Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 8 Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Come on Big Brother 14 Double Eviction episode! These houseguests need some adrenaline! Yes, Tuesday was a day where the HGs slept must of the day on the Live Feeds. There was little game talk and the most exciting thing that happened was Dan broke the memory wall. But we’ve spent all summer with these people and we can’t stop watching, right!? Let’s just get this week over and see what happens on the Live Feeds after the Double Eviction!

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, September 4, 2012:

10:37 AM BBT — Frank starts a pretty long conversation with the cameras as he’s the only one up. He justifies the lies he’s told in the game, who he trusts and how hard he worked to get on Big Brother. He seems to feel a little more entitled than the other HGs.

11:06 AM BBT — Frank still the only one up, talking to himself. Calls Ian a weasel and then thinks it’s possible he’ll stay Thursday night by a 4-0 vote.

11:42 PM BBT — Frank runs into Danielle in the bathroom. He asks her how she’s feeling about Thursday and talks to her about the votes he needs. He also tries to make a game move by telling her that when Dan called her out and said she was dead to him during his “funeral,” he was being serious. Frank says he’s the one that convinced Dan to go to Danielle and take it back. Frank also tells her Dan thinks he and Frank have a final two deal.

12:26 PM BBT — Danielle fills Dan in on everything she and Frank just talked about.

12:43 PM BBT — Danielle to the cameras says Frank is not very smart.

12:46 PM BBT — Dan continues to play Frank, acting like they’re still solid and even says Danielle is voting to keep Frank. That’s not really the plan.

1:10 PM BBT — Danielle talking about how drunk she was last night even though no one believes her.

1:25 PM BBTHoH camera time.

1:26 PM BBT — Joe campaigning to Jenn even though her vote for Frank seems to be solid.

3:18 PM BBT — Shane and Danielle comparing notes on all the things Frank has been saying and all the final three deals he’s been making.

4:00 PM BBT — Dan has to check in on his little Ian alliance, so they talk about Frank. Ian says he thinks Frank is starting to realize he’s going home.

8:10 PM BBT — Frank campaigning to Danielle again. He again acts like he worked harder than everyone else to get on Big Brother. She tells him other people worked hard too. Someone finally mentioned that.

8:12 PM BBT — Dan breaks the memory wall when he drops a cup behind it. Wil’s photo goes out.

10:25 PM BBT — Joe and Jenn playing cornhole while Dan and Ian play pool. The others playing cards

11:39 PM BBT — Danielle tells Shane that Ian needs to go after Frank because of the types of competitions coming up.

So it’s sounding like Frank is going to be the first HG out the door Thursday night. Frank might still be able to pull off a magic tick by then, but who knows what will happen during the second part of the double eviction episode. It’s probably good that the Live Feeds are giving us a rest the past couple of days because things are sure to get crazy after Thursday night.

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  1. Never count anyone out until the votes are counted. All it takes is for Frank to say the magic combination of words he’s yet to say and he’ll still be in. Actually makes more sense to keep him this time, since he can’t play the next HOH and hope Jenn doesn’t win and send him home, still on Thursday. Hopefully, he can convince them to do that, and pull out a POV win.

    • It would make sense to keep him since he cant play HoH, but its better to play smart and safe rather than cocky and wreckless.

      Frank is a beast when it comes to the vetos so why take the chance. He almost won this veto but didnt and that opened that small window. Frank is too dangerous and if they happen to keep him this week then he pretty much just won the game.

      • Call me crazy (well don’t really do that), but for some strange odd insane reason, I think Dan is going to save Frank. I think at the last and I do mean last possible minute, I think Dan is going to tell Danielle and Jenn to keep Frank in the game. This may be stupid, but for some reason, I think Dan will keep his word to Frank. I would love to see Frank and Dan stay in the game and play for final two……..I know people, you think I must have hit my head on a rock this morning……I’m just expecting the unexpected and hoping for excitement. I just think the program will be extremely boring if Frank leaves. Other than Dan and Frank, the rest are a huge bore and don’t deserve to win…….well maybe Ian does, but that a small maybe. I don’t want to spend the rest of the time listening to him and watching him swing in that darn hammock, though.

      • Dan is a lot smarter than that, why risk loosing the game. Plus Dan also knows that if frank is evicted this week, then the next big target in the house ( believe it or not ) is Ian. The kid has manipulated and had the whole house in his hand, and now with him being able to do what everyone in the house has been trying to do since week 1. That puts him in the front line for winning.

      • While, I want Frank to stay as I am
        rooting for him, he is probably going
        to be evicted! We are late in the ball
        game and each move becomes that
        much more important on who wins that $500,000. Dan looks more and more
        likely to win it if he does not make a
        serious mistake. Seeing Ian go get
        evicted after Frank would be dandy!
        I would like to see the look on his face
        to wipe out his sheer arrogance!

      • Nah; Dan will probably try to get enough votes for Frank to make it a tie (and force Ian’s hand), but will not try to keep him in otherwise. Wouldn’t make any sense for Dan to keep him around anymore.

      • this is what they have panned did you see Joe and Ian talking about it Ian wants a tie so he can be the one to get Frank its his dream.At this point I am so sick of Ian and his dreams he wants to be the bad ass he has said this so BB can have him back in a future game.If that happens it will be more rocking lol.If Ian was smart he would vote Frank in at this time then they can work together but Ian is stupid he thinks that the others will take him to final 2 I will be glad to see him go right behind Frank. Go team Frank

      • Sounds ok to me. And I don’t think you sound like you hit your head on a rock. Just wishful thinking. Me too!!

    • Hoping that Frank can aggressively works on Ian and let him know that he has a 100% winning the grand prize if he is up with him in the F2 as everyone dislikes him. He also needs to put a guilt on him that he had betrayed them after what they have done to him as well as giving him some cash prize by Boogie, and besides his betrayal he never even nominated him and guarantee that his jury vote and Ashley will not be given to him. Oh, I wish Frank could just speak to Ian and could tell him. Also Frank is kind of exciting to stay as there is this anticipation by viewers or something to look forward to if Frank will go home or not. and is this most hated house guest going to win or not, lot of anticipation with Frank, kind of exciting and fun. When he leaves it will be boring.

      • Well, the problem here is Frank is so Gullible and believes what anyone tells him. So, he is hopeless this time and will probably go home. Too bad, as much as everyone hates him, he is fun to watch and more exciting if he will not go home. The house guest that will stay are all boring and also boring to look at.

      • Frank needs to tell Ian that Dan ratted out the Quack pack,and was the mastermind behind getting rid of Britney.

      • I wish he would do that, but as long as he thinks he has the votes to stay, he isn’t going to do that. Too bad though.

      • If you let guilt get in the way then no strategy on earth will work. People have been guilted into worse things than not evicting someone from BB. It’s an emotion that works on most people. But leave it at the door when you enter the house or you will be packing your bags and saying bye bye to half a mil.

      • Frank has said the he has more irons in the fire Which means that if he thinks he is gonna get evicted he will rat Dan and Daniell out about the fake funeral..That is the main reason that Dan is making sure that Frank totally believes he is going to stay…Shane Ian Joe and Jenn would turn on both Dan and Daniell…I kinda hope that happens…I’d like to see the fallout..

    • even if he cant play hoh still not good to wait get him out now it is possible for him to win pov and then it will come and bite u it would be stupid not to go for him now

      • I agree. Would YOU leave someone in the game that has a very good chance of beating you in the end? Don’t take a fighter….take a follower.

  2. better to get frank out while you have the chance. that guy is a competition machine, and it sounds like he was cose in this weeks veto. It would be better for the houseguests to keep a target, but hes just too dangerous to keep around.

  3. I totally agree! He didn’t win the veto, and he wasn’t pulled off the block; so now would be the time to get Frank out, if that is their plan. Better to be smart than stupid. Why take the chance of it backfiring if they don’t vote him out this Thursday? Will be interesting to see who does go out second on this double eviction.

    • It should be Frank being evicted this week first. This
      has been hanging for a while, and anti-climactic at
      this point! Good thing tomorrow is Thursday and is
      double eviction day! My guess is Ian is the 2nd
      evictee since, he cannot play for HOH and can only
      play for Veto and they have the votes to evict him!
      It will be down to last 5 after the two evictions so,
      each eviction is going to be more important than
      the previous one because you just need to get to
      Final 3 to get there! All Final 3 house guests get
      to play for HOH so, it is a big deal to survive and
      make it to Final 3.

  4. If Dan really meant what he said to Danielle during his “funeral” then what was it that Danielle did to make her dead to him in the game as he said? I don’t know what his motive or strategy in doing that to her would be if it wasn’t just part of his plan to cause a diversion so that he could have uninterrupted time with Frank in the HOH room. I don’t have the live feeds so I don’t know if Frank is telling Danielle the truth or lying to her. Can anyone shed some light on that for me?

    • You may not have the feeds but did you even see the episode when it happened ??????

      In short, Dan didnt tell dani about the funeral because he wanted to make it look as real as possible. Naturally Dani cried a river. Once dan secured his safety and created his ” new ” alliance with frank, Which included dani, he went down staris and told dani that he saved them both. When shy ask why he did that, dan told dani that if he would of have explained his plan before doing it, then she wouldn’t of have cried as she did just now.

      So no daniell is not dead to dan, it was all just part of a plan to save them both. Plus it also adds to dans game play in the even that he and dani are in the F2, that way he can say that he said he was going to get dani to the F2 back when he was a coach, and only had one remaining player.

      • I simply do not believe that Dan is gonna take Daniell with him to final 2 if he makes it that far.. I’m not sure what he has up his sleeve but I don’t believe Daniell is part of it…The only reason she would be is that It might give DAN an ego boost cause he was Daniell’s coach and they both made it to the end….Also when the truth comes out that Daniell was a part of Dans plan alll along she is not gonna be a favorite…Britney Shane Ian Joe and Jenn will turn on her..and possibly Ashley (if she is of this world on finale nite.) Then again that may be a good reason to take her to final 2….We will see

      • I think if Dan goes to F2 he will take either Jenn or Joe as these two do not have anything to prove to win the game. He also knows that Britney is close to Ian and he will definitely not get her vote. If these house guest have any brains at all Frank is the best bet to sit in the F2. No one likes him and seem to think that he does need the money having a Nana and they just hate him. Dan is smart maybe he will figure this out.

      • I actually think Dan will take Danielle to the final two and Thursday Frank needs to go!! Frank and his cheating and bullying need to come to an end and then whoever wins I am fine with it, but am Team Dan!

      • It’s much easier to surprise someone and get a totally authentic reaction than to rely on their acting abilities to carry the plan. I agree…Dan knew what he was getting by claiming she was “dead” to him.

    • I heard someone say it was because she was suppose to throw the veto competition and she didn’t. But I’m still not sure if he meant it or not (saying you’re dead to me). Part of me thinks he meant it but I just ignore it because I’ve been a Dan fan since the beginning and if he meant it that would mean he is a db.

      • @ Makenna-I think you’re the only one who understood what I was asking. @ Noir- I did see it play out in the episode but what this article reports is that Frank told Danielle that Dan meant what he said to her and that it was Frank who convinced him to make amends with her. So I wondered if anyone could verify that fact.

    • Many people were saying that it would be boring after Boogie left and the next couple of episodes were the most exciting ever. It always seems to slow down a little the fewer people left playing, but I have never ever thought Big Brother was boring, even when my favorites left.

  5. Dan is doubting Daniell’s loyalty since Shane’s deal with Ian to not put him and Daniell on the block…Daniell will go with the one ( Shane or Dan) that has the most power…She will use either of them for her benifit…

  6. Okay, let’s say Frank goes first, then Ian goes next, since it is a double eviction. If this happens, I don’t think it makes sense to continue watching. Who is Dan going to strategize with…..oh maybe Dan can do a seance and bring back the Dan they had the funeral for. Can you image what the conversations would be like if Danielle, Joe, and Jenn make it to the final three? If Joe and Jenn are on the block together would anyone actually care? I would like to know if Danielle will turn on Dan, though (note to Shane: go ahead and give that girl what she wants so you can make it to the final three or maybe, or maybe note Dan: seal the deal with a kiss and a rub (oh, Dan is married so he better not touch that……..).

    • Is Shane gay he always pushes Dani away not that I blame him lol.As for Dan i dont think his wife matters to him after all he did swear on her that he would take Frank to the final 2, so he just might touch that look at the way they look at each other lol.

      • Well, Shane did enter the house (I believe it was the entrance) wearing a hot pink t-shirt. I really don’t know if Shane is gay. I am leaning more toward him having a girlfriend and not wanting to mess up that relationship. I believe Shane would totally toss Dani, but he knows that he needs her to stay in the game.

      • That really could be right and if he does have a girlfriend, good for him for pushing that little twit away. Or he just isn’t interested and doesn’t want to lead her on. Either way good for him.

      • I don’t know if he is actually gay or not either. He could just be a very bad dresser. If he is not gay….someone should tell him perception is everything.

      • I think Shane is bi and pushing towards coming out as gay. He is a hot looking guy, but falls into the pretty boy category.

    • Dan doesn’t need to strategize anymore after this week if things go as you say…he’s just doing what he intended to do initially…get one of his players to the end. He doesn’t need the money, that’s for sure! So now what do you think of Danielle winning it all??? I’d much rather see Frank win, but I don’t think that’s in the cards anymore when Ian’s the one holding the cards and has wanted to seek restitution for Britney against Frank!

      • i sure hope that Danielle does not win it all. I would rather see Ian or Jenn win over Danielle. I don’t think Danielle has strategized at all. The only thing Danielle has done was help to get Janelle evicted. If it were not for Dan, Dani would not be in the position that she is in. Dan has coached her throughout the game. Dan has told Danielle exactly what to do, what to say, and what moves to make. Dan has told Danielle who to talk to, what she needs to do, what she needs to find out, and etc. Danielle’s real test will be what she does when/if she has to choose between Dan and Shane.

      • Totally agree. Even her part in the Janelle eviction was not because it was a bold move from her. It was more or less a jealousy move, taking little or no convincing on Boogies part to get it done. I would like to see her at least once do something that she alone deemed necessary…something for her game and her game. Having to make a choice between Shane and Dan may not even have to occur. Shane or Dan could win the final comps ….and then THEY would have to decide. All depends on who gets that far. Either way…she has depended on others to carry her.

      • I can not fathom a freak like dummyiell winning.she is not smart at all. she is supposed to be a nurse? all the girls were talking about weight one nite, she did not no what the word emanciated meant.

      • dan has already told her they need to get rid of shane. she agreed. shane says he will drop her when the time comes. so, it’s just like everyone else. who turns on who first.

      • I still don’t see why people think frank should win it alot of this game depends on the way you act towards the other hg.Look at Ian he stayed this long cause he knew how to talk to the other hg.Frank would barely talk with the others when boogie was there but because he has no one he desides to chum up to them.Kinda late in the game to be doing that.If its true what Daniel said on bbad that frank is going to put a W on his bottle cause he is the only one who deserves to win then I say BYE BYE FRANK

      • Danielle will not win this. Dan might not even
        take her to Final 2 but, instead opt for Jenn.
        However, even if it was Danielle and Dan in
        Final 2, Dan still wins it hands down as he
        played a way, way superior game than anyone
        in the Big Brother House including Danielle!

    • Dan does not need to strategize. All he needs is to
      evict Shane next, then, Joe and he has made it to
      Final 3 where all 3 play for HOH! That would be
      Danielle, Jenn and Dan. Dan might even evict
      Danielle and take Jenn to Final 2 because there is
      no way Dan will ever lose at that point!

    • I agree if Dan goes I will most likely give up watching bbad I don’t think i could handle watching Daniell,Shane,Jen and Joe Now that will be very boring.I hope Dan stays just to have a normal person in the house.Next season please make it all new people tired of seeing old hg return.Is there somewhere we can ask production to think about this.

  7. Weeks ago I thought Dani was a decent player. When gaming with Dan she sounded bright enough. Now however, I truly can’t stand her. Last nights BBAD was nothing but her whinning and whinning. Her self esteem must be pretty low since she feels the need to have all eyes on her. She went on and on about Frank last night. Honestly she only needed to voice her complaint once….. I am not a Frank fan but last night I would have voted to keep him if it meant that she would go home.

    • Danielle is the most narcissitic person in the house. She blows Frank out of the water in this regard. I find it hilarious when Frank commenting on her workouts and muscular legs turned into him saying she has a nice figure and him having hot desires for her! Get over yourself already girl. Also, she told Shane that she was in med school, or nursing school; you know, they are the same thing afterall! In reality, I think I recall her saying she wanted to become a nurse practioner, who can write prescriptions and diagnose patients under the supervision of a doctor. So, apparently she thinks she’s actually going to be a doctor. Thus, she has to be the smartest person in the house! Ugh!

      • didn’t she tell brit one time that she wrote out prescriptions?may be wrong,but though i heard that. oh well, thats betsy, the heifer, queen of all the cows.

    • She complains if they speak to her….she complains if they don’t. Every man that has ever dated her must be thanking God right now that they escaped a ball and chain. I would hate to have to rely on her as my nurse to provide comfort and support. Your roles would end up reversed. The only way you would recover is to check yourself out of the hospital to get some rest from her constant neediness.

  8. I really would prefer if it Danielle followed Frank home. but I find it funny how she makes so many people seethe. I think as long Dan has Danielle on his side, she will make the perfect “meat-shield” as Ian would put it, I’d still take meat-head Shane over Jenn and Joe anyday. but Frank and Dani just really need to go. I actually liked Frank til production decided to play favorites, then it was unfair and boring. Dani though amusing, needs to go soon as well. its only what she deserves.

    • its frank and jenn up for nom even if he told everybody about dan dan isnt up beside him the only thing they could go after him on 2nd eviction but they still would get frank out because they have no better time then now

    • Danielle has an important use for Dan which is the
      votes. Each eviction is decided by the numbers and
      that is one guaranteed vote in addition to his vote
      and that makes it two sure votes right off the bat!
      Also, when she was pretending to console Brittney,
      she was a mole and reporting to Dan whatever
      Brittney said. Now, she is still a mole and tells
      Dan whatever Shane, Ian, Frank, Jenn or Joe
      tells her! Now why would Dan get rid of her when
      she is so valuable to Dan?

      • Her alliance with Shane is the turning point that will make her convert from a mole for Dan to an actual threat, I’d take Dan over Shane. with perhaps the best game plan in recent memory if not of all time, I really want to see Dan win. should he cover his basis and pursue Ian, Jenn and Joe to shift Shane towards eviction, I can see Dan and Dani heading towards F2, as long as Shane is there, her presence in the house isn’t exactly status quo for Dan nor Shane, she can play them off each other and cement herself in 2nd place, either way. she doesn’t deserve to win, out of that alliance, even against Ian.

  9. They have got to stop letting idiots like Dan bring bible’s in the house only to abuse their meaning. The guy swears on his dead grandpa who he obviously doesn’t care about, swears on his wife who must be a joke and swears on the bible which clearly he’s not Christian. It’s okay to swear on that stuff if you going to stick to it, but not when you lie and abuse religion in the process. Wanted Dan to win but not anymore.

  10. Honestly I am fine with frank leaving. There is more to this game then winning comps when it it is do or die time. To me the most strategic moves in this game were done by Dan & Ian . Frank complains about being a target since day one but he put his own target on his back by bullying & playing too hard from the start. I would like to see the masterminds in the final 2 as they played the game the best.

  11. And yes while I find the Shane Danielle “showmance” historical I cannot wait to see him jump for joy when she leaves bc he does not have his in house stalker anymore. Is she delusional?

    • Shane might be the one getting evicted ahead of
      Danielle. My guess is Dan is going to keep Danielle
      and Jenn in the Final 3. Of course, Shane would be
      out of Danielle’s clutches as well as that $500,000!

  12. To me Frank, Danielle, and Joe are the most annoying assholes in the house. Frank is full of himself, Danielle is an attention whore, and Joe’s so loud that I had to buy the 200 count bottle of Alleve for headaches when he speaks. The only two in the house that has a chance of winning is either Dan or Ian.

  13. i agree 100%, i really liked dani and thought she was sweet but i wish she were to go but i think shes in for a while. i miss britney she was funny but dan and shane have been entertaining. do they know yet its a double eviction?

  14. This week has just been dragging on. I am ready for the
    evictions! Knowing Frank is going out and the house guests
    not really doing anything much this week, I am ready for
    the next HOH! We need more drama and I believe when
    Frank get evicted, it will set the tone as there are just 6
    players and double eviction week! Tomorrow cannot
    come soon enough!

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