Big Brother 15 Episode 20: A Closer Look At The Double Eviction Blindside


Sunday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was like going to a funeral for someone you loved but had to be surrounded by people you hate. I turned to Twitter to see if I was alone in that feeling and I wasn’t. The majority of fans were talking about how heart-breaking the episode was because we got to see Judd plead for his Big Brother life and it get ignored.

The episode picks up with Candice going off on GinaMarie just before her eviction. GinaMarie thinks it proves that Candice is a rat and a big mouth but it really proves that GinaMarie is just a piece of trash.

And thankfully, CBS decided to show GM saying such horrible things to Candice over being adopted. Then we cut to Aaryn winning her Adderall-fueled Head of Household which leads to a Spencer and Jessie nomination.

But speaking of Adderall-fueled wins, Aaryn wins the veto, which leads to Jessie being taken off and Judd put up. But we get to see what went on behind-the-scenese that made that happen. Aaryn wanted to keep the nominations the same. And immediately Helen starts asking her to “backdoor” Judd, which wouldn’t really be a backdoor because he got to play in the veto. But Helen is an idiot so we’ll let her have that incorrect terminology.

And then we have to hear Helen explaining why she wanted to go after Judd during the double eviction. And about 99.9 percent of what Helen was saying was false. There’s a lot of scrambling and looks on faces like they’re making a big move when really they’re just making a huge mistake.

After the scrambling we get a very sad few moments of Judd begging to stay and Helen is comforting Aaryn when Judd is the one they just grossly scum-bagged.

And of course after that, half of the house is in tears for what they’ve just done and are clearly wondering if they made a mistake. Meanwhile, Helen is giving Aaryn a pep-talk and calls her Janelle. And all of America begins laughing hysterically at the thought of comparing Aaryn to Janelle.

Amanda pulls Aaryn aside, and since Aaryn is now the star, she throws out a final four deal with her, McCrae and Andy. So Aaryn replaces Judd. And Amanda did it while Judd’s nomination seat was still warm.

It’s time for the second HOH of the night. Helen and Jessie go head to head first. Helen is eliminated. Jessie moves on. Up next is Andy and GinaMaire. Andy moves on and GM is eliminated. Amanda vs. Spencer next. Amanda moves on and Spencer is knocked out. Up next are McCrae and Elissa. McCrae moves on and Elissa is out.

In the next round, it’s Andy vs. Jessie. Andy wins, Jessie is out. McCrae vs. Amanda next and he wins and she loses. And she acts like a huge baby about it. In the end, McCrae faces of with Andy and Andy wins! He is the new HOH.

Everyone is happy Andy is HOH and no one thinks that he’s going to put them up. Um, he has to put someone up, dummies.


It’s nomination talk time. Helen throws out Amanda and McCrae’s names out to Andy. But since he’s got a real final four with them and not Helen, he shuts it down. Helen keeps blabbing about it because that’s what Helen does. Throw in some condescending talk like she’s a Big Brother expert and Andy isn’t and he’s definitely not touching her idea.

Andy does what basically everyone in America predicted and he nominated Spencer and Jessie for eviction.


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