Big Brother 14 Episode 9: Did Shane Use The Veto?

BB14 Episode 9

If you’re one of those people who don’t watch the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds or keep up with Showtime’s After Dark, then you were probably in for a surprise during Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother.

Shane made the first pretty bold move in several seasons of Big Brother (at least this early in the game). But before we get to that, let’s back up and start from the beginning.

The show picked up right after Shane’s nominations that were revealed Sunday. Ashley and Joe just learned they were put on the block and instead of them rushing off to find out why and work themselves, off, Janelle jumped on it. That’s what’s different about this season so far. The coaches have basically done all the work. So those who say the coaches should not enter the game at the end of this week, should think about that. They’re the only ones really playing so far, so why not?

Janelle first chats with Britney and plays the Janelle game by saying she’s not mad and that she understands why Shane made the move. Janelle does her part then heads down to coach Ashley, Joe and Wil on how to get on Shane and Britney’s good side.

But before any deals can really be made, the Power of Veto has to be played. Chosen to join Shane, Joe and Ashley in the Veto competition were Danielle, Wil and Frank. Everyone freaks out because Frank was chosen as if Frank is some sort of threat. He’s won ONE competition and it was a memory quiz. I’m not sure why everyone thinks Frank is such a threat.

At the Veto Game, or the Big Brother Circus, the players are dressed as clowns and have to keep two balls from touching the ground. Wil is first out followed by Joe. Frank is out next followed by Danielle, who by the way is not having a showmance with Shane despite what CBS wants you to think.. So it’s between Ashley and Shane. Ashley’s ball hits the ground, so Shane wins. Again. That’s three vetoes in a row.

Shane and Britney run off to the HOH room hoping to get some peace before the begging starts. Britney gets in a HILARIOUS imitation of Joe before Janelle comes in making her pitch. Then, one by one, her team enters the room and Britney’s eyes risk permanently rolling into the back of her head.

Janelle tells Britney and Shane she doesn’t just want a one-week deal, she wants them to work together from now on. She wants them to  take out Boogie’s players, staring with Shane. Janelle has a lot to lose so she’s desperate, but Britney and Shane are kind of falling for it.

Then Joe makes his pitch. He all but begs for Shane to stay. Shane’s considering using the veto, but it has nothing to do with anything Joe said. It’s actually Ian that gets the ball rolling. Or should I say Britney. She has a little talk with Ian where she asks if he’d put Shane up. He couldn’t give her a straight answer so she gets suspicious of him and his team, which of course includes Frank.

Britney tells Shane and suddenly Janelle’s idea of putting up Frank in place of one of her players starts sounding better.

Shane has a talk with Frank and hints at putting him or one of his teammates up. He says it’s so they can control the votes to get Joe out. With Joe up against his teammate Ashley, there’s no guarantee Joe will be the one to go. So Frank kind of buys that, but suggests Shane put Ian up instead of himself.

At the Veto Ceremony, Shane announces that is indeed going to use the Veto. He takes Ashley off and puts up Frank in her place. Frank is surprised but Boogie is shocked. Janelle, of course, is thrilled. Shane still wants Frank to think he’s not the target when he actually is. And Frank, though nervous, believes him. It’s going to be a real blind side Thursday night when Frank is voted out. IF that’s what happens.

Do you think Frank will be going home? Who would you rather go home?


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  1. whoa, I’m really surprised with Shane, he’s winning a lot and he’s starting to make bold moves this early in the game!
    But of course, Janelle is my favourite!

  2. poor booger, he was planning on frank and him relaxing at the pool this week. let’s hear that stupid laugh now. send shane home. they were already planning on how to get shane out next week anyway.i’ll be glad when and if the coaches enter the game. think they’ll play for hoh THIS week? hope so.

    •  Oh that laugh? Frank and Booger did that in DR like with Dr. Will before, but it was so forced, they look soooooooo stupid. It’s not funny but irritating.

  3. OMG…CBS did a Total Bad Edit on the Wild Party…..they didnt show any of the nudity (Will streaking naked to the pool), (Ian’s streaking naked again in the kitchen)….Boogie’s long sloppy tongue kiss with Ashley….Frank’s tongue kiss also with Ashley……and much more not shown…..☺….

    this tv show was like a repeat…all this stuff happened 4 days ago, so it was all old news to us Live Feeders, lol….☺….for those w/o the Feeds, ur missing out and we get to watch the Endurance comp which could last for Hours…..☺….

    • everyone knows that they don’t broadcast the comp on the live feeds – it goes blank!  The only thing you can see/do is the live chat…and you don’t have to pay for that.

      • is “everyone” you loveit???…..All the Endurance Comps are shown on the Live Feeds ….thats a Fact for Years now…..☺…..

  4.  I’m in for Joe to go out the door..Once the coach.s are offered the ok to enter the game. I believe Dan & Britt.will take up the offer..Janelle & Boogie will not,they will play for the $100. grand..& Jojo will come back..Shane,Will,Ian & Jojo  will be a pack.. my thoughts

  5. Shane was dumb putting Frank up! Frank said that he trusted him after Shane kept him safe and he was going to have Shane’s back. It was a stupid reason to put Frank up cause what Ian said. Even though Ian did say that, Put Ian up, Frank was on his side!!! Shane only has himself, If somebody from Boogies team wins HOH, Shane will be done! Shane is dumb and Britney is a moron! They better watch out, cause Boogie will get his revenge!

    • He beat Frank to the punch. Boogie and Frank already had it all planned out. They were going to throw HOH to either Ian or Jenn (if possible) and have them put Shane out of the house. That way Franks threat is out and he didn’t have to break his word.

      • Im afraid they’re going to add the coaches befor Frank gets voted out, and if he doesnt that might mean its over for Shane

  6. Yesssssssssssssss~ I agree the coaches (Janelle and Britney) are working their asses off. Shane is a very good player and is getting better with the coaching. This will really be good tomorrow. Then when the coaches come into it-everything starts all over!!!! I love it!

  7. I agree with you, the coaches are the only people in that house that are playing any type of game, and honestly I don’t think it would be fair to NOT let them ahve a chance at the big prize, and play for themselves. They keep having to try and keep all the new people safe, and the new people are just relying on their coach to keep them in the house. The new players are going to crap themselves tomorrow when the coaches become the competition.

    • Hey, be nice about the Pink tops and shorts.  If I had met shane in those in VT I would think that he is on Wil’s side of the fence.  You think he could be a closet case? My GAYdar works fine and I picked Wil out just by his picture

  8. britney is really the reason why shane nominated frank..she caused willie to get paranoid now she’s done it to shane 

  9. I think that janelle and Rachel actually have a lot in common. I didn’t see janelles season but I imagine she was the Rachel of her season. Am I right?

    O wait maybe janelle is actually the Kathy of this season. Haha remember when everyone thought there was a secret past relationship on Britney’s season and they all thought Kathy was Britney’s mom or something. 

  10. Well at least joe wasn’t yelling when he was in the dr talking about his family. He still needs to go tho. Hope he is nominated again next week after frank goes home.

  11. Strangely enough it wasn’t Britney’s advice, or Janelle trying to cut a deal, or even Joe’s pleading that got Frank the renom. It was Frank and Boogie’s complacency. Frank should have gone up there and talked to Shane without Boogie in tow. Asked Shane what his plans were and offer help in seeing it carried out. Shane gave him a chance and he kind of blew it. 

  12. A typical season has 14 players. This season had 12 with 4 coaches. With Jodi gone on day one, willie expelled, and the coaches about to enter the game, it’s like there are 14 players, and this season is on track with last, except no evicted house guest from this season is returning. (Kara = Keith week 1) (JoJo = Cassi week 2). I understand how this game is unfolding now..but lets just see if the coaches are really going to enter the game. We could be in for a shocker.

  13. If I were in Shane’s position, i would try to get out Frank. Frank is a big threat in the house and will allign with boogie (when) the coaches enter the game. Joe swore on his children, so that means he is serious sticking with him. Even though they are weak players, they are still votes. Still, a tough decision.

  14. Suprised with Shane because even though Frank is a huge player he is a triple threat for sure but I really hope Shane back doors Frank cause if not Frank will take him out for breaking his word and he will convience everyone that Shane is un trust worthy. I think I would have gotten rid of Ashley then next week try to get Frank out.

  15. Time for Joe to go.  WTF is it with this guy?  Does he absolutely need to yell every time he’s in the DR?  ANNOYING.  Bye Joe

  16. Dear CBS,
    There’s a possibility that Joe wont be evicted and get to stay in the BB house for a week or two. My only request from the production is to mute the microphone and just put subtitles instead, while Joe is talking in DR….for the love of God please do it.

  17. Damn it! Frank is done, Danielle is gonna be the swing vote. Unfortunately this could have all been avoided if Frank and Shane actually got into a serious alliance because they could have wrecked the house. Honestly it would be smart for the house to backdoor him next week since he is a POV monster. Oh and I wonder what will happen with the twist next week. My predictions are as follows… Britney will join because she knows Shane = biggest target in the house, Dan will because he’s also on his last breath, Boogie will because he’s Boogie and Janelle… well I’m not sure about Janelle. I have a gut feeling that one of Janelle’s players will win and I think she does too. Who knows, I can’t wait to see what happens

  18. I’m excited for the eviction episode because they’re not gonna do the last second speeches for votes. I hate those. Everyone always says the same stuff that no one ever really cares about.

  19. So Britney does a hilarious imitation of Joe, huh? So does that make her a hater of a loudmouth Kentucky hick? Does that make her a “cook-a-phobe’?

    When Willie made a little imitation of Will in week 1, OH BOY!!  It was blown way out of proportion and people were hating and calling him a homophobe….., etc….

    Get over it. You see every week that people mock other houseguests. Does everyone else get the hater tag? NOPE!!! 

     The real haters and  are the ones who look for any little tidbit to pounce on and twist it into their own little way because of their own insecurities.

  20. The coaches have had a free pass all this time with no chance of eviction. I do not like the idea of them entering the game for that reason. You might as well bring back everyone who has been evicted and start the game fairly and evenly.

  21. How is Frank A threat? He’s only won one comp. There’s common sense and then there’s big brother logic. Shane’s the biggest threat but has the brain power of a light switch.

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