Big Brother 14: Ranking The Potential Final Four


Since the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds are blacked out, it gave me a chance to pause and think ahead about the next week. If things play out as most of us expect, and we find Wednesday night that Jenn was evicted, then our final four will be Dan, Ian, Shane and Danielle.

So presuming that’s our final four, I’ll break down how I think things could play out and who has the most potential to win.

Dan: I can’t really imagine anyone targeting Dan at this point because Ian and Danielle both have final two deals with him. He’s very likely to make it to the final two. If he does, then he might have a hard time beating Danielle or Ian if they’re sitting next to him. I’m not sure if Frank or Britney will reward Dan. But right now, overall, (despite sounding contradictory), I think Dan has the biggest shot at winning.

Danielle: The only person who will likely try to send Danielle out is Ian. If she’s sitting next to Shane or Dan she has a pretty good chance at getting the votes to win. Especially if she racks up another HoH or two in the coming days. I don’t see her beating Ian in the final two, however. I think she has the second greatest shot at winning Big Brother 14.

Ian: OK, Ian is toast UNLESS he wins the veto this week. If he doesn’t win that, then he leaves in fourth place. If he wins and goes to the end, then he has a great shot at winning the game. I think he can beat all of them with the jury votes. Even Dan. BUT, he has to win the veto. For that reason alone, he’s the third most likely to win.

Shane: While I think Shane has played a great physical game, I don’t think the rest of it has been there to win in the end. I think it’s highly likely that he goes to the final three and the final two, but I don’t see him winning the jury vote. He’s the least likely of the four to win Big Brother 14 (which means he’ll probably win because the universe loves proving me wrong).

These are only my opinions, so spare me the name-calling and just tell me what you think is most likely to happen! It’s all for fun!


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  1. Shane doesn’t have any enemies…I think he has a better shot than Danielle. I am on team Ian however, since he didn’t backdoor Dan when he had the chance..if he loses, it’s his own fault. Dan has proven over and over again he is not trustworthy.

      • Dan has proven himself a great liar not a great gamer. A great game would be to win without that amount of lies.

        When Ian told Britney about his conversation with Mike, that was great classic manipulation. That is what we want to see. Manipulation is best when it is a truth told at the right time.

        What most people are calling manipulation by Dan is just lies.

      • Yea. Dan lies and it makes people do what he wants people to do. That isnt manipulation… Wait… Thats like exactly what manipulation is…

    • That’s exactly why Shane shouldn’t win he has done no big moves. How can you reward someone for not gettin blood on there hands everyone except Ashely is there because of Dan.

      • dan sold brittney under the bus, did you like sleep that whole crazy week. Not only that he scum bagged frank. Dan has blood on his hands, more then all the other house guest. even took the blame for ians big move while ian just watched like a little girl. You can’t shake dan, and thats why he is the best.

  2. I don’t think Dan will win the jury’s votes, because for one he made promises to previous house guests “the final two”, (Jenn and Frank) And he betrayed Brittany, so she’s probably will not give him her vote. He might have Shane or Danielle’s vote if Dan and Ian are in the final 2…

    • Do you watch this show? The jury members leave heated but time and time again they sit at the end and objectively look at GAME PLAY. If Evil Dick won his season after the way he acted….well, enough said.

      • Very good point. Evil Dick is up there on the list of most obnoxious hg to play the game. Jurors usually have time to reflect and put things in perspective. I don’t see any of them holding grudges…except maybe Frank.

      • Evil Dick was a huge bully during his season.
        He even poured a drink over Jennifer Johnson’s
        head and he won his season. So much for the
        I hate you so much, I will not vote for you
        nonsense! It is all about who played the best
        game and not because the house guest is
        your favorite!

      • @disqus_UDQWynA7o9:disqus Not sure i remember this correctly, but wasn’t Jennifer Johnson the only one not to vote for him? Some people can separate their feelings about others from the game and vote strictly on game play. She obviously wasn’t one of them. Which is what i think will happen in Franks case….but i could be wrong. He might be a bigger man than i’m giving him credit for.

      • Yes I think ur right about Jennifer not voting for him. As it’s been so apparent on here, I am big Frank fan, it is hard to predict what he will do. I think he was more hurt than being revengeful, but u never know, will just have 2 wait and c.

      • Alto Hayden won against Lane in their season, Rachel and Brendan definitely voted on emotions. In the end they said they would vote as of who played the game physical & mentally the best, which was Hayden but they awarded their vote to Lane. But then again, were talking about Rachel & Brendan. Most bizarre couple, imo….lol

      • Sorry for my “Do you watch this show?” approach. I was worked up when I was reading the comments before my coffee! :)

    • I think Brittany will vote on who played the best game. If you watched Brittany’s eviction interview with Jeff she says that it’s not so bad being taken out by someone who makes it to the end. She’d rather that than by someone who is evicted the next week. It means you were at least evicted by the best. Or something along those lines. I do think Dan will have a hard time beating Ian, however I don’t think we can count him out if he makes it. Remember he’s the only one to win 7-0 before. During that season Jerry called him Judas, he didn’t uphold his deal to Ollie, and he backdoored Michelle, Plus he’s a really good speaker which I think is important when they question the F2. Shane and Ian are both pretty horrible when being put on the spot. Then Danielle might break into tears :P Guess we shall see.

      • I’ve been watching the eviction interviews with Jeff also, some really insightful stuff and he does a good job handling the questions. I totally agree with your statement about Brit, I actually like her a little better after watching the interview, I thought she would be more bitter than she was.

    • Also look at chill town they back stabbed every person in te jury still won. And Dan pissed a lot of jury in his season still won 7 0.

  3. I haven’t been a fan of Ian’s for quite a long time now, but if it were him against Dan, I would be rooting for him. I sincerely hope he wakes up though. I would much rather see Ian win than Dan or Danielle, and if Shane wins…I have no idea what to make of that, but I don’t see anyone taking him to the F2, unless Danielle back-stabs Dan…

    • With any luck that will happen. But my gut tells me Dan has this all sewn up. Now I wonder if Jenn got any comments out as she left the house, that Dan has stabbed her in the back. Hopefully!! I was hoping Shane would win this HOH and get a backbone and get rid of Dan. No such luck. Well just saying, Just my opinion. And we all have them and some of us are Dan fans and some of us arent.

      • I doubt she did. She talks in the DR room like she’s this bad ass player and will do what has to be done, if so, she would have spilled the beans to Shane & Ian about Dan which she obviously did not. All talk, no guts

  4. on jokers up dates it said that the rumor is that danielle won hoh. god, i don’t want to listen to her if she did.

    • Dani played well socially u’ve got to give her that. she is friends with most people in the house. plus she was the one that told dan not to put shane up because she wanted to keep her options open.

      • Just my opinion , but i don’t think she played well socially. I think they tolerated her because she is easy to control. As for keeping Shane…well lets just say i don’t see her wanting him evicted since he’s the only one willing to share a bed with her. In her mind, she’s protecting a potential hubby.

      • Actually, I think Danielle played a good social game until Britney left. That is why I think she will win if she is in the final two. I think Ashley, Britney, Frank, Joe, and Jenn will vote for Danielle.

      • Danielle’s social game was to be told what to do by Dan (and sometimes Britney). That and everyone else in her alliance was perceived as a larger threat than she was because they were smarter or won more competitions. I don’t think she would have lasted half as long as she did without them (she almost DIDN’T last very long; it took Dan forcing her to grow up when he was still a coach to save her that time, not her personal social game).

  5. Has Dan ever said in the DR or to Dani or to the live feeds that he thinks he can get enough jury votes to win?

      • I haven’t heard him say anything about jury votes but you can bet he’s probably thinking about it. Which is why i think he would want to take Danielle to F2 instead of Ian or Shane. A “coach” taking his only remaining player gives him a bit more credibility for the win than compared to what Danielle has accomplished.

      • I agree. I think his true loyalities lie with Danielle if he can help it. He has pretty much had her back this whole game. Yes he’s manpulated her but it’s been to further both of them in the game. I seriously doubt she would have gotten as far as she has without Dan. Plus Dan is a coach for a living this is what he does and is his passion. I think he wants to see both of them at the end. He has a decent shot at winning against her and if he doesn’t he still basically won the coaching aspect of the game.

  6. I agree. The only shot Dan has at getting the jury vote is sitting next to Shane. Dan will definitely make it to the final two and deserves to win, but his biggest problem is a jury who may not want to crown him victor twice. His biggest problem is that he’s already won.
    I just don’t get why everyone seems so angry that Dan lies or that Dan isn’t trustworthy. You guys do know what game this is right? The game is all about manipulation, so of course there will be lying. I can’t understand why people get so bent out of shape about that, when that’s what the game is.

    • I think the jury will understand Dan’s actions. Frank and Britney will for sure, despite their heated departures. Ian too if (when?) he’s on the jury. They understand this game inside and out and know that Dan did those things to win the game. Some of the others on the jury are just followers and they’ll likely go with popular vote.
      And I totally agree with your point about what game this is. Not only that, but it’s a game that’s tagline is “Expect the Unexpected”….that doesn’t stand just for the twists they throw at HG’s…

      • I agree, Brit said in her post interview with Jeff that she was pulling for Dan, Ian and Danielle. She figured it would be best if Dan won that way atleast the winner is the one responsible for gettting her evicted, not just some average player or floater.

    • Dan won his season 7-0, remember that! I don’t see
      the rational behind the nonsense that Dan cannot get
      the votes! Dan made a huge move, manipulated all
      the house guests to this point where they do what
      Dan tells them and still, he cannot get the votes?
      Spare us the nonsense! Dan will win if he makes it
      to Final 2 because Dan played the very best game!
      No one even Ian winning all the competitions has
      even come close!

  7. It has been so crazy this season that it is hard to tell who will win, but I really hope that Ian wins. They have treated him so bad for so long even though he has been so loyal to the quack pack. That says alot about his character. I will be rooting for him.

    • it also shows how stupid he really is by targeting jenn (who is weak and has no alliance) instead of a member of the quackpack this week. unless he wins veto + final HOH, there is no way he will make it to final 2.

      • I agree, some where along the way Ian forgot or either failed to come up with a end game strategy, his main objective was to get the quack pack to the final four. He should have tried to get Dan out when he had the chance instead he became another one of Dan’s pawns. This may have costed him the game.

  8. My money is on Dan to go to the Final 2 and win it all! I think
    it is nonsense to say that Dan cannot corral the votes to win
    against Danielle, Ian or Shane for that matter! Considering
    the fact that Dan to this point has control over the other
    house guests on what they do, Dan can easily argue that
    he has everyone manipulated and in his back pocket! That
    proves without a doubt that he has played the best game
    with his Big Move saving himself from the block as well as
    manipulating all the other house guests to do his every
    bidding! How do you argue against that? The only jury
    member that may vote against Dan is Frank. Brittney will
    still vote for Dan and I imagine Jenn, Ashley and Joe as
    well! Dan will win this clearly if he goes to Final 2! The
    votes are there and the only way it does not happen is
    if Dan is evicted before Final 2!

  9. Dan will win 7-0 or 6-1 if he makes the final 2…ever since Danielle lost in season 3 (who is in my opinion is the greatest female player ever) people always vote for who played the best, not on emotions. In the final night everybody forgets past emotions and votes on the best player.

    • Danielle didn’t win Big Brother though. So if your argument is that jury always votes for the best player – don’t use Danielle as an example. Lisa won season 3, and she won because everyone liked her.

  10. Dan needs to go this week. All coaches must be evicted. Then Ian and Shane can kick danis butt in the final 3. NEWBIES FOREVER!!!

  11. You know what would be odd is if Danielle put up Dan and Shane. Hoping one would win veto then put up Ian and vote him out. awful huh

    • they are delusional. dan has won this game 7-0 before. obviously he is a jury threat no matter what they think

  12. Ian has no self-awareness to notice that he has been winning challenges and 3 people will gun for him regardless? like seriously he should have kept jenn so that there is 1 less person to battle it out for the veto next week. Ian doesn’t deserve to win imo his target choices are way too amateur (targeting players like ashley and jenn). o_O so overrated

    • Jenn probably would have targeted Ian, too. Ian is all alone and he doesn’t realize it. However, if Dan were smart and wins the veto, he’d WANT to keep Ian in F3 and get out Shane. Shane is the only one he doesn’t have a F2 with. And he doesn’t trust that Danielle would choose him over Shane if the choice arose. So, if Ian doesn’t win this next veto, I’m hoping Dan does so that there’s a chance he’ll boot Shane.

    • They didn’t have time last week with double eviction. Maybe tonight and or tomorrow night. That is strange though. I just want to see what happened when Brit got their and Frank. Lots of notes to compare about Dan or Judus as Brit called him.

    • Oh we know why,? ashley is zoned out on drugs, brittany, somewhere in the house, hiding from ashley and frank, Chef joe, is thinking of a delicious menu, to keep frank, from beating his ass, Oh I can imagine the jury house, is a chaos, and to think new york jenn is getting ready to join the chaos, Look out brit and joe.

    • I truly think Dan deserves to win imo. He didn’t rely on winning competitions to get through the game like players such as Ian who needed to win competitions in order to survive. Although I always stand by that whoever wins that season deserves to win that season regardless of how they did it.

      • Agree 100%. Dan played the best game. I was
        rooting for Mike Boogie and Frank but, cannot
        deny the fact that Dan played a very good game.
        Dan made that huge move saving himself from
        the block no less! Then, he manipulates all the
        other house guests in the house even now and
        that is the reason why Dan should win it if he
        makes the Final 2. Anyone who decides it only
        on game play and not because a player is your
        favorite can easily see that Dan deserves to
        win it all! If Dan makes it to Final 2, the jury
        will also see that Dan is the overwhelming

      • @7704d532aa92ae6420c50f065eb7f398:disqus …100% agree with this statement. I dislike Danielle immensely…and would be crushed if she won. BUT…she would deserve it if she won.

      • I think Dan has played the best mental game, Frank played the best physical game, Ian has played the best Guinness Book of World Records game (for hammock swinging), Danielle the best lying game……Jenn, the best hunger game…..Joe, the best uncleanliness game, Britney…..the best sarcastic game…..Ashley, the best lost in space game…… on. Since I like the mental and the physical of BB, I think Dan should win the loot and Frank should win the fan favorite money.

  13. I think if Dan has his way Shane will be leaving cause we has to know that Danielle will take Shane to the final 2 and if he’s in the final 2 e could win the 50, not the 500 cause he has pissed a lot of people in the jury house. It’s still a social game also and too swear on the bible, his wedding and his grandfather’s cross. I think Frank will speel all the beans about Dan.

    • Game play is different from the jury votes. It not, all
      the nasty winners like Evil Dick would not have won!
      Votes are cast based on how well the house guests
      played the game and Dan has played the best game
      if you look at it only on the game play and not let your
      bias for your favorite cloud your judgment!

  14. I just don’t see how they would give Dan another half a mil, yeah he played a great game but why make the rich richer? That would play on my mind if I was in the jury house, but that’s just me.

    • Because that would be a complete disgrace to the game. Like how could someone vote like that big brother a competition not a frickin charity case. That’s like you being a judge at the Olympics and not giving them a gold because they won it before. The best deserves the win and if Dan makes it two final to ppl give your head a shake it’s so hard to do that a second time ppl know who you are. Also every jury member except Ashely is there because Iof Dab he hands down deserves to win.

    • So you would rather give the money to someone that doesn’t deserve it as to give it to someone that does? Just my opinion, but i would not take into account a previous win if i were on the jury. That’s a totally separate issue. People can win more than once at things…just means they’re good.

    • It’s a poor reason not to give Dan 500K based on he had already won before. That’s just crazy. They will deliberate on how well he had played the game. I don’t think the Jury are that shallow.

    • It has happened before on Survivor. Sandra won Survivor twice. So winning once before does not really degrade you as a player. To me, making it to the end again makes you even more deserving to win.

  15. Who will you vote for Fan Favorite? (Using the scenario Dani and Dan go to F2) I’m pretty sure it would be between Ian and Frank and MAYBE, big MAYBE, Brittany. I would vote for Frank. (Only bc Dan is going to win;) or else it would be Dan)

  16. I think if Dan wins POV (which I’m hoping for) he will send Shane out the door. Shane is the only one he doesn’t have a final 2 deal with.

  17. I think if Ian makes the final 2 he wins because I agree that he will have to not only win POV, but also final 3 HOH to get there. He will have dominated the 2nd half of the season in comps, & BB jurors in recent years often overvalue comp wins. Plus he hasn’t backed out of agreements with as many jurors as the other 3.

    Dan will have a hard time winning because I don’t think he can get Britney or Frank (& quite possibly Jenn) to vote for him. True, BB juries are not as “sour grapes” as Survivor juries (probably due to more time to cool off), but Britney voted personal in BB12 (she said as much) & told Dan when she went out that it “matters” to her how you treat people. Plus she was closer to the other 3 in the house. Dan really embarrassed Frank, & I don’t think he’ll forgive that. I don’t think Frank values Dan’s game of deception as much as others will. He might vote Dan over Danielle, but he would vote for Ian or Shane over Dan. Jenn has a temper & will feel burned by Dan & will only have a week to cool off. 50/50 on whether she’ll vote emotionally. Plus he’s already used the “Dan’s Funeral” speech. I’m not sure he can pull that rabbit out of the hat twice. He has the problem of having gone back on agreements to pretty much all of the jurors while not being directly responsible for sending ANY of them out so far (except Joe). Oh, and there’s the whole “he’s won before” thing. Not gonna say it’s impossible (it’s Dan!), but it’s gonna be really difficult.

    As for who I’d *like* to see win: Ian, Dan, Shane, Danielle. In that order.

    • When Dan gets to the F2 he has triple the ammunition than the other three HGs combined. Especially if he’s sitting next to Dani. Was it week 2 or 3where one or two votes a different way would have sent his last player packing? Now if its him, sitting next to his last player, he can play it cool and act like this is what he wanted regardless of how he finishes. And id put my money onDan’s public speaking over anyone else there. Dan deserves it. Even more than Ian.

  18. I hope anyone BUT dan wins! He played a cowards game with his backstabbing and deceit. Manipulating others to do his dirty work. Plus he already won! I’m team #anyonebutdan!!!

  19. I believe that once Ian leaves. Shane will take Danielle to F2, Dan will take Danielle to F2, and Danielle has a tough task to go against Shane, but Dan is a smooth talker, and he will talk her into being F2 with her. In the end, Dan has the best odds to winning the whole thing. Which I hope he does.

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