Big Brother 15 Episode 20: A Closer Look At The Double Eviction Blindside


Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was like going to a funeral for someone you loved but had to be surrounded by people you hate. I turned to Twitter to see if I was alone in that feeling and I wasn’t. The majority of fans were talking about how heart-breaking the episode was because we got to see Judd plead for his Big Brother life and it get ignored.

The episode picks up with Candice going off on GinaMarie just before her eviction. GinaMarie thinks it proves that Candice is a rat and a big mouth but it really proves that GinaMarie is just a piece of trash.

And thankfully, CBS decided to show GM saying such horrible things to Candice over being adopted. Then we cut to Aaryn winning her Adderall-fueled Head of Household which leads to a Spencer and Jessie nomination.

But speaking of Adderall-fueled wins, Aaryn wins the veto, which leads to Jessie being taken off and Judd put up. But we get to see what went on behind-the-scenese that made that happen. Aaryn wanted to keep the nominations the same. And immediately Helen starts asking her to “backdoor” Judd, which wouldn’t really be a backdoor because he got to play in the veto. But Helen is an idiot so we’ll let her have that incorrect terminology.

And then we have to hear Helen explaining why she wanted to go after Judd during the double eviction. And about 99.9 percent of what Helen was saying was false. There’s a lot of scrambling and looks on faces like they’re making a big move when really they’re just making a huge mistake.

After the scrambling we get a very sad few moments of Judd begging to stay and Helen is comforting Aaryn when Judd is the one they just grossly scum-bagged.

And of course after that, half of the house is in tears for what they’ve just done and are clearly wondering if they made a mistake. Meanwhile, Helen is giving Aaryn a pep-talk and calls her Janelle. And all of America begins laughing hysterically at the thought of comparing Aaryn to Janelle.

Amanda pulls Aaryn aside, and since Aaryn is now the star, she throws out a final four deal with her, McCrae and Andy. So Aaryn replaces Judd. And Amanda did it while Judd’s nomination seat was still warm.

It’s time for the second HOH of the night. Helen and Jessie go head to head first. Helen is eliminated. Jessie moves on. Up next is Andy and GinaMaire. Andy moves on and GM is eliminated. Amanda vs. Spencer next. Amanda moves on and Spencer is knocked out. Up next are McCrae and Elissa. McCrae moves on and Elissa is out.

In the next round, it’s Andy vs. Jessie. Andy wins, Jessie is out. McCrae vs. Amanda next and he wins and she loses. And she acts like a huge baby about it. In the end, McCrae faces of with Andy and Andy wins! He is the new HOH.

Everyone is happy Andy is HOH and no one thinks that he’s going to put them up. Um, he has to put someone up, dummies.


It’s nomination talk time. Helen throws out Amanda and McCrae’s names out to Andy. But since he’s got a real final four with them and not Helen, he shuts it down. Helen keeps blabbing about it because that’s what Helen does. Throw in some condescending talk like she’s a Big Brother expert and Andy isn’t and he’s definitely not touching her idea.

Andy does what basically everyone in America predicted and he nominated Spencer and Jessie for eviction.


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      • Yes but she’s dumb. She wrongly evicted Judd for all the wrong reasons, and didn’t take the chance for two weeks to get rid of Amanda when America served Amanda up on a platter for her to evict. NOW she’s worried about her, while the last three weeks she was worried about Howard, Candice, and Judd! All non-threats! BB15 Summer of the Stupid.

      • mc crae is very smart and didnt amanda just come up with that good plan to keep jessie from winning the veto I thought that was brilliant

    • Do you think Helen would make a move if she wins HOH? I just want to tell her to SHUT UP!

    • I can’t wait until Helen gets home and watches the show herself. I cannot believe what a moron she is for not realizing by now that Andy is all over the place and cannot be trusted. There she is last night trying to plot with Andy to get rid of Amanda and McCrae not realizing Andy is in an alliance with them!

  1. If Amanda, Aaryn, Andy, GM, Spencer, Elissa, McCrae, Jessie, or Helen win this season, I am never ever ever going to watch Big Brother again ever. And it seems that way for many others. This may be the last season, guys. It was fun while it lasted.

    • Yeah this game has really devolved to the lowest human denominator. I stopped watching after the

      racist crap started but came back hoping to see one of those blond horrors get out and discover what the world thinks of her….but I’ve been disappointed.

    • yes yes, and if my team doesn’t win the superbowl, I’ll never watch football again. So the only person you want to win is Ellisa? Lets see, she does nothing, wins nothing and bring no entertainment value, but sure she should win. Last I checked it was a game not a popularity contest. Let the best player win, if you can’t handle that concept. Turn it off, I think Sesame Street is still going.

      • I felt the same way about anger management problem Evil Dick. It is understandable that you don’t want bad people to win. Evil Dick was verbally abusive if there ever was a prototype for that behavior, yet he won, and people similar to you worship him. Sad commentary.

      • People similar to I? You know me? Please refrain from bigoted comments please. I unlike yourself or since we appear to be generalizing people like you. I don’t make or have personal attachments to people I see on my television. I don’t know anyone I see on big brother well enough to ascertain if they are “bad people.” I simply want the best team to win.

      • Everyone except the final two will go home at some point. I didn’t understand all of the tears over Judd leaving. He was telling everyone everything they wanted to hear and he never bothered to tell whoever he was aligned with what he was doing. Of course they didn’t trust him. Getting rid of Judd was the smartest thing Helen has done in weeks. It beats evicting people she could use for votes like Candice and Howard. Helen doesn’t realize it yet, but she only has 1 true ally and that’s Elissa. She will find out in a week or two just how poorly she has played this game. Her own ego has gotten in the way of her game.

    • Well in some points, Aaryn was correct. Judd was kissing Jessie on the morning and cuddling with Aaryn in the afternoon.
      Even that Aaryn didn´t know about that… she gave the right reasons (Helen played a great game).

      On another point, If mcrae considered Judd is closest friend and he knew that he was out the door, why didn´t he vote for Spencer?
      That would made the house a big ball of snow, with everyone running around trying to find out who did vote for Spencer to go.
      Mcrae could reveal that one to Spencer later on and everyone else would be lost on what had happened.

    • You mean you don’t find those hot potato and Simon Says sessions entertaining? Helen talks to everyone like they are her little kids.

  2. Are the evicted house guests allowed to spill the beans on their way out the door? If so, why don’t they? If I were Judd, I would have revealed all of the alliances. I would have told everything, instead of wasting time hugging everyone. I would make people think twice about back dooring anyone.

    • He could have used that time during the commercial, but he was trying to save his neck instead.

    • The problem with Judd is he did not even know who went after him! He is blaming Helen and Elissa and Jessie? Jessie was on the block helpless, Elissa has not really played a very good game. He got one right which is Helen yet, he gives a pass on Aaryn who put him on the block? What about Amanda? He thinks his alliance was loyal to him? He is dumb! The vote was 7-0 dummy, everyone voted to evict you meaning including your own alliance! It is disgusting the way Judd acted against Elissa and Jessie when he has only himself to blame for not voting to evict Amanda!

      • I still don’t get why he was mad at Elissa? Why wasn’t he mad at Andy for voting against him? or Amanda and McCrae? But that’s Judd – a confused mess of thoughts.

      • Also Elissa is viewed as a voice in Helen’s ear, and the two are viewed as a team. He likely found her guilty by association.

  3. This is the worst BB and I think they need to bring Judd back and they need to get rid of HELEN! If she wins this year I hope everyone lets her know what a piece of trash she really has become!

      • Helen- manipulator, Amanda-nutbag,
        GM-white trash, Aaryn-egoist
        They are ALL vile.
        Very POOR casting, not even interesting
        to watch, like really bad porn.

      • Helen is annoying but she is playing the game and not taking it personally. She is no where near as vile as GM, Aaryn and Amanda. GM’s comment to Candice about her mother not wanting her has to be one of the worst comments ever uttered on BB. And Amanda claiming Candice’s comments were just as harsh? The degree to which these people will stoop is unlimited apparently. But Helen is not mean spirited like the others. She just suffers from an ego the size of Montana.

  4. I made it a drinking game that every time someone mentioned eliminating Judd was a Big Move, or that a big move was made. I swear, this is the dumbest group of BB player I have ever seen.

    It’s just pathetic.

      • BBAD last night was ridiculous. They played Simon Says and Hot Potato for a very long time. I was surprised that they were given so much airtime for that. I guess nothing else was happening in the house, though. Oh, well. I won’t be making that mistake again tonight, though. I’m not expecting any big moves this week.

      • BB should have “mini twists” during BBAD to avoid a lull in watching nothing upon nothing.

    • You won’t be getting a buzz anytime soon! You would have been better off taking a drink every time someone said ‘like’ or ‘ you know’. But then again, you’d constantly be falling down drunk all week…

  5. Well as Matt has already revealed Andy also wins POV. Now the question is what he will do Monday when they tape the POV ceremony. I hope Helen follows McRaes advice and tells Andy that he will be final 3 with her and Elissa (or final 2 with her) and then that McRae said put Amanda up. My week would not be boring watching live feeds and BBAD.

  6. Amanda is a loser and Helen is a complete idiot. Seriously the stupidest bunch of people in BB history.

    • yes god forbid they actually play the game. If trying to win makes you a “loser” or better yet an “idiot.” sheesh what is wrong with this fourm

  7. Helen tells everyone they are going to win the game. Don’t they realize she is playing and manipulating them? Production could not have found a cast of bigger idiots if they spent a year searching for them. BB has become one of the worst reality shows on television. Its time for CBS to come up with something more interesting.

    • They sure seemed to have scraped the bottom of the barrel! And surprise! It’s a cast full of racists and losers…

  8. I see why Helen is a political consultant. She is a slime ball like all politicians. She tells what she wants while stabbing you in the back. Karma Helen, Karma!

  9. I was one american who voted Amanda as the 3rd nom, but its hard to choose between the two powerhouses. Poor dummies cant wait for them to see how much they look like little lambs to Helen and Amandas slaughter! And please don’t even get me started on McCrae, looks like he’s finally waking up to Amandas real self.

    • I agree he LOOKS like it but his dilly winker is telling him something different he won’t Luther up or vote her out but won’t go after anyone who does think whith the right head McCrae

  10. This is the worst season of big brother ever. There’s to many bitches in the house. There are two people controlling the whole house. Worst cast ever. They need to stop having so many bitches and more cut throat people. Here come the heaters

  11. Helen is good at her political job. She is such a slime ball. She will get her just reward very soon. Karma Helen, Karma! Wake up HGs before it is to late. Bring Judd back BB15!

  12. This show might end before i even get a chance to apply thanks cat of bb15

    But in other news… If aaryn to f2 she should win (i hate to say it) but most of these houseguests will give it to her for winning so many competitions

  13. Seriously, Helen needs to STFU for like 5 seconds and stop driving me insane. I’ll give her kudos for playing hard, but she just annoys me.

  14. Ring RIng hello Hey Helen your not the leader in the house ( you may think you are ) people don;t need to listen to you heck your not even close to being one of the best players of BB so shut up

  15. Everything Helen said and did this episode aggravated me. Everything. I was going crazy. She talks people up so much. I was laughing when she was comforting Aaryn and telling her she’s going to win this game like are you not playing against her? She’s crazy.

    • Haven’t you heard Helen is the almightily leader and people need to prove they’re loyalty to her..Decisions need to go through her.Also according to her this is the toughest best BB ever blah blah.If mccrae hadn’t got into a showmance and kept his loyalty to the moving company then Helen and Elissa would be gone right now..

      • Everything she says is bullshit. She bullshits everyone to their face and then she’s ready to stab them in the back when she sees fit.

        I believe the Moving Company failing was McCrae’s fault too. They could have gone far getting rid of Helen and Amanda had he not went against them, ugh.

    • When Helen was talking to Amandumb after McCrazy didn’t let her win the HOH comp, I wanted to jump through my tv and slap Helen.

      • Same!. She was like “you’re a winner even without winning competitions…” WTF. and then she said something like “Elissa, Jessie and Aaryn wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you”. She’s delusional.

      • Yes, they really look up to Helen and they value her opinion. I don’t know why, though. She is another person who is too old to be acting the way that she does. She is 37 and acts like she is 12.

      • Remember Helen is a political operative! Part of the training is you have to lie to people! Politicians are hated because they lie and Helen would be a politician one day! She will be good at it too with all that practice!

    • Or Helen telling Amanduh that she (Am) was the reason that all the rest of the house was still there! Good grief! Need a puke bag…

  16. I thought I’d hurl when they cried after they ALL voted to evict Judd. What a bunch of phonies. I hope Judd comes back and wins.

  17. I was laughing so hard when Amanda was crying because McCrae didn’t throw the HOH challenge to her. She’s pathetic. When things don’t go her way she decides to pout and cry but when she’s in power she becomes a bully and attacks others.

    • Talk about whining! She is really pathetic! And after she helped orchestrate Judd’s eviction, she had the nerve to cry in his face and tell him she loves him. She hit a new level of low. And so did GM with all those disgusting comments about Candice…

      • And sadly, Judd didn’t want to hug Elissa because he thought she orchestrated it when it was basically all Amanda putting BS into everyone’s head about him. Though, I laughed when he said he didn’t want Helen’s hug ahahahahaha

        Amanda is at rock bottom, as is GM. Their comments never stop. Aaryn on the other hand has been laying low. I kind of now believe that GM is the leader behind all of the comments while Aaryn just went along with it and added on… I mean it’s just as bad but still.

      • Well, the crocodile tears sure worked its magic!
        Judd lashed out at poor Jessie and Elissa who have no power in the Big Brother House yet, he gives Aaryn a pass when she put him on the block. And Amanda and McCrae who voted to evict him! The vote was 7-0 and dumb Judd cannot figure out his alliance voted hm out?

  18. If i was being kicked out,i would tell everyone on the way out that i was going to get everyone in the jury to vote for Amanda to win it all,then they would be getting her out next lol

  19. Should be called Big Stupid Losers. I guess we already knew Andy dosen’t have the balls to make anything happen. Jessie & Spencer again, really?

  20. Is Aaryn really taking adderall for better game do we really think she was that smart before entering this game to get a prescription ? Is it really that easy to get a script ?

    • Yes, it is widely diagnosed. That’s why I took over a year and a half for me to ok my daughter going on it. A lot of models, etc get diagnosed so they can go on it, but for weight loss reasons. The problem is that you don’t really know who really needs it or not. It’s like the problem with prescribing pain pills. Abusers make it really hard for those who need it.

      • Wouldn’t that make it harder to get if it is abused by so many I am not trying to debate just trying to understand why would someone prescribe it for her ?

      • Because there isn’t a blood test or anything like that. A doctor has to go by what the patient is presenting, what their symptoms are. A doctor can be duped on this, though. And it’s hard for them to tell a patient they don’t have it when they have the symptoms of it. That’s the best way I can describe it.

  21. I wish Helen was less annoying/boring, because she’s actually playing a really good game. She *is* running the house, and she’s biding her time getting rid of Amanda because she knows once Amanda’s gone, Helen will be the next biggest target. In a house full of sheep, she is definitely a herder. I just wish she’d hurry the hell up with making her big moves! (And make sure her big moves are based in reality and not Helen-land, like that Judd blindside).

    • Helen would be a better player if she went and did big moves while she had the chance, like evicting Amanda when she was put on the block two weeks in a row by us. Waiting for the “right time” is just a cope out.

      • I agree with both of y’all. But She should of got rid of Amanda while she had the chance. Andy is stupid I would never trust Amanda even her man is questioning her.

      • I believe if the opportunity literally lands on her own hands, she’ll no doubt going to put up Amanda and maybe even Andy.

      • Good but I love Mccrae but he should get backdoor. He is an amazing player. Amanda and Andy suck. I think he will win if they don’t get rid of him like they did to david

      • Andy is stupid because even assuming he, Amanda and McCrae make it to Final 3—-McCrae and Amanda will take each other to Final 2 and he is the odd man out! What he should be looking at is breaking them apart not, keeping them together!

      • The all only reason they are keeping him because he is no competition. Let’s be real McCrae will eat him for breakfast in the challenges and Amanda would just use and abuse him. Biggest floater I have ever seen in big brother even if he won this competition and crazy Amanda has won none. She is still better than him.

    • Helen is not really playing that great by relying on consensus to make her decisions. She should be making the big moves like taking out Amanda when she had the chance—-twice that is! Judd already paid for his decision not to evict Amanda twice! The last thing you want is one of the threats to evict you because you passed on the chance to evict them first! After you get rid of Jessie, Spencer, Gina Marie—-there is nobody left to evict other than the alliance members! Helen has only Elissa but, she is dumb to see that! She targets Jessie who could have been a loyal ally as well as Candice who she threw under the bus!

  22. I want to see who really is the bigger manipulator between Helen and Amanda… which one of these two will outwit the other and evict!!

    • It depends on who Aaryn and Gina Marie end up siding with! For now, they are with Amanda! That could change if plans do not change and Helen stays in the game! Nothing happens without the blesssings of the big 3 threats, Amanda, Helen and Aaryn! The big 3 decided to evict Judd as we saw on the TV and we saw how fast he got evicted! When they want someone out, they move heaven and earth but, if not, you have to move Mount Everest yourself to get it done!

  23. I can’t believe that Amanduh cried in front of Judd’s face the moment before he was evicted, and even told him she loved him! All the while she was telling everyone she spoke to before the 2nd eviction that he was sketchy and a liar. That woman is rotten to the core! I’m gonna celebrate when she gets the boot, which I hope is very, very soon!

  24. I don’t get all the hate on Helen. God forbid she actually try playing the game. Ya’ll supposedly hate floaters, but when someone tries making some moves, all the fans suddenly want them gone. She’s one of the few house guests who isn’t afraid of making big moves, yet she’s getting slammed by a ton of viewers.

    She might be “annoying”, but I see a woman trying to play the game and get some big targets out of the house. Is she trying to be manipulative? Sure, but she’s not “disgusting” as some are suggesting. You want to see a disgusting individual, look no further than Amanda and Gina Marie.

    Helen actually carries herself with class and treats people respectfully. I have yet to see her tear someone down personally. There’s a HUGE difference between being a slimy Big Brother player, and a slimy human being. Lets not confuse the two.

    • Helen takes credit where none is due, she wants everyone else to make big moves but won’t make them herself, she constantly says ‘I love you’ to everybody, and she talks so much that she doesn’t even realize that she’s on the 10th time of repeating the same thing. She’s not a bad person…just misguided and annoying. IMO

    • I lover her as a player, I hate as a manipulator. I also don’t like her getting all the credits when it’s not even from her doing. At least for me, it’s a love-hate thing. It’s just frustrating that no one have the balls to shift the power away from her and MCcranda just so the dominance would move to another player.

      However, I’m patiently waiting for the time she finally get the opportunity to strike out Amanda once the opportunity is in her hands (instead of relying solely on her allies to do her dirty work).

      She have to move quickly though because Amanda is also gunning for her no thanks to Andy who keeps on relaying info and is too scared to make a big move himself because he is in a comfortable position with an F4 deal with McCranda.

  25. Everyone here is dissing Helen. Is this not Big Brother? It’s all about staying in the house longest. She’s gonna do what she needs to do to stay in the house, whether it be back stabbing or lying to people’s faces. Is everyone on this site new to watching Big Brother?

    • You do understand that there is the likeability factor. I recognized she’s a good player and very respectful to other HG, but if you don’t have the emotional connection with the fans, they can be ruthless. Every time she jumps in the storage room like a crazy cheer leader, she was annoying a lot of people and losing fans lol. it’s funny but it’s true. As the show progresses, this hate thing will change…I still think the mean girls are the most hated HG in this season.

  26. Hey people that live in Chicago………..if Helen comes to your door or calls you to vote for a candidate tell her she is a fake and hang up on her or tell her to go tell someone that cares.

    I cannot believe people fall for her sunshine pumping….drives me crazy.

    • People don’t really vote in Chicago, the democrats who have run things for 70 years just appoint someone they want.

  27. I like Judd, but I think if he were to come back into the game he would just align himself with Amanda again, so NO. Candice to come back (as of now)

    • I would not vote for Judd to come back either! He has no clue at all! Even when he got evicted, he lashed out at Jessie and Elissa who had no control over his eviction. Sure, he got one right in Helen but, he gave a pass at Aaryn who put him on the block and Amanda?
      The vote was 7-0 dummy which means your alliance all vote to evict you!

  28. If not for the “a closer look at the double eviction blindside”, andy’s HOH is so boring, you can see that they didn’t even show “Who want to see my HOH room” scene because I found it also boring! everybody was in, no awkward moment, and yeah, ANDY IS BORING!

    • That is beyond sad. That’s a first in BB history!! So this group of misfits can say they are officially a historic BB year…..

      • That’s the first? wow, I haven’t watch big brother but Wow, He must be very boring, even Amanda’s nonsense about not winning a single thing is shown.

  29. I was re-reading Ginamarie’s HOH blog for a laugh and I’m just pointing out that she wrote “couldn’t” as “coundt” twice. How can one not spell “couldn’t”?!?!?! My oh my.

  30. My dream is for candice to come back n get rid of that mean,ridicoulously immature, racist gina marie ! That would priceless! !!

  31. Now would be the perfect time for a Pandora’s Box that leads to a Coup d’Etat being won by Jesse, Elissa, or Helen, which then leads to Amanda and McCrae being on the elimination block together. As entertaining as Amanda is on the show, nothing would compare to seeing her get eliminated.

  32. To be honest, the Amanda/McCrae/Andy/Aaryn alliance has been ruling the house for some time now. That’s why Andy immediately killed the attempt to save Candice last week: in order to protect his spot as a safe member of two alliances. The DE just sealed Aaryn’s place with that ruling group.

  33. Surprisingly, Andy stood up to Amanda/McCrae about his hoh room. And the ‘wedding’ is tomorrow. Andy said to them, “I’d let you use my hoh room, but I’m selfish”. Well, that’s SOMETHING…

  34. “jeff let jordan win. Why didn´t you let me win?”

    Amanda… Jeff throw 2 competitions (one that he just throw the ball out of the game and another where he just stopped playing the game) because he was on the decision on who would win the HOH. If he made more points or faster than Jordan he would be the HOH… not like you and mcrae that where on a semi final.
    Was Amanda thinking that Andy would give up the HOH for her?

    I hoped Mcrae stuffed her with a simple answer “if we where ont he final, i would give it to you… but we where not and i play better than you”. But he just lost it and gone into the phone booth crying. (Amanda was mad changing her clothes out of the bag…)

  35. My god. Y’all need to relax. It’s a Damn game. If this is the biggest issue in your life at the moment then heck I want your life! Just enjoy the show for what it is.

  36. After watching the episode, it’s looking quite certain Helen will find out where Andy’s true loyalties lie come MOnday during the Veto Ceremony.

    • Would be nice to see either Helen or Amanda backdoored then, this week would not be wasted! Now, only if Andy will use his head—-he should know that with the strong 2 player alliances, he does not have much of a chance going far when the chips are down!
      Helen/Elissa, McCrae/Amanda, Aaryn/Gina Marie. Does Andy really believe they will take him to Final 2 if any of those 2 player alliances get with Andy to Final 3? He is going to be the odd man out and a big fool if he cannot see it! That is why he has to break those apart while, he can! I suggest McCrae/Amanda to start!

  37. Big Brother Canada is WAY better… this season here is by far THE MOST predictable and most BORING season I have ever seen… we’ve quit watching it

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