION!!!! I want Andy outted before so McCrae will side with Elissa..

      • Are you watching? Judd is scheming with McCrae right now. Got interrupted. Then Elissa walked said something to Judd….

      • I saw that and just now Elissa talking to Judd about working with him but yet Judd won’t believe what she tells him about Andy but then again she told Helen the same and look where Helen is…

      • Except this time Judd is right. Andy is not working with McCranda. But if Elissa is telling Judd not to trust Andy, then how can she be voting to save Amanda? Has this all been a ruse to smoke out the rat?
        Tomorrow could be really interesting if Elissa and Andy both vote out Amanda. Andy’s will be dumbfounded.

      • I think will know tomorrow what is Elissa’s motivation behind all these. Andy might be outed based on the votes. Also, Judd has to know he’s not secured with Exterminators. He has to strategize now……Oops he just got called in DR…that’s good.

  31. the peeps coming in were saying that GM needs to shut up and I was going NO NO NO let her go maybe ANDY IS GONNA GET OUTTED if they get alcohol I believe it will start again or I can hope

  32. Elissa is done. If production convinced her to hook up with McCranda they threw her game under the bus, I think. I hope they gave her something good for her troubles. With 6 people left in the house, she will be the one to go first, even before McCrae. As for McCrae, I don’t think he has any intention of honoring Amanda’s deal with Elissa even if Elissa does vote to save her.
    After Elissa, I think Judd and GM will go home next. Andy told GM he would not put her up or vote to evict her next week if this is a double eviction week. That, of course, is the kiss of death. Why do these people believe Andy when he has used that same line on just about everyone who he has voted to evict?
    Unless these people wake up, I am afraid Andy and Spencer will be the final two with their two man Alliance, The Sleazy Weasels.

    • They are both bad, but in very different ways. Amanda comes right out with her behavior. Andy is the little weasel who talks about it but hides behind the actions of others.

    • I’m already desensitized with Amanda’s behavior. So she doesn’t surprised me any more, but I can’t tolerate Andy.

  33. i want Andy gone but kinda want to see him on the block for a whole week pacing and crying..get amanda and.spencer on DE

  34. Cannot believe Amanda going off like that on the night before the eviction. What a game player. She had Elissa and Judd coming to her side and could have stayed. But with this rage
    may have lost her battle. Even McCrae needs her gone if he wants to stay and win a game. But then again maybe Elissa and Judd were playing the game on Amanda? Hope the vote is 4 to 0 to evict Amanda.

  35. I feel like this season has made me loathe the phrase “I feel like”. I’m sure it’s been used at least 25 times an episode, and well over a hundred times a day! Is that the trendy thing to say at the moment or what? -_-

  36. “it really didn’t need to be edited like a tragedy. But it was. And it was pretty ridiculous.”

    Really? Maybe it didn’t “need” to be for a handful of viewers who deemed the edit to be over-the-top, but this is television, of course things ‘need’ to be edited for dramatic purposes. I thought it was well done. Go ahead and misconstrue that as me sitting on the edge of my seat with a box of tissues ready for the waterworks, when in reality I too was kind of smiling with a slight head-shaking going on, but like I said, television’s job is to play these things up. Try to imagine the opposite for a second, these two ‘lovebirds’ being split up, and in a fashion that sees them pitted against each other for the chance to save themselves, and instead the edit just has it go down as “Oh well, these things happen”…come on.

    Speaking of which, did that seriously just happen? Not only both down to their final pin, but McCrae knocks his over a mere second or less before Amanda knocks her last one down? Wow.

    I might also ask, where’s all the talk of the rigging now? Amanda was a beast in this competition despite getting nauseous after everyone but McCrae kept making her play back-to-back, and she was that close to winning. The same people calling ‘rig’ when Amanda won last week’s Veto would probably argue a McCrae Veto win was as good as an Amanda win. Well looky here, it was McCrae vs. Amanda in the final, guaranteeing one of them wins, but this time there is no crying of rigging because this time things are going the way people want them to, with Amanda likely leaving. Anyone who wants to argue otherwise — that that isn’t the reason that no calling of ‘rig’ is going on this week — is probably in denial.

    Now that’s what’s a lot more sad than the CBS edit of the McCranda ‘tragedy’.

    • My feeling is that most people are not watching the feeds, AD or looking at the blogs. The CBS show is for the people that don’t so it is edited like a TV show. For those of us that are in tune to what is actually going on the house, it’s a waste of time to even watch the Sunday and Wednesday’s shows. They are just edited re-caps of what we already know. Thursday is the only show I look forward to watching.

      • Right, I would agree that most don’t watch the live feeds and that the aired episodes are just re-caps of what live feed watchers already know. But that wasn’t really my point…

        This article was saying that the ‘tragic’ edit for McCranda was unnecessary, whereas I’m saying it actually is pretty necessary for the sake of television. That’s what TV does, it plays things up, dramatizes, etc because otherwise it’s pretty boring to watch. Like you said, it’s edited like a TV show, and it should be. They wouldn’t be doing their jobs if they just ran the footage with no editing or added ‘drama’.

        Plus for those who don’t watch the feeds, which we’re agreeing are a huge amount and possibly even the majority of viewers, these episodes aren’t just re-caps, so why not show these people what happened in a TV-esque or TV-friendly manner?

        No different than for example America’s Got Talent giving you the sad sob story about how much a contestant has gone through to “even get the chance to be on the show”. ‘TV moments’ are what producers and ratings thrive on.

  37. But, wouldn’t it be great if Elissa, and Production, were playing both Amanda and Andy. What would happen if Elissa votes to evict Amanda tonight? 3 – 1, Amanda’s blindsided and Andy’s exposed to McCrae before Round 2.
    Such is the stuff dreams are made of.

    • Are you serious? I just dont get why she would do that!??!! I mean they were just fighting and it is GMs last night as HOH! Stupid, juat stupid!!

      • She said that she’d do that one day earlier in the week When Amanda came up crying and apologetic might have been saturday or sunday.

      • Gee I don’t know, maybe because being nice and showing some compassion with this gesture on their last night together may gain/solidify some jury votes? For once GM is actually making a smart move and she’s being criticized for it…interesting.

      • I’m sorry I wouldn’t let my friends have sex in my bed let alone strangers that are currently my enemies. And I highly doubt thateAmanda would givr GM her vote. And what did they need the room for anyways? It’s not like they are modest.

      • Just to have a nice, proper room for their last night together. It’s a gesture, never said it was needed/necessary. Plus GM won’t be HoH after that night anyway, and bedsheets are changed/cleaned for each new HoH, so she’s not really “giving them her bed” if she won’t be in it again after they’re done with it.

        Amanda could give GM her jury vote, depending on who GM would be hypothetically up against in final two (ie. Elissa, or Andy if Amanda found out Andy wasn’t with them after all). Then if Amanda gives her vote, it’s likely McCrae would too. Pretty good to help yourself solidify two potential jury votes.

  38. I love McRae’s simile of Amanda to Old Yeller. Without getting explicit, it’s quite appropriate. I, too, would love to see that snake Andy go out in the double eviction.

  39. Can we all give some credit to Amanda? Everyone targeted her specifically in that comp — and don’t misunderstand I think that was brilliant strategy — but she stepped up big time.

  40. Hope Elissa wins. Hate all the HG’s. can’t watch anymore the Amanda thing is just too much for me. I watch TV to be entertained not get angry. CBS what are you thinking why you did not get Amanda out earlier. Everyone is frustrated – geeze can’t imagine why!!! McCranda duh!!!

  41. Its funny how andy and spencer talk about getting out the rats and snakes when andy’s a rat. Plus spencers disguising.

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