Big Brother 14: Jenn Arroyo Eviction Interview

Jenn Arroyo on Big Brother 14

Big Brother 14 HouseGuest Jenn Arroyo fell victim to a surprise eviction this week when she was voted out unanimously by Dan and Shane. Going in to the game Jenn faced an uphill battle as she was a complete Big Brother novice. After a slow start she managed to get involved in some big plays though it’s hard to say they were all in her best interest.

Read on to hear what Jenn had to say about being a true newbie in the Big Brother house, her strategy, who she thinks will be in the Final 2, and what’s next for her career.

Big Brother Network (BBN): Being new to Big Brother, what surprised you the most compared to what you expected going in to the house?

Jenn Arroyo: I didn’t really know what to expect. I didn’t have too many expectations, I was just really rolling with whatever came at me.

BBN: What was your final week’s strategy? Did you take advantage of a day alone with Ian and Dan to try and work any Final 3 deals to secure your safety?

Jenn Arroyo: I took that day when it was just the three of us to really chat. Ian wasn’t interested in making any sort of deal with me. From that, I knew that I was pretty much going to be leaving the house. Although, he did tell me he wanted to break the couple up and end that honeymoon, but I felt he was just telling me that so I felt safe until he evicted me from the house.

BBN: What’s next for Jenn Arroyo? A reunion with Kittie?

Jenn Arroyo: The door is absolutely wide open for something like that to happen. First up is going to the studio to record my vocals and guitar for my album “Out IV Blood” for my band Jenn City. Everything else is recorded.

BBN: Who would you like to see in the Final 2 and, if different, who do you think it will be in the Final 2?

Jenn Arroyo: I could see it being Dan and Danielle or I could see it being Dan and Shane. I think Dan will wind up in the final 2 if he is not out this week.

BBN: Thank you, Jenn.

Jenn may not have been the most involved HG for most of the season, but she turned it up there at the end and went out on a high note by keeping it classy and positive. That’s something that definitely can’t be said for some of the other HGs.

To compare how Jenn’s game turned out relative to her preseason plans check out her cast interview below.


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  1. I didnt really dislike Jenn.. but she had zero game play. I thought she was gonna be more hard core. It just shows that looks can be deceiving. Jenn “looks” mean, but is actually a sweetheart. Dani “looks” sweet and innocent, but is actually a skanky nutjob.

    • Don’t forget dirtface jerk!! Jen was a nice person under the tattoos and makeup covering her up. It is too bad she really didn’t get into the game. I bet she hasn’t stopped eating since she hit the jury house.

  2. Here’s to the hope that the jury votes on gameplay & not with their salty-ness. Hate him or love him – Dan ran this game. In the F2 (regardless if it’s Dani or Ian) – he can say that their HOH’s were basically his HOH’s. Frank’s HOH was also his. He came in to play the game and he played the GAME better than anyone else.
    Sure, his morale compass (or lack thereof) and his complete disregard for peoples feelings/emotions doesn’t make him the model human being. But his cut-throat, back-stabbing, ruthless gameplay should be recognized and, for lack of a better word, rewarded. If he makes all of this clear to the jury and owns his game – I think he will win. I cannot wait for Dans F2 speech.
    Ashley would vote Dan over Dani; 50/50 with Ian.
    Britney would vote Dan over Dani; Ian over Dan.
    Frank would vote for Dan over Dani; Ian over Dan
    Joe would vote Dani over Dan; Dan over Ian
    Jenn would vote Dani over Dan; Dan over Ian
    Shane would vote Dani over Dan; Ian over Dan.
    Ian/Dani would be Ian – Dan over Dani; Dani – Dan over Ian.

    That’d be great if Ashley was the deciding vote for an Ian/Dan F2 but I believe it will be Dan over Dani 4-3.

    • I would have to disagree with you on Frank, I don’t see him voting for Dan under any circumstances, but I guess we will find out in less than a week.

      • Then maybe Joe votes for Dan? I dunno, I cannot wait to see how it pans out. It makes me wonder why so many people are hating on this season. It has Dan lol. BB10 was a favorite of mine. I.know some people dislike, even detest Dan but can you imagine this season without him? I went from detesting Ian in the beginning to actually pulling for him for 2nd place and Americas Choice.

      • Agreed! Can’t imagine Frank ever voting for Dan in any circumstance or situation. We shall see but I would put money it!

      • I think eventually Brittany will talk some sense into him and for his sake i hope he listens because his golden boy reputation was tarnished with alot of his followers when they saw the jury footage and what a bad sport he is. Makes no sense for someone who proclaims themselves such a student of the game to act the way he acted. He ” got got ” and that’s bb you try not to as Jeff says “got got ” lol

    • You may be right, but I don’t see Frank, Shane or Ashley ever voting for Dan. Not saying he doesn’t deserve it, although I am not a fan. Historically, the jury members have always for the best player, but I don’t know about this jury. Frank and Shane will feed off each other and Ashley will vote with Frank. I think Brit and Jenn will be fair, not sure about Joe. I don’t think this is a slam dunk for Dan.

      • Yea but I can’t see her winning over either guy. Viewers really didn’t like her and imagine how the HGs felt having to actually live with her.

      • You can’t because you are a fan and Dan never screwed you over (not saying this as a bad thing, haters need not respond) so your viewpoint is different. This jury sees Dan a whole other way and may hold it against him. It may be close like last year, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Ian or Dani leave.

      • Agreed… Don’t think the jury can be compared to past ones this time around… That would be the true test for Dan’s “player” status… And this is where I think he may fall short… I’m doubtful he is going to be able to mist some of them twice…

      • With the final three as they are, I hope that Ian will win… Loved the fact that Dan couldn’t convince him that he should sell his stuffed bear on e-bay for $2000. This guy really doesn’t seem to understand that some people are not burning with greed. He looked so disappointed… There is something not quite right about him. Sure it’s a game and that’s all fine but hasn’t anyone else noticed the delight he can’t manage to contain when someone else is hurt. Kinda creepy if you ask me…

      • Keep in mind that Dan has already won, a fact that is not lost on anyone in the jury house. Couple that with the fact that many are still upset about his gameplay and I honestly don’t see Dan winning at this point. They say time heals all wounds so the question becomes will there be enough time for people like Frank or Shane to begin to focus more on the gameplay and less about personal emotions, if that is the case then Dan win’s hands down.

      • If they don’t give Dan the win because he won before they should be embarrassed of themselves and would completely disrespect the game. That’s like being a judge at the Olympics and not giving the gold to someone because they won it last time. Like what ppl can’t win twice because they kicked everyone’s asses.

    • I would switch Frank and Joe vote around. I hope Frank actually realizes Dan kicked his ass and like he said he had 3 chances of getting him out and didn’t so whose fault is that. And don’t get his ego thinks he amazing at the game and deserves to be there more than anyone. I think Britney said it best he is there because his social game sucks. I think Britney will help Dan get votes by realizing its just a game.

  3. i can’t believe the comments on dani she was not that bad a lot better than some other females in B>B> history i don’t know what people expect her 2 b doing no matter what she did they complained i hope she makes it 2 the final 2 with all stacked against her team sticking true 2 dan she has made it 2 the finals

    • Maybe they expected her to cry a little less, to not make everything that happens in the house into something about herself, and to not whine continuously… People can only take so much! She is too annoying. She had no option but to stay true to Dan. She would have been gone a long time ago if not for him. And Dan is smart enough to know that he stands the best chance going against her.

      • She also never had one original game play; she used everyone else’s suggestions and turned them into her own. Which is fine, but it doesn’t make her this great BB strategist, that I’m sure she will claim for herself.

    • Who? What females in BB history have been as bad as Danielle? Amber (BB 8)?….well she cries as much as Amber did, Jen (BB 8)?….she looks in the mirror as much as Jen did, Holly (BB5)?…her voice is just as annoying and squeaky as Hollys. Shelly (BB 13)?…she lies as much as Shelly…no, i take that back….she lies MORE than Shelly. Maybe Chima (BB 11)?….who went on emotional rampages through the house. Nope…somehow Danielle has managed to summon the ghosts of these hg past and put them all together into one BIG annoying…..well, annoyance.

  4. If Jenn was paired with the right people from the start, I believe she would have done much better. Jenn was/is a very likeable person. I like people who are willing to be themselves, no matter what others might think. Unfortunately, Jenn wasn’t able to win any of the HOH comps. I believe she could have been a great player, but things just didn’t go her way. She did a great job, anyway.

    • I don’t think anyone in the house really gave her a chance until their game depended on it. I would have liked to see her have a strong alliance of 3 since the beginning. She’s got a cool personality I just don’t think she was able to share it with everyone.

    • There seems to be two games that happen in BB. The first half you have people who do nothing and let the more vocal players evict themselves. Then the second half you have the floaters who have to step up because they are forced to play. Maybe, there should be a rule during competitions that if you come in last, you automatically get put on the block…that might force people to talk game play instead of laying around because if you’re not winning comps, you need to be in an alliance.

      • She got a chance to be in the BB house to participate!! Her own fault if she doesn’t do anything. Like I didn’t even know she was even in the house and always forgetting about her till her veto play. It’s her own fault.

      • Ya, I forgot she was in the house too for the first half of the show. I think I posted about that. I remember seeing her from the back and I didn’t know who it was – I thought production had sneaked in!

  5. I must say it. Dan didn’t play the game in my opinion. Frank gave up 2 HOH Competitions to get Dan out & then decides to get him off the block. Jenn agreed to eat slop for the remainder of her stay to get Dan out & then takes him off the block. Ian wants to take Dan to the Final 2 and Dan was the reason why Britney got put on the block in his place. Danielle let Dan convince her to put Shane on the block in his place. If Dan wins, then the above House Guest should get some of the winnings because they gave the game to him. If they were using their brains and realize they were trying to win a game, then they would not have done the stupid things that I listed above.

    • “Dan didn’t play the game in my opinion” then you list everything Dan talked people into. Do you think that these houseguests would have done these things if Dan hadn’t manipulated them into it. Dan was a dead man walking after the veto when he was up in the block, Many houseguests would have thrown in the towel at this point. After all whats the point in campaigning to a dude who took 4 punishments to try to win a veto just so you didn’t..If he hadn’t come up with a plan during solitary he would have been out the door. It’s not all about comp wins. Love him or hate him I really don’t think someone can say he didn’t play the game.

      • I agree and I personally don’t like Dan, but he is playing to win the money. For those HG’s that have made stupid decisions, they can only blame themselves and don’t deserve a share of the winnings. Believing Dan’s lies repeatedly lacks common sense!

    • you are as stupid as the houseguests, to saythat Dan didnt play the game and to then describe everything Dan did to stay in the house, you completely contradict yourself,

    • Lol they gave the game to him lmao yea Dan just sat there and with esp controlled the house lol. I love people who r supposed bb fans fans of the game talk like smarter than bb14 houseguests does. Sitting on there couch watching multiple cameras calling all the houseguests stupid cause they can c everything going on but they can’t and since this person has not played the game inside the house before they do not have intimate knowledge of what the houseguests should be aware of. Thank Dan because bb was doomed after last season and bb14 was to be the last but he saved our beloved game for one more year at least. Please stop calling the people who played the game stupid! If the houseguests had the luxury of watching the cameras and reading chat boards they wouldn’t make some of the moves they did but they don’t have that luxury.

      • Agreed. I mean its pretty easy for us because we know more than they do. I actually don’t even think there were that many stupid mistakes this year. Most of the moves the players made made sense from their perspective. Even Frank taking off Dan was a good move if Dan had been loyal. Frank pretty much had no one so at least he attempted to make a power move. I even think they might have worked together a bit if Ian hadn’t have asked Dan to still be QP. I think the only really dumb mistake was by Danielle. I still don’t know what logic she had going on in her head that made her think it was a good idea to take Dan down if she wanted to keep both of them. Dan tried to get rid of Shane last week but you managed to talk him out of it. Then he specifically said Shane got a one week pass but I won’t pass up my shot next time. Do you have that short term a memory?!

      • Frank had no choice because Brittney
        and Shane has betrayed him each time he had an alliance with him! He took a chance on Dan which cost him! If Frank stayed with Brittney and Shane, Dan would have been evicted but, I do not see Frank lasting as the Quack Pack would still be targeting him next! He just cannot fight the numbers. Even Brendon and Rachel in their season, being beasts in competitions cannot stop the Brigade as there were four of them! What more of Frank who is by himself?

  6. I am thrilled Jenn is gone, absolutely disliked the way she was acting all arrogant when Frank won HOH the week Brit was evicted. how she was treating Britney like she was sympathetic to her “snowflake” lol she certainly got burned by being affiliated with Frank, in the end. she really didn’t do nothing all summer and made some stupid moves like being on slop for no reason, if she had any game plan or intelligence, Dan would be gone right now but she had no clue and should be thankful she lasted as long as she did. end of her story.

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