Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 8 Wednesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

The Big Brother 14 houseguests clearly got rested up yesterday when the Live Feeds were a bit underwhelming because today was a day completely filled with game talk and campaigning. Not only did Frank and Jenn spend the day campaigning for Frank, the others are making plans for what they think is just a possible double eviction and the next couple of weeks in general.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, September 5, 2012:

10:20 AM BBTJenn and Frank are up and in the back yard talking about the eviction. Jenn says she does not see any reason why they’d keep Joe over Frank.

11:03 AM BBT — Jenn and Frank still talking. They’re talking about how to make sure Danielle is on board with keeping Frank.

11:23 AM BBT — Frank is alone now and doing his daily routine of talking to the feeds and saying what a fantastic player he is. He talks about what he has to do next after escaping eviction Thursday.

12:36 PM BBT — Frank asking Danielle what she thinks about the news he told her yesterday (that Dan really was mad at her during his “funeral”). She pretends like she’s still mad about it.

12:41 PM BBT — Jenn campaigning for Frank to Dan. All Dan can promise her is that she won’t be put up or evicted by him.

1:50 PM BBTJoe telling Dan about his alliance with Shane. He refers to Shane as his Memphis. Don’t laugh, it’s not nice! Haha.

1:57 PM BBT — Jenn is now pleading Frank’s case to Danielle. She’s working hard for him and knows she’ll be alone if he’s gone.

2:06 PM BBT — Jenn realizes it’s a lost cause with Frank. She tells Danielle she hopes it’s not held against her if she still gives Frank her vote. Danielle tells her she and Shane are both voting to evict Frank.

2:16 PM BBT — Dan and Frank chatting. Frank says he feels better about the vote. He tells Dan he trusts him.

2:42 PM BBT — Jenn tells Dan the final three with them and Danielle is on.

2:57 PM BBT — Jenn tells Frank that he’s good tomorrow. She’s not telling him the bad news. She does tell him he should smooth things over with Danielle because she’s not happy with his arrogance.

4:42 PM BBT — Dan and Ian talking about their final two deal. They don’t think anyone knows they’re working as a duo. Of course Dan is working everyone but no one knows that.

6:58 PM BBT — Frank now working on Ian in case Ian has to break the tie. He tells Ian that he’ll need him around for his vote.

7:16 PM BBT — Danielle says she’s about to freak out on Frank. If it’s anything like her “freak out” on Janelle, then she’s going to kill him with compliments and hugs!

7:35 PM BBT — Frank said he’d come back for All Stars if asked.

8:21 PM BBTIan nervous because he can’t play in next HoH. Shane says the Quack Pack would keep him. Danielle might not agree with that, however.

9:08 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle he acted surprised when Jenn told him about Danielle agreeing to a final three deal.

9:16 PM BBT — Dan tells Danielle that he wants Shane gone before the finale four. Danielle doesn’t seem very happy with that.

10:00 PM BBT — Frank still working on Danielle. Then moves on to Ian.

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  1. I really do wonder who Danielle would keep Shane or Dan?
    I think she would keep Dan, but maybe Dan was right she is not his Memphis, and if Dan bet on the wrong horse and got stabbed in the back that would be sp ironic and unexpected.
    At this point, I am thinking unless something drastic happens, Dan is on his way to the F2. He will be picking off Ian and Shane next.

    • Yeah I was wondering the same thing. I think she would get a little more respect from the viewers if she was the one to get Shane out. I think she would stick with Dan though.

      • You’re right….ousting Shane would bring her a little respect. But apparently respect isn’t something she’s concerned with. It might be a little too late for her to redeem herself….we’ve seen too much.

    • Daniell will follow whichever one (Shane or Dan) is ahead of the game..She is using them both and I believe Dan realizes it. Daniell will follow Joe if it happens to be in her best interest.. Seriously The game is all about Daniell.. Don’t yall know that by now??

    • If Shane gives in and sleeps with her, she’ll probably work more with Shane; otherwise Dan probably has the negotiation skills to convince her it’s in her best interest to get him out.

  2. I’m just completely annoyed that Frank is going home. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of it is his own fault. He’s too trusting (although, when a catholic school coach swears on the Bible, you’d think he wouldn’t lie about that) and far too confident. He needs to wake up and realize that they’ve been trying to get him out of the house since week 1. This is his first time up for eviction (past veto) since Boogie left, and he’s going home. That speaks volumes to what Boogie was able to do in there. Some Ally Jenn is. Frank has the info he needs to blow the top off the house, but he obviously doesn’t feel he needs to use that. Especially if Jenn isn’t being straight up with him. She must not want to keep her ally in the house too badly. BB needs to call an exterminator, they’ve got a serious snake problem. I’d love to see Ian follow him out the door Thursday.

    • I don’t think Frank telling everyone about the Dan thing will keep him safe. The only people voting are Dan/Dani/Shane (alliance) and Jenn. Even if Frank shares this info he wouldn’t get Dan/Dani’s vote so the best that could happen is a tie and why would Ian keep him since he is a threat.
      I think Frank’s days are numbered and while he can’t change it he should atleast know. I don’t think he deserves to be blindsided like this.

      • I hope once Frank gets to the jury house is is smart enough to tell ALL the jury members what scum Dan actually is (swearing on Bible etc…) then hopefully if Dan is in the final two whoever the other person is will with the $….even though I don’t think ANYONE in that house really deserves it…

      • No they don’t William. They only see a little clip of the nomination, pov and eviction. I’ve been watching since season one. What are you watching?

    • Frank is just playing like an idiot. He’s no angel and has also been after Dan since week one. Good move telling Danielle he wants Dan out next…DUH.

  3. How can Dan swear on his family he would not turn on Frank and now turns on Frank…’s one thing to lie it’s another to swear on your familys life…….Dan needs to GO… doen’t look good for Frank……:(

    • I know! Lying/manipulating etc… are all part of the game, but to go out of your way on more than one occasion to swear on your wife, your grandfathers necklace, the bible, your wedding ring, etc… is just all for drama and Dan should burn for it. There is no need to go into all of that for the game – I used to like Dan…now I hope I never have to see his face again. I am probably not going to watch the rest of the season if/when Frank gets evicted tonight – what’s the point? Danielle is PSYCHO, Shane has done really nothing, Ian has become an arrogant prick, Joe has done nothing, Jenn just started playing, and Dan has proven to be not just a liar for ‘game purposes’ but a disgusting person in general…over this season.

    • He just swore on the information he was telling Frank! Not final 2 deal. He even said it in the episode they had the conversation. Last night episode I don’t know why he said that in DR but like everyone who watched live feeds and that episode said just on the information and that’s what I saw in that episode.

      • Clearly, you didn’t hear his confession when he admitted to swearing on everything that he would take Frank to the final 2.

      • Yeah I did I actually wrote that in my comment. And I don’t know why he said that an think he made a mistake in saying that. In his conversation with Frank in that episode he clearly states he brought up the bible not to apologize but to swear that the information he is telling is the truth and he did tell te truth. And then they shook on a final 2 deal. I know he said that in DR but he clearly doesn’t say that in the actual conversation with him. Maybe he forgot he didn’t?? He is human.

      • So he’s lied so much he can’t remember his own lies? And, I was talking about his very long speech in the diary room on Sunday’s show. It’s around the 24 minute mark. Watch that as he tries to justify what he did. Also, we don’t know what happens 24/7 even if you get the live feeds. Those feeds are off for hours sometimes. If Dan admits to it, I don’t understand why his fans can’t accept it. Personally I don’t care what he swore on. If that’s how he wants to play the game, that’s his choice.

      • Yeah who knows I’m just going off on what I saw in the conversation he had and what ppl are saying on they saw on live feeds. And it’s a game Dan play probably the honest game a person could play the first time and like he says he has to play the opposite because he d be gone of he didnt. And I’m glad if everyone was just honest and played nice big brother would of been cancelled already. And yeah if he did ya I don’t agree with that their a line but still come on he is single handlly making this season an any true BB fab would appreciate him for doing that. And come on Dr.Will most entertaining player because he lied so much an got ppl to believe him just like Dan doing an at least he admits he was wrong.

      • Also look what he has done for the show. We wouldn’t even be having this conversation if it wast for Dan. He s made it interesting. Like I know so many ppl who don’t even like BB but heard what Dan did last week and had to watch and now are addicted. Even this site like there was so many comments on Dan funeral. Any BB fan would appreciate that and it’s a game for 500,000 and like he said he playing for his family so they can have a better life.

      • Agree. His actions are really between his family and his God. I don’t think they will hold it against him. Many people have said he teaches at a Catholic school. Some people there may have a problem with it, but I’m sure if he makes a donation all will be forgiven. :)

      • I saw what you saw. For all the Dan haters, relax its a game. He swore on the bible, his familly, he did this in season 10 aswell if the other HG believe him then there morons. What dan did is ok in my mind, if he didn’t do that he was 100% out the door. The only way he could stay was to do what he did. If you all were in his situation you would do the same and if you wouldn’t do that then this game isn’t for you. I just don’t get all the crying about what dan did. It was the best play anyone has ever done in this game in history. Give the guy credit his ass was on the line. What would all you haters do if you were in his situation, would you just let yourself get evicted. GO Dan GO. Do what you have to do to get to the final 2.

  4. “Frank said he’d come back for All Stars if asked” Really? what makes him think he is an all star? Cocky little sucker.

  5. Double eviction night! Frank need to go because he’s too cocky and if it wasn’t for Booger, he’d been gone already. Also, JennCity need to go because she’s been in the house as a floater and now she decide to play the game a little too late…and winning one veto doesn’t make you a master player. They’re gonna keep Joe around as long as they could because if he’s one of the Final two…he’s easy to beat because he’s a master floater (like Adam from last season) he’ll have 50,000.

    • Here it is again–“Frank is too cocky”. What about Danielle being a liar and crazy and somewhat of a floater: What about Joe’s lies and him being a super floater? What about Dan being a total liar? What about Ian being cocky as well as a sneak and a liar? What about Shane being pretty much someone who has faded into the background? And, what about Frank having to prove himself from the beginning while knowing he was always a target? What about when he saved Danielle, Shane, Ian, Jenn, and especially Dan? Yeah, Frank should go because he is just the worst–yeah, that is fair.

  6. First, the stupid Democratic Convention had to be on to interrupt BB. Then, when it did finally end and I was able to tune into BB, I see that obnoxious Joe with his big mouth in the camera. I then see Dan lying through his teeth to Frank’s face. I turned it off. Yes, it looks like Frank, because as some report here: “he is arrogant” that he will be getting evicted. That really gets me. It is apparent, and I have said this before, that Dan is obviously the favored child here on this site. I don’t care how you report it giving a time line, it is always down on Frank and up on Dan. Why would anyone support Dan with all of his lies and dislike Frank because he is arrogant? Isn’t Joe obnoxious? I just can’t seem to understand why Frank should be evicted for his failings but no one else? I didn’t even miss not watching last night and probably won’t watch tonight because I guess the Democratic Convention will be on again. A very disappointing season in my opinion.

    • I can see where you would be upset. Clearly BB should take presidence over a former president’s speech given at a convention. Trying to decide between Dan and Frank is certainly more important than trying to decide who should lead our country.

    • I think they edited it to just 30 minutes because that
      is how long Big Brother was last night. What they
      should have done is show the entire one hour of
      Big Brother and just ax the next show of theirs
      whatever it was! Not really sure what we missed
      but, it was 30 minutes worth!

  7. Frank going home will kill off any infection Booger left in the house. once the “master plan” comes to its crescendo with the eviction of Frank and earning Dan more brownie points with Ian and his alliance, its safe to say the legacy of Dr. Will is threatened. because Dan is solidifying himself as the best BB player in the history of this game. so loving it.

    • Thank you!! Someone else who appreciates what Dan doing. And Your right Dan can easily be arguably the best player to ever play this game and the game not even over yet. And it’s mind blowing to watch this guy play.

  8. If Frank told Shane and Ian about Dan and Danielle fooling the house they were never mad at each other.. then Frank would Stay..Shane would prob change his vote because they were responsible for Britt evict.. and Shane doesnt like to be played…so common Frank tell them…

    • Dan has him fooled into thinking he is safe. He does not want to screw up their supposed deal. Frank should know better than to trust anyone in that house. You have to use every bit of information you have when you are on the block. Frank is either too arrogant or too trusting, which is going to be his downfall this week.

      • You’re absolutely right. You have to pick apart everything anyone says to you. It’s not good enough just to take their word for it. Frank is a bit of both…arrogant AND trusting. And in BB it only takes one of those to get you ousted.

  9. Ha Ha Ha!!!! Last night Danielle on After Dark told Frank ” Janelle Made eveybody eat her cookies late at night and that’s why I gained weight” Talk about passing the buck!! She has put on 10 pounds since janelle left.

    • She’s forgetting about all the midnight snacks she has wolfed down AFTER Janelle left. The girl is a non-stop eating machine. I think they should just put her in the backyard and let her graze.

  10. K ppl stop being so stupid about Dan with all his lies and crap. Do you not realize that he won this game before while being probably being the honest you can be. Maybe think about how genius he is. He comes into the house with a huge target before he even walks in and everyone is thinkin he is going to play the exact same way. So wouldn’t that be stupid of him to do that. Like he said he would rather not play that way but he has to adjust his game to win an it’s the last thing the houseguests would think he would do. He was loyal to Memphis so he promising all these final 2 deals and ppl believe him because he did that for Memphis. And don’t tell me you didn’t love Dr.Will in his seasons Dan doing te exact same thing! So give a rest Dan is a beast at this game and it’s amazing to watch.

    • did Dan in his season take who he always promsed to finals or did he take a floater? because I think he will cut Danielle 3rd and take Jenn or Joe he knos he can beat them…Danielle would be a risk… hes to smart to risk winning..

      • I don’t believe h will takee her either….Uless it’s the “coach” factor….As in “I am the best coach cause I got myself and my player to the end” or something to that effect…

      • Dan could definetly say that he accomplished what he set out to do from the beginning … get his player to the end. That’d be the ultimate “coach” move. Sure would look good on his resume’ , but the question is could he sell it as a reason to get jury votes to win ?

      • Yeah he took Memphis and they form their alliance really early in the season and stuck it out. Thats why its so smart he playing the exact opposite how how he played the game. It’s amazing because a lot of ppl cannot adjust there game that drastically

    • Its next to impossible to play with the same strategy twice & win. So Dan is using his previous strategy to his advantage by letting other hg’s think he is playing the same game. Its amazing that as a previous winner he has been able to stay in the game as long a she has. This game is not about honesty. Its all about stategy & Dan’s is BRILLIANT!

  11. oh please if doctor will swore on his mother or a bible to manipulate and go further in the game i dont think anyone would care Dan has made it clear hes playing a different game

    • Yeah and he says he has to play dirty to win. Ppl should give it up for him it’s amazing to watch he playing the exact same as Dr.Will.

      • Dan isnt as good as the Doc. Dr Will didnt have to pull stunts like that to make strong players believe him.

  12. Frank is clueless on how to play this game, he was actually thinking of throwing the Veto to save himself on the block how much more stupid do you have to be, I know he’s a good competitor but that’s all he has to offer in the game of BB….after watching BB last you really deserve to go to jury… all your good for is a vote..

    • Hes trying to work with people. He had someone swear on a bible, a wedding ring and a dead grandfathers cross necklace that he would have his back. Yeah, Frank is so naive to put trust into someone who is willing to take a lie that far.

      He knows how to play this game a lot better than Joe, Jenn, Danielle, and Shane. They have been kept around for not knowing how to play the game. For being casted without ever actually watching the show except at convention.

      You deserve to be in jury and stop posting.

    • The only people left in the house that have ever watched big brother before and know how to play the game are Dan , Ian and Frank. The rest of the people had not even heard of the show before they were just casted by the producers.

  13. Dan better hope that all these folks don’t somehow figure out he’s playing all of them. I’ve seen it on many other reality shows and it never ends well! I’m pulling for him, but he better be careful!

  14. if dan got to the final 2 with daniel, even though im not 100% on this and i never thought i’de say it, he would have to be conciderd a better player than D will. he would be in the final 2 as a coach with his player. ultimate domination of the game. of course the argument being unlike D will dans in the house with a bunch of complete idiots

  15. Dan is the man. Don’t be upset that the Bbq’d house is full of squirrels. oops exceopt for Danielle..she wishes for a nut

  16. I am fairly new at this so don’t blast me too much. Why is Dan allowed to have the Bible in the house with him? I do not see any other reading materials in the house. I only ask this because he uses it as a prop. He swears on it to get people to believe what he is telling them,and he also supposedly reads it which would lead people to believe he may actually follow some of what is written in it. I am still looking for a passage which allows a person to use the Bible to lie to others for their own gain.

  17. Now im not a religulous person but i think Dan takes it to the next level. To swear on the bible, wedding ring and his wife what kind of character does he really have ? I know its only a game but to use the bible and his wife shame on him.

  18. Even though Dan was not one of my favorites I do think he made a great play by saving himself and I started to like him then when he swore on the bible and it was a lie I lost all respect for him. I realize it is a game and lying and cheating are expected but he didn’t have to go that far.

  19. Quit saying Dan is better than Dr. Will. Will has manipulated one of the
    best players. Sorry but Dan is playing with a bunch of idiots. My own
    mother who doesn’t even watch the show can manipulate Jenn.

  20. I saw something the feeds last night that disturbed me. When Ian mentioned a minor slip up, Dan grabbed him by the neck. That should not be allowed. Willie head butt from appearance was less physical contact.

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