Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 7 Tuesday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

Well I think the excitement on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds might be over for a bit because Britney sure isn’t fighting to stay and Danielle knows she doesn’t have to. There were plenty of times throughout the day to sample Danielle’s questionable behavior, whether it be her making Britney comfort her or when she campaigned to Shane even though she didn’t need to.  Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Tuesday, August 28, 2012:

9:05 AM BBT — Frank telling Joe he needs to win the next HoH since he can’t play. Have these two named their alliance? How about the 450th Alliance This Season? Sounds good to me. Joe says Dan is Public Enemy No. 1. Frank nods and let’s Joe talk.

9:52 AM BBT — Joe says he wants to win HoH so he can get a spice rack. Yeah, this is what we’re left with.

10:26 AM BBT — Frank says he needs to get Ian out soon because they later competitions are the ones Ian would be better at — memory, quizzes, etc.

11:54 AM BBT — Danielle and Frank talking. She’s nervous the vote won’t go as planned and she might go to jury. Frank tells her not to worry, she’s not going anywhere.

12:35 PM BBT — Britney doing light campaigning in front of Danielle.

1:35 PM BBT — Britney reminds Dan that he swore on his wedding ring that he’d never backstab the Quack Pack. He said he doesn’t remember that.

2:26 PM BBT — Britney and Ian both agree they will not vote for Frank if he’s in the final two.

2:30 PM BBT — Britney is bored and starts throwing stuff around the kitchen. She gets a “stop that!”

2:35 PM BBT — Britney has moved on to battering Ted.

4:27 PM BBT — Shane and Joe want to tell Britney later that night that they’re not voting to keep her.

4:40 PM BBT — Frank tells Shane and Joe the final five is the three of them plus Danielle and Jenn. He’s still leaving out his new final two deal with Dan.

5:53 PM BBT — Danielle tells Shane Britney is acting mean to her. Then she makes Shane feel guilty about even considering voting for Britney to stay. He tells her he won’t vote for Britney to stay.

6:20 PM BBT — Ian asks Shane and Joe how they’re voting. They say they’re probably voting to keep Danielle.

7:25 PM BBTBritney and Danielle start having a heated conversation. Britney is suspicious of Danielle’s actions and Danielle is being Danielle. Britney is really upset with Danielle because she feels Danielle ignored her. Danielle says she isn’t campaigning against her even though she’s been convincing Shane to vote Britney out all day.

9:01 PM BBT — Frank and Shane say they feel sorry for Britney and wish they could tell her but DR won’t allow them.

8:55 PM BBTBritney and Ian in the hammock. Ian tells her that Shane and Joe aren’t voting to keep her. Britney starts crying but says she’ll feel better knowing and thanks Ian.

9:04 PM BBT — Britney tells Danielle that she’s safe. Danielle starts crying saying she doesn’t want Britney to go home. Danielle is either really good at this game or a sociopath. Not sure which, yet.

10:30 PM BBT — Britney drinking an entire bottle of wine. Ian drinking beer.

1:11 AM BBT — A drunk Ian tells Frank he has a bad social game. Frank gets mad.

So it looks like Britney doesn’t plan on fighting to stay. And that’s sad. The Live Feeds will have a little less personality, so let’s hope someone else steps up as the scene stealer. Or better yet, let’s hope we get plenty of fighting and backstabbing to make up for Britney’s unmatchable humor

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  1. No mention of Brit leaving the house? I thought I read she went to the ER after mixing alcohol and xanax.

  2. Looks like Britney is getting evicted :(
    I really want Danielle evicted she is super annoying. CBS really give this girl a good edit. I hope Britney convinces Shane/Joe to keep her and to evict the crazy girl

    • Love Britney! She keeps this show entertaining and the house guests laughing most of the time. She is anything but boring. She still has a chance. I’m thinking that second POV that Ian won for power, could be played right before evictions. You never know in this game. I’m not counting her out just yet!

      • Opinions a so great, we all have one! Talk to ya again after eviction. I will give you props if I’m wrong

      • its sounds like there could be a twist to that because why is it called second veto.. and their were 2..? marked boxes.. you know bb they have the best surprises…

      • What I understand about Big Brother is that, once you THINK you understand something, production throws in something else to put everything into a whirlwind. They’ve got to make the show entertaining. I don’t think the winner was decided from the beginning. But, I do think that production takes viewer feedback, and uses it to make sure certain things happen that they know will keep people watching. Changing the rules of Ian’s veto would be one of those things. So, truly, you can never know.

      • I totally agree its not over for Britt yet…I bet theres a twist with ians veto…

      • Actually it says he can use it at anytime. Now I believe that means any week, not necessarily anytime. Remember it WAS called the second veto of powe for a reason. I don’t know about anyone else, but making Ian use his first was not matching up to what they were calling it. This is why I believe he will have a chance before eviction. Also on BBAD “wizard has been mentioned twice and then the feeds cut. Something is definitely up.

      • I hope you’re right. I totally love Brit. She’s great! C’mon BB, give us a shocking twist tonight!! Your most loved HG, Brit, who gives the show MUCH higher ratings than the others, could sure use one! ;)

    • britney is the crazy girl going around throwing things whining all day goodbye britney she has no chance

      • She was just playing around. (and quite funny at it, too.) You DO understand that. Right? Geez, lighten up, Eric. Go have yourself a glass of wine or something. ;)

  3. Oh my god. Please Shane and Joe, do everyone a damn favor and vote out Danielle. I read the highlights and they’re all “Danielle crying”. *Sigh*

    • Well said. She is the one thet turned Frank down to work with him and she is the one safe…. I can not stand her and really have to ff thru BBAD when she is on. And they are keeping Dan who wont this game and evicting Brit who adds comedy and could really use the cash.

    • OMG I agree, Brit needs to stay, BB do something put a bug in Shane and Joe’s ear. Dan just wants to be the last Coach standing. Danielle is annoying and even more, she will hurt the ratings. Help Brit out, she just has too much heart.

      • Heart?….lets just ask Janelle about that…oh that’s right, we can’t…. Janelle is tending to the knife wounds Brit left behind.

  4. I’m not a huge Frank fan, but he is the only one that has had to fight every week to stay in the house. If I hadn’t jumped on his bandwagon, hoping he pulls this out, I’d like to see him punch Ian in his man-tits.

  5. im pissed that britney didnt even expose Dani to evryone that shes a nurse…wtf…is production stopping her from telling Danis secrets..

  6. It doesn’t seem right to let dead weight like Joe and Jen stay and kick out real players. Thank God they got rid of Ashley. She was so stupid and useless she wasn’t even fun to watch. Neither is Joe or Jen. They get in the diary room and huff and puff like they are big shots, then come out and are completely useless wanna be players. Hate them both. Danielle’s voice is so annoying. I would have voted her out week 1.

    • I agree that stupiid willie should have chosen Danielle instead of Kara…Kara was not threatning at all…lDanielle looks like a footbal line backer..

    • Is Brittany not dead weight??? She doesn’t do anything put get others (Shane and Ian) to do her dirty work, same thing she did her original season. At least Danielle has won some comps. Regardless is you like Danielle as a person or not, she deserves to be there more than Brittany. Brittany said on the live feeds last night that she was in a great position to sit pretty and make it to the end and now Frank messed that all up. She’s a selfish b*itch. She doesn’t want to work to win, she wants everyone else to do the work for her, she doesn’t deserve to be there and I’m glad she’s leaving – ah hahhahahaha

      • Britney is not dead weight in my opinion. Atleast she plays the game unlike Danielle who just does whatever somebody tells her to do. Name a move Danielle made OTHER than evicting Janelle which wasnt even her move in the first place. Her HoH was basically Boogie’s HoH. Britney did win a comp. The Safety thing kinda counts as winning something. Yeah Britney is paranoid but she is able to convince people to do things. (i.e. Willie, Ian and Shane)

      • She has been through the ringer with her damn team mate Willie, whom never should have been allowed on the show, to JoJo and Shane on block at same time, to Janelle’s team backstabbing in the beginning, amoung many other things. Brit has played this game and she CAN win comps. She did so in season 12. She is pretty good at making others believe her and make certain moves. Funny thing is…most of them listened, did what she suggested, and it worked. Great entertainer and really pretty nice to everyone. She may have gone off on Frank but never did she down him, when it came to outside the house or his family, can’t say the same for Boogie/Frank. They took it to a whole new level with bashing BB guests.

      • Are you serious? She did ALOT. Britney and Ian were the brains in their alliance. She was VERY perceptive and noticed ALOT of stuff going on that the others in the alliance didn’t. Her gut-feelings were always 95% right! It was her and Ian who got Boogie’s creepy self out of the house. (THANK YOU BRITNEY AND IAN FOR THAT!) The rest of them just did some athletics well. Danielle did nothing but win an HOH and when she got the power, she became even more annoying than usual. Danielle needs to GO! Britney deserves to stay!

      • I don’t think she’s a bitch but if she’s so perceptive then she should of been working things a bit harder. Why sit back until the sh*t hits the fan and then complain that someone took your “great position” away from you. Maybe she’s smart enough to perceive it…just not smart enough to figure out what to do about it.

  7. i hope they evict that crazy stalker next if britt leaves im so done with her voice… and her delutions about shane.. and how Shane cant even mention beutiful Kara in front of Dani cuz she goes all phsyco…common Dani your not even Dating Shane imagine if you were…id be afraid for Kara…

  8. Well I sure hate to see Brit leave the house. Big Bro. After Dark is already so boring. Without Brit it will be a major snooze fest! Why don’t these people wake up (Shane, Joe) and see that keeping Brit is a better game play for them? Too afraid to make big moves I guess. Can’t Joe and Shane see that a stronger alliance for them would be Brit and Ian? Frank, Danielle, Dan and Jenn are just going to pick them off. If Shane & Joe can’t see that there are new alliances being formed, espec. after that last Veto meeting, then they just deserve what they get….which will be a trip to the Jury house instead of a nice fat check. If Brit leaves I am done with Big Bro. After Dark. I can’t even stand to hear Danielle’s voice any longer. Brittney keeps that show alive and trust me….it almost flat lines at times.

    • I have never seen such of bunch of loosers since the first BB. Everyone changes their minds like they change underwear!

    • They have no clue that danielle is working with them I guess you can give her credit for being a good actress. I wish production would let brit know that she is. That she gave jenn permission to use veto on dan cause jen said she wasn’t gonna do it inless dani was hundred percent sure. Brit still thinks dani is with her so she don’t want to campaign against her. Makes me sick. I think dani will be in final two cause she’s got everyone played

      • Yep. Danielle screwed Brit, HARD. Danielle does whatever Dan tells her to and it’s really gross. I’ve never seen a chick so co-dependent on guys as her!! (BOTH, Dan AND Shane. Dan might be needing a restraining order on her, too. I couldn’t believe how hard Danielle cried over Dan. Lol! She’s got serious emotional issues.) Dan’s just keeps her around for collateral damage needs for him. God, I wish Brit would see what a snake Danielle is to her. Wake up, Brit! Danielle won’t win. She’s so ditzy when it comes to Dan. Yikes!

  9. I can assure you, Danielle is a clinical sociopath. Medical community, you have been warned – and now there is video proof. Poor Brit. She needs her own TV show. This girl is extremely talented. The camera loves her and she is a natural comic. No more Reality TV for this young lady. Put her in a romantic comedy movie with a big name cast so she can learn the ropes. Britney MADE this season for me. I really don’t care who wins now.

    • I also, loved your comment. It was exactly what I wanted to say. I could totally see some major producer giving her a chance at her own tv show or in a major motion picture. Brit’s got what it takes to make it in the Big Time Hollywood scene. How cool would THAT be? :P

  10. I am surprised Britney has not figured out what Dan did & how those supposed tears from Danielle are not real or sincere ! Danielle is not right, this girl is not stable !

    • Brittney probably knows to some degree but, Dan outfoxed her and Ian. Dan was a genius to split his plan up. First, make Danielle cry to create a diversion. Then, go talk to Frank separately so that, the rest of them don’t know what was talked about! Danielle is crying because she wants to sell it to Brittney to make it seem she is on her side. Not very good at it because she did not bash Dan as she should have and that would have convinced Brittney. Also, Danielle can get information for her alliance being a mole like Ian did to Frank and Boogie. See, there is a method to the madness. Atleast, Danielle is trying to play a little bit
      and may provide the laughs and drama when Brittney goes!

  11. OK all you Dan lovers don’t jump on me, but I think Frank has worked harder than anyone in that house. He has been on the block constantly and fought to get off other than the week he was saved because of the coaches coming into the game. That was pure luck. But with all of the fighting he has had to do I think he deserves to win. I can feel tongue lashings coming now. Be gentle with me.

    • the only reason he has had to continually fight is because BB has been working hard to keep him think about it… every time he’s on the block some twist happens or a competition perfectly matching his skill occurs…

      • Excuses, excuses, excuses. That is for losers. Frank won the last HOH by beating 6 other house guests one by one. Of course, you will not give him credit because Brittney is your favorite. Brittney has even said that what are we? Residents of a convalescent home? Pathetic is more like it!

      • Exactly Richie. Are people forgetting how many times Frank has been on the block and how he has acted. He continued smiling, joking, and talking with all the HGs that put him there. He didn’t make people feel uncomfortable. This was Brit’s first time on the block. I don’t know why people say comps are made for Frank. The last one was similar to the one from last year where Jeff lost the famous clown shoe and Porsche won.

    • totally agree with you, shar! Frank deserves to win. He’s hated by the other HGs because they feel he’s a threat. Ian is a total scumbag. hope he goes next, then shane, then danielle, then jenn. Final 3 = Frank, Dan & Joe. Frank FTW!

      • If it is Frank Dan and Joe, Dan will win, OMG look at how many times he has been on the block, people don’t like him it is not because he is a threat…..

      • Why you dogging on Ian just because he turned on Froogie? Its a game get over it you got to do what you got to do to win

      • Ian deserves to be dogged on. He is a scumbag. And, the Froogie situation is just the big deal of it. Not to mention all the other lying and scheming he’s done. The thing about going against Frank and Boogie is that F & B actually gave a crap about him. Also, I think he’s creepy. Especially the way he paces around, rocks back and forth and glares at people when they aren’t looking.

      • Ian is completely disposable to FB. Dont get mad because Ian played Boogie and Frank. Its a game. And last season didnt Daniele turn on her allies. Yet everyone treated her like a queen. Ohh wait I forgot your a Frank lover who hate the players that are not with Frank.

    • No tongue lashing from me because I completely agree with you. I really want to see Frank win and right now I can’t stand Ian the rat and his cocky ways telling Brit he is getting Frank out next to avenge what Frank did to her.

      • Thanks for that. I thought I was alone in that one. Ian is driving me nuts. He needs to go and soon.Guess he isn’t as smart as he thought he was. Being a rat doesn’t make you a good player.

  12. Okay Brittany is leaving so there’s no point of watching anymore, when she was eliminated season 13 the rest of the show was boring as hell

    so why bother watching this season might as well just read the spoilers since BBAD and BB on CBS are going to be filled with Sociopaths and Neanderthals.

    • Here we go again! How many times have we read on these blogs that my favorite is gone so, I am not watching Big Brother anymore? And why do you guys need to announce it? Do you really think the millions of Big Brother Fans cares? And you will be here like the others posting every day of the week! You will also be watching Big Brother every time it is on TV! And the ratings will be sky high and
      next season, Big Brother will be here yet, again!

      • I am clapping right now and applausing you for your comment. I am so fed up with these people and their I’m not watching anymore. Grow up people!!! And thankyou again for that great comment.

      • You may not care. I may not care. But it is well within their rights to state how they feel, as much as it is in yours.

    • If it’s comedy you want….turn on Comedy Central……this is BB and it’s not about who can laugh it up the most. I guess Brit didn’t learn from her season that one liners do not get you half a mil.

  13. i like my friend britt but what im having a hard time is …by now she would have told everyone Danis a nurse.. and told Shane about TREY

  14. It is gonna be sad if I see Brittney walk out the door thursday ..she is a good player the one that should be walking is Dan for throwing them under the bus to save his own ass and backstabbing as well I hate people like that ..I hope Dan gets what he sews ..can’t wait ..

    • You conveniently leave out the facts like Ian, Brittney and Shane were all set to vote to evict Dan? Also, Ian refused to use his Golden POV to save Dan when he was in an alliance with him in Quack Pack? Ian’s ego probably grew fatter thinking, he would be taking out another good player in Dan and claim he is Big Brother’s greatest player. So, if there is any one person who deserves to be pissed, it is
      Dan! Also, there is $500,000 at stake and Dan is just supposed to hand it to Brittney, right? Not even in your
      wildest dreams is that going to happen!

    • The quack pack were going to let him go. What was he suppose to do? Fall on the sword for them? Please, they got what they deserved.

    • Donna,
      Dan did the only thing he could do and it was brilliant. He’s crafty and thinks on his feet. At least he isn’t one of the many running around the house acting the fool. He’s subtle, and doesn’t bully.

      Despite the lying and all that (which yes is part of the game) I really like and respect Dan.

  15. I see a lot of people in different sites think Danielles voice is annoying…so do I … she needs to go home soon… idk about watching BBAD anymore cuz she drives me nuts…

  16. Frank may have to fight to stay more than anyone else in the game, but he sure doesn’t have to fight to win those competitions. This whole season has been set up for him to win and be the victor time and time again just like Rachel with last season.

    • I think that Rachel had a harder time than Frank and Rachel was only good at endurance challenges! So saying the season was rigged for her to win holds no merit!! No one told Porsche to open Pandora’s box!

      • I hate it when people say so and so did not have to open Pandora’s box – everyone opens it. I don’t think Rachel had a harder time than Frank. Rachel won her 2nd time playing so she had been in the BB house before. This is Frank’s first time.

  17. The only person after Bitt leaves that will be funny is DAN.. Danielle is 100 percent unstable and annoying… she will never take Britts place..

  18. Everything that comes out of Danis mouth is.ME ME ME… and i personally dont want to hear her…yuckk

  19. How sick/likely would it be if BB gave Ian a second chance to use his pandora ball of veto right before the vote?!

      • Oh, he still has it. It can be played at anytime to my understanding. Ian definitely has something private going on. He is restless and keeps saying it gonna be a great show on Wednesday and Thursday.

    • Can you all imagine what Danielle’s reaction would be@@@ and when Julie announces by a vote of 3 to 2 Danielle you are evicted from the house, YIPPEE!

  20. I wish Danielle the stalker was gone weeks ago… that way Britt and Shane would be tight… and Ian would not have came in the pic.. he was bad for Britts game..

  21. I always love the reactions around here. This game changes week-to-week, when people look like they are sitting pretty, they usually get evicted. This is why I would not be shocked if one of Frank/Dan/Shane goes home next week. This is also why I’m not shocked that Britney, who was sitting pretty, and Boogie, who was sitting pretty, are also both done.

    • If you’re unaware enough to think you’re sitting pretty…then you DESERVE to go home. Brit thought she was going to scoot by on her funny bone. Who’s laughing now Brit?

  22. I would also like to point out that Danielle The Sociopath’s behavior last night was the strongest indication of her mental illness thus far. She kept pouring wine for Britney – NOT to be hospitable – but in hopes that Britney would get drunk fast and either pass out (and get out of the limelight) or do something to look stupid or foolish on BBAD. It was frightening and nauseating at the same time. I will be very happy when Britney sees the entire season so she isn’t further duped by this headcase from hell. I don’t know how it goes … will Britney see what was really going on once she enters the jury house?

    • I have never seen a girl so jealous of another female in bb…Danielle is not even Dating Shane…I could understand jealous girls if thier Dating the person.. but I even see an obsession brewing here… Im afraid for Shane once he leaves the house.

  23. Britt didnt know production was gonna have a jealous stalking chick… that wouldnt let Britt come near let alone talk to Shane . Britt had a good partner but Danielle to frekin pshyco..

  24. I liked Dani in the beginning but she is the last person I would want to stay in the house. I can’t even believe she had enough intelligence to get through school to become a nurse. PLEASE, I wish they would shake things up again and keep Brittney and get rid of Dani.

  25. Britney fans, don’t give up yet, that second POV Ian won may come into play right before evictions! Haha Dani, suck up those tears and get a grip on your game. Dan decides all your moves for you!

  26. i hope Shane can really tell That Danielle has an unhealthy obsession over him and he will run as soon as he leaves bb..

  27. I normally do not agree with Production putting bugs in the HG’s ears but before this day is out I do hope that the ” game meddlers” intervine once again. I hope they let Britney know that Daniell is in on the plan to evict her…I cannot stand that monkey mouth, teeth sucking, nasal whining, two faced bitch (and those are her good attributes) ..I wanna slap Daniell worse than I wanted to hit Shelly last season. It’s not that I am a Britney lover but the “You will always be my best bud” scenerio is puke worthy. Janell’s last week in the house was miserable but Britney’s has been worse knowing that Daniell is a spawn of the liquid in “Boogie’s douche bag”… And now to Frank…Does he not know how stupid he looks in that Carrot Suit making demands and barking orders at people??? His actions tell me that he is a user and abuser of women as he has taken great pleasure in demeaning “all” the female HG’s at one time or another. That smirk along with his high and mighty attitude will be gone soon enough as Dan will put part 2 of his plan in action which is to get rid of Frank. And please tell me why Frank is to be feared as he can’t play for HOH for 2 weeks and he will have no power..DUH !!!! And Jenn has been taken in by the sleeze that called her ” dirty brown water trash” ( I believe that was the term). And Shane should ask nurse Daniell if she knows of a doctor that treats “spineless ailments” cause he needs a backbone. The only 2 people that are voicing their true opinions are Joe (yes Joe) and Ian. Both have made remarks that they will and are wanting to evict Dan Frank and Jenn within earshot of the intended persons. So “Production” when u have ur spies come in and read our post please take note of what I have written and what good TV it would be If Britney was let in on the “secret”…GO AHEAD AND TELL HER PRODUCTION CAUSE SHE SUSPECTS IT ANYWAY….

    • It’s as if I wrote it myself, ‘Barbie’…. I couldn’t agree more. Danielle in particular, though… did you notice the way she kept pushing Britney, who was already pretty well lit, to chug the wine during BBAD last night?? Not just coaxing her but physically picking it up & putting it in her hands, in what seemed like an effort to make an ass of her. All while wearing that lame smirk. Gawd, it was embarrassingly obvious. I was actually angry, realizing both that this IS a game & Brit’ is a grown woman. I get it, however this just seemed low beyond gameplay for me. In addition, earlier she’d informed Shane that Brit’ had previously discussed allowing another HG to take him out… and for what? She already knew full well she had his vote. Ya know, hating to go personal, I have to say that Danielle comes off as one attention starved, jealous, shady young woman…. & that’s the PG rated version. ;)

  28. If I were Dan’s wife, I would be upset with how Dani depends on Dan so much and tells him how she loves him and he broke her heart. Hogwash, she is so desperate for a mans attention it’s sickening! She stares shame down like an evil, jealous, looney, wife, which he really wants no part of. He talks about Kara more than Dani.

  29. A question to ask: Does Ian still have the veto ball? I’m hearing he does but I’m doubting it, can anyone confirm?

    • Pretty sure on BBAD they have mentioned something that leads me to believe he does. It may not be the actual veto ball, but he definitely has a power. The feeds cut immediately, both times I heard the word “wizard”.

      • When they say “wizard” that’s code for Production. That veto is no longer available. He could only keep the veto up to the ceremony and since he decided not to use it, it went away.

      • FYI, look up BB 11, I may be totally off on my thinking as it is just a game, we all are trying to judge and predict. Jeff was the wizard in season 11. It held a special power for right before evictions. He changed those eviction nominations right before the vote. I do realize Ian’s veto is completely different but still feel something could be up. Keep an open mind as this game changes frequently.

      • I know what you’re referring to but what I’m saying is he doesn’t a special power. He told Brittany last night that she was going home.

  30. Since Production is calling all the shots, keeping certain people in for ratings and telling HG’s what to do Why not give the cameras to the HG’s and let Production play the game

    • At first, I felt the same way. The more I think about it though, it makes the viewers more interested. It is just a game in the end and not everyone will be happy with the end results. Without production we wouldn’t have a show. Ratings make a show work or not so I say, more power to the production team!

  31. On BBAD 2 nights ago Britt saying they get paid no matter what then was saying “wonder if the people that have left got paid yet “so do they all get paid just for being there ???Love Britt and if s goes th show want be the same .

  32. Why are some many ppl on this site constantly referring to the veto Ian won? Are you not paying attention. He decided not to use it so therefore it no longer exist. Brittany’s whining, cry baby, want everyone else to do the hard work so she can coast to the end a*$ is leaving. – as she should. That’s what she gets for turning on her own alliance and not having Dan’s back!

    • great post…britney is such a whiner now that the tables have turned on her it was cool for ian to backstab boogie but it wasnt ok for dan to get himself off the block? why should dan have to take the fall and leave for ians poor gameplay..good bye britney nobody will miss u

  33. Has anyone heard of ” The Wizard” power? If not, look it up. It Was mentioned twice yesterday by Ian. It could be he has added his veto for this power or something to that affect.

    • I don’t ever recall him mentioning a “wizard power” I know that when he said “wizard” he was taking about production, and production not wanting Shane and Joe to tell Brittany that they were voting to evict her. They refer to production sometimes as “the wizard”

  34. Ya know..Devious Dan may have another game play to put in motion….Since DANIELL did (so he says) cost him the POV or HOH and he may in truth be really pissed at her and his ploy is to make her feel safe until the eleventh hour and then tell all to “not” vote Britney.. Scenerio>>The reason he chose Britney to be a backdoor pawn is that she was the most likely canidate that Frank would be willing to get rid of..Dan could have used Shane but Britney is a vet/coach meaning she’s a bigger target. Using Britney made his pitch more believeable. I don’t see Dan getting rid of a vet/coach when he wanted all 4 to go to the end and let em play it out. Just my opinion but I do believe that there is more to Dans plan…Keep watching…

    • The reason Dan wants Brittany gone is because of Ian. Ian and Brittany are close and since Dan couldn’t get Ian out this week the next best thing is to get his closes allay which is Brittany. Dan wanted Ian out because Dan took all of the heat for Ian’s betrayal against Mike and Frank and when it was time for Ian to pay him back by using the veto to save him, Ian got cocky and decided not to. Also, Dan saw how the QP quicky turned on him and didn’t help to save him. Dan said on the live feeds to the camera that if everything went to plan (Jenn using the veto on him and Frank renom Brittany) he would stay true to the new alliance and I do believe he will.

      • Personally nobody asked Dan to take the heat for Ian. He could have said Ian made the move. Also Dan should not rely on people to win vetos for him. I like Dan but its a dumb reason to get mad at your allys.

  35. You know everyone said they wouldn’t watch anymore if boogie left it would be too dull it’s been far from it same thing with brit leaving it’s not going to be dull without her there is so much tension best bb to date

  36. Shouldn’t Britney have been expelled? Looked like she was getting ready to chuck that peanut butter.

  37. Wow on the feeds Dan just made Danielle more delusional and more confident.. he said that Shane was infatuated with her… its more like shes infatuated with him…

  38. #1 I’m not exactly Britney’s fan, but I watched BB after dark, and there were things Britney said regarding Frank that were SO true.
    #2 Yes, Frank has won HOH’s and POV’s……, BUT at some point that luck will potentially run out. And, when it does he’ll be GONE.
    #3 Danielle is nuts! I couldn’t believe her reaction when Britney told that she knew she was leaving. Yeah, you’re “so sorry” aren’t you Danielle? Especially since you were a part of the scheme to get her out.
    #4 It also bugged me to see her pouring more and more wine into Britney’s glass; trying to encourage Britney to get sloshed.

    • We noticed that too. (Danielle encouraging Brit to down more wine? Nice, supportive “friend”, huh?) She probably did that so Brit would have a bigger hangover and wouldn’t be strong enough to fight to stay today. I can’t wait till Britney sees the videos later on and sees Danielle %$*@ her under when she sees her kissing Dan’s ass and agreeing to backstab her. SO MANY lies to Brit. They WON’T be “friends” in the future after THAT. Danielle’s a snake.

  39. I think Dan just won the game because him or frank who would you pick no other players are strong enough Brits gone so i think the writing is on the wall and not much left to look at

  40. The house is SO BORING now since Britney left. I can’t even watch Showtime’s BB Afterdark anymore………..Zzzzzzzzz!

  41. Evil Dick’s Season & Britney’s Season (with Lane and Enzo) were the BEST, MOST ENTERTAINING Season’s ever. I wish they could find more ppl like that. Last year was the most boring, worst season – lately, casting has really been terrible. Jenn, boring as hell; Danielle, annoying as hell, but in a ‘boring’ way, not entertaining at all; Ashley was not only stupid and seemed like she was drugged the whole time, well, nobody cared what she had to say; Joe is so annoying and GROSS you HAVE to fast forward; Jo Jo was not entertaining either – she was just as annoying as Joe, so fast forward through all her air-time; Wil was FUNNY as hell, too bad he didn’t like Britney. He was the only person they cast this season that was worth watching (other than the all-stars), Ian is great, but not entertaining to watch, I’m glad he was cast tho’ – and I can’t believe how dumb Shane is, reeeeaaaalllly boring to watch. William WOULD have been great to watch had he not freaked out and been so paranoid. Since they can’t find any great ‘new’ talent, maybe next year will be all-stars again with Brit, Dr. Will, Evil Dick, Boogie, Lane, Enzo, Wil (from this season), Rachel (hated her, but fun to watch), Ragan – not Janelle anymore, she used to be my favorite but played a TERRIBLE game this year as a ‘floater’……we were really disappointed in her this year, besides she should be with her baby.

  42. After reviewing this one flashback, I am suprised that the HG are so irresponsible to get people so drunk that one needs medical attention and then leave one by himself in the back yard in water.

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